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Exposition Will Be Formally
Opened When President
Wilson Sends His Message
rrti Thtr Will HT Attractions
Zoh Hour; Motion Pictures and
Entertainment features for the Land
kliow will be many and varied. Every
afternoon and evening some fraternal,
buaipnsH or social orRanlzation In
I'nrtland will liave a part In the ex
position program.
To provldo room for thin feature of
the great expoBltlon, a theatre seating
more than 00 peoplt', has been built,
equipped complete in every detail and
including Bcenery, drop curtains, spot
lightM, dressing rooma and two motion
picture muchlneH.
When President Woodrow Wilson
' sends his message of greetings to
'President Dunne at 9 o'clock the night
of October 26, the exposition wljl be
formally opened and it will be the be
ginning of a program of high class
features covering afternoon and eve
ning for a period of -Q days.
Band Mmlo Secured.
During the first week Campbell's
American band will be heard in concert
afternoon and evening. The feecond
week Mt-Elroy's concert band will be
the attraction. The hand concerts will
be in addition to the special daily
events In the free theatre. The two
lioJection inachlncH to be used will be
operated without the usual booth cov
ering, a working exhibit installed by ;
the iMotion Picture Kxhlbltors' league I
of Portland to Bhow' land show visitors
Jiow the slides and film are handled.
The exhiblloiH will alwo provide films
of a scenic. Industrial and ge.ntral ed
ucational character to be shown c"er
tuln hours dnlly in the theatre.
To receive the message of President
"Wilson at the Armory direct, the West
ern Union and Pacific Telephone. & Tel
egraph company have cooperated to
give the through service. The mes
page will reach the Armory as result
of a connection with the wires of the
two companies at the main office of
the telephone comrany.
Will Beleaia Clapper.
The receipt of the president's mes
sage will be the signal for the release
of a clapper in a bell over the stage
which will announce the opening of
the exposition. The bell is to be hid
den fi a bower of roses, and will be
operated electrically, to be released by
the ;jme current that operates the tel
egraph Instruments
The opening night program will be
in charRe of the committee on special
events of which F. W. Mild is chair
man. The program calls for short ad
dresses by David M. Dunne, president
of the Manufacturers' exposition; II.
I). Kamsdill, president of the Portland
Commercial club; A. H. Averill, presi
dent of the Chamber of, Cpmmerceand
Vther pro'mTncnl speakers." . T '
While there are several organiza
tions yet to decide on days at the ex
position, the program for the 29 days
of entertainment is nearly complete.
The free theatre wjll have attractions
almost every hour. Pesides motion
pictures, there will be lectures by rep
resentatives of commercial organiza
tions and communities having exhibits
at the show, on subjects of interest to
the farmer and by well known speakers
from societies of the city, the Unlver
nity of Oregon and the Oregon Agricul
tural college,
October 21, the second day of the ex
position, will be given over to three
organizations. The Wool Growers' as
sociation will have several speakers
at the Armory, the Oregon State
Woman's Press club have a program
for the evening and the State Sunday
Hchooi association is to be represented
by prominent speakers.
Knighti and Ladle.
October 28 the Knights and toadies
of Security will visit the exposition in
a body and will precede their program
at the Land show with a parade through
the business streets of the city. On
October 2'i the Royal Rosariang will
celebrate royalty day at the show when
they will have as their guests several
klngs and queens, rulers over tecent
carnivals and celebrations in the north
west. This day will also be sriven over
to the University of Oregon, Portland
Grocers and Merchants' association,
Willamette Valley and Progressive
Business Men's day.
, The Elks will celebrate at the show
the night of October 30 when members
of the order will be there -with their
45 piece band as one of the attractions.
The afternoon of October 30 will be set
aside for the Portland Realty board.
The real estate men of the city will
meet at the Commercial ,club and
march to the Armory, each member
carrying some product of the soil.
The Manufacturers' association -will
celebrate at the exposition October 31.
The sanio day will come the old fash
ioned baby show, for which more than
BOO mothers In Portland have entered
their babies in a pretty baby contest.
This feature is under the auspices of
the Women, of Woodcraft. The first
Sunday, November 1, will have for one
feature a sacred concert.
November 2 has been given over to
the Oregon Historical society, Oregou
Pioneers and the Congress of Mothers.
November 3 will come the program of
the Rullders' Exchange when ttamuel
1U11 will talk on Good Roads.
Will Give Ziuncheon.
It will also be federation of states
night. At noon, November 3, will be
the luncheon of the Oregon Industry
The features for November 4 will be
the program of the Parent-Teachers'
association. Moving Picture Exhibitors'
league, Mrs. GiUispie's school of dra
matic art and a special' program by
the Congress of Mothers.
November 5 will be one of the big
oays at trie now ror it will be Trans
portation day. More than 2000 trans
portation men of the city will parade
the city streets with several bands.
The postofflce employes will be at the
iand snow Noevmber 6 with an elab
orate program.
Veterans' day will come November 6
when the Spanish War veterans. ih G.
A. R. and Women's Relief corps will
have a Joint program. It will also b
German day and the German Singing
, society la preparing a special musical
program. More than 50 voices will be
heard. November 6 will also be News
t boys' night.
Tha Oregon Agricultural college will
put on a program at the exposition No
yember 7, both afternoon and night
vS. It "I
U t 1 1 "'" ' C
i F siv
H'-;'vp;'l l' vJ I cM-4r:. -n
Visitors at Big Show Will Get
First Hand Glimpse of Its
Great Possibilities.
now being farmed. Within the con- yotingster has aen even In his dreams
fines of the state are 20,000,000 acrea will comprise the central feature of
of tillable soil. Of the 4,000,000 the farm products exhibit of tha Hood
acres not over half of it is being River district at the big show at the
farmed rightly. 'Armory. ,
"Of the 20,000,000 acres, one third of i The pile Is 16 feet on each aide of
T"Ti :
tha height of three. mod eized youth
stacked on top the other's shoulders.
Above the pyraxnUfl la an electrie
sign emblazoning thB famous name
"Hood River." H
'The exhibit was Qdected and ar-
lt is government land fod for farm-(its square base, and the rotund fruit i ranged by the Hood ver Commercial
ing but remote from markets, but is j goes climbing up solidly for 14 f eet, club.
available for farming. ' T ,
Displays Will Be Unfolded Xdxa Oreat
Panorama for Benefit of Sturdy
Man and Woman.
One of the greatest benefits of the
land products division of the Manu
facturers' and Land Products show,
which opens this week at the Armory,
will be the Impetus It gives toward
decided city people to make their
homes and living on the soil, accord
ing to C. C. Chapman of the Portland
Commercial association.
With millions of acres of tillable
land available in all sections of the
state, he says, Oregon people who
come searching for a living and a
home in the city are overlooking op
portunities, vast and plentiful in the
There re thousands of people In
Portland, alone, he declared yesterday
who are, by-temperament and training,
fitted ' for farming.
Ana inese seir-same people now
have a foreman for a boss -when they
should have nobody short of Mother
Nature, herself," he exclaimed.
Xand Xs Calling' Them.
"There are 25,000 people in Portland
today," he said, "who should not be
here. They should bo making homes
in the country, where they would grow
Independent, and have children grow
up in wholesome surroundings. Those
people are not our near successes or
failures. They are the sturdy, stick
on-the-job kfnd of people. As for our
failures they will and should stay in
the city. They are part of the burden
which large communities carry.
At the show, people will be able
to see the state at a glance. There
will be exhibits from every section
and corner of the commonwealth-
Wheat from the eastern part of Ore
gon, berries from the valleys of the
western slope, grasses and fruits from
the orchard districts, and men from the
several sections on hand to tell of
local conditions and explain how re
sults are brought about.
A definite movement shapes itself
slowly and results also are not ar
rived at in a minute. That is why
the Land Products show cannot be
figured on a basis of immediate re
turns. .
.Will Point way.
"Its sole purpose will be to help
point the way to the land for many
people who need such sign posts to
guide them toward Independence.
The country does not need nor is it
looking for inexperienced city bred
folks to farm it. Such people don't know
the first rules about the wonderful
industry and for this reason they would
fail. But there are others 25,000 of
them in Portland alone who hav the
ability to operate farms, and many of
them do not know how to buy or
where, for the reason that the op
portunity to study conditions have
not been afforded them. For them
the land products display will go far
toward giving them the needed op
portunity. "In the heart of virtually every man
Is a conscious or unconscious longing
to live near nature. The fact that
life In cities is highly tinctured with
artificiality has been uttered so otten
that the statement is a platitude. But
it is true, and also it is true that the
stress and strain of such life irri
tates many who, not knowing that
they really desire country life, cling
to the smoky towns and little jobs
instead of looking for the one they
are fitted for and ought to fill.
Great Cnanca Awaits.
"Oregon has 4,000,000 acres of land
available for farming,
"The second third Is covered with
merchantable timber and ultimately a 1
large part of it will be requisitioned ;
for home and small ranches. The re- ;
malnder consists of cut over lands and .
brush lands and other privately owned 1
property which is lying idle. And all j
of the 20.000,000 acres is evenly dls- j
tributed throughout Oregon. I
"The man who Is looking for a par- j
ticularly kind of farming land, in
short, will not have to look far. Land j
beckons from every hand.
"T" V. r - 1 ...... . n Mn,,nulna A 1
wonderfully productive inland empire j
the granary of the west. Wheat, I
oats and barley flourishes. And in ,
this regard I might add that there j
will be displayed at the show samples !
of what kind of wheat grows on the
'homestead lands," at an altitude of ,
5000 feet. It has been said that wheat
will not grow on these lands where the
rainfall averages only f rom , 8 . to 10
inches per year. And yet from 12 to
18 bushels of wheat is harvested to
the acre.
Many Varieties Shown.
H"he coast will be represented by
exhibits of berries, and root crops,
ganging from potatoes to beets, gar
den truck and grasses among other
things. Willamette valley squash will
vie with Columbia river watermelons,
and the fruits, prunes and hops of the
western portion of the state will rival
for admiration the big apples of Hood
River and of southern Oregon.
"Dry farmers and those from the ir
rigated districts will show how the
lands once characterized as desert
make them wealthy.
"But through it all, those who are
not fit to take on the burden of de
veloping rural Oregon, will not be en
couraged to attempt it. That is ex
actly what the products show is not
for. '
"A man will not be told that he can
make a fortune homesteading. Instead
men from the homestead districts will
show him what can be accomplished.
and then will be told that he should
not attempt to homestead unless he
has money enough to tide him over
three years. It takes three years to
subdue homestead lands in certain sec
tions of the state. After they are once
subdued the reward is there but the
reward comes only when the proper
kind of man and the right kind of soil
get together and work together And
the right kind of man is not the fel
low who thinks that farming consists
of planting seed then resting easy
until th harvest. That kind of man
will fail. The kind we want the land
product show to attract and guide is
he who is willing to work, who is will
ing to pass by his vacation, and who
has the patience to wait until finally
ho wins home, wholesome surround
ings, health and independence."
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A pyramid of apples bigger and more j
uscious looking than any Portland i
Prominent women who will participate In the entertainment features of the Manufacturers' and Land
Products show; 1 Mrs. Aristene Felts, Congress of Mothers. 2 Mrs. O. M. Clark, president of
the patronesses' committee (Photograph by McAlpln). 3 Mrs. Carlln Dewitt Joslyn, women's
press club. 4 Mrs. W. F. Turner, chairman of the girls' canning contest. 5 Mrs. Chester Deer
Ing, Monday Musical club (Photograph by Grove). 6 Mrs. Alva Lee Stephens, Parent-Teacher
associations. 7 Mrs. Edward T. Hughes, secretary of patronesses' committee (Photograph by Cut
berth). 8 Mrs. P. L. Thompson, Shakespeare club. 9 Miss Nina Joy, Shakespeare club.
"Fresh Fruit and Veget
ables the Year Round."
Demostrations of all prod
ucts, Booth 29, Manufac
turers' and Land Products
Food Products Co.
Hillsboro, Oregon.
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50 to 10Q
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, . y
Women are to have an active part In
the Manufacturers' and Land Prod
ucts' show. Social and fraternal so
cieties as well as educational organi
zations will take part in special days,
besides maintaining exhibits at the
armory. The list of patronesses for
the exposition will reach more than
100 prominent women of the city.
The patronesses will be present tha
opening night and will have an active
part in society night, November 10,
when the Portland Oratorio society
will furnish the feature of the pro
gram. One of the first organizations
to participate in the manufacturer
exposition will be the State Woman's
press club. The Women's club of Van
couver will have an afternoon at the
show, as will the Women of Wood
craft, who will be in charge of the
baby show October 31.
Three afternoons, November 2, 3
and 4, have been set aside for the
Congress of Mothers, when an hour
will be given over to subjects of in
terest to mothers of the city. Women
will also be active in Federation of
States night, November 3. The Parent-Teacher
association will put on a
special program at the exposition No
vember 4 and the Women's Relief
corps will have part in the program
on "Veterans' day, November 6.
The Shakespeare club will have a
special program at the land show No
vember 9, and the lecture by a repre
sentative of the People"s Institute
will also come under the auspices of
this department of the show. The
Monday Musical club will be at the
exposition November 12.
Space has been set aside at the ar
mory for booths where the Congress
of Mothers, Sunshine society. Con
sumers' league and the People's In
stitute will have representatives as
well as exhibits.
It will also be public school day and
the feature wiU be an orchestra of
150, from the grade schools of the city.
A pecture by a representative of the
Recreation and Playground league will
be a. feature of November 71
Sacred Concert Planned.
November 8 will be given over to a
sacred concert and singing societies.
November 9 will bring to the exposi
tion many pioneer business men of the
city in connection with the program
of the Lang Syne society. The Shakes
peare club will put on a special pro
gram at the Land show November 9.
November 10 will be society night
at the land show with the program of
the Portland Oratorio society as a
feature. Ad club day will be celebrated
November 11, as will The Dalles day.
Hood River will celebrate at the Land
show November 12. The Handel vocal
society with a chorus of 75 voices will
be at the Land show November 12 as
will the Monday Musical club. The
Muts society and the Y. M. C. A. will
celebrate November 13 and the clos
ing day, November 14, will bring out
the members of the Oregon City Com
mercial club in a body.
Additions to the program 'will be
made from day to day and special
features will be announced as the ex
position progresses.
Judge Kelly Affirmed.
Salem, Or., Oct. 24. The supreme
court today affirmed the decision of
Judge Kelly in the case of the First
National bank of Albany against J. M.
j Hawkins et al, appellants, Involving a
promissory note. The opinion was by
Judge McNary.
and the various features are in charge I Pittsburg baa dedicated a memorial
fot, Ralph. D, HeUel and P. M. Collins. J to the Maine,
YOU are cordially invited to
visit our exhibit at the Manu
facturers' and Land Products
Show, where you will find dis
played fixtures and wares of the
largest and best manufacturers of
Sanitary Plumbing Supplies.
Wholesaler of
Faultless Plumbing and Heating Supplies
84-86-87-89 FRONT STREET
Portland, Oregon
"All Aboard for Beauty Land"
Everything ready, exhibits in place, decorations mag
nificent for
Opening Night
Manufacturers' and
Land Products Show
MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 7:00 P. M.
A Special Program Under the Auspices of the
Portland Commercial Club
Portland Chamber of Commerce
Manufacturers' Association of Oregon, and
The Northwest Pacific Food Products Assn.
Addresses By
COL. DAVID M. DUNNE, President Manufacturers'
and Land Products Show.
HON. H. R. ALBEE, Mayor of Portland
A. H. AVERILL, President Chamber of Commerce.
H. D. RAMSDELL, President Portland Commercial Club
Big show open afternoon and evening until Nov. 14.
Every day a feature day. Band concerts, free theatre,
high class attractions every hour.
o pm One price of admission covers Of p
d vlSe everything. Children 10 cents. IslS
OPEN DAILY FROM 1:00 P. M. TO 11:00 P. M.
1 -r.
i i imur g
4lie It TT:jiii
the secrets of heating their
home for less money witji
greater comfort and satisfaction
The Superior Fuel MADE IN O
Attend our demonstration in Main Armory Buildf'iig, Booth No.
11, October 26th to November 14th, 19M4.
2 Beautiful Prizes GiyeiH-Away
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and Cream Perfectly
Pasteurized f
Have our demonstrators at the Land Products Shov;
tell you what Certified and Perfectly Pasteurized
Milk Means. The knowledge is worth much to youl
rt ,.,.nA i-r-il a in Inurnal PrizrfT
Portland Pure Mi
and Cream Cq.
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1 . I