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) Old; County Seat Controversy
'.Between Dallas and Inde
'pendence Revived,
L Chda I Pensanal-EIE&
' ' Dallas, Or.. May Z3. The oio ic
tlonal fight between the east and west j 6h will be
;: aides of the county, originating nearly
- half a century ago In a contes. for
th eountv seat between Dallas anC
Independence, but which hat lain dor
mant for e past decade, burst out
' with all Its bitterness two weeks ago,
' following the filing of an Injunction
suit to, stop the extensive road and
' bridge work now being done in Inde
J'pendence by the county. It played an
J iiivi inn i. iu-. . ii tiiv ttllia-i j niovnvii
The fight waged the hottest around
the nomination; for county
sioner. ' .
Wells Qot Support.
The Independence faction supported
George A. Wells, Republican Incum
bent, whose home is at Buena Vista.
Dallas, which claims not to have had
representation on the county court for
many years, backed Mob a Manston.
Manston received only 34 votes in In
dependence, and Wells got only 64 in
Dallas. Manston. however, was nomi
nated by a plurality of 169. The third
candidate for commissioner. Colonel
,. Shepherd, was almost lost sight of in
'. the heat of the controversy, receiving
; but 243 votes in the county.
The sectional fight was felt by other
" resentatlve. Independence backed W.
J. Clark, editor of the Independence
Enterprise, whle Dallas generally sup-
" ported Captain Conrad Stafrln, but
cava some votes to Mrs. Ella J. Metz
ger. Again Dallas was victorious, staf rin
winning with a clear majority of 208.
The results on district attorney on the
, Republican ticket, and assessor on the
Democratic ticket, were without doubt
determined by this flRht between the
two towns. Walter L. Tooze Jr. of
Dallas defeated B. F. Swope of Inde
pendence for attorney by about 60,
while Carl B. Kenton had a narrow mar
ln over F. E, Meyer for assessor.
The two tickets are:
These Wars Successful.
Republican Joint representative. W.
V. Fuller; representative, Conrad Staf
rln; district attorney, W. I... Tooze Jr.;
Sheriff, John W. Orr; cleric, Fred J.
Kolman; treasurer, A. V. R.' Snyder;
assessor, Carl B. Gravesf school su
perintendent, Miss Almeda Fuller; sur
veyor. Homer A. Robb; coroner, R. L.
Chapman; commissioner, Mose Man
sion. .
Democrat District attorney, E. K.
Plaseckl; clerk. A. B. Robinson Jr.;
treasurer, Willis Bimonton assessor,
Carl B. Fenton; school superintendent,
Fred 8. Crowley; surveyor, Sandford
B. Taylor; commissioner. J. S. Rohnn-
THE Misses Vlda and Margaretta
Marshall , are being welcomed
noma with many small. ln
formal social affairs. They
have been away from Portland most
of the past three' years, living itwNew
York city most of that time. Last
fall they returned for a few weeks
and then went south for several
months and have Just returned home
for the summer. They are domiciled
at Allnifr Cnnr Vor Monday. May
29. they have asked a number of
friends In for bridge at the Court.
Visitor at Seaside.
Miss Katherlne Linton has returned
to Portland after a week end visit with
MIbs Virginia Drake at Seaside, Or.
in Portland until June,
wlien she leaves for her home m Lin
coln, Neb. While at the coast she
sang in the vaudeville in connection
with Country Fair and to the gradu
ating class at the M. E. chuteh Sun
day' morning. She has a beautiful con
tralto voice.
Society Women Assist at Concert.
In view of the war conditions
abroad, keen interest is felt in the
Empire Day celebration of May 24,
which will be observed by all British
people tomorrow evening. It will be
a big gathering at the Armory again
this year with fine musical program
and speeches, besides which there will
be an Informal reception and a sale
of candles. Mrs. Harry L. Sherwood
is in charge of the candy table and
will be assisted by a group of promi
nent matrons and young maids, among
whom are Mrs. Frederick C. Malpas,
Mrs. Richard Wilder, Mrs. James LaiJ-
law, Mrs. D. W. L. MacOregor, Airs.
Wade Pipes. Mrs A. W. Payne, Mr.
J. J. Panton, Mrs. K. W. Matthews,
Mrs. Sydney BelW Mrs. Albert Browne,
Mrs. S. May, Mrs. Landon R. Mason.
Mrs. Sibley. Miss Malse MacMaster,
Miss Jean and Miss Barbara Macken
zie, Miss Charlotte and Miss Kather
lne Laldlaw, Miss Amy Robinson, Mis
Katherlne and Miss Margaret Macken
zie, Miss . Ethel Malpaay Miss Mary
Robertson, Miss Do rin Wyld, Miss
Hester and Miss Owen Jane, Miss
Louise Picken, Miss Frances Hopson,
Miss Nadyne Casewell, Miss Blanch
Wilson. Miss Beatrice Tate. Miss Mar.
jorie Peterson, Miss Katherlne Sealy
and Miss Gwendoline Stevens.
Benefit Card Party .
Tomorrow afternoon Mrs. Charles
B. King will entertain the women of
the Madeleine parish and their friends
with cards at her Irvlngton home, at
East Twenty-seventh and Thompson
streets. The proceeds will go to the
aitar society.
Mrs, Farrell Seattle Visitor.'
From Seattle "Times' Sunday
society: "Mrs. F..H. Brownell enter
talned Saturday with a luncheon at
her home on Harvard avenue north
complimentary to Mrs. J. D. Farrell
of Portland, who was in the city for a
rew aays. covers were nlaced for 1
Later the guests attended The Spring
irive' performance at The Moore."
For Group of Engaged Girla.
Miss Lila Sengstake will be hostess
at a bridge tea tomorrow afternoon
at her home in honor of her house
guest, Miss Grace Farns worth of Ta
coma, and three brides-elect Mis
Edith Breedlove, Miss Maurlne Mc
Adams and Miss Margaret Ring. Miss
mrnsworin. wno win arrive today, is
lurmer -oriiand Academy girl and
host of friends in this city.
nas a
Signatures Secured i
For Macadam Eoad
Xaca Enthusiasm Za Pelt at White
Salmon Over Prospect of KaviBg (
Kile Stretca of Xifawar Improved. I
White Salmon, Wash., May 2S.
Much enthusiasm is felt here because.
of the success attended by the' good
roads committee which has been sue-1
ceasful in securing a large number of
signatures over the amount required
to place the matter of the macadamized
road from Snowdeia to White Salmon
before the county commissioners with
l tn hanitinr h district for this I
14-mil niarai of road. I
If completed this will connect the
proposed road to North Yakima with
White Salmon and in this way with j
ice uoiumoia river mgnway.
Gypsies Steal From
Aurora Store Till
Mayor Sadler and City Marshal Oat
95 Gold Meee Baek by Threatening j
Arrest of Entire Band.
Aurora. Or., May 23. The band of
gypsies traveling by automobile from
California arrived at Aurora Sunday.
While they were pretending to pur
chase some merchandise at the store
of G. A. Eh lan a IS gold piece was ex
tracted from the till. After threatening
the band with arrest Mayor Sadler and
the marshal succeeded in recovering
the money. The tribe was then es
corted out of town and proceeded
towards Oregon City and Portlasd.
Newberg Lumber Is
r Sent Over Wide Area
. i 4, - i
1 : , ""'
States to Which Bpanldlng Logging
.Company Ship Product Zaolnle
Connetleut, Kentucky, Iowa, TJath.
U Newberg, Or., May 23. The gratify
ing increase In popularity, of Oregon
lumber is nhown by recent orders re
ceived by the Spauldlng Logging com-
: . mi i 1 . . J II . I .
jinny, ineau mujuue me sending, 10
Hardtf ord, Conn., of timber 30 to -40
feet long and squaring 16 Inches. Of
' a shipment to Kentucky for the mt'.-
Chinese Eggs Burn
With Finnan Haddie
an rrancisoo rood Destroyed by Order
of Board of Health mm Too Ancient
to Be Tit" for Kuman Consumption.
San Francisco, May 21. (P. N. S.)
Here's a new receipt worked out by
the state board of health for us today
Take 17,000 odd dosen eggs (26.000
pounds), add 10,000 pounds of finnan
haddie and sweetbreads and season
with 6000 pounds of chill peppers.
Dump into the fire and let burn until
That Is what the board decided on
after round trip of cold storage plants.
The eggs, which came from China, were
a year. old when discovered;' the fish
and chill 18 months at least, and the
sweetbreads old enough to know better.
All were condemned to the fire, the
owners paying the board for attending
to the destruction.
Worth 16000 originally, the eggs had
been taken from the shells, frozen and
canned for sale at 16 or 20 cents a
pound to bakeries.
The lot was quarantined in a storage
plant to await today's burning, six big
trucks being loaded up with the con
demned food.
ing of barges to be used on the Ohio
river, to Idaho and Utah to be used
in mines, car loads to be taken on ves
sels at Linnt-n to go to foreign ports.
Other orders have been filled for San
Francisco, Sacramento, Oakldftid,-Au-burn.
Corning, Wills, Keeswlck, Red
Bluff and El Centro, Cal.; Evanston,
Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming; Ot-
tumwa. Iowa, Pueblo ana Crowley,
Colo., and other localities in the east
and south. ) t
Lurnber Rates Approved.
Washington. May 23. (U. P.X The
Interstate Commerce commission today
declared Justifiable Increases of from
1 to 4 cents a hundred pounds on lum
ber shipped from Baker, Bristol Cle
Elum, Fasten. Lavender, Nelson's, Tal
ma ge, Teanaway and Whlttier, all in
Washington, to eastern points.
jJfet Contents. 15 Flail PradaJ
Is I ffiBMP I
t rnimL- 3 PER CEST
nd tlv. SfnmaClis andBovtls
Not Narcotic
For Infants and Children.
Police Falsified to
Cover Suicide Effort
Chivalrous Patrolmen Xeport Tictltious
Vame When XCrs. Jennie Bayniond
Trie to Bad Her Idfe With Oaa.
Mrs. Jennie Raymorfd, 35 years old.
of 181 Seventeenth street, is recover
ing somewhat from the effects of gas
poisoning, following an attempt at sui
cide Sunday night at her home. Be
cause policemen called to the place
made a false report, the police have no
accurate account of the circumstances
of the attempt.
Mrs. Raymond left a five page note
in which she blamed her attempt on
her life upon family troubles. She was
found In her bedroom about 11 o'clock
feunday night, unconscious from the
effects of the gas which she had
turned on. !
Patrolmen Morris and Holland were
sent to the scene, with Interne Lewis
of the emergency hospital. They gave
a fictitious name In their report and
covered the circumstances, not men
tioning the suicide attempt. When the
facts were brought to light, they said
they falsified their police report
"through sympathy." r
Auto May Be Held
Dangerous Weapon
Judge Morrow sands Sown Decision
on Demurrer in Case Against O. A.
Judge Morrow, of the state circuit
court, held yesterday that an au
tomobile may be considered dangerous
weapon under certain conditions, but
at the same time sustained the demur
rer to the Indictment against C. A. War
riner, charging him with assault with
a dangerous weapon.
Warriner had been indicted as a re
sult of his collision April 9 on the Co
lumbia river highway with a motor
cycle driven by Henry Beckman and
his wife. Mrs. Beckman was seriously
Judge Morrow said that the Indict
ment did not give sufficient details to
furnish ground for the conclusion that
in this particular case the auto could
be regarded a dangerous weapon. He
remanded the case to the grand jury
for further investigation and a new
indictment should the circumstances
warrant this step.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
Thi essrrava msmht. new veaa errr.
4 .-'
arid "you'll measure the . -standard
of all other Coffees by its
, goodness and flavor steel cut.
. Sold only in sealed can&
; . 30e lb. 3 lbs. 85c
Highway Inspires Seattle Man.
"I want to congratulate Oregon on
the Columbia river highway." said
Charles Cowen of Seattle at the. Im
perial hotel enthusiastically this morn
ing, "it is the most wonderful road
in the country. As fine as the rives
are around Seattle, they do not com
pare with your highway. It Is simply
wonderful, magnificent." Mr. Cowen
reached the Imperial last night, after
a tr'r, tr astern Oregon and baCK over
the Lghway. He gave Cowen park to
the city of Seattle.
Joins Staff of Imperial,
C. L. Taylor, until recently with the
Hotel Butler, Seattle, has joined the
staff of the Imperial hotel. ; He takes
the place of Harry Hamilton behind
the desk. The latter will take charge
of the Imperial's information department.
William Jones, Tacoma contractor.
is at the Portland.
J. K. Pinkham' Is a Spokane visitor
at the Norton la.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Johnson, of Sa-
lem, are guests at the Cornelius.
Dr. I. N. Sanders, of Halfway, is at
mt reruns.
Dr. D. A. Paine, president United
States National bank of Eugene, is at
tne imperial.
A. H. Fage is a Newberg visitor at
tne rericins.
J. W. Gordon, of Astoria, is at the
E. E. Dent is registered at the Ore
gon from Etopla, Wash.
Captain O. B. MacDonald. of the
steamer Frank H. Buck, is at the Im
Mrs. H. T. Dunn and Miss Dunn, of
Toledo. O., are guests at the Portland.
C Knutsen Is an Astoria visitor at
the Nortonla.
Edward Murphy, Tacolt logging man.
Is at thj Oregon.
George B. Conyers and George A.
Graham are Clatskanie visitors at the
Mr. and Mrs'. M. E. Marsh, of The
Dalles, are guests at the Cornelius.
A. A. Hampton, of Lyle, Wash., is at
the Imperial.
Mrs. G. B. Dennis, .of Spokane, is a
guest at the Portland.
S. H. Warner is registered at the
Carlton from Grants Pass.-
Kenyon M'Jsgrave and Henry Crock
er, of London, and Walter Gibbs, Of
New York, members of the "Cock o
the Wall:'' company, are at the Oregon.
If. Gorman is a Cathlamet visitor at
the Imperial.
Mrs. B. F. Stone and Miss Stone, or
Walla Walla, are guests at the Part
land.. '"" . , .
, Rally at Tygh Valley.
Salem, Or . May 8S. Industrial
Field Worker? Harrington reports a
very"; successful dub rally : held at
Tyght Valley";, Wasco, county, owith an
attendance of nearly 100-people. ..
THe World'Standard
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Auto onl
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I - r I ings
m : : . : - ..,-'... . .. i