The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, February 26, 1919, Page 21, Image 21

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New Step in Freight Transporta
tion Means Much to Develop
ment of the Local ' M arket. ,
' iAtterbury Truck Sales Co. Puts
j Faith in Future of the Corn
It mercial Truck.
t -
t :
i ;
, -
Automobile jinks" plans completed
. -v . - 1 ' - , . . . , w x '
i 4a - -- ..jmffl.-4F . .. r r -n mmmu n , , - i Mi.MijaWaan
Establishment of five motor truck
routes since the first of th year by the
Atterbury Truck Sales company, three
out of Portland and two out xt Salem,
marks a step forward In the develop
ment of freight truck transportation In
this territory.
Sharing the vision of many another
far sighted business man, F. H. Nash,
now president of the company, formerly
vice president and wholesale manager
of the D. C. Warren Motor Car com
pany, after swatting- the opportunity for
obtaining a high standard machine, suc
cessfully negotiated for an agency of
the Atterbury and opened offices and
salesrooms at 343 Stark street, opposite
the Benson hotel.
Shortly thereafter the company was
Incorporated with Mr.. Nash as presi
dent; W. S. Reichert. vice president and
sales manager ; John A. Collier of Col
lier St Collier, attorneys, secretary, and
Marischal Keith, treasurer.
First Purchase Made
William F. Browning, a well known
Toting man of Salem, keen to the possi
bilities of establishing one of the first
truck routes out of that city, was the
first customer to purchase an Atter
bury. He bought a 3-ton truck
and chose the route between Salem and
Stayton, through Turner and Aums
ville, a 40 mile run.
Notwithstanding that acquaintances
to whom he confided his plans attempt
ed to dissuade him from his purpose, he
completed arrangements and made good
from the staK. In a week's time he had
more business than he could handle.
His services were engaged to haul the
milk along the route to the creameries
in Salem, and in addition he was able
to pick up many other odd jobs along
the route.
More Contracts Obtained
It was not long before he was con
tracted with for -the hauling, of 70 cords
of wood and 1 tons of potatoes to mar
ket, and only last week the state high
way commission awarded him the con
tract for gravel hauling In road con
struction. : This will last for six months.
It will necessitate the purchase of two
more Atterbury trucks. The first month
of business netted Mr. Browning $800.
The second young man to start a truck
route was Kverett Cox, who recently
was discharged from the military serv
ice and whose fatlver, IX. F. Cox of 32
East Twenty-first street north, wished
t eetablisb bia son In. a business, of bis
own. He purchased a ton and a half
truck and chose for his route the run
between Portland and Forest Grove. He
started out on the first of February
and has carried a capacity load every
To More Firm's Goods
Mr. Cox has made arrangements with
the Wunderlich Hardware company of
Banks to transport that firm's merchan
dise, carrying it as far as Hillsboro,
whence It is necessary to transport it
the remainder of the distance to Banks
by team, on account of the irregularity
of the roads. He also has received a
commission to haul a carload of pow
der to the inland towns and is taking
care of this in addition to the other busi
ness he has acquired. He has estab
lished a depot, or office, at 150 Wash
ington street, where he receives orders
for freight transportation.
J. D. Montgomery of 344 Montgomery
street, with John D. Fisher as his part
ner, with a two ton truck, has started
a route between Portland and Ridge
fleld. Wash., through Vancouver. Al
though they have been started only a
few days, there has been sufficient busi
ness assured to make the venture a suc
cess. Route No. 4, which penetrates the
rich country between Salem and Day
ton, has been established by Joe Mars
ton, an Italian youth, who bought a
two ton truck and last week com
pleted arrangements to move from his
home at 412 Vancouver avenue to Day
ton to establish headquarters there.
The route traverses a country of well-.
to-do farms and dairies.
Portland-XellinaTllle Route
F. A. Johnson of 469 East Stark street,
wishing his two sons to enjoy an inde
pendent existence, purchased a two ton
truck which they are operating be
tween Portland and McMinnville, ap
proximately 30 miles. They pass through
Newberg and Dayton and arrangements
have been made between the Johnson
boys and young Marston to cooperate in
the freight transportation to the extent
Vfiat freight designed for Salem will be
transferred at Dayton for the Marston
truck and freight shipped from the Sa-lem-Dayton
run toward Portland or Mc
Minnville will be transferred to the
Portland-McMinnville route.
A deal was closed since the fifteenth
of this month by Mr. Nash with a prom
inent dealer in Central Oregon who con
tracted for 10 Atterbury trucks, five of
which are for immediate delivery. These
are to be used for wheat hauling pur
S -6-
Members of the "jinks" committee who promise some novel entertainment for automobile dealers end their
friends at the East Side? Woodmen's hall Friday night. From left to right: O. II. Brown, C. B. Cadwell,
Charles C Fagan, 1. Chandler Egn, Roy F. Fike, II. I. Warner and Frank B. Thompson.
Autos Are for Women
r. s . st 1 9, 1 w m .
They Have Last Word
Tastes Are Cohsu lted
A machine for making stick candy
has been invented that has a daily ca
pacity of 3000 pounds.
We give quick and satisfac-
tory service. AH work 5
guaranteed. ,
Businessmen's Day
EE Special Monthly Rates . 5
2 . : Convenient Location ?
Multnomah Hotel S
. Garage
T r IZ 2nd, near Ankeny f
By Henrietta L. McKaughan I
AUTOMOBILES are made and designed chiefly for women. This I learned j
at the automobile show at the Ice Hippodrome.
In the odorous haze of gasoline fumes, aristocratic cars of nearly every
species are displaying their superion graces and putting on airs for the ben
efit of an admiring and yearnjng public.
Staged In a setting of roses, rugs,
fountain and wicker furniture, the vari
ous makes are keenly competing to win
favor In the eyes of the women members
of the family, who will then induce the
men folks to buy.
Appeals Hade to Women
"We make nearly all our appeals to
the women," said one salesman, "for it
is usually the women who have the say,
and many a car has been sold through
some little trimming or fixing that a
man would not notice."
There are green cars and yellow cars,
red cars, blue cars and cars of mauve,
bright cars and shiny cars, all beauti
fully upholstered. There are cars with
monograms, with fancy lamps, and with
all kinds of fancy little decorations. All
of which, say the salesmen, are designed
for the women of the family. For the
men, they say, care not for beauty or
for color. Utility is their only desire,
and any old, black, dull thing, just so it
runs well, will please them.
Every car on exhibition Is the best
one. This- Is true because the salesman
for every car said so. And every sales
man has 99 reasons on the tip of his
tongue why it is the best car, especially
for a woman to run.
Interior Finish Also Appeals
Oh, yes. the cars are not only made
beautiful on the outside to please the
women, but their inners are also planned
chiefly with the feminine . members of
the family in mind, say the salesmen.
A nice, tall man in khaki told me all
about it just why every woman run
ning a car should have one of his par
ticular brand. For one thing, the seats
were adjustable to a person's size. If a
woman is four feet long, she places the
seat in a certain groove, leaving the
distance just right for her feet, but If
she happens to be five feet long, she
can shove it up a notch. Then she can
run it all day long without ever getting
tired it requires no strength at all to
drive it, and it is so easy tor steer milady
can guide it with. one little finger while
she plies her knitting needles with the
Another thing about that particular
car is that the steering gear never has
to be adjusted, but the lady of the house
can bounce all over the Cascades with
out once changing it from high.
And It's All Too Tree
It was all true, because the man In
khaki told me so, and he also told me
some of the cars a woman should not
buy because of clumsy mechanism which
required the strength of a husky to run
them, but none of those kind seemed to
be on exhibition, unless they were the
big trucks, for all the cars were as
easy to run as falling down hill, their
respective caretakers informed me. '
I learned that a woman could usually
run cars better than a man, that she
Auto Tire Size
To Be Limited
Only by Demand
Announcement is made by the Na
tional Automobile Chamber of Com
merce that at a joint meeting of
committees representing tire and au
to mobile manufacturers on Febru
ary 13, it was decided that all re
strictions that had been adopted as
a war measure on the manufacture
of certain sires and styles of pneu
matic tires for renewal purposes
would be removed and that tires of
all sizes would be made as long as
there is a demand for them by the
need not have ever known anything
about mechanics, but took to it like a
fish does to water ; that a car with
which a man might have all kinds of
trouble became gentle and passive as a
lamb under her firm control, and that
automobiles wefen't really made for
men, anyway.
There were a lot of men there but I
suppose they didn't know any better and
thought the show had been planned for
them, or else they came expressly to see
the Liberty motor or the gasoline water
fall by which the Zerolene people sought
to improve upon nature.
Door Strap Hint
The straps that are installed on the
doors of cars to keep the former from
opening too far often cause annoyance
by getting in the crack of the door when
it is being closed. ty fastening a small
coil spring to the center of the strap, the
other end of the spring being attached
where the strap is fastened to the body,
this trouble will be obviated.
Touring Loads Up Battery
The man who uses lights and starter
very little but does a lot of high-speed
touring, should see to it that he is not
feeding too much current to the battery.
Most lighting systems have an adjust
ment for this purpose, and if so. the
car should be taken to the service sta
tion and the change made.
The Grant Six
With new refinements. It is the greatest
automobile buy in America. By all means
make it your business to see this latest fnodel.
We will be glad to show and explain every
It is unnecessary for us to emphasize GRANT
SIX economy. Its reputation in this respect
is international.
The Grant Six meets present-day demands,
thrift-time ideals, as only a genuine light
weight, six-cylinder car can meet them.
Touring Car $1120 Roadster $1120
Coupe $1625, Sedan $1645, f . o. b. Cleveland
New Models at the Auto Show
, Distributors
Eleventh and Oak at Burnside
Broadway 217
Farm .Tractors Are
Short in Texas, but
Conditions Ideal
Although the lands of Texas, particu
larly the level prairie country of the
western portion of the state, are spe
cially adapted to the most economic and
satisfactory use of the farm tractor in
plowing and other farm work, there are
at this time only 4144 of these machines
in use upon Texas farms, according to
statistics just compiled by the chamber
of commerce of Fort Worth.
These figures show that- there is an
average of one tractor to every 30,000
acres of farm land, and one tractor to
every 102 farmers. Sixty-seven Texas
counties are without a single tractor
and 100 counties have fewer than II
each, while only 27 counties In the state
have 50 or more tractors.
It is reliably estimated that Texas has
oniy 5 per cent of the necessary . num
ber of farm tractors, and it is generally
conceded that there is an immediate
demand in this state for 50,000 of these
machines. '
Engine Trouble At
Low Speed Explained
Poor engine operation at low speeds
is a common cause of complaint among
car owners, and the usual cause lies in
the carburetion system, though the exact
location will differ. Sometimes the air
leak throws the carburetor out of ad
justment so that an insufficient amount
of gas, is present in the mixture. On the
other hand, when the magneto has weak
ened magnets and the spark gaps of the
plugs are a little wide, the combination
Taos. Dymeat
F. E. Slnrletos
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Ffcose Broadway 44S
Auto Painting
Auto Painting
N. W. Cor. 14th
and Couch Sts.
produces low-speed, missine almost every 1 tern, and : if that ' fails :to disclose the I An acre of rood fishlnsr around will
time. WIO a, battery system the owner 1 cause, the Ignition system should be J produce more-food in a week than en
should first inspect the carburetion sys-' tackled next- ' acre of land tn a year. ,
'; .:;t-!-:,;;'' ;"L:iii;i".
:!:f. " . : ir'-
v: . f . if:
Mis?;,;'!- ii-l'M";
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1 !':'
? ....
,, :', I'i'ii'iaaMH-M-liMH-i II ,tlt.MatMLMittlMtmimimMtmmm .;i;;'.' W-Lit;' ''' "" "I"""IMI
1i 1' rrm
i'ilfj iA'iiiV!f""l)""ff'l'lll'l'li""! "T'li.l ''!I!IIW 'WW, lf't 'i
i Hill 1
illiaiSSKSa"-: Or
.' il n Ja.a . him. iMM.,,,,,,,,,
vm Uiit i i, if i hm h: p.; i i.uit'LLi.-j., i r. m ..n,, ,wjt iLuJ .Lii;:n. ! 11; t : h 1 n itiin i mi tv.un ' 1 1 trrif imiti hil. i ' f r u
WiWia 'O'HlB n w.Mi.iifc mam wm it; mi n. r. Mater lit m I n " u i i , mM I il'lll
GLEAN CUT design,
strongly built, lots of
power, economical to
operate, these are points
which characterize all
Federal trucks.
Modern haulage under rarjring
condition of road and load, de
mand unit of haulage of different
f size. - ' -
. In the Federal complete line, you
can find the one aire that will fit
your buaineas. One that will do
your work adequately at mini
mum, expense for upkeep and
Sm TmdmraU eft th Strut
Sm Tadmreit on thm Road
Compare federal Wri
othrrt at thm AutomoMlm Shoim.
h ni, ! r
! i; i!w
!'!i!'l lv:
if Ulijlil .
Brmncho at San Franelaoo, Oakland, Los Ang:, San Dlago, Frame, Saauia.
m n i r
liiiis lliii
- iii,jpisjaBi n:Mn i i i ,n ii n:ih i i. n ii; i
Ka-L,'1 S ' I. ,
:'!lf '
1 i " ! ' I V I it, ! i ' , ,;.
M ill r
ii !;i;!i!'l!i' ii'.;;.
II l ii'liHllilii
ill ill!; ! WK
fft; : ill ' (: H ft! ji
I ;il 'I I ,i'i!i
: hi tit Hi
t h 111 iliil lltai ilil'll Hi I !
H THrwpBtA ; r a i mm a n :i m i iii :k, ,!
liiii'rriiiili'ii,:?!,;'!;;;1; , ;T
50 More Strength
75 More Endurance
25 More Economy
New Victoiry Model
With More Than 100 Improvements
We celebrate this first post-war season with a com
pletely new Mitchell Six.
Two years have been spent in its development, including
all those war months when the Mitchell plant built trucks.
It is not merely a new model. It is new in standards, new
in principles. It creates a new criterion in this class.
There are more than 100 important " improvements.
Nearly every part and detail shows distinct advances.
The Saveraffe strength increase is 50 per cent. There
is 75 per cent more endurance. 25 per cent more econ
omy, 20 per cent added beauty and comfort.
To Meet the New Ideas
This car is built to meet today's requirements. . The call
is now for stronger, more enduring cars.
The Light Six type has been too light. The general
standards have not been high enough. The years have
proved that to makers who face facts.
Two years ago we decided to revise those standards,
regardless of all rivals. We brought in many new special
ists to help.
The result is this new Mitchell Six. It is finished before
we expected, because war-time lull gave our engineers an
unusual opportunity.
A Complete Revision
This car means a complete revision of all standards
in this type.
Scientific tata mid mart Hv rsar ilim. 9 , .Ip.nnrti'
- '1 - - - - .uv t m vmwaaua mm
crease of 50 per cent. Jt includes larger parts, better heat
treatments, hirher rradea of steels. There are 123 drew
f orgings. ' -
Operating cost is reduced 25 per cent. This by savin-j
power waste, by using a thermostat on the water system,
and by completely vaporizing the gasoline.
The body is new, in design, color and finish, in-top end
equipment, in luxury and room.
A Surprising Price
You will see in this car over 100 such advances, each of j
which adds value. You will see scores of ways in which it ,
excels any other car in this class. Yet the price is below
any comparable Six. .
This is the greatest example of factory efficiency which
Mitchell has ever exhibited. We build the complete car
motor, chassis and body in a plant long famous for its
scientific methods. And all these improvements are paid
for by those savings.
i $1475f. o. b. Factory
120-Inch Wheelbase.
40-Horsepower Long Stroke Motor.
ThreePassenger Roadster, same price,
. New-Type Touring Sedan, $2175.
See the New Mitchells at the Show
Then Investigate Our Service Policy
You will find the combination of value in the Mitchell and the satisfaction
.guaranteed by efficient local service irresistible. : ;
Broadway at Oak, Portland