The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 30, 1914, Page 15, Image 15

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. " ; 15
Washington Team Is Now
WoHdngiOyt on Battlefiejd
' at Albany.
gtoeal: jTollowm of; rootbali
TIiKCbamploiLf Ar b. Toucb-"-
down Stronger Tbaa Oppokcnts.
Boston, Mass., Oct. JO. Four play
ers, Joe Connolly, Oscar Do grey. Herb
Moran and Bruegy, a product of the
New England league, signed 1915 con
tracts with the Boston Nationals to
tracts with the Boston Nationals yes
terday. Pitcher George Tyler signed
a contract with the Braves for the
seasons Of 1915 and 1916.
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
11s,' Or..- Qct. 80.-The. usual h'ardlifck
.story that-precedes any big conference
frame in the northwest is circulating
through- the 'varsity rooms; lrr the gym
hanium at the Oregon Agricultural
college. The' only. sad part abgut the
tale Is that It is. unquestionably true.
When the statement Is made 'that
-the Aggie eleven which will buck the
University Of Washington team at Al
bany next Saturday is the weakest and
most crippled up machine in the inter
collegiate conference. It can be put
i down as . a solid fact. ,
The accident that caps the' climax
jof Injuries to date happened during
varsity scrimmage Wednesday night.
Lee Bissett of Newberg, .the only
- freshman in the training camp who
, was. practically certain of . holding
- down a regular berth at ead. suffered
-a broken- collar bohe and broken shoul
" der blade. This puts .him' out of the
game for the entire- season. '. . ,
''-' Brewer Millie, the- Astoria, boy who
last year madq.good at end and who
this season was counted on as one of
.tbe full backs In Coach Stewart's foar
'back combination, tore a muscle loose
In-his back in the Pullman game last
Faturday. This Injury puts hirri on
the shelf "as far as football is con
. cerned for at least two weeks.
"Clag rraetures Collar "Bone.
"Billle" King, end. who made two
sensational yard runs' In J'&tst Sat
u relay's . gametegainst W. S.-C, frac-
tuxed his eolla bone last night, mak
, ' lng the. ,fourthnJury of thls, nature
which has occurred this season. This
leaves, the squad practically destitute
so 'far as extremity men are concerned.
' King will be unable to scrimmage for
three wesks.
"Ed" Allworth. backfleld substitute
the one man who was looked to to fill
Biliie'i position at fullback, has a bad
Charley horse and a -pair of Injured
. knees, that.' have not even permitted
, falra to turn out for light signal prac
tice. He will not appear In a uniform
Tor another 10 days.
With this array of crippled regulars
staring him in the face, "Doc" Stewart
is up against a hard proposition.; The
. Diggest rootbau struggle of. the 1014
football season is now at hand. The
, stakes are enormous. . Whether or not
juo&ie wm reign over the gridiron sit
uation for the seventh consecutive year
Jr whether he is doomed to be rele
gated to the hasbeens lies wholly In
uie outcome or Saturday's battle.
An attempt has been taade to turn
the trick each year by every other
member of the northwest conference,
but to no avail. Each time victory has
perched on the standards of the Seattle
With the odds more in their favor
than they have been for several years,
the Aggies were touted at the begin
Jing of the season as a possible Dobie
. .Waterloo. However, luck and Jinxes
'f .have again taken the situation into
i namd and seem tor-'be governing with
prejudice toward all antl-Washington
. championship hopes. .
Coaches Up a Tteei
To whip together an entirely new
combination of both backfleld and line
men, with which to withstand the
gruelling fire of Gllmore Dobie's vet
erans, is the problem which has the
trio of Beaver coaches up a .tree.
Captain Qua Hofer in all probability
- will be switched from tackle to left
fullback. As to who will plug up the
- big hole lefViri the line by Hofers
absence is still- a question. Cole, the
200 pound logical solution to this dif
ficulty, is Ineligible to play on account
of low scholastic standing. ''Rusty"
Oroce Is also barred by this faculty
ruling. O. A. C. is: the only institu
tion in the northwest conference which
prohibits students from taking part in
oollegiate athletics if they are below
a certain per cent In college work.
Barring all mishaps between now and
the time of the big game, the following
men wlU Uneup against the strongest
team In the conference, the Univer-
ball eleven and Gllmore Dobie wlH b ! FOUR BRAVES SIGNED UP
a. j.v tu o ijTDrun over mo Oregon Ag
ricultural college gridiron In tomor
row's football classic at Albany, Or.
According to football followers, who
have seen both teams in action", Dobie's
team is one touchdown stronger than
the Oregon Aggies.
No matter what the odds on the con
tests, one of the greatest football
games of the season can be expected.
Coach Stewart,- of the Aggies, promises f
to spring something new on G. Dobie,
and Dobie will, no doubt, uncork him
self against the. Aggtes.
lne Washington mentor has com
menced to send out bear' stories about
ftiS -star halfback and punter, "Hap"
Miller, the Vancouver -ohantom." who
was injured during the Washington
Whitman gante, last Saturday, but you
can-rest assured that Miller' will be. in-
th lineup Saturday at the start of the
contest -
The. lines of the two elevens are
slty of Washington: Huntley, Miller
or De Losh, end; Laythe and Watson,
tackles; Moore and Smyth, guards;
Anderson, center; Lutx and Yeager,
halfbacks; Abraham and Hofer, fullbacks.
Seattle. Wash-, Oct. 0 Seattle
Bill". James was bested la a pitching
duel by "Portland BUI" James yester
day. The score was 4 to 1. Seattle
Bill allowed three hits, but had poor
The score: R. H. E.
Americans .............-. 4 31
Nationals 1 4 1
Batteries James, Bash and Henry;
James and KlUlfer.
Tonight at S p, m. Shaver school,
Mississippi avenue and Morris street
Speakers: A. F. Flegel, Dr. C.
J. Smith. Sheriff Tom Word. Colonel
Robert A. Miller. Elmer Lundberg.
Tonight at 8 p. nu Rose City
Park school. East Fifty-seventh
and Sacraoienjxrttreets Speakers : Dr.
C. J. Smith. A. F. Flea-eL Tom Wofd.
about evenly matched, but the north- j Lester Humphreys, Dr. A. K. Higgs.
ern visitors will have an edge over the i This afternoon at 3 p. m., at
Aggies, in, weight In1 the. backfleld. ; Woodman's hall. University Park
There are two new players in the Speaker: Governor West.
Washington Uneup, and against an ex- t October 81, at T:30 p. m.. at Wash
perienced team It. Isexpected that Do- j ington high school. - Speakers, Senator
bte will rnlss his veteran center Pres- Chamberlain. -A. F. Flegel.
ley. He has Gellatly passing the ball. October 31, at 8:16 p. m at Lincoln
The other new player In the Washing-! high school. Speakers Senator Cham
ton lineup will be McPherson. ; ber lain, A. Fi, Flegel.
The Aggies' team is a seasoned one -
also, and the players are anxious for J The Russian government has been
revenge - for the . 47,-0 defeat handed ; convinced by a number of Swiss en-
them at Seattle last season.- It is a
cinch that X A. C, If it Is 'defeated,
will not .lose by;any where peer such a
large score.
There was a little 2.. to 1 money
floating around yesterday, but It Is ex
pected that these odds will shift to 10
to 8 by nightfall.
gineers that It im perfectly feasible to
bore a 16 mile tunnel through the Cau
casus mountains to join the Black
and Caspian seas.
Bill Cook, who played on the Notre
Dame university eleven last year, stat
ed yesterday that N. D. was defeated
because they did not have a pair of
good ends to receive the passes. Cook
also stated that Tale was coached to
break up .forwardnesses.
Carl Morris Is Given
Decision Over Flynn
Kansas City, Oct.' 30. Carl Morris,
the Oklahoma giant, holds a decision
over Jim Flynn of-Pueblo today as a
result of thei.r 10-round bout here last
night. Flynn- was game and aggres
sive but he was unable to cope with
the superior weight and longer reach
of his opponent; and when he left the
ring his face and body were badly
marked up from the punishment he
had received, while Morris was un
scathed. '
West Virginia leads the states In
the production of natural gas and
Pennsylvania in consumption.
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