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All Principal Events of Week
H:; Briefly Sketcher for Infor
frj:' mation of Busy Reader,
V. European War.
!n XBLIV, Tlio Overseas News
' fN genc-y announced Thursday that
a portion of Moscow was burned
' during revolutionary outbreaks.
V- ZiOBdon James Kulllvun, former
American minister to Santo Iiomlngo,
rdwas a.rrested In DtiMIn In connec
Vjtlon With the Irish rebellion and has
bn brought to'" England. Ambas
sador Page Inquired Thursday con
I'loerning what rliarete liad been laid
'Kalnat Sullivan and with regard to
what procedure would he taken.
Ij) '; BubXla. four tnore leader of the
.recent Irish revolt were shot to death
t dawn Friday by a firing Hauad here.
TJThey Wre: Joaeph Plunket, Edmund
elbaly, Michael O'llannahan, William
c Berlin. The admiralty announced
jjThuraday that Zeppelins bombarded
British warehlps at the entrance of
Jtha Firth of Korth
Vwlth "good euccess."
Tuesday night
)t XtOadon. I. H. Vearse, who pro
J5 claimed hlrngelf president of the Irish
, repuDiie;
James Connolly, chief of its
! military forces, and
another Irish
a' leader were executed
cuvi wrio cAmit'u in i'liuim at
dawn Wednesday for treason." Pre
rrnler Asqutth announced In parliament
-ithat the three Irish rebels met their
'''death before a firing uquad.
1 londonu Augustine Iiirrell. chief
"cretary for Ireland, resigned Wed
Biieaday. Varla-In tense artillery action con
tinued throughout Tuesday night over
th Verdun front. There were no In
fantry assaults. All the ground gained
DJT tha French In their recent counter
assault wan still In their possession.
.Berlin, Dr. Karl Iiebknecht. So
cialist leader, and right otnera, were
arrested as a result of a May day
demonstration here In Potsdam square.
lldon. Premier Asquith announced
Tuesday In the house of commons that
the government had decided on a pol
icy or immediate and general cotn-
: (jPWleory military service.
- itonaon. i mrteen persons were
lost In the sinking of the British
Steamers Aegusa and Nasturtium. The
Aegusa was formerly Sir Thomas Lip
ton'a private yacht, the Erin.
yaxiaj A total gain of a mile by the
French in the last three days in the
fighting about Verdun was announced
els attacked the police of Garrlstown
II miles from Dublin, early Tuesday,
wounding lour, lMgnt rebels were
captured. The rest escaped. Slight
disturbances occurred In the suburbs
Of Dublin and the outlying districts.
vuQUoa At least t')0 rebels were
killed and 1600 wounded In the seven
j cays or street ngniing here, it was
i eaiimaiea uy ooiaiers wno canvassed
M isitv
Mndoa. Great Britain's military
forces now number in excess of 6,
000.000 men.
.' j .-. . .
': 4 ' Barlln. The German reply to the
American submarine . demands was
handed to Ambassador Gerard Thurs
day afternoon.
DmwlB- Irish rebels holding St.
Stephens Green surrendered Sunday
Sight. About 4o0 insurgents, en
trenched In the central part of the
city, also laid down their arms at
tha foot of the Parnell monument.
London. The British merchantman
Lucknow of 3669 tons has been sunk.
. ' prmrtantlTiopla. British casualties
In the fighting about Mesopotamia
J during March and April reached 20,
000. according to official announce
ment here.
VaXU. Another advance for the
French on the western front was an
nounced In Thursday's communique.
tne positions or General jorrres
forces at Le Morte Homme have been
extended and consolidated. Intense ar
tillery action occurred over the Ver
dun front Wednesday night.
' fcoodoa. Oppoaltlon to conscrip
tion Is rapidly weakening, and speedy
pas am v of the measure by parllamen
is predicted.
Mi ; - National Capital.
I V AanCOraTOJr. Colonel E. M.
!v' VW' f House, President Wilson's friend
- Y ' and adviser, arrived unexpect
: ' f edly-ln 'Washington Wednesday. He
I was rushed to the White House in
; 1 the president's automobile for break
J Xaatv, The reasom for Colonel Bouse'
.-f-L J fj0r I rTZS- H . I: III:' ' I , -f 2 ' . . - i;f
sudden visit to Washington was
Washington. At a cabtnet session
lasting two and one-half hours, Pres
ident Wilson and his advisers consid-
red the unofficial text of the German
eply to the American submarine de-
:mds Friday. When the meeting
nded there was no question but that
he situation was viewed with opti
mism. No official announcement was
Washington. Admiral Flske's 1 et-
er accusing Secretary of the Navy
Hniels of falsifying, was made pub-
c Wednesday by Senator Benjamin
illman of South Carolina. Tillman
oiced a scathing criticism of Fiske.
Washington. Petroleum deposits In
he United States are more than 30
er cent exhausted, and the remaining
upply will be exhausted In 27 years.
The above statement was made In the
report of field experts to the federal
trade commission.
Waahlngton. Senate leaders will
probably approve the Philippine bill
s It passed the house. It was believed
Tuesday. The senate favors Inde
pendence, but will accept the house
measure as better than nothing.
Washington. The house passed the
gricultural bill, carrying a total of
J4.:00,000 In appropriations.
Washington. A substantial agree
ment with the senate's plan for army
reorganization was reached In the con-
erence Monday. It Is considered a
marked triumph for big army advo
Washington. President Wilson nom
inated John L. SUey of Spokane to
be register of the United States land
office at Spokane.
Washington. A forecast of the Ger
man reply by American Ambassador
Gerard wss received by Secretary of
state Liansing Thursday.
Washington. German Ambassador
von Bernstorff is so confident that
the kaiser's reply to the American sub
marine demands will be satisfactory
that he completed plans Wednesday
to remain In "Washington all summer,
Washington. The United States su
preme court Monday approved the ex
tradition of Ignatius T. I,lncoln from
New York to England to answer to
forgery charges.
Washington. President Wilson
Monday addressed 30 society women
composing the Plattsburg camp for
Mexican Situation
ASMXXQTva. Following a 80-
mlnute conference Thursday
with President Wilson, Secre
tary of War Baker announced that
"further instructions" will be sent to
General Hugh Scott, chief of staff of
the army, now parleying with Minis
ter of War Obregon.
XI Paso. General Carranza Wed
nesday wired instructions to General
Obregon to accept the demands of the
United States that the American ex
peditionary force remain in Mexico In
definitely and cooperate with the de
racio gorernment's forces in the pur
suit or v ma and his bandits.
wamiq.ulpa, Mexico. P. P. Holly of
El Paso, a rancher and scout for
General Pershing, was killed Tuesday
anernoon while scouting for a de
mi n me in. ui me ssixm cavalry near
CEICAOO William Lo rimer, form
er United States senator. Just' ac
quitted of a bank fraud charge,
announced Thursday that he would run
again for the senate.
Worfolk. Secretary of the Treasury
McAdoo and party arrived here Thurs
day on the cruiser Tennessee from
South America.
. Casing of the "open, door"
in China and preparations by which
Japan and Russia will dominate the
Chinese empire are provided for in a
new treaty between Japan and Rus
sia w hich is on the eve Df being j
Chicago. Settlement of the Interna
tional Harvester company strike was ,
redlcted Thursday at a meeting be
ween strikers and representatives- of
the corporation.
New Tork. Dr. Luis Enrlcht's sub
stitute for gasoline, which costs a
cent and a half a gallon to manufac-
ure, was bought Thursday by the
Maxim Munitions corporation. The
price is reported to be $2,000,000.
Moscow, Idaho. John W. Lleuallen,
pioneer resident of Moscow, well
known Idaho democratic leader and
prominent newspaper man, died at his
home here Wednesday afternoon of
heart failure.
Bols. While defending herself
against her husband at her home in
Glenns Ferry, Idaho, Wednesday night.
Mrs. C. T. Shoemaker shot and killed
him and accidentally shot her daugh
ter 9 years old, who died three hours
Santa Bos a, CaX A fondness for
rattlesnakes as a table delicacy
brought E. Oliver, a rancher of Kelsey-
vllle. Lake county, near to death. He
found a rattler on a trail, attacked It.
thought It dead and started for home
with It. It revived and bit him on the
wrist. Little hope for his recovery
was held out.
El Paso. The El Paso Country club.
located less than a half mile from
Fort Bliss, was totally destroyed by
fire. The property loss Is estimated
at 140,000. Since the punitive expe
dition entered Mexico, the wives of a
number of army officers have been
quartered at this club. Their personal
effects were am lost.
Lansing. Conditional Indorsement
of Justice Hughes for president was
made here Wednesday, when Michigan
Republicans assembled in their state
convention. The movement sprang up
unexpectedly overnight.
Sparks, Her. Three men were seri
ously injured and several others nar
rowly escaped when the Al G. Barnes
circus train, carrying wild animals and
the entire circus company, was de
railed at Flanagan Junction, Nev., a
few miles west of Sparks. The loco
motive and first car were derailed, the
former overturning.
Hew Tort Rt. Rev. William Law
rence, bishop of Massachusetts, an
nounced here Wednesday that $2,000.
000 has been pledged toward the pro
posed $5,000,000 pension fund for Epis
copal clergymen. The campaign will
continue until March 1, 1917.
Hew Tork Henry Bruere, known
throughout the country for his effi
ciency work in municipal government,
walked out of his office as chamber
lain of the city of New York and left
a perfectly good $12,000 a year Job
kicking around because he said the Job
was a senseless waste of money and
he could not keep up the pretense.
Saratoga Springs. Almost 1000
Methodists, representing a total of
over 4,000,000 communicants In ail
parts of the United States and In for
eign lands, are gathered here for the
general conference which Is held every
four yeara.
Xios Angeles. A slight earthquake
at 6:33 a. m. Tuesday was recorded at
the United States weather bureau here.
The disturbance lasted only a few
Chicago Ten thousand employes of
tLe International Harvester company
went on strike Tuesday demanding re
cognition of their union and better
working conditions.
Zioag' Beach, Fire Chief Shrews
bury of Long Beach was Instantly
killed and Assistant Chief Crpw prob
ably fatally injured Tuesday in a col
lision of fire iwagons.
Bew Tork- Fifty "thousand work-
I era marched Monday in two great May
:! if
1 Joseph Tumulty, secretary to President Wilson (at left) and Frederick W. Stecknian, newly named
director of publicity for the Democratic national committee.
2 The British battleship Russell, sunk by a mine in the Mediterranean April 27 at a cost of 124 Urea.
8 Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio, successor to Senator Burton, who has been named temporary
chairman of the Republican national convention.
4 Mrs. Vernon Castle, interpreter of the modern dances, off for England to visit her husband, who
la now serving in the British aviation corp8- She was accompanied by her pet monkey.
5 William Moulton lngraham, who has succeeded H. K. Breckenridge as assistant secretary of war.
6 Soldiers of Troop A, Twelfth U. S. cavalry, take noon-day rest "somewhere in Mexico."
7 Villa's family tomb that he erected in a cemetery in Chihuahua when he was regarded as the lib
erator of Mexico.
-New army aeroplane being assembled for service at Columbus, N.
day labor parades. Both . converged
Into Union Square, where a mass meet
ing was held. Another large mass
meeting was held In Madison Square.
San Francisco. K. J. Dodge & Co.
will not have to pay the First Na
tional bank of Portland notes aggre
gating $41,000, according to a decision
rendered In the United States circuit
court of appeals.
Baa Ir an ciaoo. C. O. Swanberg.
president of the Portola-Louvre Cafe
company and the Merchants Ice and
Cold Storage company was shot and
probably fatally wounded by Otto
Haas, who was to have started work
as head waiter.
Seward. After a suspension of
more than a week because of the strike
of employes of the Alaska engineering
commission, construction work on the
government railroad was resumed
Monday. The strike, which threat
ened for a time to tie up the work
indefinitely, was successfully arbi
trated late Saturday.
San Bernardino, Cal. Four men
were drowned and five others nar
rowly escaped death In Little Bear
lake, near here. Monday, when the
motorboat in which they had started
on a fishing trip, took water and sunk.
Chicago Judge Tuthlll, following
a conference with four of his col
leagues, who were onptspoken in their
criticism of Tuthlll's decision declar
ing that Francis Bacon wrote the
Shakespeare plays, agreed to vacate
the order. Tuthlll's colleagues took
the ground that the dignity of the
court was offended by the decision.
Bew Tork. Uninsrructed delegates
to the Republican national convention
will have sufficient strength to nom
inate the candidate for president This
situation is revealed by the compila
tion of figures in states Where the
delegates have already been chosen
and froirftelegrams from state leaders.
xos) Aaffslsaw David Caplan, on trial
for alleged complicity In the destruc
tion of the Times building, was Iden
tified as an associate of Matthew A.
Schmidt, convicted dynamiter.
Boston Archie Roosevelt, son of
Colonel Roosevelt, will become a wool
sorter at $6 a week this summer, fol
lowing his graduation at Harvard.
Bsw Tork. Announcement was
made Monday that the broad gauge
i railroad from Petrograd to the new
port of Soroka on the White sea is
open for traffic, and when the ice
moves away vessels will be able to
steam past Archangel and discharge
their cargoes at the new port.
sive plans for the improvement of
the Port of Kennewlck prepared
by Paul P. Whitham of Seattle, have
been approved by the commissioners
of the port district.
Seattle. Ballard shingle mills were
badly crippled Tuesday and several
were forced to suspend operations en
tirely as the result of a strike of shin
gle weavers.
Seattle. Orders for a general strike
of the International Shlngleweavers"
union, in district No. 1, comprising all
territory north of the Oregon-Califor
nia line and west of the Missouri river,
in the event mlllowners refuse to pay
the increased scale demanded, were
sent out Monday from general head
quarters in Seattle.
Seattle With many county engin
eers, commissioners and road super
visors present, the first annual road
builders' institute opened at the Uni
versity of Washington Monday morn
ing. T acorn. Paul R. Haffer was found
guilty of libeling George Washington.
the first president of the United
States, by a Jury here.
ST. BEIiEWS. Nearly 20? voters of
Columbia county assembled at the
city hall in St. Helena Thursday
for the purpose of nominating a ticket
to make the race against Judge Clark,
County Commissioners Harvey and
Weed, against whom recall petitions
were filed April 24.
Pendleton. Justice of the Peace Joe
H. Parkes denied the motion of Mayor
J. A. Best for a change of venue of
the case wherein .the mayor is ac
cused of the use of obscene language
In a public place.
Albany. With one exception, every
teacher in the local public schools has
been reelected by the school board.
The new leader is Miss Jessie Paynter
of Michigan.
Rood sUver. Judge W. L. Bradshaw
convened the regular monthly session
of tha Hood River county circuit court
Monday morning and disposed of sev
eral equity matters. At 10 o'clock this
morning Judge Bradshaw also cele
brated his twenty-fifth anniversary as
circuit Judge of the seventh Judicial
district, which, at the time of Ills ap
pointment by Governor Pennoyer,
consisted of Wasco, Crook, Gilliam and
what is now Wheeler, Hood River and
Jefferson counties.
The Dalles. Drinking emporiums
and fountains were worked overtime
Tuesday, the first hot day of the sea
son. The thermometer reached 89, the
highest it has registered this year.
Baker. With the annual banquet:
Tuesday evening, attended by nearly
400 stockmen and bankers of Oregon,
the annual convention of the Oregon
Cattle and Horse Raisers association
Salem. The Coos & Curry Telephone
company recently acquired, tne io
quille Valley Telephone company's
lines and Monday afternoon a petition
was filed with the state public service
commission asking for increases In
rates at Coquille and Myrtle Point and
for conversations between the two
Eugene. Wilford McDevitt snd
Leroy Hess, both 17 years old, who say
they are from Seattle and that they
stole a Ford automobile in that city
April 2 7, were arrested near Comstock
In Douglas county, eight miles south
of Cottage Grove, Monday afternoon.
Marshflsld. Mrs. John Strang, pio
neer of Coos bay country, died Mon
day at the home of her son-in-law,
Victor Anderson, in North Bend, aged
82 years.
The Dalles. Fourteen hundred
school children, from first grade to
high school seniors, participated in
May day exercises Monday afternoon.
Salem. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A.
Thompson celebrated their golden wed
ding anniversary April 29 at the some
of their son, Fred Thompson, of Salens
Heights, and about 2S0 people gathered
Eugene. Owen D. Whallon, a senior
In the University of Oregon, from
Nam pa, Idaho, was drowned In the
Willamette river here about 9:30 Sun
day night while canoeing with three
other university students.
Salem. On condition that he goes to
a relative in Missouri,' who is in a po -
sitlon to care for him, Governor Withy.
combe Issued a conditional pardon
Thursday to Julian A. Mock, who wss
serving a life bentence for second de
gree murder. Mock wus received at
the prison from Jackson county De
cember -'7. 1910.
If. VABTEVB, congressman
from the third Oregon district,
wants $50,000 damages for the
circulars distributed by the Anti-Saloon
league accusing him of "booze
boostlng" for the California liquor
houses which are shipping intoxicants
Into Oregon.
Bew Bales for Traffic over the
bridges were submitted to the county
commissioners Wednesday by the pub
lic safety commission. The report was
signed by Harry P. Coffin, chairman
of the commission, and John Clark,
chief of police. The rules were re
ferred to the superintendent of bridges
lor recommendation.
With the Enormous Demand for steel
In this country and in Europe, logging
Implements, In common with other
steel products, have undergone consid
erable advances In price during the
past year.
Decision to Build on Its property at
Tenth and Montgomery streets, was
reached at the annual meeting of the
Portland Woman's union In the parlors
of the First Unitarian church on Tues
day afternoon.
Fred A. Ballln has announced his
candidacy for election as school di
rector. The Bight of Indians to Fish In the
Columbia river at Wah-Sucks point, in
accord with their treaty with the gov
ernment, was upheld In a decision ren
dered In federal court Monday by Judge
Charles E. Wolverton.
The Status of Thomas Jefferson re
cently acquired by Jefferson high
school was unveiled with appropriate
ceremonies Monday afternoon.
Vrobably ratal Injuries were re
ceived by Mrs. Jane McKlnley, 66 years
old, in her apartment at 234 Bast
Twentieth street Thursday morning,
when gasoline, used in cleaning some
white jrloves. Ignited from a gas plate
r.ear which she was washing the
Dr. Jacob Bloch, 70 years old. rabbi
emeritus of Congregation Beth Israel,
died at his home Wednesday night.
Founders' Day was celebrated Wed
nesday afternoon at Columbia univer
sity with a banquet honoring Arch
bishop Alexander Christie, who. as
head of the Oregon Roman Catholic
archdiocese, 14 years ago opened the
peninsula school.
Prisoners of War to
Be Treated as Such
French Commander, in Bscsnt Order,
Forbids German Captives Being
Treated With fcealsacx and Kindness.
Berlin. May 6. (I. N. 8.) The Ger
man general staff publishes the fol
lowing order Issued by General de Ba
zelaire, commander of one of the
French army groups before Verdun
"Headquarters, Groupe de Bazelaire,
March 24. 1916. Special Instruction:
J "Day after day it has been noticed
I that tha German prisoners taken at
sssBBBser' l
our front re treuted with foolish
leniency and even kindnenn by our of
ficers and soldiers. This his to be
stopped, as It only increases the insolence-
of nur enemies
"Our soldiers' are herewith alrlctly
forbidden to give any liquids ( luclud
Ing water), food, dothlni,'. oapti, blan
kets or straw to the piisoners oetore
they are brought to our headquarters.
No soldier or non-commissioned offi
cer Is permitted to talk to the rtoches,
who have to be shown the contempt we
feel for them.
"The prisoners must salute our offi
ceTW kthI n-Mi-commissioned o.'flcers
submissively and correctly. Any dis
obedience on th'ir part Is to be pun
ished on the npot. The officer niper
vlslng the transports aie held esprn
slblo for the execution of thl'i order.
(Signed "De Razelaire, Gn"ivl Com
manding." Prefect of Kharkof Arrested.
Odessa, May 6 (I. N. K.) The pre
fect of Kharkof, who has been for
some time under suspicion of enroll
ing a great number of wealthy mer
chants and prominent manufacturers
in the police force, so an to enable
them to escape military service, has
been arrested.
Tiz" for sore, tired, puffed
up, aching, calloused
feet or corn.
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ment. Use "Tls" and never suffer
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