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Tie Leveliag-'Are '
The aa-e Is irrown so picked that the toe of the peasant comes so
. near tbs heel of the courtier, he sails the kibe. Shakespeare.
- Iks Bat Ueod Mas ' . . "
There Is no class of men so difficult to be managed In a state as
those whose Intentions are honest, but whose conavieraces are be
witched. Napoleon.
J?eit) b tfie Htage anb Careen 4?
Motion Pictures
- Garry Cheer
To Europe
- eat
"Council of Women Assist Revital-
izing Lives in Wrecked
XIIRUGI1 the medium of the mo-
tion picture, 10.000,000 American
women, represented by the better film
"committee of the National Council of
"t,vomen, will assist millions of European
Iworrien in reconstructing their homes and
"revitalizing ' their lives, both now
'.-wrecked by war's devastation," writes
, JIr. Kingman Miller, chairman of the
"A. foreign film unit, selected from the
committee and representing four large
national organlzatlons-Oeneral Federa
tion of Women's clubs. National Federa
JtJoh of College Women, Association of
Collegiate alumnae and Womfp'n Bar
association, will leave New York for
France about June 1, bearing their
cheering screen message to their stricken
sisters of the heroic republic, later to the
grief-stricken women of Italy and those
"In darkest Russia, and probably other
countries. . - - -
"The theme of reciprocity will be pres
ent at all times. The work of the women
of America will be shown, demonstrating
how problems .of sanitation, hygiene,
home building and civic beautifying are
-' handled In this country, as well as the
v problem of the working girl, the clerical
girl, the neighborhood house, the com
,nunlty bouse and the public play
j.roonds, as well as various other social
welfare activities. In return the unit
'hopes to bring from France, Italy and
mother countries the best that these re
spective countries have to offer their
co-workers on this side of the water,
, , "The American women feel that this
,; Will' bring the women of all nations
j closer together ; will give them a -better
, understanding of one another's prob
lems ; will assist each national group to
iolve their own. and will be of Inesti
mable value in their civic, philan
thropic and social welfare work."
'Miller Has New
Play Under Way
Henry Miller has put into rehearsal
a new play by Philip Moeller, entitled.
'"Moliere." He will present It for a
short time on tour before taking it to
New York.
-The cast will be especially notable, in
J asmuch as, in addition to Mr. Miller in
the title role, Blanche Bates will act
the part of Madame de Montespan and
illolbrook Bllnn will appear as Louis
The production, reflecting the Louis
J XIV period, win require particularly
I artistic treatment. The scenes are laid
J at the Palais Roy ale and the Louvre
.iabout 1870. In addition to the prin
cipals, the play requires many courtiers,
,ladies tn watting and other decorative
J Mr. Moeller was the author of
"Madame Sand." the play in which Mrs.
"Flake appeared last season.
' President Agrnt Stuffs
' Ruth Roland, who Is busily engaged
In the filming of her new Pathe serial.
"The Tiger's Trail." claims credit for
: a stunt which should go on -record as
the some of efficiency. During the mak
ing of this picture Miss Roland had to
lie outstretched on the studio floor for
hours,, waiting for a tarantula to crawl
up. her arm so that the camera could
register the scene. She had just pur
chased a home in Los Angeles and she
declares that she planned the furnish
ings from cellar to garret while await
ing -the tarantula's elbow excursion.
It's Easy to look Young and
v Fascinating by Use of
"La Creole"
tLa Creole has made me
look is years younger."
NO woman should be handl-,"
capped socially by gray or
faded hair. Every woman owes
llj to herself to look her best
aftd; avoid the appearance of
1 coming age. Gray, streaked
With gray, or faded hair makes
-many a. woman look old be
fore her time, and gray hair
Is so! very unnecessary.
';L Creole Hair Dressing Is
the most popular Hair Color
Restorer In use among society
Men and Women of America
todav. It Is a safe, deliahtf ul
lot let preparation wnicn umiorimy re
stores gray, streaked with gray, or
faded hair to its youthful beauty and
?L Creole Hair Dressing; will not stain
the scalp, wash or rub off, or leave the
hair with that greasy or dyed appear
ance You apply it yourself by simply
' combing- or brushing It through the hair
before retiring, and the results will d'e
pght you surprisingly.
. La Creole 'Is sold by The Owl Drug Co.,
- fcnd all good drug stores and toilet coun
ters everywhere. Price ...........$1.00
- r-Adv:-.
E NID BENNETT, little Australian beauty, who, as the young woman in the office next door
puts it, is "just too sweet for anything," in "Happy Though Married," her new photoplay,
which concludes an engagement at the Columbia this afternoon and evening. Miss Bennett
will be followed at the Columbia by Dorothy Dal ton,
U. i i i iii i i '
I Ba y 1
iPu - ' - I
I K vv y. " ;'y ' V f V rt;-: ' I --
I ' S Vw' " ' ? 'i' :
I 7t--A-i- m .
I ? v t ' V 7
I ' A
ft. .--.'...'.".-.-rt' . Q if. jv;.-.'.iV.-. .-.'-x- - - " v. :y.-.:: Jwt.- m -
r - v ; C , . : x' - s Vol v
ri , n,," - x - . - S
J ; ' : ! ) V" " V ' 2 1 T : : : -r
lit :K tr'l h ''-I general iviaae it "o
II-4, , i 'J HI K K K St St St St -St K
s 4
s 4 A
Personality to
Be the Thing in
New York
When Broadway Goes Dry Some
New Entertainment Must
Be Provided.
NEW YORK Prohibition will mean
virtual dismantling of the cabarets
and other places where sparkling wine
predominates In the merry making.
Knowing this, proprietors and business
men are hard engaged In the problem
as to what shall be substituted for the
pleasure seekers. For Broadwayites
will i have their fun if It consists only
in women and song without t,he wine.
Naturally the most attractive amuse
ment place will attract the most. Dec
orations, good music and other tilings
that go .to make up a good place are all
necessary. But it is recognized that
something more than these is needed.
A stroll along Broadway and a. visit
to some of the famed places in which
Lord Liquor does not reign, gives an
tysight as. to what to expect. Person
ality. That's the dope. The success of
some of the great establishments is
based on this element. A pleasant at
mosphere mixed with personality will
bring the crowds, 'tis assured.
Penonallty la Thing
. ' It is Well known that the actors and
the actresses who have that something,
called personality, are the most success
ful. There Is no reason why a place
shouldn't also contain the same thing.
Personality in any phase of life makes
for success, and those establishments
which possess this will be the successes
after the war.
As an example, the selections of Miss
Grace Field as the hostess of the Club
de Montmartre may well be cited. Miss
Field, a woman of unusual charm and
experience, was" for more than three
years in charge of the sooial activities
at the Hotel Claridge.
Hade Hasy Friends
In that time she earned the friendship
and interest of a coterie .of persons well
known in society and of prominent clti
sens throughout the country, as well as
the best element in the theatrical world,
with the result that her Claridge Dance
club became . a genuine meeting place
for the leaders in the Industrial, social
and theatrical life of the country. The
h results ox mat wiae acquaintance are
already apparent in the splendid atmos
phere of the beautiful Club de Mont
martre. Another instance of this "getting back
tor personality," is the selection of Miss
Gladys Lamphere, a . young woman of
unusual charm-and social distinction In
Chicago, who has made an Instan
taneous Impression upon. Broadway by
her . success as hostess of the artistic
Bal Tabarin restaurant. The presence
of this young woman, combined with the
genius of Ted Lewis, the Jazx King, and
the. beautiful Mildred Holllday, has cre
ated in the Bal Tabarin the precise
atmosphere which Broadway seeks from
end to end. 1 . .:
' In the three Instances success is based
upon personality, t - . ; ,
J e i v ' tl
Gen. Pershing
"NE man's record for never having
had to "snap out of it" at the per
sonal command of his superior since he
has been in the American expeditionary
force, was spoiled when the commander
In chief of the army and navy ordered
General John J. Pershing to put back a
tent pole as he had found it during the
Inspection of quarters of the Twenty
sixth division on Christmas day, says
Stars and Stripes.
On the tour of inspection of a . billet
over a French stable the general picked
up a collapsible tent pole from one of
the bunks and demonstrated its opera
tion to the president. When heTTad fin
ished he tossed it back on the bunk.
"Perhaps this man's kit Vill be inspect
ed again," the president said as they
started to leave, "and he wants it just
as you found it." Then he turned to the
general with a smile and said : "As your
Aberdeen Woman
Takes Out Patent
Upon Unusual Toy
Aberdeen, Feb. 21. Mrs. W. O. Mc
Kinlay of this city, whd is employed
on the editorial staff of the Daily
World, and who claims the distinction
of being a -great-grandmother, though
in the early sixties, has patented a
toy called a "Merdog," which com
bines the outlines of a dog and a fisb.
She got the Idea from the appearance
of sundogs. and last Christmas made
a number for her grandchildren, which
took so well that . she succeeded in
getting a New York manufacturer to
produce them on a royalty. The "Mer
dogs" attracted the attention of the
buyer of Marshall Field and he or
dered a large consignment for the
holiday trade.
"Velvet Lady" Is Q. K.
Klaw & Erlanger's newest musical
play, "The Velvet Lady." is reported
to be doing big business at Its first
week shewing at the New Amsterdam
theatre. New York.
- peWve fat that
stars where It Is set
is beraeat a ktedrsaes to
activity, a eerb epoe slaasere a tblaf
efaU that h seWaadrraeefal sad
jweet la w aa k(mA. Why dea't ree
take aif tb Ait whefe it hwr fee
eaa de e easUr. safely and witheet
the slirBtest fear of hana er bad
after effect by hut taking after each
sneal sad at bsdtlie a eleaeaat little
Mai mlPrmnimtimTmkUt.Tbim
Uttle tablets era as effective
kaneleaa utbb. r-
see pwerlpMoa
frees which they
take their sssae.
ay sad try a
cseetedar. Tevv
drill it sell
te at fSemt
. yee ar if roe seel
sear write direct
to the Isanaela Ce
M Garfield Bldg.
Detroit Uxh. Yea
eaa thee asp
ta Sistiag.
SO. i
get beck th rraeo
ral scar end poise
k dartre.
UW!! !' 11' ,jC",l'!C'
19 seeded
es- - Jlf
ad . I
K at
Salutes Superior
commanding officer. General Pershing, I
order you to replace that tent pole as
you found it."
Tle general saluted, carried out the
order, faced about, snapped out a second
salute and reported the order obeyed.
The little one-act episode brought down
the house or, more properly, the sta
ble. .-V
Another incident, in the day that took
the doughboys by storm was the presi
dent's attempt to get 30 veterans stand
ing rigid at attention to "relax t min
ute and look as though you enjoyed the
story," as he put it.
"I don't know what-command to give
to make you do it." their commander in
chief confessed, but a corporal helped
him out. He stepped forward and com
manded : "At ease I" The men obeyed
and relaxed, and the' president went
down the line, talking - informally with
them. " "
Questions relating to trton and aetressea,
on tae and screen, directed to the Itace and
Screen Editor. Journal." will be aasered in
this column or by mail, if sell addressed atamped
envelope is enclosed. 1
James J. Corbett, who is making the
serial, "The Midnight Man," stepped
backN into the squared circle in Los An
geles recently. But it was in the capac
ity of referee. In which capacity he
graciously consented to act, when the
newsboys of Los Angeles staged a series
of benefit bouts. -
Jane Novak, who played the leading
feminine role in W. H. Clune's master
production of "TheTKyes of the World."
from Harold Bell Wright's well known
novel, is seen opposite Rupert Julian, in
his new 6uper-pbotoplay. "The Fire
Probably the youngest theatre man
ager in New York is Thomas Dixon Jr.,
at present in charge of the Harris the
atre, controlled by his father. He Is a
Princeton man, has presented "The
Birth of a Nation" In this country and
in London, is a motion picture director,
and has just been honorably discharged
from the United States naval aviation
Mabel Normand has been ill so ill, in
fact, that she is unable to go to New
York to meet her brother, Claude, due
home this month from service overseas.
so it has been arranged that brother
shall start for California just as soon
as he can, after he has paid his respects
U the Goddess of Liberty In New York
-.On the callboard'of a small Southern
theatre that presents both touring shows
and vaudeville there appears this warn
ing, signed by. the manager of the house:
"Don't eend out your laundry until we
have seen your act."
It is reported that Bessie McCoy Da
vis, "Yama Yaraa" girl, widow of Rich
ard Harding Davis, Is going Into the
"movies." The story Is that Miss McCoy featured by an Independent com
pany. .
Heirs Plan Memorial
Ashland. Feb. 217 A memorial foun
tain to the late E. K. Anderson is to
be erected by his heirs. The fountain
I to be in the Chautauqua park,' oppo
site the Chautauqua building, on the site
of the Park hotel. Miss Belle Anderson
has arranged td have the Park hotel,
which is an old. landmark, moved to a
residence section and fitted up for a
dwelling. The Anderson heirs purchased
and deeded the site to the Chautauqua
association last 'year .
1 YfcteMatv OesgstDfe
Ktlresfctai til letllit
lt1I--Marine for Re
sesv Soreness, Gramd
tion. Itchlns and Burnina
Cf the Eyes or Eyelids; "2 Drops-After
the Blasiee. lAotnrine e CoU will win tmn
confidence. Ask Your Druggist lot Murine
srfcea four Eyes Need Care. M-u
ttturtam Cyt Remedjr Co. Chfcagg
School Sleuth Gets Results
. n t n n n
Police Joke Has Kick Back
Jokes are all very well. All the police
men at the central station who were
"in" on this one laughed heartily and
uproariously when the amateur mail
order detective kept bringing In speeders
and bank robbers and murderers and
thieves. But when he raided the Union
station and' attempted to "pinch" the
Red Cross canteen workers on charges
of being bootleggers, the laughter died
abruptly away and the jovial faces grew
stern and cop-like again.
Just about then the zealous sleuth,
who was cutting all the swaths to con
vince the heads of the police bureau
what a clever chap he was at ferreting
out crime, entered the station dragging
J. R. Davidson, a well-known motorist,
whom he undertook to charge with
Then broke the fond dreams of the
young man, - who has lately been dis
charged from the army. He understood
then that his previous efforts were vain
and that he had been merely coaxed on
to wanton effort to make the barrack
room mirthful In an idle hour.
Police officials were driven frantic by
enraged citizens who called to protest
against illegal arrests and Orders from
the party who ' Stopped them en East
Side thoroughfares, took their numbers,
and curtly bade them to appear in -court
the next morning.
Wags Keep Yoatn Bssy
The youth first appeared at police
headquarters a week' ago and, proudly
displaying a diploma from a "Corre
spondence School for Detectives," let it
be known about the station that he
Jewish Situation
In Poland Will Be
Subject of Meeting
A meeting to discuss the situation of
the Jews in Poland and Galicia will be
held Sunday evening at 8 o'clock at
B'nai B'rlth hall on Thirteenth street.
Among the speakers will be Rabbi Jonah
B. Wise, D. Soils Cohen and Samuel C.
Kohs, professor of psychology at Reed
college. Continued reports of the out
rages and atrocities to which the Jews
are being subjected in Poland have in
duced their friends, relatives and co
religionists to take measures for an un
prejudiced and reliable investigation,
and the matter will be fully discussed at
the meeting.
Isaac Swett will be chairman of the
meeting, td which all those interested
will be welcome.
Salaries May Be Paid
Aberdeen, Feb. 21. Upon refusal of
the county auditor to allow the salaries
of the members of the county board
of commissioners, under the new law.-)
distinction ber
'tween common"
i"m -r-k i ft
and ineJoesx,
That's why wise
ones call for "the
With Many Other Choice ' Trimmed Models,
for Saturday's Display . ,
At least $2.50 below hate of equal quality ssown else
where. Prices in plain figures. ;-;
. ' .- . ft
A Special Introductory Feature
Ten Per Cent Discount
on any purchase completed 'Saturday, February 22,'
when accompanied by this ad.
Wise Women Wear
would , accept a position oh the local
force. Some wag told him to go out and
tvet a bootlegger. A few hours later he
appeared before- the captain dragging In
a protesting cook whom he had seised
In a north end restaurant, on the sus
picion that the cook was engaged In the
sale of Jiquor, After the indignant chef
had been released, .some other wag took
up the joke, and told the youth to go
out and arrest speeders.
' About midnight Tuesday he reap
peared at the station, bringing In an In
telligent Japanese hog rancher, accused
of operating- an automobile without
lights.? This culprit was released by the
captain, and the self-appointed sleuth
started out on a campaign of his own.
- Ex-Sheriff Word Is Victim i f
i He secured a machine, took up a po
sition on East Eighty-second street, and
began arresting; Among the auto is ts
whom he ordered to. appear in the mu
nicipal court were ex-Sheriff Tom Word.
oonfter ha - began his campaign, the
complaints and protests began pouring
into - the police station, and a search
was commenced for the ambitious youth.
Some kind" heart evidently "put him
wisa."- for. he failed to .reappear at po
lice headquarters. In some manner Da
vidson's name was entered on the arrest
docket, and on the transcript of the
municipal courC but as the arresting
party failed to put In an apperancetthe
case was dropped.
Now . the off icials of the department
are searching for the jokers who started
the correspondence school detective : out
on his -campaign against crime. ,
which gives commissioners Of ' the
countes of the fourth class 1180Q a
year, Judge Ben Sheeks of the superior
court, to whom the auditor went for
an opinion, declared that the 'oouHty,
according to the evidence, is; in -'the
fourth class and permitted the sal
aries to be paid.
Stolen Watch Was
Boomerang; Found;
Its Way Back Home
Ashland. Feb. 21. The recovery of a
watch, stolen early last summer from
the residence of Mrs. Ed Barron, is most
unusual. The watch and a bracelet were
stolen and no trace was found of the
thief. Last week Mrs. Barron's daugh
ter saw the watch in a local jewelry store.
It developed that a Chinaman had bought
it for $1 from a tramp in Hornbrook,
Cal., early In September, and had placed
it in the shop for repairs. Mrs. Barron
gave the Chinaman II in exchange for
the watch.
J 4
130 Tenth St, Near Alder
Fisk" and "Keith"
"JViUon" Millinery
JTPJIAT the one-man streetcars would
- get. mere quicker it there were ta'o
mart on the job while picking: up pas
sengers In the congested district.
That this suggesdonls of feVed gratis
to officials of the P-K I P-
That it will soon be time to have the
lawn-mower sharpened and to take the
kinks out of the garden hose.
.: That it's ' difficult to feel v friendly
toward an alarm clock first thing in 'the
That there Isn't much need now of
carrying a corkscrew or an "opener."
That keeping everlastingly - at it.
brings success. ' , . . :
That if you don't like this "clyum"
you don't have to read It.
HirLlO Broadway at Taylor. Kotb nd Dm m
eonwdy, with muaie. "Aa Xou War." 8:20;
suUm Saturday. 2:30.. .
PANTAOES Broadway at Tambitl. VaudtrlTU.
baadUn act. Im Boy. Talma Si Bomo, wast
etana, Sea etbar vaudevlUa a eta aad picturaa.
HlPiODROMK Broadway at Yamhill. Vauda
vllle headline, Nad Naator company, in "Tbe
ataabatora." . Photoplay fcatoraa, . (Uraoos
. -aad aight. ' . .
' - ; STOCK '
BAKEB -Broadway at Morrboit. Baker Slock
eomiwny. Id "A loot Cam Bath." MaUnoa,
2:20: night-8:20. . .
ALCAZAH ElTnOi and Uorrtaon. Tba Al-
casar Playora, in "Reoocca, of Snanybrook
Fmrm." liaUnae, :ltt alght. S.18.
LVtUU .Fourth aad Stark. Lyrte Moatoal
Farce company. In "Risht-From Bluff villa."
Erary afauicc .. and eyary, aitoraooa excapt
Tbaraday. '
Washlnftoa Bear Stark, Enid Ben-
mU, ia."Hpy. Tbouch AUrricd." 11 a. aa.
to 1 1 p. a.
LIBKRTI--Broad way at SUrk. "Doa't Cbaace
Your llunbasd."' 11 a. m. to 11 p. m.
STRAND Washington batwean Park and West
Park. Vaudertlla - acU.- i'ee tura photoplay,
Maa Murray in "Dansar. Go Blow." 11 a. aa.
to 11 P, o.'-"- " '
MAJKHTIO WahIifton at Para,- Constance
Taljnadae.' la "bauoa for the Gooaa." 11 a.
m. to 11 o. m.
GLOBB Wajlilnrtcm Bear Eleventh. TaJmadve
SUUra, in "The Mlaains Liaka'' I p. m. to
SUNS l?T -Wah rti t rm it Broadway. John Bar
rymore. In "Raffles." Charlia Chaplin, la
"Too Champion." 10:15 a. m. to 11:10
CIRC1,K Waxbnton and Fm rth, Bryant
Wabborn. in "TU1 I Com Back to Yon."
Iar and night.
STAR Washington at Park. , Viola Dana, ta
"Tba Gold Cure." II l a, to 11 a a.
PEOPLES Wart Park and AkteT Mabel Nov
maad. in "Mickey." 11 A. m. to 11 p. aa.
Dancing Academy
. Sfestrese M. Klnfler,
. Jeae!nf 3Caetr.
Member of the American
National Aseociatloa of
I Dancing Masters.
- Dancer
A few hours with a
"specialist" will put that
professional snap to your
Mr. Rintrler Specialises" entirely, upon
modern ballroom Instruction.
Engare the services of a specialist in
place of employine- an ordinary teacher.
New classes for bea-inners start Mon
day and Thursday evenings this -week.
Advanced class Friday evening;. Two
hour class. Bpecial course, eight lessons.
We teach the dance that are popular
and the ones your friends dance.
Esroll I?ew. .
Bote r hoses.
- Serrelg laeay PraeenU
The arte Triple AMlmnoo of Wonder Werkara
In Orlnal Slyeterlee
a-oTMsn ai sots e --
Three Performance Daily. Niht Cartala
7 and
.. ,. Matiaao Pally 10e Only .
Tbim vyaoa: tna runny Mnaieal Farce
V1U IaUoa and' Franka (Mtke aad tte) t
" - agid tba Roaebod Ulrbt i
' OinT. Tap and Gaiety.
Oaks Skating Rink
Every Afternoon and
, Evening ;
tsoles 3flf at Erery Mesdsy
Take vCars 'First and
: Alder
. :. all run r
j-. nUWT LTTCLL la
'The Spender'
if 1 UIT OAT-1"
Sunday Concert
, . H:M P. M.
Third Popular
Sr;jiDAT, 1EB. t ItiH P. M.
(a). March SlaveJ. Tschalkowsky
b). RoseMousse Hone
(c) . Dio Posaente Dio ITAmor
lr. Stuart McQuire, HoloiHt
(d) . The Heart ot . Wetona. .Oottler
te). Ja-Da ... Carlton
Doors Open 12:15 P. M.
Sees re TlekeU Early
heilig 5s:1"'..:, at,j:;;
TONIGHT, 8:15 J?t. mSS?
poprr.AR pnicE-
MAT. TOMORROW $.1.00 lit
Eve's US to Me. Sat. Mat. 1 to Ma
HMrrrs. ss. see, eoe '
ramoua STOCK CUM PANT In the Modero.
t'p-to-daU Comedy Suceoaa
Tba atory of a typical girl "WalUngtord." 4
1 a m m g-a- et t a, V
Ut. WmL, Bat.
! iilaaaaAiiii i
InTom Walker la Dlala." ;
Tae arasael bad serai Breaeke.
Braaaa Starve Ha
Seat Glbeeai Tarses aad Graeei
Onikeaaa Trael Weeklyi Klaaw
grraaaa, ltewe Heel Pe Vmnm.
This Shew Oleaee With thgrif
Bfatlaee. Wedaeaday, Fehraary aW
, Special Holiday Program
Alto e Screaming Twe-Rcal Comedy by
"TMS COOK" ,- ;
-JTT - ; i -Itooatwtomorrow
. a." ..
7 J j -