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publication ou the follow In Suuday.
Uy Vella Winner.
ONK of the larjreHt and most ln-
plrlng club KHtlierlnga of the
year was that held at McMlnn
villo Tliurediiy, when the vialtlng
committee of the Civic Improve
ment dun of that 'lty entertained rep
reaentat Iveti of all of the clubs of
Yamhill county and several Stale Fed
eration off lens with an all day ses
sion. Including an automobile ride over
the city, a program of muwlcal num
bers', a luncheon and a symposium on
various phases of women's club work.
Two hundred women enjoyed the drive
over the pretty little city, after which
the guests went, to the Chamber of
Commerce rooms, where an address of
cordial welcome was given by Mrs. F.
H. Buchanan, president of the club.
Mrs, Kelly of Newberg responded.
Musical numbers were given, aftej
which luncheon was served at the
Christian church. The program of the
day wan given in the club rooms of
th Central library, as follows: "The
Clvlo Club; Its Relation to the Com
munity," Mrs. Domerest, Bneridan
Civic Improvement club; "The Succbbs-
ful Club Woman," Mr. Wilson, .La
fayette club; "The "Woman's Club and
the Child Welfare Movement," Mrs.
Hamblin, Falrvlew club; "Edjcatlon
From, th Viewpoint of a Club Wom
an," Mrs. t- B. Greer, .Dundee club;
The Study Club; Its Relation to the
Community," representative of New
berg Wednesday club; "The Club Wom
an; Her Duty and her Delight," Mrs.
Sackett, Sheridan literary club; "The
Woman's Club; How Can It Best Help
to Enforce Laws and City Ordinances?"
Mrs. Dennis of Carlton Woman's club;
"How Best Can We Promote Home In
dustry?" Mrs. NNelson, Newborg Civic
Improvement club; "The Woman's Club
and the Moving Picture Show," Mrs:
L'oBurn or uayton woman s ciud; i ne
Vps and Downs of the Club President."'
Miss Blair of the Amity club; "Fed
eration Work," Mrs. J. W. Tlfft of
Portland: "Advantages of Belonging to
the State Federation," Mrs. Sadler of
Aurora, chairman of extension work
for the State Federation; "The Schol
arship Loan Fund," Mrs. Frederick
Eggert of Portland, chairman of loan
fund for State Federation; " es
for the Ideal Club Woman," MIsb
Vella Winner, club editor, The Oregon
Journal. Th pleasure of the afternoon
wai heightened by the ringing of Mrs
Frank Logan. The meeting was such
a success that a plan was begun for
the holding of similar meetings
throughout the county at least once
ach year.
Tarson Association Hu Oood Tear.
The .Vernon Parent-Teacher associa
tion has Just closed one of the most
successful years in Its history. The
association has made personal pleas
for boys and girls to be sent to high
school and In most ca&es the efforts
have been successful. An effort has
been made to get Into the association
p those who have not belonged, partlcu
. lar.Iy the foreign mothers. The mem
bcrshlp committee of IS has made 400
calls during the year and have brought
In 56 new members. The social service
committee has done the best work in
Its history. The new sewing class has
been an tmportant feature, reaching
many mothers who would not other
, wise have been reached. The English
'class has also been successful. Through
the efforts of the association a beauti
ful 17 acre tract has been promised
within five blocks of the school house
lid within walking distance of threo
01 her schools In that district Tho
playground apparatus has been ordered
avnd the association feels that this la
The handsomest Dress and Coat that
a nave seen mis spring. l es, and Sh
had dozens and dorena of them to e
' lect from.
- . inn- niiLa wum nave
been delighted wita the lovely dress
mnu i anywnere one may nave
found it. but Just luck for her, they
happened in t CHERRY'S STOHU
ana aw tnem, and as she did not havi
; enough ready cash for them both, thi
Way CHERRY'S do business 1nt m.
nr aenianaa. xou see. all Agnes aad
;both garments, havt thm fitted to
iw - yi ivuuy tnu tAxo uicm nom with
' Ik Tlta Knla.. 1 J
; ., wuioiivo vita niauie ai i uriKf
ttnu lUEtenia ox acn
; mAHlh am m U a. I A V
bar aalary. Just a lutfa tory. of
course. Out you can at onca see what
a comrort It Is to trade at a store
In you, where you can pay for your
jui a a jruu uon i neea to use
: yourjnonay for any other purpose
- urwma ui ine time.
, . . "" iwnuiuui ana con
jenlenUy located at 889-81 Washington
f i ,
one or he biKgt achievement, oC the V 5 !' f - - ft
year. A committee Is at present work- J?H5V r t&ywjAfc v,.- ill
Ihk in an effort to get a nlKht schocl. V'iHMfclk V'if"',f 'fc , t'
retltlons having already been filed rh , $ &3 4 , - V JsLsi
one of the biggest achievements of the
year. A committee is at present work
ing In an effort to get a night school,
petitions having already been filed
with the BChool board. The president,
Mrs. Elbert Hicks, has presided with
grace and dignity and her friends: are
very appreciative of her excellent
Tuesday Club's Annual Xaectux.
The Tuesday Afternoon club's annual
lecture, held on the afternoon of Mon
day last, at the East Side library,
was one of the very pleasant club
events of the year. Over 200 guests
were present. The auditorium was at
tractively decorated with long branch
es of dogwood and vine maple and
large May baskets of Scotch Broom
and yellow daisies. A flight of iblue
birds on the wall back of the rostrum
was a unique and charming feature.
The president of the club, Mrs. O. I.
Stahl, presided. A brief mupical pro
gram preceded the lecture. The 'two
violin solos by Vern Isom, accom
panied by Glenn Shelley, ware re
markable for their verve and smooth
ness of execution. Delightful, also,
were the two vocal solos sung by Miss
Madeline Stone. Mrs. Henr Berger
Jr., at the piano. The lecture on Rus
sian literature, given by Mrs. Mabel
Holmes Pearson, professor of English
in the University of Orepron, was, the
principal event of the afternoon. She
commented on the remarkable matur
ity of Russian literature, which Is but
fairly a product of the nineteenth cen
tury. She spoke of Its wonderful art,
particularly as embodied in the works
or the master, Turgeneff, who, she
said, was considered by many critics
to be the greatest novelist not only of
the nineteenth century but of all time.
In speaking of the seriousness of Rus
sian literature, she referred partic-
Sramatio Study Club to Meat. The
annual social meeting of the Dramatic
Study club will be held at the Laurel-
hurst clubhouse tomorrow afternoon.
At this time the ladles of the club will
be hostesses to their friends, and sev
eral special features have been planned
for their entertainment. Miss Nina
Greathouse will give a series of read
ings and Mrs. John Suttle will sing a
group of songs. The club has enjoyed
a most helpful course or dramatic
study under the presidency of Mrs.
C. W. Hayhurst, who has again been
elected president for the new year.
ularly to the works of Turgeneff, Tol
stoi, Doestolevsky and Andreev.
It seemed wonderful, she said, that
this country of Russia, which we have
considered the most hopeless In point
of civilization, should have struck the
highest note of hopefulness for the
future. She referred to two notable
qualities of Russian genius. their
sympathy and pity for mankind, even
the most degraded. She spoke also of
the idealism back of Russian realism.
These men wrote, she said, not for
their own advancement nor for the
glory of Russia, but for humanity
for all people, and in this qMality of
universal appeal she considered that
Russian literature Is supreme among
the literatures of the past century. At
the conclusion of the program re
freshments were served, the Misses
Maurlne Laber, Pauline Alderman.
Adelaide Morey. Hilda Cliff and Mar
Jorie McCollom asststing. The next
meeting of the club has beep post
poned to Tuesday, May 1 6. at o'clock,
at the residence of Mrs. Henry Ber
ger Jr., 850 WHsco street. Take Rose
City car to Twenty - eighth street
Prats Club Elects Officers. The
State Woman's Press club held Its an
nual meeting Wednesday evening and
after the regular business of the clu
was discussed, the vice president, Mrs.
L. Bron son-Salmon, Xook the chair and
the president, Mrs. Martha Pullman
French, made her annual address. Mrs.
French spoke of the club's work durtng
the past year, and mentioned Its mem
bers as a progressive, wideawake hand
of women who stand for the best things
that are to be obtained, who h.ave
gained recognition from their fellow
craftsmen and have placed Uiemselves
In the front ranks as the brainiest,
busiest and best of all the Oregon Fed
crated clubs. Many expressions of ap
preciation of the president's adminis
tration were made by the club women.
Mrs. L, B. Downey-Bartlett made a mo
tion that the secretary cast the unani
mous ballot of the club reelecting Mrs.
French to the presidency and the mo
tion was supported by the entire club.
Mrs. L. Bronson-Salmon resigned as
vice president and the regular election
ensued, the following being chosen:
President. Mrs. Martha Pullman
French; vice president, Mrs. Helen I
Tomllnson: corresponding secretary
Mrs. Colista M. Dowllng; recording sec
retary, Mrs. Youmans; treasurer, Miss
Frances Gotshall. Mrs. Lucia Faxon
Addlton, the founder of the State Worn
an'a Press club, extended her thanka
to the members for placing her name
In the year book as honorary president.
Children's Club to Q1t Operetta
One hundred children, members of the
newly organised Rose Bud Choral
club of Rosa City Park, will appear In
the operetta. "A Dream of Fulryland,"
Friday evening at the Rose City Park
clubhouse. Te program will Include
Above, left to right: Luclle Carter, president of the Rosebud Choral
club of Rose City Park; Rose Elizabeth Roberts and Mary Frances
Schultz, who will dance in the fairy operetta which the Rosebud
club is giving Friday evening.
Below: Mary Marjory Ream, who will take a prominent part in the
fairy operetta.
songs, dances and theie will be fairies,
brownies, birds, bees, butterflies and
flowers. Following is the cast of
characters for tho little operetta:
Fairy Queen, Marjory Ream; Princess,
Dorothy White; Neva, Geraldine
Gerth; May, Jessie Henderson; Light
Foot, Mary Frances Schultz; Brlgfit
Eyes. Rose Ellzaaeth Roberts; Fly
away. Lorraine De Young. The enter
tainment Is given under the direction
of Golden Starr Scott.
To Dedicate XTew Building'. Under
the auspices of the Fulton Park Parent-Teacher
association a reception
and entertainment will be given Wed
nesday evening in honor of the dedi
cation of the new building. The re
ception will be held between 7 and S
o'clock, when visitors will be given
an opportunity to inspect . the new
building, the grounds, the school gar
den and the domestic science and man
ual training work. The address of
welcome will be made by L. E. Lat
ourette. Mss Beth Ludlam will read
"The Matinee"; Hartridge G. Whlpp
will sing, "ir I Were King" (Camp-bell-Tipton)
and "The Pipes of Pan"
(Edward Elgar), with Mrs. Whlpp at
the piano. Addresses will be made
by Superintendent L. R. Alderman,
Judge M. G. Munley, Mrs. Alva Lee
Stephens and others. Miss Pagmar
Inez Kelly will sing. Those going out
from Portland may leave the Hoyt
street station at 6:15 or 7:20, or th
Union station at 6:15 or 8 o'clock,
getting off at Third and Miles street.
A return train will leave Third and
Miles street at 10:25.
Alblna Homestead Entertains. A
large crow-4 attended the entertain
ment given Friday afternoon by the
.Parent-Teacher association of the
Albina Homiestead school. The eighth
and ninth grade girls sold candy. The
following program was given: S'elec
tlon, school orchestra; Indian club
drill; reading, Mrs? Boyersmlth; vio
lin solo, Miss Charlotte Sherlock, ac
companied by Miss Varea Wilson; ex
ercise, Nlnespur club; piano jolo,
Harry Rubenstein; Dutch sketch, Ma
rie Persons, and Hazel Olson; piano
solo, Herbert Swett; musical comedy
sketch, Howard and Velva Emmert;
vocal solo. Miss Frltzie Miller, ac
companied by Miss Kmmerick; read
ing. Mrs. Maddux; fancy dance, Clene
Lauterstein and William Swett; vocal
numbers, C.. B. B. 6. quartet, accom
panied by JMir.nle Thompson Carty;
selection, orchestra.
Will Olve "Vaudeville-The Ladies
Annex and Actives of the Portland
Social Turn Verein are planning for
a vaudeville entertainment to be given
Sunday evening. May 21. at the Ger
man house, under the direction of
Professor Gens Genserowskl. The at
tractions will include dances, drills
and stunts of various kinds and the
evening promises to be one of rare
pleasure, as- the Turn Verein affairs
are always clever and attractive. The
funds will be used to purchase some
new apparatus for the ladies' gymnn
sium. Dalian CJub Electa. The Annual
election of ! of fleers of the Dallas
Woman's olub was held Tuesday. Mrs.
Sandford B. Taylor was elected presi
dent; Mrs. L L. Smith, vice president;
Take advantage of style, price and
workmanship. See
Mrs. A. B. Robinson Jr.. secretary;
Mrs. Carl Manock, treasurer. Heads
of departments were selected as fol
lows: Girls, Miss Ednelle Collins;
literary, Mrs. B. Casey; music, Mrs. A.
B. Starbuck; civic, Mrs. A. L. Martin.
A movement was started by the cluo
members looking toward the purchase
of a lot and the erection thereon of a
Parent-Teacher Council Election.
The annual business meeting and elec
tion of the Council of Parent-Teacher
associations was held Friday afternoon
in Library hall. On account of the
lack of time, but few of the reports
were given. The rest will be given at
the June meeting. Library hall was
full, there being many Interested spec
tators, in addition to the 183 voting
members. Mrs. Alva Lee Stephens re
ceived 147 votes for president; Mrs.
F. J. Glass. 33 votes, and Mrs. C. F.
Nichols, 3 votes. On motion of Mrs
H. E. Coleman, Mrs. Stephens' election
was made unanimous. Other officers
chosen were: First vice president,
Mrs. P. G. Nealand; second vice presi
dent, Mlsa Emma Barrette; third vice
president, Mrs. W. I. Swank; secretary,
Mrs. Belle Ober; corresponding secre
tary, Mrs. H. H. Elling; treasurer, Mrs.
F. A. Jackson; auditor, Mrs. M. K.
Chapter B Gives Tea, Chapter E
of the P. E, O. Sisterhood, of which
Mrs. L. W. McCaw is president, en
tertained Thursday afternoon with a
delightful tea given at the home of
Mrs. F. C. Griffith. The guests In
cluded members of the local chapters
ana or tne Forest Grove and Oregon
ny cnapiers. ine attendance was
large and the afternoon was In every
respect most delightful. The rooms
were decorated in the chapter colors,
yellow and white Scotch broom and
white lilacs being used. Refreshments
were, a feature of the occasion. Piano
solo were given by Miss Bess Mickey
and ranees Wardner. Mrs. Skinner
gave readings. Mrs. Pheuster. Mrs.
Rlsley and Mrs. Griffin gave vocal
numbers, accompanied by Miss Jean
Mount Scott Club Bfaets. Yesterday
was Welch day at the Mount Scott
Mental Culture club. The meeting was
held at the home of Mrs. Jean F. Mc
Loney. Mrs. D. Woolworth gave a
paper on "Customs and Policies of
Wales." Mrs. F. R. LeRoy spoke on
"Royal Castles and Palaces." "Welch
Folk Lore" was discussed by Mr.
George E. Stoner. Mrs. F. W. Dobbs
reviewed "Through Welch Doorwayi."
by Janet Marks. Miss Marks and Mrs
LeRoy were In Wellesley together and
It ia not necessary to shampoo quite
so frequently If your hair is properly
cleansed each time by use of a really
good shampoo. The easiest to use and
quickest crying shampoo that we cac
recommend to our readers may be pre
pared very cheaply by dissolving a tea
spoonful of canthrox, obtained from
your druggist. In a cup of hot water.
Thla rubbed Into the scalp create a
thick lather, toothing and cooling in
Its action, as well as beneficial
to scalp and hair. After rinsing, the
scalp is fresh and clean, while ' the
hair dries quickly and evenly, develop
lag a bright luster and a soft rffi
ness that makes It seem very heavy
- , - . , U4t. .
an enjoyable feature of the afternoon
In addition to the review of her book, ,
was the reading of two poems by Mis
Marks and a personal letter from her
to Mrs. LeRoy.
Club Vewa. The Portland Shake
speare Study club will meet with Mrs.
John Tatt, 140 East Thirty-second
street, tomorrow at 2 o'clock, for ana
lytical review of "Coriolanus," after
which there will be an executive board
meeting. Take Sunnyside or Mount
Tabor car.
The Oregon Keramlc club will hold
Its regular monthly meeting Wednes
day, May 10, and wlllbe entertained
at the home of Mrs. T. T. Geer.
Mrs. Isaac Lee Patterson, state
regent of the Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution, has called a meetln?
of all state committees for Tuesday
morning at 10 o'clock in room A, Cen
tral library.
The Irvlngton Art class and any
others interested in art are Invited to
meet tomorrow afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Alice Weister, corner Fifteenth
and Slskyou streets, when Mrs. R. M.
Tuttle will speak on Japanese art, with
stereoptlcon Illustrations.
"Optimism Is Discussed. No bet
ter program was ever given before the
Self Culture club than the one pre
sented at the last meeting. The club
considers Itself more than fortunate
to have had the privilege of listening
to B. F. Irvine, who spoke on "Op
timism." No message to the young
people has been more appreciated than
this one. Mrs. Elizabeth Bond, whose
beautiful voice alwaye carries its
message to the hearts of her listen
ers, delighted tlfe audience with three
vocal eolos. Mrs. Bond has now gone
east to perfect herself In concert
work. Mrs. Martha B. Reynolds ac
companied Mrs. Bond. Other numbers
on the program were: Readings by
Miss Madaline Haas, Mrs. L. M. John
son and Miss Alice Casson, and a
piano solo by Mrs. Ella B. Jones.
Will Olve Shakespearian Beading's.
Dr. Henry Lawrence Southwick, the
distinguished classic teacher, orator,
artist and interpreter of Shakespeare,
will appear in a series of Xlve readings
the week of June 11, under the aus
pices of the Portland Shakespeare
Study club at Meter & Frank's audi
torium. Dr. Southwick is president of
the Emerson College of Oratory, Bos
ton, and was for some years master o'f
English In the William Penn Carter
school of Philadelphia, lor several
seasons he has been a brilliant figure
on the public platform, where he has
lectured and read before leading col
leges, nromlnent clubs, teachers' In
stitutes and educational gatherings.
The list of plays to be read will be
announced later. A small charge of o
cents has been made, which admits to
all five readings. Tickets may be pro
cured from club members.
Eugene Auxiliary Elects. The mem
bers of the Ladies' auxiliary of the
Eugene Chamber -of Commerce met
Wednesday evening for the election of
officers and a social meeting. Mrs. M
K. Watson was elected president. Mrs
William Kuykendall. vice president
Miss Kate Henderson, secretary; Mrs.
Lloyd Bellman, corresponding secre
tary and Mrs. Julius Goldsmith, treas
urer. Following the business meeting
a program was rendered by Professor
H. P. Filer's quartet and Mrs. Pimm
who played the, accompanied by
Mrs. Alton Hampton, later in the
evening whist was enjoyed, Mrs. J. B
Rell winning honors at that game
ETaborate refreshments were served in
'the dining room.
Mrs. Weister Is Honored. Mrs. La
Fayette Lawrence, chairman of the ed
ucational committee of the Woodburn
Women's club, entertained at an elao
orate luncheon at her home In Wood
burn on Wednesday noon. May S, for
Mrs. Alice Weister of Portland, who
gave an address on "Psychology" be
fore the club, which met at the home
of Mrs. Beck. The table appointments
each month, room A, public library, ummu-
teet meeting t 1:30, Duine meeting ai
8:30. President, Mra. Alrt Lee Stephens. 693
Wasco. Eat 8417.
AIN8W0HTH Second Wednesday. Presi
dent, Mr. Frank Kelsey, 660 Chehaleaa. Main
at.atfta ?ASK-Third Friday. PreiMent
Mra. Mnrrr S. Uajr. 709 E. 29th at. N. Baf
President Mrs. L. V. Pollock. 799 Willinni
ABXETA Second Friday. Prealdent. VI ra.
J. H. Zehrnng. 7186 Forty-eighth aenu.
S. E. Tabor 083.
BEAUMONT Third Tuesday at 2 p.
6S5 Eaat Forty-fifth atreet imrth. President.
Mra. H. H. Elling, 683 East Forty-fifth street
BUCKMAN Third Thursday. President
Mra. P. G. Nealand. 7 East Twenty-second
street. North. East 6785.
CAPITOL HILL .Second Frldny fTenlng and
fourth 'Friday afternoon. President, Mrs. U.
E. ReeTes, Nurthrup Acres, A -584 7.
CHAPMAN Soond Wednesday. President.
Mra. J. W. Fowler. 372 Thlrty-aeeond atreet
north. Marshall 138.
CLINTON KELLY Third Thursday. Presi
dent. Mrs. C. P. Osborne. 761 Clinton, Sail
wood 640.
COUCH Not organised.
CHEST0N Third Tuesday of sch.vil month.
President. Mrs. Belle V. Ober, 4D36 Thirty
first arenue 6. E.
DAVIS Not organised.
EASTMOBELAND Not organised.
ELIOT Second Thursday. President. Mrs.
C. M. Zander, 420 Gaiiti-ubein arenue. East
FATLING I.aat Wednesday. President. Mrs.
I G. Sch warts, 211 Curry street. Marshall
FEBITWOOD Second Tueaday. President.
Mr. C. Elfred Hort, 824 Wasco street. East
1654. iS.
raANKXIir HIOKiFlrst Tuesday eranltif
each month. President, Mrs. J. T. Chapman.
1031 DlTlslon street. lanor sooi.
fUXTON PARK Third Tuesday. President.
Mrs. Dana I. Wadsworth, 1643 Fulton atreet.
Marshall 660.
OLENCOE Second Tuesday. President. Mrs.
A. C. Newton. 269 East Flfty-tblrd. Tabor
GLENHAVEN Second Tuesday. President.
Mrs. J. H. Mactiregor, 2101 Tillamook, Tabor
GREGORY HEIGHTS Not organized.
HAWTHORNE Second Wednesday. Presi
dent. Mrs. W. 11. llallam. 628 Holly street
East 1814.
HIGHLAND Second Friday. President.
Mrs TUumaa G. Greene. &S7 JessuD street. C
1204. HOFFMAN Seeond Friday. President. Mrs.
F. I. Glass. 69U0 Thirtieth avenue. S. E. Ta
bor 37S4-.
H0LLADAY Fourth Friday. President, Mrs.
W. 1. Swank, 315 East Nineteenth street North.
East 148.
ntVTNGTON Second Wednesday. President
Mrs. C. A. Hart. 494 East Nineteenth street
Nurtb. Eaat 164C.
HUDSON First and Third Wednesday.
President, Mra. Perry F. Bob in son, 1876 Haw
thorne ayenue.
H0LMAN First Tuesday. Prealdent, Mr.
Perey Stowell. 834 Cortwtt. Marshall 4454.
KENNEDY First Wednesday. Prealdent.
Mrs. William Addison: 1011 Prescott straet.
Woodlawn 166S.
KENTON Third Wednesday. President. Mrs.
F M. Htrobe'ker, 73 West Fsrragut street.
V.oodlawD 2U73.
KERNS Thlrd Tuesday. President. Mra.
W. I. WheatoB, 965 East Dayis. East 2627.
LADD Second Thursdsy. President. Mrs.
I, T. Newton. 267 Eleventh street. Mala
LEKTS Third Friday. President, Mrs.
Hand Darnall, Lenta Tabor 2813.
LLEWELLYN Th 1 rd Wednesday. President,
Mra. Lyman B. Andrews. 014 Boulevard. B
1745. t
MONTAYTLLA First Tuesday. President.
Mrs. A. i. aloreland. 157 K. Eightieth street
, ' ' I
".-- v.pV,4, t?7$ms
V - y: : V'.i.tifVSii-M fM
V. -V"; ' vt iHrv.? :W
anx C .Wtvmat
Alva Lee Stephens, who
Council of
were beautiful, a large bowl of pink
tulips centered the .table, and quince
blOfcsoms were used In great profusion.
Dainty pink place cards marked places
for Mrs. Alice Weister. Mrs. J. M.
Poorman, Mrs. Frank Whitman, Mrs.
Robert Scott, Mrs. F. W. Bettlemler
and Mrs. Lawrence.
Baker .Alpha Club Electa. At the
meeting of the Alpha club of Baker
yesterday afternoon the following of
ficers for the ensuing year were
elected: President, Mrs. W. C. Ross;
vice president, Mrs. L. R. Stockman;
secretary, Mrs. Paul Pollman; corre
sponding secretary, Mrs. Frank Ryder;
treasurer, Mrs. Paul Pollman.
Junior Association Entertains. The
Junior Parent-Teacher association of
the Albina Homestead school enter-
MOUNT TABOR Second Thursday. Presi
dent. Mrs. K. A. McPherson. 110 East Sixty
first street. K-1233.
MULTNOMAH Second Wednesday. Preal
dent, Mra. Marsaret Tk'kner, Multnomah.
0CKXEY GREEN Second Thursday. Presl
dent. Mrs. C. J. Dewresux. 175 West Emerson
stieet. Woodlawn 4186.
PENINSULA Second Tuesdsy. President.
Mrs. Max 11. Ohm, 1512 Vincent st. WckmIImwd.
r PORTSMOUTH On call. President. Mrs.
Alice White, 1TUO Portemouth svenus. Colum
bia 486. .
RICHMOND Second Friday. President.
Mrs. Sayler E. Smith, 633 Mirguerita ave
nue. SeUwood 2267.
ROSE CITY PARK First Thursday after
first Friday. President, Mra. R. E. Gehr,
1251 Brazee. C-1930.
RUBSELLVILLE Mrs. H. A. Iwla, Nlne
alxtb and East Burnalde streets. Tabor 204.
BELLWOOD Second Wednesday. President,
Mrs. Fred Meindl. 618 Clatsop. Sell wood
HATTUCX First Tuesday. President,
Mrs. J. F. Kelly. 610 Fifth. Marshall 3447.
SHAVER Second Friday. President. Mrs.
Msrie L. Patterson, 820 Kerby street. Wood
li.wu 4447.
STEPHENS Third Thursday. "President.
Mrs. Alts M. Crabtree, 30M East Eighth St.
ST. JOHNS Second Thursday' at 8 p. m. In
CeLtral building. Presldeut, Mrs. R. U.
Bra uil. 1303 Seneca atrm-t. Columbia 269.
SUNNYSIDE Third Thursday. President,
Mrs. A. M. Webster. 933 Hawthorns avenue.
Tabor 270.
TERWLLLIGER Third Thursday. presl
deut, Mra. T. U. Auderaon, Macadam Road. A
4384. THOMPSON Flrat Tuesday. President.
Mrs. VV. K. Ogden, IM6 Michigan avenue.
Woodlawn 1419.
VERNON First Tuesday. President. Mrs.
Elbert Uicks. Kaat Twentieth and Going
streets. Woodlawn 1272.
WOODLAWN First Wednesday. President,
Mrs. O. j. Sunderland. Columbia Slough Road
Woodlawn 200.
W00DMERE Second Tuesday. President, i
Mia Mua B. JoUasoi), OlOU buvtntj -seventh
street. 8. E. Tabor 723.
WOODSTOCK Third Fridsy. President
Mrs. W. M. Akera. 6000 Forty-sixth street
tell wood 1486.
Hair Tinting
Nothing so robs a woman of her
good looks and attractiveness as gray,
streaked or faded hair. And there is
no more reason or sense in tolerating
unattractive hair
Ilia T. , V r 4
vvvarinar u n uecom
' ins; Browns.
Ths one
hair stain
that s t a nds
B u D r emn l
"Brownatone." It
is simple and easy
to use. No mix
ing. Just comb
or brush it into
your hair. It can
not be detected,
win not rub or
wash off. acts in
stantly and Is ab
solutely harmless.
"Brownatone" will give any shade
desired from, light golden brown to
Your drngglst sells "Brownatone" or
will get it for you. A sample and a
booklet will be mailed you upon re
ceipt of 10 cents, and your orders will
be filled direct from tur laboratories
If you prefer. Mention shade desired.
Two sues 26c and 81.00.
Insist on "Brownatone" at your
Prepared by the Kenton Pharmacal
Co, (81 EL Pike 8L, 5ovlngton. Ky.
For sale by The Owl Drug company;
zi store on ine- xacine coast.' --. '
law: -I" t-1 -
has been reelected president of the
Parent-Teacher Associations.
talned the mothers with an Interesting
program last Saturday afternoon at
the home of their president, Miss
Gertrude Welsensee, at 860 Grand
avenue. Dainty refreshments were
served by the girls. The quilt was
also given away to Mr. Breckey of
MadLson, Wisconsin, who held ths
rucky number, 33. The money from
the sale of numbers will be used for
social service work next winter.
Brooklyn Club to Meet. The Brook
lyn Mothers' and Teachers' club will
hold its final meeting- for the season
.Friday evening in the new family room
f the BchoolhouHe. Superintendent I
R. Alderman will give an Illustrated
lecture on the "School Gardens of
rortland." El H. Whitney will speak.
Celene Lauterstein and William Swett
will give fancy dances. Miss Elaine
White will give a piano number and
Mise Minnie Nemorowaky will sing.
Will Give Money to Woman's Bulla
ins". The women's glee club of the
University of Oregon will turn over a
neat sum to the women's building fund
following the club's trip to five Wil
lamette valley towns last week, ac
cording to Leslie Tooze, manager. The
club ww royally entertained at the
various towns by Oregon rraduates
and sang at two high schools on the
To Hold Series of Xeetlnara. A
series of mothers' meetings for the
By Miss Valetka Suratt
THE ordinary hair tonics, common
ly sold In prepared form and rady
to use are so often weak in Dower
and In ingredients that I sometimes
wonder how many of them can be sold
at all. A real, genuine hair grower
would perhaps be too expensive to buy
In prepared form, but by preparing ft
yourself at home, which you can do in
a few momenta you can have the best
nair grower it is possiDie to make, and
at moderate cost. This formula of mine
is a mixture of one ounce of btta-qui-
nol. with one half a Pint of alcohol
and half a pint of water (or use a full
pint oriray rum ir you wish instead
of the water and alcohol). Apply this
liberally. Hair will stop falling, dand
ruff Will disappear and the tialr will
grow with remarkable rapidity. The
hair roots quickly take on new life
and vigor and naturally enough, when
this occurs, almost any hair trouble
is bound to cease.
F. D. K. Sulfo solution is the only
thing which dissolves the hair instead
of burning it off, as other depilatories
do As a result, it never leaves a
mark or red spot, or injures the skin,
but leaves it clear, soft and smooth.
Use it ton any part of the body, no
matter how delicate the akin. It never
falls and works in a few moments. The
sulfo solution can be secured at any
drug store.
a s a
AOEING I challenge any one to Dro-
duce a more effective wrinkle remover
than my. formula I give here. J know
positively what it will do. To a half
a Dint of water add two tableanoon
fuls of glycerine and two ounces of
eptol. This makes a delightful cream.
When used liberally and faithfully a
remarkable improvement in appearanee
la the result. All lines of age. crow's
feet and wrinkles, gradually become
smoothed out.
M W W Vg riu.v.lliv. . I V W,
can be ievelopel. The following; mix-
purpose of discussing live topics w
special reference to purity; la plan:
for Tuesday of this week by the j
leta W. C. T. U. The meeting
be addressed by state and county vt
cere. The places of meetings are
follows: Mra Snyder, corner Fort
fifth avenue and Seventy-ninth at re
Mrs. W. O. Boone, 6830 Forty-six
avenue, southeast; Sirs. Elle, Brer,
wood; Mrs. F. Shimmons, SUty-thi
street. . j
Emerson Brady Circle. Tuesd.
evening the Emerson Study elrcle W
entertained by Miss Marie Sommer
whp caused much merriment - amoi
the members when, impersonating
fortune teller, she prophesied the
brilliant futures. The Poet" Will 1
the essay studied next week. The clrc
meets each Tuesday at 8 p. Mi. Met
physical Library building, Broadwt
and Main streets. Miss Florence Seel
enberg Is president and leader. ' .
Association Votes. Multnomr
1 Parent-Teacher association will me
In the clubhouse, near the schoolhoue
Wednesday at 2:80. Mrs. Alva L
Stephens will speak and the annu
election of officers will be held. (
Willamette chapter. Daughters - r
the American Revolution, will me
Wednesday afternoon at 2:80 with Mr
Ada Hertsche. 602 East Twenty-six t
street north. Papers will be given t
Mrs. Isaao Lee Patterson, state reger
and John 'Read. . X v I
The Hawthorne Parent-Teacher ei
cle will hold its regular meath
Wednesday at 2:80. The business mee
lng will be followed by election of o
fleers and reception to Professor Ha
ley, the teachers of Hawthorne scb6
and the newly elected officers, fiver
member is requested to attend.
The Richmond P. T. A. will meet
Friday, May 12, at 2:45. Election4
officers and Important business W'
be transacted. Large attendanoe la t.
sired. Refreshments served. Mttllci
program. Mrs. S. M. Blaumer Wl
speak. tJ
Willamette chapter. Daughters c
the American Revolution, will give
card party at the Portland Height
club Tuesday afternoon. Cards wl.
be played from 2 until 4 and from
until :so mere win ne a musical pre
gram. Mrs. K. A. Taylor is cnairma
of the committee in oliarge of the ai
Woodlawn Parent-Teacher aasoclf
tlon will meet Wednesday afternoo
at 3 o'clock. Judge Cleeton will dlr
cuss child welfare as used by ths Ji
venlle court. Candidates for school d
rector will speak and ths annual le-1
tlon of officers will be held. Vs1 " I
Peninsula Parent -Teacher aasooia
tlon will meet Tuesday afternoon s
2:30. The election of officers will b
held. ' I
The Highland Parent-Teacher asst
elation will meet Friday afternoon to
the election of officers. Mrs. A, J
Flegel, chairman of the program com
mittee, has prepared an unusually fin
program. The traveling art exhib!
Is now being sljown at the Highlart
school and all patrons are asked t
view it any day this week durin
school hours.
The Alberta Woman'i Improvetnsr
club will meet Tuesday night In th
Vernon school hnuna. A full attenr
ance Is desired, as there are some mat
ters of bu-iness of vital Important
to come before the club for consider
About Reducing.
The trouble with most women, say
an expert, is that they wait until the
have become too stout before they trv
to reduce. Then they go at it with
such energy that they train down thai;
muscles and flabby limbs too fast fo
their skins, and the result Is slender;
ness Incased In a tissue of skin that I
almost twice too largo for the body.
Makes Fat Vanlsl
Ws have raek marvels' rssorda ef '
Saetlan In- weight la buMrsds at
with our ADIPO Trsatmant. that we
siaeaV tor limited tin nly, is rjv t
50C BOX t-Rtt I
all psraona (althsr sal whe '
t 1st. ws want m prora t
APIDO will tske 1st sft any p
of ths seoy hi a pisaaani s
sslasr arila wiy, wi
nl dlaUaaj. sitraulsi or hat
lastac wi yaur asuaj asm
jmiuiiaim, ' . w 1
lOdaay anaHamrt traab
that as alt roe w
ak w vinwir, laiprw.w w - t
mm wr4 lav n. i aa avaaa H mi
Wetta ta-aa lar a Vraa laa Boa 4 ADIPO s
lassraatlag lllusnt4 aaki thar. aaat yarn aatb'.'
Auo cawaaioAshiaae sisg.. www rani w
Valetka Suratt, America's Self.
Made Beauty - Actress, Tells
How Surpassing Beauty
May Be Simply and
Easily Attained.
ture It the best for this, and it is safe
Of course no one can ever be sure Of
success in this regard. Mix two ounces
of ruetone. obtainable at any drun
store, with half a cup of sugar and
dissolve In a pint of cold water. Take
two tablespoonfuls after meals and at
bedtime. ,":
see I,.
II. D. II. See how aulcklv and beau
tifully your complexion will change to
one of exauisite beauty by using my
complexion formula. All freckles mud.
ainess and blemishes promptly disap
pear. Get at the drug store one ounce
of ilntone and mix with one table
spoonful of glycerine In a pint Of hot
water. This makes many times more
cream than you would have to pay
for by buying prepared creams which
are much weaker in results.
MRS. O. T. I note what you say
about not being able So get the sin
tone at the drug storefor making my
complexion formula. I regret this, but
if you will send the pfe which is 0
cents, to "Secrets ry of Valeska Bur
ratt, Thompson Bldg., Chicago," you
will be supplied by return malL
' ?M
BELL AN A Talcum powder does na 1
good in armpit and other perspira
tion. Use hydrolised talc, which Is es- .
peclally medicated, and which. is aston.
ishing in controlling excessive perspir
atlon in the armpits and other parts of
the body, such as the feet waist, etc
It prevents your gowns from becoming
faded and ruined oy excessive per si ra
tion, it also completely destroys odor.
MINNIE Q. It A teaspoonful of
eggol In half a cup of hot water makes
the most exquisite shampoo possible.
It cleans out all the pore wonderfully
and lets the hair ''breathe." It dis
solves sway all fatty accumulations
and dandruff, which nothing else, not
even soap and hard scrubbing, can do.
It ia very economical, as for a mod
sraie pnew 70-j tan uuism snuuin egg-y
01 for over a dosen of these extraordliv,
ary bead washes. '
1 I-
at aBsaaaBi X
at S l.i S asst
1 W aw'a
1 Tri
rasa as. Oaat safca
MADAME Z Tea, you certainly can
get rid of blackheads in a few minutes,
prinkle some neroxio on a sponge, wet
with hot, water, and rub this on the
black heads. In a few minutes they
will be ail gone. Blackheads should
never be pinched out Get the neroxlu
at any drug store
v - Z j ' ' 'A: