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Headed by Private Secretary
. Putnam, the Field Is Taken
: " Against Ben Olcott,
trith Bfp-Xlp-Kooray is Commend
V tlB-OWf wad Arm' Oo Into Ao
tlom st Second Verdua Battle.
When Governor Wlthycombe and O.
" Palmar Putnam, his secretary, and IL
J.. Schulderman, . hla corporation com
missioner, and Joseph O. Richardson,
.fcls assistant corporation commissioner,
and Mark McAllister, his bookkeeper
1 the corporation department, and
J(arvey Wells, his Insurance commis
sioner, and the rest of the little cabl-
itiat ministers started out to still hunt
' tor A "harmonious" candidate for sec
retaryof state with whom to bump
fBeir W. Olcott Into the political dis
i card, it was promised that the active
and enSrgetic support of some 43 news
! papers throughout the state would be
s delivered by the governor to the can
didate. 1 . When Mr. Moores announced his
Candidacy there was an immediate and
Widespread acclaim raised from some
i it separate and distinct points of the
j State, showing at once where the pub
licity batteries of the governor and his
j organization had been emplaced. As
J ths campaign progressed these verbal
. batteries hurled ready-to-sheot shells
J forwarded from the headquarters in
Portland onto the front porches of
i their subscribers day after day as
I fast as the managers pulled the ian-
yards. The followinK 1 a list of the
I papers which were delivered over by
Jtha governor and his little ministers,
J as per program :
i . newspapers Are Delivered.
1 'Albany Herald, Bend Bulletin,
' Brownsville Times, Corvallls Oazette-
Times, Cottage Grove Sentinel, Kugene
i Register, Grants Pass Observer. -Gree-
ham Outlook, Jefferson Review, Leb
! anon Criterion, Marshfleld Record,
Medford Sun. Newberg Graphic, Ore-
ron City Bnterprise. ioseburg- News,
Salem Statesman, Salem Messenger,
Balem Pacific Homestead, Springfield
News, St. Helens Mist, Silverton Ap
1 peal, Stanfield Standard. Tillamook
: Headlight, Harrlsburg Bulletin, Stay
ton Mall, Clatakanie Chief, Condon
Times, Klamath Falls Herald, Rainier
Review, Bank's Herald, Newport Knter-
prise, Burns News. Tendleton Tribune,
The. dalles Chronicle. Woodburn Inde
pendent, Toledo I.eadyr. Seaside Signal.
; 611 vex Lake Leader, Huntington News,
.Heppner Gazette, Grass Valley Jour
nal. Silverton Tribune and Ontario
After this heaw artlllerv had been 1
i riven the range and had bombarded
the trenches and assaulted the entan
elements of the Olcott camp, the gov
i ernor, as the constitutional commander
in chief of the war forces of the state,
- ordered the side arm soldiers Into the
"field. : There Harvey Wells, insurance
; commissioner, who is a Spanish War
"Veteran, and II. J. Schulderman, cor
"poration commissioner, who is a polit-
- leal veteran, ind Joseph Rlchard
.. son, assistantcorporation commlssion
'r, who is a good political organizer,
'. who made cood officers, all commis
. stoned.
7 ' . Army Goes Into Action,
"'j After the artillery and the officers
'Were working well together, the com-tnander-ln-chief
called out the foot
. soldiers. Sealed orders were sent to the
'employes of the fish and game com
'mission, and to the employ. -a of the
other boards and departments who
could be controlled by appointment of
- ths governor, and they were told to at
tack in force, and bring as many cap
tive votes into the Moores camp as the
"portent of political punishment would
' Induce them to da.
f Then the governor, not content with
the yeoman service of his little minis
ters, his side arm officers, artillery
tand foot soldiers, took his official pen
f and his official stationery In hand and
wrots his now famous "confidential"
letter to every part of the state urging
'ths landstrum into action. It was the
Verdun of the Oregon campaign.
! 5 Secretary of State Olcott's majority
"In th Republican primary election is
row estimated at approximately 17,000
. votes.
Eecord Is Smashed
Bobby Hammond Driving- Empire Car,
Goes Prom Ban Francisco to Hw
Tok la One Day I. ess Than Before.
New York, May 24. (U. P.)
Smashing the transcontinental auto
. mobile record, Bobby Hammond, driv
jing aitt Empire car, arrived at Broad
way and Forty-second street Tuesday,
Jhavlnig traveled the 3384 miles from
San Francisco in six days. 10 hours
and EI9 minutes.
j : Us lowered the mark established last
'wsekiwhen a Cadillac eight, covered
thm distance from Los An eel en n vor,
jdays, 11 hours and 62 minutes.
uammona rouowea tne Lincoln hlgh
Jway. 1 Ha had a companion from San
JTranclsco to Cheyenne, "Wyo., and
drovej from that point to Fort Wayne,
,Iod, alone.
Hl car was an Empire chassis flt-
- ted with a racing body.
, ' Dropped $5000 to Steal $100.
ih Los Angeles, May 14. (P. N. S.)
''After stealing $(000 worth of gems
rom one home, a burglar early today
;sntsrsd ths residsnc of Rev. George
'Kenngoot, and In his haste to escape
-with a $100 diamond pin dropped the
Corigtaal loot Rsv. Mr. Kenngoot thus
far has been unable to find the owner
"of ths gems. f
.; WtMra writing er calling oa a-Tcrttten
mention -Tie Jonrnal. (A
: Rose Festival Dates
I Portland, June 7-8-9
Special Rates on all Railroads
f .Make Hotel Reservations Now
New Perkins Hotel
r Announces That Regular -'
Modsrata Rates Will Prevail ,
I ?V " i i
v v.x- n n : nA 7$r t ' - W
Old timers, that im to say, persons
who have lived in Portland tome 35
years or more, will be interested In the
above picture a photograph of Miss
Dimlck's class at Central school,' then
located where the Portland hotsl now
stands. The photograph has Just been
Radium Screen May
Help Blind to See
Pittsburg, May 24. (I. N. S.) After
experimenting three years and spend
ing a fortune, Nathan I. Dodds, a Pitts
burg chemical engineer, has Invented
a radium screen which, he believes.
eventually will enable the blind to sev-
Where the retina of the eye is not
entirely destroyed, he says, it will yet
be possible to carry an object to the
brain through the optic nerve, by
means of the screen, podds says he
will give the world ths benefit of hla
Dodds today blindfolded a man to
demonstrate his theory. Radium valued
at $20,000 was spread on the white
cloths; the room was dark, and an
electric bulb was used In the experi
ment. Although the man's eyes were
closed and bandages shut out all
light, he could distinguish the outline
of objects passed between his face and
the electric light.
- .
HnffhaTln rrPTPTPPn
Liquor to His Wife
San Francisco. May 2 4. (P. N. S.1
Mrs. Mabel Hazel Maher today holds
an interlocutory decree of divorce from
Thomas F. Maher, rich mining man,
granted her after testimony that he
spent $20,000 in 15 months for liquor,
consuming most of it himself. He spent
as much more on races.
Mrs. Maher refused alimony, telling
Superior Judge K. P. Mogan that she
had no need of It.
Maher is In Juneau, Alaska, Mrs.
Maher testified when she took the wit
ness stand.
The M ah ers were married in Seattle
on July 28, 1914. Five weeks later at
El Paso, she said, he disappeared. The
wife retained detectives, fearing he
had come to disaster through his de
votion to ths Juares races, which she
declared he carried to the point of in
sanity. He was located in San Fran
cisco, and she came here.
Salvation Army to
Extend a Greeting
Brigadier Arthur Brewer In Charge of
Tonus; People's Work in Western
States Will Be Quest.
Salvation Army workers of all
branches will meet in a mass meeting
at their hall, 243 Ash street, known as
Citmp No. 1, this evening at 8 o'clock.
The object of the meeting is to give
a welcome greeting to Brigadier Ar
thur Brewer, who Is the leading of
ficer In charge of all young people's
work In the western states. Brigadier
Brewer is well known to Salvation
Army workers as the principal of the
training college until recently assum
ing charge of the young people's de
partment. During his visit he will meet the
workers In conference and also hold
services In tlfe No. 4 camp on Sal
mon street on Thursday. The general
publio is Invited to hear him speak.
Students Elect Officers.
La Center, Wash., May 24. Schools
will finish their term June 2. The
students' association of the local high
school has elected the following of
ficers to serve for the ensuing year:
Paul Beckman, president: Edith Reo
tor, vice president; Lewis Thornton,
secretary, and William Meany, treas
urer. Oct License at Chehalls.
Chehalls, Wash., May 24. A mar
riage license was issued in this city
yesterday to Fred Bahler and Nina
Mannen, both of Portland, Or.
the Air
New Show
Any Seat
Any Time
Miss Dimlck's class
unearthed by one of the membsrs of
the class. All of those shown in the
picture are not now in the city. Some
have left for other sections and u few
are dead.
Following i:. the list of the pupils of
the class:
Girls Hay Act en, Nellie Bain, Ella
Eastern Association's Plan of
Prorating Increase on Var
ious Vessels Is Adopted.
The Marine Engineers Beneficial
association, which has been in con
vention here since last Saturday, yes
terday went on record as demanding
from the ship owners what- will in
effect be a 10 per cent increase In
salary, the same to take effect about
June 15.
The association, as a result of its
deliberations, does not demand a flat
10 per cent increase, but adopted the
eastern association's plan of prorating
the Increase on the various vessels.
Ths association had practically de
cided to ask the ship owners for a
flat 10 per cent guarantee for each
lndiviual belonging to it, but the ar
rival In Portland yesterday morning
of Charles Follett, of Seattle, secre
tary of the executive board, caused
a readjustment of the various phases
of the demand. Follett has Just re
turned from the east, where he took
part In the deliberations of the At
lantlo coast branch.
Carroll lEskaa Statement.
Secretary Vincent Carroll, who Is
also president of ths San Francisco
branch of the coast association, last
night gave out the plans of procedure.
"There are three engineers on each
steam vessel and Instead of demand a
flat increase of 10 per cent for them,
we have decided to take up the case
of each one separately," said Carroll.
"It will average about 10 per cent In
the long run, some recelvingnore by
the new adjustment than others.
"We tried to legislate so that svery-
thlng would be equitable for both n-
Wh&k makes TOM KEENE
bwm m evenly?
That long, even filler.
No holes. No scraps. Sweet. Mel
low. Aged and cured as only the
Presado blend can be. 5c invest
ment will convince you.
J. R., Smith
of Central School.
Burge. Edith Chittenden, Carrie Dal
gleish, Cora Delin, Eva Paugerty, N.
Donover, Majr Goldsmith, Fannie Har
rington, Ida lAwenberg, Laura North
up, Pauline Parry, Clara Whltahouse.
Bessie Sewall, Genevieve Schuyler,
Mabel Hazeltlne, Annie Pierce.
glneers and shipowners and I do not
anticipate any serious objection on
the part of the shipowners. It Is ob
vious that a third assistant engineer
on a small vessell will not get the in
crease of a man In the same relative
position on a large steamer. Every
boat of American registry will be af
fected. "Another matter we took up waa
that of overloading of vessels, thus
placing the lives of crew and passen
gers in peril. We intend to draft a bill
which we will ask the next congress to
enact into a law preventing overload
ing. In view of the fact that there
are so many laws to be considered by
the present congress we considered it
an inopportune time to present our
proposed measure at this session. In
the meantime we shall Institute a cam
paign of education in regard to ths
dangers from overloading."
Armenian Relief
Measure Planned
Meeting to Be Xsld at Y. X. O. A.
at Hoon Today Iioadlas; Ka Are
to IXake Addresses.
Emergency measure for the relief
of Armenians will be planned by a
group of prominent Portlandera who
will meet at noon today in the
V. M. C, A. Among the speakers an
nounced are Ben Selllni?, Rev. Luther
R. Dyott, Rev. John H. Boyd, Rabbi
Jonah B. Wise. W. H. Lewis, President
W. T. Foster.
Already a number of Portland citt
sens and churches have contributed.
The First Presbyterian church has col
lected and cabled to Tifllls 1800 and
other sums havs been sent by Indi
viduals. '
Ambassador Morgenthau declares
that S5.000.000 la needed.
box omen how ores.
Get your seats for the opera "Fra
Dlavolo." Great performance by Port
land Opera association. Baker theatre
Thursday night. May 26, Saturday
matinee. May 27. Popular prices.
Presado. Blend
the cigar with that
Presado Blend
Company, Distributors,
Boys Herman Adams, Andrew Bed
bury. 'Rudolph Breltbarth, Herman
Burrell, James Kramer, Eddie Lam
bert, Labble McGinn, George Mulr,
Willis Pickering, Russell Sewall,
George Scogjgin, Sammle White, Morris
Wertheimer. Robert Yost, I. lyres,
Henry Denlinger.
Rosebwg Class Graduates.
Roseburg, Or., May 24. Ths gradu
ation exercises of ths Roseburg high
school were held Monday evening at
the Antlers theater. The class con
sists of 46 members and is next to the
largest class sent out from ths local
high school. The baccalaureate ser
mon was given on Sunday at the Meth
odist Episcopal church. Rev. W. H. Ea
ten of thiB city dellverlnc the sermon.
Oneof th Frre
Organization of County Cen
tral Committee Aim of the
Meeting Zs Called la Accordance With
the Jtmw to Assemols at Boom
T of the Central library.
. The newly elected precinct commit
teemen of the Democratic party havs
been called together for the organisa
tion of the county central committee
by George H. Watson and Secretary
Frank Lee. The meeting will be held
this evening at room K of Che Central
It Is required by law that the county
central committee meet within five
days from the primary election for or
ganization and election of officers. The
meeting tonight has been called mors
for the purpose of compliance with the
law than with the idea, of permanent
organisation, owing to the fact that
the oounty clerk has not yet complet
ed the work of issuing election cer
tlflcates to th newly elected commit
teemen. Wilson League to Meet.
Ths Woodrow Wilson league will
hold a meeting tonight at 8 o'clock at
Central library hall. The address of
the evening will be given by Mrs. C. C.
Van Orsdal, grand guardian of Women
of Woodcraft, whose subject will be
"Woodrow Wilson and His Problems."
In addition to the address there will
be a baritone solo by Dan Wilson, ac
companied by Miss Catherine Barrett.
Shillock Thanks Voters.
Portland, May 24. To the Editor of
The Journal From the depths of a
grateful and appreciative heart I sin
cerely thank my 10,000 loyal support
ers who stood by me In the primaries
last Friday. Ths f lvs who received the
nomination are good men, fine fellows
and friends of mine, and I am going to
support them at the coming election.
When the real battle begins next fall
you win find me in ths first trench,
fighting for th G. O. P. nd every one
of the candidates for stats senator on
ths Republican ticket can have as much
of my time as he wants. Again thank
ing my friends for their loyal support
and assuring them tlhat I came out of
ths fight without a sore soot In my
heart, I remain, JOHN C. 8 HILLOCK.
Calif ornia Is Swept
Uy Jt reakish Storm
San Francisco, May 14. (P. n. 8.)
A freak storm, mingling California
sunshine with rain. hail, snow, cold
north winds and several intermediate
varieties of weather, swept the state
Tuesday from Eureka to San Diego. In
Sonoma county and some of the in
terior points great damage was done
to crops which the frost left recently.
In Sonoma county the day began
The quality of cake, biscuits and othef
quickly raised Hour foods depends
f largely upon the kind of baking pow
der used.
Absolutely Pure
renders the food
and digestible.
No Alum
Forget Tires
Holiday Motor Trip
Out in the open in your car for the
week-end and the holiday! Are you
Is vour car readv tuned ud?
Are vour tires
right ones to give you mileage mitlUSi
trouble? Are they the tires exactly
suited to your car ?
For bear in mind even the best
automobile in the world will not give'
satisfactory service unless it has the
particular tire adapted to its particular!
One of the five types of United States
Tires the only complete line of tires
offered by any manuf acturer is ex-i
actly suited to yourcar--vrixL giveyou
the the lowest possible cost per mile.
Ask the nearest United State Tire Dealer for
your copy of the, booklet, "Judging Tires," which
tells how to find the tire to suit your needs.
United StatosTire Conrpofly
'Chain' Nobby' Uscof 'Royal Cord' PUinJ
with nice sunshine. This was fol
lowed toy a stiff norther which dried
ths parched fields, and preceded A ;
wavs of cold weather. Then cams ths
storm of hall and snow. '. . , ,
Courageous Woman J
Escapes Assailant
Osorgs ... Btrattoa, Arrested Sat
Identified by Kiss Trances Shlxler
as Man Who Attempted Assault. ' -v:
After a pluckj fight Miss Frances
Shirley of 602 East Pine street yes
tsrday afternoon escaped from a man
who was attempting to attack her ancJ
who threatened her death as she ran
to her home, .escaping him after a
flight of several blocks.
Later Patrolmen Coulter and Bales
arrsted George L. Btratton, whom
Miss Shirley Identified as her assail
ant. She swore to a complaint charg
ing assault, and Btratton was locked
up in the absence of $250 ball. Us
served a term for theft in Seattle and
says he is an sx-convlet.
healthful, appetizing
No Phosphate
During Your
fit have you the
. . , .... . v. ' . .