The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, February 23, 1919, Page 75, Image 75

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In Many Cities Between Ashland, Or., and Victoria, B. C, Light
and Water and Fuel Are Provided Free; Many
Make Use of Camp Here.
It Is geneially recognized that it is
"good business" for a municipality to
provide camping facilities for "automo
bile tourists or gypsies." So well is this
principle established that there is now
across the continent a chain of camping
places. In nearly all instances free
water and fuel are provided, and in
many places the grounds are lighted and
gas for cooking is furnished by meter at
a small charge. In addition to the pub
lic camping grounds there are also pri
vate enterprises where all facilities are
to be had for a nominal charge. In the
northwest it ia possible for the tourist
to find a public camping ground all the
way from Ashland to British Columbia
every night along the main highways.
The public camping ground of Port
land, which was established two years
ago, consists of a ten-acre tract on the
old Lewis and Clark fair grounds,
adjoining the Forestry building, in
the northern part of the city. Here
the tourist is provided with fuel for
cooking and water free of charge.
The grounds are in charge of an em
ploye of the park department, who
Is on duty from early morn to dewey
eve and who acts as arbiter in dis
putes over locations, etc.. and looks
after the sanitary arrangements. For
cooking several stoves have been im
provised to be used in common. Next
to the camping ground is a children's
playground which is at the service
of the tourists.
That the grounds are popular is
Indicated by the fact that during the
height of the season as many as 40
cars a day are parked. The average
runs about 30 Many stay for sev
eral days and use the ground as a
sort of headquarters while making side
tours throughout the vicinity. There
is no limit placed ort the time a trav
eler may remain, but If there is mani
fested a disposition to make the park
a permanent home a hint to move on
is given.
Benson park, on the Columbia River
highway, at Wahkeena fails, is also
available as a camping place for tour
ists. i
Another place on the highway Is
Kaglel Creek park. This. howeVer. Is
under j the authority of the United
States forest service, which, in keep
ing with the policy of the government
to open up recreation grounds, is fit
ted up with camping facilities.
Going south from Portland on the
"pacific highway, at Albany arrange
ments are being made for convenient
camping grounds with fuel, water and
perhaps lights.
' Cottage Grove
At Cottage Grove the Commercial
club and other organisations of the
city have taken up the subject of fit
ting up the city park for a camping
place for automobile tourists, but ; ter
-thorough investigation of the plan, it
vas decided that nature had done so
'much in the way of the river, fuel
and natural springs near town, that
F.w.voGLER ALDER tf- lsSi
it would be useless to provide any
thing further.
. Rotebarg
At Roseburg the Roseburg auto park
is maintained by the Merchants asso
ciation. They have the park equipped
with electric lights, benches, city wa
ter and wood, all furnished free to the
tourists. There is also a "cook house
for those who wish to cook with elec
tricity, instead of by a camp fire.
This house is equipped with several
electric plates, which are operated i
the meter syst m and for 20 cents
a party can use the electric stove to
prepare a meal, heat water and make
Many nights during the last season
the park was filled almost to capa.ity
with tourists, and 1t is the plan of
the merchants to enlarge the park
this coming season to accommodate
the increasing travel. They have kept
a close accor- - on the results ob
tained from maintaining this park, and
have found that besides being a got
advertisement for the city, It has
much more than repaid the investment
by the business It has brought to the
citr from the tourists.
Grants Pas
Grants Pass iaj excellent camping
ground, with good water and fuel.
The camp ia . ..tuated on the south
side of the Rogue river, east of and
adjoining the city park. It is an ideal
place for camp , plenty of shade, and
being outside the city, is quiet and
affords more privacy than would other
wise be the case.
Med ford
At Medford the Commercial club is
to give the subject careful attention,
with assurance that the city authorities
will Join it in an effort to make suita
ble provision for the comfort, con
venience and entertainment of tourists
for the 1919 season. A large increase
in tourist travel to southern Oregon
was noted last year, and a much
larger percentage of increase appears
to be assured for this year. Medford,
the gateway to Crater lake on the west
approach to that scenic wonder, will
undertake to place itself prominently
on the map of the touring world in
Crater Lake
At Crater lake a camping ground is
provided on the rim of the lake, and
an adequate supply of water t avail
able. In addition, there are many
spots nearby where wood and water
are at hand.
Klamath, falls
At Klamath Falls, the eastern ap
proach to Crater lake, the city has
maintained the municipal free camp
grounds for autrmobile and other tour
ists. The ground is located less thrn
a block from Main street, at the west
end of town, about five blocks we-t
of the business center. The ground is
lqcated on the shore of Lake Ewauna,
under stately poplars that offer a wel
come shade. The ground comprises
about an acre, and ill easily accom
modate six to ten parties. The cityj
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supplies fuel and .water , for t the
grounds, and there are two or three
cook stoves there, although no attempt
ia made to supply each group with.
stove. The stoves : are : more or less
firmly located In the grounds and the
first parties to arrive usually claim
use of the stoves.- The grounds are
also periodically cleaned and kept in
sanitary condition by the city. Row
ing and boating may be enjoyed on the
lake, and fish are aUo to be had in
abundance, but they are not considered
good during the summer months, as
they taste more or less of the tules
upon which they feed somewhat during
the hot months.
At Bend are many excellent places
for tourist campers on the banks of
the Deschutes, in and near Bend. The
Commercial club of this city is plan
ning .to improve facilities for autists
who prefer to spend their vacations
entirely in the open. It Is intended
to have these improvements installed
this year In time to greet the first
cross-country traveler.
One of the beauty spots of central
Oregon, lying within six miles of
Bend, is being developed at the new
fish hatchery site on the Tumalo river,
and will be available for the use of
travelers in early spring.
Good camping facilities for motor
parties may be found at the state fair
grounds. In the grove at the entrance
to the grounds, is city water and modern
toilets, which are always open, and fuel
for fire is available at a nearby store.
Hood Rlvei-
On the Columbia River highway there
is under consideration at Ho d River
a camping park on the heights. The
site consists of two acres, located ad
jacent to the reservoir of the Apple
growers' association, which can be util
ized for bathing purposes. It has
sewer connection, 'city water and elec
tric lights, commands a view of the val
ley and is considered desirable for
the ' reason that it would take the
tourists through the city both on their
arrival and departure, in addition to
acquainting them with Hood River's
"back country."
The Dalles
Several attractive camping places for
automobile tourists are provided at The
Dalles. Just west of the city there
are 100 acres which are owned by
the city and which have been made
available for tourists. No p.o.isions
are made for supplying fuel and water,
but these may be readily obtained at
nearby points.
Perhaps the most popular camping
place here is the sandy shore of '.he
Columbia river, where ideal conditions
prevail. This camping place is within
a stone's throw of the business section
of the city.- Water may be obtained
from the river, or the city, while
there is plenty of driftwood available
for fuel. Duri- warm weather this
spot is always cool and comfortable.
About three milea west of the city
on the Columbia River highway, Mick
Thornton conducts a camping ground
for tourists, where water, shade and
fuel are provided 'for a small charge.
Pendleton at present has no special
arrangement for automobile Jourists.
There are a few places where campers
will probably iid fully as good ac
commodations as .hey meet in many
other towns.
Two years ago the Round-Up grou-ds
were thrown open to touring parties,
but it was found that they abused the
privilege to such an extent that it be
came necessary to close the grounds
to them.
Baker has a "very good camping ground
in the city limits. : The , grounds are
equipped with several small houses for
the convenience of tourists, has running
water and wood and also provided for
cooking. The grounds are conveniently
situated near the center of the city.
On the west side of the Willamette
river at Newberg the only conveniences
available are at the city park, which
covers an entire block near the business
center. In the park is a large oak, grove,
a number of large settees, a sanitary
drinking fountain, a hydrant and usually
plenty of fuel near at hand. During the
summer the grove is lighted with elec
tricity. The bandstand is kept in good
condition, and has modern conveniences
on the ground floor. In the grove are
lunch tables and swings. Nearby in the
city hall is a modern ladies' rest room.
McMinnville has furnished for two
years free camping privileges in her
beautiful city park, adjoining the town
at the foot of the main business street.
Free wood and water are also furnished.
Among the privileges are included a sink
for dish washing and a stove for cook
ing. McMinnville's beautiful park,
stocked with deer and other animals and
well supplied with roses and other flow
ers, has been the subject of much favor
able comment from- visitors, and is a
summer retreat furnishing much enjoy
ment and shade for local people. There
is also an open free swimming pool, con
ducted under proper regulations. The
park is maintained by city tax.
Corvallis has camping and rest
grounds which are provided by the city
in its city park on Marys river, at the
southern city limits. City water, a few
baking ovens, fuel, benches and tables
are provided free. The grounds are not
large, but well varied with shade and
open spaces, flat and rolling surfaces,
and barren and grassy areas. In the
summer months scores of auto travelers
avail themselves' of these camp ground
To the north, in Washington, Chehalis
has an automobile park right on the Pa
cific highway, and on the edge of the city
limits on the east. This park has for
the accommodation of travelers, lava
tory accommodations, water, concrete
stoves, plenty of wood and plenty of
room for tents, etc. All of this is fur
nished free, and at the present time plans
are being made to enlarge the present
Also, plans are under way for acquir
ing a three-acre tract west of Chehalis,
on the Park highway, but not on the
Pacific highway, and about a mile out
of the city, to be known as the Alexander
park. This is alongside the Chehalis
river and if acquired and perfected will
include a swimming pool in. the river.
Olympia. the state capital, offers the
auto tourist free camping sites, in Priest
Point park, free wood, free water, free
access to clam beds and bathing beaches
and a limited number of free outdoor
cooking stoves. The park contains moreJ
than 100 acres, mucn or it in us native
woodland state. Hundreds of gallons of
wild berries (blackcaps and vine black
berries) were picked last season in the
park by visitors. The park has nearly a
mile of frontage on Puget sound, a con
siderable portion of the beach containing
different varieties of edible clams. All
through the park are seats and tables for
picnic parties. The Swiss chalet erected
by a local brewing company at the Port
land exposition, was transferred from
there to the park and re-erected and is
used for dancing parties. Water from
two creeks which run through the park
is piped to all parts of the camping sites,
and numerous faucets are located close
to the large concrete stoves with sheet
iron tops which are used in season by
local campers and J tourists. A well
equipped playground is an especial at
traction to the children. Many Olympia
people camp months -during the summer
at the park, a slight rental being charged
them for the privilege. No charge ia
made to tourists. The park, while within
the city limits, is about one mile, over
a macadamised road, from the paved Pa
cific highway, which runs through Olym
pia. '
Eugene is fortunate in having- within
a few minutes' drive or walk of the heart
of the city a natural camping ground.
ideal in its situation, well equipped with
modern camping facilities.
Located on the northern slope of Skin
ner's Butte, which is Just north of the
city, and between the hillside and the
Willamette river, the grounds are always
cool and shady even in the hottest
weather. This northern slope of the
butte is covered with immense .shade
trees which protect the traveler from the
heat of the day and lull him to sleep at
Directly in front of the grounds runs
the Willamette which provides fishing.
boating and swimming. The grounds
themselves cover about 20 acres of level
land. A big well, centrally located, pro
vides an abundance of ice cold drinking
water. Electric lights illuminate the
grounds and tables are placed at fre
quent intervals for the convenience of
the tourist. Wood, cut in convenient
lengths, is always at hand, free to the
traveler so that none will lack fuel.
The caretaker of the grounds removes
garbage and w-aste daily, keeping the
place clean and sanitary and public out
houses are provided.
The grounds may be approached from
the east or from the west by roads kept
in the best of condition and plainly
marked. The park was in use all camp
ing season last year, as many as .25
tourists pitching camp there on a single
Extensive improvements are being
planned by the park board for the com
ing year and everything will be done to
make Eugene a haven for auto tourists.
La Grande
La Grande has its Riverside park, with'
city water, lights, camping- spots and
fuel to which all travelers ' are wel
come, and where sanitary conditions are
kept in perfect order by- a park tender.
Walla Walla
Walla Walla has a beautiful wooded
park of two or three acres on East Boyer
avenue, and lying on the banks of Mill
creek, where touristshave a delightful
place to camp. A central water hydrant
is provided and a suitable place to cook,
and there is a movement on now to have
lavatory and better water accommoda
tions installed. With this latter excep
tion the park is an ideal one, situated in
the best part of the residence district,
wen snaaea ana protectee rrom pudiici
gaze by trees and shrubbery.
Wooden stands to support tents and
canvas are provided and there is some
crude play apparatus for children.
Fuel is provided for fires during the
tourist season.
The park board of Spokane maintains
a camping site for tourists in Down
River park, about 2 miles from the
center of the city. Here any number of
auto parties may find accommodations
providing they have their own tents.
The place is provided with toilet faci
lities and a water tap where people may
get plenty of water.
A number of stone fireplaces are pro
vided where people may do their cooking,
and plenty of firewood is always pro
vided. ,
The municipal golf course adjoins, so
that those wishing to partake ef the
ancient game may do so.
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