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. : V T-
the Oregon; duly .journau Portland, Wednesday., may, iq. i9ie.
Australian Trade Said to Be
On Up Grade With River
' to Get Good Share,
lleet of Barge to Carry 10,000,000
Feet Worth j renr Carrier Depart
U'i Today for aried Porta.
I The summer and fall of 191 are
going to be busy months from a lum-
bermen's standpoint, according- to pres
, it Indications.
' Word Is that a large fleet of schoon
ers will be available fof loading dur-
ing the coming six months and that
t many orders have already been placed
oil trie Columbia river.
t Alaska will receive close tp 10,000.
t 000 feet of lumber from Portland on
! the barges being made ready by Dan
' lei Kern, head of the Kagle Lumber
tompany. The lumber is to come by
I rail from the mill on the Tillamook
1 ilne to be loaded on to barges at the
i east' Side dock of the Columbia Con
1 tract company.
I w Shipments . today will amount to
' nearly 6,000,000 feet. The steamer
I Macel .Dollar is taking 4.000.000 feet
; out of Westport for Shanghai. The
I acT'ooner Carrier Dove Is taking 1,
i 000,000 feet from the Multnomah Box
A timber company. The" steamer O.
1 M. ' Clark cleared this rno-ning with
i" 600,000 feet of lumber and 38,000 lin
i cal feet of piling for Mazatlan, Mex
5 ko. The McCormlck steamer VV1I
,! lamette is carrying HOO.000 feet from
j St.'Hejeiis to San Diego,
i' iTbe Australian trade Is steady, but
J owing to the high rate, much less
than would be the case ordinarily.
However, steamship men .look for an
i excellent business there this summer.
'rn the Alaska traae. news of the
j 'chartering of tiie Hteamer Northland
waa received yesterday and Indicates
l'a first sign of the tightness of the
, , market there. Hates have advanced
$1T a thousand feet for specified
delivery in that trade, and at that
I rate the Northland should bring her
I owners at least $800 per day. The
r coastwise trade is now good for about
" $600 per day for a vessel the size of
the Northland.
Big Three Craft Sails on First Trip
in Six Months.
' On her first trip since early In Jah-
" lia fV thA RtMmpF Rna rMtv 1 r f f A i n a
worth dock el 3 o'clock this afternoon
. for San Francisco and Ios Angeles.
The veteran of the Big Three fleet
I has been repaired from keel to top
I c to bottom." Her cabins and interior
I . have been repainted and renewed. A
( set Of four Ballln water tube boilers
4 has replaced the six Scotch marine
I ' which formerly did service. Her.en-
glnes have been overhauled. Her
decks and hull have been painted and
burnished till she looks a new ship.
," Captain Kankln's craft carried over
100 passengers and a full cargo of
.freight. While no records are expected
thin trip owing to adjustments which
tuay become necessary, it is believed
the Rose City will not be far behind
;:lhe Bear and Beaver in speed.
,r 'Crowded Into the river by Its mates,
: fc ; fine black horse owner by O. j!
Jones of The "Dallex, was drowned at
Oak street dock last night. Jones at
tempted to lead three horses past a
wagon. They began shying and the
. outer two were crowded into the river.
One was saved.
'. f Robert Warrack, light house Inspec
tor, is on I'uget sound tend to re
, raira lo light vessel No. 0 7. Milo
'; Hoadlej- superintendent of the serv
ice, returned from an Inspection trip
it i nose waters.
' Coquiile river gas and whistling
ovvy 19 not sounding according to re
ports, received here.
Th steamer Stranger lias been
Withdrawn from The Dalles run. the
current of the Columbia river being
S too ewift for her at present
' - : Carrying 1600 sacks of sugar and
Other freight the at earner J. N. ' Teal
. ieti ror L.ewiston.
: !'; liOR Tows Held Up.
, , Vancouver, u. c.. May m.(r.,N. s.)
r Owing to southeast, northwest and
westerly winds the log towing fleet is
Imvlng a bad time. For four days a
Let" your sore, swollen, aching
-cci sprcaa out in a Datn
of "Tiz."
?u!-"Just take your shoes off and then
put those weary, shoe-crinkled, aching.
- burning, corn-pestered, bunion-tortured
, feet of yours In a "ris" bath. Tour
toe will wriggle with Joy; they'll look
up at you and almost talk, and then
Vi they'll take another dive la that "Tlx"
sbatta. r! .
. . .When yonr.feet feel like lumps of
.-: lead all tired out Just try Tu." if
f grand it's glorious. Tour feet will
" dance with Joy; also you will find all
-pain gone from corns, callouses and
' . There's nothing like "Tlx.- It's the
only remedy that draws out all the
poisonous exudations which, puff up
your feet and cause foot torture. , t-,
' , Get a2S cent box of "Tta" at any
' drug or 'Ueparttnent store -don't wait
, AhL how glad your feet get; how com-
for table your shoes feel. Yon can wear
- ahoes a atse smaller if you desire.
" '
Rotert V Si)er, elected mayor of
Denver, Colo., May 10. (V. P.)
The commission form of government,
which has been In force here for three
years, is decisively overthrown today
by the voters and Robert W. Speer has
been elected mayor for the third time.
He served two previous terms in that
office before the city adopted the
commission form of government.
The councilmanic form of govern
ment was restored In Its entirety by a
heavy vote. Speer was put Into office
on bis own charter, making him all
powerful. His majority was 9000. W.
W. Booth was the opposition candi
flotilla has been held up at Trail Is
lands waiting for adverse winds to
drop so that they can get intb Van
couver with their tows.
Arrivals Mjlt 10.
Northlarttl. American t corner. Captain Bodre.
patisengetn and freight, from San FrancUco,
rar.-rMcCormlck Steamablp company.
Departure! May 10.
Rose City. American steamer. CaDtaln Kan-
kin, passenger and freight, Han Francisco and
Ixm Angeles, suu h ranclsco & Portland Steam
ship eomrinny.
Vt lllauiette. American steamer. Captain
Reiner, pasaeneer and lumber, for San Dieco
anil way, McCormlck Lumber company.
U. M. Clark. American ateamer. CaDtaln
Norberir. lumber, for Mazatlan. McCormlck
Lumber company.
Marine Almanac.
Weather at Rirer'i Mouth.
North Head. Mar 10. Condition of the
month of the river at noon, moderate; wind
west, 7 miles; weather clear.
Bun and Tidea May 11.
Sun rises, 4:43 a- m. Hun sets, 7:31 p. m.
Tides at Astoria.
High Water: Low Water.
7:18 a. m., 6.3 feet 1:M a. m.. 3 6 feet
8:88 p. ro., 7 3 feet 1 :54 p. m.. 1.7 feet
The time ball on the u. S. hydroffraDhio
office was dropped at exactly noon today.
izuio meriaiaa tune.
Daily River Readings. .
8 A. M., 120th Meridian Time.
1 c
40 27.5 0.1 0.00
24 12.9 0.5 0.00
25 17.2 0.1 0.02
40 28. 0 O.l O.02
10 7.2 0.2 0.21
20 8.9 1.7 0.4J
20 8.2 0.8 0.12
12 6.8 0.5 0.23
15 17.8 0.7 0.15
l.'matilla .
The Dalles
Oregon City
( ) Itislnj. ( ) Kalllng.
River Forecast.
The Wlllnmettf. rlrr af Pnrti.n
slowly. rearhJiic a mane of ihnnt ia i it..,..
dy. then fall slowly for the next two or three
U1IJ B .
Steamers Due to Arrive.
nme. rrom n.
wirai rsonoern x. t May 1
Beaver 8. F.. C. R a"e"m.- li
""eCi,T L. A. Sc S. F M.v 51
Bear. . .
-K F. & L. A. . r .May 24
Steamers Due to Depart
lysine. por pate
noae lhv i. x. 9 V vr.- m
(ireat Northern 5. K ' . ""iiinv ia
B" S. F. t L. A May 13
,U A. & S. V May 19
bteamera leaving Portland for San Francisco
only connect with the ateamera Yale and Har
vard, leaving San Franclaco Monday. Wedoes-
Jay. Krld."J and Saturday, for Loa Anreloa
and Sfo Diego.
Vessels in Tort.
Bfnr. Am. as
larrler Dove, Am. ach...
lViisy, Am. as. ... ,
Kebo, Am. aoh
Iuvergsrry, Br. bk
Inverloule, Br. bk
Johan i'oulscn. Am. aa...
Northland. Am. as
Olympic, Am. aa
Santa Barbara. Am. aa...
.Multnomah Box
.N. P. Lbr. Co.
rsraata. Am. aa h
upama. Am. aa MunlclDal
At Neighboring Ports.
Astoria, May 10. Sailed at 5 a. m., W. P.
Ilerrin, for San FrancUco; at 8:30 a n., Ar
gyll, for Fnn Francisco. Arrived at 7 and
left up at 0 a. ui., Northland, from Ban Fran
cisco. Sailed at 9 JO a. m., gasoline schooner
Tillamook, for Cooa Bay.
Astoria. May 9. Sailed at 11:43 a. m..
Breakwater, for San Diego, Tla way porta; at
1:30 p. m.. Mills; at 2:15 p. m.. Great North,
em, for Ban Francisco; at 8:15 d. m Celllo.
for San Pedro, via San Francisco.
San Pedro, May 9. Arrived and sailed F.
A. Kflbnrn. from Portland and way norta tor
San Diego.
North Head. May 10 Sailed at 11:53 a. m..
Sue H. Elmore, for Tillamook.
San Francisco May 10. Arrived at noon,
Johan roulsen, from Portland, at 2 o. m
Alrr.traa from Portland. Sailed Beaver,
from Portland for San Pedro.
San Francisco, May 10. Arrived If iehlyo
Maru. Otam, 2 a. m.; yacht Irtina. Victoria,
B:3lt a. m.; Daley Putnam, Wlllapa Harbor,
i a. m.
Sailed British shin Tains, Falmouth. 9 a. m.
San Franeieeo. Cal.. May 9. Arrived Con
gress, lxs Angeles, 1:15 p. m.; Umatilla. Se
attle. l:So p. m.; Salvator, .Newcastle. Aus
tralia, 4:20 p. m.
Sailed Helene, Grays Harbor, 2:30 p. m
Manoa, Honolulu, 4:40 p. m. ; Hardy Coea
Buy, 4:20 p. m.; Brltlah ateamer Crown of To
ledo, Liverpool, via canal and Norfolk 5:30
p. m ; Washtenaw. Port 8in Luis, 6:20 p. m.j
Washington, Eureka, 8:30 p. m. '
Marsbfleid. Or May 10. Arrived Break
water, Portland, 8:30 a. m.; Cleone. San Fran
ciseo. 3 p. m. yesterday; Adeline Smith off
artn1.?, Hardy doe today. Sailed
A. M. Simpson, San Franclaco, 6:30 last night
Seattle. May lO.-Arrived City of Seattlei
S. E. Alaska, 4 a. m.; Alaska, Tacoma, 12:30
. iu., v. o. . u. uear, saB rranclaco, 7:30
a. m.
Sailed Dolphin, g. K. Alaaka. 9 a. m.; TJ.
8. u. H. T. Manaanlta. Astoria, 10:45 a m.
Seattle. May 8. Arrived Col. fi. u Drake.
San Franclaco, midnight; Morning Btar, Brit
ish Columbia ports. 4 p. m.; Fulton, British
Colombia ports, noon.
Sailed Northland, g. B. Alaaka. 4:30 p. ra.
ZiT- MV r"ArriTed J f f craon . and
M.?! 9:40 n-: uripo-
voroova. Uay . Balled Alameda, south-
W'ranjeU, May . Sailed Spokane! north
bound. 7 9. m. ' 8 S"eo Princes, gophl.
northbound, 8 p. m. . '
S?0"' W,T 8 SsHed Javary. Tacoma.
SeatO?. ' ' AjrlT-Tmb tlZZ
.team yaebt. with yellow ataek. 8:30,? m
Bishops of Pendleton and Sa
lem Brandling Out In the
Manufacturing Trade.
man Zsj to ST&taaHr Take Mathtitry
to Otnex Orra Z vtbUsnjnxit m
WU1 Operate Temporarily.
Pendleton, Or., May 10. Announce
ment wis made this morning; of the
successful conclusion of a deal where
by the Maryavllle Woolen Mllia of
Marysville, Cal., become the property
of C. P. Blehop of Salem and C. M. and
ft- T. Bishop of this city, who are
the principal stockholders and mana
gers; of the Pendleton and Washougal
woolen mills. '
Negotiations have been under way
for some time, " but were held up by
legal proceeding- affecting title. A
court decision has just cleared the title
and 3. T. BIshep yesterday closed the
deal in California
The Marysville mills are among the
oldest on the coast, and up until the
time they closed seven years ago, were
the largest anrf best known. They
originated the well known California
fine wool blanket, now made almost
exclusively In Oregon mills.
The real purpose of the Bishops"
purchase is to take part of the ma
chinery to' Pendleton and part to
Washougal. but It is Intended at pres
ent to reorganize the company and run
the California plant on a smaller scale.
There are 60 looms and six sets of
cards there, and all machinery is of
high standard.
The Bishops have refused to t-ke all
war orders, but have been building up
a permanent trade, and expect to keep
It at the end of the war. They prefer
Oregon to California because of the
superiority of climate, water and labor
conditions, and believe Portland is to
become the center of a great textile
Would Send Widows
To Wed Westerners
San Francisco. Cal., May 10. (U. P.)
Scenes like those In old colonial days
when shipload of girls were sent to
America from Europe to be wives of
the settlerg here may be repeated If
the plan originated by Miss Olga Pen
nington and Miss Lillian Rodley of
London, who are here today, Is put Into
effect. Seeing that there are many
men in America and in Australia who
have not married 'because of the
dearth of eligible females, these Lon
don girls suggest that Henry Ford
charter a ship and bring over a cargo
of English war widows to be wives
of American jnen. They say that an
other cargo should be sent to Aus
tralia Hedges May Enter I
Race for Senator
New Tork, May 10. (I. N. S.) Ex
Congressman William M. Calder of
Brooklyn will have a rival in the
primaries this fall for the nomina
tion for United States senator In Job
E. Hedges, It was reported today.
Mr. Hedges, It is understood, has
been urged b? several Republican lead
ers to enter the race, and has told
them that hie will give his answer
after July 1.
Just now Mr. Hedge Is Identified
with the Root movement in this state.
He has Just returned from a trip to
Chicago, where a headquarters to
house the western end of the Root
boonj has been established.
Army-Navy Orders
San Franclaco. Mai If) p. M Hi in.
ordera: '
Major General William n finmm ihfm
general, granted four months' leave about Jane
1. with permission to visit South America,
and Flrat Lieutenant John W. Stewart. C. E.,
given one mooter 15 days about May 18.
wtodpi inorai truse, quartermaster corps;
Lieutenant Colonel Frank L. Winn. Llenten.
nt Colonel Kudus I,. Durfee, Lieutenant Col
ouel George P. Howell, corps engineers. Ma
jors E. A. Lewis. Wilson Chase. Lnta Wahl.
c b.u, r-Qwara aigerroos, Ferdinand W. Kobbe
and Marcus B. Stokes, infanfrv mnA Matara
?k'J?" .w- Fenron. George P. White. Robert
J. Fleming and William T. Johnston, cavalry,
relieved from army war college Jon 80, and'
Join their regiments.
tieaignatione of Flrat Llentenants Robert E.
Bchlneter and Charles 8. Bacon, M B. C,
accepted effective immediately.
Effective June 13. Major Irving L. Hunt, re
lieved duty aa assistant to chief of bureau af
lnaular affairs.
These officers, members of present class,
army war college, to report for duty aa aa
sistant Instructors during 1818-1817: Lieutenant
Colonel Henry Jervey, corps of engineers; Ma
jor A. Sblpton, coast artillery corps, and
Dwlght E. Aultman, 6th field artillery.
Naval Order.
Movements of naval vessels:
Arrlred AJsz at Swatow; Armen at Bo
bsnk; Burrows at "Vnltestooe Landing; Charles
ten at Crystal: Cleveland at Mare Island; Co.
lumbla at southern drill grounds; D-l and
Tonopab at Block Ialand;. D-2 and D-S at
Newport; Denver at Manzanlllo; MacDonoegh,
Caark. Vermont and Worden at aonthern drill
grooads; Nanahan at San rranclaco; Prome
theus at Portsmouth; Salem at Boston.'". Wil
mington at Hongkong.
Sailed Cleveland from 8s n Diego for Hare
Island; Hector, from Gnantanamo for Santo
Domingo; Wheeling from Puerto. Mexico, for
Cannon. Mexico.
The L-4 was placed In commission at the
navy yard, Boston. May 4.
The Vulcan, now at Hampton Roads, has
been ordered to proceed to Newport and re
turn to Hampton Roads.
The Nevada, now at the New Tork yard,
has been ordered to proceed to Newport npnn
the completion or certain work.
Toe Porter, now at the Philadelphia yard,
has been ordered to proceed to Newport npoa
the completion of certain work.
The Tneker, now at the Boston yard, has
been ordered to proceed to Newport, apoa
the completion of certain work.
Matron fair and debutante
Vho o'er the ball room glide
Scorn tender uchinfl feet and ooma
Since they use Cal-o-clde,
For Acaint. Yarning, and (
irfsa Sweaty reel, v-auooaaa,
ygl'WIUC Coras, aad Sore Bostons.
QrmmuSa and reaaovea taecaase.
lemlts positively gnaraateed.. Get acat trosa
iay eragglstwae.. aansaannsr wm auassw
f'i J
Captain Frank P. TebbetU.
Captain . Frank P. Tebbetts, com
manding the machine gun company and
also regimental commissary of the
Third regiment, O. N. G.. vas born in
Salem, Mass., in 1S83, and was a mem
ber of the Massachusetts Volunteer In
fantry from 1902 to 1905. He was
made commander of Troop A, cavalry,
December 18, 1913, and transferred to
his present command on January 3,
1916. Under his caae the machine gun
company has been made a component
part of the regiment and accepted by
the federal authorities. In business,
Captain Tebbetts is interested in life
insurance with offices in the Spalding
Annabelle Crawford Will Be
Boosted by Business Men's
Photo by Cutberth.
ftllss Annabelle Crawford.
Taking the lead last night Miss
Lillian C. Hendricksen, candidate of
the Foresters of America for Rose
Festival queen, maintained her ad
vantage In a count of votes taken this
To boost her candidacy a dance will
be given by the Foresters of America
tomorrow night at 129 Fourth street.
Members of the Progressive Busi
ness Men's club are getting solidly
behind their candidate. Miss Anna-
belle Crawford, who Just entered the
She will be the guest of the club
at Its regular weekly luncheon in the
Oregon hotel tomorrow noon and there
will be a 'dance in her honor at Co
tillion hall tomorrow night.
,- Students of Washington high school
will cooperate with the Ad club in
supporting Miss Lucille EduardaJohn
son, the Ad club candldata
A dinner to assist the candidacy of
Mrs. Maude C. Oilman, sponsored by
the Q. A. R., was held In the court-
bouse this noon.
Standing of the candidates was
shown by the count today to be as
Lillian C. Hendricksen, Forest
ers of America 244.621
Mrs. Maud Oilman. O. A. R 239.107
Louise Taylor, Western Union. 232.032
Georgia White. Corvallls 224,292
Waive Jacobs. Klamath Falls. .220. 39
Mildred Vegg. Vancouver. ..... 200.410
r.ayie rrsascn, .cugene ......... 198,703
Jewell Carroll. Knights and
Ladles of Security 185.261
Eleanor Jackson. Modern For
esters, McMinnvlUe. 183.265
Muriel Sallng. Pendleton 179,079
Kose wpiegrove, uregon uuy. .140,424
Anna B. Allen, Metropolitan
Life Insurance company 107.827
Marion Anderson, Albany 91,867
Annabelle Crawford, Progres
sive Business Men's club 90,000
Luclle Eduarda Johnson. Ad
club 75,000
East Side Canvass
To Be Undertaken
The East Side Business Men's club
has divided the territory between Haw
thorns and Holladay avenues , Into
eight districts, which will be can
vassed by assigned committeemen for
funds to assist the holding of the rose
bud, er children's, parade, during
the Rose Festival. It Is the in
tention to maka Grand ' avenue ."the
Great White Way" during the Boss
Festival and to decorate It most at
tractive!. , - ' :rv,.;;
When writing er calling, oa advertisers please
saaaaoB ae journal. -t.f .-. : . taar.f
jj-j 1 1 r in' ii i i' i mi hi r " ui'iMin i""T 'i ir'1 "I'
Five Batteries of Field
1000 Coast Artillery
Sent by President.
Battery of Field Artillery at the Tohy
aanns, Tana, Camp Ordered to Be
la Xeadlaess for Service.
Washington, May 10. r (I. N. S.)
President Wilson last night ordered
1000 coast artillery from Atlantic sta
tions and five batteries of field artil
lery from Fort Sill, Okla, to the Mex
ican border.
These forces will reinforce the 7000
infantry and militia ordered to the
border earlier yesterday. With the 3000
recruits recently sent to the border
points, this will give General Funston
11,000 additional troops to reinforce
his border patrol or to reinforce the
12,000 men in General Pershing's ex
peditionary army.
The coast artillery companies or
dered to the border are the One Hun
dred and "twenty-seventh, at Galveston,
the One Hundred and Sixty-fourth at
New Orleans, the Twentieth and Seventy-seventh
at Pensacola, the Seventy-fourth
at Savannah, the One Hun
dred and Forty-fifth at Charleston, the
Thirty-first from Fort Caswell, the
Forty-first and Sixty-ninth, from Fort
Oglethorpe, the One Hundred and'
Twelfth from Dupont, Del., and the
One Hundred and Thild from Fort
Howard, Baltimore.
General Funston will utilize the
coast artillery as infantry.
In addition to the five batteries of
field artillery ordered from Fort Sill
a battery of the Third field artillery
stationed at Fort Myer, but now at the
Tobyhanra, Penn., camp, was ordered
to hold itself in readiness to go to the
The Second cavalry is the only regi
ment of mobile troops not included in
the recent orders to the border.
Vancouver, Wash., May 10. Official
orders for the five remaining compa
nies at Vancouver Barracks to proceed
to the border have been received at
headquarters of the local post. The
men have been held in readiness dur
ing the past 24 hours, and as soon as
transportation arrives will make their
departure. It is expected that cars will
arrive in ample time to allow the men
to leave Thursday morning.
The companies making the trip are
Company C, of the First Battalion, and
companies E. F, G and H of the Sec
ond Battalion. Company C's destina
tion is Nogales, and the supposition is
that it will be Joined by the other
companies of its battalion. Companies
A, B and D, which are now at San
Diego, Cal.
The Second Battalion has been or
dered to Yuma, Ariz.
Unless new men 'are recruited here
and others transferred all that will
be left of the local post will be about
80 members of Company F, United
States Engineer Corps, and a few
members of the hospital and quarter
master corps. Guard duty will fall
upon the Engineers.
The North Bank road received or
ders this morning to assemble suf
ficient passenger and freight equip
ment at Vancouver to handle the
movement of the Twenty-first infan
try from Vancouver Barracks to the
Mexican border.
The order did not state when the
movement was expected to begin,
merely that the cars should be pre
pared so that the start could be made
at a moment's notice.
About eight passenger cars will be
required and enough freight cars to
convey the horses, munitions and sup
Orders Expected Hourly.
San Francisco, Cal., .May 10. (U. P.)
Orders for the entralnment for Mex
ico of two battalions of the Four
teenth Infantry and the Twenty-first
Infantry were hourly expected by Ma
jor J. Franklin Bell, commanding the
western department of the army. One
battalion of the Fourteenth has been
stationed In Washington at Fort Law-
ton. This will leave only a few coast
artillerymen in the forts on this side
of the continent.
Seattle Troops to Move.
Seattle Wash.. Mav 10 t TT r
The Second Battalion of the lith In-
rantry, Colonel Richard H. Wilson
commanding, received orders at Fort
Lawson this mornlnar
Douglas, Ariz.
Two sections of ten cars each are
For Catarrhal Deafness
and Head Noises
Here In America there is much suf
fering from catarrh and head noises.
American people would do well to con
sider tne method employed by the Eng
lish to combat this insidious disease.
Everyone knows how damp the Eng
lish climate Is and how dampness af
fects these suffering from catarrh. In
England they treat catarrhal deafness
and head noises as a constitutional
disease and use an Internal remedy for
it that is reaay very efficacious.
Sufferers who could scarcely hear a
watch tick, tell how they had their
hearing restored by this English treat
ment to such an extent that the tick
of a watch was plainly audible seven
and eight Inches away from either ear
Therefore, if you know someone who
Is troubled' with catarrh, catarrhal
deafness or head noises, cut out this
formula and hand It to them and you
will have been the means of saving
some poor sufferer perhaps from total
deaf nesa The prescription can be eas
ily prepared at home for about 7 60 and
Is made as follows:
Front, your druggist obtain 1 ox. of
Parmlnt (double; strength), about 76o
worth. Take this home, and add to it
4 pint of hot water and 4 ounces of
granulated sugar; stir until dissolved.
Take a tablespoonful four times a day,
Parmlnt is used in this way pot only
to reduce by tonic action the inflam
mation and swelling In the Eustachian
Tubes, and thus to ' equalize the air
pressure on the drum, but to correct
any excess of secretions in the middle
ar, and the results it gives are us
ually remarkably quick and effective,
Every - person -who has catarrh In
any. form should give this recip a
trial and free themselves from this de
structive disease, , (Adv.)
being loaded and will proceed" by way
of PbrUand.
Regimental headquarters, the ma
chine gun company, companies E, T, O
and and the Fourteenth Infantry
band are In the command. They will
leave Seattle this afternoon.
Hawaii Offers Militia.
Washington, May 10. (I. N. S.)
From far off Hawaii today came offer
of military force for use In the border
Governor Pinkham cabled Secretary
of War 'Baker as follows:
"The militia of Hawaii offer their
services for such assignment as the
war department deems the present exi
gencies i demand."
Mobilization Point Named.
San Antonio, Texas. May 10. (I. N.
S.) General Funston has designated
Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, as
the mobilization point for national
guardsmen in Texas, Columbus for
New Mexico and Douglas for Arizona.
The guardsmen will be required to
pass a physical examination and will
be sworn in before acceptance by the
war department for regular service.
It is expected that they will be sent
to the border within a week.
Governors Approve Call.
El Paso. Texas. May 10. (I. N. S.)
Governor W. C. McDonald of New
Mexico and Governor W. P. Hunt of
Arizona, have telegraphed the Inter
national News Service bureau heartily
indorsing President Wilson's order
calling out the National Guard for
border duty.
Governor Hunt of Arizona:
"The president's call of the National
Guard of Arizona into federal service
has met with prompt response from
this state. All of the companies of
the National Guard will entrain within
3 G hours for Douglas, the concentra
tion point designated by the southern
"Arizona responds freely and whole
heartedly to this call for service and
the state stands ready to demonstrate
further the loyalty of her people to
tue Stars and Stripes.
Governor McDonald of New Mexico
"New Mexico- approves 'President.
Wilsons step in calling out the Na
tional Guard for border service."
Ferguson Would Finish Job.
Austin, Texas, May 10. (I. N. S.)
Governor Ferguson issued the follow
ing statement in regard to the Mexi
can situation:
"Since we have started, we, had Just
as well finish the Job. A temporary"
protection of the border will accom
plish nothing. If w catch and pun
ish one bandit horde another takes its
place tomorrow."
Spokane Battalion Going.
Spokane, Wash., May 10. (U. P.)
The Third battalion. Fourteenth Infan
try, stationed at Fort George Wright,
Spokane, was ordered to the Mexican
border this morning. The troops were
entraining today for departure at mid
night. The force consists of 11 officers and
325 men. Douglas, Ariz., is their des
tination. Glenn Springs Depopulated.
Glenn Springs, Texas, May 10. (I.
N. S.) Troop A. Fourteenth cavalry.
arriving here today, found the town
depopulated It Is believed that rang
ers and ranchmen are south of the
border in pursuit of the bandits who
raided Glenn Springs' last i'riday
Expected Stand in
Eiver on Thursay
At Stage of 18.1
The Willamette river is
pected to come to a stand to-
morrow at a stage of Just over
18 feet.
Cold weather experienced for
the past few days all over the
)(( northwest did much to stop the
js fast rising water.
Tonight's prediction Is for a r
heavy frost with Increasing
5 temperatures during the next m
4 few days.
After a slight drop of a few
days' duration another Increase
in the height of the water is
looked for.
Iiad Killed by Auto.
Seattle, May 10. (P. N. S.) Deputy
Coroner H. K. McDonald today began
an investigation 'of the accident In
which Walter Roloff, six years old,
was struck and killed by an automo
bile driven by F. D. Clise. Clise de
clares that the boy dodged in front
of the car while crossing the street
I and that the accident was unavoidable.
Of French Invention is a sliding buf
fer for the end of railroad tracks that
has stopped a 200 ton train running at
a speed of seven miles an hour within
25 feet.
Synopsis of the Annual Statement of the
of Scotland, on tne 31st day of December. 1918,
made to tiie Insurance Commissioner of tle
State of Oregon, pursuant to law:
Amount of deposit capital 250,000.00
Net premiums reeeled daring the
yeaT $3.063.9S3.B
Interest, dlrldenda and rents re
ceived during the year 92,071.40
Inoome from other sources recelred
during tbe year 1.134.707.42
Total income $4,290,732.56
Ixms paid (Turing tbe year, includ
ing adjustment expenses, etc. . . .$1,827,605.47
Commissions and salaries paid dur
ing tbe year 1,311,030.94
Taxes, licenses and fees paid dur
ing the year M.7IT1.95
AirouBt of all other expenditures.. 99S.030.1S
Total expenditures ..$4,233,488.24
Value of real estate owned (mar
ket value) f 182.42S.2l
Veloe of stocks and bonds owned
(market value) 2,016,010.00
Loans on mortgages and collateral,
ete 11400.00
Cash in banks and on band. 184,499.22
Premiums In coarse of collection
written since September 30, 1915 630. 775.45
Interest and rente due and accrued 38.886.63
Total sssets .$2,974,86.51
Less special deposits la any state
(if any there be .( 66.876.00
Total assets admitted In Oregon. $2,908,617 J1
Gross claims far losses nnpeld $1,068,062.35
Aaoant of unearned premiums on
all outstanding risks.. 1,007,560.44
Dne for eommlsxlon sad brokerage 149,933.03
All other liabilities 61.228.78
Total labilities.... $2,407,783.00
Total premiums in force December
tX. 1915 $2,
Keti premiums received during tbe
year $ 8i;344.65
tosses paid during the year 12,164.97
1 J. S. Manager. .- :
Statutory resident general agent and attorney
far service: W. R. MeDQNALD.
- s- Teoa BUg., For (Una, Or.
One Inspector and Laborer
Are Suspended Following
Recent Investigation.
Charges Are That the Men Circulated
Statements meflecttng on the De
partment and Their Superiors.
City Commissioner Dleek this morn
ing announced the dismissal from serv
ice of four inspectors and the suspen
sion of one inspector and one laborer
from hi department, as a result of
the recent Montavllla sewer investiga
tion. The dismissals and suspensions
become effective this evening.
The dismissed Inspectors are C. D.
Jameson, Martin McCarthy, Richard
Walsh and Martin L. Dowllng. The
suspended inspector is J. B. Needham
A. F. Laweon is the suspended laborer,
Needham is to have a vacation of 3l
days without pay, and Lawson's period
of rest without pay from the city will
be 15 days.
Inspector Dowllng, who was dis
missed, was also municipal engineer.
The charges upon which the men are
dismissed or suspended are identical
in a general way although they dif
fer somewhat In specific details.
The principal ground of dismissal
is that the men circulated statements
that reflected on the department and
tlieir superiors when they made as
sertions to the effect that the sewer
was faulty and that certain contrac
tors had been favored.
The hearing held before the City
Council came as a direct result of the
dismissal of Inspector Harry Gurr
some time ago and a hearing on his
appeal before the civil service board.
At that hearing testimony was sub
mitted that cast reflections upon the
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
Acid Stomachs
Are Dangerous
"Acid" Btomachs are dangerous be
cause acid lrritatea and inflames the
delicate lining of the stomach, thus
hindering and preventing the proper
action of the stomach, and leading to
probably nine-tenths of the cases of
stomach trouble from which people
suffer. Ordinary medicines and medic
inal treatments are useless In such
cases, for they leave the source of the
trouble, the acid In the stomach, as
dangerous as ever. The acid must be
neutralized, and Its formation prevent
ed, and the best thing for this purpose
is a teaspoonful of blsurated magnesia,
a simple antacid, taken In a little warm
or cold water after eating, which not
only neutralises the acid, but also pre
vents the fermentation from which acid
is developed. Foods which ordinarily
cause distress may be eaten with im
punity If the meal Is followed with a
little bisurated magnesia, which can be
obtained from any druggist, and should
always be kept handy. (Adv.)
No person aliTe la stronger than tils kid
neys. The mlnote the kidneys become disar
ranged or clogged with waste the warning is
daubed throughout the entire syatem. The
greater part of all sickness today can be
SToided by keeping the kidneys working prop
erly. lost any reliable dr-gglst Id this Tldnlty
can probably tell you of maDy well known
people whom SoItsz, the atandard kidney
remedy, has restored to health, often after
they bare tried many other methods of treat
ment with little or no benefit.
Xbers are hundreds of people who ere not
tbe least bit surprised when they lead awbllt
ago that Tbe Owl 1-ug Co. la selling Molvsi on
a guarantee to refund tbe money la case It
did not rHTe. Tbla remarkabla klduey rem
edr la guaranteed to help tbe worst case of
Lhit ilus-glsb or cloggetl-np kidneys, or tbe
reiieral neadatby, kuikybacked. played-out
foudltlon tbal aifllcta people suffering with
klduey troublx. Bolvax does not simply relieve,
ir MiiLs to cure.
The best klud of sdtettlalcg Is the praise
of a Dleued customer, and there are bnndredi
todai uraUliig bolx because It baa uone for
them what it Is advertised to do. Not very
lona ago they were afflicted with all mannner
ri glcilsh, uncomfortable pains and each day
denied to bring with it new ache in some
other part of their body. Since using Soivai
ther are once more bright and chipper and
able to enjoy Ufa at lu fullest with
fear of aufleriug.
We doubt it any other kidney remedy has
made aucb a. large percentage of cures aa
holvax. It is so larae that Its owners ara
perfectly aafe in atandlog ready to refund the
lirice to any customer whom it dosa not belp.
This is a good time to get well and yon ought
to take advantage of tbla offer. Uet it Irani
The Owl Irtug Co., or any well stocked drug
tore. tAdv.t
Alkali in Soap
Bad for the Hair
Soap should be used very carefully,
if you want to keep your hair looking
its best. Most soaps and prepared
shampoos contain too much alkali.
This dries the scalp, makes the hair
brittle and ruins It.
The best thing for steady use Is Just
ordinary mulslfled cocoanut oil (which
la pure-and greaseless), and is better
than the most expensive soap or any-
On or two teaspoonf uls will eleanse
the hair and scalp tnorougniy. Bimply
.i.i.n hnir with water and rub It
Ll -" " -
in. it makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, wbioh rinses out easily,
removing every particle of dust, dirt,
.n. rf and excessive olL The hair
dries quickly and evenly, and It leaves
the scalp sort, ana me oair line ana
silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy
-. You can get mulslfled cocoanut oil
at any pharmacy. It's very eheap, and a
few ounces will supply every member
f the family jor monwa. taav.
engineer department and-some of It
. , : " ' asaea ior a luiirc
investigation by the
niuni 1 n m n i . . . . . . - .
Council In turn .u- ,-.!.
villa sewer well mnitm,t.j '-."i.
onorated the men in charge - an4 J
----- '"tiuuiu nia ueen
kj j ui, men now am ..i
. m: 1 1 n s-
uiner xmiana eailS I
iriui many m nna.rn
New Tork. May 10. (i. n, 8.1 - .
When the American liner Finland
ailed today for Liverpool, 100 first.
155 second and 16S third class pas- '
nengers were aboard. Delam?y Nlcoll
is going to London to see his wife, -who
Is recovering from an automo- r
bile accident In which she was hurt '
some time ago. Harry Lauder, who ;
has been on a tour of Australia, and
three United States army medico-military
observers bound for the French
front. Colonel A. E. Bradley, Major
Clyde S. Ford and Major William J.
Lyster were aboard.
In a new combination tool invented ,
by a Frenchman the head of the ham
mer also can be used as cutting pliers
or a vise. v
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackago
proves it 25c at all druggists..
Increases strength)
of delicate, nervous,
rundown people 2uti
per cent in ten days
in many Instances.
$100 forfeit if it
fails as per full ex
planation la large
article soon to ap
pear in this paper.
Ask your doctor of
Owl Drug Co. al
druggist about.
ways carry it in stock.
Heals Skin Diseases n
It Is unnecessary for you to suffer
with eczema, ringworm, rashes and
similar skin troubles. A little tenia,
gotten at any drug store for 25c, or
$1.00 for extra large bottle, and
promptly applied, will usually give in.
stant relief from Itching torture. It
cleanses and soothes the skin and heals
quickly and effectively most skin dis
eases. Zemo Is a wondeful disappearing
liquid and does not smart the most
delicate skin. It is not greasy. Is
easily applied and costs little. 'Get It
today and save all further distress.
Zemo, Cleveland.
Get the Habit of
Drinking Hot Water
Before Breakfast
Says we can't look or feel right
with the system full
of poisons, . ,
Millions of folks bathe Internally
now Instead of loading their system
with drugs. "What's an Inside bathT.
you say. Well, it Is guaranteed to oer
form miracles if you could believe
these hot water enthusiasts.
There are vast numbers of men and
women who, immediately upon arising
in the morning, drink a glass of rest
hot water with a teaspoonful of lime
stone phosphate In It. This la a very
excellent health measured It is in
tended to flush the stomach, liver, kid
neys and the thirty feet of intestines
of the previous day's waste, sour bile
and indigestible material left over in
the body which If not eliminated every
day, become food for the millions of
bacteria which Infest the bowels, tbe
quick result Is poisons and toxin
which are then absorbed Into the blood
causing headache, billions attacks, foul
breath, bad taste, colds, stomach trou
ble, kidney misery, sleeplessness, Im
pure blood and all sorts of ailments
People who feci good one day and
badly the next, but wh) simply can
not get feeling right are urged to
obtain a quarter pound of limestone
phosphate at the drug store. This
will cost very little but Is sufficient
to make anyone a real crank on the
subject of lnternal'sanltation.
Just as soap and hot water act on
the skin, cleansing, sweetening and
freshening, so limestone phosphate and
hot water act on the stomach, llverJ
kidneys and bowels. It Is vastly morel
Important to bathe on the inside than
on the outside, because the skin poresj
do not absorb impurities into the
blood, while the bowel pores do.
Of My Little Girl. They Were Ycr
Disfiguring and Caused Itching.
Child Very Cross and Fretful.
"When my little girl was three and ooe-l
half months old, she had eruptions break!
vuh va uaar uoavu, iai a,uu mum, wm ww w
kind of mattery scales which were very dls-4
figuring and caused itching so that utile!
as she was I bad an awfully hard time keep-l
Ing her from scratching, and at night when
I wasn't watching she would cry and sxsratehl
till the blood would run, Tbe skin vu
Inflamed and red, and the eruptions made
her very cross and fretful. She got so dUvi
figured I did not know what to da -
"She had no relief until I used a frM
sargnls of Cutlcura Soap and Ointment. '
bought more and after using almost a full
sized box of the Cutlcura Ointment togethe
with the Cutlcura Soap she was healed.'
(Signed) Mrs. S. Blatter, 333 Market St.
Oakland, CaL. Nor. 3, 1916. fc -
Sample Each Free by Ma!
with 32-p. Skin Book on request. Ad
dress post-card "Ca tla aura. DepC T, KV
tm., Bold throughout