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    Portland. .'Oregon, Friday. -evening, December 21, - isn. twenty, pages.; , . ,
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'VOL. XVI. NO. 191
. .. . ' : : j . : - - : ' : : : . ; : : ' , 1 '
his fail
Germans Believed to Be "Test
ing Out" Resistance of Allies
on Western Front, Raids of
' Late; Made in Bigger Forces
Highly Localized Attack Made in
Neighborhood of St. Quentin
i Repulsed; Artillerying Is Re
ported on Meuse Right Bank.
PARIS, Dec 21. (U. P.) A big
German raid, partaking al
most of the nature of a highly
localized attack, was repulsed
around St. Quentin at a point
east of Fayet, today's official
statement reported.
(Fayet is located about two"
and a half miles northeast 'of St.
QuenUJvV -sh' .'w. -
The statement also detailed ar
tillerylng?on the' right bank of
' the Meuse a.t Fleury, Martmanns
weilerkopf and Thann.
' For several daysn ow the Ger
mans have been "testing out"
the whole of the French front by
raids of all kinds some mere
reconnoissance expeditions, oth-
' ers like, the above, in force. This
has led to the deduction that the
long advertised German drive
may be preparing.
Rome; Dec. 21. (U. P.) "At Asolone
and east of the Brenta we deprived the
enemy of a considerable portion of his
Tuesday gains." declared . today's offl
' clal statement.
. "Around Asalone the enemy concen
trates vi lent tire against the positions
retaken from them, but without shak
ing ovr resistance,' the statement
"Around Monte Pereca a '' strong at-
feiiii. i a counteract was 'dispersed
. The German official statement today
Indicating definite assumption of an of
fensive by the Italian forces Is borne
out in the above report. The Asolone
position, ia one of the gateways to the
Of enetlan plains.
Romei Dec. ,21. (I. N. S.) Great Ger-
roan and Austrian guna, with a range of
(Concluded on Page Fourteen, Column One)
Reports.From Upper Willamette
, Points Are That Flood Waters
, ' Are Receding.
The crest of the high water In the Wll
lamette river at Portland haa passed,
rteachinf a maximum of 19.7 feet at
tL( xa. Thursday, It remained at
that stage for several hours and then
; began to fall, until this morning- the
Btage waa officially recorded at 19.3
, feet, a idrop of four tenths of a foot
i since Thursday afternoon.
- win steaany go down." said T
, Francis. Drake, forecaster at the weather
bureau,, this morning. , "Drops were re
ported St every 5 place ; except Oreeon
. City, which liad a rise of three tenths of
a root.. This will have no effect here.
Oregon f City is a litUe different from
the rest' of the places on account of the
-nam. - ....'
j AiDanyj this morning reported the
crest as passing, the stage reading 17
ieet. as csmparea to i7.z reet Thursday,
Salem reported a drop of- 2.3 feat,- the
stage mere uus -morning being tlX
Eugene reported, a fall of a foot and
half. Ths only rains Thursday were at
' Albany ; and Oregon City, each.' having
',03 "of in Inch. . ;
V The Yamhill liver at McMisnvllIs thla
"morning was at the 34.1 foot stage, rep
resenting A" fall of 4.6 feet since Thurs
day, r It rose quite rapidly there and
trom , the f. report thi morning It seems
hat the fall la going to be as rapid aa
me rise. -: - -
The Santiam river at Jefferson Is also
falling. : No report was received this
Morning, but Friday night Jefferson re-
ported a fall of over two feet, the stage
(Ceaeluded oa Page Twelve,: Oolama One)
THE 8. O. 8. call fcac beea oad
. cd by" exemption Board offl
r rials at feeadqaarters la . the
court ho at for more asslataats for
eoaater work to take ear of haa
drd of registraata and' their rele.
five ' who swarm Into the office
hourly daring the bssy rash of the
day.' ', f -:; .,
Each day the datle of the offi
cials and assistant are becoming
more stapendons and with the fall
are of many helpers to report this
morals r, the working force was
Overburdened officials and assist,
aats will be aaable to eope with the
Ituattoa aaless more help Is volaa
leered, ,
Anyone wishing; to assist la the
work should report to any of the
board chiefs la room 146 coarthosse.
Russians Published Alleged
Agreement With Japanese to
Keep Hold in China.
Washington, Dec 21. (TJ. P.) Japan
la anxious to strike at Germany by occupying-
Siberia, according: to advices
reaching: here today. This Information,
coupled with Russian publication of an
alleged Russo-Japanese agreement to
pounce on any nation, attempting su
premacy .in China,' created a profound
impression- in - official , and dlplomatio
Quarters. .
Some allied diplomats were said to
favor the Siberian move .In view of the
possibility of Teuton domination of all
the Ruaslas, even the east, rney point
ed out that the American consul at
Vladivostok had 'said there la need for
troops at that port.-
Confirmation of the Russo-Japanese
pact ' was 'not Immediately obtainable
here. However, it waa stated that, in
sofar as China la now concerned, the
Japanese are discouraging large mili
tary preparations in that nation and
that official feelers have been put for
ward with a view to American-Japanese
cooperation in China's military, eco
nomic and financial , problems ,
President Wilson, It waa suggested,
will be the determining; factor In the
decision as to whether Japanese troops
shall invest Vladivostok, provided that
is the actual wish of Japan, aa reported.
Russo-Japanese Pact Published
Petrograd,' Dec 21. (TJ. P.) Text of
secret Russo-Japanese treaty, dated
March 3, 1916, providing for an often
slve alliance of those two powers against
any - other power attempting political
supremacy In China, waa mad . public '
by, the workmen's and soldiers' soviet i
The statement said it was. believed
this pact referred to ths United 'States.
The treaty was signed by former For
eign Minister Sasonoff and Baron Mo-
tono, Japanese minister to Russia, who;
later became foreign minister. It ex
pires In July,, 1921.
A nign xoreign onice leaaer today de
clared that the peace literature circu
lated by the soviet had "greatly Influ-
nr.erl . Oermans on the Russian front.
longer desire to fight on any front."
Ths soviet haa been revealing all
ecrst treaties and agreements of former
Russian regimes.
Secretary KcAdoo
Denies Loan Kumor i
When Decision Ras Been Reached, He ;
Say, AaaoaaeemeBt . Will : Be Made
Throagh Proper ChanaeU.
Wiihlnrtim TWwv 21 fT X? S 1 lm.
phatlc denial that the next liberty loan 1
will be for 75.000.000,000 at 4ft per cent
was made today by Secretary of the
Treasury McAdoo. . The dental waa em-
bodied Id a formal statement as follow :
"The report - thai the next issue of
Liberty bonds will be $8,000,000,000 and
at per cent Is wholly unfounded. I
wish I could make the patriotic newspa
permen at America realise how mischie
vous and hurtful to the Interests of the
country such speculative statements are.
"When a decision has been reached about
the next Liberty loan it will be officially
announced.- 7- Meanwhile ail other state
ments and rumora may be disregarded."
Posses Seek Man
Who Killed Son;
Grandmother ITow Coafe Taataatle
Story of" How i She : la Tare
Boy rather I tratrse.
Mffntrose, ,Cal., Dec 2V (U P.) '
Several posses were .organised and are
scouring the country to the" Vklnlty I
of ' Olath. seeking John O. Bush, who
murdered his 11 year, old son Saturday
and attempted to dispose' of the body
by burning; It In a lye kettle. i- 1
-, The search w as begun, when "Hm!"
Nancy ,Jane - Buah. 4 the i 71-year-old
mother ' of John Buslu confessea to the
sheriff today that the - story she told t
yesterday , waa v invented - by . her .and t
Bush' to cover up the crime. ' -y J
Quartermaster- General Sharpe
Admits Supplies for 'Thou
sands of Men to Be Called
Dec. 31 Are Not at- Hand.
Not Enough at Present 'for Men
in Training, He Says, and
Men Go to France With Lighter
Uniforms Than Those' of Allies'
Washington. Dec 11. (U. P.) In the
face of a startling lack? of clothing sup
plies thousands 6f men will be called to
the colors by December It, Quarter
master General Sharpe admitted to the
senate military , committee this after'
noon. This refers to the 25 per cent of
the last increment of the first draft not
yet called out.
At present Sharpe declared 'there la
not enough clothing for the men In train
ing, and American troops, sent to France
are going over In uniforms 27 per cent
lighter than those worn by the French
and BritlahVtroops. 1
He advised the English system of a
"purveyor general of supplies" to order
ordnance, food , and ; clothing for the
army. . -
Ualforms Part Cottoa
Sharpe said one uniform each had been
Issued to 1.640.000 men . now, although a
small part of these uniforms were cot
ton. ." 'i - .; .-jv.i v . . .vi
Switching to the subject of overcoata.1
committee members . began grilling
Sharpe on complaints of overcoat short
ages that had i been : coming -in from
cam pa. A tablei submitted by the gen
eral showed 2.000X0 overcoats had been
compweo By December 15.
"How does it come then," asked Hitch
cock, "that Vlth only approximately 1.
500,000 men to equip and with over 2,
000,000 overcoats made, the men had
been without coata?" ' ( .
. "The bulk of these overcoat deliveries
came late in November and December,
(Coectaded oo Page. Five. Cbtaow.Faar)
" '
I Uncle Sam's khaki-clad fighting men are billeted. If all goes well, therell be no end of dollies, games,' books and candies
iwr uic x-ictrcs nu juans,
towns have made preparations'
Santa Claus he goes the limit.
Brk 5:" f-1 u It'! I j s t 'I" If' " v r- . v t, . i
Llh ' ; iPi-i 3 It, : . . - ; ..- ' ' v I
mi? t 1 v xt," r f u u-'hu , ' e - 1 . ill
t y.' I ' ' Si ' " "" '
f.r,.- y : .- . ; I
imA -r-.r. II
?x ' ' . 3
f . : r,
O j. - - ' i
Premier Gives Word That Eng
land Wants No Territorial Ex
. pansion Except That Neces
. sary to Guarantee Safety.
Germanized Portion of Lor
raine Is Willing to Stay1 With
Teutons, Lloyd George 13 Will
ing, but Not So With Alsace.
By Lowell Mel let t .
' London, Dec 21. (U. P.) Great Brit
ain is in full accord with President
Wilson's outline of war alms that, the
fight of the world's democracies to vic
tory Is not toward realization of selfish
desires. a
Britain seeks no territorial extension
except that which an International
peace conference agrees la necessary to
future . security.
V The United Press la In a position to
state today that Lloyd George's pledges
are those developed by practically
unanimous views of all government
circles. . , v
Or all the ringing utterance of the
premier In his war alms speech of yes
terday. Including the demands of
restoration and compensation for Invad
ed . territories those which. In effect,
pledged aflherence to President Wilson's
announced principle that- nationalities
Should be permitted to work out their
umi dasHtiiCT. -wwrw regai-fled- today aa
most striking
' Exraasloa 2To Brttltfe Ala
" In thus putting England's . card on
the table, the United Press Is able to
present this outline of Oreat Britain's
position from various high sources fol
lowing the prima minister's revolution
ary announcement of England's colo
nial policy, while the German colonies
are regarded as en-returnable becaase
the peace conference must consider the
future security at the British Union f
(Coacladed on 'Page Nlaeteen, Coin ma Jer)
CHRISTMAS for the little French bova and eirls living in the
wuo nave cuninoutca rouca to uie nappmess or tne Doys across trie water, ine men in tne rrencn
to show the kiddies just what an American, Christmas is like, and when Sammy takes to playing
The Christmas of 1917 will live long in the hearts of youthful France.
t i tt 15 I 4 1 i h i x s r i1 - i i i t ' - . I . -c i -.1: I
.... . . . . . - . .
Q CARTERS, Dee. it. U.
P.) A a aasseeissfal attesapt
by a Gernaa abmarlae to attack
a sspply skis ladea with Christmas
food, waa resaoailble for the Amer
ica a forces fladlag themselves to.
fty oa the verge of Ckrlstmas with
oat tarkey, eraaberrles akd ' the
assal feast day sspply. '
The vessel. It was stated, had
been taraed back to America, fol
lowlag the sabmarlae's aasaeeess.
fal attack.
The ship whlek was taraed back
was kaewa to carry especially a
great load of era a berries. ,
A small amoaat ef tarkey left
over from Thaaksgivlag Is available
bat It woat be a drop, la the
backet. Tfeereare somewhat large
applies ' ef mlaeemeat aad erae
berries. The I sltaaUoa, however,
might be worse aad. aayway, the
Ckrlstmas "chow' will be served
whea It arrive.
The delay wklek the six member
of, the food admlalstratloa reeeatly
at the froat leaned aboat, empha.
slaed to them the .aecestlty for
adoptwa of a plaa to aalld sp a
great army food reserve la Fraace.
American Soldiers
Plan Big Xmas Tree
Cktldrea of ShatUred Tfilarea te Have
Chaaee for a While to Forget Grim
Horrors of war.
With the American Army In Franca,
Deo. 21. (L N. B.) American army of
ficers entrusted with the Christmas
funds have begun to purchase thousands
of dollars' worth of presents for "the
children within the son . of ; American
headquarters and camps. These pres
ents will be hung on a tree to be ar-iBeA'trtn-AmJei
' for Christmas
day.; The tree will be in a aniqae set
ting, namely, within on of the hangars
of aa American air squadron.
The purchasing officers are seeing to
it that every boy and girl gta his or
Iter des(re. They "have visited all and
the "purchasing lists have written on
them whether little Suaanne wants a doll
or little Jean desires a rifle. For the
refugee, children overcoats or ' shoes are
being bought. Large quantlttea of tur
ker and all that goea with It are arriv
ing within .the aone for the Ameses' dln-
-V am.
Chatrrnan : Hurley of - Shipping
Board. Blames Industrial Han
dicap'for Failure to Turn Out
Ships Faster Than at Present.
Obstacles, He Says, Are Rapidly
Being Overcome and Actuaj
Construction Is Under Wayj
Dual- Management Defended.
Washington. Dec II. (I- N. SL The
searchlight waa. turned upon the ahlp
plng boards activities this afternoon
when , the Investigation "ordered by the
senate waa bssnin by the senate com
mittee with Edward N. Hurley, chair-
man of the board, aa the first witness.
He ww permitted by the committee to
read a 10OO word , statement, outlining.
Ink great detail, the accomplishments
of the board and Its subsidiary, the
Emergency Flee corporation. Hla
statement constituted a warm defense
of ths present dual system of roanag
roent. Hurley explained that ths faRure ae-tualhr-to
tarri out ships Quicker than la
now being dons has been due to Indus
trial, handicaps. ( These obstacles, he
stated, are being rapidly overcome and
actual ahlp conat ruction is under way.
1UT Skip Uadet Ctrat-
Tncsrnlng the' exact Statu of the
marchant ship -procram at present.
Chairman- Hurley informed the commit
ted that lilt ships of MT1.10 dead
weight tons' ar now under evmstruc
tkw and under contract.' Of these 411
ships of J.WI.OOfl tons wer already un
der construction or under order by pri
vate or foreign' owners when the com
mandeering order went Into effect on
The new tonnage Tf steel ahlps or
dered., he . said. Is . represented by &51
ships of S.M5.XO0 dead weight tons. The
wooden ships for which contracts have
. CooJaded oa
Pf Twelve. Celama Twl
towns behind the lines where
Americans Will
Join Tommies in
Mutual Shindigs
For Christmas
Joint Celebration Will Be Held
Where Possible; Some Tom
mies Prefer Baked Beans and
Bacon to Turkey, However.
By William Philip Slmms
With the British Armies In the Field,
Dec. IV U. P.) For ths first tlms In
history, British Tommies and American
Sammies will celebrate Christmas to
Arrangements were being completed
today for a whole series of mutual holi
day "shindigs" and "blowouts" -circum
stances permitting.
The Americans- are widely scattered,
making gathering difficult and In sore
cases Impossible but some sort of a
celebration Is to be held wherever Tom
mies and Hammies met.
Back behind the lines In ruined vil
lages and camps, concerts and special
vaudeville performances have been ar
ranged aa part of the British armies'
A canvass of the Tommies by their
commanding officers to find out just
what sort of "eats' they wanted for
thla Christmas spread, has developed
some freakish appetites.
One captain asksd hla men whether
they wanted turkey or pork and beans
ths latter piping hot. with strips of ba
con, browned, on top. Ths pork aad
beans won hand down.
There will be no fraternising on the
British front. That much- la certain.
Christmas day In ths trenches win
b Just like sny other war day de
pendent upon developments.
Today all ths froat waa decorated In
a mastla of saow a foot deep. There
has seldom been a mors quits land
scape in ths war sons thsa .the one
seen all along ths Una.
Aviation Candidates to Be Ex
amined Here; To Be Estab
lished Within 10 Days.
Waahlngton. rec. (WASHINGTON
government aircraft board today noti
fied Senator McNary that authority has
been given on his representations for
the establishment of an aviation exam
ining unit at Portland within 10 days.
Senator McNary. In conference with
the aircraft board, also discussed the
matter of the location of aa aviation
training aco6l at Seattle and not at
Portland aad was Informed that the
board dees not consider schools are
needed so close together. The Seattle
station already has been established.
However. Senator McNary was prom
ised the matter would be given further
consideration, but without any strofur
hops for Portland.
Senator McNary also took up ths pro
posal of ths Salem Commercial dub for
extensive flax production aad manufac
ture or an en xor ablaae Wins. The
Salem deb ears it can set tOO acres
I plaated and utilise, a factory now idle
in rwuina.
Colonel Deeds of the aircraft hoard
ys cas. linen is greatly needed, beat
doubts whether Oregon Interests caa
farnlah the quality oC finished products
required. He wants further Information
as to their ability to secure skilled labor,
but will then be willing to send experts
to examine the factory and report on
plana which would Include government
Dr. Joseph X McCool of Portland, at
the Instance of the war department, al
ready has tentatively completed plana
for ths local aviation examining unK.
It win probably be located In ths free
dispensary at Fourth and Jefferson. Dr.
Mocool-wlll do eye examining. Dr.
Vtaak B. Klstaer. ear examining, aad
a pay aid aa to be appointed by Dr. Mc
Cool and Dr. Klstaer will make the
physical examination required by the
oepanmeat. ,
Plans for ths Portlahd aviation' ex
amlalng umt have been under consid
eration for several months, but were
suddenly modified last September, only
to be renewed, apparently through Sen
a tor McNarys representation that it is
unfair for -young men, candidates for
aviation serriee, to be required to go
to Seattle for examinations, particu
larly as they pay their own expenses.
3 Aviators Killed -.
.In Training Camp
i Fort Worth. Texas. Dec 1L fU. P.
One officer and two cadets - of the
Canadian royal flying corps were killed
.Instantly here todaywhen the two air
planes in which the ' men were flying
collided In mid -air. - ,
The dead are:
XER, - Kingston. Oat.
CADET C A. BAKER. Kent, England.
. ; CADET A. EDEN. Kir rat on, Jamaica.
Ths three came from the British aria
I tlon tralnlnar fW4 a Tn-ntu tm. .-.
11 ap ' "g
Petrograd Has Word Jhat . Bol
shevik! Envoys Have Been Re
called) Armistice, However, Is'
Still In 'Force on the Front.
Bolshevik! Believed to Be Pre
paring for Rump Convention
if They; Find They Are !n Mi
nority; Situation Complicated.
LONDON. Dec II. U. P.) Aii-.
Exchange Telegripti dJipitcji
from Petrograd asserted H was - ' '
unofficially- reported that Vb '
Germans had refused the RusiUq : :
peace terrns- and that ths Bol- '
shevlkl delegitlon hat bee a -re-
. called to Petrograd.,.; V
The decision. If accurately re-'
ported, does not mean rifunipUo'
of hotllitle on the nuIaa '
front at once, aa complete top- T
page of all fighting for a month
ha already been agreed upon by
term of the armUUce. .
. f the German have refused to 4-
agree to the Bolshevtal terms,
it was believed here they dld-eo ,
In full consciousness of - their .
strength with hch to extort .
enormous concession from the -
Russians. The original Bolshe-;
viU requests were for Germaa v .
withdrawal from occupied Island -In
Riga bay and rellncjolshnient
other Russian territory held ",
by the Teuton.
Amsterdam. Dec! Il- (U. P. An
Austro-Hungartan delegation, reprs
FffMf)g all branches of the govern
ment and headed by an officer of the
foreura offlos. Dr. von Hem pel. left,
for Petrogrsd Thursday to arrange
further armistice details, a dispatch
(Ceexleael en Psee Tee. Celaaui Tee)
. : ...
' ' ... ; ''' '"
Revelab'ont in Seattle Murder
' Case May Rival Those in
- Biltfngsley Prosecutions, v
Seattle. Dee. 11. (V N. & As a re
sult of revelations la oon section with
ths murder of William AppstststL North
era Pacific railroad watchman, Wednes
day night, county sathoritlee here today
believe they have uncovered a'glgaatls
bootlegginc ring that win rival la
aationaiiam ths operations of the
torlous BUUngsley gaar- ' It Is declared
by the sheriffs office that enough has .
been learned to show , that enormov
quantities of liqsor have seen shipped :
Ints Waahlngtoa from California oa '
forged permits aad that with esnployes -of
ths railroads on ths Inside of the ring
It has bees aa easy matter for the boot- ,
lecrera te get th liquor from freight .
cars ta ths railroad yards at Aobam,
Wash-, before It arrived at' Its deetl na
tion as shown en the Mils ef Lading. .
M. I- Graham, yard foreman for ths '
Northers Paetfle, was charged wltn first
degree murder today for- ths alleged f
shooting of AppeleteU.
The charge was fhed by the ntooeiut- '
lag attorney after a conference with J.
E. Caeey. a switchman, was Is' held oa .
bail as a wttaese, Joan Portia, a
chauffeur, alee Is held onler UOOe bail
as a witness. S. V Orahaas, wooes car . .
Porrta . drove, was released oa bXbees
corpus proceedings.
The King county grand Jury now la .
session.. It Is -expected, will Investigate
the alleged bootlegging ring.
Alcoholic Drinks
Barred by Pershing
With th United -.States Army 'la
rranee. Dee, ZV il. X -S.) Oeneral
Pershing hesued a general order today,
absolutely forbidding - Americas soi
aners from buying or' accepting any
alcoholic beverages except Ught viae
aad beer.. . . .. ' . , -. ' I . . " .