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; High Taxes Attributed to, the
ir .Working at Cross Purposes
'of Different Branches.
JUpnbllcan Candidate By Arxion
Th He In "Musiled" Ta-lae; Stand
for UV Enforcement.
(Dr. Withycombe hae been Attacking
The Journal on a charge that it waa
miaauottna hti utterances and miirep
reaentlng hie position.
In an effort to be perfectly fair, his
Speech at HUlBboro Saturday nmnt is
r.are presented, urn taken, practically
verbatim, by a staff correspondent or
this paper.
Dr. Withycombe's complaint ajralnnt
The Journal is embodied la the report
and Is present! out f fairness to mm
In no rasa has The Journal misquoted
Dr. Withycombe. very word attributed
to him being his word, a fact that can
be etttaMlshed by stenographic re
Former London Correspondent
for tbe United Press,
Crisis Contends Dr. A.
Hutchison in Sermon.
New York, Oct. 26. The German
offensive was progressing today on
the west aide of the Yser, but at the
same time the kaiser has been com- 111
pelled to give ground along the coast. . . . . , , . , ,
Close to the sea the bombardment Portland IS in ThrOeS 01 CiVfC
rrom tne uritisti warsnips orrsnore
evidently was too hot to be endured,
and to escape it the Teutonic forces
had withdrawn into the Belgian in
terior, whence they were still push
ing their advancs on Dunkirk.
Litem of control along the coast
constituted a serious handicap to
them, however, since the sea had pre
viously protected them effectually
against a flanking movement by the
allies in that quarter. With a belt
of unoccupied territory between the
extremity of their line and salt water,
however, the envelopment of their
right wing became a possibility.
Attack Would Be Dangerous.
Whether such a movement would
be attempted appeared to depend on
whether or not the allies could spare
an adequate force from their main
front. Without a very large body of
men such - an undertaking would be
Pastor Declares work Kas Bean Well
and Honestly Carried On; Tots
"JTo" Is Urged.
The recall election presents to Port
land ft civic crisis, declared Rev. A. L. 1 into the water.
Hutchison in his sermon yesterday I work long until the body was recov
morning at the Third Presbyterian ered. No-thing is known of the worn-
City Reservoir Used
To Commit Suicide
Mis. Siegfried Bice, Domestic, Ends
Life Saturday Higtot Seservoir Be
ing Drained and Cleansed.
Mrs. Sigfried Rice, 24 years old and
employed as a domestic, drowned her
self some time Saturday night in res
ervoir No. 6. City Grappler Brady
recovered the body last evening and
turned It over to the coroner. De
spondency Is considered the cause of
the act. ,
; The reservoir's outlet to the city
service mains was at once closed. The
reservoir is being drained today,' and
will be cleansed and refilled before
water from it Is supplied to the city
For' several days the woman had
acted queerly, but her actions did not
cause alarm until disappearance Sun
day morning, when she did not re
turn to work. Personal effects of the
woman were found on the Kast Six
tieth street side of the reservoir, and
this led to the theory she had Jumped
The grappler 4id not
church. In part, he said:.
an's husband or relatives. The body
men have looked upon the great city
dangerous, since a change of front because it is the natural habitat of the
by the Germans, followed by a strong . political boss and ring rule. Portland
Teutonic movement to the northward, i has felt this infuence to some extent
would mean the driving of the allies ! in the past, but Bhe has broken the
Into the North sea. In such a case. , Prl, of the evil through the aid of the
From the days of Aristotle to the I is at the funeral narlors of Dunning
present, pniiosopners, poets and states-I & McEntee
of course, the warships- would be of
no use to the Franco-Anglo-Belgian
troops, for the reason that their own
In the readjustment attending the
Inauguration of the commission form
line would be Interposed between the of government some men were re-
(By a Staff Correspondent.)
Iflllsboro, Or.. Oct. 23. Dr. James
Withycombe and Senator R. A. Booth
held a meeting at-the Crystal theatre
tonight.' B. 1'. Corneltu.x, Republican
county chairman, presided.- The Orenco
Brass band gave several selections
which were heartily applauded, as were
the vocal selections by Mrs. K. B.
Dr. Withycombe spoke In part as fol
'"When I was nominated I thought I
could slay home and, of course, be
elected. What was my surprise and
grief and utter amazement to have a
particular paper I need not mention
but which you all know," come out and
claim I ,wap 'muzzled' and 'bottled' and
'corked' and u. lot of other things.
fleet and the Germans.
Thus, whilo the Germans accepted
an undoubted risk when they with
drew from the coast, it was a risk
which the allies could not take ad
vantage of without exposing them
selves to serious danger.
If, however, the allies have among
them a brilliant offensive commander,
he might seize the moment to strike
at the German flank.
So Oreat i.eacter Tet.
While such an opportunity exists
for the allies, it must be borne in
mind that Its very existence neces
sarily creates counter-opportunity for
placed by others for ' efficiency, and
some men were left "standing in the
market place," because no man hired
And now a civic crisis Is upon us,
and I can see no sufficient cause for
it except those men who were left
standing in the market place. The
reasons given for the recall are prac
tically the same In the three cases,
with the exception of the mayor. He
Is charged with dividing his time with
an insurance, company. If the mayor
is honest and the recallers seem to
concede this--he has had no official
relation to art insurance company, and
has declined even to discuss policy
rates because he is out of the business.
I am assured that during the year
and a third of the commission govern-
RecaJI Ought to Be Defeated
as Rebuke to Meddlers, As
serts Rev. H. N, 'Mount,"
the Germans, as, if the flanking forces ; ment, the commissioners have been in
snouiu De ariven into me sea, tney perfect narmony in pracucauy every
would have a chance dangerous but j final action touching the admlnistra-
periiaps effective of altering their
'Oh, my friends, this Isn't so. What front and attacking the allies from
was my surprise and indignation to see a new direction.
the governor come out and work! How errtat is th unknown miantitv
gainst me. I forgive him, for I be- in warfare has not bgen better demon
strated in the course of the present
struggle than by the existence Just
now of these mingled possibilities of
brilliant successes or severe backsets.
Neither side has demonstrated as
yet that it possesses a modern Na
poleon capable of dealing adequately
with the present situation along the
lleve he is insane. What do you think
of a governor who will attack the rec
ord of a man who has lived here 40
years r
Becord Declared Spotless.
"Oh,, my friends. My-record is oAen.
There is no blotch on jny public or pri
vate life. My record Is spotless. It
Is clean. I don't defend a single charge
Kalnst me. I have been grossly mis
represented and held u)p to public rid
icule. Oh, my friends, I have been
pointed at as a failure.
"Our governor comes out with at
tacks on my record. He should be in
the madhouse. Isn't It a shame? Oh,
Prosperity Exists.
in nf the most- nernlexlne prob
lems of city administration is the
problem of the saloon. During the
The recall movement was scored In
a sermon by Rev. H. N. Mount of the
Vernon Presbyterian church yesterday,
and the assertion was made that In
the event of a failure those who -are
behind the movement "should be made
to pay for it instead of putting the
taxpayers to 125,000 expense.
'The recall should be defeated as a
rebuke to the meddlers who for per
sonal and selfish considerations would
DR. C. i.
Eecall Is Branded
Calamity to City
never looked me up, for I never saw
th governor until last Friday night
I think our Jury was as fair as a jury
can be."
Accused of Embezzlement.
Embezzlement Is the charge upon
which Edward Harrison, local agent
for the West Coast Insurance com-
Bev. Henry Marcotte, of Westminster
Frethyteriaa Church, TJrges Every
body to Tots-Tomorrow.
The twenty-second anniversary of ' Pany, was arrested yesterday by De-
the organization of Westminster Pres- . tectlves Swenness. Aioloney and Royle.
byterlan church was celebrated yester-j Funds aggregating J1100 are said by
day. Rev. Henry Marcotte, the pastor, 1 the company to have, been obtained
x r l pl., i opuKo on me topic, "in Kememorance, oy uarnson during ms work as agent.
Keenest of Interest Is bnown Una reviewed briefly some or . . . i .
cnurch's history
When representatives of "thafeompany .
began checking the books for weeks
ago, Harrison disappeared, :nd was t
not located until yesterday. Ills
scheme, It la alleged, was t. sell in
surance and take the deposit for his.
own use. He is held for preliminary '
bearing. , ;, " ';
m . : ' '
Postmaster at Mehiyta.
' (Washington Bureau of Tbe Journal. J
Washington, Oct. 26. Colufobus A.
Mulkey has been appointed postmaster
at Mehama, Marion county, jice J. W.
Irvine, resigned.
by Workmen in Issues of
. j .
It was organized, he said. October
26, 1892, in a building on Union avenue..
, The rirst church building was erected
at East Tenth and Weidler streets and
the church successfully weathered the
financial storm of 1893. although it
was m debt. The present church prop-
erty, at Seventeenth and Schuyler
i streets, which was recently dedicated.
Democratic Candidate lor Office or 1 is valued at 1150.000.
rrhiaf tt.i-hUi itivm Rtn nf I After the sermon. Dr. Marcotte bao-
- - -O .1. . .
1 uocu www uiiaiim una received 3U new
- . ' V ww wuuawia. HV
membership of the church now, Dr.
rj xjs.i Tvnirlo I aaarcone asserted, is 66t.
Dr. C. J. Smith, addressed the work- h. rati r -Mantl v,t. .u
era of the Portland Lumber company's recan a8 a di8gVace and calamity to the
mill today at noon. I citv -nd tnat tn memh(.,.R nf th
It Is gratifying to see how much in- church should go to the polls tomor-
terest the voters all over the state are I row and rebuke those who are behind
taking in the issues of the campaign. I the movement.
Dr. Smith was listened to with close
attention, and bis remarks were fre
quently applauded. The voters are
studying men and measures this year
as never before. The most widely read
book Issued this fall is the state
pamphlet. Any man who runs for gov
ernor must expect to have his record
thoroughly Investigated. That they
fir a weiffhinB- the, candidates and their
consistency, or back of it. is proven by Wall asked. We had been sitting in
the shrewd characterization of the va I m case ior mree weeas ana we were
rious candidates. I not allowed to go home during that
In speaking of the views of the can- I time.
didates for governor, one of the men "After returning from lunch on Sat-
sald: "Dr. - Withycombe s change nf urday afternoon. Judge wolverton gave
heart' on the single. Item veto reminds the final Instructions and we retired.
me of a preacher I heard about. His Some time that evening, after dark.
name was Clearwater, and because ha I we bad to call on Judge Wolverton for
was a great man to quaiiry ms opinion further Instructions.
and hedge on ' his statements, tney We couldn't agree on anything. As
nicknamed him Riley Clearwater, and t remember it we were pretty evenly
rinatty an over tne district ne Decam divided most of the evening. During
known as "Brother Contradiction." the night we slept on tables In the
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Views of Another Voter.
Jury room. I don't remember Just the
"Sure, both men are good men and I number of times, but we. balloted eve?
have clean records," said another, "but I so many times.
you know Just where Dr. Smith stands.
He isn't a bit wobbly."
"There was one old farmer on thai
Jury who held sternly for conviction.
There were 102 men who gathered I He stuck long after the rest of us de-
ln a cleared space among the lumber elded to acquit. I personally talked
past 15 months 50 liquor licenses have sonal and semsh considerations wouli
been revoked by unanimous vote of overthrow the existing government.
the commissioners. The best class of asserted Dr. Mount, "It should be de-
liquor men frankly commend aiayor feated as a declaration against the
Aioee ior ms l?-ti:Zt "ihL Personal and Indiscriminate use of the
their business. It is charged that the ,,.,, J,,, .
administration of the various depart- recall, which keeps government In a
ments has been detrimental to the state of unrest, drives good men from
business and industrial
life of the
Belgian coast It would be Interest- I ma,Lwou,ld "dois,f uch a charse When
, . , . -i ne sees it on. paper,
lng, however, to observe what General pr0m the statement of Bank Presi
dent Mills, published recently, the very
opposite of this charge is true. Busi-
von Hindenberg, probably the ablest
of the kaiser's commanders, would do
if he were French Instead of German,
and in Belgium Instead of the east.
office and encourages a state of civic
I wonder -that any reasonable anarchy.
The speaker denounced the recall as
one of the not good thlqgs of the Ore
gon system. Oregon's constitution, he
asserted, offers a standing- Invitation
ness has been improving for twelve to anyone who has a grudge to strike
months. The year has been marked an Insurrectionary blow against the
bv crrea.t buildinar activity and exten
sive street improvements. Crime has
been reduced to a minimum. The parks
have been greatly improved ana as
playgrounds have been equipped and
government In the recall.
"If those who asked for the recall
knew that they would have to pay In
case the thing was a failure, they
my friends, to pay your governor $14 think I found? My opponent has pols
a day juid have him spend his time Oned the minds of those who have the
running around to belittle me. dry Issue on their brains. He tells
vn, my mends, trunk of a paper them that all the saloons are support- our voiith
IhlHtf A I. j.. . 1 . , I 1 -f . k A, : .11 .1 .. . i dianltV n r Um,111?n HL
wiuNig uaj wiiii uuu- i iney unouio. ii mey are supporting m, . ----- w ,,M tv. n tVl
bl oniumn o.i I r n . winter and extensive plans are now would cover the expenses or the elec-
. . . , H,,v. - .uuiid a mj A uuu l iliiv n v. j. ti uii v y j x uu lJ i . . , . . . . . i ..
j operated, to the joy of multitudes or WOuld not be so anxious to stir up
trouDie, said ur. jviount. ana proposed
that recallers should file a bond that
piles to hear Dr. Smith's brief talk.
Dr. Smith Bald:
"This is the old Pennoyer mill. I
cannot refrain from dwelling on the
sterling integrity of Governer Sylves-
him Into, voting for acquittal and we
returned a verdict of not guilty about
I noon the next day. -
"I think I can say without dispute
that the Jury favored Booth all the
ter Pennoyer for a moment. He was j way through. We knew the things
a maji who worked his way , up from
the bottom by force of character, cour-
he did were not right, but on the
other hand we knew that It was the
against me. 1 snap my fingers at know that any laws there are I will
them. I was the first one to come out enforce rigidly. I stand" for a higher
xor ine single item veto. I have never civilization. I stand for everything
.expressed one word of opposition to good and yet they assassinate my
tbe single item veto. Because I said character.
H might be a two-edged sword, this "Oh, my friends, I would like not to
paper naa aiiacaea me. suppose we have to say anything about my oppo
a vicious governor uxe a certain
one I could name, who told inmimii
tt they would help him In a certain
matter he would veto any six bills
they picked out. They say I am
Explains High Taxes.
"Oh, my friends, this Is not so,
either. I wear no man's collar. . 1
, n ii y are our taxes so high, my
ffrleadsT It is because the governor
Mnd the legislature work at cross pur
rjioeea. They have come out and said
rwithyoombe will let the legislature
ride over him, just because I advo-
icatea narmony. They twist up what
hoinir rteveloned to nrovide employ
ment for all who are legitimately un
employed during the approacning win
ter. Surely this is a gratifying situa
tion. Xecall Would Be Disastrous.
All the three commissioners are
charged with extravagance. - They will
to Show some or us wnerein.
tion that might be cashed if necessary.
Sunnyside Church
Indorses Officials
age and integrity. A week from to- custom for those fellows to get all the,
morrow you will help select among land possible and in any way possible,
other officials, the next govehnor. Let We were Inclined to be lenient,
me urge you to investigate all men Swayed by Sympathy,
and measures carefully and vote for Booth we knew was an Oregon man
those measures and men out for the anfl tnat WM one of tbe strongest
interests of the state. I hope you will points on which Dan Malarkey, Booth's
reject the assembly bill. It is an at- lawyer, argued. He waa an Oregon
tempt to take away your liberty. Don t maa u waa developing the country,
surrender the power you have. We Those things we considered,
need retrenchment In our state affairs. "The Booth case Illustrates why I
We need a man of force and character am opposed to the Jury system as It
as governor, one who will fight extrav- now jg. Jurors form opinions before-
agance and give the state a good bust- they are swayed by sympathy
ness administration. and other Influences and disregard tbe
"My opponent and I hold widely actual facts. I suppose If we had
varying views. He says It was a biun- done exactly right we would have con
der to get rid of the Chinese. That victed him. I strongly rebuked one
the Chinese were sent away by agi- Cf the Booth jurors for saying, the
things about me.
"Oh, my friends, they are trying to I
defeat me. What we need Is less poli
tics. This country is one of the flnesi
garden spots in the world. Oh, my
friends, seed, time and ; harvest are
sure here. The Willamette valley is
the gem of the world. We want
cheaper , money. I don't mean the
banks are not doing their duty, but
we want cheaper money.
Germany and Denmark Compared.
"Oh, my friends, see Germany. Ger
many Is One of the grandest countries
jj say till the people don't know what I in tne w?rld. The farmers there have
Ki mean. I cheap money. Oh, nay friends, see how
f '.'If they bring in too large an appro- I prosperous Germany is, and see Den
otation I will veto it. t Is because mark.
the governor and the legislature do Vn. mv friends, every time I think
ftriot get along that the taxes are so of Denmark it makes my heart swell
high. My fafm is wo miles from with pride. They had but 11,000,000
.'here, and I only get $800 a year for It. acres of cold, barren land. See what
inn lasi year i pain 416 taxes.
On, my mends, this Is too much. It the Willamette ' valley iar far superior
. Is too large a burden. We can't stand to rienmark. Some dav we will have
it. If I go In as governor I will try 2,000,000 people In this valley,
to give you something good. Oh, my friends, think of our forest
Oh, my friends I am going to speak wealth; one-sixth of all the timber in
right out in meeting. I am surprised, the United States is here, but Senator
I thought I would have an easy time, Booth is to speak. He will tell you
.Hi 5avlnf "j1 exceedingly bard all about that. I believe I am going
1 r r v. V a" manlr to be governor. I don't believe the
'Z ?'a haVe ben to rlve voters will be deceived by the car-
Jrir?- . . toons In the yellow press. I thank
nAnffl Thaw tp, ocuq nUtnir m a fin avat.. : hnVA
side The vellow nress is savlntr mean 'When these men came into office they ,
thlnrii ihout ml P yl 8 ean ', Inherited perplexing problems from Members of the Sunnyside Friends
the Old regime. iney pracucauy met cnurcn yesisruay passea resolutions
the situation and obligations and now unanimously indorsing Mayor H. R.
after 15 months the commissioners are AiDee and Commissioners Dieck and
prepared to turn about $225,000 back Brewster as men and as city officials
Into the general fund of city finances. and ot,Dosln(r thelr recali . Tne 8ame
, , . . .. .. ...Ill V , vn
and opposing their recall. The same
to by the
Society of Christian
r..,n then T hivo rnmnletplv misun- I Young People'
derstood the term extravagance. I con- Endeavor of the church at its evening
frier tha.t it would be disastrous to meeting.
thermit the recall of these men. It Rev. II. L. Cox. pastor of the church.
would discredit men who have always todav sent MaVor Alhen a nersnnil tof
been wholly above suspicion and whom ter inclosing the resolution, in which
"'ZJV'Zr "i'ar,r tf 1ri be warmly commended him for bis ad-
e". "t.-' "r. m nistration of his office.
aiscrectll ur iorm ui uiiy guv ci uuicm . , i
ti.fn wnriri it wouiri dAter crno.i I Mr. Cox said the resolution was de-
riononriahle business men from ever ac- cided on just before the recall election In mi. fit T. Vntn "nil" I U U a lYlflflf n-f nTimnra fafnuAt V. A
.ekjliiij5 ui i ' v c aii v v j . vwjs w i . . - v w . e ... 1 1 v iui i nc ui
to every one and vindicate nonor ana riciais under lire.
righteousness, the recall is evidently
a political pioi anu peiHuiun Biuuge. ir;..vl., .i t 1
Tt ronld have come in with the reeu- "j
lar election, but it has been forced A robber shot Hera Singh, a Hindu,
UDOn us at an absolutely unnecessary in the leg last nisrht. when tho latter
fkc::s k r1 w rm.. err ".i f. '2yf. ..ff!8 give UP his money, smgh
, r,:!.Tr:.. .,i" ,L :i r;r: ?"J. "A.i lf-. y"."vtu, ."" was asleep In his room at the Mikado
nolrintin onlrit lest ft riPl-Cmp fl cm. x uuci uccu a 1'IIOS Key 111
ing menace to our city. J opening the door, pulled the Hindu's
trousers irura tne oea, wnen ine man
awoke. The robber ordered him to be
still and give up his money. Singh
showed fight. The robber fired a shot.
the bullet entering Singh's thigh. De
tectlves Price and Mallett were unable
to find any trace of the midnight
burglar. Singh was sent to the emer
gency hospital.
tators and demagogues. He says Pen
nover was a demagogue. I honor Pen
noyer, who had a mind of his own and
vetoed more bills than all his prede
cessors put together, and saved thou
sands of dollars to the producers, I
believe in developing tne state Dy wnite
labor, not Chinese labor. I want to
build up the state, not tear It down.
I-want better schools, and that means
vocational training. I want to see the
laws enforced and the burden of heavy
taxes lightened by abolishing useless
Dr. Smith talked for 20 minutes and
was heartily applauded at the close of
his remarks.
first thing after we were locked up. i
and before a word had been said, that
he would never convict Booth.
"The jurors In the land fraud cases
were accused of being all Democrats
by Mr. Booth. That was not so. I
was and am a Republican, and I am
certain that a number of our Jurors
were Republicans. I think the major
ity were of that party.
"In- the selection of jurors politics
was never mentioned. I was never
approached by any secret agents be
fore I was summoned, as Mr. Booth
savs occurred to the land fraud Jurors.
If Governor West was a secret agent,
investigating prospective Jurors, he
A Table
to be used in
the best homes.
you, my . xnenoa"
Doctor withycombe was warmly ap
plauded. He was followed by Senator
R. A. Booth, who spoke at length on
the issues of the campaign.
Mayor Albee Wins
High Compliment
Xacnmbant Is Tree rrom Corporate
Control, Declares One la Position to
To the Editor of the Journal I think
we should retain Mayor Albee in office
for the reason that I believe he is free
from corporate control. I think I am
In a position to know.
I, almost a stranger, with no politl-
cal prestige, backed only by evidence
of good faith, secured a franchise
by a four-fifths vote of the city coun-
Wage Decision Made
By Dock Commission
Prevailing pay for Installing Sprink
ler Fire Prevention Systems Put at
93.S0 a Day.
The prevailing wage for installation
of sprinkler fire prevention " systems
is. $3.50 a day, according to a decision
reached this morning by the dock
commission In executive session. The
sprinkler company holding subcon
tract for installation of a sprinkler
system on the west side public dock
was paying $3.50 a day and waa asked
by Steam and Sprinkler Fitters local
235 to pay $6 a day, the wage of steam
The dock commission was asked to
define the prevailing wage. Its de
cision was based on these facts: That
$3.50 was paid for previous public
dock installation; that the sprinkler
company pays $3.50 a day on most or
its contracts throughout the country,
and that more than half of the instal
lations in Portland nave heen on a
$3.50 per day wage schedule.
Section l of the contract apparently
Manning's Coffee Store
Jones' Market Fourth and Alder
a precedent that I think is unparalleled left tne decision to the engineer of the
is brewed with this
in mind. A prod
uct of the purest
an minimum
t ameiuit'Of alcohol,
Portland Brewing
in the history of the United States,
where a city the slse of Portland has
granted a franchise to a competing line
of railway, without "the use of money
I or strong political influence. The
granting of fianchlses in most cities
under similar circumstances is Usually
attained by more or less scandal. J
think this speaks well for the commis
sion form of government and for the
honesty and progresstveness of the
present city government.
dock commission and the commis
sion's action was in support of his
recommendation. V. T. Llvesay was
appointed watchman on the west side
public dock.
At Cotillion hall. Fourteenth and
I Stark streets, the Colorado society will
give-Its annual party for former Colo-
radoans on Wednesday night, October
JS. Black cats, flaming pumpkins and
the usual paraphernalia pertaining to
Halloween celebrations will bar used for
decorations, while the program of
amusements Is said to embrace musical
Roll Your Own;
Is Advice Given
tlniaue Message Conveyed in Big Mo
tor True: on Display at Z.and Prod
ucts Show.
"Roil your "own" Is the advice given
the public" by the Tobacco Company of
California, in an, exhibit featuring Bull
Durham tobacco, which opens at the
Manufacturers' and Land Products
show tonight The message is con
veyed by means f a large automobile
truck, with a moving picture screen
at the back on which are told in film
the stories of tobacco and why Bull
Durham is best.
Banners on the sides of the truck
numbers 'and entertaining featurea
I There will be dancing and a luncheon J show pictures of a man making bis
Of doughnuts, hard jcider and apples. ! own cigarettes. The idea Is said to
"Arty former resident of Colorado Is
Invited to attend the Halloween party,"
said -Mrs, Mark Woodruff, chairman of
i the entertainment committee.
be the first adaptation of electricity
in this way in advertising purposes. '
The truck will be at the land show
all this week.
For City Commissioner
Against R. G. Dieck
City Election, October 27
Chosen by the Recall Committee as the Candidate for Commissioner of the Depart
ment of Public Works- A Position That Cannot Be Satisfactorily
Filled by Anyone Who Has Not Engineering Ability.
Has had over 20 years' experience in government, municipal and railroad engineering.
Has resided in Portland for 12 years, and has filled many positions of responsibility and
trust. 'r-
Was Locating and Resident Engineer of the State Portage Railway, designing all
bridges, tramways and other structures connected therewith.
Was District Engineer of the city of Portland in 1904. ' '
Was Assistant Chief Engineer of the P. R. & N. from Portland to Tillamook during its
entire construction, which extended over a period of over six years, and was Superintend
ent of Construction during a considerable portion of the time.
More recently, connected with the United States Engineering Department on river
and harbor work. (
Promises if elected to give the taxpayers an economical and businesslike administration,
of the Department of Public Works. .
i, ?i 0: . (Paid advertisement by H. E. Abry, 86$ Clintoft atreet)
; :
The Strain
of the Movies
. v 4i
9 If the Pictures Hurt Your Ejres,
It's Your Eyes, Not the Pictures.
Don't wait until eyestrain compels you top look'
after your eyes. Give the eyes the aid they deiand
before permanent injury develops.
CJ From our 25 years' daily experience as experts in
eye examinations, treating eyestrain and the correct
fitting of glasses, we are in a position to advisees to
the very best course to take.
C You can consult us with confidence. We abso
lutely refuse to supply glasses in any case thaf does
not need them. fj
209-10-1 1 Corbett BIdg., Fif th.and Moirisofi
Home of Shur-on Eyeglasses and Kryptok Uenses
La Serrinta and Huntington Freinan
ft ?
u t r- V -
who will demonstrate thk lat
est dances the One.StepjpHes-
itation, Lulu Fadoy dltle's:
Half and Half, Maxixjj and
Fox Trot
In Eilers Window, Broaylway
at Alder, Commencing To
day at 5 P. M. Until 7?k At.
a 5
They will demonstrate!! how,
with the wonderful AutqfjMano,
you can dance all of the new
steps in your own horrid.
Be Sure andS
ee THkm.
at Aldei
4 Reel Special Feature
The Prisoner of the Owls
Beautiful Settings, Excellent
Comedy Drama
The Warning
Two Part Drama
A Tale of the West.
Seascope Tale
Down by the Sea
Ade Comedy
The Fable of the Good-Samaritan.
M11, A-MAO.
09, L. Bilker, Mrr,
Pftrmaurnt Home of The I Holier Pl.rr.
Tonight bar)?. In night all 'ufrU fxrrpl tm)
2Sc. All WMk Mill. Wed. Qii Kat.Rrtiail
hourt i powerful 4nma. el
r,tovSrn axj PAiiron"
A rrmarkible cast and proftbc tino of nm
t tht (Tatet pirn ft nf j&Kxlprfi time.
ETWllnirn 25o, 35r, 50r. 7Bfli!b II. Hfil.
Mat.. 2Tk-( 60ej box T5c. m4. Mat., all
aeata 25c (expert bo.) 'i,
Next Wrf-k "A Womaa'a Wigr."
lO-Big Featui-es-lO
COKTUrtrOUt AflrDounijl:f!( to 8:30
iiigtat. :.T to 11:00: HndT-! l.w to U:Ot.
PtlCFJ? Aftrooa. K0t and lr.
Nlfrbts, 10c and
Morriaea and 11th. Oeqrf L. Bkr. Mgr.
One wek only Ear?iii Mat. rurad.r
all aata (xept bo). Florence Bob-
erts and a atrosg rant in tbe aeaatUal pla
A aotable prodaetloB that aheold be an
bf ery mia, woman and child la thja
rtty. - Eratiing. . eoe, lie. Sat. Mat. 25e.
RrineBibrr. err clgbt this work. - t two
Matas, Toeadar and Satnrdar.
Braadwar at All4r.
Taddr KcWatnara, OiMcilia 'WJJliaai aaa tk
Saunter Van uat
Kaada-11 Singart tfhe Tltaalo
Loekhart Laddie Th IMtaal Weakly.
ContintuHM rerfnrmanra HttmiBt at 7:15,
la and te.f 5
Matinee Ktery Iff atJ;30, 16.
Fourth and UUtU &U. k
Leave N aahlngtuo-atf -t doc a - 7
A. 11. daUy. xcept Monday. Sundaya
at T.19 Am- H. TOT
Astoria and WajHf Landingi
ReturnlnK. leaves Aatof.a at 2 Y. M'
Vara f 1.00 aacb way. MM 142. -