The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 24, 1914, Page 11, Image 11

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. 1
Eight Carriei'S Reported aS ;
Coming Here to Load
Norwegian Bark Semantba and British
Steamer South Pacific Depart With
Breadstnffs; Value About 9350,000.
PViur nulling vessels have, been an
nounced us coming to this port while
four steamer are known to have been
chartered within ttie past LM hours
for carryinc strain and flour to Eu
rope. The fixtures bear out the heavy I
Kitten reported yesterday.
Tlilw. record in the largest export
er have lii.'ule thja season. On one
other occasion five charters rJecame
known during a day, but the record
of four announcements and four ad
ditional known charters is the best day
that the m.'iison of 19H-15 has yet
know n.
The name of the four steamers
chartered will not ' be announced for
the next few days owing to the fear
of exporters that liy will have trou
ble setting cargoes for them. Two ot
them will he sent to the t'nited King
dom while the other two, likely to be
it an Itlftcu hi.lMtii'inir f r nant I'nl cmiri. f
tries, are to he sent, It is believed, to
Two of the Halllnp vessels taken yes- .
tei.lay were fixed' liy M. II. Houser
wiui a M.rsjiMiiiy unit hiiii iuiuuiiw
one was also fixed for him. He se
cured the Norwegian baric Helgen of
I'.i'M tons net register at a rate said
to be .1"s 3d; the British ship Cen
turion, 1 704 tons net register, and no
at Valparaiso, and It is believed he has
also taken lh Norwegian bark Pehr
Vglujid, of 1230 tons net register, at
a rate of :!0s. Strauss & to. have tak-
en the Norwegian bark Ulitie, now at '
Valpiirnih-n, h.r cargo, like all thel
Hhilments this year, to be furnished !
bv the Northern Grain & Warehouse 1
,fii in' iijuiiik iiie lonnagp unnotinreii
today there are vessels aggregating
S'J.T-J4 net tons enrmite to this port.
Tin- harbor now holds vessels totaling
2S.S,jriSiet tons In all. one of the best
records that this nort has" made In i
y f.;1 ,.s
The tfinnat?" In port will, ho lessened '
sliil 'tly today when the Norwegian !
bark Siimuitha and the Rritish steam- -
.... c i, i ..i.- Ti,..- ,ati.o '
"" "'! . . ,
secured her papers rrom the rusiom
house this morning, her manifests
Hhowing 1 ri .". . ( i H bushels of wheat, val
ued at SMS.T'JS. She Is bound for
lHjeenstown, l'almouth or Plymouth
for orders.
The South Paeifjo passed through
the custom house inst nfter noon with
f)7 15 barrels of flour, vnlued at $24,
0i. and 194,0'.r. bushels of wheat
"worth $1 a bushel. The steamer will
leave behind two of her officers who
are suffering with typhoid fever at St.
'Vincents hospital. Third Officer J.
" Parsons and Apprentice A. Beck are
the officers left behind.
Mam Arrived Safely at i
" I
Sail rrancisco. I
San Francisco. Cal., Oct. 24.
Japanese liner Shinyo Maru, arriving
mis morning, was convoyea iroiu me
orient hy the Japanese cruisers Kongo
iml Asiimti, which were in sight part
of the Journey but usually Just beyond
the horizon, within easy wireless range,
They are now. it Is. understood,' not far
from thisifpV: t. Tift Maru brings word
that there are right Japanese cruisers,
besides the British and French war-
shins on ihP Pacifir. cuardinc tho
travel lant-s. Three Hussion officials
wer- on board, coming here to pur-
chase mi pp lips for their governntont.
The Pacific Mail steamer Mongolia,
sailing for Hongkong this morning re-
fused passengers, carrying full ca-
paHty, 265 first, 102 second, 750 steer-
HKC. Thft hold wus crammed with
7000 bales of cotton.
The Htoamer Chehalis, tow ing steam-
er Raymond, disabled off Columbia
river, arrived this morning.
Tlie Kteamer Xtnnliwn. nehfwliilpd to
leave for New York toniirlit or toinor-
. . . - ,
row. carries 4100 tons of general mcr-
cluindise, 175,000 feet of lumber, and
1, 000. 000 shingles, full capacity.
The steamer Navajo, leaving tonight
for Coos Bay and Portland, carries 700
tons of general merchandise.
Company Furnishes Transportation,
In appreciation of the work they did
In fighting the fire on the American
steamer Catalina. W. It. Grace & Co.
is sending the officers of the steamer
not retained here for service to their
homes In New York city. The mem
bers of the crew were paid off yester
day and discharged. Captain Rose,
me iirst tnu secona oiricers and the
chief and Junior engineers are staying
vtth the steamer.
Back on her regular schedule, the
Bt earner Geo. W
iilder will jail to- I
lor ltos nay ana urena.
rne turned oacK at coos csav mis trm.
In npilar ... ...turn n V - Uiin...,
" ' ' '
lhe steamer Thomas L. Wand. Cap-
tain 8. B. Shaw, is due here during
the night from Alaska. She had a
If you Will onlv co to thdrtm. dnr.
ii,ur,.. . :
the distressing pains due to gravel,
vtone in the bladder, or urethrie nii.i
prostatic disturbances. Whether your
trouble comes from advancing years
Or from alcoholic and other excesses,
Or is the natural bladder weakness so
common among growing children, noth -
lng can compare with this standard
nlng. health restoring herbs build up
me orpKen uown ecus ana tissues.
At first evacuations may seem to
increase. If so. it is a slzn th nil
Is doing the work. Later normal action
will be restored and you will bless
the day you first tried GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsule. 25c, 50c and $1
fier bos; They are pure, original Haar
em Oil in capsule form, imported
direct from Holland. Kvery ship
ment Is passed upon for purity by U.
C government experts. There are lots
of imitators. So protect yourself and
look for the name GOLD MEDAL on
very box. Don't be fooled. Guaran
teed and sold by the Owl Drug Co. Adv
nuusenoia rcmeoy. its actfon is irentle l t'-
but swift and certain. 'l'l.e southing sltl'1-l, O'- -Arrl.ed, Am. str.
antiseptic oil kills and chases out the I "UsLdtV,aVhUtin -J' U-i.-a .
poisonous microbes that are causin - i a,8"",10' -JV"h - -l" -4-""Ar,,THJ- Am" K,r-
the inflammation while the streneth" Ai":"- !.TAaii' ?. lSlUW' Am' 8tr'
full cargo of salmon, part of which
she has -discharged at Seattle and As-
On the t,owlInes of the steamer
Ocklahama, the British ship 'Jueen
Kliabeth left up this morning from
Astoria. A berth is ready for her at
the ballast dock. '
Investigation into the cause oC the
wreck of the steamer Rochelle Is be
ing held by if. 8. Steamboat Inspec
tors Kd wards and Fuller today.
Because of the Mack 'of freight, the
steamer Oregona ias been wltlidiawn
from the upper Willamette by the
Oregon City Transportation company
Arrived, October 24.
Hone City. Am. air.. Captain Rankin. p
"ii8ri and frelKht. Sao i'edro and ay ports.
Departed, October 24,
Semantha, Nor. bk., captain Halvorseii.
wheat, for Queenstown. Falmouth or I'lymoutu,
for orders, l'ortland Flouring Mills'.
South Pacific. 1?p. sir., Captain Proctor,
wheat and lour, for Cape Town, for or
ders, Kerr, (ilfford &. Co.
i'aralito, Am. tr., 4'ajtH In Lillilaml. pa-sengrr-i
and freight.' for too Hay and San
Francisco. Arrow Lint.
Alvaradn. Am. sir.. Captain Krtcksnn,
freight, fur Sim Krjiilsco. Arrow Line.
Yosemite. Am sir.. Captiiin l.und iuist, pas
sengers and lumber, for S. K. Mv-Corniick.
Marine Almanac.
Weather at River' Mouth.
North Heud, Wash.. :. Condition at
the mouth of the river a! a. in., Miiootli;
wind east two mile; weather, cloudy.
Suns and Tides, October 25.
6:10 a. m. 0.4 feet. ! 11:50 a. m, 3.9 feet.
Tides at Astoria.
High water. Ivr watnr.
6:10 a. ni.. M.4 feot. I 1 1 :.VJ a. m.. 3.9 feet.
h :'M p. iu., feet. I
Daily River Headings.
o o
- -
T, C3
u - c
- 9E
a Si k
::.. -0.'J,o.oo
4.41 0,0.00
:i.n o.fiii.m
:i.D! o.SiO.wj
7 1 .2 (t.OO
i.4 0.0,O.(J4J
Albany ..
S.'lem ...
( Palling.
River Forecast.
The Willamette river at Portland will fall
slightly during the nest two or three days.
Steamships to Arrive.
Rose City
y. I, and way.
. . .Oet. 24
. . .Oct.
. . . Oct. 2,1
. . . Oet. 20
. . .Oet. JO
Coos Bay
f. D. arid way..
S. P. and way . .
Eureka and ay .
Ueo w"'."tiaer.'
s. 1. and way . .
. . .. 6. V. and way . .
8. P. and way . .
. . Nov. s t
..Not. 3
Nov. 4
...Oct. 21
...O.t. Zi
...Oct. 23
. ..Ih-U 2i
..Not. 1
..Nov. a
...Nov. A
...Nov. 14
...Nov. Is
. . .Nov. 21
. . ..Nov. '7
...Dec. ;;
Kentutkian N. V
Tnotnaa U Wand. Alaska
Ualay Putnam S. K
.. S. r . &
. . S. V. ...
. . d. 1". . . .
.. N. Y. ..
. . N. Y. ..
N. Y. ..
. . N. Y. . .
. . N. Y.
.. N. Y. .,
.. N. Y.
I Daisy Gadsby
way .
llonolulan . . .
I'anauui'n '.
Isthmian ....
. . . L'ec. t i
Steamers JJtie to Depart.
From. ii. .
Geo. V. Elder..
Breakwater ....
Kose City ......
t'araUo, Am....
S. Oct. 24
S. f Oct. 2
Eureka and way.... Oct. 20
toon Hay Oct. 27
S. D. aod war Oct.
S. t". and way o t. 28
S. 1. and way Nov. 2
S. .J. and way Nov. 4
Alafka ...Nov. 6
S. 1'. and way.,.. Nov. 7
' is, . Nov. 13
neDrasaan v
Kpntliclcian . N V
..Oct. 2.1
..Oct. 27
..Oct. ii7
. .Oct.. :jo
..Oct. oi
. .rov. t
...Nov. 6
..Nov. 7
..Nov. a
..Nov. JS
..Nov. 22
. .Nov. It
..l;c. 1
..Dec. 7
..Dec. 11
I Toomaa L. Waad. Alaska
I iiulsy I'uiiiam. . . ..S. V, . .
I Vellowaton s. an'd wai
..N. y
C. IS. & S. K
' . n '.
.. N. V
llonolulan ...
low an
i Aevauan ...
Nil 111 hi li
obloau .
N. V
Mosquito tmx Sailinra.
I Miiriw:H Waldpovt Indef.
, "Jj,' BaiKiT" "
cwy .'!'.'. siuaiaw
I hraneda Ne-xrt (id "b
I M'reao Newport ji'Tuiedo! !oct! 2.1
i sue u- L"lof'-" Tillamook Oct. 2
j "
vessels lu Port.
! ,m.,"
; ,"' . Auf 1 r' bit
s.mantha. Nor. bk..
' t'raola, Nor. Lk . . .
, 'r
; jr Nror 8 sll'
' Mraihd'ene, Br. Btr. . . . . . .'
twuta Cataliua', Ain." air.' .
hi'i'';oe. Br. sb
nburi, X. fslr,.'. ;.' 'Z " "
: Ventura de Earrlnga. Br gtr
yueeu Elizabeth. Br. sh...
: Sagluaw. Am. atr..' """
Crown Mills
Oregon Drydock
North Bank
. K
4 V. Mill
31. lieicil.s
I IlllltOll
. K.
A V. Mill
North Bank
...... Bound up
..West Ore son
' w " S!der- Colnniiiia
, jvic ii. r.iDKre, Am. atr Mliers
1 rm city. Am atr... . Bourn l im
; Thoa. U Wand. Aui. utr. .'.'.'.'.'.'."."... Astoria
Veaaela Diaeniaed.
I A!tw,"n Am- 'r...; Gobie
Allianct'. Am. atr.
. .O. W. 1
Btrlin. Ain. bk
Chinook. L". 8. dredge..
David Evans, Br. cb..
. Victoria-Dolphin
V. W. P.
j eoideu Gat"' Aii. "air. .".
j w"bl Gale.'Am. scb....
1 2,lrsl'": ,Am- ch
j set."
I Kurt, ' Ger. " sb .. 1 !".".'."
lue. Am. arh.
Levi G. Burgeaa. Am. ah..
W. V. Jewetl. Am. sch...
! Arnoldua Vliiueo, Uer. sb!!'.
King Cyrus. Am. sch.
At Neighboring Ports.
Astoria. Or., Oct. 24. Arrived down at mid
night, -sir. Nebraskun. Sailed at 1:30 a. ni.
str. Multnomah. lor San I'rancisco. Sailed at
a. ra.. sir. Heaver, for San Francisco and
nan rearo: str. Willamette, for San Pedr.t
SDi Ssa 1J1,8"- Arrived at and left up at
M a. m.
sir. Kose City, from San Pedro
j and San rrancisco. Left ui at 4 a. m.. Br.
t sli. Uucea KliwibeHi. Arrived mt ml,1,.l-t,i
ucea Kllwiherh. Arrived at midnight,
hos. I.. Wand, from Skdgwar and wav
i ir. n
I lOrtS.
! Coos Bay, Oct. 24 Sailed at 11 a. m..
dredge Col. Michlo. for Portland.
Balboa. Oct. .23. Sailed, strs. ohin ,!
I Orcsonlan, from Portland, for New York.
L.Aswr '"i Vi.iT1 y?"i!etl. " ,1:,::0,.a- m''
sir, w . i. llerrln, for Monterey. Left up at
12:15 p. m.. str. Sisrinaw. Sailed at 2:13
p. la., str. Olson & Mahonr. for Sun Pedro.
San Francisco. Oct. 2.').- Sailed at 0 p. m.,
str. Yucatan: at midnight, str. Temple K.
Dorr, for Portland.
El Segundo. Oct. 22. Arrived, str. Maverick,
fiom Portland.
San I'edro, Oct. 23.- Railed, str. Gen. W.
teiiwicii. ror tolumtua river.
san hrancisco, o t. 24. Arrived, Am. str.
Nsnn smith, coos llay. 1:43 a. m. ; Am. str.
Koauoke. Portland. 5:S0 a. m. ; Am. sir. Nor-
. " j-imi L'ms. iu.; jap. sir. r-niuyo
' Ki.rragut, Seattle' 7:i . "a; Am str. Palsy
' Pntnn,n Porti.nd s a m Am it,Ttr
I Han Pedro. a. tn.: Am. str " Harvard .i'i
Diego. 9:30 a. m.; Am. str. Chehulis. towiug
steamer Hajmond. Grays Haroor. 11 a. ni.
Sailed. Am. str. City of Toneka, Kurekn.
I J';?5 m.; Am. tr. Mongolia Hong Koug
' :1 P- m- Am- ,r- Harvard due to sail
! Dur.geness. Oct. 21-Passed in. Am. str.
Davenport. 8:30 a. ra.
! Port Townaend. Wash..
Oct. 24. Barge
10:30 a. m., for
Daehiog Wave passed in
Port Gamble. Oct. 24. Sailed. Am
Alice Gooke. Honolulu, lumber cargo.
Tacoma. Wash.. Oct. 24. Sailed. Br. str.
v.lga. t Dlted Kingdom, f a. m., cargo wheat.
Seattle, Wash.; Oct. 23. Arrived. Am. str,
congress. San1 l-Tanelseo, p. m
.; Br str
".' l2:i?o ti.
Merionethshire. Europe via orient
m.; Am. trs Santa Ana, Boat Harbor, li. C.,
via .iHiiaiiuo. a, .., o p. m. waited. Am, sir
triivernor, San Francisco. 5 p. ui., 4.10 pas.
'eugera. general, cargo: Am. str. Admiral
i"". p.-m.
Forft Angeles, Wash., Oct. 23. Arrived Br.
Office Boy Only Lucky One
in Commissioner's Own
Office to Get Rise,
Further Sam of $200,000 Halt Bt Sub
tracted to Hold Tax xevy Sown
to Seven Mills.
While Commissioner Dieck of the
department of public works had asked
for salary Increases for practically all
of the employes of his departments
in the budget estimates lie had pre
pared, the budget committee yesterday
refused increases to all in his own of
fice except the office boy and allowed
only six small increases for the out
side force.
Only the estimates for salaries and
new positions in the department were
considered yesterday, while the esti
mates for supplies, material, etc., will
not bt; reached until Monday. On
salaries alone, including proposed new
positions, the committee eliminated
approximately $42,000.
To provide for a tax levy of 7 mills,
the budget will have to be reduced
still further by approximately $200,
Ooo. Aa there remains only to be con
sidered the estimates for supplies,
material, etc., in Uieck's department
and the budget- for the health bureau,
it is expected that practically every
special appropriation sought will be
eliminated and the estimates already
completed rescanned.
PTiTinv Di-niiii
Children Want Space Opposite the
Iadd School.
Asking that the park block across
from the Liadd school be set aside as
a play spot. 950 school children have
filed a petition with the city commis
sioners. They say that they . lack a
place to play and only ask that the
sidewalks be removed and the ground
covered with sand. They do not seek
playground apparatus as on the play
grounds adjoining most of the other
It is unlikely that any action will be
taken on the petition by Commissioner
Brewster, in charge of the play
grounds, us he offered to give it for a
playground last year if the school
board would provide apparatus, but
this the board refused to do, so this
year grass has been planted and the
children barred. Mr. Brewster says
that the grass will remain, unless the
school board takes some action.
Commissioner Daly Thinks Some
Using More Than Paid For.v
Believing that there are a number
of water consumers using more water
than they are lawfully entitled to
under the flat rate system that is,
they have more fixtures and outlets
than they represent they -have Will
H. Daly, commissioner of public utili
ties, is to order a survey made of all
According to Mr. Daly there has not
been a survey of the water services
for 30 years and he believes that there
are several hundred water consumers
who are not paying fully what tiie law
requires. Under the flat rate system
there is a minimum charge of 50 cents
a month to households, an additional
charge made for bath tubs, toilets,
water heaters, etc., according to their
Reservoir Tender Reinstated.
D. G. Hoogerhyde, a tender at the
Mount Tabor reservoirs, who was dis
charged for handling the reservoir
gates improperly, has been reinstated
by the municipal civil service board
ue'eaube other charges were made at
the hearing than those filed against
him when discbarg-ed. This is in line
with a rule laid down by the board
...... 0 .,,.jj ;., ... .!
1 ""'J v-uaifecn Luuiaincu 111 i i hub,
wouiu Dt cousiuert'u, anu u insuimieiii
would result in reinstatement.
I'laygrountl Directors Chosen.
Twelve young people to serve as
playground directors in the city play
grounds have been certified on the
eligible list prepared by the municipal
civil service board. Those who passed
the examination and who are now
Qualified to be selected are Lillah P.
Clark, Dorothy Sanford, Frank E. Har-
rigan, George E. Murphy, Jennis F.
Huggins, Olive A. Nisley, Mildred G.
Bartholomew, Hortense L. Williams,
Edna Metcalf. Lucile Cogswell, Bea
trice I. Doty and Helen C. Werlein.
Must Face Charge
t of Safecracking
Three Men Will Be Taken to Gardiner
by Sheriff Qulne, of Soseburg-, Ore
gon. To face charges of cracking the
safe of th3 Gardiner Mill company at
Gardiner, Or., August 31. from which
$4500 was taken, Walter Brennen, John
O'Netl and James Taylor will be
taken to Sheriff Quine.
The three were arrested on suspi
cion that they might have done 19 or
more safe cra,cking jobs in the Wil
lamette valley in the past few months
but efforts to identify them were un
availing until their pictures were rec
ognized at Gardiner.
Sheriff Word, Deputy Kulpcr and
railway police arrested the three in
Salem recently.
Word was received that two more
of the band, were arrested at Sub
limity, Or., In tho act of committing
burglary and are in the custody - of
Sheriff Esch, of Salem. One js be
lieved to be Charles Peterson, alias
the "Brg Swede," with a criminal rec
ord, and the name of the other is not
k u , thouKht thef are still
t "Jn- ' Vi- ? it t.
uivt c 'I'. "I "1 ' H.U v c to1-
Stolen Purse Is Returned.
Conscience or fear caused the return
to Sheriff Word yesterday of a purse
containing two -notes for a total of
$204 and other belongings of Mrs. M.
C. Howard. The, property was stolen
during a reception in the Women's
Relief Corps rooms In the courthouse
recently. The identity of the thief
was suspected but no arest was made
I ana opportunity was given to return
I the- property. The property was
j turned over to Mrs. Howard.
I str. Qtieen Margaret. Seattle: Am. bk. Marr
vv liuceiman. Jduiuiteo in tow str. w limine ton
I sailed, Am. atr. Wilmington. San Francisco.
Bids to Be Asked
for Bridge Bonds
Interstate Span Imi to Be Published
October 24 and 31 and on Ho-v ember
7; Letter Received.
The county commissioners this
morning received a letter from S.
.Shanks Jr., advertising manager of
the Bond Buyer, a New York finan
cial paper, stating that the advertise
ment for the sale of $250,000 of 'in
terstate bridge bonds by Multnomah
county will be published October 24
and 31 and November 7 and once free
in the weekly put out by the paper.
lr. Shanks said that the increase of
the interest to 3 per cent adds ma
terially to the probability of the sale
of these bonds. A letter was also re
ceived from fc'tate Treasurer Kuy
stating that funds at his disposal
were already promised for two montna
J and would not be available for pur
chase of bonds.
State Federation Corrects
Statement on the Nonpar
tisan Judiciary Measure,
Portland, Or.. Oct. 23. To the Ed
itor of The Journal The legislative
committee of the State Federation of
Women's Clubs desires to call the at
in f thf Public and of the club
women to a statement in the argument
for the nonpartisan judiciary measure
on page 36 of the voters' pamphlet. It
sajs: ''This measure has been in
dorsed by the State Bar association
an(1 the State Federation of Women's
clubs at their annual meetings." This
is a misleading statement. The State
Federation, at its meeting iu 1313. in
dorsed the principle of a nonpartisan
judiciary in the following resolution:
Resolved, That we. the State Federa
tion of Women's Clybs, urgently re
quest that like clubs, -association and
organizations that are working for the
uplift of the people, be requested to
initiate a bill removing the judiciarv
of the state of Oregon from political
influence, making the same nonDolitic-
al. and providing for placing on the j
vmnoi me names ot proper persons
for judicla.1 positions without refer
ence to political affiliations. Adop
tion recommended. Carried.
The measure, Nos. 324-325. as it
stands was never submitted to the fed
eration, nor: would It have received the
indorsement of the legislative commit
tee for the following reasons:
It amends the direct primary iaw
and we do not think that law should
be tinkered with in the interests of
any group of candidates. It exempts
certain candidates from the necessity
of going before the voters at the pri
mary election. We require candidates
for any petty office to hold their rec
ords up to the scrutiny of the voters
on two separate occasions, but in this
measure we are asking the candidates
for th most important offices in the
state the judges, who pass upon the
life and liberty of the people to sub
mit themselves for but 60 days' con
sideration. "We do not think the claim Is a
proper one that this law is similar to
the Washington law. That state re
quires the candidates for the judiciary
to appear on a nonpartisan ballot sheet
at the primary election.
Considered Unworthy.
We do not think that the nomination
feature is sufficiently guarded. Ow
ing to the ease with which hordes of
office seekers might become candi
dates for these high offices, there
would be no inducements for serious,
right-minded men to become candi
dates, even under the "nonpartisan"
hypnosis. It does not commend itself
to us as worthy of the object for which
it stands.
A Multnomah county jurist told a
story at a meeting the other evening
about a state with a negro population,
which could vote but could not read.
They (the negroes) could only recog
nize Lincoln's picture at the head of
the column. They forthwith voted for
the picture and also voted in the group
under it. We are being shown a law
which has "nonpartisan" at the head
of the column, under the spell of the
word. Shall we vote in the law?
Chairman Legislative Committee State
Federation Women's Clubs.
President State Federation Women's
Oregon May Invite
Belgian Refugees
Matter of Asking' Agriculturists to Set
tle In Til' State Considered at Meet
ing Held Yesterday.
A plan to bring Belgian refugees to
Oregon agricultural lands was con
sidered by the state board of Immigra
tion, the Immigration committee of the
Commercial club and a special com
mittee appointed by the Realty board
at a meeting yesterday-' afternoon.
C. :C. Chapman of the Commercial
club and state immigration agent, anl
John Hartog of the Realty board were
appointed a committee to look further
into the matter.
H G. Beckwith of the Realty board
said the idea was to raise a fund of
$150,000 by government and state ap
propriation and popular subscription
end with it bring to this state Bel
gian families familiar with Belgian
methods of farming. He thought
11000 a family should itieet all ex
penses of transportation, locate them
on the land and meet living costs until
the first harvest.
Members of the immigration com
mission expressed the opinion that it
might be hard to mike. Oregon people
believe that $150,000 to bring 1B0
families to Oregon might not be spent
In some way -that would result in
bringing a larger number able to pay
their own way.
The Immigration commission voted
yesterday afternoon hereafter to hold
regular meetings, the last Thursday
of each month at 4 p. m.
Indians May
Have to" 'Do Time'
Klamath Fajls. Or., Oct. 24. Believ
ing that the Indians are not In the
least affected by the payment of fines
imposed upon them, William B. Freer,
superintendent of the Klamath Indian
reservation, has decided upon, a road
camp, where offenders will be com
pelled to "do time." This is principal
ly for the Indians found drinking, or
caught playing "bones" their tribal
gambling game.
0 - -
Beflowered Elephant May Be
Still Patiently Waiting to
Receive Its Cue,
Booth Faction at Meeting Chagrined at
Failure of "Beast" to Come Be
fore the Footlights.
What became of that U. O. P. ele
phant floral piece that occupied so
prominent a spot behind the scenes
at the Booth-West debate at the old
Heilig theatre last night?
It was a beautiful example of the
florist's art. The body of the ele
phant was at least three feet long, all
in red roses. On his back was a gor
geous saddle of white roses, and taste
fully worked into his sides were the
letters G. O. P. in blue.
In the early minutes following the
opening: of the doors, when seats on
the stage were numerous, the elephant
was not in sight. But after a while
the seats grew scarce and those au
ditors standing on the stage began
tearing down a pile of boxes for seats.
Then the elephant, cleverly concealed
behind the boxes, came to their view,
lie was situated directly behind the
drop curtain that was back of the
chairs on the stage.
The entrance of the elephant was
,ooked f0Pward to a,most a8 anxiously
as the second portion of Mr. Booth's
reply. It was expected that the piece
would be thrust forward at some
point of triumphal repartee in Mr.
Booth's second speech.
Several times Chairman Moores of
'the state central committee, w-ho oc
cupied a seat in the front row, was
seen to shift back his chair expect
antly and look towards the flies. But
the elephant never materialized. lie
remained in seclusion throughout the
The expected .triumph of Mr. Booth j
did not come. Charlie Moores, listen
ing anxiously to Governor West's ar
raignment, finally forgot all about the
elephant. It is still waiting patiently
in an obscure corner behind the
(Continued from Preceding Page.)
t. Kev. K. il. iiauui, vicar. S. S. lu. Serv
ices 11 aud i .oO. Holy communion on aecond,
(ourlh aud filth auudaya ot uionio at 7:W;
n first at li. D-oliuaya by ayuoiutmcDt.
St. Paul's, Wouduiere Itev. Oawvld W.
Taylor, lioiy communion 1st Sunday lu month,
t a. m. Services 4 p. in., except 1st Sunday
lu uiouih.
Pattou. Michigan and Alberta George T.
Hoykiiia", pator. S. S. 10. MiriDou 11. Sr
Uiou 7 :30 y. ui.
Friends' Churca.
Suunyslde bi xulriy-tiitb and Main sts.
Uuiuer Col, pastor, services 11 and 7; JO. a.
b. U:45. c. b. o:JO. frajer uieeung xnurs
aay , 7 : JO.
L.euta South Malu at., Kev. John Riley, pas
tor. Pieachiug 11 a. ui. mii 7 :3J p. ut. Bible
school U.4J. c. E. 0:0 p. m. ,
wesi I'ledmout t rteuds ttci, T. J. Coburn.
Pieaclitug 11 a. ui. and 7: Jo p. iu. Blbls
scuuui iu a. ui. a. s. iu. c .
United Evangelical.
First 15. -"'Ui d JUK.e liev. C. C. Po
liug. Services .'I a. ui. aud 8 p. iu. S. S.
U:-io. K. t,. C r... o:so.
St. aouu J. a. liouue, pastor. Preaching
11 aud i .oO. s. b. lo. iw. L. C. . 6:30.
Wichita Rev. li. li. larub-ui. pastor.
Services 11 a. ui. aud 7:3t p. iu. ti. S., 10
a. ui. C. r... o:Jo p. 111.
Ockley taievu 1 Ulameite tilvd. aud Gay
Rev. S. L,. i-ovell, pastor. 11 aud 7: JO, S. S.
lo. n.. L. V. 1. I li. u,
Evangelical Association.
Canon lieifcU'-s J. Slocker, pastor. 11:3
aud 7. S. S. 10-JO.
first feiiUsu uat Sixth aud Market sta.
Rev. . C Horuscuuch, pastor. M. S. 10 a. ui
X. P. A. 7 p. li.. Services 11 auu A p. in
tlrst vieriuau bvaugelivul 11, Scuuaoacat,
Church of the Uuwi liuius. Broadway and
. iih liev. J . U. Coify. a. S. la. Services
at lo:JO a. lu. V. P. V. I'., j:Ju p. in.
"The ileuace to the Republic."
Z.lon's German lllissuuil Syuod) Caroar
Suiuiou aud tuapuiau. Li. li. Kuppeimauu,
lo:lo, :4o. S. .. y:15.
Belhauy Dauish ii. c Jeuoe n-tughulm. pas
tui. union uveuue -ud AluiTls. servic 11
tud 8. S. S., 10.
Swedish taisslou itev. B. J. Thoren, 11
aud 8. S. S. lo. V. P.
iiuuianuel Rev. J. Ricua.d Olson, laih and
iiviug il and s; S. a.. V.iJ.
Lulled Norwejsiau liuuiau, pastor.
11 aud 7:40. S.
Kllui coa pel itev. a. J. Thoraon, 11. a.
8. lo.
St. Paul's German F. 12th and Clinton,
A. S. Krause, pastor. Services 10.30 a. u.
aud 7 :'JM p. in. S. S., V:M a. m.
Trinity Ueruiau (Miftsouii syuod) Williams
uveuue and oruhaui J. A. um.bach. S. a.,
a lo. Services lu and 7:o0
Norwegiau Syuod t. Giaut, corner t. 10th.
liev. Ueo. lleudrikeu- S. S., lo. Services
11 a. iu. and 8 p. in.
St. Jobu s. s. io. Preaetlng 11.
luiniauuei ticruiau tSaliou il. C. rjbe
lug, io.oO. b. S. U:3U.
. urace fcugll-h iMiscourl fj nod AlLlua
aveuua and Mason, liev. C. L,uecke, pastor.
lo:JU aud 1:W. S. S. U:15 a. ui.
St. James" Kugilsb West Park and Jeffer
son its. Kev. J A. Leas, pastor, b. S. Id
Luther league, 7. Services, 11 a. m aud 8
p. in.
sweuisn Augustana itev. a. K. sanstedt,
1C:45 and 7 :45. S. 8. 9:3o.
Bethal Ivy and Williams Rev. J. A. Slow
ney. Services 11 and 8. S. 8.. 10.
' United Norwegian t Portsmouth i a. O. Hen-
Sister: Read
l - ft ri V ' '.J tp". i
thing evil about to happen, creeping feeling along the spine, palpitation, hot
flashes, weariness, sallow complexion with dark circles under the eyes, pain in
the left breast or a general feeling that life is not worth living,
1 Invite ,You to Send Today for My Free 10 Days Treatment
and learn how these ailments can be easily and surely conqtitred at home with-
out the dangers and expense of an operation. When you are cured, and able
to enjoy life again, you can pass the good word along to some other sufferer.
My home treatment is for youn?" or old. To Mothers of Daughters, I will ex-
filain how to overcome sreen sickness tchlorositj. irregularities, headaches, and
assitude in. younp women and r"tore them to plumpness and health. Tell me
if -you are worried about your daughter. Remember, it costs you nothing to)
give my home treatment; a ten days' trial, ard does not interfere with daily
wuis. si wviaxa sssiaif uier; u-c-vrj'i ni itih-iju uiixi aim w&v
for the free treatment, including inv illustrated booklet, "Women's Own Med
ical Adviser." 1 will send all in plain wrappers postpaid. To save time, you
can cut out this offer, mark vour feelings, and return to me. Send today, as
you may not see this offer asain. Address,
drlikaon. pator. Service II. S. 8.. lO.
V p. Lumie'a bail. - Vernon.
kliasluu ikloutTllia Uauiiltou'e cfcapeL
eoruer t. Gliaan and K. tOlb. W. F. Cuta.
pallor. S. S, :'M. Ueratan ae;u at lo:U
a. IB.
t'irxt Rev. C. Howard Davis, pastor. S.
S., :45. Service, li and I:JO. Y. 1., 6.
ftcaudlnaviau .azarene Us viainelu. a. a.
10 a. in. bervivea 11 a. iu. aud k li, is.
Vouug ikuvIc lueetiug T p .
Brentwood Kev. Aaron Wells. S. S.. 10.
Services, 11 aud 8. V. P. .. 7. Prayer
meeting Wedueaday, 8 p. m. Young People's
uieetiug, 7: Jo.
beiiMuod a. C. Baker. A. S.. 10 a. m.
Preachiu 11 a. in. aud 7:30 p. m.
Holy Cross, University I'ark Rev. T. B.
klurpuy, c. S. C. Lwvr maa aud Instruc
tion, b a. m. aud seimoi. lo:3u. bericoB aaJ
beuvdiction, .Jo it. at.
hi. Joacth a nie. can) Bt. feev. Jataes
bauw, V. li. Low iuas 8. Uifb mass &il
saruiou, 10: Jo. Vespers abd beueuiutlou, J:Jo.
alulj UeUeeUier liev. Joseph A. CUapa.u.
iaw ujusa, to aud b. high ui--a and eriuuu,
lu:,. ieueuuvuun. 7:Mj.
St. lfcnauus Kef. r. Dilvon. 8. i. Low
mass, 8 and V:3u, Mass, serinou aud benedic
u t'raocla Kev. J. H. Black. Low mass,
b and b; high mass aud sermon 10.30. Ves
pers; lust.ucUuu aud benedlcllon. 7 .'M.
St. Stephens Ue. W. A. vvaltt. uw mass
6: Jo; hlu mass aud auimoa 1U:3U.
St. Lawrence's J. C. Hughes. Low
naaa tt, 8 and W; jtlga cms aud acruaou
lt'.at). Vespers and benediction. 7,30.
St. Patrick a Iter. H. P. Uurpcy. Low was
8; high maw aud seruiuu lu:Jo. vespers and
beueuictiun 3:M.
luiniaculate Heart ot I Jar Rev. W. A.
Daly. Lour mass o. 8 acl M. llljth mass and
aeriuon 1U.SU. ' Vapers aud beueuicivoo 7:90.
Sacred Heart, al.lwauuie u.ev. ueorga lia
ble, O. 3. Low dm 8; nlgn inaa asd
kcrmou lo Jo. Vcxpera aud beui-CicLloa 7 : JO.
Asceusion, ilouiaviUa Kev. J. P. lltspa
trlck. Mass at 8; nigh mass with seiuiou,
10: JO. Sunday- school at . iienedlcUou 3 .Jo.
Holy Eosaiy Very tie v. Ii. H. Kelly. Low
mass d. 7, 8 and u. HUb mass c' vruiou,
11. Vetpei aud be'uedUi.ii..u 7 .HU,
fit. Audrew'a Kev. luomu Klaruan. Low
man 8; tilth mass and seiuiun lu. Vespers
Uisiructfon and beucdicliou 7.30.
St. Mary's Pro-CaUiedia) alost Hev. A.
Christie, V. D. Low na d, 8, and U, hlfih
mass aud sermou 11. Va.pers. lajiructiou aud
Denedlctton 1 ..
bt. S:aijlbiu' (Polish) Rv. Kl. ilatus
tew. ski. -uw uias b:Jo; bleb was aud aw
St. John The BaptUt Miln sukle V Met
1. SI. O'Neill. Mai-ses, 8 and 10::m a- ti. S.
S., 'J a. iu. Service, 7 :'M p. 'in.
first Park aud jaaui.-ou Kev. Luther K.
Dyutt, I). U.tll a. in. aud 7 : lo p. uj. a.
D:jO ii. m. "The Knitd'.mi tVithln lluw
limit Op, ' aud "Secrets ot True r'raterual
ism.'' Iirst German East Jtt aud Stuntou. Kev.
K. u. lliuiau.
Liuderhursi Kev. 1). B. Orsy. S. 8. lo.
8ei vices 11 aud 7:45. C. L. U.oU p. in.
Pilgrim Missouri and Shaver t., Prot. W.
M. I'rocior. acting pastor. 1'ieucuinE 11 aud
7: Jo. S. S., :1j. C. L., t:JO.
Luiverslly Park Rev. W C. Kantner, li
D., paslor, 11 a. m. and 7 : Jo p. iu. S. 8.,
10 a. in. V. P. S. C. K., 7. "Souie 'Phings
l aith May Conquer,"' aud "Paul the Stead
fast." ' ,
t.aurelv. ood Kev. C. S. Johnson. Services
IU and 1:40
C. E., 7.
Hi.-riiaim. E. Uth aud Prescot t- Rev. E. S.
Bullluger. S. S., 10 a. m. Preachius, It aud
7: JO. V. P. S. C. E., t:50. "The Hull and
the Kernel,'' and ''liouie ct Tomui rov, ."
VVaverly Ueij;Ula, L. JJd und noodward
Rev. A. C ilosta, H a. ui. and 7 : JO p. ni.
"Our Greatest Friend," aud "What i'hiuk
St of Christ."
Hassulo street J. 3d. Lowden. pastor.
Services. 11. S. S-. 10 a. m.
Suuuyside East .3d aud Taylor. Rev. J.
J stauD. 11 aud 7.4o. S. S.. lo a. m. C. E.,
b:l.". "Christ's Coming and the Kspture,"
ud "Short on Oue Couut."
St. Johns Kev. Daniel T. Thomas. Morn
ing sermon, 11 a. m. S. S.. 10 a. m. C. E.,
:J0. "Faith iu the tuture."
Ardenwald Kev. uauiel 1. Thomas. S. S.,
10 a. ui. C. K., 0:io. l'reachiug, 7:J0 p. m.
Ziou toerman) East 0th and frremont. Rev.
J. U. Hupp. Services lu:JO and 7;J0. C. B..
Atkiuson Memorial Hev. F. W. Gorman,
pastor. Services 11 a. iu. and 7.43. C K.
Congregation Betn Israel 12th and klaln
ta. Kelo.m ritual iriuay uigai ii a. eaiuruay
uoruiug at in. liellglouj acbool at tf:Mo
bunuay uaoruiug. ltatibl Jonah li. Wise con
one is all erv4ces aud liibla class a.
avantb ay Aflvsntiala.
Note Kegular ei vices ot uu denonilnatloa
axe held uu Saturday.
CeuUal Ulder Muton 11. St. Johns, pastor.
Services 11 a. in. S. S. 10. Suuuay eveulug,
l:ao. Prayer weetiug Wedueaday, 7:3o, i.
P. ti., 7 :ao. Kriuay evening.
Moutavlila J. K. Bcny, eider. Sabbath
school lu a. iu. Preaching 11 a. u. Prayer
meeting 7:30 Weuuesdai.
alouut labor Kev. C. J. Cummlngs, pastor.
East 60th aud kelmcnt. Services: Sabbath
acboul, lo a. in. l'iecbiog 11 a. m. Prayer
meeting 7:-i5 Wednes'iay cveulng.
Leuts 1. J. chitn-oou, elder- Uarion ave
nue uud Biuuisuer. tiervices: Sabbath sciiool
lo a. ni. 1'ieacblug 11. ' Hnnduy i ..Su. Prayer
uieetlug Wednesday evening, 7:40.
Albtua tUrrniaui Henry Uiock. elder. G. F.
Buscn, local elder. Services: Sabbath school,
lu a. bp. l'reachiug ll:oO a. m. and 8 p. m.
Preachiug Suuday evening at 8. Pruyer uieet
lug Weduesday evening, 8.
St. Johns lilder K. U. Qurlburt. Sabbath
acbool 10. Preaching IU Prayer meet lug
Wednesday 7:3U p. m.
Scandinavian churca Elder O- E. Ran does,
pastor. Services: S. S. 10. l'reachiug 11 a. ni.
(Saturday I ; Sunday service 7;oo p. ut. Prayer
meeting 7:'JU Wednesday.
Church of Our Father Broadway and Yam
hill Ucv. T. L. &liot. L. U . minister
emeritis: liev. W. G. Eliot Jr.. minister.
Services, It a. m. aud 7:45 p. m. S. 8., U:30
a. ni. V. 1'. K., ii-JM p. in: "Changing
Upinkin and llellglous Faith," and "The
Salunun of the Cui-mploy mcnt lrobleiu," Pro
fessor W. V. Ogburn.
Latter Day Salnta.
Church of Jesus Christ of Cutter Day Saints
(Mormon). East Niueteueih and Uarrlsou.
8. S.. 10. Preaching. 11:15 aod 7.
MontavllUi tuot kwrmuBi 8. a. Serv
ices 11 uud 7:oO.
First German G. Hufner, pastor. Services
10:45 and 8. S. S.. V. P. S., 7.
Second A. E. Wysa, Columbia Dlvd. ani
8Sd at. 11 and 8. S. S. V.Hi a. in. Y. P. S.
Third Fifth a venae, Lents Rev. H.
Scbeldknecht. pastor. S. &, id a. m. Serv
ices II 1. Q.
International Biblo Students.
(Kid Kelluvis hull, E. 0th and Alder,
let s. l:4o, o, 4:oi, 7 and 7 :'M p. in.
Free Kethodiat.
First Church, corner East Nln.h and Mil!
Ilev. E. 1. liorrlngtoo, pastor. Siaday services
II a. in. and 7.30 p. tn.
Central church. Colh anil East Flanders
Kev. John G. Hessler. Z. S.. 10. Servloea
11 aud 7:30. V. P. M .,
Christian Science.
First Chnrcb of Christ St-lectist Everett
between 18tb and ltb sta. Services at 11
My Free OHer!
X am a woman.
Z know a woman's trials.
Z know bar nead of sympathy and help.
If you. my sister, are unhappy be
cause of ill-health, if you feel unfit for
household duties, social pleasures, or j
daily employment, write and tell me
just how vou suffer, and ask for my
ires ten days' trial of a home treatment i
suited to your net-de. lien cannot on- !
. deratand wmtn's sufferings. What we
' i women know from experience, we kpow j
ueiier man any mail, i vtain ici ieii y uu t
how to cure yourself at home at a cost
of about 2 cents a week.
If you suffer from women's peculiar
ailmentH causing pain in the bead, back,
or bowels, feeling- of weigbt and drag
ging" down sensation, falling or displace
ment of pelvic organs, causing kidney
and bladder weakness or constipation
and piles, painful or irregular periods,
catarrhal conditions and discharges, ex
treme nervousness, depressed spirits,
melancholy, deaixe to cry. fear of some
and H. S. S.. t:& and 11 a.- m. ' "ProbatUm
After Death."
Secoud Woodmen hall. E. -IJtb and Abler
11 and 8. S. S., D:4j aud U a. tn. "Proba
tion After Keatb."
Third East l'.'th and Salmon st-i. 11 and' K.
S. 8., 11 and 12:lo. "Probation After Death."
Firilrib VaiH-ouvcr ave. aud Kuierson t.
P S.. 8:45 aud It a. oi. Service. 11 a. ui.
and 8 p. m. "Probation After Death."
Flfrh Myrtle Park lial.. Services I a. m.
S. S.. 9:30 a. m. "Probation After Death."
Evanisllcal BtsoA.
German Evangelical Friends rborcb. Ts
COUM avenue aud East Mttkutk. Rv.
Ellas Herrsrt pastor. g. 8. :8u. C. E.
0:JO. Preachinc 10:45 and 7:30.
St. Paul Evangelical church 447 Falling
street. Kev. J. Herbert, pastor. Services
11 aud 7:M. V. P. .8. :30 p. m.
Morai ea.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Dav Salnta
E. 19th and Uarrlsou. Services 11:40 a. m.
and 7 p. in. S. S., 11 a. m.
Karri ca tor tha Seal.
United Presbyterian Uav. 8. Earl Duools.
10:30 and 8. C. E. 7.
Churbb of tha TTsw JTeniaalam.
K. of P. Hall. 11th and Alder. Services and
sermon at 11, conducted by Mr. Loreuts.
Advent Christian (Not Karen ta Day).
Advent Chriatlan C. F. L. Bmltb. pastor.
Services: buuday School 10 a. to. Proachtnc
11 a. u. and 7:30 p. at. Loyal Worksra. :&u
u. ul. Prayer meeting 7:6 Xhursday.
International Bible Students Aaioiiation.
Odd Fellows Hall, East dth and Alder sts.
1:45 p. ni., Bereau Bible school. 3 p. m.,
lecture by Evangelist A. A. Yerex. "Which Is
the True ' Church V -1:30 p. in., praise and
tftlmony meetlug. 7 p. ni., prayer lueeltuc
7:Jo p. m., discourse, by C. W. Field.
New Thought Temple of Truth.
Church Ellers Dldg. l J. Green, pastor.
Services. T-ts nl 8 p. m. S. S., 10 a. in.
"The Right Way to Easy Street."
Salvation Army.
Corns No. 4 M7 Salmon St. Adj. and Mrs.
F. Cenite In charge. Sunday services 3:15 and
8. Moliuea mwtin at 11 a. m.
Corps No 1- ;d2;Vi Ankeny. Adj. and Mrs
Whitney in charge
3:15 and 8 p. in.
Sunday services 11 a. in..
S. S.. 1:30. V. 1. S.. 6
p. ra.
Swedish Corps. 430 Burnsld
11, 4:30 and 8.
efue to
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tect yourself against
imposition by buying stand
ard articles backed by the
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sent to the public, or to
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niarlr" must give purchasers
continuous, uniform satis
faction or the demand for
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National Anti-Substitution League, Philadelphia
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I Vvalu V r A tMre- Nature needs?; elwtricity.-nour-
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he. -
aonn vivaei. 'in.
Volunteers . of Amiya Miatou Hall -Hi
Asb st.. uvar 3d. aSiand s:l. v
6Diri4bal. :
Flrst ltl AlUky iiiij. Rev. Ahbea ies.
endanger. J p. in.. uiirst ges. a p. a:., lectuia.
Church of the Soul. Third si. Ke. 4. '
H. Lucas, pastor., t.'onreuce II s. in. M- .
uiuuis' iiu-etms. X.Jo feS at. le cture s u. ui.
Fourth Sua otU ct.-ilieT. May A. Pri.;. V
strvtces 8 p. tn. '?i
Portland Buhsi ActijoU C2 Ellers blilg.
Services 8 p. m. K
Divine Truth Ceoterf-SelllDg-Ulrscb bid.
Ktv. J. M. Miuard, patpr. Setvicea 11 a. ui.
S. noon. !?':
Chrtlau yi 0O3 i Atdugton bldg. F. O.
t Win twin. Services, io;."S& aud 11:15 a. m. aud
8 p. hi. S. S., noon ,!':terusl Lite."
efcuren ut tae liretureu iUuuardj Kev.
Gvr;e A. Can, 11 aud7:30. S. 8. lu. U W.
:3t. -f.
Congregatloa AhavaU Snolem Services at -8:
JO aud a.
The Churcfc of God-fRev. 3, T. Xeal. pastor.
Services at 0 tUerniaJM. 2:30. C:45. 8. 8.
1:80. Tesltmt ay aud tM-Uise uevttua at 7.
Church of Christ lft. Pitctilug 11 and
I:jo. ttlbie class 1(1 t ffl.
Vernon Ch trcb ot Chlt Sermon II by J.
E. JuUuauu, 7: JO. Ktulc school 1't.
Lenta cniucb John Riley. Preaching at 11
SO(t 7 45. S. S. 10. C. E. 0:45.
V. W. C, A. Broadway and Taylor. Vet
per rervlce, 4:30. S
Plagsb M'savow. Lenljj- Fuli g-spel Ruadsy.
K:3u a. ni. end 2:30 pi: ni. Toeauay aud Fri
day evenlu at Jt:30. g . '
The Irv! igtou Ceuter-ljaf Trutu 719 Thomp
son street, corner Ea 21st Hervleea II.
"Forglveuese-; the I'aths of Freedom, ", Mrs.
Florence Cran ford. 3fi,
Conimuus MU.lon 2: .1. ""root St.. L. a.
NorthruuSfcid J. S. Montgomery. Supts. 8 p. nt.
The t'uTuitian snd Utssionary Alliance, pot.,
aer E. S3- and clay stajj Kev. J. E. Fee, pas
tor. 11 a m. and 7 .JO . p. m, b. 8. 10 a. m.
X. V. 6: at p. ui j si
Scandinavian Free i liaRion 7J7 Allert.
Scivlpes every Sundnyjill Ji. m. and 7:30 p
m. ucv. Muriiu oisenj,
V. M. C. A.. Slith
and Tayltir atreets
work director. Meet-
It. E. Randall, rellglud
lng for men at 3:1.V $
cSalvatlon Army 207 Salmon. Servlcee II .
Bi.. 3:15 and 8 "p. m. -S .
Chrlstadclphlani. G54 ,;. Montgomey. Serv
lrf. l":o a. in. i :H
Theosotihical siwletv.-;ti3 Morgan bldg. Serr-
Ir.s p. in. '-Three tijcct f the Society.
Buy "
i :'i
t ii
I 1:
buyer with thiir name or
trade mark. lijving their
products "are lejnade right
and of high rade, they
want the pub'c to know
thev are resjibnsible for
-them. I.g
KM EM lildl, the guar-
sP '
antee of If our protec-
tioil against nierior guods"
is the niakeij: name or
trade mark car this in
mind when yOtj buy cloth
ing, hats, shuc automobile
supplies, tires,jilutomobilcs,
talking machiis, furniture,
carpets, pian, watches,
breakfast fotwfe, shewing
gum, canned ljods, grape,
juice, soda fountain drinks,
package mecjjjcines, face
creams, hair ;tinics, tooth
paste or powditjr, hardware,
etc. - ill '
n pi:rchin;; go!s
insist on )j-fhe maker s
name or tradej-jlnark brand
Accept no siistitutcs.
uon t iaKe anotnar ao oi arugs.
Know ine many ai ij'recaoie eriects oi
drugs, yet you go 6 taking them for
every little pain or alisorder. Just be
cause you were taiqrht that nothing
else could cure. .
We have the natural way of curing
j, - u . . . . . .
disorders and chrojfic ailments the
rtshment no
which 1 tears
to restore""eIec-
triclty where it is , Seeded, and Dain
and disorders dlsaflpear. That' be
cause electricity xlvs strength, power
to the body, enablfqg every organ to
perform its work pepperly, ahd when
every organ is inja strong, iiealt'ny
condition, there can: te no pain or ail
ment. i
Wear Electra-Vitlt.j Tchlle you sleep.
Scandinavian, 21J As
all i rrun , i iq to 1 1 V aiicajii I . ipi.-
trlcity to your nerves, and they carry
It to every organ s'tid tissue of your
body, restoring hearty and vim.
Klectra-Vita is aS$aeIf-charged body
battery which genejften a steady, un
broken stream of fmlvanic- electrjcHy
into the nerves fofhours while you
sleep, infusing thertft'with new energy
and building up thKp entire system to
a strong, healthy cdflidition.
While you are slipping it Is pour
ing a continuous diij-rent of life-giving
electricity Into (ybur system. The
weak, starving nerves absorb and. re
tain the force and wfrow strong under
its vitalizing lnflpeifJ-e. You wake up
, w in the morning wifts a feeling ot ex
,4 1 hilaration. Your ifiid-tinie energy
ImTm aulcklv returns; yoifcel the tingle of
FtVO new life in vour v'ps, you walk witfi
- li W .( T!. ,.11 I l
in tne morning wira a icpung t e-
reused vigor. TH dull, tired sen-
on. the headactiea all disappear,
soon yon are rejuvenated man.
possession of perfect health.
The EIetra-Vita Co.
210 lfMESS BLSO,
Please send jae rmir rre tvi-m-ije
Illustrated boo . V. J. 10 24 11
Name ....., ......
li Streeji