The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 16, 1916, Page 13, Image 13

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. "There Is No Use Taking Two
Lives. for One," He Tells
r Interviewer,
' ' Waukagan. III.. Mav ".a 8.)
: - W do not car to see Billy Orpet
tondtmnefl to death."
6 declared ' Frank I.ambert, Xathef
of Marian Frances Lambert, to an Ia-.-
tcrnatlonal New Service correspond
at, her today. Orpat is on trial here
, for the murder of Marian Lambert, one
r Ma aweetnearts.
"Ther la no use,- aald Lambert, "of
taking two uvea for one. Billy death
.won't Ming &acn my girl. Prison con
. flnement, according to my way of
thinking, la a thousand times worse
than hanging. I do not even think ws
' want Billy sentenced for Ufa. But I
wlsft tho boy would own up to the
whole thin, if ha Is guilty, I want
him to aurrer aome of tho things that
Marian's mother and I har auffard"
- Lambert and Orpat'a father are life
long rnenaa
Coast to Coast Race
""Begins September 2
; Strst Vrlsa for Traaacontlnental Aero.
plan night will Be aao,ooO; CaU
, . fornla Will Bee Tlnlih of Contest.
; New York. May 16. (I. N. S.) The
national transcontinental aeroplane
competition will start Monday, Sep
t ember 2, according to the announce
; ntent har by Alan R. Ilawley, chair-
man of the committee In charge of
;, th contest and president of the Aero
Club of America, under whose auspices
th race is to be flown. The first
prize will be $20,000.
The contestants will start from this
city and It Is expected that the first
control will be In Philadelphia. It la
expected th route of the fliers will
take them to the Pacific cOast by way
of Philadelphia, Pittsburg-, Waehing
v 8i; Loul. Kansaa City. Dallas,
I Fort Worth. Waco, AusUn. San An
tonio, El Paso, Tucson, Yuma, Ban
Elego, Log Aneales or Ban Franclaao.
r Chandler Egan Sees
f Municipal Course
H. Chandler Egan, former national
. ana western amateur golf champion,
accompanied by Victor A. Johnson,
president of th Waverley Country
club, and J. O. Convlll, auperlntndnt
, f parka, looked ovar tha proposed mu
. nlolpal golf course this morning. By
..w.k nd lt ' Pacted that Egan
, will hay a preliminary sketch of th
- court drawn up.
Work on the course Is scheduled to
, i begin In th very near future.
n on writing or etuing oa advertiser Daae
Frank Troeh Tops Shooters
In Regular Events; O'Brien
Wins Medal,
Baneroft,as 5
Nleboff.2b. S
StocS.Sb, . . S
Cra-atta.rf. 3
Bood.r 1
WhUted.lf. 4 . 3 4
W.KHIlf.e 4
Klxer.p... 4
Dmareip. 0
Albany, Or, May !. with 46 of the
atate's best shots th. attendance, the
atata trap tournament opened here yes
terday under th auspices of 'th Al
bany Oun'elub.
Portland aent a delegation of 10;
among thm being two women. Miss
Oladya Reld and Mra. Ada Schlllin:.
tha only women participating in the
ahoot Salem.
Woodburn, independence and various
other place sent big- delegations.
Th day was ideal and soma tnnA
scores war made. Among those in at.
tendance ar crofeaslonala
land, Kan Francisco and Seattle. R, A
Tyler of Seattle is acting as official
acorer. .
Th contests during tha mnrnin
wer for prises. In th afternoon, th
Honey man trophy was contested for
The shoot will close this afternoon.
Th scores:
ISO match, professional score. H. E
Poaton. ban Francisco 147. first: p. J.
iuiuua.u uu i. m, tjuii. Dotn or Fort-
4fi?r4A MJrCO?a; J, 8attle,
143. third: J. K. Raid. Pnn mo.
C J 8chllllnK Portland. 1387 E. B.
Morris. Portland. 113; E. B. Van Ax
man. Portland, lis.
Amateur scores F. M. Troh Van.
fZHAWiATilL&V H-O'Brien.' port
lend, 144 A- Blair. Portland, ill? ei.
rner Nickarson. Albany, 141 ; Frank
Tempieton. Portland lSjL John Palmer.
Monmouth. 131: J. W. hrink. u. T
sey 133- Grant Froman, Albany, 187;
Charles Leith, Woodburn. 136; Mark
piaaaii. ftaiem. lie; J. W. Seavey. Port
laud. 188: Mra. AHi Snhim.. d..,.
J. 1L Dr. E. R SeeleyV Sfedford.
i6fc.r. i.i,Lcf?i Independence, 134;
F. E. Bodalle. Albany, 134; Dr. O. D
Thornton. Portland, 134; Dr. H. A.
I.fclninaer. Albany. 12 4: f. h ifn.r
Portland. 183; Mis Gladys Reed. Port
land, 104.
Scores for Honeyman medal, fo-yard
handlcao P. H. o'nrion .1 w s.,,
and Frank W. Temnlaton. Portianif
each scored 46 for first place. ThMowrer.2h
uwi-oii was won oy r. h. o Brien.
urn, ai
E. O. Hawman, Woodbu
Meotlon ,Tbe Journal.
competed at
rortlana. and Dr E R Rai-v
'.ori Jcred 45 for second place, and
A. R. Wilson and 1 W T.-wl. nr
Dr. O. D. Thornton, Portland, and Mark
Rickard. CorvaUlB, 44 for third. O. F.
Kubln, Salem, and A. W. Strowger.
Portland.,. 42 for fourth place; Mark
Siddall, Salem, 41.
The following teams
yesterday's ahoot:
Portland Frank Tampleton. tj. p.
H. .CBrlen. 34; J. W, SeaveyT 14;
Blair, 34.
Woodburn Charles Lelth, 13; Frank
Vanatta, 24; E. O. Hawman, 33; Peter
Whitney, 81.
Salem Mark Siddall, 15; A. R Wil
son. 22; J. W. Lewis. S3; John Pal
mer. 20. ,
Albany Grant Froman, lt; II. A,
Leinlnger, 24; E. Nickerson, 23; F.
Bodelle. 21.
Mitchell to Box White. -Milwaukee,
Wla, May It, (TT. P.)
Ritchie Mitchell and Charley White
will box 10 rovmda her on th night
of May 29.
American Association.
Louisville 2, Milwaukee f.
Indianapolis 6, Kansas City 0
utner games postponed; rain.
Reds Lose to l?hillleg, 4 to T.
' cinoinnati. May ll.(L N. a
Philadelphia patted Toney out of th
bps lit th Third Inning, taking a lead
of four run and were never headed.
wincing T to 4. Knetzer was taken
ont for a pinch hitter and Moaeley,
who finished - for the locals, was
touched lively in th eighth. RLxey
pitched a fair" gam. II filled the
baaea In tha ninth and wa relieved
by Demaree. A -double play. Piakert
toKJiyier, ended the gam. Th score
AB. H. O. A. . IB. H. O. A.
4iare..... 3
8.eale,cf... S
1 0
1 7
1 0
1 1
1 3
1 3
1 3
0 0
1 O
a 0
0 0
Henoer.M.. E -4
0 Ortffltb.rf. 5
KlUifr.)f.. 3
lUudea,3b.. 4
IClarke.e... 3
Otoaey.p... o
1 Kneteer.a.. 1
0 Moselayto, . . 1
Moiwlts... 1
Unlia.. 1
Totals.. T 10 ST 111 Totals... 38 2T 14
Ptl4 (or Toaey U third.
Batted tot Kaetser la slttb.
Philadelphia , 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 8 07
Cincinnati ,...d 0 0 1 ft 1 1 1 04
Hum Bdoeroft. I fork. Cravata & flood.
Wbttted. Paakert. Greh. Cliaee, Klulfer S.
Kttvrt Bancroft, Crarnth, Laderoa. JteaV.
uersog, cisrke a. Tare base klt Grab.
Stolon saaee Griffith. Wade. Kllllfer.
Double plare Renog t lxudn te Chaw.
Paakert to Banoroft to William KUUfert
Plrat on error PfilUdelphla 1. Cincinnati
1. Baee on balla Off RUar S. eft Knet-
aer 1, off Moaeley 1. Hit by pitcher Gre
atn by. Tonay, Wad - Kullfer by Bley
twice. Btrack ant By Risey 4, by Knet
er 1, by Moaeley 1. Umplree Qvlgley and
8 n pet baa 4, Cardinal a 2.
St toula. May 18.' (I. N. S.) A
freak boundef gave the Superbas a 4
to 2 victory In eleven Innings over the
Cards yesterday. With three on and
two out. Mowfey grounded down to
first and Just When Miller was ready
to field the ball, it bounded over his
head, Myers and Daubert scoring. The
Cardinals bunched three, of their four
hits for their two runs In the sixth.
The acore:
AB. H O. A. 6 18 0 4 2 20 C4Betal,2b. .
8tnae!.rf. 4 0 0 0!
Wheat.lf.. 41 1 01
CutShW,2h 5
O'Mara.eai 4
O.Miller.e.V 2
John ton. 1
Mfjera.c... 1
a.sjnitb.p.. 8
Oeta fi
Cheney ,p... 1
AB. H.O. A
J. 5 0 8 0
to tha elubhous by Umpire Blglaf. Th
score; ;, -r:- . - ; ;
AB. U.O. A.l i AB.H.O.A.
Bams, If., a 1 olBrbntts.. 4 1 e
otriack.rf.. a e g
a) wii'sa, ef 41
Eiya8.8 a O
ltSaier, lb. k 3 13
Xerkee, Ht, M 1
itM'carry.2b 000
Boft'ta s.rt 4
Rauff, ef, 4 4
Merkle, lb
M'Kea,B 4
Dooin c. . 4
ferritt. p. 4
0 1
Ol Archer, e.. 4 8-0
4 1 O 1
Vinjthn.D.. BOO
TiwtlllB-.. 10 0
(richr.. 100
Mans... 10 0
Toie .Wambayaaaa, -r CHenV Qedeoa." Tw
aaa aits Baker. Hon maker. ; Three base
sit aasita. .hob , ra Qrsaey, Baker.
Stolen bases . Dakar. Oedeoa, HoirArd, Caa
dll. firtt base oa error Ctevelaad L Baee
oa balls Off MtrkW t, off CaUweD 8, off
Iiove U Off Itartoa 4, off Bagby 2. Bit by
pitcher speaker by CkldwtiL B truck oet
By uaMwau 2, by Lot. s, by Mortoa 4. Uat
plres Dlaeaa ,aad Mallla. .'--!-:"
Totals. 37 lSl ToUls. . 90 S 27 12
Batted for Verkee ta elfhth.
Batted tor Mulligan in ninth.
Batted tor angha tat aiata.
Kew York ........... .,..0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 68
Cbiease ....U g O 0 0 0 O 0 O a
Baas Barta. Fletcher, perrltt, ClaiBieroiaa,
Baler. Errora Bobertaoo, Iota, ClataMrmaa.
Archer. AfnUlgaa. Vanghll. Two haae hit
Zimmerman. Stoles baaee Fleteher. Doyle.
Bncfiftce hit Verkee, BobertSoo, fleet, Elm
nerman, Mnlllgaa. aacrlflce fly Uidhgaa.
rtrat oa trrore Xtw York 8. Cfcteeto 1. Bates
oa. balle Off Perrltt 2, off Vanghn 8. Strock
out-By perrltt 8, by Vaugha 8. Wild pitch
vmiiXj -vaipirea ttisler and Harneoa.
Athletes S, Browns 4.
Philadelphia, Pa. May 16 (I. N.
8.) -The Athletics yesterday pounded
tn veteran Pianit and shoved th
bt. Louis Browns further j into th
cellar. S to 4. Two triples and two
singles, a hit batter and a wild pitch
combined in the seventh to give the
Athletics four runs and a victory.
The seora:
oT. Louis.
AB. H.O. A.
Sbottcn.lf.. 4 111
Jotineon.aa. 8 1
MlUer.rf... 3 1 3 0
Pratt.2b... 3 0
Uaraane.ef. 1 0
Deal,3b.... 8 0
Hartly,e.. 3 0
Plank.p.... 8 1
Tobln 1 0
AB. H.O. A.
Wltt.aa..... 2 2 18
Htmnk.rf . .-. 4
Mclnnlajh. 4
L Joie.zo.. 4
Walab.rf... 4
Plck.8b 1
Stellbeoer.lf 8
Meyer.e. ... 2
2 4
S 1 1
t 1
0 HSchana.e.
.. 1 0 0 01
..Jl0 0 0
.. "4 24 13
0 OiBuih.p..
Beacher.lf ..
iHnyder.e. . .
Gonaalee.e. ,
Meadows, p.
Amee.n. . . .
1 4
0 1
0 0
0 11
0 2
1 2
1 8
0 2
0 1
0 0
1 0
Totata ..8ft 11 S3 19 Totals ...87 4 33 18
Batted for 0. Killer in etshta.
Ran for B. Smith la eighth.
Batted for Amen In alftmith
Brooklyn 0 10000001824
Bt. Louie 00 000200000 S
Bona Mrere. Danbert 2. Cntahaw. fwhin.
Bnyder. Error Howrey, O. Miller. Two
baae hit Cutahaw. Three hate hlta Wheat,
Ootabaw. gtolen baae Danbert. Sacrifice
hit Stengel. Doable playa Oorban to Sny
der, Betael t J. Miller. Baaee oa balls Off
Cheney 2, off Meadows 1. off Ames 1. Struck
out By Smith a, by Meadows a, by Amea
2. empires Klea aad Eaalie.
Mrs. Brady Dies,
Walla Walla,' Wash., May 18. Mra
Buale M. Brady.' aged 66 years, real-
dent of Umatlli county. Or died at
her nom near umaplna Sunday eva
nlng. Mra. Brady was born in Ohio,
moving west early in llfa For 15
yearg th family lived at Athana, Or.,
moving to Umaplna threa .years aa-o.
Mrs. Brady leaves her husband and
two daughterst Mra D. W. Pinar of
Baker, or., and Mrs. Eram Parchal of
Peach, Wash.
Totals .. 4 24 1 3 Totala ...20 27 18
Batted for Deal In hlnth.
Batted for Hartley in ninth.
Batted for flank In ninth.
Bt. IOnia 2OO2000OO4
Philadelphia 10000040 6
Runa Johnson. Miller. Deal. Hartlar. lr.
Innis. I.a Joie, Pick, Btellbaner, gchang.
Mwn win, la juia. -jwo case nits mu
ler. Plank. Three baae hlta Schana, Witt.
Blolea baaee Sbotten, Hlslar. Maraana. Dou
ble slays Plank to iobaaoa to Slaler, Pratt
to Johnaon. First baae oa errors Bt, Louis
2 Baaea on balls Off Plank 2, off Bnsb 3.
Struck ont By Plank 6, by Bush . Pasaed
ball Hartley. Umpire Chill and O'Lough
Indians Win Over Yankees.
NewYork, May 18. (I. N. S.) Al
though outbatUd and outf lelded, Cleve
land defeated th Tanks yesterday, 6 to
4. Th Indians piled tip a three-run
lead tn th first Inning and Caldwell
replaced Markl aftar th visitors had
scored again la the third. Warn by aln
gled to open th sixth and Graney hit
a home ran te left center. In th local
seventh Frank Bakar drove out another
horn run. Th scor:
AB. n o. A,
Graney, If.. I 1 Ml
Turner. Bb.. S 1 8 2 8 8 8 01
8mlth.rf... V 1 0 O;
Roth.rf... 10 0 0 4 til Oi
Howard., i 1 110
urf... 'I 6
rf... 1 0 $
11,1b.. 4 ill
rd.B. Ill 8 1 8 1
O'NeiU.e... 4 0 6 0
Morton, p.. 4 0 0 2
0 0 0
AB. H.O. A.
Oira'ly.rt.. 4 18 6 e 2 g . . . a
Oedenajb.. 8
Plpp,lb.... g
Peek'Bgh.M 4
0 2
1 I
0 12
I 1
Markl,... 0
CaldweO,. g
0 0
0 o
0 0
Tetala ..S3 8 tT 1B Totals ...88 11 17 11
Cleveland 8 0 1 0 0 S 0 0 0 0
New York ........... ..0 0 l 0 1 01 l 04
I Buna Graney X, Turar S, tmlta, Wsmba-
ranaa. Qllboolr. Baker 2. PMKunaagB. ar
ited States Nobby
read Tires
On World's. Record Car
-- ,
World's Transcontinental Automobile Record Run From
The Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans Broken by
Cannonball Baker in a Cadillac Equipped With
'Nobby' Tread Tires
rs9altottnbAl1 ?aker New York yesterday (May 15), reihiciiig th
Worlds tTaUuconlinental record from 11 days 7 hours and 15 minutes to 7 days 11
hmi and 53 minutes, in a CadilUq car equipped with United States "Nobby"
-Tread Tires' f
Baker says, "No other tires would have stood the test."
The superb showing made in this drastic, racking, real road tire test, proves
cT!ea ?a Ca(S!ac Company in regularly equipping their can with United
States Nobby" Tread Tires. '
! The bulldog grip of the knobs oa ''Nobby" Tread Tires and the quantity of rubber
on tho tread are what gives these "aristocrats of the road" their continued su-premacy.
United States
'Hoyal Cord"
Individualized Tires
PiratBS Agala Defeat Drayes.
Plttabttrg. May 1.I. N. S.) Th
riratea again scat Boston yesterday, 8
to f, in a heavy hitting contest Both
sides aecured fiv hlta and four runs
in tha first Inning. Cooper giving way
to Harmon. Rudolph stayed in the
gam until tha and of tha sixth, when
Ragoa-want in and prevented further
scoring. Mamma ux relieved Harmon
in'th seventh. Tha aoorat -
A A. H.O. A
carey.ef... a
Balrd. S
OkioateUo.lf . . - 4
" "AB,h.O.A
M'r'vliie.i 4 t 1 4
EnraSb.., 6 1 0 .
ColllBS.lf..-- s l i j
nu'trfck.rf 4 14 0
fchyb O 4
'Ith.Sb S S 1 I KBabtf.Sb... 4 all OiJ. 8mlth,aa. 4
(wdy,.. 8 8 4 Ol Wllaon.e. . . . 4
Rodolnh.D. 8 1
HBBOll.., 1 I
O 01
BaeoB.p... 0 0 0 I
Wllboit.; 10 0 0
0 0 (Cooper, p.. .
Harnjon.p.. 8
'MaBu&aux,a 1
Touia ..41 14 S4 a Totala ...88 IS 27 T
Batt4fttf Rudolph, la sereaik.
uanea xor aagoa ia blath.
t.4 1 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Piltabarg 4 6080100 8
Rnea Maraotllle. Brers, Colllsa a, Ko
aetchy, Coraptoa. Oowdy. Carey 1 Baird.
Coetelfe. HlBfhman. Wllana 9 Him. v.
rwi MaranTiUe . 3. Balrd. Binchnun 2.
l.nabe. Two bese hlta Com pt on, Carey,
Itiuchman. Three baae hlta M.r.n.m-
Carey. Coatello. "lrat on rror n.Httnn i'
IMttfbnr 1. . Bsa on balls Off Harm.m
1, orr Minnuw 2. Struck out By Rudolph
2. by Baraw 2, by Hsmauu 8. empires .
O'Cay sad Saaoa.
'' --i- " ' " - - - -
.. , .
Lee Johnson, Colored; Won
der, Will Mjeet Joe Ben
ir jamln for Title,
' Thf claaay bouts, beatdea a battla
royal and a . entttala 'Mlaer, will ba
staged by ; tha Ootdk West Athletic
league, in Its firttoxlng smoker to
morrow night In th Rosa City Ath
letlo eitib. Lea ' Johnson, considered
to b th gratt colored feather
weight on th Paolflo coast, will box
JotBenjamln for tho 121. pound cham
plonahip. Johnson la ready to atep
Into th rifier in the best of shap.
Bine hi arrival her h has been
working ont under Denver Ed Martin.
Aibi Qordon will b pitted -agalneit
Senators Win in tho Eleventh.
AB. H.O. A. 0 1 S elMorgao.Sb
v ur, bo., e o l
3 1
2 4
AB. H.O. A.
Cobb, .. g
Veech, If., 4
Rellmearf 5
Bursa. 1b 0
Young. 2h. 4
Btanage, e 5
trr'a'kle, P 8
Duhac, p. t 2
8 roater, 8b.
1 1
2 8
2 0
0 1
Milan, cf ,
0) Roodean.rt
OlJndge. lb..
snauta. u.
Henry, c. . .
M'Brlde. as
BoehHoS, p
Ayera, p...
Johnaon, p.
Moeller. .
1 0
0 1
1 1
1 o
1 10
1 2
1 7
1 2
0 1
0 0
0 0
0 O
1 0
Totals.. 43 10 82 17 Totala.. 88 8 83 20
Two out wben winning run scored.
Batted for Boehllog la third.
Batted tor Ayera in sereath.
Detroit 0 3 10001 000 00
Washington .... 0 002003000 1 4
Haas Bosh, Veach, Hellman, Burns, Toana;,
Foster, Milan 2, Judge. Shanks, Hear?. Errors
Vltt, Coreleakle, Morgan 2. Threa baa hit
COTeleekle. Stolea bases -Veach 2. Double
play Dubuc to Vltt to Bursa. Firtt baae
on errors Detroit 1, Washington- 1. Baaee
oo ball Off Ayers 3, oft Duboe 8. Btrack out
By CoreleekJ 1. by Johnaon 8, by DubuB 2.
Umpires Eraua and Hlldebxand.
to be a whirlwind.- If xwla la as good
as advanc reports tndleata Abl will
b f oread to axtand himself tn order to
get, a decision. Able has bn working
out with Te Johnaon, and has ptotr4
up a good many new pointers on tha
"ffed" Merdlth, who hoxed a draw
with Rosoo Taylor soma time, ago,
will box Danny O'Brien. Tbis bout
should be a good one, as Danny is In
pretty good shape, as tha result of
working out with Jo Benjamin.
k in curtain raiser win be trtween
I Prank Paralow and Romeo Hagan. Fiv
colored gents will appear In the battla
royal. They have been training for
th event by 'doing road work at the
Rose City speedway.
Wright Breaks 25 Straight,
The following scores wer made In
last Sundays ahoot of th Canetnah
pun club at Oregon City, Charles
Wright winning: th medal with S3
straight: Clyde Mount 17, Tsehlrgt 12.
Brandt 14, Fenlmor (20 gauge gun)
10, T. Asmond 21, Telford 21, Quy
Mount li, Ted Aldrieh lt. Blaugh 21.
Quinn IS, A. Bates 18, Farr 20, W.
Bate 4, R. Green 18. Williams 21,
Parker 22. Anderaon 6.
Harstad May-Twirl
- For Baby ' Beavers
Pltohsr Ossla Harstad of tha Port
land Pacific Coast' laagus team, may
occupy tha mound for the Baby Bear
ers la Sunday's gams against tha Brad
fords on tha Vaughn street ground a
Manager Red kupert ta trying to ob
tain the pltohers service. ,
Th tarkpatrick Stars wilt play
Salem Sunday and tha Montavllla ag
gregation will go to Woodburn, Wood
land wlU - play at St. Helena. Th
umpir assignments are: Grayson at
Salem, Brown at Woodburn,. Drnnn
at Vangba stmt and Rankin at 8t
Helena. --v ... .
Tha Multnomah Comtnarclal Wib
baseball team defeated th Oawego
playera Sunday by th scor of 14 to
10. It was a frea hitting contest, 28
oaf singles being registered by th
fir Z&tS?Z2! fRatty of tha wtnnar. mad. 6 hit. in t
straight, defeating th Cuba t : to
Perrltt held tha homa team- to six 1
including- a double by zimra am
Manager Tinker of th-Cuba bee.
unruly in th fifth round and was a
i 1 ' I i i l I 1 1 1
hoposalivU. S. PepL'cf kiti&z
Forssl Sarvic, Portland, Oregon.
. Sealed propostls lor furnlshlnj:
axes, shovsls, axg bandits, wadfes.
peivies .and other tools tor i lire
btlnt to the Forest' Service.
Portland, Oregon, will ba rtcdved
at the office of tha District For
ester, Forest Service, Beck Build
ing, Portland, Oregon, until - 2
clock P. M., Thursday, Jont IS,
1916, and then publicly openefl.
Proposal blanks with full Instruc
tions and information furnished
upon application to ths District
Forester, Forest Service,. " Beck
Building, Portland, Oregon. "k
time uol lnoludinr two triples. Brick
ajon pltebad for tha Multnomah team,
Tha PenVneula Monareha defeated
tha Newsboys Sunday by th scor. of
IT to 7. Th batteries) New boy
Sautgin and Brown. Penlnkula Ellla ,
and Berger. . i
Jf! out Indisestionu Onepidcan
-mira l"J:TotZ proves it 25catalldme2lst:
Absolutely Remove
At Boston: Chicago-Boston
postponed, wet grounds.
Chance's Ear Not for Jury.
Los Angeles. May It. (P, N. 8.)-
frank Chance, manager of tha Angels,
was excused from jury duty here, not
because of his work, but because of
bad hearing. Fred Eepe, another tales
man in the case, asked to be excused
because of a natural tendency to sleep
while anybody la talking. Judg Craig
ruled the reason insufficient.
Loesi Bowler Score High.
In the Pacific Coast Telegraphic
bowling tourney last night, the Port
land Alley onintet registered tha total
of 3008. M. Sheets waa high man with
the total of 680.
Tha scores:
Bob franklin
R. V. FreborBgh,
M. Sheet
J. H. Heffron.
a J. Krae
18 8 Tot. At.
...1ST 1M 404 IMS 1M
...301 lf3 )3 bn7 1S
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Rifle Club on Outdoor Range.
Th Portland Rifle club will open Its
outdoor rang for small and big bore
shooting at Mount Zion next Sunday
according to an announcement mad to
day by President 8. 8. Humphrey.
A running deer target win da in
stalled by the club In tha near futura
Giants Defeat Cobs, 8 to 33.
CTMcago, May 11. (L N. 8.) En
couraged by tha poor support given
Vaughn, tha Giant, made It alx
' Westfl
1 r
Tomorrow Nigh
Big Battle Royal
Lis Johnson. Jo$ Benjami:
Ted Meredith, Dan O'Britr
Abe Gordon, "KidMiliewi:
Romeo Hagen, F. Panlov.
Tickets on aala regular places.
(Germany Can Not "Use America
to Coerce lEisibii
The receipt of the German reply to President Wilson's 'demand that Germany
"immediately declare andef feet an abandonment of its present methods of
submarine warfare against passenger and freight carrying vessels" has aroused
a storm of diverse opinion in this country. Many interpretations are given by
newspaper editors. ' u.
In THE LITERARY DIGEST for May VJ, rl9l3, 'tfiere Is a complete presen
tation of American newpsaper opinion of every shade upon this very important
document, and it ranges all the way from the New York Herald's statements
that the answer is "insulting"-and "dishonest," and "its attempted cleverness is
mere chicanery" to the opinion of the New York Evening Mail, which hails the
reply as "a great victory for President Wilson," and asserts that the answer
means that "every merchantman that sails the seas is now; as safe as if the
submanne had never been invented."
J.L U:
Scores of represenlaHve papers, Howevef, repudiate !fie' fEaT Germaifs;
sEould bargain with the American Government over the destruction of Amer
ican lives.
"The Heavest Blow So Far Struck Against Isnglanfl"
According to the Berlin Vossiche Zeitung, Has Beam the FavII of Kut, Which General Townshend
Was Compelled to Surrender to tha Turks. This Article Coyers in Detail All Phases of
inat iii-dtarred (campaign. It Is Accompanied bj a Helpful Map.
Labor Demanding War-Profitt
The Republican Big Three
Why Verdun Does Not Fall
Taming the Panama Slides
Cableway Over Niagara's Whirlpool
Shakespeare Jeopardized by the
A Briton's Declaration of Love
Prayers for the President
England's Way With Irish Rebels
Puzzling Out the Ford Vote
Simplifying the Commandments
The Blame for the Irish Revolt
Automobiles and Germans
The March of the Boll-Weevil
Hate Songs in German Schools
Music- Now Germany's ' Chief Solace
Too Many Country Churches
When You Argue In the Office
On the train, or at the dinner table, about the day's
Important events the war, the Mexican situation,
the preparedness issue, the presidential campaign or
any other vital question in foreign or domestic af
fairs, have you a thorough knowledge of tho subject "
to support your stand ? Do you understand the. whole
situation so that you can answer with facts every
question and argument? You will if you are a'
reader of THE LITERARY DIGEST. For in it
you will find a. record of all the significant events in
every sphere of interest. You will have all questions
presented from all sides eo.tha eath different view
point will be perfectly clear to you; You will read
of the popular sentiment, in all countries and among
all parties, as it is expressed In the edltortals from
newspapers of 'each section." Ar hour Of two
weekly spent with -THE LITERARY DIGESTj
will make you always an entertaining conversationalist-,
capable debater.
May 13th Number-All News-Dealers Today, 10 Cents
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