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Man Indicted With A. J. Burns
r V on Charge of Larceny Is to
- Appear, . ! .
y ; i : - . ;i ' ;7
Bora Pleaded Hot Guilty Wtoday
r Wall Bis iMMUtf failed to
" Pac Court.
' If John Breflnan, who -WM indict!
with A. J. Burns on th .charge of
; larceny in connection with a spbeme
., to transmute baa '" metal it. gold,"
:" Hots not appear in court tomorrow
')nornlng for pleading, Deputy District
Attorney Pierce will ask Judges Mor
"row to declare Brennan'a ball of $500
. ah forfeited.
. Tim for pleading was apt fr test
"Wednesday and Hurna appeared aVl
pleaded not guilty, while -. Brennan
" failed to show up. Owing to lncprreet
' i Information obtained rrom the clerk
i of the court, it was stated that both
men bad pleaded guilty.
. .Bait In the sum of IWO had been
.put up for each man, but yesterday
'the court reduced the ball Tor Burns to
'280. ,
Th two men are charged with lar
" leny from It. B. Wesson, who paid
them tie In Portland and a larger sum
I, in Beat tie to get In on the alleged
scheme. If. I Turner, a former bar
'..tender, was-another victim, according
i.j his statement to the officers.
County Commissioners Order Reg
; elation Adopted for Bridges.
' Foremen of three of the Willamette
river bridges approved the new traffic
rules recommended by Harry Coffin
, of the publio safety commission, and
-two of them favored retention of the
present regulations, In reports suoralt
' ted to the county commissioners today.
,; The commissioners ordered that the
. new rules be adopted by the Morrison,
Hawthorne and Bumslde bridges, be
" log approved by the foremen of these'
bridges, while further consideration
Will be given to regulations for the
Broadway and Steel bridges. Foreman
J, 8. Hicks of th Broadway bridgeAnd
Foreman O. J. Laird of the Steel brldgo
will be asked to confer with Mr. Cof
fin. li. Th proposed change to which these
; two foremen make particular objec,
tion, It is understood, allows fast tnov
' Ing'vehlcles to fall in line with slow
"'moving Vehicles, but prohibits them
from breaking the line to get ahead
' of a slow moving vehicle.
i Responsibility Assumed for Dam
. ages to Steamer Grahamona.
.''' Accepting responsibility for th col
; llslon between the 'steamboat Graha
mona and the draw of the Morrison
'treat bridge on May 8, the county,
commissioners today Instructed M.
; Welch, uprlntndent of bridges, to
proceed to repair the damage sus
.. .tain4 by th boat.
i;'ilT--' Court Censures Jury.
' Judge Morrow told the Jury which
.heard th case against Roy RJckman,
tried for non-eupport, that thers was
' absolutely no excuse fer them failing
. to agree on a verdict. "The defense
"'admitted the charges so far as hie two
'K children are concerned," declared Judge
- 5,Morrow, "and fchere is no excuse for
your failure to return a verdict." The
, Jufy reported they were unable to
agree at 10 o'clock this morning, after
having been out since yesterday noon.
if Laundry Employe Is Arrested.
- P, P. Fisher, an employe of the Na
tional Laundry company, was arrested
, today by deputy sheriffs on a ohargo
,: of larceny by embeszlement. Ho was
indicted by the grand Jury. The -unount
alleged to have been -emberzied " Is
' , $830.95. He wa released on 11000
;.bond. C. Wi MatthewB, indicted for
obtaining money under false pretenses
'from George Harvey, was arrested last
. night by Deputy Sheriff Beckmar..
'l Complaint Against Ferrw7 Boats.
That the lavatories on the four ferry
v Boat operated Dy tne county ars
'"odoriferous, dirty, unsanitary and un
fit, Is th report made to th county
. commissioners by Captain E. S. Ed
wrds and John E. Wynne of the
. TJ&lted States steamboat Inspection
aervlce, today. The commissioners
were requested to put them in j-roper
. condition.
V,' ' County Aids "Vista 'House."
After Roadmasteryeon has exhaust-
ed the funds at his disposal, if it uoes
not totai siz.uou, wnicn is to re ex
pended for the construction of "Vista
house." on the Columbia river highway,
Vtn county commissioners today au
TMlii I BlliWaVsilltWi (
"J1 'I" MMMrrrrrrrriwr )
A PIPE of VELVET burns
x x those bridges that we are
always try in' to cross bef o we
get to -em.
thorlied the transfer of th fvtiajfce
needed .from Jth emergency fund. , .-
- ' Ferry to IIato Day Off.
. Th ferry t St. ; John will not be
operated Sunday, - according' to an
nouncement made by the county com
missioners. .v j- .. .
. ; v ' m ' ' .y ' .
Light Company Has'
, Changed Ownership
Beasid' lga Fower Co. Purchased
y vaoui row Zdgb Co arw
' . Owners rian Extensions.
Th Pacific Power A Ught Co. has
taken over th Seaside Light A tower
Co., having purchased the plant out
right frontf-Wllliam Pollmaii of Baker
and 'John ftlernan of Portland. An
nouncement to this effect was made
today by J. K. Davidson, rice president
and general manager of the racirtc
company. The amount Involved was
not stated.
The Prouty Lumber company mill
now supplies the plant with fuel for
steam and electric generation. With
the acquisition " of the smaller Com
pany. the Pact fie proposes to make
gome extensive improvements, rhief of
which s a 22.900 volt transmission line
from Warrenton to Seaside, about nine
miles. ' This will cost in the neighbor
hood of 130,000.
.The line will be built and be in
operation by July 1, lOhe city of Sea
side extends the franchise for a suffl
cient number of years to warrant tne
issue of bonds. The present franchise
expires in 12 years, while the bond
Issue, a mortgage on the property
would run for a longer period.
With the extension of the service,
the company proposes to serve the in
dustrial ana agricultural communities
tributary to the river mouth with light
and power- on a more comprehensive
150,000 to Parade
For Preparedness
New Tork to Bold Demonstration to At
tract Attention to Military and Haval
Plans Trades to Participate.
New York. May 1J.(U. P.)On
hundred and fifty thousand New York
ers will march tomorrow in a parade
designed to attract attention to mili
tary and naval preparedness. The
first detachments of the unprecedented
procession, consisting of business men
and women, will start their hike at 9:30
a. m., and thereafter the tramp of feet
will be heard all day until -10 p. m.,
when the National Guardsmen parade.
It is estimated that 25,000 women
will participate. Representatives of
66 trades and professions are to be In
line. At night a great white glare of
calcium lights from the tops of sky
scrapers will illuminate the streets for
the soldiers.
Eleven thousand marchers will pass
. . ii i ' m i
a given pomi every uour oi mo ueui
onstratlon. Mayor Mitchel and Major.
General Wood are to occupy the only
vehicles in ltn. There will b no ban
ners or streamers carried. Th board
of aldermen will march in a body, wear
lng derbies.
Former Cashier of
San Diego Bank Held
San- Diego. Cal., May 12. (U. P.)
Local business circles were stirred to
day by the arrest late last night o
E. Milton Barber, recently cashier o
the San Diego Savings bank, on a
charge of embezzlement and forgery.
The complaint was sworn to by M. T,
Gllmore, president of the Institution
Barber is accused or caving lorged a
check for 2500 on an account at the
bank. After arraignment before a
Justice, Barber was released on $15,
000 ball and taken to a sanitarium, in
a highly nervous state. Bank officers
and state examiners stated that the
bank's financial standing was not af
fected by the case. According to one
officer of the institution. Barber de
clared he was given authority to draw
on th account ui question for Invest
ment. Orpet Is Diverted by
Flow of Love Notes
Waukegan, 111., May 12. (U P.)
William Orpet, University of Wiscon
sin student, charged with the murder
of his sweetheart, Marion Lambert, was
first annoyed at the scores of love let
ters he received from unknown girls,
but today he Is beginning to. regard
th daily flow of billets doux as a dl
Score of Strang young womeff have
written, protesting undying affection
for him and strong belief in his Inno
cence. Marlon Lambert s mother is
very ill and is suffering from a nerv
bus breakdown brought on by sorrow
ing at her daughter's death. She main
tains that Marion was murdered and
tnat ner relations witn urpet were in
Legislators Must Fight.
London. May 12.-r-(I. N. S.) It ba
been decided that eligible members of
parliament shall be subjected to con
- ,(
. -i! " I 1
; ,
Commissioner Baker Opposes
Action on Ground That thei
Council Was Unfair.
Columbia Pool and BUUaxa Hall at
107K Birth Street, On of Largest
lm City, Kit by Baling.
Considerable feeling was stirred up
at today's session of th city council
when the majority, consisting J of
Mayor Albee and Commissioners Daly
and Blgelow, revoked tfTe license of
th Columbia pool and billiard hall at
107 H Sixth street, one of the largest
places of its kihd in the city. Tt was
charged that gambling had been per
mitted in the place. ,
Attorney R. R. Giltner, representing
Fred Hussman, -manager of the place,
chargeU that Mayor Albe was biased
before the 'evidence was even heard
and that hi client .had not been given
'fair play.'; The revocation ordinance
does not take effect until Jurp 12.
Commissioner Baker also charged
that the council, was unfair, saying:
I don't ace liow any fair-minded
man could vote' to revoke the license
on th evidence presented, x wouia
hate to be tried before this commis
sion." "Well, I have convinced myself."
said Mayor Albee," that more gam-
ilng has taken place in this pool room
than in any ot&er similar place In the
-I'm satisfied also that there was
gambling there." said Commissioner
Daly, "but not from the evidence sub
mitted here."
I feel the same way," said Dleck.
When th vote, however, waa taken
Commissioner Dleck voted with Raker
to allow Hussmair to retain bis license.
and the principal witness, called a i
sroolpigeon," testified that h had
gambled in the place and had seen
others gamble. His testimony was re
futed, however, by witnesses appear
ing In Hussman' behalf.
Portland Heights Property Owners
Object to Summer Visitors.
A large delegation of persons own
ing property near Sixteenth street and
Heights Terrace, Portland Heights, led
by Tom Richardson and Edward Hoi-
man, appeared before th city coun
cil today and asked that immediate
action be taken toward having a tent
colony removed f rem th district.
Mr. Richardson stated that th dis
trict was on most prominent
in th city and that it was a disgrace
to have the tents allowed In that
part of th cilty. The council prom
ised to Investigate and take wnat
action It could toward having the
tents removed. It waa said that th
tents are owned by on woman wbfo
rents them out during the summer
Council Appropriates Money
Fighting Beetles.
The city council decided today to
take a hand tn the fight carried on
by Park Superintendent. Convlll to ex
terminate the elm beetles. It entered
the fight by authorizing the purchase
of two chemical spray pumps to cost
not to exceed 11600.
Convlll explains that th elm beetles
are spreading to the largest elm trees
and unless something is done imme
diately the elm trees will ba destroyed.
The park bureau now has two spray
pumps In "use but Convlll said that
these ar Inadequate. With the two
more authorized purchased today Con
vlll says that he believes that the
beetles can be put to rout.
Humane Society Has Selected Pos
sibilities Outside Limit.
The Oregon Humane society has two
more locations for its dog pound and
animal home and proposes to use one
of them, according to announcement
made by President Cowoerthwalte of
the society this morning. Both are
Just outside the city limits. One is at
East Eighty-third and Division streets
and the other at Lents Junction. -
President Cowperthwalte was before
the council toaay, asking if there were
objections to the society's locating out
side the limits and having, an office
within the city. The question was re
ferred to the city attorney.
Council Drona Tmiroiremnt Trftrf
Until Residents Agree.
With some property owners w.antlng
Tacoma avenue widened from 28 to 34
feet, others wanting the street paved
and others wanting nothing done this
year, the city council today decided to
drop all proceedings for the improve
ment of the thoroughfare from Grand
avenue to East Seventeenth street.
The question of Improving the street
has caused much feeling among resi
dents of the Sellwood district and
those along th street.
Carl K Quarnberg
Was' Long Time 111
Vancouver,. Wash., May 12. Carl X.
Quarnberg, 38 years old, died yester-r
day at the family home after a linger,
ing illness. He-came her rrom South
Dakota with his parents when six
years old.
, Mr. Quarnberg wa a graduate of
the local high school and of a busi
ness college. He served as deputy
county auditor for a time. He was
an enthusiastic member of the Mana
ma club of Portland and , loved : th
mountain. He climbed most of the
mountains and peak, in this section
of th country. -
Hi father, A. A, Quarnberg, one
brother, lR 'A. Quarnberg, and two
sister. Mrs. C. J. Moss and Miss Ruth
Quarnberg,, all of this city, survive.
The body is being ' held at Knapp'a
funeral parlors until the funeral,
which will be. held at 2:30 o'clock Sat
urday afternoon, Revi Thomas F.
May wll conduct the services and in
terment will be in the family plot in
Aba, -Vancouver city cemetery, where
th local lodge of Elks, of which h
wa . a highly esteemed member, -will
have eharge.?;1 vQ;-. .- y;'1'-
Drr Elmer; M. Brown1
Dies atTacoma
Was Saiiv f Oregon, Bom of WH
Xnm Moa?, and - Srd Wit
XHstlactloa la Bpaalaa War. .
?coma, Wash May 12. CP. N. &)
Dr. Elmer M. Brown, well-known pby-
elclan of Tacomadied this moraine at
bi bom here. He bad been confined
, r.2'J2:
distinction. He was born July e.
1P57, at Forest Grove. Or., hi parents
being pioneers. They crossed the
plains with ox teams Jn 184S and set
tied on a donation land claim, which
i now the cite of Forest Grove. Or.
Brown's great grandmother was Tail
tha Brown, founder of Pacific uni
versity at Forest Grove, Dr. Brown
attended Cooper's Medical, college at
San Francisco two years and Willam
ette Medical college-at Portland one
year, graduating with honors when 22
years of age.
Dr. Brown was married June 10,
1S79, to Miss Mary K. Williamson,
whose parenta were also pioneers of
Oregon, settling- in Yamhill county. He
began the practice of medletne at
liillsbor. -
Dr. Brown is survived by his wife,
a son and daughter-in-law. two daugh
ters, ttfo brothers, A. V. Brown of
Forest Grove.. K. C Brown of Santa
Ana. Cal., and two sisters, Mrs. Mary
T. Lewis of Portland, Or, and Mrs.
Liberia Schock of Chicago.
Man Injured at Work
Dies in Hospital Sere
WUUam JTelson, ttrnok by a Oabls la
Ziogglag Camp at Cartl mock, Ex
pires Suddenly,
William Nelson, a young man who
had been employed in a logging camp
at Castle Rock, Wash., died very sud
denly at 8t. Vincent's hospital at
6:45 this morning from a fractured
j skull, received yesterday when struck
uy a nymg caDie. iNeison s iatner ac
companied him to the hospital yester
day and remained at his bedside until
4 o'clock this morning. Th lad was
thought to be much better at that
time and the father left for his room
at a hotel. Shortly after 6 o'clock tbo
young man suffered a sinking spell
and died. His father had not been
located up to a short time before noon
DUbiie n,orT,.
Negro Soldier Kills
Wife and Sergeant
Ken rrom Hi. Company Capture Him;
OTTlcer not In Effort to Bsoap;
Whit Woman Xs Wounded.
Fort Leavenworth, Kan., May 12.
iu. f.) in a Jealous rage, Private
William Whit, a negro, today shot
and killed a man and a woman and
wounded one woman In th govern
ment reservation here.
Mistaking Miss Minnie Thomas, a
white woman, for his wife, whom he
intended to kill, the negro first shot
and wounded her. Then he visited the
quarters of Lieutenaxt James Green
and killed the woman he was after.
In his flight he encountered Ser
geant James Jackson and killed him to
escape capture. - Later the slayer was
captured by a detachment of men from
his own company.
Harold Moodie Dies
When Wire Hits Him
Son of President of Moodie Konse
moTlng Company Electrocuted While
at Work oa Peninsula,
Harold Moodie, son of Andrew D.
Moodie, president of the Moodie House
moving company, J81V4 East Morrison
etreet. was electrocuted this afternoon
at 1 o'clock while assisting In moving
a small cottage near the foot of Mc
Kenna avenue on the Peninsula,
Moodie was on the roof of the build
ing when an electric wire broke and
struck him. The body was removed
to the morgue by the coroner.
Slide-Mud Must Go;
Arrest Alternative
x-roperxy owners neglecting to re
move from the streets and aidewalks
in front of their property, the dirt an 3
debris tbat came down in the slides
last month are to be arrested. The
city council this morning Instructed
City Attorney La Roche to inform all
property owners that they would be
given 10 days in which to clean the
-sidewalks and streets.
Drug Store Employes Accused.
Warrants were Issued out of the mu
nicipal court today for the arrest of
H. F. Striker of the Ausplund Dru
I company, 110 North Sixth street, and
iv. r. Bcott or the Brink pharmacy.
i Thirteenth and Washington street, on
charges of violating the prohibition law
in selling alcohol without the contents
of the bottle being labeled. The com
plaint was signed by State iiairy and
Food Commissioner Mickle.
Go to i-ny dental office tn Port
land, net their prices and advice
and thencome to me and learn my
m pnees and what 1 can
o ior you. Examina
tion free. I give my
personal attention to
all work.
SJ oil null.
V t j DB H. F.
Plates .......... 15.00
t J 1
Gold Crowns.
Gold Fiilinira..-.. im
L -t jnapre wora.. ..
u5 Painless Eitract'n ,50
Boston Dentists
286 V Waslw Bt Bet. 4th ana &taf
Qeary StrMt.' Jut elf Unioa Squar
Eoropaaa Pian $liO a tJaj np
' Breaktart BOO UnckBOo DIaBer$1.00
Mesf Faawus Meals Of flit United States
Kew stoel sad concrete straetar. Center
of theater, cafe and retaU. districts.
On carUnes transferring all ever city.
Take Municipal ear line direct to door.
Motor Bus meets train and steamer. ,
Facts; Alleged to Have Been
Misrepresented In Regard
to Attorney Clark's Fee.
In answer to fcn editorial in the Ore
gonlan, which la declared to be a mis
representation of. facta relative to th
J4E00 attorney fee of A. E. Clark, spe
cial attorney in th bounty poor farm
foreclosure suit, John C. McCua, can
didate for district attorney, today
made the following statement:
"The Oregontan is 'again attempting
to defend Mr. Evans and his extrava
gant administration. The defense la
now directed In Justification and ex
planation of the county poor farm fore
closure suit.
Attempt to Befog Issue.
"Th defense Is none th less appar
ent by reason of the fact that the Ore-
gonian ostensibly directs It attack
against Th Oregon Daily Journal for
publishing certain letter demanding!
explanation as to why Mr. Evans employed-A.
E. Clark as special counsel
for th county and as to why Mr. Ev- -
ans agreed that 14600 wa a reasonable
attorney fee for Mr. Clark' service.
No doubt if the Oregonian can befog
the issue in regard to this foreclosure
suit It will likewise attempt to befog
the issues relative to th enormous ex
penditures in Mr. Evans' offic and
relative to th very larg number of
Indictments that Mr. Evans' office has
caused to be dismissed before trial, and
relative to th vast amount of private
practice which Mr. Evans and hi depu
ties ar dally accepting and engag
ing in.
"These ar nocontradtctabl facts:
Th Lombard mortgage wa foreclosed;
Mr. Clark, upon Mr. Evans' recommend
ation and acquiescence, was employed
as special counsel; the court, upon Mr.
Evan' recommendation, did allow Mr.
Clark $4600 a a reasonable attorney
fee. When th attempted explanation
la stripped of it verbiage, it will be
found that th only Justification that
this deal has at the present Um In th
minds of Mr. Evans constituents is
that the 14600 never has been paid.
However, it cannot be denied, if Mult-i
nomah county was to establish an asset
and liability sheet, that the $4600
would appear as an account payable In
the liability column.
Way Hot Publish X.eUrs. .
"xner is reference mad to some
Vlnd of a mysterious letter In regard to
the payment of Mr. Clark's fees. Why
not publish th content of this letter.
so that It may be definitely known at
this time, once and for all. how much
less than (4600 Mr. Clark will accept
for his services to Multnomah county?
Perhaps Mr. Clark, In a benevolent and
charitable frame of mind, will donate
part of hi fee to the county, and per
haps he will not. Perhaps this mys
terious letter has something to do -with
the settlement of this fee. and oerhans
It does not. In any event, why not be
fair and let the people know If they
do not owe Mr. Clark $4600, how much
the do owe him?
"By examination of the record, the
Oregonian will find that the Judgment
has been satisfied in full by the sale
of the property, and the sheriff deed
delivered to the county, and that Mr.
Lombard is Ihereby discharged of all
legal and moral liability of paying to
Mr. ciara one cent of the $4500. Any
claim Mr. Clark may. now have against
Multnomah county for legal services Is
against Multnomah county alone, and
it appears from Mr. Clark's letter of
date of February 16. 1916, published in
full in yesterday's Journal, that Mr.
Clark does have a claim against
Multnomah county. The county, soon
er or later, must settle with Mr. Clark.
Let this settlement be open and pub
lic, not secret and mysterious. No
doubt Mr. Evans considers it political
diplomacy to allow this settlement to
be made after the primaries."
Candidate for Constable Replies to
Story in Circulation.
Sanfleld Macdonald, who is making
an energetic campaign for the Repub
lican nomination for constable of the
Portland district, wants it distinctly
understood that he is a citizen of the
"Inside Facts"
Bradbury System Suits
Loot deeper
of the suit
linings, tke
inner stitching and re-inforcements of the
seams, and tne way the buttons are sewed.on. The
excellence of tkese difierent features of Braitury
System Clotkes making them tetter tkan ordinary
clotkci, coupled witk a etyle tkat makes the Brbury name famou.
s - . -,- ' - - "
Bradbury System Suite $20 to $40
Others $15.00 Up
A Charge
United States. Some unkind political
non-supporter has been circulating th
story tin. i MontavtUa, Mi. Macdoaaid
says, that h 1 not a eitlsen, He
says he wa born in Neva Scotia Octo
ber g. ;1S64. but that he cam toMan-
chester, N. H., September 11, 1180. and
was given citizenship in Octobr, its.
before, Judg Nathan Hunt r Man
chester, and that the clerk of the court
waa named J. C, Bickford. r. .
- i j Davia Will Speak.
, N.
W. N. Davis, candidate for circuit
Judge to succeed Judge -McGinn, will
be th principal speaker at a meeting
of the Irish Navy club, at Sellwood
Friday night at o'clock. . -Mr. Davis
will speak upon th topic "Progres
(Continued From Pe - One)
county and were being shipped out of
the state.
Ho Violation round.
"From our Investigation w learned
that the only place within Mult
nomah county In which nonlntoxlcat
lng substitutes for bear were being
manufactured were the Portland Brew
ing company and the Weinhard plant,"
says the report.
Explanation of the process of manu
facture at th Portland Brewing com
pany's plant is given. It waa found
the product at no time contains more
than one half of 1 per oent of alcohol,
which is the limit allowed under th
prohibition law. Continuing the report
In the preparation of Weinhard s
Jkectar." it appears that after the
malt and hops are brewed, thi mix
ture is permitted to ferment for a few
da vs. During- this time, due to the
nutural action of the ingredients used.
the alcoholic content becomes in ex
cess of one-half, of one per cent by
volume, but at Itnat time, however.
the mixture Is not marketable and Is
not intended or reasonably likely to
be used as a beverage. Thereafter
this mixture is boiled, which has the
effect of driving the alcohol from the
mixture aa svyapor wmcn is noi re
tained out is permuted to escape
Ee Our Olrla
In Cawapor Qoatom
Coming Sunday Super
' r
Hell Hinges
Wm. S.
tkan tlie
you are selecting,
padding of the
Washington Street at Tenth
throurh thachlmnev: Thereafter It 14
filtered and carbonated. :.;? ' f
;- . T4r4 Tu tmpoMl -
Th rtxulaUons ot th treasury de
partment of the United State govern
ment requir th collector or internal
revenu to collect a tax of $1.60 per
barrel for the manufacture of temper
ance beer from in a It. if at any stage
of the process of manufacture tae
beverage contains as much a on half
of I per cent of alcohol without r
fard to th final alcobolio content of
he beverage. Under this ruling tae
Weinhard estate s repaired to Pay a
United State government tax on Us
Product although chemical analyses ot
tr. product show that It contains ap
proximately -two tenths of 1 per cent
of alcohol. The United States govern
ment . recognise this fact because it
does not require a federal license from
any retailer of Weinhard's ,,Necar.M
un yauuai jr a, a a v uv i oiiiaiiru
estate had on hand 7493 barrcU of
beer, manufactured or
to th
meration or tne proniDition.
eration or tne proniDitior
act. Sine
that time no beer has been manufac
tared by
the Henry weinhard p
Neither the
prohibition amendment
nor the prombition act made it un
lawful to ship to California the beer
in Oregon which was manufactured
Srlor to January 1. 19i, Furthermore,
nles the beer was used for unlawful
sales within th stat , of Oregon, it
was not subject to seizure by the looal
Close Examination Mad.
"The grand Jury has made an ex
haustive examination of the manufac
ture of these product, has examined
a large number of witnesses in regard
thereto, has examined the books and
records of these plants, has secured
exnert testimony on th manufactur
ing processes of these beveragea, has
personally examined both or the plants
from top to bottom, ha secured ex
pert advice as to the law. not only
from the district attorney of this coun
ty, but from the attorney general of the
state of Oregon, has carefully checked,
the united States internal revenue rec
ords and railway bill of lading and
has had presented to It th reault
of chemical analyse of th products,
all with a view of ascertaining whethor
or not any violation of th prohibition
act has been committed.''
Candidates at Oswego.
Oregon City, Or.. May 12. Candi
dates for office at the coming pri
maries were extended an invitation by
the people of Oswego to give their
views at a politic! rally held last
night- in the theatre at that place.
There were about 30 candidates of the
county In attendance.
M ' 'v-ew
One of the most striking plays
yet produced by the Triangle service
H. B. Warner, as the drug debased beggar
gives a wonderful character sketch.
- Feature
mere surf ace
Shoes for Men
English, straight, pu and
freak lasts to perfectly: fit
any foot. Vici, gunmetal
and Russia calf leathers
lace or button.
$4e509 $S.$6
Calif ornia Man Sees
Famous HigHwayi
John T. Craig Visits Portland, Aooon-4
hlpbuUdlng Business. ;'M
Mr. andlrs. John ). Craig and Mr
and Mr. John F. Craig Jr. ar vlsltitl.
tn Portland for a few days frottt thelri
California home. Mr. Craig Sr. until)
recently wa head of the Craig 6hlp-i
building company of Lonir Beach, Call
which, he sold to the California Bhlp4
building company, which handle gov
em men t wora exclusively. ;1
Th Cralc party waa entertained on
th Columbia river highway this aftr-l
noon by George E. Hardy, xecutlvd
secretary of the Chamber of Commerce!
Mr. Craig and his son ar lntmreti
In lumbering at Coo bay. Whethei
they will reenter th shipbuilding bust
ness depends largely upon their inves
Ugatlona In the northwest.
Flag DayJs Urged-
As a Legal Holiday
j Ki
Elks Pas absolutions Petitioning OeV
ernor's Aid Big Program It Pre
pared far fun 14 ClbrtlaV . -
A resolution was passed at - th1
meeting of Portland lodge, No. 142
of the Elks lust night asking al
lodges throughout the state to petl
tlon Governor Wlthycombe to declarJ
Flag Day. June 14, a legal holiday.
It Is expected to have all clvlo anq
patriotio orders and association ' li
line, together with 3000 school chll
dren, on Flag Dsy. Th llteraH
and musical exercises will be held
In the Park blocks at th Kos
Festival Civic center In front ot th
Arlington club.
Fred W. Wagner, chairman of th'
committee of arrangements, has prom
Ise of support on every hand to mak
Vie celebration a success. H Is as
sisted by George I Baker, Judge C. V
Gantenbeln, Professor E. D. Curtis, A
W. Orton, Ray Barkhurst and John W
Bucking Society
a Keystone Full of Fast Fun r
c?Tv The Theatre Beaiilifi
(DX -Sixth at
- " J -
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the v m
the: for?
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