The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 05, 1916, Page 20, Image 20

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FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1818.
1- n-
Candidate Accused of Trying
to Capitalize Connection
With Columbia Highway,
Famous Highway was Bollt in Splt
' of Commissioner xagbtner, Baya
! 1 A TlAnnii if ItananM VarV
liiniiniiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiuniiiiiiiiiimmmiiiiiHiiiiKSRrURE TICKETS FOR MADAME COATES' SCHOOL OF DRESSMAKING AT NOTION COUNTERMAIN fi nniyHiiHHiiiiiiiHiiiiimiiiiiiiiitiiiniiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'v
) ?That W. K Ilxhtner, candidate for
county comrniBsionT, Is Improperly
jtrylng to make political capital out of
hla connection with the Columbia river
highway to further Ms campaign for
reflection as a member of the oounty
commission, u chanted in a state
ment made today by S. Benson, the
philanthropist wno cave J!enon park.
OH the highway, to the city, and In
Other ways forwarded the completion
'Of the great scenic road.
i Mr. Benson also charges that Sight
ner usfng county employes to ac
company him In a house to houne can-
3 Mir. Benson'u statement follows:
! Statement Is Issued.
"'I mett by the Oregonlon of yesterday
Jthati the Columbia river highway is
played up In its local loiumns bo as to
' RlVe the Impression that Mr. Light ner
waa a strong advocate of this scenic
I It la evident this Impression la
given out by him for the purpose of
(furthering his reelection, lie now
would have the public understand that
'he was strong for it; that "we" (the
commissioners) urged the O-W. R. &
iN. Co. to permit the road to get by
. On eon t a and that "we" "walled in sus
pense" for their decision.
-The facts are. the advisory board,
appointed over the protest of Mr.
llgntner. and Mr. Lancaster, also ap
pointed ovt-r his proteft. and Itoad
maater Yeon. obtained this concession
from the railroad company. At no
time has Mr. Lightner been In 'su
penae'' lest. the highway be not built.
He never was in sympathy with its
construction, and in many cases re
fused to O. K. warrants drawn for por
tions of its cost.
V Built In Spite of Elm.
It was not with the assistance of Mr.
Lightner that the Columbia river high
way was built, but in spite of him.
'He. -no doubt, is honest In his un-
I progressive ideas. His period of 1
t years in office as commissioner is in
j inverse ratio to the amount of educa
tion, he has absorbed along progressive
'4 .'1 also criticise bin using his bridge
; and ferry empiojes to accompany him
i In making his house to house canvas.-
for reelection. Tins flavors more of
.politics than business ef t icirncy. This
. litt la now doing iudustriousl v.
To Consider Hours
J Of Cannery Workers
ilvmitfc "Mah Vint r!nm-nlBrtrti tn ...
Wit Women to Work 13 Hours Dally
, . to Meet California.
' "The Hours of Labor for Women In
Canneries." will be the subject before
the Oregon Civic league luncheon in
the Oregon building at noon tomorrow.
Fruit canners want the industrial wel
fare commission to permit a 12-tiour
day for women in canneries, to meet
California competition and to enable
canners to dispose of perishable fruit
aa it ripens. Kmploycs ure that per
ishable fruit should not be cared for
at the expense of the perishable health
of women and girls. The viewpoint
of the canner will be presented by A.
Rupert, of the employes, by Mrs. L.
Gee.; of the public, in-. William K Os
tium, and or the physician, by Iji:
Jessie M, MeGaviii.
J)r. Bloch Funeral !
To Be Held Today!
Babel Jonah Wiae to Conduct Services !
'at Temple Beth Xarael; Fall Bearers;
, Are named. j
"' Rabbi Jonah B. Wise will conduct)
funeral services for I r. Jacob Bloch,
rabbi emeritus of Congregation Beth
Israel, who died at his home r86 I
Couch street, Wednesday night. The
cervices are to be held in Temple Betti
larael at 2 o'clock 4hls afternoon and ;
interment will be in Beth Israel ceuie- j
Honorary pallbearers are Slg Sictiel,
Bernard Neustadter, Philip Lowengart,
Max O. Flelschman. Sol Mlumaurr, Kev.
T. Ja. KHot, Adolphe Wolfe and D. Soils
Cohen. The active pallbearers are i
Bamson Hlrsoh, Otto J. Kraemer, Wal-
ter Rbaenfeld, Julius L. Meier. Milton 1
Freldenrlch and Anslem Boskowitz. !
Coos Man Pleads
Guilty; Is Paroled
Charles Michaela Shot James Hobaon
;' lm the Arm When They Had Dispute
- About Some Kay.
-,j Marahfleld, Or.. May 6. Charles Mi
chaels, in the circuit, court at Coqullle,
Pleaded guilty to a charge of shooting
amea Hobson. on a farm near Myrtle
Point. The men had some trouble
about aome hay, and Michaels, who
la a young man, shot Hobson, the bul
let) atriklng htm in the arm. Hobson
la la atock buyer. - On recommendation
of! the district attorney. Judge Hamil
ton paroled Michaels.
V- : '
prtland Boys Are
I Pardoned Today
TWO Who Took aa Automobile Turned
Ovtr to Custody of Belativea Before
Being1 Committed to Prison.
Salem. Or., May 6. Raymond Tlrl-
btfry, aged 20 years, and Robert Ward,
aged 19 years, Portland boys, under
eentence of from one to 20 years in
the., atate prison for larceny, were
freed thla morning by Governor Withy
eombe. who issued conditional pardons
to both. They had not been com
fnitted to PliBon. Ttrlbury will be 1n
the custody of his aunt, Mrs. Lenora
Peterson, of Portland, and Ward In !
Itbo - custody of Mrs. W. E. Moore of
: Clemency waa recommended by Cir
cuit' Judge Sktpworth, who aentenced
thm,' and TJlstr1rt Attorney Clarke,
i ,The youths stole an automobile.
Free Pathescope and Story
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Five reels "The Lust of Gold," a three-reel film; "The Policeman's Mistake," and
"The Water Beetle and Its Larvae."
Auditorium, Sixth Floor, Saturday Afternoon, 2 and 4 P. M.
Stories told by Georgiana Englehart "Teenely Tiny Duck" (illustrated), and "The
Little Red Hen." Auditorium, Sixth Floor.
V 1807
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TUO, .Sixth forrisary Alder Sta
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