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Wtot vfoclety is Doing
THIS evening th Knights Tem
plar club will give U opening
" dance for the year at the
MaHonic Temi'lP. These par
tie are anvng the most enjoyable
affair in the oeial calendar. There
1b a upler.did spirit of camaraderie,
which alwaj'B prevails between the
Knights and lad1e. and has served
to make the dances popular. The of
ficers and their wives will receive the
guests this evening, and It Is planned
to have the jrueHts fall into the re
ceiving line an they arrive, thus in
troducing everybody and forming the
line for the grand march. H. C.
Thompson will present the guests to
the receiving line. The officers ' for
this season arc: Krank. MeCriUis,
president; A. H. Averill, H. Stevens
and Jerry Brooaugn. v
w '
Multnomah Hotel to Have
HallowpfB Dance.
The younger set of society Is much
interested in the Halloween dance
mnleh will be given this evening at the
Multnomah hotel, with Mr. and Mrs.
Carville leading in the popular new
Prior to the da.nrte Miss Margery Bair
will give a dinner party at her home
in Irvlngton, when will be laid
for 12.
Mixs Adams Honored in Spokane.
Miss Helen AOums, who is visiting in
Spokane with her cousin. Miss Sibyl
Spencer, was one of the onor guests
for & smart affair in that city given
by Miss Kthiyn Twchy at her home In
South ' Monroe street It wa4 a
Pierrette party given Monday evening
and about 65 guests were in attendance.
V. I. Fentoh Jr. Initiated In
Alpha Delta
W. D. Kenton Jr., son of W. D. Ken
ton of this city, was Initiated into the
Alpha IJtelta PWf raternity at Wesleyan
university, Mlddleton, Conn., FYiday
evening. October 2J.
Alpha Delta Phi was founded at
Hamilton college, Clinton, N. Y., Mn
1832, and was Introduced at WesleyaTi
in 1856. This fraternity now has chap
ters in 25 different colleges and uni
versities, with a total membership last 1
year of 11,424.
"A Night in JaipylanL"
Tha young ladies of St. Lawrence
church wil entertain with "fc. Nigh(
in Jappyland" Wednesday evening,
November 4, at 8:16, in the assembly
liall. Third and Sherman streets. Jap
anese costumes and decorations will
characterize the performance, which
will consist of a cantata by 10 young
ladies of the St. Lawrence Sodality,
and a fan drill by 20 small girls of
St. Lawrence academy. Miss Adel
Uarnickel, soprano, will contribute a
vocal solo and will be accompanied by
Miss Agnes Senn.
On the following evening, Thurs
day, November 5, "A Down on th
Farm" dancing party will be given in
the assembly hall. Refreshments will
De servea uoln evenings. xne com-
mlttee having Charge of the enter
tainment for the two evenings consists
of the Misses Adel Ba mi ok el, SLary
Stanton; Lillian Bullen, Agnea Till
man, Edna Schanen, Elizabeth Cole,
Evelyn Tillman, Ella Maloney, Helen
Hendricks, Lena Goheen, Grace
Twltchell, Kittle Malvey and Cora
Fleming. The patronesses are Mrs.
George Feldman, Mrs. W. P. LllLia,
Mra. W. J. Smith. Mrs. F. Tillman
and Mrs. N. A. Schanen.
For Mrs. Curtis.
Mrs. Grace Curtis and daughter. Miss
Bernlce, residing at "Woodmere, were
most pleasantly surprised by about 30
of their friends and neighbors Wednes
day evening. Progressive 600 was the
order of the evening, after which a
delicious three-course luncheon was
served. The lady's prize was won by
Mrs. HarriB, while the gentleman's
prize was won by Mr. Hottenroth. The
consolation prize fell to Mr. Wagstaff.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. C.
T "1 11 .I if.. .1 V. 1 A I
taff, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Morse, Mr.
and Mrs. E. J. Hottenroth, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Malloy, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Allen. Mr. and Mrs: E. O. Curtis, Mr.
turn wis, xwuiiaiu vr wu. mi. a.uu iuia.
Schwartout, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. With-
nell, Mrs. Grace Curtis, Mrs. John
Hand. Mrs. Tibbies, Mrs. Bernlce Pil
leau; Misses Wagstaff, Gerstel. John
son and Hand; Messrs. Harry Johnson,
Rex Stoner and Harold wagstaff; Mr,
and Mrs. Percy Harris.
Parson-Bothm en Wedding.
Peter Parson and Miss Margaret
Bothmen were married Sunday, October
25, at 2:30 p. m., at the home of the
bride's parents near Foles Creek. Rev,
Mr. Bates of Forest Grove officiated.
Miss Emma Wilson played the wedding
march and a cousin of the bride sang
"A Perfect Day." Miss Rose York
acted a bridesmaid and the best man
was Paul Parson, brother of the bride
groom. The bride was beautifully
gowned in white silk crepe de chine
and she carried white carnations. The
bridesmaid's gown was pale- blue voile.
trimmed with shell pink messaline and
he carried shell, pink carnations. The
rooms were artistically decorated with
ivy, ferns and dahlias. The couple
received many beautiful and useful
presents. Sixty guests were served
with a sumptuous luncheon, after
' xWi ':f;'v - t
fel I . - reh. '
rv V- " " v " & Wt, - . : Jjfoh
Mrs. H. M. Gagne of San Francisco, who is the house guest of Dr.
Mrs. O. D. Thornton.
Mustcrole Gives Delicious Comfort
When those sharp pains go shooting
through your head, when your skull
seems as if- it would split. Just iMtr-a
little M.USTEROLE on the temples
end neck. It draws out the lnflamma-
tion, soothes away the pain gives
quick reliefi
MUSTEROLE is a clean, white oint
ment, made with oil of mustard. Bet
ttr than u mustard, plaster and does
rot blister!:
Doctors and nurses frankly recom
mend MUSTEROLE for Sore Throat.
Bronchitis, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma
Neuralgia, Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheu
matism. Lumbago, Pains and Aches of
the Back or Joints. Sprains, Sore Mus
cles, Bruises, Chilblains, Frosted Feet
Colds of the Chest tit often pre
vents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c
Jars, and a special large hospital size
ior a.60.
' Be sure you get the genuine ML'S
TEROLE. Refuse imitation Ke
what you at . for. The Musterole
t-ompany, Cleveland, Ohio.
IMBiil r
which Mr. and Mrs. Parson left for
a short trip.
W. R. C. Have Inspection.
The inspection of Gordon Granger
W. R. C. No. 43, at Woodlawn, was
hJd at the last meeting in October.
Mrs. Cynthia Dunlap, department
president, acted as inspector. Mrs.
Eva S. Ruger, senior vice president, of
Tillamook; Mrs. M. C. Cooper, Junior
vice president, of McMinnvllle; Mrs.
Cora McBride, department Inspector;
Mrs. M. Reid, of George Wright Corps,
and a number of visitors from other
corps were "present. The hall was
most beautifully decorated as well as
the banquet hall, where a dinner was
served. Gordon Granger G. A. R. Post
had many members present.
Gordon Granger W. R. C. No. 48
Woodlawn, are planning to give an
other dance In the near future. The
one given recently was a great suc
cess socially and financially.
W. H. S. Alomnl Rally.
The W. H. S. Alumni association
will hold a big rally at Washington
high school, room 6, on Wednesday
evening. November 4, at 8 o'clock.
Election of officers, plans for a dance
and a small program will occur at
this meeting. All old members, new
members, former students of Wash
ington over fourth term standing. In
fact, every graduate of Washington
cordlaUy invited to be present. Wo
want this to be a complete reunion,
and want to see all old friends there.
Won't you come too?
Mrs. Ricen Hostess.
Mrs. J. M. Ricen and Mrs. Ida Fos
ter were Hostesses at a pretty Hallow
een party Monday evening at the home
of the former, on Clifton street. Mis3
Bessie Ricketts assisted in receiving.
A good program was given by Miss
Edith Altnow, Miss Newberry and
.miss Kicseiis. ine evening was
passed tn dancing Those present
were Mr. and Mrs. Ricen, Mrs. Berthu
Butler, Mrs. Richardson. Mrs. Anna
Parker and 4Mrs. Ida Foster. Misses
Calderwood, Altnow, Ricketts and
Newberry, Messrs. Neil Cawein An
pleby. Burroughs Altnow, Schlegel and
Clan Macleaj Halloween Party.
Clan Maccleay Order of. Scottish
Clans and Ladies' Auxiliary will give
a Halloween concert and dance in
Knights of Pythias hall, October 30,
proceeds In aid of Red Cross funds. A
first class program has been prepared.
Parish Dance.
The young people of St. Patrick's
parish will give their bi-monthly danc
ing party In their hall this evening.
Lanrelhnrst Dance.
Tomorrow evening the ladies of the
Laurelhurst club will give a dancing
and card party at the home of Mrs.
F. J. Seen ten, 35 Floral avenue. Lau
relhurst people and their friends are
cordially Invited to attend,
Society Notes.
Mrs. Ada B. Mini can of Millican,
Crook county. Or, is in the city for a
few days, en route home from the -Fed
eration of Women's Clubs held at Eu
gene, Or. -While here Mrs. Millican is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Holden,
420. Cook avenue.
Mrs. Bertha Snyder and youngest
daughter. Miss Naomi Snyder, resi
dents of Portland, left for Los An
geles, last Wednesday to spend the
winter there with relatives.
fairs, and occupies an. enviable posi
tion. -
"How long do you think it would
take Mr. Booth to gain aa important
.place? Of course, he might get on
the public lands committee.
"Senator Chamberlain has been In
dustrious in behalf of the people of
this state. He is by far the best man
of the three who are seeking election.
He doesn't own even 100 acres of tim
ber land. He has kept poor. If he
had been crooked or unfaithful he
would have gotten rich. Senator
Chamberlain has - never thrown down
the people of his state. j
Xlegel Indorsed.
Senator Lane heartily indorsed A.
F. Flegel for congress. He said that
Mr. Flegel was tried when he servea
as a member of the Portland city
council, and he was found always
working in the Interests of the people
and for the public good.
'There are many men in congress
who are not there In the interest of
the people." he said. "You better
send a man who is tried and true. Mr.
Flegel will make a valuable congress
man He is a man who loves peace.
"The danger that impresses me .is
that by some move of the opponents
of President Wilson this country will
be pushed into war. President Wil
son needs men with him who will
stand by him. He needs men in con
gress who have no interests to serve,
except the public's."
Senator Lane also urged the election
of Dr. C J. Smith as governor.
Following Senator Lane's address.
T. C Burke, who presided, called upon
Mr. Teal for a short address. He also
called on T. O. Hague, candidate for
state representative.
"In my observations in Washington,
where I have come in- contact with
many public men," said Mr. TeaL "I
will say from personal knowledge that
there are few men In Washington who
are more capable or stand higher than
Senator Chamberlain.
President Xs Honored.
"Not .only does the Democratic ad
ministration, but a great many others
who have the public Interest at heart.
want to M him reelected."
Mr. Teal told of the great pressure
under which President Wilson was put
during the Mexican crisis, when he was
being Jeered and scoffed at because
he would not resort to armed inter
vention and plunge the country into
"President Wilson is a man of the
highest ideals," he said. "He has the
Interests of the great mass of the
people at heart."
He said when the new laws that
have been enacted under the leadership
oi Wilson get into operation that, a
new standard in American life will be
raised. The smaller man will have a
better chance.
The dollar mark will not be em
blazoned everywhere," he -declared.
"The worship of the golden calf will
pass to a large extent."
He said President Wilson has a defW
nite policy he is endeavoring to carry
'I want to ask you," he said, "does
not President Wilson at this time de
serve your support?"
As almost of one voice the audience
loudly answered, "Yes.
"How are you going to give Mm this
support?" continued Mr. TeaJ
stana Dy Wilson,
gress who tell you in advance that
they are going to oppose the president?
'On the one hand you nave in sen.
ator Chamberlain a man who has stood
by the president. He has been tried
and is true.
"On the other hand you have a man
who tells you deliberately he will go.
If elected, to oppose the president.
"I beg of you, not as a Democrat,
but as a citizen of Oregon, that you
will send to both the senate and the
house of representatives men who will
give support to these policies. Don't
send men who will break down and tear
down the policies of this great man."
By Jessie Roberts.
"Can yon remember, girls," Bessie
wanted to know, as we sat around the
table after lunch one warm Saturday,
thanking our lucky'stars that we didn't
have to go back to work that day; "do
you remember how you felt when you
first started in to earn your livings?
How strange it all was. and how hor
ribly lonely you were, there in the of
fice among a crowd of girls who
Are you going to send men to eon- 1 seemed to have known each other all
their lives and to have no use on
for you."
"I should say I do remember," Rose
asserted. "I almost died of shyness!
ana loneliness me iirst lew monins. i
didn't seem to know how to get ac
quainted, and I was always making
mistakes that some one had scorn
fully to set right. It was miserable."
"Wejl. don't you think our dub
ought to see that a newcomer to her
Office or shop gets the glad hand and
is made to feel that working women
have 'hearts as well as brains, you
know? For a brief while we do seem
to have real brains to the new girl!"
"Sort of committee of welcome of
one, eh?" Nellie put 4n.
"Sure. One's enough, -for if one takes
a little trouble to nelp the new girl
feel at ease and among friends, th
rest will follow suit. You see, we Just
don't think. We are busr with our
own affairs, and we don't realize how
hard things are for the girl who is
strange to it all. I don't mean that
We should lay ourselves oul to give
her a good time, or invite her home
till we know her better, but.l do think
we ought to try to make nfer feel she
isn't a rank, outsider, that we are glad
to have her work with us, and glad to
help her in any little: way we can."
"We're with you," we said. "There'll
be no more lonely newcomers la u
offices ft we Can prevent it." , ,
' ' v
Lafayette Has New
Wateivorks System
Lafayette, Or.; fOct. 28. The water
works system. Just completed at thi
place has met the required tests ani
experts claim the supply of water anj
Installation of", plant is one of the ben
in the state. jAn idpa ' the volura
of water from tBe well which supplle
the town may be ( got by . saying thai
arter a continuous test or 30 nours, in
water shows $lo ' loss of bead. Th
amount pumpeV exceeded 150,000 gal
Ions In 24 hour The system consis'
of approximately four and one-hal;
miles of mains. 35 hydrants, tanK
tower. large puimp and motor.
The work nan : been accomplished
record time all is the completion
a 10 years' straggle for water at thi
place. j. " ,
The rcial cotninlitee of B'na! B'ritl
hall - .TSiirteenta street near Mill.-II
giving an informal dancing parti
Thursday evening; octooer 2. Admin
sons interested in society Invited. (Ad. I
Charge Purchases Made Tomorrow Will Go on Your November Account. Payable Dec. 1
Ice Skates, Hockey Sticks, Skating Shoes, Jerseys, Sporting Goods oi All Kinds, 4th Floor
day," he said, "will be called upon to
consider and vote on measures before
congress disposing of the millions o
acres tied up in this grant. Knowing,
Mr. Booth's insatiable appetite for
timDer lands, it. might be very embar
rassing for him. To place him in that
position, would not be a charitable way
iu Lreai a xeiiow citizen.
senator Lane s point was forcibly
made. and the audience laughed
Tand Grant Considered.
He spoke of the great land grant
running through eastern Oregon In
ZblCJL William Hanley and Colonel C.
ST, "Wood and the Hills, 'railroad
magnates, have large holdings. He
read from ja government report to
show theonnection between the in
terests or the Weyerhaeusers, the
Hills and the Booths, and the motive
that would prompt them to seek po
litical control in the state. These in-
leiems noia over 1,000,000
land in Oregon, he said.
suppose the governor should de
cide to take steps to regain some of
this land," said the senator, "would
Mr. Booth or Mr. Hanley you better
send George Chamberlain." Again the
a.uuieU.Te appiauaea ana laughed hear-
"Senator Chamberlain ,rb. :
Oregon all the time." continue Kar,
ator Lane. "He is on nf tv,
able senators. He Is chairman nf
powerful committee on military af-
Get to know
Hang-up Matches
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No Poison
No Danger
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Portland, Or
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7 r
cult for him to work in the Interests
of the public.
"1 wish the philosophy of this would
be understood throughout the state."
The audience expressed approval of
this thought'-ftyhearty applause.
Senator Lane reviewed the O. & C.
railroad land grant, the terms of which
were violated by ; the railroad com
pany. He pointed out that the Booth-Kelly
Lumber company had secured 70,000
acres of the grant, while thousands of
persons who wanted to get portions of
the grant upon which to make homes
were unable U do so. He mentioned
the government's suit to have the
lands forfeited and its success thus
"lt is likely that the man, you elect
to the Cnited States senate. lies Tues-
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