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(2SKltb DAY OF 1014.)
BEILIG Broadwav tt Taylor. Curtain 2
and H. "Tba Wblp." WelQedjr nod Sat
U relay matioeea.
BAKKit Broadway and Sixth. Cartalna 2:20
ud 8:2o. Matlue: Sunday. Wednesday
antf Katurday. linker flayer la "Broad
way Ivan."
PAN TAOtti Broadway at Alder. Vauderille,
Curtain 2:3o, l:Mt ind :lo.
LOKW'st EMl'Itth.S Broadway at Yamhill.
Vaudeville. Coutiuuoua I. Mi to 6:30. o:30
to 11 week day. ixiutluuou 1 to 11 bun
duj a. '
LYltlU Fourth at 8tark. Curtain 2:30. 7:)
aud 8:10. Keating A Klood Mualcal Com
edy Cuuipauy lu. "Wbeu Hubby Came
COl.L WBTA Sixth, between Washington and
8tark a tree I. MoUou pictures. 11 a. m. to
11 P- n.
fbol'Ll-S Wnt Park at Alder treet. Mo
tiou picture. 11:3U a. uu t 11:30 l. m.
TAK Washington at Park. Motion pictures,
II . m. lo 11 ii. it.
SLUIiii Washiugfon at KleTenth. Motion pic
ture. 12 m. to 11 p. m.
. UAJKSTIC Waablngtou at Park. Motion pic
ture. 11 a. in. to 11 p. in.
8L.NSI.T YVaaulutftou at Ilroudway. Motion
plature. 11 a. u. to 11 ft, ui.
C'luCLi. r'eurtb at VVaabiuglou. Motion pic
tures. 10:3O a. in. to 11:15 p. ill.
A III MCSKIJM flttb aud 'iaytwr. Hour 8 to
& weik days. 2 to 3 Sunday; irei afteruoous
of lueday, Tliursjay. k'riday. Saturday aud
River Trips.
Steamer Ceorgiaoa to Astoria, dally except
Monday.' WasbTuglon street dock.
Dallca City, tu The Ualles and Cascade .inllv .xreut KiRidar. Alder street dock
fiteanier 8Ut ot Waahfugtou to Tbe Ualle
dally except-lbursday. laylor street dock.
Public Library Meetings.
All October meeting are tree and open to
the nubile.
October JC4, xs aud M. uemocrauc iaic
Monday, Octobei 2o, 2 p. m. Consumer
'luesdy, October 27, 3 p. m. Bible tudie.
October 28 to 30, luclusire, V s. m. to o
p. U1., except trlduy, October 30, u-orulug ses
iuu only. Slat uuTutiou Oregou Cougres
tit Uotbeis.
aid special privileges2- should not be
given to duck hunters any more than
they should be accorded to Joyriders.
He suggested that once night service
is given, the people of the Island would
demand that it be made permanent.
He reported that Captain Beaver of
the ferry would accommodate the duel
hunters 'when possible If given suffi
cient advance notice.
ble gave her report on the recent state
convention held at The Dalles and Mrs.
Dalgleish spoke of her work among the
sailors. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and
daughter from Oklahoma, gave talks on
the work for prohibition in their state.
The meeting was well attended. Mrs.
Hattie Wilson presided at the weekly
meeting in rooms In the Dekum build
ing. Next Wednesday afternoon the
men and measures on the ballot will
be . discussed. Mrs. Hidden and Mrs.
Mallett will be the speakers.
Custody of Children Involved. Mrs.
Florence Nurlnlman vsterdav filed a
petition for an Order directing her di- j
vorcea husband, Maurice wuaeiman, to i wv u-ummm bom xuc
appear and disclose the whereabouts j Portland, Or., Association of Members
of their two children. They were di- j or the American Society or Civil u.n
vorced last month by Circuit Judge ' gineers held Its annual meeting at the
Davis, and she alleges that though the i Commercial club last evening, and
children were awarded to Nudelman ' elected the following officers to serve
and she was given the right to see the j one year: President, George C Mason;
children once each week, she saw ; vice president, jonn r. wmsi-
them but once in the past month, and j ler. The terms of the first vice presl
that now Nudelman has them con- ; dent, secretary and treasurer do not
cealed. She also asks that the custody
of the children be given to their
grandmother, Mrs. Clara A. Kandolpli,
3437 East Fifty-ninth street.
Stock Case Dismissed. By settle
ment the suit of the Portland Public
Market & Cold Storage Co: against G.
D. Wentwortfi, a Hood River apple
grower, to recover $7000 on a stock
subscription was ended yesterday, and
the case dismissed. The company
originally was awarded a verdict for
the full amount, but the case was re
versed by the supreme court. It is
Baid the company received $2SCK in
settlement. The company in 1911
made an assignment to Kenenth Beebe
for the benefit of its creditors. Wood
worth alleged the subscription was
secured through fraud.
Today's Events.
Jeffemon bish play Lincoln high at foot
ball, iluiuioumli llild at 3;15 o'clock.
I'urllli: .NorlliwesuiiT Conference of Amer
Icnu Sunday School Ihiiou, October 23-2, Y.
V C. A. buiiulng. today; Y. M. C. A. build
ing toulgUt.
Hac-ifli- toast Conference of Dan 1Kb Lutheran
cburrlieti. at Ketbauia church, Lnlou a Teniae
and Morris street.
Coming Events.
Prevents for Christinas Ship must be st The
Journal by 5 o'clock thU afternoon.
Oregon c'lrlc bugue luucbeou at Multnomah
hotel. UiUiber 24.
Apollo club concert at the tlcllig, October 24.
Transportation club luncheon at Mulluomab
hotel, October It.
Manufacturers' nud Land Product Show
at Armory. October 3 to November 11.
Uotsry club luncheon at tbe lieutou hotel,
October 27.
Ad club luncheon, Portland hotel, October 2.
Columbia plays Hill Ac&deui ' ut football,
Multnoiuuh field, October 2S.
Progressive lliiaint'ss Men's club luncheon
at Uotel Multnouiuli October '."J.
Jefferson blgU plays lurtlund Academy at
football, Multnomah field, October 30.
Opening concert of Symphony orchestra No
vember 1.
Election day, November 3.
Port Information Supplied. .
Information regarding this port may be ob
tained from the Portland Cbnmber of Com
merce. ot) Kit th ueet. Telephone Main UU3
r A-12U3.
Fire and Police.
Fire department Main 770O. A-I323.
Police departmeut Alain 7181, A-U7S1.
Today's Forecast.
Portland and vicinity: Fair tonlgbt and Sat
urday : eusterlr -.vlmls.
Oregon and Washington: Fair touigbt aud
Eatiirlii; euslerly winds.
Idaho: r'ulr tonlgbt uud Saturday.
Weather Conditions.
A high pressui'T area of considerable magni
tude la central over Montana and :i not her high
preaHUie area ot similar character Is central
otcr New Kngland. The barometer la relative
ly low over Lnke Superior aud also over
Arizona ami New Mexico. Ceneral ralnn have
f:.lleu in the pluius states and alorg tbe east
lo;te of tbe K'K'ky mountains. it 14 much
cooler bver a uarrow strip of territory extend
ing from New Mexico northeastwsrd to Mani
toba. It Is hNo coUier in tbe New England
nd middle Atlantic- Mates.
Tbe conditions are favorable for fair weath
er In thl -district tonight mid Saturday.
District Forecaster.
TJniversity Extension. The Univer
sity of Oregon extension classes will
meet in central library as follows:
This evening at 7 o clock" German
Literature," Dr. Schmidt, room A; sub
ject, "The Life of Goethe ana -i-aust.
At 8 o'clock "Psychology," Dr. Ke
bee, room II.; "Mathematics," Dr.
Winger, room K; "Public Speaking,"
Professor Prescojt, story hour room;
"German Literary Club," Dr. bcnrmat,
room A. subject. "Science and Art in
Germany During the Last 60 Years."
Tomorrow evening at 8 o clock rinei
orlc," Mrs. Parsons, room B.
Hardware Company , Bobbed. The
Peterson Hardware company at 430
East Burnside street was broken into
last night and about $10 taken from
the safe. The strong box was not
locked at the close of business, and the
expire for another year. John H.
Lewis, state engineer, read a very In
teresting paper upon "State Engineer's
Department and Its Relation to Devel
opment in Oregon."
Mmitm Announce Flans. The Ma
zaraas Sunday will vary the usual
strenuous week end trips with a quiet
stroll through the woods and th
fields, with no hard climbing or long
tramps. They will leave Fourth and
Yamhill streets by special car over
the Southern Pacific, and go to Dun
dee, 29 miles out. They will then
walk west to the top of a ridge, and
lunch in a beautiful grove by a spring,
They will return to Dundee by a dif
ferent route. The route Is through
the walnut groves and fruit district.
Tilted for Interrupting runeral.
Victor C. McNeal, teamster, was fined
$3 this morning in the municipal court
for driving through a funeral proces
sion. Patrolman Morelock made the
arrest Wednesday at Second and Sal'
mon streets, where McNeal crossed
the intersection while the procession
was passing that point. After cross
ing, McNeal argued with the driver
of a carriage about the right of way.
possession of the property because of
a flaw In the title. The property In
volved Is the south half of lot 5, block
10, Brooklyn.
Steams Jesse Hrkln for Camas.
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington street
dock at i p. m. t Adv.)
Printing- at Cut Prices. Bring us
that order and save big money. Rose
City Printery. Jd and Taylor. (Adv.)
McCargar. Bates ft Xdvely Fire, cas
ualty and automobile insurance. Yeon
bldg. .Telephone Main 168. (Adv.)
Genuine Peacock Peathers, 5 and 10
cents. Andrew Kan, 348 Morrison.Adv.
Br. C. Stuart Menzies. 11 A. M. to
1 P. M. Corbett building. (Adv.)
Or. J3. C.
Brown, Bye. Bar. Mohawk
T B. Pox, optician. Journal bldg. Ad.
Bowman to Sell Three Thousand Men's
If any man needs a suit or overcoat
these days, he had better see J. L.
Bowman at Third and Stark streets.
Three thousand men's suits are be
ing sacrificed at prices within easy
reach, the suits on sale were made up
in the Bowman shops here during the
dull summer months.
They were not sold by the traveling
salesmen as expected and for that rea
son are now being sacrificed at:
$ 9.85 for suits worth 15.00.
$12.60 for suits worth $18.50.
$14.50 for suits worth $20.00.
$18.60 for suits worth $25.00. (Adv.)
Prisoner Slashes Wrists.
Los Angeles, Oct. 23. D. R. Mc-
Cllntock, a county Jail prisoner, slashed
his wrists with a butcher knife. He
probably will recover.
rr-1 - . . , 1 T V. O T )
x lie luueiai servicea wi juuu vv. a. ,
Baker, a well known resident of Lents i
and former commander of Reuben Wll- '
son post, No. 38, of the G. A. R.. was '
held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at Odd
Fellows hall -under the auspices of the
post and Shiloh circle. No. 19. Rev. t
W. Boyd Moore of Lents Methodist
church officiated. Mr. Baker died at
the family residence, 27 Ninth avenue.
Tuesday after an illness of several ;
years. During the past few months he
had been confined to his home. He :
was 69 years of age. He is survived j
by his widow and family. Interment
was in Mount Scott Park-cemetery.
MenTs Suits
Men! Buy your new suit where you
get full value for your money. Suits
that I sell at $14. 75 would fetch $20
in a ground floor store. Jimmy Dunn,
Oregoman building, 3d rioor. tAav.j
Journal Want Ads bring results.
Who Sold the Most
and why? The answer is vital to you.
Read page 7 this paper. (Adv.)
Pour Secure Divorcee. Desertion
was alleged in divorce actions filed
yesterday by Mary Suretlinska against
Charles Suretlinska and L. A. Schibler
against Ruth E. Schibler. Cruelty
was charged in divorces granted by
Circuit Judge McGisn to Martha E.
Broadhurst against Melvin E. Broad
hurst and Mary Ochs against Paul
Appeal Prom War S trick
burglars experienced no difficulty in 'Cry From Europe," will be
eettine the money. Entrance was
gained by forcing open a rear window.
A. W. Porter reported to the police
that a drug store in which he is em
ployed was entered by means " of a
pass key. A few bottles of perfume
were stolen. A number of old coins
were also taken.
Wise's - topic at ' Beth Isreal tonight
All are urged to attend, as an appeal
that cannot be brushed aside has come
from the people in distress. Service
will begin at 8 o'clock. A Bible class
will be held Tuesday at 3 in central
library. All are invited.
Would Have Stock Conveyed. Fred
Dose filed suit against O. C. Bortz
meyer, this morning to force Bortz
meyer to convey stock to hini as the
result of an alleged deal which he
charges Bortzmeyer with repudiating.
He alleges that he was to give $57,800
in Eilers Music House stock, a release
from $8091.22 indebtedness of the
Eilers company to the E. H. Holt Pi
ano company and $108.78 in cash for
$66,000 par value stock in the Holt
concern, and that Bortzmeyer now re
fuses to accept the terms and deliver
the stock.
tinker, or
Boise, Idaho .....
Ronton, Man
Chli-Mirn III ....
lifnver Colo !
lHlluth. Mlno
Kilreka, Cal
Frpno, Cal
CalvpMon, Texa ....
Havre, Mont
Kansas 'Citv, Mo
Lew tton, idah
Iw Angeles. CaL ...
Marshfleld. Or
New Orleans, La
New York. N. Y
.North Head. Wash. ..
North Yakliioi. Wash..
I'bnenlv Ariz
Portland Or
ROsebniv. '
Kaeriiiuc"' 'nl.
St. I.oui-i. io
Salt L:ik. I Mil
San Francisco, Cal. .
Seattle, Wa.h
Mtku, Alatka
Spokane. Wash
Tatouin, Wash
Tatoosh Isl'd.. Wash
Valdex. Alaska
Walla Wall. Wash.
Washington. I. C. .
Winnipeg, Alan
'I'. M. report of preceding day.
a -
C- i .
B 3 v
a- 2 .
?? ?S
j5 ii sc
-a C J
42 . ::s
4" 7l" 40
r. en r,s I
;j.s ;sn
5S .',0 4S
4S 61' 46
4t UN 4
74 7 IVs
2tl 52 2H
t-2 71 i?
:is . . :w
r6 7o r.4
."6 t6 :wi
6H 80 W
fv 72 4S
&1 2 54
38 62 3H
S4 72 50
M 5 50
40 B4 4)
50 IW 5)
rM 70 ns
A I (SO 41
."4 Wi 50
4H I till 4.S
04 I r.ti 48
5(i m
u m 14
r.4 56 r,2
05 . . I 26
40 m , 4)
r.n 7s r,4
I 2 W j 42
Married at 16, Wants Divorce. Cir
cuit Judge McGinn this morning grant
ed a divorce to Mrs. Beatrice B. Stev
ens against Clarence E. Stevens on
grounds of cruelty. Mrs. -Stevens tes
tified that she was but 16 years old
when she married Stevens last Janu
ary and that he misrepresented his fi
nancial affairs to her. She said he
tried to make her take in washing of
a cowboy camp on the California
ranch owned by his parents. John
Bauer Jr. filed suit for divorce from
Ethel Bauer, alleging cruelty.
Publishing Company Incorporates.
Articles of incorporation of a publish
ing society to be known as the Oregon
Redman, capitalized at $200, were filed
yesterday by J. T. Parmalee, Milton
Oppenheim, Fred S. Brady and Stan
hope S. Pier.
Services at Ahavai Sholora. Serv
ices will be held at Congregation
Ahaval iSholom, Park and Clay streets,
tonight at 8 o'clock. Tomorrow morn
ing services at 9:30' o'clock. Rabbi R.
Abrahainson will officiate.
house furnish-
tomorrow and
Third and East Morrison. (Adv.)
urchases of furniture,
all next week, at Oalef Bros
ngs, etc., commencing
Ceary Street, above Unlo Square
European Plan $1.50 a day up
American Plan $3.50 a daj m
New iteel and concrete structure. Third
addition of hundred rooms Just com
pleted. Every modern convenience.
Moderate rates. Center of theatre and
retail district. On car line transfer
ring all over city. Electric omnibus
meets trains and steamers.
Woodlawn Orange Initiates. Wood
lawn grange. No. 350, will initiate sev
eral candidates at its closed session
tomorrow evening at Green's hall. East
Seventh street and Dekum avenue.
Collision Held Unavoidable. -No
blame was declared by the coroner's
jury yesterday afternoon investigat
ing the death of Karl McXaughton,
who died Tuesday from injuries Sep
tember 3, when the auto rf F. H.
Adams hit his motorcycle. The acci-
Pree Aluminum Cooking Utensils
with purchases of furniture, house fur
nishings, etc., commencing tomorrow
and all next week, at Calef Bros.', East
Third and East Morrison. (Adv.)
Miss Elizabeth Woodbury will read
"The Gift of the Magi" at the Hanley
rally this evening at Scandinavian
hall at 8 o'clock. (Adv.)
Ifew Pants. Men, buy from Jimmy
Dunn. He saves you money. Priced
at $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50. Oregonian
Bldg.. 3d floor. (Adv.)
Title to Property Settled. The Port
land Rowing club was decreed sole
dent happened at Gay street and Co- i owner of a small portion of Its prop
lunibia boulevard. Testimony of the, erty by Circuit Judge Gatens yester
auto driver, and other investigation : day. The dub had sued the unknown
showed the collision to have been un-' heirs of John Parkhlll for undisputed
avoidable. I
Big Hanley Bally Tonight. Mrs.
Florence Foster Hammond will sing,
there will he a number of short
speeches from Mr. Ben Reisland, Mr.
G. A. Johnson, Colonel C. E. S. Wood,
Mrs. M. L. T. Hidden and Anne Shan
non Monroe. Wm. Hanley, Progressive
candidate for UniteC States senator,
will outline his practical plan for put
ting Oregon's resources to work for all
the people of Oregon. Scandinavian
hall. Fourth and Yamhill, 8 sharp. Ad.
Classes Hunters With Joyriders.
From a report filed by Superintendent
of Ferries Welch with the county com
missioners yesterday it appears that
Welch classes duck hunters and Joy
riders together. In response to a peti
tiim of attorney George W. Joseph
that the Burling on sferry be run all
Bight, to accommodate duck hunters
oh SHuyie's island, Welch recommend'
ed. that it be not allowed, because he
Oscar M. Smith, for the past
years head designer and cutter lor
Nicoll the Tailor in Portland, has pur
chased an Interest In the Portland Tai
loring Co., 322 Morrison St., Portland
Hotel bldg., where he will occupy a
similar position. Mr. Smith will be
pleased to meet his friends and patrons
at the new location. (Adv.)
A quiet, restful, homelike place hav
ing the most approved modern equip
ment for the treatment of chronic and
nervous diseases requiring hydropath
. ie, electric. Swedish movement and
, massage treatment together with
careful dietetic supervision.
I Rates from $18 a week up, lnclud-
ing treatments and room nursing.
I Resident physician, call or write for
six booklet.
Legs of Veal. . 18c lb.
Loins of Veal 18c lb.
Racks of Veal 18c lb.
Shoulder of Veal 15c lb.
Breast of Veal 15c lb.
Legs of Lamb.. 17c lb.
Loins of Lamb 17c lb.
Racks of Lamb ......... 17c lb.
Shoulders of Lamb 10c lb.
Breast of Lamb 8c lb.
Hams, Jones' Mild Cured Cottage Hams, lb.. ... . .15c
Bacon, Jones' Mild Cured Light Bacon, lb . 22c
616 Xovejoy St., Portland, Oregon.
Salmon and Poultry Specials
In the Jones Ma-rkct, 4th and Alder, by the COLUMBIA FISH CO.
All Poultry Lb. 20c
Fancy Broilers, Fryers, Roasting Chickens. Hens,
Spring Ducks, Geese, etc.
Spring Turkeys, lb. 30. Plenty choice Squabs.
All Small Salmon, half or whole, blood red, 8? pound Fine to bake
Skamoko-wa Butter per roll ..75t
New Sauerkraut, just in per quart ..15
We Deliver. Main 5. Marshall 1
Smoke Arouses Family. Smoke !
arousea tne tamiiy 01 w... uritntn,
429 Rast Thirty-seventh street, this
morning at 2:30, when the home
caught fire. The blaze started in the
north wall from iinknown causes.
Damage amounted to $200, as quick
response of the fire fighters prevented
further damage.
California Society to Meet. The Cal
ifornia Society of Oregon will meet
next Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, In
room A of the Public library. An es
pecially unique program is being pre
pared by Dr. William b. Spencer. All
ex-resldents of the Golden State are
cordially Invited to be, present.
W. C. T. XT. Hears Report. At the
meeting of the Central W. C. T. SJ.
held Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Trim-
heartily a
dinner at Tne
land: the delicious roods nossess that zest
and flavor that satisfy the fastidious.
There are two beautiful dining places where one may
see, at almost any hour, smartly-dressed groups enjoying the
superior service of The Portland.
Breakfast, 6:30 to 12
Afternoon Tea, 3:30 to 6
Grill, Noon to 1 A. M.
G. J. Kaufmann, Manager
ii ii r -
Powers' Saturday Night Special gfl
$2.00 "Big Noise" TtT?
Alarm Clock Special
On Sale Saturday Only From 4 to 9 pi m.
We offer for this week's Saturday night special a large double
gong, big noise alarm clock. It is 10 inches high, outside diame
ter 7 inches and face 5 inches; all bright plated, with fancy em
bossed gilt dial and blued steel hands. Numerals are black enam
eled. It has a carrying handle at the top, also a double gon
with shut-off between. Each clock packed in strong carton.
One Clock to a Customer. No phone or C. O.
Orders. No Delivery.
The Saturday Night Crowds Increase
Each Saturday we are having greater response to these specials. In our Aluminum Sauce
Pan special last week, over 350 sets were carried away. Each week BIG values are offered, bet
ter, in fact, than can be secured at any other time. Make it a point to be here tomorrow, t and
always watch this space on Friday for the eood things1 to come.
Pacific Phone The Latest and Best Styles Are Here in Ladies' Home hfome Phone
Marshall 5080 1 Journal Patterns, Ten Cents and Fifteen Cents Each 1 1 j A-2112
Charges Paid on Five-Dollar Purchases Mail Orders Filled SamepaM as Received
Our Store
Daily at
8:30 a. rn.
at 9 a. m.
a , ,rTI- ,i r-'Aa"K"t
i a
M-rrY I
Our Store
- Daily at
5:30 p. m.
- Saturday
at 6 p. m
Out-of-the-Ordinary Sale Saturday
women's ana misses
New Fall Coats
Fashionable, Well-Finished Garments, Best Ma-flT A A
terials, All Colors Values to $12.50 Priced atflO.UU
The woman who welcomes clever new models in fashionable, well-finished
Coats will give hearty greetings to these chic examples, expressive of the
best ideas from leading New York makers and she will buy, for the offer
ings at this sale are quite out-of-the-ordinary. It is a special purchase of
a sample line containing some 60 Coats for women and young ladies. In
cluded are Balmacaan, belted styles in flare effects and a great many other
equally as popular models. They come in Donegal Tweeds Pebble Cloths
Mixtures Stripes Plaid and plain materials in most any wanted size
or color. You must come and see these coats in order to appreciate their
beauty and worth. Come early and secure all the advantages of IC (f
first choice from values u pto $12.50. SATURDAY AT PeJeUU
Mothers Will Be Delighted With These
Reveaab Children's Coats
Clean-Up of Broken Lines, This Season's Styles, (Pi i T
Sizes 2 to 14 Years Values to $8.90 Priced atDTTTrO
In order to immediately readjust our stock of children's Fall and Winter
Coats, we have arranged this important sale the assortment includes many
attractive styles in sizes from 2 to 14 years they come ifl Velvets, Mix
tures, Zibelines, Serges, Caracul and other materials in black, navy, brown
grey, red, Copenhagen, etc. Coats that have sold this season
first choice from values up to $12.50. SATURDAY AT
Attractive Showing' and 'Sale
of Women's Dainty Neckwear
Shown in Vests, Collars and Sets in the Newest and Best Styles Tey O C
Are Splendid Values and Are Specially Priced for This Sale at Low Fijmre muI
An unusually large and varied assortment of Women's Neckwear, including all the f ktest and best
styles in pique vests, collars and sets; also organdie vest collars and sets, as .well asii full showing
ot line owiss emDroiaered ana lace collars stilt collars and cults. All bright, new iroods
and all special values at
l Dngnt, newj yc
? ? .
An Important Underpricing of All Sorts of Trimmings-See Morrison 5t Window
Silk Bands in staple and fancy colors, in " fin
values to $1.00. On sale at I J.UL
Black Silk Loops and Frogs all styles in In.
values to 35c. On sale at lwv
Black Jet Drops in various styles, in val
ues to 35c. On sale at
Ball Fringes. Bugle Bands and fringes,
in values to 98c. On sale at -. -4
Saturday Sale of
$1.25 Leather Handbags at
$1.00 Leather Handbags on sale at
$1.00 Moire Handbags, this sale.. .
75c Leather Handbags, priced at. .
15c Coin Purses on sale at
$1.00 German Silver Vanity Cases,
$1.25 German Silver Vanity Cases,
Saturday Sale of
Fountain Pens
Reg. $1.50 and $1.25 Kfnds (Qr
Special for Tomorrow Ofily Ov
Tomorrow, as a week-end special, we place
on sale a fine lot of self-filfingijj-'ountain 1'cns.
They are shown in three different styles, with
either plain or engaved barrels. They are
the kind made to sell regularlyat $1.50 QQ
and $1.25. Priced for this sale!' at . . . . . IOL
(tnd for
Are Good Every Day of the Year
Every Occasion
Hardly a day passes that we do not receive some favorjaple comment in
regard to these corsets, and it is the verdict of the ladiesi Af Portland aDd
vicinny tnai no Detier or more siynsn corsets can De securetijiaor tne money.
Women of discretion buy corsets where the stock conipriscs many different
models, for, by so doing, they know they can be properly ited to a model
that will suit their individual figure. jj '
Our stock of Henderson Back and Front-Laced Corsets Mftinusually com
plete and includes all of the various seasonable models. . . j; ;?s
We call your special attention to Henderson Corset, Stye 504which is
unquestionably one of the newest and most stylish design that has been
offered this season. Jt is made of coutil, has a medium low but, without bon
ing over hips and is so designed to give the new natural figiji!? lines so much
in vogue. An undeniably handsome garment that appeals liii every woman
of excellent dress" attainments. Made for average figures.
Price $1.50 Onlxr
Extraordinary Values Offered at This Sale of 14 5 -Inch
Imported Batiste Flouneings
See the Display in Our Third Street Window Because 45-inch Flounahgs have not
sold as readily as expected a prominent New York importer found that he had on
hand a surplus stock of these goods and his desire for the immediate! disposal of
these embroideries prompted him to offer them to us at sensational pric concessions
Tomorrow we place the entire assortment on sale at the lowest ftgufl ever quoted
in this or any other city, for such high grade embroideries Miss this sae and you'll,
miss an extraordinary saving opportunity! You have choice from thousands of yards
of brand new embroidery flouncings that are really beautiful They exetrjjplify -the fin
est of workmanship and the most atractive new patterns and they areimade on the
finest of white batiste that alone is worth many times the price at which! the finished
"embroideries are offered at this sale They are the kind suitable for Jesses, Skirts,
chemise, combination suits, princess slips, etc. Qualities that sell in the fegular Of
way at $1.00 to $1.50 a yard On sale Tomorrow at only, yard. .H tUOC
None to dealers No phone orders- Come early and secure all the! advantages
of first choice Sale starts promptly at 8:30 -When our doors jfipen. . y