The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, February 19, 1919, Page 20, Image 20

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A.. P. Ames, Editor of League
Paper, Was Quiet but. Efficient
Member of Party.
VALUED AT $1,106,000 DAILY
Publicity Director Praises Work
of The Journal in Behalf of
Late Peace Congress.
One of the members of the League of
Nations party, headed by ex-President
Tart, in Portland Sunday and Monday,
was a man who made no speeches and
who met few besides the newspaper
men. He la A. P. Ames, national pub
licity director of the League to Knforce
Peace and editor of the league's bulletin.
Mr. Ames has the job of spreading
through all mediums of publicity the
propaganda of the League of Nations,
and he Is getting It done In the measure
of thousands of columns, which Edward
A. Filene, the Boston merchant, who
- was a member of the Taft party, esti
mates would coat $1,000,000 a day if paid
for at the regular adveftising rates.
Mr. Ames praised the arrangements
for the Northwestern congress for a
League of Nations and the newspapers
that first announced it to the public
of Washington. Oregon and Northern
Idaho and then covered Its proceedings.
wtth unusual fuUness.
"It is the best Job of publicity we
have had." said he. "The cooperation
from the newspapers and periodicals of
In Northwest was splendid. I would
like particularly to speak of what The
Journal has done." he contlnued.From
the beginning The Journal has brenmost
influential in the Northwest in giving to
the people the ideals of world peace.
tb objectives of democracy and the
purposes of a League of Nations. Its
editorials have been conspicuously able
ajid ave been frequently quoted in the
Leasee Bulletin.
-As for Portland. It is the first city
I have visited east of New York in
which I felt I would like to make my
home and to which I would like to
bring my family."
Before taking up his work with th
League to Enforce Peace. Mr. Ames was
with the Associated Press and was later
the Chicago manager of the United
press. He left for San Francisco Mon
day evening at 8 o'clock and will at
tend the League of Nations congress
In that tlty. Salt Lake City. St. Louis
and Atlanta. He has already attended
the congresses arranged for by ex-President
Taft as president of the League to
'Enforce Peace at New York. Boston,
Chicago and Minneapolis.
Man Fined $500
For Driving His Car
' While Intoxicated
From a strictly pecuniary standpoint
whiskey proved to be a very expensive
luxury to two PortYanders who appeared
before Municipal Judge Rossman Tues
day, on charges involving the use and
sale of liquor. Chafes Schade. pro
prietor of a small machine shop, was
given a $500 fine, the heaviest ever Im
posed by Judge Rossman. when convict
ed of driving an itomoblle while In
toxicated, and Edward J. Brfty. proprie
tor of the Idle Hour poolroom at 146
. Third street, was fined $358 when con
victed of violating the prohibition law.
Schade had been arrested by Patrol
man Stuart, at Twenty-third and Wash
ington streets, January 31, on a charge
of driving 'an automobile wnne intoxi'
cated. Because of the fact that his im
prisonment would throw four other me
chanlcs out of employment, the jail sen
tence, which has usually been imposed
by Judge Rossman on persons convicted
of driving cars while drunk, was omit
ted arid . the heavy fine substituted.
Bray had been arrested January 19.
and his case had been hanging fire ever
since. Officer Abbott of the war emer
gency squad, who arrested BrrfV, testis
tied that he secured only a small glass
: of whiskey as Bray, seeing the officers
enter, . poured the rest of his stock into
the sink.
' ' Remillard Homer, also accused of vio
lating the prohibition law, waj turned
over to the United States authorities.
Homer was arrested Sunday by Officer
Phillips, while leaving a California train
with a suitcase filled with whiskey.
Police Are Seeking
Two Missing Men
The assistance of the Portland police
in locating two missing men was re-
, quested by relatives of the missing per
sons Tuesday. Charles Roobe, a Ger
man, 42 years old. disappeared from his
- home in Malwaukle about two weeks
ago and his wife fears he is dead or has
met with foul play. Roobe is described
as being 5 feet 5 inches in height, weigh
ing 140 pounds, with dark eyes and dark
complexion. He had about $50 in money
on his person when lie disappeared. F.
P;Ke'ton discharged soldier, 27 years
Id, left his place of employment at
Fourth , and Stark streets Monday and
friends fear he may have met with foul
play. He had about $60 in cash on his
wrBon wnen re disappeared.
Russell Oolwell to
Take Entrance Test
Russell Metres Col well has . been,, ap
pointed to take the West Point Military
academy entrance) examinations, by Rep
resentative McArthur.V Col well 1 the
son of the late Senator and Mrs. Elmer
B. Cdwell, and is - now stationed In
France with company A, 116th engineers.
This Is Mr. Colwell's second appoint
ment for examination to the academy.
the first having been made too late to
permit the forwarding of necessary pa
per to France. Colwell has been over
seas since November 28, 117; He enlist
ed while senior In Lincoln high school.
Car Owner Sues
Tijularinar thit hli nw kItvIIiiiIop
car was wrecked In a collision on Han
cock : street January 2. Mayer Bare 11
filed suit In the circuit court Tuesday
against Xh R. Bailey demanding $1450
for damages to the ear-and I5,W0 for
personal , Injuries. Barell asserts that
his car was run Into by Bailey's ma
chine which was being driven by the
latter' 10-year-old son. f
Rastnussen WIU Admitted ' '
The will of Holgar K. Basroussen. who
died February 3 at the age of 64. was
admitted to probate , by County Judge
Taawell Tuesday. The estate, con-
relating of 65 shares of the capital stock
or the Kerr, Clifford company, per value
S55.000, and a number of Liberty bond
and War Savings Stamps, the amount
of which was not given, was bequeathed
to the widow, Helen Jeanette Rasmus,
sen, who was also named and appointed
aa executrix to act without bonds. A
bequest of $100 was made to Violet Mary
Rasmussen. a daughter.
.You naturally feel secure when ypu
know that the medicine you are about to
take is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
. Such a medicine is Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, kidney, liver and bladder
The same standard of purity, strength
and excellence is maintained in every
bottle of Swamp-Root
It Is scientifically compounded from
, vegetable herbs.
It is not a stimulant and is taken in
teaspoonful doses. ,
J It Is' not recommended for everything.
? It Is nature's great helper in relieving
and. overcoming kidney, liver and blad
der troubles.
v A sworn statement of purity is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root. - - - It: you need a medicine, you should
- have the best On sale at all drug stores bottles of two sizes, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to try this
great preparation, send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton. N. T., for a
tsample bottle. When writing be sure
and mention The Portland Journal.
ad- - '
as practiced by the experts in our Hair Dressing
Salon on the Fifth Floor. Hair dressing proper",
permanent waving, shampooing and children's
hair cutting receive special attention. Facial
massage. Manicuring. Chiropody.
accojints for its steady patronage on the part of
discriminating people no less than the' viands,
the appointments, the restful atmosphere. The
special dainties served daily provide variety
enough for alL Ninth Floor.
CataUUtwd- ISS7
The- Quality Stow or Portland
Welcome Rotarians and Friends
to the "Victory Conference "
We take pleasure in presenting you with the freedom
of , the store. Use our many conveniences freely. Our
Information and Personal Service Bureau is at your
disposal 7th Floor. Our motto, too, is "SERVICE"
si II
Combined With' Portland's Finest Displays of New Spring Goods Make This the Universal Shopping Place
New Separate
Skirts Are Things
of Beauty
The foremost designers have contributed to the displays of separate
skirts which are so prominent a feature of our Spring apparel showings.
Withal, the moderateness, of price so characteristic of all MEIER &
FRANK apparel is consistently in evidence. This section exhibits an
assemblage of Spring skirts that is at once the most beautiful, the most
alluring and most attractively priced to be found anywhere.
All wool serges and poplins, wool fancies, Crepes
de Chine, Georgettes, Dew-Kist, Fan-Ta-Si, Pussy
Willow silks and satins.
As to designs and colorings
-their variety is infinite and their charm
CO A TS to be worn with these skirts are of black
velveteen in box models and are no less effective
than the skirts themselves.
Meier & Frank's : Fourth Floor. (Mail Orders FiUed.)
Offers a Great Sale of
Good Street and Work
Regular $5.00 to $15.00 Values
Size 7 only. Sample street and work shoes in popular styles. Work
shoes in black, brown and smoke colors; also brown and smoke high--top
shoes with to, t5 and 18-inch tops. Black and brown street shoes
in broad toe and English patterns. Early selection is, advised. ,
S3.50-S1.50 Street Shoes $2.98
Broken lots of men's gunraetal and vici-ekid shoes from, regular
stocks. Made with Goodyear welt sewed soles. Nearly all sizes from
5 to 10, but lots are broken. - .
Meier A Frank's r Lower Price Store "Basement Balcony.
Silk and Woolen Dress Goods
On account of the importance of this half-price disposal and ta facilitate selection, for,
this great one-day event we have reserved the
Entire Center Aisle Bargain Squares, Main Floor, Fifth Street
Although the yardage involved is large and the variety considerable, we cannot urge too strongly on
patrons that they be here as soon as possible after the store opens tomorrow morning if they would
secure the exact material, pattern and coloring they have in mind. '
.. , ' "-
You can buy a waist, skirt, dress, coat or suit length in this sale for half what you would' pay regu
larly. EXTRA SALESPEOPLE to insure that all are waited on promptly. , - ;.v
Woolen Dress Goods
Serges, poplins, gabardines, broadcloths, checks,
plaids, stripes and novelty mixtures, albatross,
nun's veiling, wool challis. All colors included.
Black and white wool coatings also in this half
price sale. Lengths range from t to 5 yards.
Silks of Many -Kinds
Plain and fancy taffeta silks, me ssalines, satins
in all colors, shirting silks, Crepes de Chine black
silks, white silks a fine assortment. Jyi to -3-yard
No exchanges. No C.O. D.'sl v
Meier & Frank's : Center Aisle, Main; Floor.
. a Second Day of Our Great
Sale 3300 Men's Fine
98 c
For our Bringing Down
the Cost of Living Sate'
we offer this fine group
of shirts in new Spring
patterns and colorings at
this very special price. 'They
are shirts of excellent quality
woven and corded,, madras and percale and of reliable make. Great assort
ment of plain and fancy striped' designs and colorings for men and young
men. Soft and stiff cuff styles. 4 All sizes 14 to WA.. ,
Meier & Frank's : .Main Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
New Collars
of pleated Georgette
and net are. being
featured in our Neck
wear Shop for spring
costumes. Some have
cuffs to match with
fluted net and lace
ruffles. Moderately
priced $1.25-2.75.
New Motor Hats
are also here for Spring in all the
new shades.' Some attractive nov
elties show combinations of hemp
and silk, others' patent leather
combinations. Nearly all have veils.
New motor caps of silk and satin
are also shown. S3 to $12.50.
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Have Been Received and
Go on Sale Tomorrow at
A woman has to wear but one Wel
worth to become a confirmed wearer of
this most worthy of all inexpensive
blouses. In addition to the unusual
blouse values Welworth buyers get,
styles are always appealing and authen
tic. The voile blouse illustrated is one
of the new models on sale tomorrow
at 12.50. Here only in Portland.
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v asmngi
on s
Party and Table Decorations
We have everything needed to make your George Washington party
a success. - " - . - r'i : -
The Stationery Shop on the Main Floor
is replete with table favors for your party:
Patriotic lunch sets.jM. Patriotic table covers, 50c. Napkins, dozen
toe. Cut-outs and seals, box 10c. Garlands, each 25c. Paper flags,
dozen 20c and 30c. ,
v- v- - ' : .. ... . ;
The Novelty Section on the Fifth Floor
has many of the requisites for your party:
Paper hatchets, 3c, 5c, 8c and toe. Place card hatchets in different
sizes, package lOc. Flag-pole favors, each 10c. Log candy box favori In
assorted styles, each 7c. Cherry trees with cherries, 25c, 75c and
$1.25. Bonbons, dozen 75c and upwards. Red, white and blue paper caps,
each 10c. Nut cups, dozen 85c. Paper flags for table use, dozen 15c.
Second Day of Our Sale
Thousands of Pieces
Tin and Japannejd
Household Utilities
l2 and LESS !
VV'cfnderrui economies are offered in this great , sale of household
utilities at half and less than half our regular low prices. Profit by
the savings offered tomorrow."- second day of this sale.
Coffee boilers, tea kettles, tea pots, pudding pans, bread raisers,
bread pans are a few of the tin pieces. Bread boxes, roasters, infants'
bath tubs are a few of the Japanned pieces.
Meier & Frank's: Basement. (Mail Orders Filled.)
A Special Sale of
$1.45, $1.85,
Re-curtain your home at sub
stantial savings in this Bringing
Down the Cost of Living Sale of
plain scrim and marquisette cur
tains with durable edge trimmings.
Fine Irish Point
Curtains' Reduced
Splendid reductions on desirable
Irish Point lace curtains.
,$ 7.00 Curtains $4.85
$10.00 Curtains $8.15
Meier & Frank's : Seventh Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Ivory Soap, box of 100 bars
$5.85; ten bars 59c.
Crystal White Soap, box of 100
bars S5.65; ten bars 57c
Symp, Golden Marshmallow, 2-lb.
cans. doz. $2.85; can 25c. '
Royal Baking Powder, 5 rib. can
$2.20; the 12-oz. can 35c
Peaches, Otter brand, halves or
slices of best California fruit
in heavy sugar syrup, large
cans, doz. $2.95; can 25c
Loganberries, Del Monte, Oregon
berries, latest pack. No. 2 cans,
-- doz. $2.85; can 25c
Minced Clams, Otter brand, large
cans, doz. $2; two cans 35c;
can 18c , ,
String Beans, latest pack, full
weight cans, doz. $1.95; three
cans 50c; can 1 7c
Holly Rice and Milk, doz. $1.15;
1 - can 10c '
Tomato Catsup, Del Monte, large
bottles, doz. $2.60, bottle 22c
Instant Postam, small cans, doz.
$2.75; can 24c
Brooms, good light weight brooms,
each 75c
, Matches, noiseless tip. box 5c
Meier 9l Frank's: Ninth ViX
r ,' , M Orders Filled.) j
This "Universal" Steel
1 .
. - -
j I '
A high-grade Universal
steel range burns wood
and coal. A plain range that
is easily cleaned and kept
clean, has" Just enough
nickel trimmings to pro
luce a pleasing effect. Body
is of blue steel well insu
lated with asbestos to re
tain the heat Full polished
six-hole to: requires no
blacking. Roomy oven elec
trically weljed to body, 16 J.".'.
xt 9 inches. Western fire-box with six-pipe coil and duplex grates.
- . .: Mier & Frank's : Sixth Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Betsy Ross" Pattern in Holmes & Edwards .
in a Sale
The desirable Betsy 'Ross pattern in silverware
made by Holmes & Edwards Company is a very at
tractive design finished In a combination 0 bright
and Butler gray. One, piece illustrated. Guaranteed
to give 10 years, of ordinary family service.".: Spe
cially priced as follows for three days only;.
, ' In Sets of Six '
Tea Spoons. .,. ..93c
Table Spoons. . .$1.85
Coffee Spoons. .. .93c
Soup Spoons. . .$1.85
Medium Forks.. $1.85
Dessert Forks. . .$1.65
Salad Forks . .$2.35
Oyster Forks. . ,$1.75
Medium Knives. .$2.45
Butter Spreaders $2.10
Fancy Pieces Each
Sugar Shell . . . ...40c
Butter Knife ..... ,40c
Gravy Ladle. .... .95c
Jelly Server. .... .49c
Cold Meat Fork... 65c
Child's 'Set....!. .98c
Baby Spoon . ..... 35c
Educator Set.
-Meier & Frank's: Main Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
Let Us Demonstrate the-
"Hoover" Electric Suction
on your ownlrugs in your own home
or on our rugs in our store.- One
demonstration will convince you of
the many advantages' and saving
possibilities there are In the Hoover
Electric Suction Sweeper. v
The Hoover is the only. vacuum,
cleaner with a MOTOR DRIVEN
BRUSH. ... . ..
Shakes Sweeps -Suction Clean ; - 0
Shakes loose' by vibration and dustlessly withdraws 'by powerful air
suction ALL imbedded grit.' Instantly sweeps up the most:$tubbprnly
clinging hairs, threads and litter.- The Hoover more than "vacuum
cleans" for it gets ALL the dirt. With the Hoover and it long-armed
attachments you can clean everywhere without straining or tiring your
back. Let i?s show you why the Hoover cleans more thoroughly than
any other vacuum cleaner made. If desired, you can-
, . Make Your-Own Terms in Reason
, Meier It. Frank's: Seventh Floor. Mall Orders Filled.)
.-"I I