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tore, "Comlnc of the Whit Mso,
bu Atkloa MCMelll,
(laoi H da if or taia.)
Coming ttveut.
Ad club luncbaon at noon, Mar 10.
ITvortb auuuai eurtot.uii or Pacific eoaat
fltvlaloa o Keilglous Education association at
OOtral nnrarv klajr lU-li.
Prucrvaiilta Buaia
Hit 11, at noon, Oregon ttoUL
nee Men' club tuocbton
Chamber of Com-
Heed coUeeje,
Hi aci
12 U.
H7 board luncbeou,
ttert-e. t noon, Majr IX
Social aer.iee cuulirmiM
Mar i'J. IS and 14.
uregoa atata conference of social aisncies).
to M btia at Bred college Uu.7
muioara- ouj, usj 14.
Hotarj club IudcUkou May 1. t noon. i
UrlUu auclcLi iu uii..inu i.uji(a da
War iM, d. m. 1
Go to School Day" May 26.
Elka' Clue ! Jiiiik 4
Third reglnjeut. O. N. O., encampment. July
S-U. -
Grand Cbapter, Order of Eastern star, at
Uaaoulc Temple, J una fl.
Eastern Star annual communication. Imperial
bold. J una tt, 7, .
Dedication of Coiuwnla Ittver highway,
Jon 7.
fetus Featlvsj June 7. t and 9.
Pacific Fisheries Boeletj auuuai ttmvenUoa.
Portland, Juu v, 10. 17.
Fortv-fmirtn aunuul reunioa of the Oregon
onaer uaoclalluu at Masoulc Temple. June
Municipal Park band concerts begin Sunday,
July it.
battery A leave for training camp at Mcro-ten-r,
Cnl., July 4.
Grand Teuipie, Hytblan Slatera of Oregon,
nieete nere July IW-Ifli.
Contentious of Kuigbta of Pyttila and Pytb
Ian Hiaiere will ba Laid In i'u.'tlaixl AiMfUat
Pythian Bit tare Supreme Temple, meeta here
Aoguat 1-10.
Twenty-tblrd annual outing of Maiaroas to
Vbree Sisters, Auguat 6-20.
County central committee of Prohibition
'garty convention May 17, 10 a. m., at X. M.
Mothera' day will be celebrated by Portland
cburcbea May 14.
Interstate convention of real estate men, to
be titld In Portland. July 17, 18, 1.
Today'n Forecast.
Portland and virlnltv Tonlirht and Wednes-
iy euowera; armor Wednesday; southerly
Oregon Tonight and Wednesday tbowers
northwest, fair aoutb and east porttous; hi'iivy
frost tonight aoutb and east portions, warmer
Wednesday; southerly winds, moderate near
the coast.
Washington Tonight and Wednesday ahow
ra weat, fair east portion: heavy front east
portion tonixlit. warmer Wednesday ext-pt
ticar tba xit; eoutliurly winds, moderate
bear tbe coast.
Idaho Tonlgbt fair, moW southeast por
tion; Wednesday fair, warmer north und west
portion, huary frost tenltlit.
Weather ContHtions.
A lilifh pr(aiiri area U moling Inland ever
the Puelflc HicirM" and iinil'-r Ligli .ressnre
area overlies the Talley. The
northwestern dlst urlisnce lias moved to til"
upper MlWHourl valley and tas csnsed qntte
gei.cTnl ralus (tve.r the noritnve-t and t'onndlan
auiitliui'st. KhIii hiia I'i'itirreil i, Is.i In His
KjUrl, Florida, 1lie middle Atlantle statea und
St. I.uwr'-iiee valley. .imtll erul't warnirK?
are lielng displayed at all spiHrts In il.a
dlistrlrt for moilerale in fresh s.jiiiIi to s-nnt!l-wetst
wind. Tin, weather I-. L'o.iler In Oregon,
WuKbtinfton, the f alHslppI vti.liey and laku
rejcloli; It I warmer in the liaain. ii'rth Kor-Uy
n'ou'ntulii, uirthra and eiMitral plains atatea,
northern Colorado, southeni Alberta and .Sas
katchewan. Tbe eondltlona are faTorahle for showers to
lili;tit and Wednesday lu imrthweRtern llr.f nu
auil western alilufcrton. :iiul tor generally
fair weather In the riinaiii'ler of tins dH
trlct. Heavy float will form In enrlj inorMni;
In Sttnl hwemern tlrejii tl and enstt t the Cn
cade niiiuiiiiiiiix. It will l.e warmer Wednes
day exceit near the e.,uM. Imls will be
mostly sou the) I... T. 1KW1 IS DKAKK.
Am. slant Forei'asler.
b Ber-
presented by belrs of D.
P Tbompaonj 'iacaJawea, Indian woman
who guided Lewte and Clark, by Alice Coouer.
preaented by Sacajawea Statue aaaociatbm
and Henry; Altman. Ten minutes' walk. Pe
nlnaula, aunken rose gardena, containing mot a
U'Bd 700 Tarletlea; playgrounds and model
community bouse. Alblua aind Ainawortb ave
nnea. Laurelhurst, East Oak and Thlrty-nlntU.
Mt. Tabor, bead of Ilawtbarne avenue. Mac
leay, Cornell road; nature left untouched;
primitive forest and canyon.
Forestry Building. Contain! 1,000,000 feet
of lumber; Lewis & Clark exposition grounds,
weat; boura, 8 a. m. to 5 p. in.
Boulevards, Columbia and Willamette, en
circling peninsula, eieellent views of barbot.
shipping and Industrie; Terwllllger. south "o
Sixth; Falrmount, eaat of, and Skyline, west
of Council Crest.
Attractive vlewa from Portland HelgM.
King's nd Willamette Heights.
PubUo Institutions. city hall and historical
eiblblt, Fiftb and Madison; county court
boose. Fourth and Salmon; Central library.
Tentb and Yamhill; Art museum. Fiftb. near
Vandilll: customs house, Park and Broadway;
X. W. C. A.. X. M. C. A.
Exhibit. Oregon resource, flab and a a me.
Fifth and Oak; Oregon Historical society. 2t7
Typical home sections Portland Helgbta.
Nob 11 U and Irvlngton.
Hnrb r Features West and eaat aide pnbltc
docks, motor boat landing, foot of Stark;
boatbonwa for river tours; ablpplng, modem
bridges. Broadway, Railroad and llawtherne.
Worthy of Notice. Hklduiore fountain. First
and Ankny, by Olln II. Warner, preaented by
Stephen Hkidmore:- Thomtam foentalo, apre
aested by David P. Tbompaon. l'laza block.
Fourth and Salmon; Soldiers' monument.
Lowusdale square. Fourth and Taylor.
Chinatown, on north Fourth and Second
Modern high and grade acboole; school gar
dens; rose bedes.
Portland Rose Festival. June 7-8-0.
"Seeing Portland," automobllea.
"Seeing Portland." trolley eara.
View of buslnesa district from Journal build
ing tower. Yeon building or Northwestern
Bank building.
Trip through lumber mills.
Suburban Trips. Via P. B-, U 4 P. Co.:
Dull Hun park. 30 miles; Estacada park, S
miles, fishing and mountain traits; Canemab
purk, 10 ml lee, overlooking Willamette; Co
lumbla beach, end Vancouver line, bathing:
"The Oaks park, on Willamette; Vancou
ver and Vancouver barracks, northwest mili
tary headquarters; Wllholt Springs, on Wil
lamette Valley southern; Wlllamelte falls and
Orepou City, IS miles eontn.
Via Southern Pacific: Tualatin and yam
hill valleys, loop.
Via Oregon Electxlci Willamette valley, Sa
lem end Kugeiie.
terminus Aator expedition. Down by steamer
or by rail. Salmon canneTies; jetties. Fort
Stevens; aelnlug, gill netting, wheels and
Mt. Hood, via Cloud Cap Inn and Mount
Hood Lodge, O-W. a. ft N. and Hood Ulver
Valley railroads, or auto via Columbia Klver
highway and Hood River valley, or Govern
ment Camp, Rhododendron", Arrah Wanna,
Welchea, Mauldloga, Mt. Hood highway east.
Crater Lake, via Southern Pacific. Med ford
and auto stage, or via Oregon Trunk or O-W.
II. at N.. Bend, and auto atage.
Carea of Josephine, via Southern Pacific and
Ocean resorts: Seaside, Gearhart. Newport,
Tillamook, Marshfleld.
Deschutea canyon and Central Oregon, vta
0-W. it. & N. or 8., P. A 8.
Wallowa valley. Lake Joseph and Eagle Cap.
via tJ-W. R. & N.
Pendleton Round-TJp, Hot Springs, Eastern
Oregon, via 0-W. K. N.
Miscellaneous: Fishing, bunting, outing
trip, springs and resorts.
Washington. Vancouver and military post;
Mt. Adams. Mt. bt. Helens, ice caves; Long
Bench resorts.
For further Information, rates and routes
see Doraey B. Smith. Travel Bureau, lit!
Third, corner Washington, or Journal Travel
Bureau. Broadway and XamuilL
tempers lure
baker, i ir
I. liolae. Idaho.
BO-' toll. .M :-
Ct.ll.-MUO. Ill
Denver, t oi,, . . . ,
Ilea .Moines la
Dodk-e. Kan .
F.Ureli a. 1 a I . . .
Krcaiio, t a I
lelen:i. Ment .
Kuitsa Clt . M"
J.ewlBfoii. Id. ho.
Marsbfeld. nr.
Missoula. Mont
New to lean, l.n
New i.i-k. V Y.
N. Head. Yn ..
N. Platte. Neli
N. Ynkliua. n
Pittsburg, Pa
Pbrnlel),,. Idaho
port Intnl. lit .
Ited Bluff. ' .il
Ilcseburg. or . . .
Ro-well, N. M
Rt. Loiila. Mo .
SI. Paul. Minn .
lit Lake. I lah
Han Jin-go. i HI . .
Salt Frti in I ' .
Seatile, n
Sheridan. Wyo.,
Spokane, n . . .
Taeonri . n .
TatKish i . Wn
Walla Walla . .
Wa.-liliigiou. I''
f. I
f. I
4 'J
t J
- II
f- M
f- H
- I
t li
1. -J
a 3
o o
'Z J
. HI
f- --
t 1
4 I
1 1
0 ;
0 :
0 i
" !
i I
. '.'0
W 1 1 i,l lelo. i
and amount
Of an inch art'
4 or W-nm than li utile
. i 1 I il 1 loll of l 3
nt puldiilieil I'l liou.
The Journal's scenic Travel Guide
of l'ortland and Oregon.
Columbia River Highway America's most
Wonderful nceule road tor vehicles. - No grsda
exceeding 0 per cent. Hsrdstirface roadway
paat waterfjilla and mnuniulm tliriiugh the
heart of the t'aacade range. See the liorge
Of the Columbia. Sheppa rd'a Hell. Crown Point,
LltOUrelle. III. l.ll Veil. ll-t. VVnilKeelia, Jlllll-
aoinah, II irsetiitl and other watertails, Hon-
peville flah haleheiies. (i;i,-onta Uotge. Ben
aoti Park and Win, .1111111 Piuuiii'les. ICawt from
Portland via Bane Llue, auuily or sectlou
Line ronda.
Trip up Columbia river by boat aurt return
by auto.
Council Crest. Overlooking city. 1100 feet
high, view uui'.ualiil of Columbia and Wll
lataeltf rlveix, liinhitln and Willamette val
leys; Caaciule and toast ranges; snow peak
eolony of t'aaea'iea (north to enut ou clear
aysl. Including Mt. Kalnler, 14.40S feet; Mt.
St. Helena. ;u. feet; Mt. Adams,; feet;
Mt. Hood, ll.l'-'i feet; Mt. Jefferson. 10.S22
Parks. Washington. head or Washington
treet. Flower, shrubs anil trees: children's
piaj'grotinilH ; zoo, noteworthy pTcces of sculp.
in a
Relieves Headaches
You simply drop Shac Wafer in
glasa of water and drink it.
Quick relief with no after effects.
Keep a box of Shac Wafers in
your Medicine Cabinet and shop
ping bag. Ak lor Shac any
drug store.
th world
Steam C.
KrlELf Detroit. M
A Moderate-Prlcert note) oi Mertw
Hotel Clifford
Cast Morrloai SU, Haas Oraad An.
60. tl pur davyi viu bat, liax
Denies Clinrch Is Extinct. That the
Vnlted Conference of the Church of
Christ, Disciples, Is a dead letter In
Oregon la denied by Bishop St. D. Mar
tin, head of the faith. When Judge
Gatens dismissed a fuit to dlssoive the
1 church corporation last week tno state
1 mont was made that the chur.-h was
j extinct. Bishop Martin states that the
organization maintains a church in
I Fulton Park, and hoa missions in Mon
' tavilla and Kenton and Vancouver,
Wash. The United Conference is one
"" f the even branches of the Christian
J, j church, he enyg, and It is expected that
o j the orpanlza-tlon will be accorded full
" recoKnltion at the forthcoming confer
', ' nice of the Christian church.
Campmeeting to Begin. The annual
oamjimeetlng and conference of the
Seventh Day Adventists of -western
Oregon will be held in Anabel station
Krove, on the Mount Scott line, June
1-11. Ministers who are scheduled to
take part are: President H. W. Cottrell,
K W. Farns .vorth. Oakland, Cal.; Fred
elik Criga. Washington, D. C; S.
Muttenson, Chicago; Lewis Johnson,
8. N. K'.Uenhouse, Seattle, Wash.; J.
Klfl'el. E. C. Kellogg, N. W. Lawrence
and F. S. Bunch, College Place, Wash ;
C. W. Flair., J. L. Kay, P. C. llayward,
K. W. CatUn, II. O. Thurston, T. H.
Starbuck, H. J. Dirksen, 0 Sand
ness, O. E. Johnson, L. K. Dickson, C.
J. Cummlnga and W. It. Beatty.
Ooorg Doerfler Funeral. Funeral
services were held this afternoon under
tho auspices of the G. A. P at the
parlore of Miller & Traoey for tlocrge
iKierller, a member of George Wright
pobt, who died in this city on May 7,
at the age or ii years. Mr. noeriiei
waa a member of company II, H1.1t
Wisconsin volunteer infantry, during
the Civil war. Mr, Doerfler Is survived
by a daughter, Mrs. E. Klausa. lie re
sided in l'ortland for more than 30
J. N. Webb Dies. The funeral serv
ices for J. Webb, who died yebter
day at hie home, lli'Jl Fast Ash street,
will be held tomorrow from the Monta
villa Christian church. He was a mem
ber of the Woodmen of tho World and
the Independent Older of Odd Fellows.
Mr. Webb is survived by his widow,
Mrs. Mary Webb, and was the brother
of William Webb of Elk Fulifr', Kan.;
Robert Webb of Hillsboro, Or.; Mrs.
Klla Milligan, Mrs. Maria Merrill and
Mrs. Ruth Abbott of Kansas City
Funsravl of Mrs. Harlow. Mrs.
Celeste C. Harlow, who died Sunday,
was a native of Maine, born in IKiX,
and came to Oregon In ISflG as the
bride of Captain John Harlow, who
became associated with W. tf. Ladd in
the timber business and established
one of the first box factories in Port
land. Mrs. Harlow is survived by
three eons. Funeral services are an
nounced to take place from the chapel
of J. P. Finley & Son, Fifth and Mont
gomery Btreets, at 10 a. m., tomorrow,
Wednesday, May 10.
Ministers to Debate. Rev. Eugene
Burr of the Christian church and Rev.
P. C. Hay ward of tho Seven Mi Day Ad
ventists will begin a ten nights' reli
gious debate lhursduy night in the
church at East Twentieth and Salmon
streets. One respite in the forensic
battle will be observed, Monday night,
May 15. when the two religious cham
pions will not meet. The main issue is
the day on which the Sabbath should
be observed. This issue will be argued
Saturday and Sunday nights.
Mrs. Camp Will Recover. Mrs.
Lelah Camp, who attempted suicide
early yesterday iuorninu in a rooming
house at ".9 Tenth street, was salt!
to be In no danger at St. Vincent's
hospital today. Mrs. Camp recently
instituted divorce pi-noe-clings, charg
ing her husband, who is now in Mon
tana, with non-support an,i desertion
and the unhappy termination of tho
marriage Is said to have prompted her
act. She Is 24 years old.
Unooln Slga Alumni to Meet. The
Association of Lincoln High School
Alumni will meet Wednesday evening.
May 10, 1n room U of the Central
library at S o'clock. All graduates of
the Lincoln high school arc requested
to attend since matters vital to the
association will be discus-sea.
To Lecture on Exposition. -Dxvld
Lever, director of tin- grand prize edu
cational exhibit at the Panfcma-Pactfic
exposition, will deliver an illustrated
lecture on the recent fair, at the Third
Baptist churchj Vancouver avenue auid
Knott street, tonight. The proceeds
of the lecture will be used for the
benefit of the church.
Was Early Oregon Settler. Mrs.
Jaly A. Huffer, who died at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. W. C. Reagan,
1068 East Thirteenth street . north,
yesterday, was one of the early set
tlers of Oregon, coming with her pa
rents when a child of 10 In 18D2, and
first settling near Salem. She Is sur
vived by five children, Mrs. Reagan,
Miss Louise Huffer, and Mrs. D. B.
Allen of Hisby, Ariz.; John Huffer of
Raymond, Wash., and F. A. Huffer of
Tacoma. Funeral service will be held
tomorrow, at 2 p. m., from the parlors
of A. R. Zeller & Co., No. 692 Wll
liftms avenue, with interment in River
view cemetery.
Camp Gives Circus. Arleta camp of
the AV, O. W. gave a "circus" entertain
ment In the Arleta theatre last night.
Four candidates for office in tha com
ing election T. M. Hurlburt, E. S. Mc
Cormick. Andy Vaughan, and F. E.
Lehman spoke.
O. A. C. Club to Meet. An Im
portant meeting of the Portland O. A.
C. club will be held tonight at H
o'clock In the Oregon building. All
former O. A. C. students and alumni
are requested to attend. Arrangements
will be made for the excursion to Cor-
vaius during commencement week.
Chinese Zisrundry Sobbed. Three
packages of laundry and Tl in change
were stolen from the Chinese laundry
at 346 North Sixteenth street by a
thief, who chopped in the rear door
last night, accsordine to the report of
Nom Hop. proprietor, to th nollce
Central School May Festival. The
annual May festival of the Central
school will be held on the school
grounds Friday, May 12, at 1:30 p. m.
The amusement will consist of calis
thenlc drills, wand drills, Indian club
drills, folk dances, races, games, etc.
Logger Injured at Camp. Suffering
from a crushed foot, the result of an
encounter with a rolling log. A, Wil
liams, logger, 23 years old, was taken
to Good Samaritan hospital from 1
camp at Mt. Solo, Wash., yesterday.
Warrenton Pastor Her. Rev. Al
fred Bates, pastor of the Warrenton
and Hammond Methodist Episcopal
churches and tho Clatsop Plains Pres
byterian church, is in the city today.
Xionergran to Speak. Frank Lonergan
will speak at' the smoker of the St.
Joseph's society, In the hall of the
Ascension church, East Seventy-sixth
and East Morrison streets, tonight.
To Lecture on Memory. The fourth '
lecture of the series on analytic and
synthetic memory by Lewis E. Jack
son, will be given tonight In room A,
Central library, beginning at 8.
Steamer Jess Havrklns for Camas,
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington
Street dock at 2 p. m. (Adv.)
Hotel Moor, Seaside, Or. Winter
rates, J2.60 and $3 per day. American
plan. By week, special. (Adv.)
Spend week-end r.t Hotel Abbey, New
port, Oregon's greatest summer resort.
Multnomah otel Turkish Baths con
tinue. Women every afternoon.
Dr. Baynes, Optician, Morgan bid. Ad.
Marks Shoes Wear. 243 Wash. (Ad.)
Lieutenant Fay and Two
Others Given Terms in the
5 f&lSf
IS. Overbeck. Ovarbeck & Cook; G. M.
Vinton. The Vinton company: W. O.
McPherson, The W. G. McPherson com
pany; J. P. Rasmussen, Rasmussen &
Co.; Mason Wittenberg, Dri Fresh com
pany; Frank Bollam, San Francisco-Los
Angeles Steamship company; H. D.
Kilham, Kilham Stationery company;
Dr. Andrew C. Smith, physician, and
W. C. Sears. J. W. Crichton and M. D.
White, the. organizers of the company.
The organization of the line was
perfected by James V. Crichton. after
an effort which has lasted nearly two
years. During the first part of this
time the work was' directed through
the Chamber of Commerce, but finally
Mr. Crichton started on his own plans.
Crichton to Bo General Manager.
Mr. Crichton, who is to be general
manager of the new line, is the son .
of the lata Captain Crichton, who piled
the Willamette and Columbia rivers
for many years, and has himself seen
considerable service, both In Alaska
and Inland waters. He has hundreds
of friends in Alaska and believes that
the line will be a success.
"The stockholders in the new Ore
gon-Alaska Steamship company are
every one of them men well known In
business here," he said this morning.
"Nine of them are connected In some
way with the transportation game and
know what Is needed.
"We have decided to start with one
vessel and buy more as our business
expands. We are going to run one
vessel at a profit before we send more
money after our first Investment.
"The name of tho vessel we are
withholding because In these days of
high prices and few steamers, there
would be too many firms after her
did they know she was for sale. We
have a firm option on her, and C. W.
Sears, one of the principal stockhold
ers in the company, will reach New
York tomorrow morning. We expect
to have the vessel on the way to
Portland within two weeks."
Service to Alaska Is to start June
15. The vessel will touch at the prin
cipal ports. The schedule has not
been arranged as yet, but will be an
nounced shortly.
The Public Is Learning.
If Is learning the path to the door
of the Brownsville Woolen Mills. Mor
rison at Third St.. where pure wool
suits ate now being sold at 12.50 Jusi
to advertise the store. One look will
show they're worth J20 to 125. (Adv.)
Card of Thanks.
We wish to express appreciation of
the kindness and sympathy extendou
to us by our friends during the illness
nnd death of our beloved father, also
to thank them for the beautiful floral
pieces. Will E. Day and brothers and
sisters. (Adv.)
When writing r calling on advertisers please
mention The Journal. (Adv.l
Lieutenant Robert Fay.
New York, May 9. (I. N. S.) Lieu
tenant Robert Fay, former German
army officer, Walter Scholz and Paul
Daeohe, convicted of conspiracy to
destroy munitions ships by bombs, to
day were sentenced by Federal Judge
Howe to eight, four and two years
respectively In the federal prison at
In imposing sentence, Judge Howe
said: "Men such as you, who have no
respect for life, should know that the
laws of the United States have not
been suspended, even though there Is a
war 1 Europe."
(Ormtlnnefl From Page One)
auditor, M. D. White; general mana
ger, J. W. Crichton; general passenger
agent, Frank Bollam; general freight
'agent, W. H. Doane. Directors Har
rison Allen, Paul C. Bates, F. P. Ken
dall, Captain A. L. Pease, W. C. Sears,
Captain J. W. Shaver and Joseph Sup
ple. Members of Company.
The following business men have
entered into the company:
Daniel Kern, Columbia Contract com
pany; Paul C. Bates, McCarger, Bates
& Lively; F. P. Kendall, American Can
company; Harrison Allen, Griffith, Lei
ter & Allen; D. C. O'Reilly. Dalles,
Portland & Astoria Navigation com
pany -.Captain J. W. Shaver, Shaver
Transportation company; Captain A.
L. Pease, Columbia River pilots; Cap
tain M. Moran, Columbia River pilots;
Joseph Supple, Supple's Shipyard; L.
W. Wheeler, The Evening Telegram; O.
T The Best at Any Price
No other baking
powder will raise
nicer, lighter bis
cuits, cakes and
pastry, none is more
pure and wholesome
Then Why Pay More;
When you accept an imitation
of the real
you don't get the best bread!
Baked through and through in the patented
pan No others can use this perfected man
ner of baking bread in Portland.
Look for the groove. 1
The label protects you.
Log Cabin
Bakers of Holsum
Bread and Cakes
S titXt
Buland Boosters Meet.
The Buland Booster ejub met yester
day afternoon at the Hazelwood, in fur
therance of the campaign of Mrs.
George L. Buland for election as a
delegate from the state at large to the
Republican national convention. The
speakers were Mrs. George L. Buland,
Mrs. Robert Berger, Mrs. W. R. Haw
kins. Mrs. E. J. Steele, Mrs. Eleanor
Sheldon, Mrs. Jennie Kemp, Mrs. A. C.
Newill and Mrs. Viola May Coe.
Fireless Cooking.
Elinor Meacham Redington, B. S.,
demonstrates "Fireless Cooking" in
the oven of a Hughes Electric range,
at her free electric cooking school.
Electric building, tomorrow afternoon
at 2. Refreshments. (Adv.)
New York, May 9. Major General
Leonard Wood has detailed Major
Harry II. Bandholtz, Thirtieth In
fantry, U. S. A., as the commanding
officer for the professional and busi
ness men's training camp at Platts
burg, N. Y., this summer.
nccia( tu P '
t J
ONE LOT including
many attractive sport 'j
models in all the leading ;
colors. , , o .
ax9 .OU Ojiccial
ONE LOT includ
ing a variety of
silks, also gabar
dines, serges,
checks, etc.
$34.50 SpecJat
One ManYouWant ilelegislature
IOOIXIHahn John n.
Blankets, Mattresses
and Feathers Renovated
Wool Bata sad Katresaea any alza and weight.
Buy direct from manufacturer. W do Wool
Crystal Springs Finishing Works
Main 3674. 135 Tenth. Near Aider.
in flCp i
a- iff aw -- --- -
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SPOT" 11
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State of Oregon
stands well to the fore in its enactment and
enforcement of laws relating to state banks
and banking. Depositors and others would
be most favorably impressed were they to
know a few of the many laws governing the
establishment and operation of state banks,
and the safety and protection which deposi
tors in a state bank enjoy as the result of
these wise laws and restrictions. Under state
supervision, the
offers not only the safeguarding advantages
of a strong state bank, but the advantages
of a time-tried, progressive, yet conservative
bank as well.
"Spoiled a New
dress coming from
the dance last night.
"We didn't
Yellow Taxi,
-Tom called a
I was surprised
They are the same big, comfort
able taxicabs, and the prices are
less than half. They say that
operating for cash -has made it
possible to reduce prices.
"Tom says there's no use paying for the
upkeep on a car, when we can take a Yel
low Taxicab anywhere, so cheaply.
"Yes, the telephone numbers are easy to
remember Main 2-3-4 or A-2-3-4-5."
Here's the New
Yellow Taxi Tariff
No extra charge for 2, 3 or 4 passengers. Day
and night service. Meter registers only when you
enter cab.
First one-third mile 20c
Each additional one-third mile 10c
Each additional passenger above 4, 10c
Each six minutes' waiting ,. . . . . 10c
Free jj&C Stamps
The Yamhill Public Mar
ket is helping thousands
of families to cut down
the high cost of living.
Wednesday, in addition to
the low prices those who
present this ad when making purchases of 50c or
over at any one stall will get 10 extra S. & H.
Green Trading Stamps FREE besides regular
We Give the Regular Stamps in-
H .