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-.Forthcoming Tournament to
. Be Thirty-third Annual Ses-
"Winged M Boy Gains 38.2 In.
Values of Atliletics Is Revealed
James W. Lively, 13-year-old Junior leader of the Multnomah Am,
teur Athletic club, who has shown wonderful development during
the last eight month under the training of Professor J. Lee
Thompson, the gymnasium director. Accompanying chart shows
gains made by Lively. All girth measurements are figured upon
the basis of one-sixteenth of an.tncfa. '.
gaoler axony-Back System Will B.
TTssA and Vrls TrophUs Will B.
Shot Pr Eaoh Bay.
One week hence, scatter gun artists
'of all parts of the Pacific coast will
assemble at the Everding Park traps
of th Portland Gun club to participate
'In th practice event of the thlrty-sec-;
end annual trapshootlng tournament of
' the Sportsmen's Association of the
Northwest. A record breaking number
, Of entries Is expected in each event of
the program, the feature of which Is
Wi Rose Festival event on the last day
Of the tournament.
There Is an endless chain of Interest
In. the tourney this year. Headed by
President Allen W. Strowger. several
members of the board of directors of
ths. Portland Gun club visited Albany,
" Spokane and Seattle during tourneys
held In those towns and between events
passed out boosts for the northwest
Installs Concrete Traphouses.
- To handle the big entry list, the
Portland Uun club nas installed ioiw
, of the latest type of traphouses. Work
, on these IS being rushed so that they
will V, I n V. 1 ..... n4 Minrklnff nrrtav Kv
' ths middle of this week. The new trap
houses will each hold 30,000 targets.
: Qne of the big drawing cards of this
yeaf s tournament Is the Squler money- j
. back system, which will prevail in all j
' regular events. This system Is well
'liked by shooters of all classes and It;
Is believed that on account of the In-
Stallatlon of this system many more
Shooters will enter.
Nine trophies, among which are some
Of the most highly valued medals in
competition in the United States, will
bs shot for, three events being sched- j
Uled for each day. The regular program j
State's Champions Her..
" Frank Troeh. winner of the Wash-V-'.lngton
state championship title, and
'Pete O'Brien, champion of Oregon, will,
a m t' vi ir I )i it itnnt.atnntl in tht var- I
lous events. Among the other out-of-I
town shooters who will enter are: C. '
".-A. O'Connor, of Spokane; Hugh Mc- i
- Elroy, Spokane; C. E. McKelvey, Seat-I
tie; W. J. Houser, Fomeroy, Wash.;
.' Mark Slddall. Salem; J. A. Dague. Ta- !
coma; C. E. Owens, Wenatchee; C. J.
Chlngren, Hpokane; P. P. Nelson, Yac
Olt; WV M. McCornack. Eugene; Fred '
' Butler, Lewlston; Mark Rlckard, Sa
lem; M. Grossman! Seattle; Dennis I
Iloloban, Burley, Idaho; L. H. Barkley, i
i Seattle, and Charles Lelth Woodburn.
The number of lady participants this j
year will surpass all previous records, '
Mrs. 0. A, O'Connor and Mrs. Fred i
; Dryden of Spokane, Mrs. C. J: Shilling !
Of Portland, Mrs. K. II. Keller of Port-,
r land and Miss Gladys Keid of Portland
' rtbslng among the entrants.
Through the efforts of President
(Our Jim) Simpson and Secretary Wal
ter Q.'Hufford, the Stevenson, Wash.,
Gun club will stag, a beginner's tourn
. ament June 25.
J. St. Martin won the final shoot for
a prise donated by H. R. Everding, ex
r president of the Portland Gun club, de.
featlng Charles Zeigler and J. K..
'. Simpson.
A. salmon bake will be staged at the
. Skamania county fair grounds July 16.
f ? 4 4 My t S
If H h ? A ' V - y i f4 r: - t v y V i
immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmamtsmm, hMvrjaM&M , .nSSSa
I II lAl I
Exceptionally Low Scores Are
Expected by Close Follow
ers of Old Scottish Sport,
t .
t t n t
Jolin and
st at
Stat Champion Will rind Different
Mettle This Season In Competition;
Mrs. Kerr Has 'Chance to
lit Meat
2nd Meas.
it 9.
1. L
Special Szerdssr
Indications are that the annual
Oregon state golf championships, to
be played over the course of ' the
Waverley Country club, starting a
week from tomorrow, will be the big
pest state tournament ever held. In- ,
terest In the coming events is higher
than It has been since the introduc
tion of the game here.
Followers of the game expect '
that some exceptionally low scores
will be turned In, despite the fact that
many Improvements have been made
on the Waverley course. j
Rudolph WIlheTm, holder of the
state championship, and Russell :
Smith, former title holder, are favor
ites, although a number of those
who have been watching other local
players In action believe that many
surprises will be sprung in this year's
M. H. Hartwell and Guy Standi
fer are playing good golf and if
they should get away to a good start
they will make the "going" pretty
hard for the favorites. Forrest Wat
son is also expected to play in bril- i
liant style In this season's tourney.
Mrs. Peter Kerr Is the present !
woman's champion, and she has an
excellent chance to retain her title.
It is expected that the women's entry
this year will be greater than in the
past. ' I
The entry list In the men's cham- '
plonh1p will close June 3. Chairman I
C. Harry Davis of the tournament ;
committee will arrange the pairings
before next Sunday.
Jawn McGraw and associate Giants
have come to the unalterable conclu
sion that lynching is too mild a form
of dissolution for Bill Klem. Every
time the New Yorkers think of Bill
their thoughts are of the variety that
would merit them 40 years In Jail
If they uttered them.
"And to think that Bill could be
fo rurie to us after what I ald about
him less than two years ago," moans
'Tis strange. A brace of summers
back Jawn remarked, so that all the
. world might hear, that "Bill Klem Is
the best umpire in the game."
j No Refinement in Him,
j Xow one would naturally conclude
! that Bill would be sort of nice and
i refined in his attitude toward the
: Giants after that remark. But in
stead, Bill has been uncommonly rude
and harsh. Almost from the day that
Jawn handed Bill a boost, Bill has
been handing Jawn and his Giants
quite a large number of Jolts.
Most umpires feel that they have
done a day's work when they efface
one or two players from the frolic.
' But on two separate and distinct
'occasions Bill 'has shooed the entire
bench warming crowd of Giants to
the clubhouse.
Picks on Giants Alone.
! "And he ain't done that to any of
the other guys," wails Jawn.
A summer or fo ago the hated word
"Catfteh" floated from the Giants'
bench and landed on Bill's ears. Iow
If there is one word that BUI hates
it's "Catfish." Bill glared at the
bench to find the party who had cast
"catfish" adrift. But when he looked
all was serene. Bill had Just resumed
his umpiring chores when a chorus
of "Catfish! catfish! Oh, you cat
fish," smote him upon his aound re
ceivers. Bill leaped hurriedly In the dlrec-
tion of the Giant bench. He scanned
each face in an effort to find a guilty
one. But he was unable to single
out the culprit. So j
ZTon. Was an Innocent. j
"Get you! Get out!" he shrieked at
the whole squad of bench warmers.
Bill, you see, worked on the theory
that all men are guilty until they
prove themselves innocent.
"Mean me?" asked a chorus.
"All of you! The whole danged
bunch. Get out! To the clubhouse!
Raus! Beat it."
And 20 strong, the Giant reserves
in lock step fashion, ambled across
the field to the clubhouse.
Sid it Again in Bsantowa.
Just the other day In" Boston the
arbitrator duplicated that feat. He
started the" show by excommunicating
"Red" Dooin, who grated on Bill's
sensitive nerves by his coaching tac
tics. An inning or two later Bill de
cided the Giant benchites were a bit
too noisy. Bill loomed up before the
"Silence!" he thundered.
For an . inning or two silence
reigned. And then one of te work
ing Giants accomplished a brilliant
play. A salvo of, aplause rang out
from the Giant bench. It was re
peated. Incidentally, it annoyed Bill.
Avaunt, T. Hoodlums I
"Begone!" he bellowed at the bench
ites. Several demurred. They asserted
they had taken no part In the hurrah
ing. "Out! Out! Get thee out of my
sight each and everyone of you!"
hissed Bill, majestically.
And 15 Giant bench warmers
tramoed to the clubhouse.
That left the nine playing Glints ,
and McGraw on the field. Jawn had
escaped discharge with the general
squad because he was absent.
Schedule Calls for Finish by
June 5, bu Postponed Con
tests Will Extend It,
Bamoto Clianos for
Setup Senior Tonnla Tourney and
Track Most Cans. 2.Uy.
Three of Titleholders Scored
Before They Were Twen
ty Years Old.
"Kelly Golf" will be inausrurated
at the Waverley Country club Dec
oration day. This tourney Is expected i
to attract a large number of the :
Waverley members. In the ea.-t '
"Kelly Golf" Is very popular. i
The fact that no chanee will be i iV. . . . , ,,
made In the dftte of the Post-Western ! The thri!15n& victory of W illiam M.
golf championships to be stapred on Johnston In winning the national
the Waverley links the week follow- ' championship honors last September
t'hTI1"! Amat?r tournament ' ft tne raem0rable battles In which
at Del Monte, insures the northwest- . . T. , ,r T1 . .
a groat assemblage of high class h defeated arl H. Behr, R. Noma
players. A large number of Callfor- Williams, 2d, and Maurice E. McLough
nians have signified their intention i,n afforded food for the by champiun
?n V,tinaVngtt!2 theft0urne theory, savs an eastern critic. A new
west Pr entered wn, M - dawning In the lawn tennis
rntrV Vm elo, o th- ,ni 5 of country. Those who have re-
C Harrv nv 1r n , 1 cently studied the records closely find
th"JSL f .J" 7. complete , h b champion- idea may be
ouraament h T,,' VS.-j? State ! moved tack a good many years.
lrfn I J. 7, 8U(r; Out of the 14 men who have won
& t.TS i Pr e'the American national singles cham
the coast as to the best methods of pjjp tille three scored before they
. were 20 years of age. The surprising
The Portland Golf club will stage thing about this trio is that not one
a Visitor's Yay tournament : on its ' of the men may be counted as of the
links next SUnday. Each member is present generation of players. John
requested to bring a visitor to the ston, the brilliant Callfornlan and pres
links on that day. O. H. Becker ent holder of the championship, in
has donated a club as a prize to the ' point ot years is fourth on the list
visitor making the lowest score. Sev- j William A, learned stands as of the
eraJ other prizes have been offered ' most advanced age when he gained
by other members of the elub. the title, and the fact must always
The qualifying round of the 1915 I be remembered that Lamed never won
Directors' Cup tournament of the S the honors through a challenge matou.
Lamed Is the only other holder of
the championship whose record shows
that he was older than Hovey when
he first wore the laurels. Lamefi's
first victory was In 1907, and at that
time he had passed his twenty-eighth
birthday by several months.
By Walter Schade.
The 1916 interscholsstlo baseball sea
son is rapidly drawing to a close. The
schedule calls for the last game of the
season to be played Monday, June 6,
but because of the poor weather the
teams encountered in the first part of
the season It has been necessary to
postpone several games. Although the
list calls for only four more games,
there still remain three or four post
poned games. It is Doubtful if all the
games can be played by ths scheduled
date, but if the weather remains clear
It is probable that the season will be
over by June 10.
The coming week, will be an impor
tant one In deciding woo will have thi
right of claiming the championship.
Columbia university and Lincoln high
are now tied for the league leadership,
each having played an equal number
of games and each having been unde
feated. This week two games must be
played before ths winner of the trophy
can be definitely decided, the Uncoln
Jefferson game and the Lincoln-Columbia
Should Jefferson defeat Lincoln and
C61umbia also defeat Lincoln. Columbia
will have the undisputed claim to the
championship. Should Lincoln defeat
Jefferson the title will be between Lin
coln and Columbia. However, if Jef
ferson defeats Lincoln and Lincoln de
feats Columbia, the three schools will
While Cincinnati First Sabker
Adorns Bench Chase Goes '
in to Fill Place,
New York, May 27 Did sn enelsnt
poet named Krowde have "V,lp" MolWj
wits in mtnu when lie penned:
"How rash, how ln'onsldernie Is rags!
Hew wretched, oh', how fatal i8 out!
When to revenue precipitate we run!
Revenge, that still with double forct
Back on itself, and in lf own revengi
While to the short lived moraentan
Succeeds a train of woes, an ags ol
a ip sougiu revenge upon an um
plre some short time ago and promptljj
was "slmed" from the frolic. Up tt
mat very moment "Zip" had cincb
the first basitiK jb ror the Clnclnnat
Red a But now tis different!
The enforced silence of Mollwlt
brought Hal chase into the spotllghtl
it gave me -I'eeriess one" a chan&
to show whether he ws still a atari
Up to that moment there was SOIH'
doubt. There is none now Chase ha
batted at a remarkable ciin and ha I
fielded with the same brilliancy thai
made nim the brightest sor In thl
first basing firmament some year
be tied for the ficai honors. Thtil
though possible, is unlikely to happen
The past week has brought forth bt
very little action In the interscholastll
tennis circle. Lincoln high school
I which is holding It tryout tournil
I ments on Multnomah's courts, has bee
unable to use the courts the past wee
aB the asphalt has been imcd In ths tei
nls tournament now being conduct
by the Multnomali tluli At Wnshin
ton and at Jefferson there have alt
been but very few sets played becauj
of preparations for the track and flsii
meet which was held on Mult noma
field last Friday. The interscholast
tennis tournament will be held In tl
early part of June, but the exact daj
have not yet been chosen.
The tobaccos
JFattma Z&ould
cigarette good
go into
Cobb's Failure to
Hit Cause of Slump
Detrblt, Mich.. May 27. (U. P.)
Answering the question, "What is the
matter with the Tigers
Hughey Jennings declared
A gain of 38.2 Inches over all and
16 pounds In weight in eight months
is ths wonderful record established by
James W. Lively, one of the leaders
Of the Junior boys' gymnasium class
of the Multnomah Amateur Athletic
taken September
time he weighed
pounds. Today he
over 110 pounds.
21. 1915. At that
a little over 94
tips the beam at
He has Increased
his grip in his right hand 32 pounds
and in his left hand 20 pounds.
Professor Thompson was very much
Other members of the class pleased with the success of his new
ISO shown great Improvement system and he plans to keep a record
Portland Golf club opened yesterday
and will close Tuesday afternoon. It
ia expected that over one-half of tho
club membership will participate ia
this tourney.
under the new training
Ty Cobb's failure to round into form
tias been largely responsible for De
troit's present position. But, he added,
ths Georgia peach is sure to find his
batting eye sooq.
' "Ty is one of those wonderful nat
ural hitters who will keep right on hit
ting the ball, long after he loses his
legs, his fielding ability and everything
)lse but that old batting eye," he said.
"I am not worrying about his slump.
Xt Is merely delaying our start."
Jennings said he believes the Ameri
can league Is faster now than for sev
eral years.
Casey May Replace Ilowell.
Seattle. Wash., May J7 (U. P.)
TXmpire Harry Howell la slated to de
part from the Northwestern league. His
work has been, unsatisfactory. Perls
Casey is mentioned as a successor.
Casey umpired In this league last sea
son. He Is now playing Sunday ball in
' Manager augurated last year by athletic
today that rector. Professor J. Lee Thompson. way," said Thompson, "to keep
Lively s first measurements were I boys interested in their work.
of every boy that Joins the various
classes each season. "Tills is one
' 'HE universal sport that
appeals to both nim mad
1 I all age Evorywofaan should
A I know how to wm a gun for
I ' J the protection of heraelf mad
,ysl Jir horn.
Psslslis Trmpshpoting at clay targots
teach accamto shooting mad pro
vides no end of oat door
Western Golfers to
Follow Woodland
New York, May 27. (IT. P.) West
ern golfers will follow the action of
th. Woodland. Mass., club in permit
ting Francis Oulmet. Paul Tewksbury
and II. J. Sullivan Jr. to compete in
their club events in defiance of the
ruling of the United States Golf asso
ciation, it was intimated today by
Crafts W. Higgins, assistant secretary
of the Western Golf association.
Th H. 8. G. A. ruling prevents ama
teurs from competing with either of
these three, on the ground that they
aro professional golfers. Ouimet and
Sullivan recently opened a sporting
goods store in Boston.
All you
need is a brrI
ol .day targets aad a
Th Hand Trap coats 14
at your dealer or sent
prepaid by us.
Writ, or W Tm
EUokttl, "Dimnm mf Um
' Tmpm" W "Th Spmrt
AQving. Att Frtm
E. lit) Pool U Nemours A C.
Triangular Tennis
Tourney Next Week
Whitman College. Walla Walla,
Wash., May 27. Whitman college. W.
j B. C. .nd Idaho university will meet
! here in the first annual fVlangular ten
nis tournament on Mondy and Tues
day, May 29 and 30. Each school will
be represented by three players, both
single and double matches being played.
Preliminaries will occur on Monday
and finals on Tuesday.
The Whitman team has been an
nounced as follows: Singles Raymond
Orth of Genesee. Idaho, and Newton
Barrett of Tacoma. Doubles Cecil
Wray of Seattle and Raymond Orth.
Denver Golfer Has
Drive of 1000 Yards
The record for making the long drive
on a golf links apparently is held by a
Denverite, who got a travel of over
1000 yards with one sat of the
They call him "Forty Hole" Fair
banks, and he belongs to the Denver
Country club. He established the rec
ord during the winter, which shows
that ice and snow and frosty winds
bother him not at all.
Fairbanks drove from the tea for a
200-yard hole. He put a wallop into
his swing and the ball cleared the
green and landed on the ice on a little
lake Just back of It. The bl. landing
on the ice, gained new Impetus and
went zipping across to the other side
giving Bairbanks a 1000-yard drive.
Free From Cocaine,
Barry After Tarboy
Jim Barry's return to the ring Is
mainly for the purpose of "getting"
Sam Langford.
"When In my prime I fought him 16
times," declares Barry. "He won the
majority of these battles. Now I want
to square those beatings by doing what
others ay is impossible knock out
Langford. He's a tough citizen, but I
am sure I can put him out if he gives
me another chance."
Barry was a pugilistic sensation
some years ago. Then he contracted
ths cocaine habit because a San Fran
cisco doctor used It while treating his
fractured hand. Barry broke himself
of ths habit nearly a year ago, has
been conditioning himself gradually
sine en ana.ngures he is ready to
A little conversation between Um
pire Bill Guthrie and Outfielder Biff
Schaller of the San Francisco Seals,
in Portland a couple of Sundays ago.
"Aw, what's de matter wld yer eyes.
"Dey ain't nuttin' de matter wld me
"Dey must be somethin' de matter
wld yer eyes. Bill."
"I tell ye, dey ain't nuttin" de mat
ter wid me eyes, so shut up, and get
up dere to de plate!"'
"If dey ain't nuttin' de matter wld
yer eyes, why didje call dem two bad
uns strikes?"
"Dem wuj strikes. Biff, now Jon't
tell me dey wasn't. I can see dese
balls comin' over de plate, a whole lot
better"n you kin."
"Dat ain't de troot, Guth. I gotta
reputation fer hittin at no bad balls,
an' dose was bad balls."
"Well, nonna youse guys has got
no rep wld me. I calls 'em as I sees
'em. Dat goes for youse as well as
de resta dem."
"All I want in dis league lsa nevsc
breaks an' I'm gonna get It, tuh."
"Can de chatter. I ain't on yeh.
Biff. A guy gits what he gits wid
muh. Get' up der an swing."
"I ainta gona git up dere and swing
at bad una and show mesel up for
you er nobody else. Call 'em right"
"Say, I don wanna take none o'
yer money. Biff."
"Aw, what's d matter. Bill. I ain't
said nuttin. .
; "Step up to d plat, den.
'"A Wright, BUI." ..
"O. K wid, me, J3iff.-V. r
v . - - .
Campbell Around Nineteen.
Oliver S. Campbell, who first won
the singles title in 1890 and who
stands as the third Individual holder
of the American honors, was slightly
more than nineteen years of age at
the time of his victory. He held
th championship for three consecu
tive years, and was followed by Rob
ert D. Wrenn, who has. perhaps, in
his many years of activity for lawn
tennis, done and accomplished more
than any other man in this country.
Wrenn is one of the trio of boy
heroes of the courts. Richard l-.
Bears, the first cf the list of 14 Amer
ican title-holders, was several months
older than Campbell when he first won
the honors in lb SI.
Held Title Seven Yars.
Bears held the title for seven con
secutive years, and part of that time
I ... i . . v. i . . .. . . , V. I i
SuHng TprTl ths m rt of May mes Dwight, U,e former president
o ... t-, Liof the National association. Wrenn
Walter and Alex Are
Responsible People
"What's the eTplanation.'' asks a
Buffalo fan, "for the flying starts the
Senators and . Phillies make each sea
son? Each year during the last five or
six both teams have shot under the
barrier and taken a big lead. Yet, In all
cases except this year, both clubs
slipprd down."
The answer seems to be Walter
Johnson and Orover Alexander, plus
ana Alexander usually open a eeries.
If It rains during the next two or three
days they open the following series.
Both stars work every fourth day, no
matter how often or how infrequent
ly the other pitcher operate.
Thus It will be een that the pitch
ing staffs of both those club, during
the first month, consist very largely
of on star pitcher of a hurler who
can win two-thirds of bis
was just a month older man oears
had been at the time of his triumph
when he fell heir to the crown of the
courts in 183. Altogether Wrenn was
champion four times, although Fred
H. Hovey broke in on his continuous
line of victories in 195. The record
show that Hovey was nearly 27 years
rt affa when he Dlaced his name, for
' the only time on record, among th
' immortal of the American courts.
Connie's New Star
Looks Like Real One
Elmer Myers, the Athletics'
right hander. has been making "noises
like a real phenom. The youngster la
bored In three games a week or two
ago and won them all, although he was
pitted against Washington, St. Louis
and Detroit. Myers' pitching, with a
poor team behind him, has been of the
fl sensational variety. In the three games
i,n he won in seven days, he allowed a
total of 12 hits four per game. His
other games this year have been of the
low hit variety and Connie Mack claims
that the youngster "hasn't hit his real
stride yet."
Kntries for the western amateur goir
championships to be played over the
link of th. Del Mont Country club
ih. week of July 17, will cloe July
new I I, according to an announcement made
la Chicago last ween.
Following is the card turned In by
George BLack, professional of the
, Claretnont country club last Sunday:
Out Par 44444444 Zii
Black ...344 - 3444 3-.
I In Par 43434443 534
Black 3 3 4 2 3 3 3 l 47
It shows Black' record as 11
strokes under par.
By defeating H. R.' Welch. 4 to 3,
in a 88-hol. competition, J. B. Inger
eoll wen the Graves Trophy last week
over the Spokane Country club coursu.
j Great Neck (L. E) Golf club will
' erect portable cttafces for club mem
bers in order to accommodate all those
wbo desire to us the links thi sum
mer. A new club Bouse is to be erected
j in th fall.
i l?A.ii.tattn trnf tnurnv h&Vfl been
atrocious," shows K .,. .nort committM of
no improvement this year, says a New bpokane Country club tor thl. sea
York writer. His decisions in many of BOn the feature event being th North
the games .in which he has figured in ; we(j't Golf aB,ociation tourney, sched
New tork and elsewhere in th east i uled to Btart during the last week In
has provoked harsh criticism. June The final of the club cham-
And, in the meantime. Bill Brannan, pion3hip ar scheduled for October 8.
ranked a one of the best umpires the j x .. . . .. .
big leagues have produced for many Just when the golfing world w-s
r. 4-ki..- V,rv..., Tr-.i .,, I concedine that Harry ardon Is the
J"""""- J"u "j - r oil ti th. in
evitable happened. Someone has er-
Eason No Better but
Bill Brennan Loafs
Mai Eason, whose umpiring always
has been classed as
is Jobless. Why? Well.
remember, Oscar, that Bill committed
a, heinous crime. He quit organized
baseball and became chief of staff for
the Fed.
Provided they are skillfully
blended in the Fatima way
Fatima is the smoke of supreme
quality and there are two
important reasons for it
Firrt the choicest top leaves of high
grade Turkish and Virginia tobaccos
the very pick of the crops
Second the expert blending of these
high-grade leaves, so that each kind re
tains its distinctive characteristic, yet all
are merged into a perfectly balanced
These high quality tobaccos and their
skillful blending make Fatima a smooth,
mellow, satisfying smoke and have
placed it where it is today the greatest
selling high-grade cigarette in the world
President's Daughter Wins.
"Whitman College. Walla Walla,
Wash,. May 27. Miss Frances Pen
rose, daughter of President 8. B. L.
Penrose, -yesterday won the women's
school tennis championship by defeat
ing Miss Jessie Brewer of Walla Walla
in, th finals, Ths tournament ha ex
tended over.30 .weeks and over SO
women, wer ,iter4. k, f ..
tractedv facts, figures and interviews
to show that Harry is a piker in com
parison to Tommy Morris, who golfed
quite a bit in Scotland from 1868
to 1872.
It is noW up to person with argu
mentative disposition to show that
Morris hinfself was a dub In compari
son with Chauneey Hlpdedee, - who
golfed back in 1831, and aisa for an
other faction to spoof Hlpdedee'
greatness by recounting the greatness
of Felix McSwatt, a golfer of 179.
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