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So softly with the twfltfht
bland In I
Jut Kb! ma aaanu a pwl'l
. drawni
Art ta thy wmtbt of traoks
. Maadiag. CbM. 1 tummia. '
r cigarettes' Te MfltUtt
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TT magi nd that far fcayond
: Xoday, cae eoojars vp ta-
"Es-of MEwmocms, -wjritkrs . A
I 1 :
Michaef MacDonagh Com
1 " piles Narratives and John
XRedmond Contributes,
Th TrUh at thm Front. tr Mlchal Mai--
Donmih, with an Introduction by .Thn Ked-
mond, M. I'. Hxldr Stoufthton. New York.
At this Urn a record of bravery and
patriotism of ths Irish regiments doing
their share in the battle lines of Ku
rope is of rather peculiar Interest and
'nifi&nr(t i n mitnnr fir i a vui-
- - -
the more signal feats of the Irish regi
ments In France, Flanders and at the
Dardanelles; on letters cf regimental
officers and men. Interviews with
wounded soldiers of the battalions, and
those Invalided home, and also, in
some cases, of the records compiled at
the depots.
... In this, manner Mr. Macftonagh has
gotten down to the bare facts, stripped
tof glamor and romance so often fur
nished by persons of the third part,
and the facts speak for themselves.
They stand as a record of heroism and
self-sacrifice for the cause of England.
Redmond's introduction, written for
publication tn February of tills year.
He says in part:
" For Ireland to have chosen
the opposite alternative, or to be flung
Into It by the fortune of war, would in
my opinion be for her an unmixed ca
lamity, the worst in her history.
. "Iter fate as a possession of Ger
many, as Germany's western fortress,
naval base, Heligoland of the Atlantic,
would from the nature of the case he
far worse than that of Prussian Pol
and, Kchleswlg and Alsace for the lust
-49 years. Only those who are ignor
, ant of Prussianism and Its most re
' cent methods methods -followed long
ago by every tyrannical power, in
cluding the England of the past, but
which Prussia still maintains as n
-menacing anachronism lr. the age of
democracy have any illusions upon
this matter.
' "The Irish people, with a few In
Slgrilficant exceptions, have no such
illusions. They have, ior the first
, time In their history a memorable
fact put a national army in the field,
a glorious army!
"And they have put that army In
the field for the express purpose of
defending Ireland from such a fate and
of doing their share in helping to res
cue the unfortunate and harolc peoples
who have already fallen under it."
Mr. Redmond's resume of the situ
ation, In view of more recent public-
though 13 Or more of the "insignificant
tew" have deepened the crimson in
London tower.
White Indian" Is
Teller of Tales
BlaokfMt Taloa of Glacier National Park. t
Jamea WUlard Srtmltx. author of "My I.Ui.
a an Indian," "With tUe Indian In the
Itorklea," etc Houghton, Mifflin eomyatij,
Boa ton. $2.00 net.
There has perhaps never been put
together a better collection of Indian
Stories than these that Mr. Bchultz
here tells tn his own fresh and au-
thentlc way.
Mr. Bchultz, as all his readers know,
is a member of the Blackfeet tribe. lie
has lately been camping with them
again, and has taken the opportunity
to collect some of their mors impres
sive and fasvinatlng legends In this
book. It Is his ambition to leave for
future generations a true picture of
the Blackfeet Indians, and he combines
the legends with the narrative of his
own experiences and adventure with
;them. ,The book is illustrated with a
series Of superb photographs of the
Indians themselves amid the moun
tains, lakes and trails of their own
For all lovers of adventure and
Indian lor, the book will be of Inter
est, while the Increasing tide of trav
elers to our national parks will find it
an attractive souvenir.
A Book of Verse.
Xyriol of War and Paaoa. By William Dudley
Fonlka. Bob Da-tl emit, Indianapolis. $1.00
A book of yers with contents di
vided as follows: In War-Time: Beyond
the Seas: Love and Life; Personalia;
Ad Patrlam; TT&nslatlona and Para-
Home Library Resurrected.
The war, among other things, caused
the suspension of publication of the
Home University Library for nearly a
year. But three new titles have been
added recently, "Poland." by W. A.
Phillips; "Utilitarian Political Thought
Irt England," by W. I Davidson, and
rpante.,f by J. B. Fletcher. x
i ....
Sections of the projected Interna
tional map of the world, covering Ger
many, Austria and Greece, have re
cently been received and are on file
In the map room of the .Central li
brary. The northern sheets Warsaw,
Berlin and Hamburg, with a part of
th Amsterdam sheet, -are temporarily
on exhibit in the lower lobby. The
few sheets so far issued for the United
States, Including Boston and San Fran
cisco, are also in the map room.
The library has Just received a file
of all available publications issued by
the Canadian experiment farms. An
other new work of Interest to agri
culturists is the first number of the
new index tq agricultural periodicals,
experiment station literature, and pub
lications of the United States depart
ment of agriculture. This is a cumu
lative index, Issued five times a year,
and promises to be a useful tool foi
those who are investigating subjects
In this line. "Better Fruit," published
at Hood ; River, is one of the com
paratively few periodicals Included in
the first Mmber
"Purchasing," by Rindfoos, is a book
that should appeal not only to buyers
and salesmen, but to their employers
as well. .It takes up the following
problems: How to obtain the right
article; how to obtain the lowest price;
personal characteristics and qualifica
tions; som of the legal aspects of
purchasing. This book may be found
tn tbe technical department oX the
public library- - ' - -
Last Word Quaintly
f ut on Tombstones
In New England
Epitaphs on tomb stones in
New England church yards,
from "Along New England
Koads," by W. C. Prime:
Behold my grave as you pass
As you are living so once
was l:
Death suddenly took hold on
And so will be the case with
What thou art reading o'er my
I've often read on other atones,
And others soon shall read of
What thou art reading now of
Deajh is a debt to Nature due;
I've paid the debt, and no must
Happy the company that's gone
Krom cross to crown, from
thrall to throne;
How loud they sln upon the
To which they sailed Jn heart
Scientific Crime Is
Detective's Specialty
vaea or Maion Brant, by pvII 1
rMludilphl. 1.23 net.
criminology Is no gentle art in these
PropwKfdve times, when the subtle use
of radium, the pleasant play, of wire
lews currents, and many another power
that science has reveale.i are on the
Klde of the criminal, a fresh point of
view, a wonderful vior. marks the ad
ventures of this splendid sleuth. Mason
Brant. Ills business is criminal h'unt
iiur, not pQwInn. nnd the result Is real
narrative, jn which there are danger
novelty and mystery. Danger, real, un
canny danger. Is In every Incident; there
is a novelty of treatment and proper
Hen never presented with such effect
the mystery of the unknown kind, the
sort that Rives you a peep Into the al
most supernatural realms of advanced
science. Murder by the placing of an
atom of radium In a mur.'s hat thus
driving him insane. Is an incident.
The author is a mechanical engineer
whose hobby Is writing.
The May American Hoy.
Christy Mathbwaon, pitcher of the
New York Giants, gives some valuable
tips to the boy interested In baseball
arid to hlis older brother and father
who are fans, in n article "How to
Pitch" in the May issue of the Ameri
can Boy. Did you know that the
United States once fought Japan?
"When We Fought the Japanese." by
E. Alexander .Powell, F. R. O. S., is a,n
Interesting account of orfr Invasion Of
the land of Nippon.
There are numerous other stories and
special articles.
Parnol at Work Again.
Jerfery Farmol, whose eyesight pre
vents him from enlisting in the Brit
ish army. Is already at work on an
other long novel to follow "Beltane the
This Paper Will Go as Far as It Can
Benefit of the Public, S6 Long as
Public Will Go With ft.
Vol. 7.
Rex L-ampman. Ed. and Pub.
May 13, 1910.
We Boora Criticism.
The Alibi is being severely
talked about In some quarter
for not having more to say
about politics. We know we
bave been lax in thie regard,
but we hava been saying noth
ing in our own way, instead
of using Column after column
of words and phrases, Ji'te our
big daily OOntempg.
' x
Dll Choate, the demon In
surance man, is 'getting a
new tailor-made suit. Draw
your own conclusions.
George Marsh, clerk of the
V. 8. dist court, goes out to
White Salmon every little
while and climbs his ranch.
J. B. Laber and Pat Sulli
van eat at a restaurant on
3d st. where they don't use
finger-bowls. That is, no
body does.
Milt Gutnbert is back from
a trip to N. Y., and Carl
Reiter has been around with
him ever since he got hack,
because Carl wants to know
all about Broadway.
Frank Tomllnson, reo'v'g
teller nt the N W. Nat'l
bank, failed to wear a car
nation in his lapel last Sat.,
and was $1 short at the end
of the day. En passant, men
who wear carnations are get
ting quite common.
Kv Johnson says he wishes
the theater managers would
get toarether and decide
where they are at and Rgree
to Use the same labels on
their places for long enough
o he can be sure he is
spending his money where
he .thinks he pent it last
K. K Kubli has the most
rhythmirat name of any of
the candidates.1 He is run
ning for the legislature, and
if Gold Hilt were in Multno
mah county, he would get
the vote of the precinct, be
clause he helped pay for a
mining boom down there a
few years si nee. x
Pelt Better Than Usual.
AVfriend of ye i editor's
whose name is not printed
by request, said he felt pret
t v good the other dav Two
of bis creditors failed to
Mr. W, Was Here.
F. W, Wool worth was here
from N. T. this wk. He
owns the tallest building in
the world, and employs a
frreat many . young girls at
OW Wag8.. -r
I - - - - 1 ' ; , - 1 ; " - 1 ' """" '"'" J 1,1
r:r;'::K. v,jCf . ft W SI 1
-"' ; v .1-J, -r yy Tw- 'vv. 3lJ .st -SN
i Avc li'f DT"'" cMpo. j r Vicing H&vvl . - ( fM
Miss Emily Illinworth, left, whose body measurements It is declared come up to the strict requirement! of the late Venus, advises all young women who wlU do likewise,
to take up dancing. Dancing, Miss Illingworth declares, properly and conscientiously practiced, will give results. ' y '
In the middle is a scene on the forward deck of the United States super-dreadnaught Oklahoma after the flag raising "ana the ceremonies attendant upon her accept
ance from the builders and being put into commission at League Island navy yard, Philadelphia, Pa., May 2. The Oklahoma cost $7,000,000 and is an oii burMfe-
At the right is Miss Esther Cleveland, daughter of Mrs. Thomas J. Preston Jr., and the late Grover Cleveland, who is going to Europe in the early summer to join the
American ambulance corps
Susan Clegg Has
Own Love Affairs
Eutan Clegs d Ker Iov Affairs, hy Anne
Vnrnpr. author of "Rtiaan Cle. Her Friend
and Her Neighbor." ptc. Little. Brown A
Co.. Boston. 11.30 net.
Busan Clegg needs no introduction
to readers of contemporaneous Ameri
can humor, and the 'love affairs" of
the thoroughly human and amiable
soul are, so to speak, "a scream." The
volume Includes under its titles the
last stories that Anne Warner wrote.
The old friends come back, Mrs.
Lthrop,,her son Jathrop,-now become
wealthy, 'Grandma Mulllns and others
reappear, and In the end Susan sur
prises all by her romantic marriage to
one Mr. Kettlewell, who Is baldheaded
and who has false teeth and a bullet
in fcls leg, but who outside of that Is
as perfect a man for his age as could
be found.
The volume is a blues chaser.
for the
jwm Bm kirn
Picture Showing Progress of Higher (and
Bail Boad Note.
Jack Campbell, supreme
traffic wizard of the Pennsy
In our fair city, has moved
out of the light back into a
corner so he won't spend so
much time at the front win
dow. Kddie liosher, who
still has hopes of thatching
his dome, has moved to
Jack's old place so the thera-.
peutlc action of sunlitaht
may facilitate hirsute ex
crescence, Borne Problem.
'Segregation of the "So
cially Inefficient" will be one.
of the that was
discussed at the Oregon
State Conference of Social
agencies at Rped College
last Friday. As far as many
of our socially inefficient are
concerned, the: problem is al
ready solved. Thev segregate
themselves and take pride in
being "exclusive."
Out of the Past.
G. D. Baker, whr) does fl
nancial stunts for the Mac
cabees, rashly told a report
er that he once hoed -cockle-burs
out of 30 acres of corn
to get his admission to a
circus, and now the Macca
bees are congratulating him
upon having once been in
dustrious. Oh. Te of Idttte Palth.
James McCarren went out
to Oak Grove on busineaa
and thought he would look
around and see -ye scribe's
dog Pup, whose existence he
doubts, and he drdii't see
Pup and now he can hardly
see because of his face be -ing
swelled up.
After Atmosphere. Uaybe.
Ford TarBleV. our vounar
Weekly Alf Item.
Alf Cridge, the J. V. T.
Mason of the AJilil jrtaft',
says it looks, to him that
there are sorhe folks in Port
land who are trying to make
a school teacher lose his job
for what they think he
thinks. The statute of llhef
ty lighting up the world
(only New York in in the
way) is 3000 miles "from
Oregon, Alf says, but some
folks can't get anv too far
away from it to suit them.
Alf ha his flashes of in
spiration, all right, but he
wants to talk all the time
whether he is inspired or
Quartet Is Crippled,
Since Jimmy Spidell went
to work ip.the woods at Lyle,
Wash., the Oak Grove quar
tet seems to be crippled, but
it isn't at all certain that It
won't recruit up to full
strength any time and drown
out the other rural nocturnal
Adam la Blgnt.
Adam Ruppe. who used to
live in Pendleton, says ev
ery town, has its .funeral
Vaebioaable Wcture.
dramatlat. wa over at Van
couver, wash., last wk. We
don't know what for, unless
it was tmosphere for his
new play. Ordinary air won t
do for some, of these - mod
era problem plays.
Just to show how easy it Is
to be : 17 style, Th Alibi
prints tire above-fashionable
picfUre. There is no reason
why we should do thia, any
mora' than there ia, .for some
of., the styles.
as a Red Cross nurse.
Plans are maturing for the third an
nual excursion of the city union to be
held this year at Gladstone park on
Decoration day. Arrangements are be
ing made for at least 300 persons. The
committee has chartered a epedtal
train. Tickets can be secured from
local union officers.
liarley K. Hallgren, president-elect
of the Willamette Baptist Young Peo
ple's association, will leave for Min
neapolis next Tuesday evening, where
he will attend the northern Baptist
convention. He will represent the
Oregon district at the meeting of the
Young People's council of the conven
tion. At a meeting of the city executive
board last week final steps were tak
en for the consolidation of the city
organisation and the Willamette assoJ
ctation. in Honor of tnis event a big
rally is being planned, which will take
place about June 1.
A great deal of interest is being
shown in the big mass meeting to be
S. A., May 13, 1916.
Higher) Civilisation in Portland in
Another Becruit.
1.. Virgil Venable is the
latest - recruit to the wrist
watch squad, the result of
the kindness of Ren Neustad
ter. Virgil and 18 other
members of Troop A, O. N.
G.. were out at Hillsboro last
Sat., and in merry jest Vir
gil put his kerchief in his
sleeve and said if he "only
had a wrist watch his make
up Would be complete'. Ben
heard him. and now Virgil
wears one.
A Candid Candidate.
That unexpected phenome
non, the candid candidate,
has , arrived. Sanf ield Mac
donald, who Is running for
office, made a speech tho
other night in which he said
he wanted the job because
there was $2400 a year in it,
which he expected to earn,
and sat down.
Q astronomic: Hot.
Frank " Freeman, v. -P. of
the Lbrmen's Trust Co., had
a cup of coffee and a frank
furter at a 4th t. resort for
lunch Thurs. noon, and stood
up to eat it. These capital-;
lsts like to deceive the com
mon people.
Club Is Growing-.
' OV Shad Kranti, the pluto
cratic reporter, reports that
Somnambulists' club is grow
ing. Reporters who have to
listen to speeches on pre
paredness have been declared
eligible to membership.
Poor Bilk. .
QiU Bryan, w. k. aroVt
sleuth front Seattle, Tues
dayed and Wednesdayed
here. Bill says insurance
rates on drugstore fixtures
have increased considerably
in that city lately.
Only Temporary
The sign over a w. k, Broad
way theatre save: s
THIS . WEEK. - -
held in the White Temple next Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock. Dr. James
A. White, general secretary of the B.
V. P. U.. of America, will be present
and a good, live and practical talk is
expected. Mrs. Edker Burton of Cor
vallis, president of the Oregon B. T.
P. U., will be present and preside at
the meeting.
Dr. White is practically director of
all Baptist Young People's work
throughout America,
Quiet Sort.
From the Philadelphia Press.
"Bay," asked the first messenger
boy, "got any novels ter swap?"
I got Snakefoot Dan's 'Revenge,'"
replied the other.
"Is It a long story T
"Naw! Ye kin finish it easy In two
Even So, Colliers, Even So.
And now comes an eastern college
professor with the statement that "O.
Henry killed the short story in Amer
ica." "What DeQulncy calls 'murder
as one of the fine arts,' " says Collier's.
. ,
The Alibi Believes in the Greatest Good to
the Greatest Number, If the Greatest
Number Want Things That Way.
Boy o' Kin.
I'm writing tbe lines, dear boy
o' mine.
To try to engre on your teoder
A token . of strength ag living
For I lore you well, O boy o' mine.
In the years to come, small boy
Yon'U pa near abadowl of shame
and crime.
You'll be tempttd and" lured full
many s time.
It'i the teat of worja, dear buy
o' mint.
So I'tn"praylne to God, sweet boy
f mini',
To guide you safely through
treacherous win,
To steady yoar band, to llfhlea
your day a.
And to make juu a man, good buy
o' mine.
Bat in weal or woe, dear boy
o' mine,
I'm alway yonr dad and I'm al
ways glad
To ihare your burdens sod sorrows
It's part of my life, O boy o' mine.
If you rise to the heights of power
and tame,
I'll laugh In Ihe thought that
you're part of me
Ana my soul will ring with a
Of fatbar'a lore, brate boy
o' mine.
If yoa ibonld atnk to the dentin
of bell.
lLOr If jfu should rot in a felou'i
Or ylf hot as a traitor at suarla
bell, .
I'd tore you the lame, O boy
o' id hit-!
San Quentin Penitentiary.
Tnm oa the Efficiency.
The other day Harry Cof
fin Safety 1st Com'r. was
talking to Supt. Cooper of the
P. R.. Li. & P., at the corner of
6th and Wash. Mr. Cooper
criticized the people who
waited aX the west side of
the st. for their cars, going
west, and Harry said maye
the cars stop there some
times, and Mr. Cooper said
No, that matter was covered
bt.Fenl order No. 88-Y. and
while they were talking two
cars came over and stopped
on the wrong aide of the st.
where, the people-' were
wrongly waiting and Mr.
Cooper rushed up to the of
fice to get out another gen
eral order. -
Seed COIL Votes.
Exams are coming on, and
the . ntudes are using ths
midnight juice as a cure for
spring fever.
A French play called "La
Perle de la Canablere" is to
be given by certain energetic
studes-next PrL night, and it
reminds us of 1915.
This weather has made
some of the girls mad. but
others wear their- spring
finery Just the same,
Among ths books recently added to
the Portland public library are the
Oeaeral Works.
Hanssler Handy Bibliographical
Guide to the Study of the Spanish
Language and Literature. clBiB.
Burton Comrades in Service. 1918.
Books in Foreign Languages.
Faldella Piemonte ed Italia; rap
sodia di storia patriottica. 12v. In 10,
Description and Travel.
Cooper American Ideals. 19U.
Bank Treasure.
Bell Wee Macgreegor Enlists.
Blndloss Coast of Adventure.
Bryant Felicity .Crofton.
xj -k piinn IVInra.
Mirhcii CMinDed WlngS.
side or tne Anei
Maniates Mildew Manse.
Morris Our Miss York.
Newbolt Aladote.
Onions Boy With Wings
Porter Just David.
Turnbull Handle With Care.
Webster Real Adventure.
Fine Arts.
Asklns Wing and Trap Shooting.
Diverges Duverges' Conservatory
Metlhod for the Iioehm Flute.
Hildebrand Problem of Form In
Painting and Sculpture. 1907. How
m u,iiu a Rulh (iarden. 1916. How
tn Maka a. Flower Garden. 1915
Ptnnell Lithography aid
graphers. 19W.
Stock Jim Crow An Easily Staged
Musical Play in One Act for Boys and
Girls 1913
ville Universal Method for the
Saxophone. ,
Watson Climbing Plants. 1916.
wi.iffiin Die kunst Albrecht
Duners. 1908.
Bennett Over There; War Scenes
on the Western Front. cll5.
Gayda Modern Austria, Her Racial
and Social Problems. ,1915.
Osier Science and War. 1915.
Pirenne Belgian Democracy, Its
Early History. 1915.
Roads Studies for Immigrants,
cl 91 5
Schipper History of English Ver
sliieation. 1910.
Aristophanes Frogs of Aristo
rhames, tr, into English rhyming verse
by Ouhert Murray. 1916.
Burnet Poems. 01916.
Cannan Samuel lvutler; a Critical
Study. 1915.
Oonkling Afternoons of April; a
Book of Verse. 1916.
Dennis Age of Pope. 1913.
Qarnett Age of Dryden. 1912.
c Hudson Gray and His Poetry. 1912.
Pkinton Commencement - Manual;
Saliiitatories, Valedictories. Addresses,
etc. cl915. . -
Seccombe Age of Johnson. 1914.
SmellAge of Transition. 1400-1680.
2v. 1906.
SSurgeon Women of the Classics.
19 1 4
Verhaeran The Cloister; a Play in
Four Acts. 1915.
Worsfold Judgment in Literature.
Courtis Courtis' Standard Practice
Tests; Teacher's Manual.. Ills.
Stifler--Introduction to the Study
of the Acts of the Apostles. cl892.
Ouver Being Well-Born; An Intro
duction to EugenicS. C1916.
Mitchell Evolution
the War.
191:5. . T
Step Marvels of Insect Life.
V Bastable Commerce of Nations.
Bowley & liUrnett-Hurst Liveli
hood and poverty. 1915.
Useful" Arts.
Forel Hypnotisms, on Suggestion
and Sychotnerapy. llu.
(Soogerty Practical Forging and ;
Art Smithing. cl16. How to Fight:
Garden Pests. 1916. How to Haka a
Vegetable Garden. 1916. How to
Make Hotbeds and Cold Frames. 1916.
Klrchgasser Electric Light and
Motor Wiring. cl913.
Aitken The Christ of the Men Of
Arc 1916.- .
Bacon, comp. eseiecteu Articles on
Military Training. 1915.
BlumFire , Department Hydraulic
Problems. cl91t.
Hoxie, comp.-rVinnie Ream. 1908.
Hudders Indexing and Filing: a
Manual of Standard Practice, 191$,
fent -Grammar of Heraldry, ltl.
ew York (city) Fire Dept, Fire
Department Motor Apparatus. cil.
Sterling-Sterling Profit and Loss
System f Or Moving Picture Exhibi
tors. cl9i6.
Phlpson Animal-lore of Shake
speare's Time. 1883.
San FranciscosPanama International
Exposition, lli." Dept. of Pin Arts,
Official Catalogue. 1915,
i Sissons Anatomy of ths Domestic
Animals.- 1914.
... T-Square Club, Philadelphia, - Tear
Tobaccco Habit or
Anything, Cured
Tobacco Habit Eaaily Conquered. By M. Mac-
IrfTy. rublialied by Albro Society, New York
City. 1. 25 net.
Mr. MacLevy starts out upon the
Ipremlae that jou really want to quit
the use of tobacco, and then in a se
rles of "dietums" covering eating.
breathing, drinking living in general
he tells how the "beastly habit" may
be "easily" overcome. It seems that
one might follow the same general di
rections for the cure of obesity, anae
mia. Insomnia, or spavin. The author's
"dietums" are for clean, wholesome,
sane living, however, and to that ex
tent will An tin nrnn harm
Mr. MacLevy offers, also, a mass of
reference in proof of his contention of
the harmfulness and fllthlnesi of the
tobacco habit.
Book and Catalogue of the 18th-18thJ
Annual Arcnueciurai i&xniDition, sv.
Taylor Satellite Cities; a Study of
Industrial Suburbs. 1916.
Stephens American Popular Maga
zines; A Biography. 1916.
Children's Books.
Maunder Heavens and Their Story.
Miller Children's Book of Birds.
Pike Scout's Book of Birds.
Seaman Boarded-Up-House.
Hervrss Round the Year With the
Hhepperd Laundry WorX,
Sturges Toys of Nuremberg.
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Walter Hale Goes by Motor
, and Records Impressions
in Sketch and Story,
By Motor ta tha rirtnr tine: An Artiat'a
t Kotea and Bkatohea With tha Armla tt
Northsrn Franc, June-July, IBIS, by Wal
ter Hal. The Century couipauy, New 1'ork.
fl.W) net.
The Century Company has ths fso
ulty of turning out popular .stuff In
style. , Its contributions to the; war of
the world have been no exception. This
new volume by Mr. Hale, an artist of
note, Is a substantial work of art as
well as an exceptionally vlvldi tale of
Mr. Hale was commissioned by "The
Century Magssine" to go to the front
last summer and. make a record of the
detestation of historic monuments,
cathedrals and churches in the sons Of
war, especially in the Alsne vallev
and theVegion of Complcgne. Mr. Hale
and his companions. Owen Johnson
and Arnold Bennett, the novelists.
were given unusual opportunities, by
the French war office and the minister
rf foreign affairs. They were at
Rhelms during the shelling of the
town in the early morning of June 37,
and in ths trenches and various im
portant battery positions throughout
the valley of the Alsne.' They were
present at Arras during the bombard
ment of July 8th, when the Hotel de
Vllle was being shelled and the Ca
thedral was on firs In three places.
They also visited the trenches at
Blagny, with the French and German
lines only 20 yards apart. : '
During all this time Mr. Hale, whose
reputation is perhaps greatest as an
etcher, but who Is also known for his
sketches of out-of-the way places In
Various parts of the world, kept his
pen and pencil busy. His writing haii
a certain unique claim among the war
books as conveying the impressions
and observations not of a Journalist
but of an artist, with an artist's spe
cial point of view. His drawings are
a memorable record of the ruined
splendors of war-swept Northern
France and especially of ! Rhelms,
Soissons and Arras during and after
their bombardment. He made his in
terior sketches of Rhelms cathedral
while the building was actually under
fire. "
Mr. Hale Is the Illustrator of Owen
Johnson's new war book, "The Spirit
of France," Arnold Bennett's "Over
There" and Clayton Hamilton's' "On
the Trail of Stevenson," alt publica
tions of this season, and is himself the
author of "The Ideal Motor Tour 'in
France" and of many motoring ar
ticles. ,
This Happened in
Ye Olden Days
WMIllam C. Prime, whose book Of
travel. "Along New England Roads,",
has Just been reprinted, told of a curi
ous incident which took plaoe In Ver
mont during the latter part of the
eighteenth century.
Majpr Moses Joy was married - to
Mrs. Hannah Ward, widow of William
Ward. This William WardJ had died
insolvent, leaving debts of consider-;
able amount. At the second marriage
Mrs. Ward stood In a closet with no
clothing on, and held out her hand to
Major Joy through a hole, and the
ceremony was thus performed. This ;
4s the only Instance I have ever met '
with In American history of what In
England has been variously called h
smock marriage, or a "marriage en
chemise." t
The idea was. and In parts of Eng
land still is prevalent, that if a husband-takes
a wife with nothing on her'
he avoids a legal liability to pay her
debts, or the debts of a former bus
band, some of whose property she "
might possibly bring with her to her
new alliance."
4 :
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