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A n iiTAnitiir i h ieiitwu!, .ir.
Jander, hikI ai'(mp:inlej
' land whn the hrout
tertained thia afternoon with
a luncheon honorlag Mrs.
Robert P. Noble, who with
Mr. Noble and their enildren will leave
shortly for Mount -Clair, N. J., where
they will make their Home. The af-:.fali-rja
held at the- I 'niversltv club
and the .following guost circled thu
f board: -Mr. Noble, Mrs. (it-owe Sailor.
Mr. Out Webster Talbot. Mrs. Don
ald R, Munro, Mr. Kilmund King. Mrs.
Kalph X'atnovi, Mrs. Plerson of
Glenwood, N. .1 . who is the guest of
Mrs. Harrison ..ri-f-i i Mra. Henry -R
f'alUtiB, Mrr. Mario. loljih. Mrn. V.IN
lain Lines, Mrs. carl Wernicke anil
(-the hoaten.
Yesterday h Cternoori Mis Helen Har-
"tron gme a v. i y Informal tta, asking
.'la dozen n so of the rrmvt intimate
: Xrlfenil of tin- honor fcuet. und next
Wednesday anernO'.n Mrs. Dunam K.
4Munr will give a feu In honor of Mrs.
,n event of riiurh lr.te.reHt this evf
ring Ik Ihe 1 nl vi-Hit y cluh May din
ner dnnco. whi' h will he the occasion
of many iliriiior parties.
aim. .lu-MUHJfr iMiior.
Mrs. Arthur Alexander, of New
ix -t.vitinK in the city with Mr.
an J M rs. John
i"W. Alexander, at their home, '"Cedar-
croft," near Mllwaukie. She has been
at uaKiana, "-ai., whii ner ni ouier ann
filster-ln-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alex-
led them to I'oi f-
Kht their li'tlp
' Jl-yea r-ohl, Alliertlne, to St
incent hospital, where she mi' -.
cumhed after iinrlt-roinK an operation
KympathleK are helnv; ot-nd.-.l to the
'lereatd parents, who li.ivi1 returned
1o Piedmont, Cal , where !! Imliy will
te burled.
Junior Prom at Heed ( ollene.
Society at I'.'eil .olleKe will turn
cut ill fi.U tonUlit for the annual
junior prom in ne mini in ,im-
jege Kytiinumtum loinciii ai .1 o 1 -im n..
lt)y (he cJrks of 111,. About Uo
the senior class and fi lends "t tin
juniors' both inhtih the collejtr and
tit, have been invited. The fcyn
iiasiuiu has been protusely decorated
jwlth all kinds ot rreenf. Scotch lnoom
inn noffwonn. j rour 1 icue "ici,et.ii 1
f'Wlll furnish the music, and liKht re-
ilreKbmentK will be s,rved. The ai-
J-6TiKementu fur the atfulr have heen m
'.I'fJ'arge of a jienernl cotnmittee. iiu lud-
Inp Cliarlcs T.iirrahee, chairman; Miss
i,Sylpba lempsey. Miss l.oulse l.pwl.i,
' Us Kinina iMiHrulllf. Miss Josephine
(found. Kdward floyrie, An'btose
I: row ft 11 aril riyile P.eals. The om-
Ttilttee has hren helped a areut deal hy
most ot the otliT inemhei'K of the
dadM. The patrons and patronesses 01
the affair bav.- be.-n invited from
;hiiioiik toe I . 1 1 1 1 1 , an. 1 tin nut ' 1 resi
dent ufHl Airs. William 1. ros
ter. Prol'rssm and Mrs. Ilaro'd '1.
Weliiam, 1 imessOr and Mrs. William
I'. Mm nan, I 'e lion"i..i memheis f
Hie .lass; Cri'icssor an. I J'r.i. Harry
JV Toiiey aii'i Professor and Mrs.
t'l arU-K S. "Hotsford.
Hfrs. Annaml to Poreive.
i MI'S. Jnn .'li'.'ano lea ai ner rnmie
tin I'orthLn l lleiuh'.s will he an inler-
Jcstlng (ent lo.-.ici 1 ow atternoon.
a .M' .11 ri i.
f .... 1 11 Pu T I ll,.i,a JTIaIa., I',.n-
I . mi. a. .n ... . ' -
Jin? OT Asi'HM, are ititii ink on-
rat u la I n s on the arrival ot 11 iahy
1 r . j u 'V 1. wno amitu .now
ri. .
I 1.' V., .-nil I
f J .11 ,01 ll'CH t .lllii.'i...' .',
Mr. mid Mrs John Matscniner an
liounce llnj ensaB'-'neiit of their daugh
ter. M1ss Anna Kiizahcth Matsi hiner,
and Kco .laii-es t'onlin. The weddini;
f will be an event o' .l.iae and prior to
'? that time many parties will doubtless
Kivfli. ,Mis Matsi inner is a charm
ing and talented niii with hjists ft
friends in this, her home .it. v. lioth
nbe and Mr. ( Onlni are talented music
ians, bei I'-iT possessed of beautiful soprano-and
tenor voices.
Fraternal Owler I'lnns-Sm'ial.
Peter A. Porter circle. No. Ladies
of the tlrand Aitny of the Republic,
will Rive in the I. 11. 11. I'", hall on
AVilluijns avenue and Skiihnoie street,
on Satin .lay cwminK, May H. at S p.
irt.. n social, it!cliiiSniK a ptoram. after
Which, there will he danclnR and card
J-lity t n tr f'. Mowed by refreshments.
Slmltz-P:trnett WetMing.
.Miss Mlblrcl Harnett anil Harrv
KhllltX, both of I'hchali.. Wash., w ei ft
married at V anr-mv n-, Wash, hy the
Itev. I. I. Henclicl, May 1. They
' Vere conipunied by their aunt and
Vfncle, Mr and Mrs. Horace J). Jones
,Jr., of Portland, ami Mrs. 1 A. Hainett
i of Tacoma. Alter the marriage the
wddlnK party returned to the home
'of Mr. and Mis Jones, jr.s llnvt street,
;I'ortland, (r. where the wedding iin-
tier was serv ed. The .lmin room wuh
Tirettily dei-orated, wilh sweet peas
and Bride roses. Relative and
friend present were. The uncle and
taunt Of the bride. Mi. a 11,1 Mrs. M. J.
r ti4n&
if yea
, ; jk m
of) Jw4.M!
Cream Cake
Inauirfes amonj? a large number of women
nslng "The Cook's Book" showed this to
fee their favorite cake recipe. It is easy to
tnake, certain to turn out well if K C Bak
ing Powder Is used, and may be put to
gether with almost any filling or icing.
: K C Cream Cake
By Mrt. Janet McKenzie Hill, Editor ol
the Boston Cooking School Magazine. j
One-half cup butter; 1 cup sugar;
yolk of 2 eggs, beaten light; 1 cup
Secret Sessions of
Episcopacy Upheld
SCovamant to Frarant "Star Chambar
Meeting's of Powerful Body of Matb
odlst Oanarai Conference, Defeated.
Saratoga, Jtf. Y., May 5. (U. P.
A movement to- prevent "atar cham
ber'" sessions of the committee on
Episcopacy, the most powerful sub
body of the Methodist general confer
ence, failed of adoption at oday's
session of the general conference.
Dr. Thomas Nicholson of New ork
Insisted that the secret sessions were
necessary to protect some of the most
delicate business of the conference.
The committee controls proposals
with repard to bishops and their as
signments and considers charges
against their administration.
A special committee of 60 was
chosen to receive proposals for a
union of the northern and southern di
visions of the Methodist church. It
wil! report to the conference May 15.
Miners Victims of
Dreaded Hookworm
- Photo bj GroTe.
Mrs. A. T. Bonney, who entertaine d with a large bridge affair during
Kaster week.
Ttyan, Mrs. ('- A. Harnett, aunt of the
bride; Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Heston. sis
ter and brother-in-law of Mr. Shultz:
Mr. and Mrs. Horace P. Jones Jr., the
Misses Margaret Barnett. ("lair Nodine
Viola Nodine, Ardath Iris Jones and
the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs.
Horace P. Jonej Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Shultz expect to make,
their home at Chehalts, Wash., and
will be at hoire to their friends after
June 1. .
Bridge Tea Pretty Affair.
Mrs. C. Klmore Grove entertained
with a charmingly arranged bridge
tea. Thursday afternoon. Five tables
at bridge with a few additional guests
coming In for tea were entertained.
Mra. Goa A bend roth, Mrs. Floyd War-;
ren and Mrs. A. Aronson presided at
the tea table. Tha house was decked
in a profusion of woodland flowers.
High honora at each table received a
pretty prize.
Those, present were: Misses Helen
Haller, Marie Haller, Ijlilan Morgan,
Marguerite Palitsche, Kdith Prater,
Jess Mack of Astoria, Miss Mack, Mar
lon Citron, Myrtle and Alice Gram,
Constance Piper, Hildreth Humason,
Kathleen Sealy, Florence Holmes,
Mignon Pfuffer, Catherine Pfuffer,
Grace Bingham, Myrtle Bingham, Mrs.
Bancroft. Mrs. A. 11. Brown. Mrs. K. T.
Keller, Mrs. Carl Liebe, Mrs. Thomas
Autzen, Mrs. H. H. Haskell, Mrs. D. O.
Webster, Mrs. V. Stott. Mrs. Hal
worth, Mrs. John Claire Monteith, Mm.
Maurine Wakemand and Mrs. Howard
Society Notes.
'Mrs. Nathan Harris will leave. Sat
urday morning to pass Junior week
at Corvallis with her son, Milton Har
ris. Later she will go to Ocean Park
for the summer.
Mrs. Adams Gives May Tarty.
Mrs. Nellie Woods Adams enter
tained the X. P. W. club with a beau
tifully appointed luncheon and May
party at her home on Eugene street
Tuesday, May 2. A color scheme of
lavender, green and white in floral
decorations was used throughout the
spacious rooms. The diversions of
the afternoon were greatly enjoyed by
the 22 ladies present.
Women of Woodcraft Appreciated
in Montana; Helped Rural Credits
Women of Woodcraft Appreciated.
Mrs. Bertha Leach, grand banker of
the Women of Woodcraft, has returned
to Montana to supervise the campaign
for membership in that .state now go
in;,' on. Several new circles of the or
der are in process of formation in
Montana. Owing to the Women of
Woodcraft having offered to loan $100,
000 on the rural credit bonds of Mon
tana when its own bankers refused to
do so, the order has become the best
Ttea Jiour; X ICVCl leaspoonruis A. O ; advertised and the most nonular frater
. , j . -
&OKing rowaer; j cup cow water; wnue nity amon
' Cream the butter: add the urr, yolks of
tgZ and water then the flour, lifted three
timet with the baking powder; lastly the
whitei of eggs, liake in two or
three layers put these together
with cream filling, and dredge
the top with confectioner's sugar.
g the farming and industrial
Moot Gather at Oregon City. The
degree team and a number of officers
and members went to Oregon City last
night anil put on the work for a class
of 12 new members. 1'pon going home,
however, James Mooney of Portland
had hi.' right little finger nipped off
at the first joint from falling against
the wheel of an automobile.
apld-rir Program at Eugene. The
Oul Reazee Veiled Prophets will take
a special car at 1:30 tomorrow at
Tenth and Stark streets to attend the
big ceremonial at Eugene tomorrow
night. There will be from 65 to 75
members of this social Masonic body
parade in costume before boarding the
train. At 'JCugene they will be met by
a class of 100 would-be members of Ka
llph Grotto and the program will be a
rapid-fire one until midnight.
Women Maccabees Give Flay. Last
night the Women's Benefit Association
of Maccabees, Portland Review; No. 7,
put on ut K.'of P. hall a farce play
entitled "The Professor'' which was
greatly appreciated by the members of
f .--. Cream Filling
- One-fourth up eifled floiir; J tea
tpoonful salt; 1 cup hot milk; 1 egq,
beaten light; j cup sugar; 1 teaspoonful
vanilla extract; 1 ounce chocolate.
MixHour and salt with a very little cold
tnilkt stir into the hot milk and cook ten
minutes; add the chocolate and stir until it I the Macca!eeB and the Review.
ii melted and evenly blended with the flour
mixture, then beat in the egg mixed with the
ugax, and lastly the vanilla.
You need the K C Cook's Book, contain
ing thil and 19 other delicious recipes sent
ret upon receipt of the colored certificate
'packed in every 25 cent can of K C Baking
Powder. : Scjulj to the Jaqucs Mfg. Co..
Eastern Btara at Greabaxn. Eastern
Star members from Portland escorted
Mrs. Mary E. Houck 0 Hoseburg, grand
matron of the order, to an official visit
to Greaham last Tuesday night. An en
joyable program was given and many
members were in attendance.
Will Calebrate Anniversary Mem
bers of all the Maccabea organizations
ia Portland, are looking forward to
Thursday night. May 18. when a Joint
anniversary celebration will be held
at K. of P. hall, a big class initiation
will be held and a bountiful Maccabee
supper served. A number of visitors
are expected. All Maccabees are In
vited. Fraternal Brotherhood to Sane.
Tonight the Fraternal Brotherhood
hold a meeting at the new hall. 109
Thirteenth street. All members and
sojourning T. F. B. men and women
Invited. There will be dancing and re
Malcom Mclnnis Drops Dead.
Los Angeles, May K. (V. P.)--Mal-
com Mclnnis, well Known member or
the Elks' lodge. Grand Rapids, Mich.,
dropped dead here today.
Fifty Per Cent of Workers Califor
nia Infected With Disease Accord
ing to Director of Board of Health.
Sacramento. Cal., May 5. ( V. P. 1
Fifty per cent of the miners in this
state are suffering from the dreaded
hookworm disease, according to a re
port filed today with the, slate board
of health by Dr. J. G. fummlnss, di
rector of the state bureau of commun
icable diseases.
For three months Dr. Cuminings has
been carrying on an exhaustive Inves
tigation as to the prevalence of the
hookworm in the mines, the only
place in California where physicians
have found It at all dangerous.
Are You a Contortionist? ,
SOME one has said that it la pos
sible to judge a man byvwhat he
eats. It Is certainly possible to
classify both men and women by the
way they eat and their table postures.
One ifilght assume that many of the
girls to be seen In any restaurant are
attempting to pose as contortionists.
Tbey certainly succeed in twisting
their limbs and bodies Into most un
graceful and awkward positions. It
Is not a pretty picture they make. A
comparatively small number u?f tables
and chairs as they should and hold
their bodies in graceful pose.
The legs of the chair are construct
ed for the purpose dt supporting the
chair. But many girls seem to be
deluded by an impression thai they
are attached to the chair In order
that the occupant may twine her legs
about them. The rungs are also sup
ports for the chair. They are not in
tended used a8 foot rests. There
seems to be a false impression in re
gard to the use of chair rungs.
1 believe girls are more inclined to
attempt physical contortions, at the
dinner or tea table than older women.
Years bring dignity which will not
permit such conduct. Furthermore,
Marslifiekl Wants Division of the
b. X. M. Right Away. j
Officer Examined at Eugene. The
school for officers and non-commissioned
officers of the Coast Artillery
Corps will open in Eugene next Mon
day under regulations governing V. S.
forces. A number of officers will pre
sent themselves for examination from
the eight different companies in the
Marshfield Means Business. James
E. Montgomery of Marshfield, repre
senting the Chamber of Commerce of
that city, has recently' had a series
of conferences with Adjutant-General
George A. White and other O. N". G.
authorities, and it seems probable that
a division of the Oregon Naval Militia
will be organized there in the near
future. General White and Iieuten
an t -Commander George F. Blair have
promised to visit Marshfield.
Mew Officers Elected. The mem
bers of the First company, Coast Artil
lery Corps of Ashland, has elected
Lieutenant William K. Blake as cap
tain, succeeding Captain '. A. Malone,
who had to remove to California some
time ago. Dan Spencer, formerly a
sergeant In the company, has been
made firt lieutenant, and Milland
Grub, second lieutenant. The company
is in first class condition.
Battery A Bally Tonight. Tonight
battery A comes under the wire with
full strength of men to go to Cali
fornia, or the battery will not go. It
may depend upon one or two men.
There will be open house, speaking
and refreshments. Everybody Invited.
I 1S
Broadway at Yamhill
Get the Round Package
Used for Yi Century.
Jivold Substitute
Ask For and GET
Made from clean, rich milk with the ex
tract of select melted grain, malted in our
own Matt Houses under sanitary conditions.
Infant and children thrip on it.' . Agree urith
rA utoket 0tomach of the invalid or the aged.
Need no cooking nor addition of milk.
Nourishes and sustains mare than tea, coffee, etc
Should be kept at horn or when traveling. Anu
tntious food-dnnk may be prepared in moment.
A glassful hot before retiring induce refreshing
sleep. Also in lunch tablet form for business men
Substitutes Cost YOU Samf trlce
Tatto a PaokancrHatno
they generally add to the poundage
to a degree which prevents older wom
en from twining their legs around the
legs of chairs and lolling over a table.
Girls, on the other hand, are tithe arid
supple and the lives many lead are
conducive to nervousness, which makes
them fidget unless their feet and limbs
are securely anchored.
There is a vest difference between
awkward and graceful and dignified
positions. Unfortunately, girls seem
to assume careless positions in public
restaurants more often than in the
privacy of their own homes.
I have seen glrla who never thought
of lolling over the table and twisting
their legs about their chairs when at
home or dining in the home of friends
or acquaintances go though these
very performances as soon as they
seat themselves in public restaurants.
They seem to reserve their grace and
beauty for their friends and disregard
the opinions of those they consider
strangers. It does not seem to occur
to. them that they may be embarrass
ing their companions and they do, if
their companions happen to he men,
for men. as a rule, demand dignified
conduct from the girls they invite to
dine or drink tea with them in res
taurants. The same table manners and pos
tures that are in accord with the dig
nity of the home are just aa necessary,
if not- more so. in the restaurants, v
Perhaps this subject makes a spe
cial appeal to me for I have just jour
neyed across the continent on a long
theatrical tour. On my journey 1 dined
in many restaurants and hotels and
nearly everywhere I saw girls In most
ungraceful and actually awkward po
sitions. Some of them had their feet
perched on the rungs of their chairs
and their limbs twined around the legs.
Others 'crossed their legs some twist
ing their feet back under their chairs.
Others stretched their arms over the
table and rested on their elbows. A
few were actual contortionists. AH
seemed to be anxious to avoid appear
ing well bred.
It ia just as essential to sit correctly
at a table aa to use the proper forks
and spoons in eating. Table etiquette
extends under and around, as well as
over and above the table.
Don't discard your dignity. It Is a
graceful form to wear at any dinner
table. If you want to pose as a con
tortionist, try the circus ring. It will
pay you better if you succeed but If
you desire to appear well bred, be dig
nified and graceful at all times but
especially when you take a seat at a
table in a public place.
The world's product of lead pencils
probably amounts to nearly 2.000,000,
000 a year, half of which are made
from American-grown cedar.
Easy Procedure
Dressmaking Topic
' " .' '
Two Hundred Women and Olrls He
X.ectnre Preliminary to Opealajr 0
a Course. f'i I ,
Two hundred women and girls
terday afternoon heard Madartte Rlchr
give her first lectur on the alteratlo
of patterns and easy steps In fires'
making at the auditorium of the
man, Wolfe & Co. store. The lector
was preliminary to the opening of
course on the dressmaking and tallo;
lng art by Madame Rlchet. ' I
Madame Rlchet held her audten
for almost two hours yesterday Whl
she thoroughly explained easy ways ',
get over difficult problems. For tllu
tratlons she had many patterned;
figures and in addition used blacl
board drawings at which she. is, a !
adept. The course will conllm;
until June 6. .
U. 8. Soldier Ends Life. '
. El Paao. Texas, May 0. (U.
Corporal Troise of the Sixth lnfantr
ended his life at San Antonio, Moxlei
th American base, on April 25, a
onrriins- to official word today. Ther
were no details. Another soldier com
mltted Butclde the same tiay at San Aij
tonlo. ' " I
iii '?TT;
S. & H Stamps Will Be Given on All Charge Accounts If Paid in Full by 10th of Each Month
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One model of wool poplin has belted
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ished with two pearl buckles, also small
buckles on sleeves. Large collar with
top collar of corded silk. Full flare
skirt with yoke back. Shown in black,
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A very attractive
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plaits to waist. Attractive designs and colorings, in homespuns,'
tweeds and fancy cheviots. Sizes for boys 6 to 18 years (Pi AFT
Childrenfs Wash Suits
Main Floor Dresshe little ones cool and comfortable this, Sum
mer. Come in'and see our- superb display of natty little Wash Suits
In repps, galateas, chambrays, madras and "Old Hickory" cloth.
Sailor" middies with long or short pants, junior Norfolks and Billy
Boy styles. Plain colors, white and checks. Ages 2jS to 10 years.
Prices range from 1.50 to 3.50. See these new arrivals tomorrow.
O. W. K. Special
moderate price. A model for
every figure requirement.
1 to 6.50. Dept. 2d Floor.
Don't Overlook the Saturday Sale ol Praps and Toilet Needs 1st Floor
Just Received by Express too Women's
Suits in the Basement Underpnce Store.
Latest models Suits worth up to $3$, for