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All But Three Republican
Nominees for Senate Have
"Seen Service" Before,
Ob the House Side 16 Oat of Sixty X.
publican XTomincea lr Tittnni
la tli "BuelneM.''
heur counties Republican, A. W. i
Gowan, Burns, house membwof 1915.
District 24, Lincoln, Tillaxnoo.
Washington and Yamhill counties
Republican. T. B. Handley. Tillamook, :
house member of 1915.
HomliMt for mepreeeatatlTe.
District 1, Marion county, five to
elect Republican, Sam H. Brown.
Gervais. house member 1915; W. Al
Jones. Salem, house member 1915 from
Wallowa county; Seymore Jones,
Charles V. Klein and lean fi Martin
ijalem. Democratic, Mrs. Hattie Cam
eron, Frank Ward Mrs. W. A. Ch
man, W. J. Kgan and M. Palmer.
elect -Khedd;
Halsey. Democratic, W.' P.
Public Herrlr Commissions,
Western District
All hut Ihrre of the Republican norm
nfes for clrrtlon to the stats senate
have Keen Fervtre In former logiela
txirrn. wliile one Democratic nominee
a former member. On the houso
skip Imt 16 out of the 60 Reo'Kifiran
nomlii'CH are veterans in leRlslatlve
.1. Kmlth of Orants T'at. I. B.
Kmlth of Marwhfleld, W. I. Wood of
Hi I Inborn, R. g. Farrell and Sua '.
Moser of Portland, W. Lair Tliorjipson
of I,akevlew and Krt K. Kldille of
Inland have been renominated an'l were
niembern of the senate during tiie latt
two sessions.
; B. B. llufton. P. Olson ann John
Gill, isenato nominee from Mijl' nomali,
Wre tnemhera of the 131f Iioiih1, while
A. W. Orton, another Multnomah sen
atorial nominee, was a house member
In U)09.
Served In Tear 1915.
T. B. Handley of Tillamook, who lias
been nominated for the senate, was a
house member In 1915, while K.
Jackson of Moro, Democratic nominee
for the senate from Gilliam, Sherman
and Wheeler counties. Is a 'ormcr
member of the house.
Frederick Stelwer of Pendleton, who
as received the Republican nomina
tion for the Umatilla county noiiator
shlp made vacant by the resignation
of J. N. Burgess, and M. D. Khmks of
Tondon, Republican nomine from Gil
liam. Sherman and Wheeler, and A.
,W. Gowan of Burns are the three men
new at the legislative eame.
Sam H. Brown and W. Al Jones of
Marlon, Charles Shields of Brownvllle,
Allen IT. Eaton of Kugene, W. P. Iaf
ferty of Corvallls, Benton Bowman of
Washington. D. ('. I,ewls and l lowden
Btott of Multnomah. Vernon A. r'orbes
of Bend, R. N. Stanfield and Roy W
Rltner of ITmatllla. and I). M. Cart
mill of Baker, were members i,f tho
1915 house and have been nominated
for reelection.
1i. E. Bean of Eugene has reen a
member of both house and senate at
former sessions; S. A. D. lUek of
Washlngto i was a house member In
19tl; Oeorge C. Brownell of Clackamas
wag president of the senate in the days
or old, and I,. O. Belland of CiaUjop
Was a house member in 1907 and 1S09.
The full list cf both RepublK-sn and
Democratic nominations for legislative
honors, so far as at present compiled.
i as follows:
. Senate Komlnaea Xevlewed.
District 6, Douglas county Renub-
Ican, B. L. Kddy. Roseburg; Independ
ent, W. C. Edwards.
District, 7i Josephine county Repub
lic t vIL-? ' ratta Pa9"" '0r rC"
District 8. Coos and Currr eonnti.
Republican, I. S. Smith, Marshfield, for
District 11, Washington countv Re
publican. W. D. Wood, Hillsboro. for
District 13, Multnomah countv Re
publican, R. R. Farrell. Gus C. Moser,
xor reeiecuon; w. H. Huston. Conrad P.
Olson, , house members 1915; John Gill
for the short term caused by th resig
nation of A. A. Langguth, house mem
ber 1915, and A. W. Orton. The Demo
cratic nominees have not yet been de
termined by the county clerk.
iHstrlct IB, Hood River and -Wa.r-n
counties Republican, F. M Gill,
Dufur; Democrat, George R. Wilbur,
Aiuuu xiiver.
District 17, Crook. Jefferann Klam
ath and Lake counties RAmihiii-nn
W. LUr Thompson, Lakevlew; Demo
crat, ueorge t. Baldwin, Klamath
District 18. Gilliam. Shermaji and
Wheeler counties Republican M. D
Shanks, Condon: Democrat, W. V.
Jackson, Moro, former member of the
District i0, Umatilla countv Re
publican, Frederick Stelwer, for the
snort term caused by the resignation
of J. N. Burgess.
District 21, Union and Wallowa
counties Republican, Ed E. Kiddle,
Island City, for re-election.
District 22. Grant, Harney and Mai-
Ben ton
Schults, E. C. Peery.
District 3, Une county, three to
elect I,. E. Bean. Eugene; W. B.
Jones, Eugene; Allen H. Eaton, Eu
gene, house member 1915. Democratic,
James Calvert. Junction; Alta King,
Joseph E. Tuttle.
District 4, Douglas, two to elect
Republican, C. a. Brand. Wilbur; Roy
Griggs, Comstock. Democratic, J. L.
Chaney. Myrtle Creek; J. T. Redford. riarktmas
District 5 Coos county Republican, V",,KP.
A. K. Peck, Marshfield. i j
District 6, Coos and Curry counties curry
Republican, 8. P. Pierce. Democrat, I Douglas
F. B Tichenor, PorUOrford. ij"'k?.?
District 7, Josephine county Re-
publican. A. E. Voorhles, Grants Pass, j Lincoln ' . . '.
District 8. Jackson county, two to l.lnn
elect Republican B. C. Sheldon, i jrlon
Medford; C. M. Thomas, Medford. '"k !' ..'.'.'.
District 9. Douglas and Jackson ' Tillamook . . . '.
Q 1 IS w 5J. .-as-
Pt Wle Service x o 5
Commissioner, 7 e f
' Ei stern Die- 5?
; trict. : : g, : : ".
1 Ksker 681 Bi l't.7, loOl 473, 325
Ciook 2BO( lMl 334t 110 ItW' l.M
illlUm T 431 I7 40 76 Um
lrsnt 42S! 4Ii 37 171 1
I Harney 25i Z4' me I SU M7
I Hood RlTtr.. 242 57 184 Kl Vi 162
Jefferson . . . 2.-..T 81 1021 :W 79 45
Klamatb .... 754 113 Z2 .VJ JM VU
!Lsk 22S 27 '21 27 :! 3
Malbeur 1SI r.2,1,077 : 8'1 l'7
Morrow 4 153 77 0 135 162
81-errosa 124 58 79 74 S ,115
I UiLatilla .... 6411. irt4i 409 213 701
, i'nfci i:Hi Ml :!! 443 2sll,403
Velk)W l:i 24 146I 83 521 194
Wasco 4411 1901 44l S lttttl 354
Wheeler 21 n) Q4 112 42 72
1 Totals . . . ;6,IHH,2-,'i4.x77 .154 2.201 A.MH
xnitiill ...
Total ......
counties Republican, W. If. Gore,
Medford. Democrat. J. K. Howard.
District 10, Benton county Republi
can, W. P. Uafferty, Corvallls, house
member 19IS; R. G. I,eedy. Corvallls.
District 11, Polk county Republi
can. Conrad Stafrin. Dallas.
District s 12, Lincoln and Polk
counties Republican, W. V. Fuller, llfnll'n
Dana. M:;irr8
District 13. Yamhill county, two to , culumbli .'.
elect Republican, W. W. Lunger, La- -Coos
fayette; Ira C. Barker. Wlllamlna; ! j;1-0"
Democratic, E. W. Haas, A. McPhllllps. i,ngias".'.'.'
District 14, Tillamook and Yamhill (iiuiam .!.'!
counties Republican, E. W. Rowe, i raut
Wheeler. Harney ...
District 15, Washington county, ' j4aJkdonllT"r.
three to elect Republican, B. P. Cor- i jefferaon ".
nelius. Hillsboro; Benfon Bowman, J"sepbine
Hillsboro, house member, 1915; S. A. Kiniath ..
D. Meek, Cornelius; Democratic, M.
Langley, Forest Grove; H. V. Meade, Lir.coln ' '. '. '. '.
t)renco; William Schulmerlch, Hills- . l inn
horo Malheur ...
Doro- Marion ....
District 1, Clackamas county, three Morrow ...
to elect Republican, George B. Brow- Multnomah
nell. Oregon City; 11. A. Dedman, sLermau ".',
Canby; H. C Stephens, George. i iiumnnk' ".
District 17. Clackamas and Multno- Umatilla ..
mah counties Republican, A. H. Bur- JJlnl?n
tjn. Portland; Democrat, Rex Lamp- "1,
man. Oak Grove. : Washington
District 18, Multnomah county, 12 to Wheeler ...
elect Republican, A. C. Callan, Ham-
7ao: im
2.31 1.719
8S2! 750
72 401
tH4 1.076
2l 146
l.a42l 1.4IW
1.491 1,-J2
614! 64
1.214! 3,040
673 4C
1.133 1.443
4.021)! 3.0SS
8H3I 943
431 1 001
1.419 l.loO
1.2o4, 1.077
i46.4N32 (Kil
Secretary of State
oBli 21
679 1.01
2,0110' 2.:3
K3 4, 938
Fulton, Carey, Spencer arid
Cameron High Men in G.
0. P. Election,
Delegate Tote Canvassed rim oa Ac
count of nearness of Convention
Time est finished This Week.
8:i3 493
329 i 354
l.UMJ, 2,189
230i 374
5.")9; 8M
fS0' 1.031
199' K19
3,xi 4.2il
33;;. 342
1.144, 924
679 S4
47S 4!I2
1.303; 2.09
7:iO! 1.396
219! 494
77:, 1.311
1.407i 1,641
1M 424
1.1 S2 1.279
llton F. Corbett. Virgil L. Clarke. E
J. Goode. Herbert Gordon. K. K. Kubli,
O. Laurgaard. D. C. Lewis, L. C. Mac
key, John M. Mann. S. A. Matthieu,
Plowden Stott. all of Portland. The
Democratic nominations have not yet
been checked out by the county Baker
clerk. '"r""1
District 19, Clatsop county, two to Clatsop ...
elect Republican. I,. O. Belland, As- Columbia .
toria; William Schimpf f, Astoria. f!008
District :0, Columbia county Re- Curry
publican, A. W. Mueller, St. Helens. Dot; g las ...
District 21 Crook, Grant. Jefferson, Gilliam ...
Klamath and Lake counties, two to H""'
elect Republican. D. G. Burdick, Hood 7H1;er
Redmond; Vernon A. Forbes, Bend, Jackson ...
house member, 1915; Democrat, Fred Jefferson ..
Hyndman, Klamath Falls. 1 i?'p"B"
District H, Morrow and Umatilla ' ske . . ..' '.
counties Republican, R. N. Stanfield, I.ane
Stanfield; Democrat, J. N. Scott. Lincoln ...
District. 23, Umatilla county, two to J- '
elect Republican, J. A. Best and Roy Marlon
W. Rltner. house member, 1915, both Morrow ...
of Pendleton; Democratic. J. Roy Raley, Multnomah
W. T. Reeves, both of Pendleton. Sherman " "
District 24, Union and Wallowa Tlnamook'
counties Republican, F. S. Ashley, Vmatilla ..
Enterprise. nl,,n
District Union cnimtv Renubll-1
can, C. A. Small, La Grande; J. D.
Woodell. La Grande.
District 26, Baker county Republi
can, D. M. Cartmil!. Haines, house
member, 1915; John G. Hoke, Baker.
District 27, Harney and Malheur
counties Republican, Charles M.
Crandall. of v le.
District 28, Gilliam
Toals ;44,2: Qo.i.'9
43, SS2
81 48 1.192
63o 1.343 2,:S18
:,40 1.124
618, Ml)
749j 1.284
4311 X3
123, 224
9::i 1,459
iaii 20a
SS- 515
191 1 435
, . : jiq
w . . .
Wbeeler ...
1 o.
135 1
46 31)7
311 l.'47
2 245
144 493!
372 442
65 139
317 1 1,188
93 1 383'
206 40
144; 675!
736! 1.5961 4.4.-)l
481 175 3
4.1 13 8. f64, 20,837
136 628, 1,214
42 1371 274
49S 771
04l l.b69
644 1,115
lMj 32S
664! 1.157
927 1 1.670
144 1 393
407 1.355
The official canvass of the Multno
mah county vote on delegates to the
national conventions was completed
yesterday. It gives the following re
sults: Delegates at large to the Republican
convention (four to elect): C. W. Ful
ton 20,096, Charles H. Carey 17.988. Ar
thur C. Spencer 17,419, George J.
Cameron 16.858, Daniel Boyd 11,480,
Russell Hawkins 11,334, Charles W.
Ackerson 9564, F. If. Case, 7710. Frank
M. Warren 7086. Samuel D. Peterson
6756. J. H. Worsley 6436, Mrs. Q. L.
Buland 6392.
Delegates from the Third congres
sional district (two to elect): Ralph
W. Hoyt 18.066. Clarence R. Hotchklss
12,662. David M. Dunne 11.095. Fred A.
Jacobs 6237. Edward J. Brazell 4955.
Arthur B. Baines 4954, Thomas Man-
nix 4392, David E. Ixfgren 4301, A.
Lincoln Macleod 425, Benjamin R.
Perkins 3753.
Other Party Selections.
Delegates at large to the national
Progressive convention: Henry Waldo
Coe 258 and A. E. Clark 253.
Third congressional district, David
L. Povey 255.
Delegates at large to national Dem
ocratic convention (four to elect):
J. W. Morrow 4341, W. L. Morgan
3945, A. S. Bennett 3932, Thomas H.
Crawford 3383, Frank L. Armitage
2935. Drake C. O'Reilly 2928, Helen I.
Tomllnson 2217. Fred Holllster 1997.
Third congressional district (two to
elect), George A. Lovejoy 4892, Shirley
D. Parker 3518. John C. Welch 2289, F.
C. Whitten 215".
Best of Ticket West.
The vote on delegates was canvassed
first owing to the short time that is to
elapse before the conventions assem
ble. The canvass of the remaining
votes will be resumed tomorrow and it
is hoped to finish the official count
this week.
Prohibition Women to Meet.
A meeting of the prohibition women
of Portland will be held in Library
hall Thursday afternoon at 2:30, pre
liminary to the organization of the
Woman's Prohibition club of Portland,
an auxiliary to the Prohibition party
and the Woman's National Prohibition
federation. Ada Wallace is the Oregon
member of the advisory council of the
national federation and will make an
Call to Attend PuneraL
Charles E. McDonnell, captain of
Company H, Second Oregon Volunteer
lnrantry, has issued a call to mem
bers of the company to attend the
funeral of W. L. Patterson at Flnley
chapel at 10 a. m. tomorrow.
Totals 10,862d,S57:5o.&i
Delegates at Large.
George J. Cameron ???, 2
Daniel Boyd
Sherman and Chart" aTJLl 1 ! ! ' ' ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 32'. 1
Wheeler counties, two to elect Repub- p,n Hawkins 31.419
Mean, C. R. Peugh, Condon; C. C Samuel D. Peterson l9AU
Clark. Arlington. Charles W. Ackerson ,M?i
District 29. Hood River and Wasco 'Mrs. U l. uianu 20 931
unties, two to elect Republican, j. J- H. Case. -. . . . . -
E. Anderson and J. L. Kelly, both or
The Dalles and both house members,
1915; Democratic, Mrs. A. Thompson,
J. T. Harper.
Failed to Get Judicial Nomina
tion Grateful Anyway.
Robert C. Wright, who was de
feated for the Republican nomination ! BuUer Wilson and Keady. The vote
as circuit Judge of department one from curry and Douglas counties is
" .e ." r:: t.," mi8SinB.
Vranlr M Warren li.bia
The nominees are Ctimeron, Fulton
Boyd and Carey.
Presidential Electors
Willis I. Cottel 65.872
W. C. North H2
R R Butler 63,834
J F. Wilson 59,643
W. P. Keady 61,389
M J MacMahon 4 8,323
Francis S. Ivanhoe 35,242
Tha nominees are conei, fcorwi
lldy to thank his friends and sup
porters for the assistance given him
in his campaign.
"I made a complete canvass of
Multnomah county In the Interest of
my campaign," Mr. Wright said, "and
The following district nominations
have been made:
District Delegates.
First congressional district, Albert
Abraham, of Douglas, and C. P. Bishop
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oAHiVxne'MJ ansa- nlna n nnil Vi nr kla a ft f Marion
campaign as lay in my power. I did; Second ,,T"ion&l ,Ai'tTct-u .
my best to secure the nomination, Brooke of Malheur and J. N. Burgess
... ..... ... T ' .,411a
end while i em naturaiiv aisaoDOimea i uul""-
at not receiving the nomination I
am more than pleased with the splen
did and loyal support given me by
the voters of the county. I wish to
extend publicly my deep appreciation
and sincere thanks to them for their
Little Girls Send
Money to Zeppelin
Two Dollars Is Expression of Joy Orer
Seeds of Warship in Making At
tacks oa Zaglaad,
Stuttgart. May 57. (I. N. S.)
After one of the last successful at
tacks of the German air fleet on Eng
land six little girls In Schleswlg-Hol-steln,
the oldest one of whom Is 11
years old. .sent 1 and the following
letter to Count Zeppelin:
"Dear Count: Will you accept our
little gift of eight marks as an ex
pression of our Joy over the deeds of
your airships? We know that you
have plenty of money and do not need
our few pennies, but you may give
them to the man who threw the first
bomb on London, or to some wounded
aviator.- We made the money by col
lecting acorns In the forest and sell
ing them."
Will Vote by Mall.
Washington, May 27. (I. N. S.)
Hundreds of natives of North Dakota,
holding down Jobs under Uncle Sam.
have arranged to "vote by mall" in
June primaries in that state, and thus
safeguard their party standing. Under
a law recently passed by the North
Dakota legislature, voters who may
be "absent" are allowed to file their
votes by mail with the county audi
tors of the state.
An Iowa inventor has built Into
telephone receiver a meter to automat
ically measure and record the time the
; Instrument Is In use.
Third congressional district. Ralph
W. Hoyt and Clarence R. Hotchklss or
Congressman, first district, W. C
Hawlev of Marlon: second district. N
J. Sinnott of Wasco; third district, C.
N. McArthur, Multnomah.
Race for Fourth Ielegate-at-Large
to Democratic Convention Close.
As yet only Incomplete returns are
available on the Democratic ballot In
the primary election in the state at
The choice of A. S. Bennett of Wasco,
T. H. Crawford bt Union and Frank
D. Armitage of Lane as delegates-at-
laree to the Democratic national con
vention is assured. The choice of the
fourth delesrate-at-large is between w
L. Morgan and J. W. Morrow, both of
Multnomah, who have run each otner
a close race. The returns thus far
received show Morgan 14,014 and Mor
row 13.842.
For vice-president Thomas Marshall
of Indiana leads Elliott W. Major of
Missouri at the ratio of 2 to 1.
The vote for President Wilson will
be between 20,000 and 25,000.
The nominees for presidential elec
tors are O. P. Coehow of Douglas, Bert
EL Haney of Multnomah, Porter J,
Neff of Jackson. Daniel W. Sheahan
of Wallowa and John H. Stevenson oi
District nominees are as follows:
Delyegates to Hatloaal Convention,
First congressional district O. C.
Jackson of Linn, and R. R. Turner of
Second congressional district W. M.
Peterson of Umatilla, nd W. R. Kins
of Malheur.
Third congressional district George
L. Lovejoy and Shirley Parker. .
First district Mark WeatherfJrd of
Linn, i i : -
Third district John A. Jefffey of
Multnonqah. 1 t .
e 't I
Harry S. Aaron. ,
One of the active fraternalists In
Portland Is H. g. Aaron, who Is a
member of George Washington camp.
Woodmen of the World; Court Multno
mah, Foresters of America; Kirkpat-
rlck council. Knights and Ladles of
Security, and Portland lodge. Loyal
Order of Moose. He was born in
Mary svlUe,.Cal.. In 1874, and has been
in Portland since 1903. He Is consid
ered one of the most competent com
mitteemen in fraternal Mr.
Aaron is one of the grand trustees of
the Foresters of America of the Ore
gon grand lodge.
cording to these tables ' 1.942,610
soldiers have been killed or died from
wounds or disease since the beginning I cers killed Is Riven as 125,433. Anion
of the war. The number of the off 1-1 them are 277 generals. : i'
Represents First
Methodist Church
F. J. Schnell of the Portland Ep
worth league, president of the Presi
dent's association of the Epworth
league, objects to a report of the
E. L. convention in which it is
stated that Ernest Stansberry was
elected as a member of the Taylor
street M. E. church as third vice
president. In fact, Mr. Schnell.
states, Mr. Stansberry was elected as
a 'member of the First M. E. church,
of which he is a member, there being
no such church as the Taylor street
M. E. church, and no recognition was
or could be made of the Taylor street
M. E. church by any recognized body
of the Epworth league.
Mr. SchneU further states that
there has been no attempt to influ
ence the general conference in the
Taylor street differences, as alleged In
this report, nor any rumors of general
circulation in the Epworth league nor
in the year iuring which he- has been
president has there been any discus
sion In any of the presidents' meet
ings, nor privately, or by groups, of
the Taylor street affairs,
Russia's War "Losses.
Stockholm, May 27. I. N. S.) The
Petrograd correspondent of the
"Dagens Nyheter" sends an estimate
of the Russian losses compiled from
official and semi-official reports. Ac-
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regularly sold up to $10.90, as a Ay
leader tomorrow at e5r I J
New Nets and Embroideries
72-inch Net at 69c Yard Instead of SI. 00
A fine, clear, Wash Blonde Net. . 1 '
72-inch Net at 98c Yard Inetead of $1.25 '
A fine Mesh Net of silk finish. ;
45-inch Net at 75c Yard Instead of $1.00
A Silk-Finish Net in white and light shades. -
Jenning s Removal Sale--12 Days More!
A Whirlwind Sale of Odds and Ends for the next Twelve Days! Furniture and Housefur
nishings at Prices Lower Than Ever Before! Do Not Miss This Last Opportunity to Buy!
Everything at Temptingly Reduced Prices!
$35.00 Birdseye Maple Colonial Princess Dresser d1Q Cf
duced to tpiJJ.W
$26.50 Leather Upholstered Library Chair now re- 80
$45.00 Beautiful Mahogany Napoleon Bed, massive, d1 Q OC
reduced to
$70.00 Solid Mahogany Napoleon Bed, extra heavy, JQ? OC
reduced to yOJ.iO
$85.00 Mahogany Secretary, leaded glass doors, re- OQ T
duced to - pOi7. U
$140.00 Mahogany Three-Piece Parlor Suite, tapestry 1A O ff
upholstered, reduced to tptO.UU
$30.00 Quartered Oak Dining Table. 6-foot extension, dtO Qfi
reduced to tyLO.OO
$15.00 Solid Oak Dining Table, 6-foot extension, re- dl A Qfi
duced to tplU.O
$11.00 Fiber Rugs, for porch or bedroom, now re- d 7 QC
duced to S
$25.00 Drop-Head Sewing Machines now reduced to JCJ
$5.50 Infants' Sulkies, light and serviceable, now re- tf O QjJ
duced to only S i.OO
$8.00 Infants' Collapsible Sulkies are now reduced to y 65
$3.00 English Breakfast Tables are now (educed to tf
only P
$4.25 Cotton Batt Comforters are reduced this week d
to only P
$2.50 Cotton-Filled Comforters are now reduced to
only S
$27.00 Sample Enameled Iron Bed, brass-trimmed, (t '
Startling reductions on all
our Curtains and Draperies
in order to avoid moving the
stock. Many at far less than
half regular prices.
American Flags
Size 2Vix4 feet 50tf
n 3e vk
s v
Size 5x8 feet S1.75
?T Size 6x9 feet $2.25
r -
$37 Stewart Cabinet Gas Ranges,
Dorcelain trimmed, re- QC
duced to 3.0eOD
$45 Stewart Cabinet Gas Ranges,
porcelain trimmed, re- AOA Q(
duced to sWeOD
$27.50 Stewart Gab j1 QC
Ranges reduced to vXUeCD
i9 mm vf rwi
T W a WAlel e e e TMm V V
Size 2 V2x4 ft. with stick G5t?
j consisting of Flag, 34x61 in., 4c
Jointed Pole, Rope and Hold-
er, for $1.50
At Your Own Price!
We must close out every article in our Exchange Depart
ment, as we cannot carry a single item to our new store.
All kinds of Furniture, Steel and Gas Ranges, Carpets and
Linoleums at practically your own price. Do not overlook
this opportunity.
The Home of Good Furniture
Liberal Terms of Credit
$30.00 Sample Enameled Iron Bed, brass-trimmed, djIO QC
reduced to pl.-&J
$14.00 Enameled Iron Beds reduced for this week d 7 OC
to only P ;
$12.00 Enameled Iron Bungalow Beds reduced this 1 OCS
week to P J&0
EXTRA SPECIAL! Regular $11 Felt Mat- dfi oJ,
tresses, covered with art tick, roll edges, special at P " OtJ
Main Store ,
Washington St. at Fifth
Only 12 More Days of Our Great Removal Sale at Second and Morrison Street Store