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1 i
California Freight Piles Up
While Ships Can Handle No
. More,
Betnrm of Boss City and Mill Tax.
' Mm to Bay City Bob Will
Aid Soma.
An embargo on hay shipment from
California to Portland has become
necessary over the Great Northern
Pacific Steamship company, S?an Fran
Cisco & Portland Steamship and other
lfl'nes to facilitate the handling of
I higher grade merchandise.
tr The -freight situation between the
Columbia river and California potts li
becoming steadily worse, say freight
men and predictions are that It will
continue to do no.
The Parr-.Mct'ormlck Steamship
Company was forced lo refuse to re
ceive any more freight on Its Kan
Vranclaco dock last week owing to a
scarcity Of steamers. With lumber at
17.50 a thousand feet steam schooner
Owners have refused to allow their
Vessels to ukr northbound cargo
which pay them only about $(U0 Rt
tha top price. The vessels are aver
aging 1450 a day and better In straight
lumber trade, even coming north empty,
and the loss of a day loading and un
loading general cargo is not attractive.
.No' less than five steamers came north
light under this condition last week
When the San Francisco pders were
crowded with freight waiting to be
(The return of the steamer Rose
City and on June I the Great Northern
to the run will assist to the extent
ot about 1000 tons a week hut insuf
ficient to handle the business belnf
Offered. Payment of higher rate by
rati Is having the effect of raising
price, on merchandise sold here, t:ni
affecting everyone.
The Big Three line will nmt be buck
on It five day schedule by 1.
Th Roae City sails Wednesday The
Bear Is due tomorrow and will sail
Saturday. The Beaver Is due May I
and .sails May 19. The Rose City
or. her next trip Jn Is due May .'1
and sail May 24. The Bear on her
second trip arrives May 24 ami sails
;May 2 and thereafter the five dav
chedule win prevail.
NortheaMer Proves Too Strong for
Craft Off DunxenehH.
i Port Angeles, Wash.. May S. (P. N.
8.) Snatched from the very teeth of
. narthultitr tha tllir Marv rt IJiitna '
and her crew are safe here today after
a perilous ntegn with a gale off lun-
geness Sunday. The tug and those
aboard her were saved by the United
States coast guard cutter Snohomish
After a thrilling dash through the
The force of the wind drove the tug
and her tow apart and the Mary D.
Hume, leaking badly and with her
pumps disabled, was wallowing In the
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Without Change Xoute)
Th Big. fie
Cleam, 14
Comfortable, fia
Slegantly Appointed 7
alls Prom Alnsworth Dock
T I P. M., M.y 10.
100 Oolden Miles on
Columbia miver.
Ail Sates Include
Berths and Meals.
Table and Semes
Tha Baa Praaolsoo Portland B. S.
Co Third and Washington Streets
(With O-W. . ft XT. Co.) Tel. Broad
war moo. A-eiai.
S Portland $20.00 p.
San Fwncisco $17.50 J Class
. ' (30 Hours)
Tourist, 115.00 and tiaO.
Third Class. S8.
S. S. Great Norlhern
Liner with the speed of an Express
' Train. Steamer Express leaves North
Bank Station A. M.
MAT . 13. 18. 23. 87.
Krom San Francisco May 6. 11. 16. 20,
2S, SO. Bailings Tuesday. Thursdays.
Saturdays, beginning June 1.
txoxbt ornox. th ahd ITABK.
v' Phone Broadway 929. A-6671.
i S. S. "Prince
Leave Seattle
Via (r.ok;lr.n Wr.n11 lain....
- , tmytvaaaii
'iU ?S2 RuT-rtTcX Skagwy, Connecting With White
For Pats and Yukon Railway.
' ,'' Steamers Connect at PRINCE RUPERT witk
For Prince, George. Edmonton. Winnipeg. St Paul.
, l . Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal,
Boston, New York and all poinst east via
. Electric Lighted Standard and Tourist Sleepers, Dining and Observation
- - Parlor Cars
v City Tkkat Offtc. 116 Third St.
DORSEY B. SMITH. C. P. efc T. A.
heavy 8ea when the Snohomlah reached ,
her '
The Crescent, after a terrific strug
gle with the gale, nosed her way into
a safe spot near shore.
Head of Portland Shipbuilding
CorKration Bark From East.
The names of the three craft under
contract by the Northwest 8teel com
pany and the Willamette Iron & Steel
works were announced by B. C. Ball
and J. R. Bowles, heads of the two
who returned from
Latirltz Kloster
and Ellen Kloster 1
are the names to be applied to tne two .
steamers for I-auritz Kloster of Stav
anger, Norway. The third craft is to
he the Peder Kleppe. .It is to be built
for a Norwegian of that name. The
three, craft were contracted through
liannevig & .lohnsen of New York.
The two Portland men have been
ordering material In the east and ex
pect to have actual construction under
way within three weeks. The ways j
are now being built at the Northwest
Steel company plant at the foot of!
Sheridan street. :
The dredger Chinook dug 5.1,000
cubic yards during the first five days
of her season on the Columbia river
ba r.
The steamer Dalles City resumes her
run to The Dalles Tuesday morning,
after undergoing boiler repairs and In
spection. All transportation companies but the
People's Navigation company have
either made preparations to or moved
from lower docks. The water Is lap
ping through on all but Couch and Oak
street docks.
W. R. Grace & Co. are reported t.)
have purchased the steamer Wm. Chat
ham, well known here, for the West
Coast trade.
. ,. . . . . .. ..
lt Rates lledlne Sllglltlj.
San Francisco. May 8. The follow-!
Ing vessels are reported chartered by
.1. J. Moore & Co. : Schooner Kncore, I
Melbourne or Adelaide, private terms
(May-June, 1917); achooner Sehome.
lumber from North Pacific to Sydney
at 120s, Melbourne, Adelaide. Pirle at
132a. 6d (December-January. 19161;
Hchooner Sehome, lumber from North
Pacific to Sydney 101s, Melbourne, Ade
laide. Pirle 122b 6c (May-June, 1917);
schooner W. H. Maraton. lumber from
North Pacific to Sydney llOs, Mel-Hourne-Adelalde
122s, 6d (March-April,
1 917) ; schooner AV. H. Marston, lumber
from North Pacific to Sydney 100s,
Melbourne-Adelaide 112s, 6d (November-December,
William to Ideate.
To take a position with a large At- 1
lantic Coast Steamship company. H. M. i
Williams, for the past two years a
broker here. Is to leave for New I
York next week. He is to become
general manager of a transatlantic
freight line to be started soon. Charles
Kurz. president of the Philadelphia
Shipping Co.. who was here last week,
conducted the negotiations for Wil
liams' services, and will also he con
nected with the firm.
King Malcolm In.
San Francimo. May 8 (L P.) The
British steamer King Malcolm is in
port today with a cargo of burlap and
grain bags from Calcutta, India, which
will help relieve the gunnysack famine
in the west. The cargo is worth $2,000,
000. She will load grain at Portland,
ArriTals May I.
W. F. Herri.. Amrlran ateamer. Captain
FrcrlN. oil. from Monterey. Associated Oil
ftlTmnl, American steamer. Captain Ander-
Mm . itgbr. from San 1-ram-tso. lant & Kuasell.
Wapama. American steamer. Captain Foldat, .
passengers and freight, from Ssn Francisco, I
Parr MeCormlcfc StetimsMp company. !
Mills. American steamer. Captain Shaw, oil.
from Port San luls. Shell OH company.
Departures Kay I.
XV. S. Porter, American steamer. OspLaln
Msdrson. ballut, for San Associated
Oil company.
I'A Segnodo. American iteamer. Captain Mc-
and way landings
Str. Harvest Queen
From Ash St. dock 8 p. m. dall
except Staurday. Returns from
Aatorla 7 a. m.. except Sunday.
O.-W. R. R. & N. CO.
Broadwav 4600. A-6121.
Washington at Third
American-Hawaiian Steamship Co
All sailings between
U. S. Atlantic and
U. S. Pacific ports
are canceled until
further notice.
D. Kannadr. Act.. S70 Strk St.. Portland.
Dalles -Columbia Line
Strs.J. N. Teal and Twin Cities
Portland to Upper Columbia and Snake
river points, l.v. Portland about every
four days.
ST. SOCK. MAXBT 613. A-7T12.
Rupert" and S. S. "Prince George"
I Steal, Twin Screw, OU Burner
Every Monday 12 o' Clock. Midnight
aas-y m hua veia tjiuvsiM
PhoM Marshall 197
J. H. BURGIS. C A. P. D.
Keiiar. beila.t. for Sa rrenciaeo. Rt.nd.rd Oil
Bieakarater. Americas te.mer. Captain M.r-
geno. paaaenger. and freight, fur Man Diego
ad way. Northern Pacific Hte.nbtp company.
Celllo, American .teemer. Captain Tietjen,
peeseniert and lumber, for gan Diego and way.
Prr-Mc ormlrk 8te.rn.hlp company.
Marine Almanac.
Watfe.r,at Bivar's Mouth.
North Head. May Condttlen of the mouth
of the rlrer at noon, rough; wind aouth, 28
mile.; we. t her cloud?.
Sua and Tide. May t.
8un rie.. 4:4 .. m- Sua . p. m.
Tide, att Aatoria.
High W.ter:
xw w ater:
4:4n a. m.. 7 feet
8:4 p. m.. .5 feet
:12 u. in.. 1.1 feet
the I. 8. hj-drogr.phiff
at exactly noon today.
I The time ball on
. .iffiee w-a rirmineri
motu meridian time
Daily River Readings.
A. M . 120th Merldinn Time.
c c
u Er a"
if; c ei
Wei.. tehee ; 40 26. B 10.7 0.01
I.evlston 24 14.0 0 O.I
L'matlll. r, 17.2 'O.H 0.1X1
The Dalle. 40 27.1 1 1.4 0.04
Kngene , 10 H.B 10.7 n.fll
Albany 20 7.1 0.5 0.41
Kalein 20 .7 0.2
Oregon City 12 .l O.S O.flo
l'rtlnd 15 1H.1 1.1 I 0.42
It) Rising, i i Kalliug.
River Forecast.
The Willamette t Port-land will rise
teedlly, reaching . Htage of about 17.0 feet
Tieeday. 17. feet Wednesday and ISO feet
Steamers Due to Arrive.
Name. From Date
Btr S. K. A L. A Mav 9
iieat Northern 8. V. May 12
nearer a. F.. C. B. i K..Mar 1
iHoael'lty I.. A. & S. F May 21
Steamers Due to Depart
Ntme. For
' ;rat Northern s. K,
I Ho City I., a. A S. F
Kear s. F. I.. A
BeaTer 1.. A. & S. K.
Muv lo
Mny l:t
May 19
! Steamers leaTlne I'ortlin.l for Ssn FranrUeo
o'ly rnnnert with the steamers Yale and Har-
Trd. leaving Man Fr.nciaoo Monday. Wednes
'"y. riday and Saturday, for !. Angek-.
San Dl-
Vessels in lopt
Multnomah Box
. N. P. Lhr. Co.
Carrier Doe. Am. aith...
I'alsy, Am. sa . .
Fcho, Am. ach
(ireat Northern. Am. sa.
Hazel Dollar. Am. ss
lnrergarry, Br. hk..T...,
Inyerlogle. Hr. hk..'. ....
Ji'haii i'otilsen. Am. ...
Mills. Am. .s
O. M. ( lark. Am. as
Olymplr. Am. ss
Kofe City. Am. ss
Santa Barbara. Am. ai...
Hriata. Am. sa
W. S. Porter. Am. as....
W. F. Herrln. Am. as
Wapama. Am. as
. . . . V"estxii t
At Neighboring Ports.
Astoria. May 8 Arrived at 4 and left tin at
rt a. m.. W. F. Uerrin. from i;aTlota. Arrie,i
:30 and left uii at a. m.. Olynu.ic.
trnm Q . tn.l.. . ..1 1 ,,.),. .. .. -
pan)a from S.n U.o.
Astoria. May 7. stalled at midnight. Bearer.
"or San Francisco and San Pedro. Arrlyed at
4 and left up at flUO a. m.. Sant. Barbara
from San Francisco. Arrived at noon and le't
mi at :t p. ni.. Mills, from Port S.n I.uis. Ar
rlyed at 1:45 p. ai.. Great Northern. San Fran-
Hllo. April 29. - S.lled Schooner A. F.
Co-,:ts. for Column!, rlyer.
sn Pedro. May T. ArriTed Yowmite. from
Portland. ria San Francisco.
I Sat. Franciwo. lal.. May 7. Arrived Sea
FiMsm. Mendoclmv a. m.; J.tnes- steamer
! Ktivo. Yokohama. 7 : 20 . m. : (i. C. I.lndiuer.
t;rays Harbor. 11:15 a. m.; Yellowstone. Coo.
By. no..n; F. A. Kilbttrn. Portland, via Eu
rila. 1 :.Mi p m.: Britlah steamer Kine Mal
'lm. Calcutta. 2 :."( p. m. . Asuncion. Cordova.
3:40 . m.: President. Victoria, 4:30 p. m.;
Pieirtias. lxm Anpelps, ,;lo p. in.
Sailed -Norwegian steamers Sinaloa. Antof
agata. II n. m. : Cleone. Coos Bay. 10:-J p.
m.. and Grays H.rtior. Grays Harbor. 9:10 p.
int. yesterday: Vanguard. Eureka. 12:0.- a. m.:
Nme City. Se.ttle. 4 a. m.; Whlttier. Port
San l.nis. !:4o a. m.: City of Topek.. Eu
I reka. noon; Bear. Portland. 1 p. m. : Hoijnlani.
(;rt:ys Harbor. 3:.K p. m.: G. C. Lindauer.
I.os Angeles. 3:.V) p. m.: Northland. Portland.
4 p. m.: Prentia.s. Kureka. 7 p. m.
Verba Buena. CI.. Mar !. 1 . S. S. San
llgo arrived from San Itlego; f. s. S Ien.
j er arrived from San Bier: I . S. S. Nero. I".
S. S. Hull arrived from San IMego; C. S. S.
' Denver departed for Manxanilln.
j Victoria. B. C. May 6. Arrived Inaba Mtiru.
I Vcktbama. 6:43 n. m.; Empress of Asia.
Hongxong. v m.
Sniled A sot. San Francisco, 0:30 a. m. Em
press, of Asia. Vancouver. 10:3 a. m. Passed
In. Simla. In tow ot Dauntless, from San Frau
cisco for Vancouver. 7:15 p. m.
Tamma. May . Arrived .I.psnese steamer
Kuml Mini. Se.ttle. 5 .. m.: City of Pueblo.
San Franciaco, Sa m.: (Jueen. San Francisco
li p. m.
Departed Janpaneae steamer Tos.n Maru,
Seattle, 4 p. m.; ( Ity of Pueblo. Seattle.
San Fr.nclseo. May 8. Arrived Adeline
Smith. Coos Bay. . 2:H0 a. m. ; Arctic, Fort
Bragg. 6:30 .. m.; Norwegian ate.mer Thor,
Nanalmo. 7 .. m.: Pasadena. Albion, 10 a. m.;
Yale. Lo. Angeles. 10 a. m.: Novo. Coos Bay.
10 a. m.; Whfitesboro. Greenwood, 10:30
Sailed C.rmel. Wlllap. Harbor. 1 :30 . m.;
F. A. Kllburn, San Diego, via ports, 1:30
.. m.
Astoria. May 8. I,eft up at 11:15 a. ni.,
Astoria. May 7. Sailed at 4:30 p. m.. Johan
Potilsen. for San FTanclsco.
Seattle. May 8.-rSaIled Henrlk Ibsen. Vlad
ivostok. 5:30 a. m : Shinbu Maru, Vladivos
tok. 1:15 a. m. ; L . S. A. T. Dil, Manila. 4
a. m.
Seattle. May T. Arrived Alaska, south
western Alaska. 61:25 p. m.; Davenport, San
Francisco. 12:30 . m.; Inaho Marti. Vladi
vostok, 11 a. m. : F. 8. Ijoop, San Franciaco,
1:30 a. m.
Sailed Alkl. southeast Al.sks. 9 .. m.
Seward. M.y T. Sailed Alameda, south
bound. 1 a. m.
Cordova. M.y t Sailed Admiral Watson.
Muthbonnd. 5:45 a. m.; Admiral Evans, west
bound. 2:15 p. iu.
Ketchikan. May 7. Sailed City of Seattle,
southbound. 6 p. m. : M.rIpoa, northbound. 11
. m. ; Jefferson, northbound. 1 .. m.; Dol
phin, aoathboand. 1 a. m. yesterday.
Yokohama, May 3. Sailed Awa Mini.
Callao. May 3. Sailed Dolus., Se.ttle, vl.
! Port Gamble, M.y ft. Sailed Rainier, San
I llnnclsco.
Everett. May 7. Sailed Bee. San Pedro.
Tnroma. M.y 8. Arrived Wilmington, S.n
Fr. Del wo.
Army-Navy Orders
S.n Fr.nclico. May 8. tP. N. 8.) Army
order. :
Coionrl Samuel Reber. rp'levd a. chief of
ati.tioD. to remain 1Q office of chief algual
Ftm IJeuten.nL William F. Rice and
( harlea G. Sinclair, medical reserve corn", re
lieved from army medical acbool. Washington,
and to Columbua, N. M.. for aaalgnmcnt.
Second Lieutenant Lawrence A. McLaugh
lin, .'. A. C. to Walter Reed general
tal. for treatment. Flrat Lieutenant Roy W.
Aahbrook, retired, relieved from treatment
Walter Reed general hospital.
Leave. Flrat Lieutenant Janw. A. Green.
C A. C, on. month with permission to apply
for ei tension of; one month. First Lieuten
ant Henry C. Blerbower. M. R. C. on month.
p upon arrival in TJnlted States. First Lieuten
ant saerm.n Miles. 3d field artillery two
months. Major George D. Ouy.r, quartermas
ter corp.. 20 d.ys en June 1. ( apt. In Pegram
W. Hllworth. lOtli Infantry, two months upon
arrival In United State..
Vary Order..
Note To .11 officer., .ctive and retired
invited to White House next Tueadav after
coon. Officer, attending tbl. function will
wear the following uniform. Und-..."
Lleuten.nt (junior grade I F. T. Chew to
division of n.val militia, nary de
I partment.-
I Ensign R. B. Daughtry detached Paul Jone.
I to jruxiun.
I Marine corp Captain A. L. O'Uirr to ma
. rine barrack. Mara island, apon arrival in
united Bute..
Captain J. A. Hngbea. detached marine bar-
rac.., runamoum, to ueiawar.
Captain E. H. Conger, detached Delaware
, to marine barrack. Norfolk.
Captain J. A. RuaMll. detached 1st
First Lieutenant John Potta. detached ma
rine barrack. San Diego, to Booth Carolina.
Ontario Reports Fires.
Ontario, Or. May 8. On the ranch
of A. Gramse, south of the hospital
flra Saturday destroyed grain, tools, a
wagon and a lerge quantity of apple
box materiaj. , Bact or the Eagle .ua.
bles a pile of refuse burned.
Headquarters Are Opened and
Final Arrangements Start
ed for Chicago Convention,
Because Primaries Have Practically
Eliminated Contests Committee
Will Permit Later Pilings.
Cfncago. May 8. tU. P) Advance
forces of the G. O. P. took Chicago to
day. The Coliseum, scene of the com
ing Republican national convention,
was turned over to the national com
mittee for the convention opening
June 7. Simultaneously the committee
opened headquarters at both the Coli
seum and the Congress hotel and be
gan final arrangements for the "big
Preliminaries to the opening c.f thu
convention promise to be more routine
than usual because of the small num
ber of contests. The primary laws in
many Mates have practically elimi
nated contests.
The committee shortly will an
nounce when hearings on contests will
le conducted. Because of the small
number, contests may be filed up U
most to the opening of the convention
Ueretnfnra the committee has set a
date for closing the lists.
Chairman Utile and Secretary Rey
nolds of the national committee ex
pect to arrive in Chicago the i'irst of
next week, with their staff. Arrange
ments for seating the delegates is the
big problem they face.
Delegates entitled to vote in the con
vention number 987, while there are
6 more, 2 each from Hawaii, tht Philip
pines and Porto Rico, entitled to vote
only by the consent of the convention.
The number of delegates from each
state and territory is:
Alabama 18, Arizona 6. Arkansas 15,
California 26. Colorado 12. Connecticut
14, Delaware ti, Florida S. Oeorij'a 17,
Idaho 8, Illinois 5S, Indiana 30. Iowa
26, Kansas 20. Kentucky 26, louisiana
12, Maine 12, Maryland 16. Massachu
setts 26, Michigan 30, Minnesota 24.
.Mississippi 12, Missouri 36, Mon'.ana 8.
Nebraska 16, Nevada 6, New Hamp
shire fc. New Jersey 2S. New Mexico C,
New York 87, North Carolina, 21, North
Dakota 10. Ohio 4S, Oklahoma -'.. Ore
gon 10, Pennsylvania 76, Rhode Island
10, South Carolina 11, South Dakota 10,
Tennessee 21, Texas 26, I'tah 8, Ver
mont 8, Washington 14, West Virginia
16, Wisconsin 26, Wyoming 6, Alaska
2, District of Columbia 2.
Predictions Are Lacking.
New York, May 8. tl". I'.) tine
month from yesterday will come the
cheers, the blare of bands, the tumuli
of shouting', the scheming of 1 aders
heralding the opening of that (iiad
rennfal talkfest and votefest the na
tional conventions.
The Republican and Progressive con
claves will come to order on Wednes
day, June 7, in Chicago the former
at the Coliseum, the latter at tne Aud
itorium. A week later will come the
Democratic convention at St. Ixniis.
In the Republican and Progressive
camps not a leader is making any 30
day predictions as to what may hap
pen. The Progressives are practically
a unit for Roosevelt, but they are
standing pat awaiting developments
before making any admissions as to
their return to the Republican fold.
Hope to "Smoke Oat" Huglies.
The Republicans are hopeful of
"smoking out'' Justice Hughes when
the Oregon primaries of May 19 shall
have established a line on his strength.
His name will be before primary vot
ers in that tate, because of a court
ruling and despite the justice's own
protest. In the meantime 18 candi
dates, receptive or not, are looking con
scious when the presidential nomina
tion is mentioned In their presence
the 18 including: Hughes, Root, Roose
velt. Burton, Weeks, Cummins, Borah,
rd, Fairbanks, Estabrook. General
Dupont, General Leonard Wood, Gov
ernor Brumbaugh of Pennsylvania, ex-
Governor Hadley of Missouri. Governor '
Johnson of California, P. C. Knt.x, Sen
ator Sherman and Senator Harding.
Bitterness to Be "Lacking.
National Chairman Hilles expects to
call the sub-committee on arrange
ments for the national convention to
gether about June 3. This committee
will discuss permanent organiza Lion, as
will a meeting of the full national
committee, probably June 6. There
will be an utter absence of the bitter
ness and strife which marked tne pre
convention days of 1912.
But. judging from gossip of political
leaders, the convention itself will de
velop a first class, old time, free-for-all,
anybody's fight sort of a battle
of the ballots. The very fact that
there is an almost unprecedented num
ber of "those mentioned" for the nomi
nation indicates, the politicians here
say, considerable jockeying and prob
ably several ballots.
In all probability, all the Republican
convention will do on June 7 Is to
meet, organize and listen to the ODen-
ng 6peech of Nattonal Chairman
Hilles. Then adjournment will be taken
until Thursday, when Senator Harding
of Ohio, temporary chairman, w.ll de
liver his keynote speech.
Root Is Still in Ring.
Chicago. May 8 11'. P.) While po
litical dopesters were figuring tonight
where L.lihu Root stood in the Re
publican political race, Root's advance
agent, Job Hedges of New York, was
busy here getting ready to open Root
headquarters next week. Hedge said
John W. Dwlght, former whip of the
house, will be here next week lo get
the western end of the Root campaign
"This talk of Root not being a can
didate is silly, said Hedges. "It Is
an inaireci way or saying they see no
way to oppose him on merits."
T. R.'s Friends Open Camp.
Chicago, May 8. (I. N. S.J The
Roosevelt Non-Partisan league, seek
ing the nomination of Colonel Theo
dore Roosevelt for the presidency.
opened headquarters in Chicago today.
Guy Emerson of New York, secretary
of the league, is in charge.
The league is enrolling members ir
respective of party in all states. Among
those connected with it are Hamlin
Garland of Chicago. Oscar Strauss of
New York. Booth Tarkington of In
diana, ThurrSan H. Newberry of De
troit, Luke E. Wright of Tennessee and
John C. Greenway of Arizona.
A Michigan physician is the in
ventor of a cushion to be fastened to
the back of a straight backed chair
to permit a person to sit upright and
ba comfortable
Oregon Stone May
Not Get a Chance
Congressman MoArthur Explains That
Policy x wot to FaTOr Local Dis
tricts in Federal Building Flans.
A. Walker, secretary of the Portland
Stonecutters' union, has received from
Congressman C. N. McArthur a letter
explaifring that Oregon stone probably
will not be used in the new postottlce
building. ,
"1 have constantly held out for the;
use of Oregon materials," writes Mr- j
Arthur, ' but the supervising architect ;
informs me that it is not the policy
of his office to favor local materials
in the construction of government 1
buildtngs. I quite agree with you
that we have plenty of stone quarries
in Oregon that could turn out proper :
kind of building stone, but the super
vising architect will not favor cur ma
terials, and It is. a foregone conclusion j
that the stone used will come from i
Indiana. '
"I recognize the injustice of this. !
both to the capital that is invested in i
Oregon and to stonecutters and all i
other laborers who reside there. I
"The attitude of the supervising
architect in this matter is not sub- ;
ject to review or change by congress,
and he, therefore, makes such specifi- I
cations as he deems best. It is not my 1
purpose to engage in any undue criti-
cism of any government official, but
it seems to me that in the construction
of buildijiRs in a given community,
local materials should be given a ptef-i
The union's officials are preparing a
letter in reply to McArthui k explana
tion. Three Bootleggers at
Spokane, Break Jaill,,ns,Bair;i;;
Force Look, Saw Steel Bar and Slide j
Down Bed Clothing Bope in Making "ons of mankind also weave together
Getaway its atlon- Tliey control the motive
y' I forces of humanity if they can control
Spokane, Wash., May s. Gaining i those things. One of the things al
access to the main corridor of t lie j most the only thing that separate
city prison here early this moriwn. , races and nations of men from one an
by loosening the automatic cell lo.-U other is difference of thought, differ
with a towel and a magazine and then eU(:e of po,nt of vjew prompted bv dif
sawing a big steel bar from the win- fererice of tradition, differences of ex
dow opening onto an alley. ' ) perience, differences in instruction.
G. Hent, Hari Giamps and r red ; - Th. work nf th
Dingman. all bootleggers, slid down ,
a rope made or oea doming, ana got j
a Way. I
Henry, who is credited with being j
the master mind in the delivery, was
identified Saturday as a former con-
vict, wanted at San Quentin for break
ing parole. He was to have
oeen ,
returned there as soon as a local fine
and a sentence, amounting to about
seven more months in jail, had been
The delivery was noted by Police
Sergeant Pearson when he saw the
blanket rope dangling from the third
floor window about 6 o'clock. Jailer,
Warner had not investigated boot-
legger's cell since midnight, and
knew nothing of the
formed by Pearson.
break until in-
Prominent Educator
T TTv,,,TTrtv,,,4.,r n,,4-
Bef. Andrew Morrlssey, C. If. C, Visits
Portland and Admires Scenic Beau,
ties of Columbia Bdrer Mlg-hway. j
Rev. Andrew Morrlssey, C. S. C, j
former president of Notre Dame uni- '
versity and one of the best known
Catholic educators In the United States, I
is a visitor at Columbia university. !
Tomorrow evening he is to be the .
honor guest at a dinner given by the 1
old students of Notre Dame university, i
and to be held at the University club.
Father Morrisaey was greatly im
pressed with the Columbia highway,
and stated that it was impossible to
find words with which to properly de
scribe the magnificence and o-ranrleur
of its scenery.
Man Feared Air
More Than Water
Son Climbed Aboard Seaplane to Save
Himself, but BUs Father Preferred
to Wait for a Bowboat.
Seattle. Wash.. May S. ( U. P.) One
man was saved, rrom drowning ay
climbing onto the nose of a seaplane.
while his companion preferred to stay
n the water, when Flight Lieutenant
Maroney. N. G. W., went to their res-
cue on lake union yesterday.
C. A, Goddard and his son Harold
were thrown into the lake when their
can-oe capsized.
The scene was 200 yards from the
hangar. Maroney skidded his machine .
over the water to the point where Har-I
old climbed aboard. The older man I
refused Maroney's aid because he
feared the craft would take to the air.
He was rescued with a rowboat.
Millionaire's Party
To Visit Portland
W. T. woolworth, 5 and 10 Cant 8 tor.
ICagiiata, Is Scheduled to Arrive Hera
Wednesday Afternoon From South.
W". F. Woolworth, millionaire 5 and
10 cent store magnate, with a party
of eight, will arrive In Portland from
San Francisco Wednesday afternoon.
It is expected that he will remain at
least a day.
The retail merchants' bureau of th '
Chamber of Commerce is planning to i
extend the courtesies to Mr. Wool- j
worth, and if he remains over a day,
probably will arrange a luncheon.
Xew Rand Is Heard.
Medford. Or., May 8. The reorgan
ized Medford band appeared today in
its first concert of the season in the
City Park, under the leadership of )
Professor Reginald G. Rowland, recent
ly of Vancouver. B. C. The program . , , .
was arranged by the Shakespearean I when your hair turns gray, streaked
celebration committee of the Drama
league center. Band members appeared
in their new uniforms.
Cat Is Queer '
Ontario. Or.. May 8. Salt water
from an ice cream freezer has caused
the pet cAt of the Multnomah rooms to
become "sailor crazy The cal Per
form, all sorts of antics in its nres
ent state, executing acrobatic stunts
that an animal trainer would be
proud of
6:36 p. m. 1967 East Alder street,
chimney fire, slight damage.
No fires.
Tflien wetting or rafting en advertiser please
BcaUon Tbe JucraaL (Adv.)
Bible's Usefulness Is Theme
of Address at American
Bible Society Centennial.
Prssidsst Asserts Bible Societies Are
Oreat Non-Denominational Enter
. prises and Predicts Future.
Washington. May 8. That men are
"bound together in the bonds of mutual
understanding and assured peace" In
Proportion as they yield to "the kindly
light of the gospel," was the thought
advanced by President Wilson before
the American Bible society yesterday
a the one-hundredth anniversary of its
'It Is an interesting circumstance
Perhaps I might add, a disappointing
circumstance," he said, "that the world
should have so late wakened to Its ob
ligation and opportunity In respect to
the spread of the scripture. We are
celebrating the one hundredth anniver
sary of the American Bible society, and
there are other Bible societies older
than it. but 100 years is a small part
of the history of Christianity, and this
IKieat Rible Is the main vehicle of
"T hose
who wose together
thought and the Ideals and the concep
the world , the one non,,.
,lominational missionary enterprise.
I n rnrA tliot -ri tv ie.A.rA el,
ilnes that run between denominations
i:l the BibIe although I must say 1
have never hn hi rfi.,,.. ,v,.
'i'hpv liuvp hAfin Hrott-r, mi 1-..- A 1 1 f w
- - - ' ' i , v . . l uj wiiici-
e:.i es of temperament and point of
view wnicn 1 take leave to say
external to the Bible itself.
Work Is Praised.
"This process of division and diver
sity ought surely to be offset and
reversed by the process which sends
abroad through the earth this oppor
tunlty to drink directly at the sources
of divine inspiration. .
".so that to my mind the agents of
tne Bible society, the men who. tramp
i uig through country sides or traveling
j in every sort of land, carry with them
J little cargoes of books, containing the
: word of God and spreading them, seem
Iike the sh"'Ues in a great loom that
is weaving the spirits of men together.
"A hundred years cannot accomplish
i that miracle, a hundred years cannot
realize that vision, bu
'V 1
if the weaving
goes on. if the lig
spread, r men do not lose heart in
this great ideal enterprise, it will some
oay be accomplished, and a light will
snine upon the earth in which man
cannot go astray."
(Continued Fror. Page One)
i or the
suggestion from one belllger
ent must be in .such form, that this
government will have reason to be
lieve it will be acceptable to the other
Feac Likely Before Winter.
The general feeling among admlnls
tration members lwas that peace with
out the fighting of another winter
campaign was possible, and even prob
able, but that tbe first move would be
a matter of months rather than weeks.
It was hoped that peace suggestions
might take definite form before snow
falls, but that depends on the success
of an allied offensive or on Germany's
backdown from its present position.
The Champagne -battle has demon
strated that the allies are seriously
i considering the relative costs and val
ues of a general offensive and continu
ance of their virtual siege of the cen
tral empires. If the latter course is
decided on, it is recognized that there
Is little probability of Great Britain
altering its blockade plans.
NOTK- The following .tory Just received hv
om ri w. Ackerman. I nlted Pres.
correspondent in Berlin, waa written he-
fore the German reply to the American sub
marine demanda was formulated and In view
of the peace luga-estlona. which were made
Apply Q-Ban Instead All
Your Gray Hair Then
Turns Dark, Lustrous
Without Dyeing Hair.
; with gray, premature or just turning
gray or if y0ur hair is falling; If you
. dapdruf f and your head ltcne8 .
i few applications of Q-Ban Hair Color
Restorer to halt and scalp quickly
turns all your gray hair to its youthful
i A k -hade. Entire head of hair be-
- ! clean, fresh, lustrous, wavy,
- ' come" -lc' ' "
j thick, aoft. full of life, evenly dark
-nA handsome, without a trace of gray
1 showing. Q-Ban also atopa Itching
scalo. dandruff and falling hair, and
i promotes Its growth. Q-Ban Is harm
i less not a dye but a delightful hair
j color restorer. Give It a trial. Sold
on a money-bacK guarantee. Only
50c a big 7-oz. bottle at Huntley Drug
Store, 282 "Washington Street, Port
land, Ore. Out-of-town folks supplied
by malL (Ad.) ,
hy Germany a few week, l.ter. It throw, an
Interesting light on tbe war enttnient In
By Carl V. Ackerman.
Berlin. April 12. (By mall)
Though there Is unquestionably a
strong atndereurrent of peace talk In
Berlin at present, officials resent the
Intimation carried In a recent Wash
ington news dispatch that Chancellor
von Bethmann-Holl weg had asked Am
bassador Gerard to cancel his vacation
i lans in order to transmit peace of
fers from Germany.
There Is a general feeling among all
classes in Germany that the war ought
to end by fall. S-nie persons declare
peace should be made by Novt mber.
The impression prevails here that all
le.lligerents would like to avoid an
other winter campaign.
GNrard Denies Peace Mentioned.'
Some knowledge of this feeling, it Is
believed here, reached Washington and
Inspired the latest peace story. Gerard
has denied that the chancellor men
tioned peace in the conference that
gave rise to the report and further
more has protested again to the state
department because some of his confi
dential messages have been made pub
Berlin correspondents kmV about
Gerard's conference with Chancellor
von Bethmann-Hollweg. They were
requested to able nothing about It !-e-cause
of the fear that wild rumors
would spread as to the purpose of ;he
meeting. But, since the state "leaked"
some information to the public, the
facts regarding the meeting are now
tassed by the censor.
Asked to Forego Taeatlon.
Several months ago Gerard asked for
leave of absence to return to the
nlted States to take part fn the coni
ng presidential campaign, lie was at
hat time a receptive candidate for the
Democratic nomination for governor of
New York. In Marih he received word
from Secretin's of State Lansing that
he could leave his post here. Later he
was asked hy the imperial chancellor
o forego his vacation. The reason
for the request Is nflt known, but the
ambassador declared the story circu
lated from Washington was not true.
This report, however, was .cabled to
ill the world and caused much 111 feei
ng here. 1'ntil Gerard made a satis
factory explanation it appeared that
he bad placed a false Interpretation on
statements made to him by the chan
cellor. Englishman States Terms.
New York. May i. ( I. N. S,) The
World this morning publishes a cable
om Ixid Noithcliffe, dated London
as follow:
uermany can na i imub im
peace sli is so onviousiy anxious lor
by getting out of Belgium, ranee,
Serbia. Poland and Russia, paying full
indemnity to those countries and mak
ing reparation for the outrages of her
bubmarlnes. NORTHCLIr r K.
Grants Pass Water
Rates Are Adjusted
Fublio Service Commission at Salem
Kolas Old Bates for Sprinkling Prlvl
lege to Have Been Burdensome.
Salem. Or., May 8. The state, public
service commission made an order this
morning readjusting and reducing th
water rates of the Rogue River W ate
company at Grans Pass so as to pro
vide that during the sprinkling season
consumption of from 500 to 20.000 feet
hnulrt hear a. rate of 10 cents per 100
cubic feet. The old rates provided that
the first 300 feet should cost 40 cent
rer 100 cubic feet, the next 1700 1
n.nt. nor 100. B-nd tha next 18,000 10
cents per 100.
The new rates per 100 cubic feet ar
a. fnllows: First 300 feet 40 cents
.evt 200 feet 17 cents, next 19,500 fee
10 cents. The old rates are declare
m hivn heen unduly burdensome o
consumers for sprinkling.
Fire Takes Part of
Washington Town
Xlona Hotel, Oarage, General Store and
Warehouses Are Destroyed Before
Volunteers Control Situation.
Kennewlck. Wash.. May 8 A largi
rart of Kiona on the Norinern r-ai.n.,
5 miles west or nerr.
bv fire tins momm.
which started about 3:30 a. m., l
stroyed the general store, hotel, gar
age and some warehouses owned and
operated by Kelso Brotners.
The. loss was oniy I'arn j
insurance. J ne cau-e "i""'"
defective wiring. Quick work by vol
unteer fire fighters savea me uvcry
barn and stock ownea uy mo .....
One Drowned, One
Saved, in the Bay
Seattle, Wash.. May S (P. N. S )
tragnets are being useo .j
attempt to recover tbe body of Walter
Goets. who was drowned in Elliott bay
Sunday, when the launcn in wm. n us
was riding capsized. fon Thomas, t be
other occupant of tbe launch, was
rescued. ' Goetz and Thomaa were on
a pleasure trip in the launch Kewple,
when the engine became disabled. The
tug Almara came to tneir aia, ana "
towing the Kewple to safety when the
chock about which the tow Una was
fastened gave way and the launch cap
sized. Pendleton Mayor
Asks Venue Change
Pendleton. Or.. May 8. Mayor Best
m-m tev to mandamus Justice of the
Peace " Parkes Into granting him
change of venue for his trial on a
n.r nf uVinr obscene language.
tjite Raturdav night the mayor filed
complaint in circuit court, asking that
the Justice 'be required to grant the
rhanare. He cites prejudice as a rn-
nn fnr rh.iica. The trial had been
set for next Friday.
Bootleggers Get Maximum.
Pendleton. Or., May 8. John A. Foe
ter and Mat Smith pleaded guilty to
bootlegging this morning 1n ' police
court and rex-eived the maximum sen
tence tinder the city ordinance, a $100
fine and 30 days In Jail. The police
arrested them yesterday after laying
a trap for tnem. They had a suitcase
full of bottled whiskey and two large
jara of liquor.
Water at Batte Falls.
Medford. Or., May 8. Water was
turned Into the 2400 feet of flume and
1100 feet of ditch Sunday at the
Butte Falls fish hatchery. Work will
be pushed on the ponds being prepared
for the brood fish. Preparation will
be made for feeding email fry this
year. Butte Falls people have con
tributed generously in labor and other
assistance in the work. Superintend
ent J. W. Berrian la pleav4 with tbe
progress made.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Doctors Say "Use Musterole"
8o tnanv sufferers have found relief
In MU8TKROLK that you ought lo
buy a Hinall jar and try it.
Just spread It on with the fingers.
Rub it. in. First you feel a gentle
low, then a -delicious, cooling com-
ort Ml STKIIULK run is tha twins:.
loefsens up stiffened Joints and mus
MV8TKHOLIC 1 a clean, white Olnt
ment, inatle wilh oil of mustard. It
penetrates n the neat of pain and
rives It away, but dues not blister tha
tendereBt skin.
It takes the place of the mussy. old-
asliloned mustard plaster.
MISTKKOI.K Is re.ommended for
Bronchitis, Croup. Asthma, Pleurisy,
Lumliago, Neuralgia, Sprains. Bruises.
Stiff Neck, Headache and Colds of tha
Chest tit often prevents I'neumonlal.
At your druggist'. In "5c and 60a
Jars, and a special large hospital slxe
for t--$0.
Be sure you prt tl.e ecimlne MU8-
TKROLK. Refuse Imitations set
what ou ask for The
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Better Looking Take
Olive Tablets
If your skin Is yellow complexion
pallid tongue coated appetite poor
you have a bud taate in your mouth a
lazy, no-good leeling you ahouid lake
Olive Tablets.
Or. Kdwuids Olive Tablets a sub
stitute for calomel were prepared oy
Dr. Kdwards after 17 year, of atudy
with his patients.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely veueiaule compound mixed with
olive oil. Y.uu will knuw them uy
olive color.
If you want a clear, pink skin, bright
eyes, no pimples, a feeling or buoyancy
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the cause.
Dr. Kdwards' Olive Ttblets act on
the liver and bowels like calomel
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Take one or two nightly and note Cie,
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The Olive Tablet company, Colum
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nerm Is killing the hair roots. Oelaj
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shampoos are harmful, as they contain
alkali. The best thing to use is semo,
for It is pure ami also Inexpensive.
Zemo, Cleveland.
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sulcs will bring new life and quickly
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nc. Thy will thoroughly cleanse and
wash out the kidneys and bladder and
ently carry oif the ill effect, of ex
cesses of all kinds. The healing, sootu-
Ing oil soaks right into the walls-ana
lining of the kidney, and expels tha
poisons in your system. Keep your
kidneys In good shape by dally use of
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your druggist at once and secure
package of this time-honored, world
wide remedy. It la not a "patent
metllclne." it Is passed upon by U. if.
government chemists and declared pure
before coming into mis country, uuiui
MKUAL is tne pure, original naariem
Oil, Imported direct from the ancient
laboratories in Holland where It la
the National Hou.eliold Remedy of
the sturdy Dutch. Look for the name
GOLD MEDAL on every box. Accept
no substitute. Your druggist will
gladly refund your money if not as
represented. For sale and guaranteed
by The Owl Drug tjo. (Aav.j
And Burned. One Solid Eruption.
Spread to Neck and Shoulders.
Could Not Sleep.
I first had a breaking out of pimples oa
any chest. They were .mall and red, and
they Itched and burned fearfully and when
I errstched them, which
I had to do, they became
ore and festered, and
seemed to run into oner
.olid eruption. Then It
began to spread and waa
up on my neck and
shoulders. I could not
"I saw a Cutlcura floss
sad Ointment advertisement and I sent for :
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I bought some more. In three weeks I was
healed." (Signed) Miss E. M. Spencer.
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July 23. 1015.
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