The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 04, 1916, Page 8, Image 8

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losing; of the 'Op'en. Door"
Is' Proposed by the Two
"Contracting Countries,
Ivaataff Xs Sainf Takan of SUnatlon
Craatsa by World War, Bays
Faking- Dispatch.
' f -
b:r.y : . TT ' A.
Feiini May 4. (I. N. 8.) Closln
f th "opea door" In China and prep-,
"lions by which Japan and Russia
slit dominate the Chinese empire arei
rotflded for In a new treaty between'
tpab and Russia, which Iff On the eve
t being closed.
Mail artvices received here from
"okld. Indicate' that Japan and Russia
ie taltlnc advantage of the situation
read by the world war and are plan
ins; to aettl tbe fate of China with
it reference to other powers.
The chief, articles of the treaty,
Htca It Is understood here may al-
ady have been signed, are reported to
-these:' '
First Russia Is to rede to Japan
hat portion of the Chinese Eastern
ftUway from a point southward of
farbin, Manchuria, to Chan Chung.
. Second- While the war lasts Japan
vlll 'Supply rtusHln with arms and
tthef supplies so far as is rotnpatable
vlth-'th defense of the country and
'span's roainifafturiint capacity.
Third Russia will give liberal treat
nfnt to those Japanese who live and
ngage In agricultural, commercial or
ndustrlal pursuits In eastern Siberia,
lorthern Baghnllen and the territory
'(longtnn to the Chinese Kastern rail
far.ln Manchuria.
Kourth Russia wfjl maintain Vlad
voatock as a commercial port and
halt not carry out further military
'reparation which might be regarded
is Inimical to the Interest of Japan.
Fifth -Japan nml Kusxia shall re
pec t each other's Interests in Man
liurta and Mongolia and If there is
my disturbance within the Russian
phere of Influence during the present
var, Japan, If requested, will rivo Rus
ila aaalstance for Its suppression,
i Sixth In the erent of Japan taking
lecessary action against Cnlna for
guaranteeing' peace based on the prln
iplea of territorial integrity and equal
ipportunity, Russia shall recognize the
iroprlety of Japan's actions, and If a
hlrd power offers- obstructions to
apan and the latter finds it necessary
o take action against that power. Rus
la, if requested by Japan, shall take
oncerted action, with Japan In de
ens of Japan's claims.
Will Amend.Petition
For Mandamus Writ
Attorney tot Eaaipmant tmt Com
pany is waatara ra&fto Frocaad
. tars 1 Oats roraisslon Ttom. Court.
'-gan- Francisco. May 4. XK P.)
Jared How, attorney yfOr the- Equip
ment Trust company In tha Western
Pacific proceedings, has obtained
from the United State a circuit court
of appeala permission to , amend tha
petition, tor the"wnt of manda,mus
again at Judfee Williartf 'C: Van Fleet,
so aa to Include tha Judge'a oral opin
ion, holding- that he was not disquali
fied because of preiudiecto ait in tbe
natter. Judge Van Fleet is scheduled
to ahow-cause next Saturday why b
should not be disqualified. - -
Suggestion Made by Governor
; WithycorrTbe Will Affect
Boys 10 to 12 Years Old.
Wtoscb, Jt 25,009-,- Par-Max ' Anto '.Load
lng - Equipment company, Portland,
Miss -5,-, M. - Parker, Ralph S. ' Maxwell
and Charles F. Lord, 110,000; Mora Co
operative Warehouse company, Moro,
W. 8. Powell' and others, $3000. Tna
Joler Lumber company, Eugene, filed
articles of dissolution.
Wardsn aflnto Will Use Prison Labor
, In tbe X decoration of Walla of
Structures; Gray Za Color.
oiirt Is Defied by
; San Francisco Man
Committee Will Be Appointed
to Present Matter to the
Chamber of Cpmmerce.
Preliminary ateps towards the or
ganisation of a lumber and marine
bureau of the Chamber of. Commerce
were taken at a meeting. of lumbermen
Salem, Or.. May 4. The state board
of . control Wednesday afternoon aa-
thnricAA WT1n Htlntn . nt tha mt t A
ingf and walls and crey will be the
color. The warden will uae prison la
bor on the Job.
Following a suggestion from Gover
nor Withycdmbe, Superintendent Hale,
of the state industrial school for boys,
will install a system of school gardens
for the boys between the ages of 10 and
13 years, of which there are about 25
hi the Institution.
ChJckenpox baa -caused some incon
venience in the state Industrial" school
for girls but none was seriously ill, ac
cording to a report filed by Matron
Hopkins.. The matron- reported the
largest population since the school was
held last nla-ht in the Or con bulldine Opened, 46 being incarcerated. The
It was decided that a committee con-iT1
statin? of two loggers, two timber own
ers, two manufacturers and two lum
ber brokers, should act with the navi
gation committee of the chamber in
working out details of - plan of or
ganization for presentation to the
chamber directorate.
The proposed organization would
gather Information regarding ship
ping and shipbuilding and prospective
romber sales and would work In every
way possible to foster the- Interests
of the lumber find timber Industry.
Would Serre aa
Question Is Answered.
Salem, Or., May 4. The rotation of
names on primary ballot applies to the
number printed for ejiah county and
not for each precinct, says Attorney
General Brown. An inquiry came to
Secretary of State Olcott from Harney
Contests Laborer's Will.
Los Angeles, CaL, May 4. (P. N. S.)
Charging undue influence "by cor
respondence," Stephen A. French,
brother of William B. French, an aged
track greaser who waa recently left
a fortune of $200,000 and who died be
fore he had the opportunity of enjoy
ing it, has filed a contest to the
will in which his brother left the en
tire fortune to relatives of hla deal
When wrltins or eiWns on advertisers nteaae
mention Tba Journal. tAav.
3ugane Corrifan, Brick Manufacturer,
;, Takes Children to Taooma In St
' fiance, of Order by Judge Oraham.
San Francisco, May 4. (P. N. S.) '
Eugene Corrlgan, president of the
Stockton Enamel Brick company, who
eft the state two weeks ago with his
two children in defiance of an order
iroro -Superior Judge Graham direct
ing him to give the children into ths
custody of his wife, Mrs. Emma May
Corrlgan,1 has voluntarily surren
dered himself to the court. . The case
was continued until tomorrow morning.
- Corrlgan said he had taken the
children to Taooma and left them with
their aunt. He said that If his wife
would go to Tacoma and Join them he
would support her.
' Mra. Corrlgan is suing her husband
for divorce.
".v'.-li m
Hood River Valley
Qets Another Train
Hood River, Or.. May 4.The Mount
Hood Railroad company has adopted
a new passenger service scheduled bo
tween Hood River and Parkdale, a dis.
tance of 23 miles, that will be covered
by the company's new 30-passenger
motor car installed for passenger serv
ice exclusively. The car will leave
Parkdale at 7:45 a. m., arrtTlng at Hood
Rlrer at 9 a. m.; leaving Hood River
at 4:80 p. m., arriving at Parkdale at
(:4.p. in.
Skirts Failed to Mask.
Los Angeles, Cal., Way 4. (U, P.)
Deputies of the sheriffs office here
today, were hunting two? -men. dressed
as women, who attempted to inveigle
nocturnal motorists to flirt wit'i
them, with the Idea of holdinar them
up. Their first attempt failed. Later
the pair were reported to ha-e at
tempted to atop motorists at the point
of pistols, after having rolled their
skirts above their knees.
It would serve aa an exchange and
meeting place for those engaged in
the Industry. At present tini the
chamber has no lumber bureau, the
men who would naturally comprise it
being scattered among the various
bureaus, yet lurilbering is by far the
greatest single Industry in the state.
A part of last night's meeting was
the demonstration by U R. Alderman
of the plans for the much advocated
one story school building of wood con
struction. 11. E. Pennell of the St. Johns Lum
ber company, was chairman.
Xdst of Those Present,
Those present were:
J. L.. Jackson, Douglas Fir Lumber
Ben II. Hazen. Douglas Fir Lumber
Dr. E. H. Pierce.
J. Fred Larson, Chamber of Com
merce. W. D. B. Dobson,' Chamber of Com
merce. Jay S, Hamilton, Great Western
Lumber company.
John II. Burgard, West Oregon Lum
ber company.
G. B. Hegardt, Portland Dock commission.
H. K. Pennell, Bt Johns Lumber
Ueorge M. Cornwall, The Timber-
L. R. Alderman. Portland Publio
Samuel Connell. Sam Connell Lum
ber company.
H. C. Clair, Clarke County Timber
John S. Bradley, Bradley Logging
John Pearson, Western-Timber com
J. j. uracnen. sneriaan Lumber com
pany, Sheridan, Or
J. B. Laber, wells Leber Lumber
J. H. Haak, Oregon Logging ft Tim
ber company.
r. u. Phillips, Oregon Lumber com
pany. N. J. Sykcs. C. K. Speulding Logging
O. H. Schwerdmahn, Oregon Box &
Mnnufacturlng '-onipany.
G. B. McLeod, Hammond Lumber
('; K. Haak. Pigeon 3prings Logging
G. M. Duncan, Duncan Lumber com
pany. H. E. Noble, Portland Lumber com
pany. T. J. Seufert, Coast Range Lumber
J. Al Pattison. J. Al Pattlson Lum
ber company.
L. A. Wiley. Montavilla school.
E. R. Blair, Bridal Veil Lumbering
F, S Belcher, Valley & fillets Rail
way, Portland.
parole of two girls was authorized. .
Wants Better "Printing.
Salem, Or., May 4. Governor Withy
oombe declared himself in favor of
spending more money on the printing
of' the measures' pamphlet this year
than two years ago and getting a bet
ter Job at a meeting of the state print
ing board Wednesday afternoon.
Cherry Fair to Be Discussed.
Salem, Or., May 4NA mass meeting
of the people of Salem has been called
for Friday evening at the Commercial
clul5 to dlscuss the cherry fair and
agree upon dates. The meeting was
called by Benjamin Brick.
New Companies Incorporate.
Salem, Or., May 4. New incorpora
tions filed articles as follows Wednes
day afternoon with Commissioner
Schulderman: Oregon Salvage & Mer
cantile company, Portland, Harry
Simon, Roscue C. Nelson and Sidney
5u Jl I'srl
J?s U
v 4, if i
Schmidt Appeal Put Over.
Los Angeles, May 4 (P. N. 8.) By
ailpulation the appeal of M. A.
richmidt, once convicted of murder'in
connection with the Times dynamiting
case, has been put over until October.
Strawberries Ripe Already.
Cottage Grove, Or.. May 4. Several
Cottage Grove berry growers already
have had ripe strawberries on their
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that Presado Blend."
i Distributors, Portland, Orejroa .
(The Prima Donna)
SPRING FLOWERS the enterprising
distributors for the Largest PlanD
Factories In the World are celebrating
meir Anniversary upening with a
Grand Concert at the Orpheum The
atre, Broadway at Yamhill, Friday
evening May 5th, st 8 o'clock. Madam
Luci Valalre, Soloist, Arthur von Jes
sen. Pianist. Tickets to be secured at
111 Fourth St. up to 6 o'clock Friday
evening, thereafter at the Orpheum
Theatre box office.
8:15 Friday Evening.
Chromatic Fantasie .Bach
Nocturne, Op. 1 Nu 1.; Impromptu,
Op. 29; Etude Op. 25. Nu. 7: Etude.
Op. 10. Nu. 11 Chopin
Larghetto from Concerto Od. 21
Chopin-Von Jessen
Tarantella Chopin
Arthur von Jessen.
Aria from Opera "Le Cid." "Pleures
mes yeux'1 Massenet
Madame Lucie valalre.
(Miss Claire Oakes at the pianol.
Gavotte Sapellnikoff
"Confession. "Cantnene, Tocoata.
Von Jessen
'On the Wings of Song"
Liszt (Mendelssohn)
"Sping Night" Lisst (Schumann)
Arthur von Jessen.
Kar-rnment" MacDermid
"June" Lulu J. Downing
"Roses In Rain" Lawrence Zenda
Madame Lucie valalre.
"Fn)ilni!chwink." Carnival Jests
from Vienna . . Schumann
(Carnival Hcenes-Romanaa. Scherxino
Intermezzo. Finale);
Arthur von Jessen.
Stager Piano Used.
The Schwan Piano Co. is the one
piano store that does not charge inter
est when selling pianos on the easiest
of easy terms. It is not connected in
any way with any other Piano House
whatsoever, claims of competitors to
the contrary are absolutely false, no
matter how flattering they may seem
The Schwan Piano Co. asserts that it
has no connection of any sort with any
other Piano Store in this city.
ootjto vr
owing- to Increase in; price of raw
material of all kinds used in the build
ing of pianos and this, therefore, is
the logical time to buy thejiew piano,
especially since (to induce you to buy
now) this enterprising firm arranges
to give 2tt years' time for payment of
its pianos without the usual 8 interest
charged by all other ! piano dealers.
Also, the Schwan Piano Co. agrees to
take your piano, organ or talking ma
chine aa first payment, This, there
fore, does not require ready cash and
most anyone can afford to pay $1 or
$2 weekly or S mentally, without In
terest (not IS and . 12.17 the first
month, but simply $ monthly), it is
these unusual inducements that have
produced the large volume of piano
sales, amounting to hundreds of thou
sands of dollars sold by the Schwan
Piano Co-lli 4th St. j at Washington,
during th past year, ! It Is this large
volume of, sales that makes the pres
ent Maintained Factory Prices (of, for
instance, 1325, 191i model at 1245.
terms of payment IB cash, $1.21 Week
ly without interest) possible, . ,
Cottage Grove Has , t.
Wilson Booster Club
Meahers Wearing; -Safety rirst" Bat
tons and Intention Is to Keep Or
ganisation Alive During Campaign.
Cottage Grove, Or May 4. A
Woodrow Wilson club has been or
ganised here. George 0. Knowles is
president and E. A. Qleasort secretary.
The members are proauinently display
ing the Woodrow Wilson "Safety
First" buttons and the intention is
to keep up a live organization during
tha campaign.
Carbolic Acid Barns Woman's Face.
Cottage Grove, Or.,. May . Mrs. C.
E. Frost, wife of Dr. C. E. Frost, is
recovering' from carbolic add burns
on her face and there will be but
slight, if any disfiguration from what
might have proved a serious accident.
She was assisting her husband with
an operation when the carbolic acid
was splashed in her face.
Births Outnumber Deaths.
Cottage Grove, Or.. May -4. Births
outnumber deaths mors than three to
one, according to the vital statistics
report of Health. Officer ?Og1eeby for
tne month of April. There -were? It
births and only three deatha.
McAdoo Asked About
Income TaxlEvasiong
Waahlngton. May 4, TJ. P.)8ec
re tar y McAdoo is directed to furnish'
congress with a statement showing
whether 1320,000,000 is being annually
withheld from the treasury by Income
tax frauds and evasions, in a resolu-
tion offered in the house by Repre
sentative Keating of Colorado.
McAdoo la asked why he has not
recommended to the president that all
income tax returns be made public in
order that fraud may be checked. Keat
ing said he based his resolution on the
charges made by Basil M. Manly, chief
Investigator of tbe industrial relations
Manly, in a published statement, de
clared that more than $400,000,000
should be "received annually instead of
the 180,000.000 actually collected.
mm i
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