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By George McManun
Copyrighted by International News Service.
Registered United State Patent Offlje.
WMn l tuat
woman? RsTrr:
'VMivn i -ill
tUT :
If Proposed Measure Passes,
Sunday Games for Admis
sion Fees Will Be Barred.
Jadre MeCredle Bays Such a fcew Will
Olote All Pleasure Besorts Where
There Are Charges.
i -i..0
I MiN UkMC Ya E3 II J . r jCf I
i i 1 w i rmL. i j jD i i i xj rs i i
Hy II. A. CroiJn.
Considerable apprehension exists
among local and out-of-town baseball
magnate over the proposed Sunday
closing litw and they Bee In Its passage
ngt only the end of tiRneba.ll In the
smaller cities of the Btute, but the
doom Of Ptsclfic Coast league baseball
In Portland. If the law pasm , tluy
assert, no games can be played on
(Sunday In the stale where an admis
sion fee la -charged. This will prevent
the bringing in of outxido teams and as
a result the national pastime will get
a severe setback, they contend, us In
the smaller towns It is Impossible to
find time to play during the summer
except on Sunday.
Those who are arguing for what they
term the existence of bancbull ;ilsn as
sort that It will mean the end of all
recreations and amusements lor wlm-n
a fee Is charged, this linludiiig the
or Vatelv owned bathing bfin h' H ami
bath houses, the renting of innor, and
.rowboats for a paddle, on tho rUern
and lukes and kindred pastimes.
MeCredle Makes Statement.
Heine; the principal baswlmll mail In
Oregon, tlie following Htatemeii t made
by Judge "W. V. h t'redie, owner of
the Portland Baseball club, of the
( oast league, wiil no doubt prove in-
tere.illng. "It becina to mo that tins
Liroposed law Is intruded to do atva
With Sunday amusements, l i s
and ret r a t ions. It takes nv..ty ail
the I ttl coinroilH the publie enjojs.
It t'i" l-iw intended lor the bene
fit of liiiiiiinilly and It was nwi smiy
lor the good of Immunity that eveiyune
shmild re.-1 one tiuy in even, everyone
should have the option of M-icctlim
his day of rest. The mntm lit I hey d. s
Ignnte Sunday an the day of rest, then
It become religious legislation and
not otherwise, notwithstanding the
construction put upon the law us to
police retaliation.
"Religion must rent upen the great
foundation of truth and It needs nu
other bolstering. The tendency of re
llgloun legislation is to pitjudicc many
against the church. 1 have always
been opposed to Sunday morning
1'hII for the reason that no obstacles
hould bo placed in the inclination of
any one to attend church, but tliHt
doesn't mean that a man should be
) yrevented from taking the healthy
recreation tnnt his very creation de
rnsnds. It will be noticed that the
Wrongest churches lcvote their at
tention to the salvation of souls and
not -the enactment of religious blue
Would Shut Out Baseball.
'This proposed law shuts out base
ball over the entire atate, as well as
WI other pleasure resorts whero there
re any charges. All cigar etorea, con
fectionery btores, theatres, moving
picture shows and privately owned
bathing beaches are included as well
as the little grocery stores.
'Every lover of baseball should vote
against this law. If the advocates of
the law do not Intend to stop baseball.
they should exempt It from the bill.
just as they rhotild exempt every other
phase of business that is Incidental to
theheal t h, recreation and comfort of
the public."
Indications are that the Ran Fran
cisco Seals will run Into some weather
this week. Just as did their three pre
decessors, the- Bees, the. Timers and
the Angels. The prognostication for
today is showers,'' and where
there are showers one can't play ball.
Boss Harry, the big gray wolf, is
lpvn bbb huw PAST TOlRE
Telegraphic Event for Next
Monday Promises to
Eclipse Others,
Manager Rob Franklin of the Tort
land alleys will enter one and possibly
two five-man teams In the Pacific
coast telegraphic bowling tournament,
to be held next Monday. This tourney
promises to be the greatest telegraphic
event held on the coast, teams from all
the larger cities In California, Oregon.
Washington, L'tah. Nevada and Idaho
being entered
Kruse. Krstnklln, Heffrnn. Sheets and
either Woods or Freeborough will com
pose the Portland Alley team. If tw)
teams are entered there may be some
change in tuo line-up.
A two-man howling tourney whk'h
will last five weeks Is scheduled to
slart tonight on the Portland alleys.
The following teams are entered. An-stey-Ki
eehorough, McDonald - Merrick,
WooJs-M ( '.( n naughey, 1 louse r-McPhe r
Bon, Jones-Franklin. Kstes-Hay mond,
Periee-Kalk, Sheets-Bullock Hanson
Wells and Mlns-Hef fron. 'the teams
will roll lo games, total pine to count.
crowding h,s way toward the top of
the pennant list and it behooves the
Mackmen u have their pitchers in
shape, although how a pitcher can get
in shape in this kind of weather is
beyond the ken of any manager.
New TaJont Coming.
Wolverton brought along some
talent nw to the Portland fans. Two
veteran players who have added
strength to the Seals ar Jack Coffey,
shortstop secured from Denver, and
Chick Autrey, first baseman, who
Joined the Seals last fall after their
last appearance in Portland. Among
the new pitchers are Oldham from De
troit and Pol Perritt. last year with
L.os Angeles.
Harry made fewer changes in his club than any other man
ager in the league, preferring to stand
pat on the club that won him the coast
title last year. He lost Itoy Corhan
to the St. Louis Cardinals, Harry Heil
mann to Detroit and Walter Schmidt
to I'lttsburg. He released "Hookem"
Smith because he couldn't afford to
pay Smiths big salary. although
"Hookem" did as much as anybody
to win the 1915 pennant. Also Bill
Leard and Meloan were turned loose,
and two pitchers who were not retained
were Cnvet nrnl Karr from Detroit.
Cubs and Pirates Split Even.
Chicago, May 9 (1. N. S.i The
Cubs and Pirates split even on a
double header yesterday, the lo
cals taking the first game, 2 to 1,
and the visitors the second, ti to 4.
A home run hy Williams after Mc
(onnell had pingled, 'von the first
game, which was a pitchers' battle
u.. to the eighth Inning. Mammaux
allowed but four hits in the Becond,
Kchullz's error being responsible for
two of the four runs scored by the
Cubs. The score:
First game:
An. ii. o. a ' ah. n o. a.
Bme.v ef. 4 1 3 O'Mann.lf 3 0 3 0
Carey. If... 4 4 4
Balrd.Hb... 4
Knnbe.2h . 4
tomelln.rf . 4
Wllnon.e.. 2
0 1 ' Flark.rf . . . 4 1 0 (
1 H J'WIMains.rf. 4 110
1 2 1 Z!rrrrtnin,3b 4 0 ft 2
4 0 0 3 . . 3 0 13 I
4 ) 1 f) loolnu.M. . . S 1 0 4
4 2 1 o' Allen. c ... 3 1 0 1
2 1 o Yerket. ;;h. . R 2 1 1
a 0 o 2'M'CouneI!,p 2 1
Total ..:;.; 7
t'hlrago ;
Hunt -WHynpr,
rr Zimmerman.
!4 Vi Totals . . .2!) 7 27 IS
O 0 0 o 0 0 0 1 1
0 o 0 M 0 o 0 2 2
Wllllama. McOnnrll. Kr
Two base hits Wilsiin,
Wagner. Yerkea.
Three base hit Jounhlou
Home run Wllliama. Sae-flr hit Maun
Miionnell Kirxt on error PlttaburK '.
Bat on balls iff Mrl'onnell 1. Struck out
Hy Cooper 2 by 'Mrt'nnnell s. Wild pltrb
Mo( oiniell. Lmplre Kleui aud liuiidtu.
terv.nd rame:
AH H. O A i
ah. n. O. A.
Barney. ef. .
0 Schulte.lf. . 3
1 1
"larey.lf n
OFlark.rf 3
1 o 4 2 0 3 0
W" wiener.
'J,Zira'inan.3b 4 12
(saler.U 3 o H
0 . . 1 0 2
Balrd.Kh... 1
Schnlta Hh. 8
Knube.iln. . 3
Toetelln.rf. 4
r.lbson.c... .",
Uim'nux.p. 4
i MrCartby.aa u o 1
0 OUllen.e. ..
7 2lVerke.2b..
0 4Parkard.p.. . 1 0 0
o o
o 1 0
iPrender'st.p 10 0 1
I'ZwIlllng... 10 0 0
PArcher 10 0 0
tMano 10 0 0
Trtali...!W 10 27 13 Total 28 4 27 14
Batted for Pierce In flftb. tBatted for
Poolan la alith. tBatted for Prendergut in
Plttaburg O 001802O n
Cbicogo 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 4
Utins Carey, Johnston 2, Wagner 2, Schultx,
Rehiilte, Tlnck. Williams. Saler. Krrora-.Sebuite.
Saler. Iioolan 3. Two bae hita Mammaui.
Flark. Three basse hits Yerkea. Stolen bass
Carey. Wagner. Sacrifice hit Knabe,
Flrek. Kouble plays Packard to Allen t'j
Saler to Doolan to Hendrix: Prenderaaat to
Yerkea to Saler. First on errors IMttbure ,t,
CblcnKO 1. Haae on ball off Maiumaux 7.
of Packard 3. off Hendrix 1. Struck out Ht
klauiinaux , by Packard 2. hy Hendrix 1. by
I'renderirast 1. Wild pitch Hendrix. Um
pires Klein and Emslle.
Dodgers 2, Phillies 0.
Brooklyn,- .May 9. (I. N. S. )
Wheezer Dell pitched his second suc
cessive shutout yesterday triumphing
over the mighty Alexander, 2 to 0. The.
Brooklyn pitcher held the Phillies to
four ecattered hits. It was the Dod
gers' third straight victory over the
Champions. Brooklyn peered both
runs in the second inning on Wheat's
single, a sacrifice. Cuishaw's safe
bunt, a wild throw by Burns and Ol
son's double. The score:
AB. H . (. A AH. H. O. A.
St.x-t.b... 4 2 11 Mjm.'f... 4 2
2 o
Hrtiicrcf 4
Whiited.rf. 4
Craviith.rf . :i
I.uderu-. 1 b .2
Ii 1 2 ' "aubert lb. 4
(I o n Stengel. rf ..4
0 0 o Wheat. If... 4
1 14 1 VP. w rev. .",b . 2
2 o
Paakert.ef. 2 0 2 n i iitshaw.2b. .1
Nlehoff.2b .S 0 2 ii ul(,n.s. . . . .t
Burns. c
. . :!
0 4 1 Mm orir.r.. 2
Alexander. p 3 1 0 ft Dell, p.. .
Totajs . 28 4 24 li Totals ...28 8 27 II
Philadelphia o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o-0
Broefclyn 0 2 u o u 0 o 0 t 2
Runs Wheat, Ctitshaw. trrors Burns, Ol
son. Two l-use hii--nlHon. Three base hit
Myers. Stolen ba?e Cutshaw. Sacrifice
l.its Mowrey, McCarty, Dell. Double plaxs
I.uilerus to B.-incroft to l.uderua. Met any
to Olwin, Olson to t.'utshaw to DaulK-rt. Mow
rer to Cutahaw to Diiubert. Bhss en balls--off
Dell 2. Ktruck out By Alexander 3, Uj
Dell '.'. Implies Qiilgley and Hjrou.
Braves 6, Giants 2.
New York, May '.K (I. N. S.1 Tbe
Braves knocked Palmerio out of the
box in three innings yesterday defeat
ing the (Jlantfl for the third time
straight. 6 to 2. Ragan was effectiva
throughout, holding the Giants to five
A II. H.O. A.i AH. II. 0. A
M'r'nllle. ft 2 t Spurns. If . . . 2
F.vers.2b. . . 4 0 1 Rohertin,rf 4
1 1
ellnif.lf .
1 1 (i Doyle 2b. ... 4 0 a
Flti'trlck.rf 2 1 o 0 .
0 1
Wliaoit.rf . a 1 0 O.Fletol-.m... 4 5 1 la 0 .
Smith. . '!b. . 4 1 2 4 IKe. hnie.3b 3
H'oiiRr'os.ef lit 0 Dooln.e . . . . R
S 1
"onij'tn.ef 2 0 2 0 I'alniero.p.
tenvdy.c... 2 1 4 0 hVu'-h . . .
Haiiau.u... 4 10 2;Strouil.n.
1 0 0
1 1 o
"Kel.T.... I 'I " O
Scbauer.p.. o 0 1 0
Totala ..37 10 27 14! Totals ...30 6 27 6
Batted for Palmero in tnlrd.
Butted for .Stroud In eiyhth.
Boston O23O0 1 00 08
New York 0 1 001 00002
Runs MaranTllle. Collins. Fttzpatriek,
Smith, Snodgraas, Wllhoit. Kanff. McKechnle.
Enor Kauff. Two bass hit .smith. Home
ritu Fitxpatrlok. Stolen bases Konetcny,
Kauff. Sacrifice hit Burns. Double play
Eiers to Konetcby. Rases on balls Off Kafan
2, off Palmero 4. Struck out Hy Palmero 1,
by Stroud 3. by Rauan 3. Wild pitch
Palmero. Umpires liigler and Eason.
Yankees Beat Red So.
Boston, May 9. (I. N. S.) Mogridge
held the Red Sox to three hits yester
day, the Y'ankeea winning, 4 to 0.
Maisel's double and Baker's single
gave the Yankees a run in the first,
and they scored again In the fourth
on singles by Magee and Baker and
a sacrifice. McHale relieved Gregg
in the seventh and was hit for two
runs In the ninth. The score:
AB. H.O. A ! AB. H.O. A.
GUh'leT, rf 4 0 2 O'Rooper, rf. 4 1 2 1
Magee. If. 4 2 2 OiJanrrin. as. 4 0 6 1
Malsel, cf. 8 1 3 oj Iloblits'l. 1 b 2 0 5 0
Baker. 3b. 4 2 0 3IMcHale. p. O 0 0 2
Gedeon, 2b 3 12 ljWalker, If. 8 0 ) 0
Plpp. lb... 8 0 12 . . 8 0 10
IVkphR. as H 1 1 ljOardner. 3b 3 I 1 2
Alexand'r.e 2 13 IjBarry, 2b.. 8 0 0 1
Mugrldge.p 3 0 2 BAgnew. c. 2 13 0
'Uregg.p ... 1 0 0 1
Scott. b. . . 2 O 3 1
I'Cady 10 0 0
McNally. 1 0 0 0
Tot-ils. 23 8 27 14; Totals.. 29 8 27 15
Batted f..r Hoblltxel in sixth.
Bailed for McHale In ninth.
New York 1 o o l o 0 0 0 2 4
Boston O 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Huna Matee, Malsel 2, Gedeon. Errora
Barry, gcot; 2. Two base bits Malsel. Pe-k-lnpaugu.
Stolen baae Gedeou. Macrifice hits
MaUel, reckinpaugli. Double plav Hoopor
to Barry. Flist on errors New Y'ork 2. Buses
on balls Off Mogrili;e 1. off (Jregg 1 off
McHale 1. Struck out Hy Mogridge J, by
Cirefcg J. Umpires Owens and Connolly.
Youngster Heats Walter Johnson.
Philadelphia, .May a. ti. X. s.)
Connie Mack's youngster, Myers, de
feated Walter Johnson today, 4 to 2.
The big Swede was not in good form,
waa hit hard by tne Athletics and
received poor support from his team
mates. The score:
AB. H.O. AJ AB. H.O. A.
Morgan. 2b 0 0 1 2 3 3 4 6
Poster,3b.. 4 1 1 1 IWalsh.rf . . . 4 1 2 o
Milan. cf... 4 0 2 4 2 10
Rondeau. If 4 15 0 Sehang.e. . . 4 2 4 2 2 0 8 ljUt Jole,2b. 4 12 7
Barber. rf.. 4 12 0:McInnl.'lb. 4 19 0
A. Smith. c. 1 0 3 1 Pick. 3b 4 2 2 1
Henry, c... 10 1 0, Thompson. if 2 0 2 0
M 3 0 1 2Stillbauer,lf o o o n
Johnson. p. 3 1 0 3 Mi era. p 4 1 o 2
Behlinr.p. 0 0 0 1 Meyer... 10 0 0
Mueller. 1 o 0 o,
Totals ..27 4 24 12.' Totals .. .34 1326 Is
Morgan out, hit by batted ball.
Batted for Alnsnilth In setentb.
Kutled for Tbomion in eighth.
Washington o 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Philadelphia 1 o 0 0 2 0 0 1 4
Kuns Kondeau. Barber. Witt, Strunk,
Pick, Myers. Error Foster, Milan Kondeau,
Alnsmlth 2, Pick. Two base bits Witt 2,
Schaug. Home run Barber. Stqlen bases
Morgan, Alnsmlth, Pick. Double plays Milan
to McBrlde to Morgan, La Jol to Witt to
Mclnnls 2. First on errors Washington 1.
PI iluijelpbia 1. Bases on balls Off Myers
7. .Struck out By 2. by Myers 3.
Umpires Dlniea SDd Mallin.
Indians Win Over Tigers.
Cleveland. May 9. (1. N. S.) El
mer Smith had a great day at bat yes
terday, the Indians defeating the Ti
gers. 3 to 1.
AB. H.O. A. AB II. O. A.
Graney, If . 3 1 O o; Bush, ss. ,. 4 13 3
Turner. 3b. 4 0 2 2! Vltt. 3b. . . . 4 111
Speaker. ef 2 16 OlCobb. cf... 4 0 0 0
Smith, rf.. 4 S 0 OiVeach. If.. 8 12 1
Gandll, lb. 3 1 13 l;Crawford, rf 4 0 0 0
nowaro, ;d a u z 4; 4 O 12 0
W'mbKS, as 2
O'Neill, c. 3
Bag by. p. . 3
1 0 M Young. 3b. S 1 3 5
0 4 OjStanage.tC. 2 12 1
0 1 liDubuc. p. . . 2 1 13
"Harper. . . 1 1 o o
(Kavan'gh 1 O 0 0
Totals.. 27 7 27 13 Totals... 32 7 24 14
Halted for Young to ninth.
'Batted for Stauage In ninth.
Detroit OUHOAOO 01
Cleveland 0 00 0 000 1 2 3
Kuns Graney. Speaker. Smith. Young. Two
base hits Smith 2, Graney. Stolen base
Veaeh. Baaes on balls Off Bar by 1, oft
Dnbnc 3. Hit by pitcher Wambsganss by
Imbue. Struck out By Bagby 3, b DubUc L
Umpires Evans and HUdebrand.
Crack Aggie Pitcher Toils 18
Innings and Team Now
Tops Conference.
Oregon Agricultural College, fnrval
lis, Or., May 9. The wonderful pitch
ing of "Ade" Selberts won both games
lor the Aggies In yesterday after
noon's double header with the Univer
sity of Oregon. The localo tucked away
the first game with a six to nothing
score, Selberts allowing only two hits,
while Bill Tuerck, Oregon's crack
twirler, was touched up for a total of
17 safe blngles, including one three
bagger hy Loof and two two-base lilts
by Morcan and Selberts.
O. A. C. started scoring In the first
lnnlnir of the Initial game when Goble
walked, Baldwin singled and Selberts
knocked out a two bagger, scoring
Tuerck la Hard Hit.
From then on It was a case of who
could hit the ball the farthest, the en
tire Aggie team landing hard on
Tuerck's deliveries.
The second game was started with
Piebert in the box again for the O.
A. C, opposing Bathburn for Oregon.
It appeared to be th Aggie's "hit
ting day," as they tok almost as
kindly to the offerings' of the new
pitcher as they did to Tuerck. Three
hits and four runs were chalked up
la the first two innings when a sud
den shower halted playing for about
15 minutes.
Oregon Scores Tores.
Selberts weakened a trifle in the
third Inning and allowed Oregon to
bunch two hits w"hich, combined with
a trio of errors due to the slippery
condition of the diamond, netted Ore
gon their only runs of the day. O. A.
C. scored again in the fifth and the
eighth, making the final score of the
second game 6 to 3 in their favor.
Selberts pitched the entire 18 In
nings and had excellent uupport con
sidering the condition of the field la
the last game.
O. A. C. Wins Coamplonship.
Supple played a good game behind
the bat and cut off several Oregon
runs on fast home plate plays.
By winning both games of today's
double header, the Oregon Ag-Tles cop
the championship flag of the western
division of the northwest conference
and will also play the University of
California team at Berkeley for the
championship of the Pacific coast. The
Aggies leave tomorrow for California.
Coach Pipal, new 0. A. C. athletic
mentor, watched yesterday's game
with great interest.
Spring football training under his
direction will commence this aft
ernoon. Score First game R. H E.
Oregon 0 0000O00 0 O 2 0
O A. C 10 11001 a 17 3
Batteries Tuerck and Huntington; Selberts
and Supple.
fc-cuud game R. H. E.
Oregon O 0300000 0 H o 5
0. A. C 2 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 d 6 4
Batteries Rathburu and Huntingtoii;
belts and Supple.
Bradfords to Meet .
Montavilla Sunday
The Bradford Intercity leaguers will
clash with the Montavilla team next
Sunday afternoon on the Montavilla
grounds, the schedule committee decid
ing to have last Sunday's postponed
contest played to avald any conflict in
drawing up the remainder of the sched
ule. Th other games scheauied ror
Sunday are:
Babv Beavers at St Helens.
Woodland at Salem.
Kirkpatrlcks at Woodburn.
Manager Georga Grayson of the
Bradfords will probably send Jude
Moreland against the Montavilla team,
as he is expecting a hard game. Last
Sunday the Villa Bquad started off with
a two-run lead and were playing grest
ball when the game was called.
The teams are not In the best of
shape, owing to the weather conditions.
Pendleton to Enter Team.
Pendleton, Or., May 9. Pendleton has
entered a bowling team in the coast
telegraphic tournament which will
begin May 15. Some of the best bowl
ers in the state live here, and they have
been practicing all winter for the event.
Under the rules, teams will be paired
on certain nights, each team rolling on
its home floor under the direction of a
referee sent for the purpose. The re
sults will be sent in by wire to a cen
tral point.
Corner Vanjrna and Twenty-fonrta fits.
San Francisco
aames Begin Weekdays it 3 . X.;
Suadaya at 3:30 P. It.
Reserved Box Seats for Sale at Ed
wards' Clear Stand. Sixth and Wash
ington Sta,
ladles" Days Wednesday and- rriday.
Buenos Aires Seeks
F. Welsh, Leonard
New York. May 9. (I. X. P.) Billy
;ibsoii, American representative of a
Buenos Aires syndicate, which will
promote a big boxing carnival iu July,
has offered Freddie Welsh, lightweight
champion of the world, 2G,000 to de
fend his title In a 20 round bout
with Benny Leonard in the Argentine
Gibson will leave on Saturday for
Buenos Aires and expects to have a
reply from Welsh by that time. He
also hopes to have the signatures of
some of the best boxers in the country
to contracts calling for their appear
ance in Beunoa Aires during the box
ing carnival.
Gibson has made big offers to
Charley White of hicago. Mike, Gib
bons. Ted Lewis. Jack Hritton and a
number of other good boxers, and said
today Hint many of them would maka
the trip to South America.
Uainier Wins Track Meet.
Clatskanle, Or., May 9. Rainier won
the annual county track and field meet
Saturday with a total of 04 points. SL.
Ilelens was Bocond and Clatbkanle
third. Furor of Rainier and Perry of
St. Helens were high point men. Only
ore record was shattered, and that wag
the shot put, when Perry put It 45
feet 10 Inches. Rainier easily carried
off the grammar school meet. In the
morning 'latekanle defeated St. Hel
ens, 12 to 1, in five innings for the
baseball championship of the county,
only one hit being made off Van.
Danish Wrestler to Meet Santel.
San Francisco, Cal., May 9. (U. P.)
Lorens Christiansen, a Danish wrest
ler, will try his luck with Ad fcantel
on the mat tonight In what promises
to prove the hardest test Santel bas
had in recent weeks. Ths match wy!
be a best two out of three falls affair.
Pigeons to Fly Across U. S.
Los Angeles, May 9. (P. X. S.)
Gordon McLean, whose homing pigeons
hold the inter-clty record of 10 hours
and 6 minutes between San Francisco
and Ios Angeles, has announced
that he will set his birds on trans
continental flight soon.
At Vancouver R. H. E.
Great Falls l 4 0
Vancouver 3 8 1
Batteries Engle and Haworth; Hood
and Cheek.
Rain and wet grounds caused the
postponement of Northwestern league
games at Seatt.e and Spokane.
American Association.
Kausaa City 1, Columbus 10.
Mluncapolls 7. Indianapolis 8.
St. Paul 8, LouisTllla 4.
Milwaukee S, Toledo T.
Electric Lights to
Show Oarsmen if
Stroke Is in Error
Seattle. Wash., May P. (P.
X. S.) Hereafter when a t'nl-
t versity of Washington oars-
man is out of swing with the
$ stroke oar of his boat, flash-
lng red and white electric
lights will tell him of his er-
ror. Coach Conlbear has had
the varsity shell wired so that
when the stroke dips his oar if-
a white light will flash In 4
front of every man in the shell. -
As each oarsman dips his blade
a red light attached 10 the oar
will flash. When the red and
white lights flssh together the
oarsman will know that he Is A
rowing in time with the stroke. 4t
Paelflo Ceaat Leagu.
Won. Lot. Pet.
Loa Angelea 17 12 ,.VC
Sar. Francisco 20 1.', ..-.71
Yenion 10 ir,
Halt Lake 13 ir. .4ii4
Oakland l."i 111 441
Portland In 13 .41m
Northwestern League.
Butt rt 4 g.jf,
Bpokane fl 4 .oo
Great rails H r. .ftoil
Seattle fi t .444
Vancouver 5 .444
Taccma 3 0 J33
National League.
Louisville ij r. .71m
Minneapolis 12 ft .7(K1
Cfllunibua 10 7 .Mti
St. Paul 8 H .ivx)
Indianapolis 8 !i .471
Toledo 7 .437
Karsas City 11 jsa
Mllwauke 4 13 .233
Western Leaue,
Wichita 10 ft .7
Topeka 9 .1 .(143
Lincoln H 8 .nno
Omaha H ft .571
Dcs Mot nee 7 H .47
Denver a n .400
Hloux Oily 10 .37s
St. Joseph 4 10 Jbo
American League.
Won. Loat. Trt
Cleveland 13 7 .&2
New York 11 s .(I'M
Washington 11 S .670
Boaton ID 11 .478
Detroit 10 11 .470
Chicago 10 13 .135
St Louis 7 11 ..".fro
Philadelphia 7 12 3i
Vatloaal Leag-ua.
Woo. Loat. Tet.
Prrmklyn 10 4 .714
Boton 10 .or,7
Cincinnati 11 In .34
St. Iyiuls 10 In .600
Chicago 10 in .Coo
Philadelphia M H .aiw
Pittsburg 10 II .476
New York 2 13 .133
Western Leagua.
fltoux City 1. I lea Molnea 0.
Omaha 3, Lincoln t.
Topeka 11, iMuver 3.
Whan writing or palling on advertlaars please
mention Tba Journal. (Adv.)
first of all a quality tire in eveiy
sense of the word. No tire can be
made of better materials.
But the Price is Less
on Fisk Non-Skids than on plain tread casings
of several other standard makes.
Tfye Fisk Branch Organization is the most
wide-spread in the industry (over 100 direct
branches) and the Service Policy is by far the
most liberal.
Fisk Tira For Sale By All Dealers
The Fisk Rubber Company
of N.Y.
General Offices: Chicepee FaHs, Blast.
I Portland Branch. 54 North Broadway
I Branches in More Than 100 Cities
Heavyweights Must
Stand Physical Tes
Albany. X. Y., May 9. Under a n
rule adopted by the state athletic oon
mission in session here, heavywaigti
boxers after today must undergo
rigid physical examination before T
terlng sparring matches In this tat
The commission is determined . t:
have the heavy welghls more even!
matched. The members have bee
greatly dissatisfied with the shqwlri
In .several bouts In which one or th
other of the contestants were hopeless
ly outclassed. kv"
.Joe All man. former Spokane player!
hait been signed by the Butte North!
western league team.
Irish Muesel, former I-os Angelef
outfielder, who hopped to the ArllOfll
outlaws. has decided to Join thl
L'.lrmingham Southern league teavm.
King Kear, former Cincinnati twirl
er, has been signed by ManaRer Fran'
of the Atlanta Southern league tean
Boston, May 9.-7u. P.) This WS
"TiIk Speaker day" at Fenway park
A big crowd was expected out to Wfl
come the former Bed Sox star Wiien h
arrives in an enemy uniform.
CTIieTi trrtMnir op ealltnw nn II I llssi ffi
mention Ttie Jonrnsl tfAeW.V
21st and Marshall St.
Frank Barrieau '
Billy Wright
Will Box for Welterweight Cbanw -plonshlp
of Canada and '
Joe rarrel vs. Joe Xarrahaa
Seattle. 13S Seattle.
Ed Shannon rs. Walt Xnowltos
Seattle. 133 Portland.
Bobbie Allen vs. Tommy Clark
Oakland. 135 Portland. ,
Soy Orton ts. Ed Boatwrltrnt. '
Kid XreUrer vs. Geo. So mine re. '
Friday, May 12
General 80c. reserved $1. ringside
J1.C0, boxes $1.60, ringside boxes
2. On sale Rich's. Hlxth and
Washington; Sol. gteller, Broad,
way and Stark: Gilbert. Broad- 4
way and Morrison; Beady A
Olson, Yeon building. Twenty
first and Marshall. "VT" or Twenty-third
street car.