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Tonight .f ftjr, "
with heavy frost;'
tomorrow, arm- :
r; nortl wester-,
ly winds. Hu-
m i!ty. 60.
SVpuiXV. NO, 53
II anil f 4 K2 II f 11 IJ till f t I If .1 I I V 11 lyl IAX A UIT.Ilin HPKXU- . ""V 1 V 1 I I I I I " I vy II1 1" II VI I K 1
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,.. I.'.'.,'" :"
iprtyeven uie on
; t H
: : T.
yessel Which Ran Out of
Portland for Years Lost
South of San Francisco;
Carried No Passengers.
Fort San IaH. Cal.. May 11. (U.
P.)-t.Wbll patrola watched the
breakeri today for th bodita of tha
47 believed dead in the foundering of
the North Pacific liner. Roanoke, a
wireless message came from tho
steamer Lansing saying that It had
gone over the acene of the disaster off
Point Buchori and found no trace of
survivors. The radio was received
St 9:30 a. m. by J. If. Sims, prealdent
pt the Pacific Coast railway. It also
announced that the Lansing was com
ing Snd, 4 would arrive at 11 o'clock,
i' Humors sloag the sea coarp tbat
another llfeboet containing single
corps had been found were not pub
tantiated . and were discredited. 80,
far, the en ly, men known to have es
caped death . Joseph' F. Klb, a
quartermaster, and two Mexicans, who
drifted ashore with five dead bodies in
lifeboat near here last night
, ' ) . ays Cargo Voorly Placed.
J Manuel Lopes, fireman, who came
ashore -in the lifeboat with Quarter
master Klb and. Cbarles Rouiero, told
a graphic story, of the disaster ' this
Afternoon when; he had parUaily recflv.
red froinrtbs.siiock.' i:J . ....
He declared hat "the' -rtW .f-the
Koanoke was Inexperienced and that.
in, his opinion, the cargo was badly
loaded. larea he- protested to
Captain Dlckso m4 beg ged' thS -skip-;
tOonoloded ea fetce Bvn. -Cotoaa TweV ,
Their Wives Were in San
f, Francisco and Bid Them
Goodbye on Last Voyage."
Portland Women Widowed.
Two Portland women had
last sight of their husbands
when the steamer Roanoke left
the South Seas pier In Sin
Francisco Monday.
Mrs. Charles J. Green, wife
of the Roanoke's first officer,
and Mrs. D. Mclnnis, wife of
the chief engineer, made the
trip from Portland to be with
their husbands on the Roa
noke'js arrival At the Bay City.
Mrs. areen left , on the
steamer Bear two weeka ago
while Mrs. Mclnnis -made 'the
" trip . on the steamer Break
water. ' , .
j The Greene occupied apart
ments at S00 Wllllkms avenue.
. while the McTnnises also l,lved
fin that neighborhood. A daugh
ter Also survives the chief en--glneer.
of the Rosnoke. She is
.staying temporarily with W.
A. Lynch at 439 Larrabee
f -
The shipping fraternity i todav
nourning the loss of the steamer Roan
bke and her crew.
The Roanoke had been on the Port
ndsan uiego run In the North Pa-
Uio 'Steamship company service for
several years prior to this winter
khen, to" tsks advantage of the hleh
freights, she was transferred to the
fveat coast run.
Captain Richard Dickson hae been
pa her for many years and is known
n svery port on. the coast. He was
egardefas an excellent navigator, and
hearty laugh, his ready wit ai.d the
nany interesting stories he had stored
kway made him very popular.
vnariee j. areen. the first officer n
he son of Captain Charles Green,' of
hs steamer Multnomah. He was for
merly a member of the Bandon an'.l
"ort Orford llfesaving crews, where
'Is fearlessness gained him consider
ble.farne. Later be went to sea and
erred on 'various steam schooners be
ore securing the mate's berth on the
loanoke a year ago.
Chief Engineer Mclnnis had also been
11 the RoAnoke a considerable time. He
A greet favorite alone the water-
ronU His wife and dauchter live here.
h Myers Is Released. "
Cincinnati. Ohio. May 11. (I. g.l
-Philllp K. Myers, a Los Ans-eles At-
rney, who was Arrested here recently
n embesslement charges. WAaVeleMed
n car- of relatives today on orders
rom the district attorney of Los .n-
Jeles.'' k'-. : .ki
I .! ' 'i
Survivors Reach Shore
Abandoned for
Among those missing of the crew of North Pacific com
pany's vessel are (from left to Tight) : D. Mclnnis, chief
engineer, of Portland; Charles J. Green, first officer, of Port
Und; Richard Dickson, captain, of San Francisco.
, ;: .4
1 ' i ii
Teuton 'Statemerjt ? Says the
Losses ,of French, Were
Heavy in Two Assaults,
Berlin. May 11. M S.) Ad-dltlonai-Gerraan-aivanoes
on "the west
ern front And repulse of, the French
At several points -were announced in
An official statement, Issued, from fhe
war"orflcehere todsy. Te ststement
follows: -, .
"Taubes yesterday bombarded pun
kirk and railroads neAT Adinklrk. ; :
"West of the Meuse the-French jes
terflay af ternoonattacke-pur forces
near Le Mort' Homme And fa the even
ing attempted Another offensive south'
east of. ' "hill No. S"04. Both AttAckS
broke down under our curtAlns of fir.
the enemy sufferlnr heavy losses.
"A Bavarian patrol In the Cajnard
forest captured 6 French. The num
ber of unwoonded prisoners taken
since May 4 in the vicinity of hill 304
totals 63 officers And 1616 soldiers.
"East of the Meuse a French attack
in the Calllette woods was repulsed.
"Southeast of the railroad station at
Selburg.' the . Germans stormed and
captured 609 yards Of enemy positions
Three, hundred and nine unwounded
Russians were taken as well as several
machine guns and -mine throwers."
Deny Half Army at .Verdun.
Paris, May 11. (U. P.) With bay
onets and. hand grenades, the French
during the night repulsed a Qs.-rnan At
tAck northeast of Verdcrtr; it was offi
cially anni unced. West of the Me-use
tae. uaa nothing more than it;i)ery
fiKb'-X'g la1 "'Sbt !
Though there is still artillery fight
ing oil the Aieuse west bank, the m-preo-sion
Is again growing that ths Tor
mans are preparing to abandon their
attack on Verdun. Officers are ridi
culing the German statement the: 300,
000 French are engaged in the defense.
They raid that Germany caused this to
be putlished to show the people thAt
they confronted great obstacles At Vjr
dun, and to explain their failure 10 cap
ture the citadel.
Russians Repulse Get-mans.
PetrOgrad, May 11. (I. N. S.) (Offi
cial.) Western front: At Smorgon,
south of Krevo. the Germans were re
pulsed. At Chartoryvsk an enemy aero
plane waa shot down and the occupants
made prisoners.
Eight New Bishops
May Be Proposed
Methodist episcopal Committee Ex
pected to SCAko KeoonunendAtlon;
Coast OlTlaes Mentioned.
Saratoga Springs, N, T., May 11. (I.
N. 8.) It was understood here todAy
thAt the Methodist Episcopal commit
tee will report About May 15 recom
mending eight new bishops.
Among those prominently mentioned
for elevation are Ir. Locke of Los
Angeles and Rr. A. W,. Leonard of Se
attle. ' M '11
German Home Secretary to Quit.
London, May It. (I. N. S.) Munich
newspapers state that Home Secretary
Delbruck has ben , invited to resign,
owing to the failure of the food organ
isation plans according to, ths Daily
News correspondent At ierna. ,
the Rest
1 .-i
Question.' pf High'.'School
Credit Brings Out Diamet
rically Opposing Views
having decided yesterday thik 40
per .cent ofthe; cUdreii ip .Oregpn.Are
wholly- without religious- tnstro,eitoa
and that a coastderable . proportion .of
th remainder are' Inadequately or im
properly trained. ,. the fourth- annual
convention of" the Religious. Education .
aasoclatlon, pacific coast division, split
decisively this morning on the ques-'
Hon of hlgTi school credit for bible
luuy perwrmea eisewnere.
i . J. A, Clrurchail, state superintendent
KT,1 " V"" '
l.?rlV"f:?n? 01 l1 n'sTrscnooi
credits essential
year's study divided equally between
ths Old and the New Testaments And
Along the lines of a,syllabuis which the
siii ucpi iiuesii tins preparea. -Study
Is Optional.
Tender this plan students may elect
to 1 take up Bible study requiring 40
minutes to an hour each day and re
citing at Sunday school. The study is
entirely optional and not to be urged
by principal or teachers. There are to
be two examinations a year and manu-
(Concluded on Pige Nineteen, Column Two)
Jumps From Bed to
Save Drowning Man
Man, Living in Apartment House rac
ing Beach, Ksars Cries sad Bushes
to Rescue in Bis Pajamas.
Santa Monica, Cal., May 11. (P. N.
S.) Hearing the cries 'for help of A.
E. Hoover when he was seized with
cramps wnue nn me sun nere. jari 1
ocnraaei, m an apartment . b f jj border settlements Are pre-
house facing the beach today Jumped ; f, ht Th, autnorltjMV
? i ' fldilieve teat the bandits are participating
brought , to shore unconscious but Is j tral heaaquar"" within a short ride of
expected to recover. tlje Jlne.
. Every Mexican 'on the American eld's
- ' is under suspicion, and even those
InP hn P flTmPVC! I .nOP
Property in Flood!
Dam Breaks and Releases Weter in
Fack Saddle Reservoir, Teuton Coun
ty; ews Zs Delayed.
Boise, Idaho. ; May 11. Flood caused
by the breaking of a dam, whlcto re
leased the water in the Pack Saddle
reservoir, caused a heavy loss to farm
ers in a remote section of Teuton
county last Saturday. News of the
flood reached Here today.
Farm houses were swept away and
ranchers lost all their belongings. The
settlers were warned in time to es
cape. Fresh Troops En .Route.
San Francisco, CaI., May 11. U.
P.) Headquarters - of the -wester
depArtment ot the United States army
here Announced - todAy thAt the fresh
troops ordered! from the Pacific CoAst
to the Mexican border were eh routs.
Tha Second BAttallon of the Four
teenth .Infantry went from Fort law
ton, Seattle, to DouglAa, Arizona,.' and
tha Third BAttallon from Fort George
wrignt, spogane,. to jjougiaa. - . .
Reiteration of Mexico's In
sistence That Time Limit
Be Placed on Expedition's
Presence Causes Worry.
Secretary 'Baker Is Optimistic
After Receiving Latest
Word From Scott.
"Washington, Msy It (V. P.) The
state department through its consuls
today Again warned Americans to quit
Mexico. ':
: Reports compiled recently said that
there were fewer than 1800 AmeKcsns
In Mexico And this number has prob
ably been reduced; since developments
caused a massing of new troops on
the . border. Reiteration of Mexico's
. Insistence thst a time limit be placed
on the American expeaiuon's presence
- m Mexico is causing uneasiness.
Secrstary of War Baker WAs-optl
mistic, however, After receiving Gen
rai Hugh Scott's lAteajf word.
! Fttngton to Mount Militia,
.' - El Paso, Texss, May' 1. (U. P.)
General Alvsro Qbregon. today exoect
ed. to, submit, tn writing his proposal
for a cooperative border patrol involv
ing withdrawal 'of - American troops
rrom Mexico, , This Is the CarrAnxlatas1
last hope of overcoming the deadlock
lot the -OeneraJ Seott-Obregon confer
ences. As Scott is powerless to de-
cioe wnether tberA shall be a. with
drawAl hers is.a DossibUitv of ne
gotiations switching to Washington for
adjustment ojr tne state department.
. Mnwnue ; thos TOiUtla of three
border vatatss . is hurriedly eoncen
tratlng. tJeneral Fred : -ffunston has
ssnea perTuisios c to oung 200 Ju
fantrymen for Jfee.bofder contrel.'-':
General Perishing" 4sf tccte4 tls
Mn9i HUUtnUAtlit tot. lti stl
soutnerntnoflt. bto, Nearly gusiu reu
tars, inciting coast and field .ajrHUery.
Are now en toute to xb border. A new
detachment CAvalry- hA- already
orossed thims seekinr' the Mexicani
wno rataea -leon. springs Texas. .
General Fred. Funs ton today is aeri
oualy considering Asking tbe First cav
alry of the Chicago, militia to be
brought south for duty on tbe Mexican
Funstoh was informed that the Chi
cago regiment has mounts and is ready
for duty.: The shortage of cavalrymen
oa the border led Funston to previ
ously ask the war department for per
mission f to- mount 1 100s- infantrymen.
Funston todAy declined to comment on
the reported Abandonment, of the line
beyond Dublan. Officials believe that
this move is progressing under Fun
ston's orders.
Funston has decided not to go to
Columbus at present, but to eo from
El Paso direct to San Antonio as soon
as Scott releases him from his connec
tlon with the Mexican negotiations.
ueneral Alvsro Obregon visited Gen
ral Hugh Scott At 10 a. m. todAy for a
conference At which he expected to sub
mit his plan for a cooperative border
patrol with American and CarrAHiista
troops keeping or thelriown side of the
line. - The meeting took place in Scott's
private car. General Amador Accompa
nied Obregon.
The conference recessed at 1 p. m.
to resume at 4 p. m., but no anounce
ment of its progress was made.
"I think we made progress toward a
settlement," was General ScoLt's only
comment on the conference.
. System of Raids Seen.
Marathon, Texas, May 11; (U. P.)
American authorities are convinced to
day that an organised system of Mexl-
' can raids against United States soil is
being put into execution. Fifty Mexicans-
swooped down upon the town of
! Blocker, near Eagle Pass, looted stores
on two ranches and escaped with a
number of horses, according to advices
received here today. No fatalities were
Civilians along the border organized
when they learned that two armed M ex
it : n bandit bands had appeared be-
(ween Boqulllas and OJlnaga.
A num-
who have heretofore been friendly are
now distrusted. It Is believed that the
raiders obtain information' from their
countrymen-on the-Amtriein side and
divide the loot with them.
Major Langhorne's Eighth cavalry
squadron encamped in - Mexico - last
night, having crossed the International
bcmiMary near Boqulllas yesterday.
They hiked from Marathon to the borv
der, a distance of miles. ,.The
troopers expected to Immediately push
on to Ataquilla, where the raiders are
eaid to have their rendezvous.
Mysterious Priest
Is Reported Killed
Orsgoxt Rasputin, "Who Wields Im
mense Znflnenos Ores Russian Royal
Family, Bald tft Kara SeanJCine.
Bertha, May 11. (U. P.)(By wire
less via' Say ville, L. I.) Bucharest re
ports from Petrogrsd said todsy that
Grgorl Basputtn had. been . assas
sinated. -
Rasputin is a half illiterate priest
credited with exerting great -influence
over the czar and czarina. He is a
peaca and tarn perancs advocate.
of the Chinese
Protest Made by Residents in Unit
ed States Against Additional Re
striction on Immigration.
"Washington, May 11. (U. P.) It
waa learned today that Minister Koo
told SecretAry LAnslng yesterday that
the Chinese throughout America seri
ously protested Against the additional
restriction on Chinese immigration
proposed in the new immigration bill.
He requested elimination of the pro
posed restrictions and demanded recog
nition of tbe Chinese as the equals of
Americans. He Also wanted elimina
tion of the specific exclusion acts
naming Chinese.
The Chinese contentions are under
stood to have been presented to the
senate committee oh immigration. In
support of their claims, the Chinese
clti that they are citlxens of a repub
lic and should be recognised as the
equals of any other people.
vThey don't insist on this in order to
secure Immigration rights so much as
they do to secure recognition. They
are willing to be excluded if the same
exclusion is applied to All other peo
ple, claiming that no distinctions
should be made Against them.
Their secondary contention is that
they ahould not be specifically men
tioned in exclusion acts any more than
people of other nationalities should be.
Federal and City Officers
Seek Author; Extraordinary
Precautions Taken.
-Washington, May 11. -(I. N. ..)
Special agents of ths government po
lice : and postofflce inspectors coop
erating today to trace a letter received
by AH newspapers f .Washington, read
lair:: ' - V r-.' .i; : -.:4A'v'4j.
rraeAt or agneuiture .wai ta mown up
LxtraordlnAry -FecAntlfcna Are being
taken at ths departmeat of Agriculture
to prevent the success of any-aueb. plot.
Guards have been stationed at the main
building and at ths additional build
ing, with " instructions to appreaand
suspicious cha4-aeters who -might place
time bombs. Similar precautions are
being taken at the other government
buildings. Officials believe the letter
may have been written by a Joker, but
they are taking no chances, realising
that when Frank Holt placed the bomb
in the capltor about a year ago he wrote
letters to the newspapers about It.
Holt's communications arrived after
the explosion. .
Report T3,odies of
Three Are Located
Americans Missing Bines Glean Springs
Kaid Reported Discovered, Murdered;
Prisoner to Xead. Parsuers.
Marathon. Texas, May 11. (U. P.)
Unconfirmed reports reached here to
dAy that the bodies of John Wood
son. William Harris and F. B. Allls
worth, Americans, who have been miss
ing since the recent tnenn springs
raid, had been found.
Lieutenant Colonel Alvarez, one of
the captured raiders of Glenn Springs,
.was Sweated toaay, ana prominea to
lead the American expedition to thf
rescue of Jesse Deemer and Monroe
Payne, American prisoners.
Alvarez said that his band had
planned to meet another at Atoquila.
Major Langhorne received other Infor
mation that the fugitive raiders, were
two days ahead and traveling slowly.
Langhorne expects to rescue the
captured Americans. There was- an un
confirmed report today that Payne, the
negro prisoner, had txen released.
Colonel Sibley s Fourteenth cavalry
Is due to cross the border today. U.
Coy and Frank Rowan reported among
the Americans captured by Mexican
raiders, nave arrived at Marathon.
Pneumatic Chemist
Has Traveled Some
In Past 300 Years
The word "gas" was Invented
by Jean Baptlste Van Helmont.
Belgian chemist, physiologist
snd physician, who flourished
three centuries ago, at a time
when as yet the hocus poeua
of the alchemists wis but
slowly giving place to science
truly so called. He was tbe
founder of pneumAtlc chemistry
snd was the first to under-
stand that there are gases dls-
tlnct In kind from atmospheric
air. The behavior of carbon 4
dioxide though he didn't call
it that reminded, him of the
Greek "Chaos." which he
changed to "gas." Thus, "gas"
la not derived from the Ger-
men "gelst," meaning "spirit,'" A-
after all.
At All events, from the grop-
lngs of such, as Van Helmont
to the certainties' of,. today is a j
loti g;c step ho w lon, may . be .
estimated upon perusal of the"
article to be -found on tha edi-
torlAl page Ot The Journal to
rdey -under tbe title ."Notoinr
the M Alter With Portland."'
. The wonders wrougBt""fwlth
gases are nq ' more wonderful j
than- the processes' porsuad in 4S
their segregation, by a firm ot
Portland chemlsta . ;
. t - - . .j, v4ls continuance f -executions In Ireland
4t(laneoontlnuaBcf .martial lw(
T-r'. ' - . ' " 9'.. " v 5
Pacific Coast Hard Hit With
Practically Complete Loss
Reported From Some Im
portant Sections.
Unseasonably Cold Weather
Is Being Fought With
" Smudge Pots.
Heavy Frost Forecast.
Portland and vicinity: To
night fair with heavy frost;
Friday fair, warmer; nortn
westerly winds.
Oregon and Washington: Tn
niirht fair with heavy front;
Friday fair, warmer; north
westerly winds.
Idaho: Tonight fair wlih
heavy frost; Friday fair,
Millions of dollars dam acre has been
dons fruit crops along the Pacific coast
during the last 10 daysby the unsea
sonable cold weather, and in some sec
tions reports indicate that the produc
tion will be nominal.
Mr. Day of Scobel Day, well known
New York interests, who was Jn the
city, reported that ths damage to fruit
in the south bas been unusually severe.
According to Mr, Day, ths pear crop of
ths Rogue river country is practically
ruined, and Winter Nellls will bs
generally absent from tha market this
season, so .far as southern . Oregon is
MK Day has Just returned from a
thorough Investigation of the fruit
erbps of California and southern Ore
gon. I Hi reports that ths pear crop of
northern California will show damage
01 anout so per cent, wun tne bin
Coueiudet) ttt rge Tkree. Op Umbo Two '
r Oiv Seized Schooner
Ajnerioaa Ship Oregon, to Be Taken to
Victoria, B. Xs Vow Xeld at Mel
pomene Cove, Ouadelup Zslaad.
San Francisco, May 11. (P. N. 8.)
Still flying the American flag, the
power schooner Oregon, of San Fran
cisco, seised by the British, will be
sent to Victoria, B..C, to be passed on
by a prise court. The Oregon has
been loeated for the ftrst time since
the seizure, according to advices re
ceived here today. She Is st Mel
pomene Cove, Guadaelup Island. 250
miles southwest of San Diego, with a
prize crew aboard.
The Oregon was seized by the British
cruiser Rainbow on April 23. off Capo
Hard, near Guaymas, in the Gulf of
California. The vessel reached Ouade
lup Island May 2. The British south
Pacific naval collier No. 942 la also
Fishermen, according to the San
Diego advices telegraphed here, report
that Melpomene Cove has frequently
been used as a coaling base for war
ships of the belligerents.
Martin Swanson, captain of the
Oregon, claims American citizenship.
Premier Asquith
Will Visit Ireland
London, May 11. (I. N. S.) Premier
Asquith to day announced that he In
tended going to Ireland to consult civil
and military authorities on present con
ditions In Ireland.
Under Secretary for War Tennant
today announced In the house of com
mons that 14 Irish rebel leaders hart
been executed, 75 sentenced to
servitude, six condemned to hard
labor and 1706 others ordered de
ported. Premier Asquith announced tnat a
total of 180 persons were killed and
614 wounded during the uprisings.
Operator Asserted
Roanoke Damaged
Lbs Angeles, Cal., May 11. (P. N.
S.) George K. Chamberlain of Raw
telle. 21 years old, wireless operator
on the ill fated Roanoke, which went
down off San Luis Obispo Tuesday
afternoon, wrote letters only a few
days Ago expressing a premonition that
he would "never come back alive."
The letter told of how, on the trip
just prior to the Roanoke's last, the
vessel had been badly damaged in a
gale, and should have been drydocked
at San Francisco.
Turks Defeat Russians.
Constantinople, May 11. (I. N. 8.)
The war office today announced that
Russians Monday were driven At .the
point of the bayonet from positions In
the Mount Kope sector along a front
of three kilometers, the Turks captur
ing six officers, 3fi0 men. and four ma
chine gun. "
' - Dillon's .Resolution Beaten.
"lxndo,-'iay 11- (l Vt. . The
house of commons today vote.; down
av resolution offered by John Dillon
I calling upon tbe government to furnish
I a ststement of its intentions regerding
Fined $25 for
Hitting Hutton
rolitiriai Attacks leader of Anti
Saloon League in Judge Catena'
Court Jtoom.
Knocking off the glabses of U. P.
Hutton of the Anti-Saloon league and
kicking him cost Ulmer I Aruidon, a
Republican politician and supporter of
C. N. McArthur. I2S this morning after
he had attempted to stage a flht with
Hutton in Judge Oatens'
Hutton charges Ibat Amidon's cttack
today Is the second attempt maile by
McArthur supporters to get hln into
a fiBht.
The trouble occurred In the court
room, shortly after 9 o'clock this morn
ing. Judge Oatens had Just convened
court to hear witnesses In the libel
suit of C. N. McArthur against Hutton,
and was waiting for the stenographer.
when Amldon walked over to Hutton.
"Are you the man who testified yes
terday that my wife stole some ropers
from you?" Amidoti asked Hutton.
"Who are you?" queried Hutt:i.
"I'm Amldon," was the rerU'.
"Yes, I said It."
Thereupon Amldon swung and hit
Hutton. knocking oft the glasses.
Witnesses say that when Hutton
stooped to pick up his glasses Amidun
administered several kicks.
Bailiff Fisher and several in the
courtroom Interfered and t he fight was
stoppf-d. Judge Gatens, who witnessed
the attark. held that Amldon was In
contempt and assessed a fine of $25.
Hutton save that it was only last
Friday that .1. J). Woodman, a barber
of Kast Seventy-second street and
Sandy boulevard, who was appointed a
doorkeeper by C N. McArthur while
speaker of the house, attempted to
get him into a fight.
Hutton charges that Woodman
celled him several names and did
everything possible to start a fight
but that he refused to have anything
to do with the man.
Italian Campaign Quiekbut
" Persistent -and Steady; 'Js
Gaining Little Attention,"
ROme. Msy 11. (L N. S.) Persist
ently and -steadily; but without noisily
advertising his. achievements. General
Cadorna la now winning his way to
Trent. Ills campaign u passing al
most unnoticed outside of Italy, atten
tion being fixed on the fighting on the
Isonzo.llne, where, however, operation
are reduced to smell and unspectacular
local affairs' for he present.
The outstanding fact in the Trentlno
fighting Is that the Italian army has
advanced 18 miles from the existing
Austro-Hungarlan frontier, which is
34 miles from Trent.
General Cadorna's outposts are on
the outskirts of Rovereto. Kast of
the Adlge valley his troops have
seized the Zugna chain of mountains
as well as 16 miles of Austrian roads
running from the Fugazzo plateau to
West of the valley the railroad
from Rovereto to Riva on Lake Garda
Is also In Italian hands.
Austrian Transport Sank.
Rome, May 11. (U. P.) A French
submarine has destroyed an Austrian
munitions transport off Albania, it was
officially announced today. The crew,
it Is believed, perished.
Fighting on North Greek Front,
Salonlkl. May 11 (U. P.) Brisk
artillery fighting on the northern Ore
clan front was reported today. The
Bulgarians are reinforcing south of
Monastir and throwing up defenses,
evidently expecting an attack from the
allies concentrated at Fiorina.
Italian Charges Repulsed.
Vienna. May 11. (U. P.) Italians
repeatedly attacked Pan Martlno after
showering the Austrian trenches with
heavy shells, but each charge nas re-
puisea. me war ornoe stated toaay.
i lie Brunei? ugniing iinircu in in
tensity on the east Tyrol and Carin
thlan fronts.
Second Battalion on
Way to Border Duty
Train ot 31 Oats. Carrying Twenty
first Infantry, Passes Through Port
land En Bout to Arizona.
The Second battalion and one com
pany of the Firt battalion of t rj
Twenty-first InfAntry pAssed tnrough
Portland this afternoon on the way to
border duty in Arizona.
Contrary to best usage of novelists,
there were no cheering crowds. There
wsa no blare of bands. There wasn't
a. vestige of hysteria.
Rather, the departure was business
The long train of 21 cars extended
from under the train shed far into the
There wasn't' a sign of color save for
the bits of red flannel wrapped around
the pasterns of the colonel's horse. All
was brown, khaki brown, a brown that
will match the border.
Three stock cars contained (1 head
of horses and mules, horses for the of
ficer and- mulee for the Red Cross
wagons and mess wagons. To three
flatfsrs toward the rear of the train
were blocked the wagons.
Bpeeder Sentenced to Five Days.
Tom Gekas, jitney driver, convicted
in the municipal court yesterday after
noon Of speeding, was sentenced to
five day a in, jail by. Judge lnggutb
Paraphrase of Famous Cry of
Northwest Indicates Strug
gle Senator Chamberlain
Will Make in Land Grant.
Taxation as Soon as Timber
Sold Important; Amend-V
ment Adopted.
WaBhlnirton, May 1 1 . ( WASHING--..
"Forty-forty and fight." adopting , A
sllht paraphrase of what was once a
strong try In and snout the northwest.?
Is the (slogan of Senator Chamberlain
In the struggle yiat Is coming over the'
benefits Oregon Is to receive from ;
sales of timber on the lands of the'
Oregon and California grant. -::) '
The senior Oregon senator made a
good start when In the Bub-commfttsej
of the public lands committee,' , Of "
which he was chairman, he secured
full acquiescence in his contention
that congress should not be moved by;
any considerations of how much '
money It can turn Into the" federal
treasury from these land. The correct;
and logical principle, he maintains. Is .
to remember that these lands were
granted to the rallroAd with the object
of, settlement. -snd of. securing the
greatest development for the state
within which the lAnds lie.
ZAea of Original Bill. -'':.'.
This is the idee embraced In the
original Chamberlain bill in alloting
40 per cent of the proceeds from tim
ber sales to tbe state school, fund snd
40 per cent to the land grant counties
for roads, leaving 20 per cent to the
federal government. -The house com
mittee deviated from this" idea when
it framed -XtJttj4towln mUr2ape.
cent for schools and 80 per cent for
(Concluded on Paft Twf Oolnmo Four.)
Censors Pass Dispatch Say
ing Pope Has Asked Pres
ident Wilson to Act.
1U '
- t
Rome, May 11 (U. P.) Though the
Vatican was silent. It was reported to
day that Pope Benedict, through Mon-
signor Bonzano, apostolic delegate In
Washington, had requested President
Wilson to initiate a peace movement
It was rumored thAt France Alone Of y
All the belligerents was not now in
cllned to make peace. . -
The above was transmitted through
Havre, and, therefore, passed the Ital-.
Ian and French censors. The fact that ;
both permitted it to go, through may be
significant and an indication of the al
lies attitude toward the peace the hint
contained in the German reply to "
America's submarine note. -.,
Desert Town Store r
Safe Yields $10,000
Bobbers Secure Several Thousand. :
Bollsrs in Checks la Addition to
Ooldj Letter SAld to Be BUae Payroll,
Los Angeles, May 11. (P. N. 8.).
Dynamiting the safe of the Illings-"
worth Supply store at Randsburg, on
the desert in Kern county, robbers;
early today escaped with $10,000 in
gold and several tnousands dollAra"
worth of checks. The money was said
to be the payrool of the Yellow Aster
mine at Kandsburg. The robbers es
caped in sn automobile. .v
Bar Pin Is Lost
Canaries for Sale
'. . !
Mrs. S.. Who resides on Esst
80th St.. has a chatoce to make v
money out of Portland. She
therefore exchanged her home for
other property through a Jour .
nal Want Ad. Look them over on
pages IS and 20.
Dogs. Birds. Pets S .
FOR SALiS Four pairs of mated
canaries with cagea
Household Ooods for Sale S 1 '
FURNISHINGS of 4 room house
to highest bidder.
&ost And round 81
LOST A gold signet bsr
valued keepsake.
Pjn. '
The average dally circulation of
The Journal in Portland and Us
trading radius exceeds that of the
morning paper bv several thou-'
sands and Is practlca'.ly 60 per
cent greater - than Its nearest
afternoon contemporary.