The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 18, 1914, Page 29, Image 29

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Splendid Little Farm
In Washington county, consist
inn of 1BV4 acres, about
13 acres under cultivation, bal
ance pasture; no wasbs land, no
rock or gravel. It Is all fenced.
Old house, barn and other neces
sary buildinrs. Small orchard.
Personal property: 1 span of
horses, harness and wagon, 1
buggy and harness, 6 cows, a lot
of chickens plenty of feed for
stock for winter. There are sev
eral acres of cow kale, turnips,
etc.: on cream route, in the vi
cinity of Hillsboro, on good road,
40 rods to school, splendid im
proved farms surrounding it.
will oonsider a small home in
Portland a part payment from
$1600 to J 1800. balance can run
for 4 years.
Otto & Harkson Realty Co.
133 ',4 First syeet.
( Continued)
10 acres, 1 mile from town. Has
cabin and live spring. Nice slope,
some first growth fir. Ideal for chick
ens. Over 2 acres cleared. Will sac
rifice all for J1500 and throw In 2
acres potatoes almost ready to dig.
This is some sure bargain. Half cash
will handle.
Nifty Little Place
Almost 9 acres V, mil from town.
j nearly all cleared. Small cozy bouse
and chicken house, fine water with
1 pump. You coulcfn't dream of a more
J desirable place for a chicken ranch.
uwner says "sen lor 11000, tatte
cash and balance 6. This is your
chance to get out of the rut It's on
the county road, too.
H. B. APPERSON. Rldgefleid, Wash.
97 acres in cultivation, 10 acres tim
ber, 07 acres in all, gently sloping
land; good 6 room house, well painted,
with large porch and fine shade trees
in yard: Rood "barn and old hay barn;
fin-, deep well; 2 miles on rock road j
from good Willamette valley railway
lor. ii ; milk and mail routes and phone
Hcrvlce; with the farm Is included 4
work horses, 2 younger horses, 3 cows,
1! fine hogs, chickens; all needed ma
chinery, cream separator, grain and
hay until next harvest. $89 an acre,
om terms. D. McChesney, Title &
TruHt blrig. '
About half lu cultivation. Good
buildings. Stock, feed and machinery
thrown in. mile to school. A-l dis
trict. Price $3750. $1000 cash. Bal
ance in trade or mortgage on place, i7c
303 Stock Exchange bldg.
4 80 acre stock and dairy farm: 2
miles from creamery town; has rich
bottom land that will grow alfalfa,
clover, corn and root crops and the up
lHnrl is fine for small -grain; there is
worn rolling land valuable for Its
5,000,000 feet good saw timber with
market at nearby mill; 2 fine streams
and many springs; controls outrange
sufficient for 600 cattle. Log ranch
house 2 years old and good barn; trout
fishing on the ranch. $35 an acre;
liberal terms. D. McChesney, Title &
Trust bldg.
bUR5 and 10 acre tracts' of all
cleared, deep, rich bottom land, close
to II vi town, market, schools, roads.
('' ure selling rapidly. We will fur.
60 acres under cultivation, balance
most all in good pasture, good house
and the finest barn in the county;
water piped to the buildings. 10 cows.
4 horses, 4 yearlings, 1 calf, 40 tons
hay, mower, rake, plow, wagon, hack,
disc, harrow, all small tools, all the
tools and stock are the best. Price
$2250 for the personal property and
$500 rent half in advance. The best
of land; good location.
E. F, Gilbert
101 Washington St., Vancouver, Wash.
NEAR Oswego. 6 hi miles Yamhill
market, 12 acres, fine early garden
land: 5 room new house, small barn.
chicken house and well: fine for chick
ens or cabbage: rent $15 per month, or
sell easy terms. Atwater, 402 Lewis
oiag. ts-eibi.
TEN acres on Sif'ton carline. 5c fare,
outside city limits of Vancouver,
Wash. Good house and outbuildings.
7 acres cultivated; rent $10 per month.
xi-noo journal.
A snan for an honest industrious
man. W ill rent place by the month
and sell tools on time. Little money
nisi! you with cattle and lumber, also I required. E-420. Journal.
OCA afro unrur ranch. 840 cu'tlvated.
400 in summer fallow, ready to seed,
trood drilled well, gasoline engine.
pump and tank and several springs,
room piasterea nuue, Bfs
outbuildings, 1 mile to R. R. station
and shipping point. Will exchange
equity tor nouses ana lots . or nw
clear vacant lots, balance long time
u acres. una oi uwcqv "i'"
Improved Alberta Farm
$12,000; any good Oregon or Wash
ington property considered.
960 acre farm, Sherman county, $24,
000; consider other good property to
- 1520 acre farm, 400 summer fallow,
price $15 per acre; consider trade to
$15,000, balance to suit.
Unimproved wheat land, fine quality,
$15 per acre, on hi crop payments;
write or. call and get particulars.
ov acre rarm, 300 m wneat, good
(Continued) .
For good equities in several moder
ately priced houses. Ask about them.
606-607 Ycoja Bldg.
I HAVE good Portland propertr to
trade for wheat ranch or farm near
Portland. Owner. W-64, Journal.
WILL trade good timber claim, close
to Portland, for equity in good city
property. Phone Sellwowt 1840.
24 Acres
All good soil, located about
30 miles south of Portland and
only 14 miles to good town and
electric line, 5 room house, fur
nished, barn and outbuildings,
family orchard, small fruit. 3
acres loganberries. 3 acres gen
uine beaverdam; horse, 2 Jer
sey cows, chickens, feed and all
the farm implements go with
the place. Will take part in
trade, must have few hundred
cash. H
Dorr E, Keasey & Co,
2nd Floor Chamber of Commerce.
L. K, Moore
317 Board of Trade.
places in Dundee district, all in culti- farming outfit. $30 per acre; consider
vatlon. all ienceo. goou wen, iuun i : '
plastered house, barn, chicken house,
100 chickens, 3 cows and heifer, good
horse, wagon and harness, buggy, plow,
harrow and ail small tools and imple
ments; 1 acre 4-year-old orunes. also
bearing family, orchard and lhi acres
loganberries, some otner iruns i"
hrrifi. will take housn and lot in
Newberg or McMinnville to $1250, bal
ance easy terms.
150 acre Oklahoma rancn, improves,
near Guthrie, for Portland or Oregon
10 acres, near Vancouver, Washing
ton; some improvements; for good lots
or small, house and lot at Ashland,
Mediord,' or urants rass.
lo nrj-es. timber. Clackamas county.
Will consider good house and lot.
Chittenden & NeilL
310 Oak Street.
20 ACRE highly improved farm near
Orenco, 14 miles from. electric sta
tion; good buildings, hot and cold
water in the house. Trade for Portland
Good 8 room bungalow, bath and
toilet, fireplace, 50x200 ft. lot, barn
and chicken yard, one of the best resi
dence districts in Hillsboro. Will
trade for Portland residence.
New 6 room modern home in Hills
boro, on paved street. Will trade for
Portland residence.
160 acres. 3 million feet," Washings
ton county, with fair house. To ex
change for Portland residence. Baird,
432 Chamber of Commerce.
100 acres at Tigardville on Capital
highway, choice Improvements.
124 acres extra well improved, 15
minutes east of Canby, 4 R. R. depots
1 mile and less, fine peach orchard.
1182 acre grain and stock ranch, 4
miles wesUof Condon, Or. All stocked.
See owner. H. Grebe, Tigard, Or.
2 BEAUTIFUL acres to exchange for
a bungalow. What have you? Geo.
E. Weller. Tabor 1048 and 2642.
GOOD eastern farms for exchange;
residence property for farms.
Chance & Kraack, 142 2d st.
ESTABLISHED cash business, ex
change for lot, diamonds or auto.
Main 8909.
CLEAR Portland lots, to exchange for
well located timber claims. 603 De
kum bldg.
WHAT will you exchange for
equity in modern bungalow?
-0 ACRE, improved, with stock, feed,
implements, for Portland residence.
311 Alisky bldg.
SIX room house for 5 to 10 acres near
electric line. 2056 Madison St.
WANT apartment or rooming house
for real estate. Owner, Main 9130.
BECK has 1397 select EXCHANGES.
301-302 Railway Exchange Building.
NOTICE the size of this lot, 60x105
with 3 room house, woven wire fence,
fruit, berries. I want team, wagon,
harness and $100. Owner. 202 Ger
linger bldg.
160 acres near Mist. 5 room house
and bam. 15 acres cleared, 25 partly
cleared. baL good timber. . Trade for
house or small farm near Portland.
205 Madison st.
100x160 AND 4 room plastered house,
12 bearing fruit trees, berries, chick
en house and run, garden; price $2500,
mortgage $1360; makefile an offer on
equity. 301-2 Lumbennens bldg.
A MONEY MAKING business to ex
change for your mortgage, contract,
auto or real estate. Call and see and
talk it over with me. G. L. Webb, 414
E. Stark st.
PORTLAND income property, wjit
ranch up to $10.o00: prefer wheat
land. Portland residence. $800, clear,
want property at or near Tampa, Fla.
Cbas. W. Car. 219 Board of Trade bid.
6 ROOM bungalow, up to date, Rosa
City Park. 1 block from car. New
5 pass. Ford car, trade; want 10 to 25
acres, well improved. W-251, Journal.
109 ACRES Joining the town of Wash-
ougal. Wash., want Portland prop
erty; make us an offer. 301-2 Lumber-
mens clog.
SEVEN room house, Lents, for small
er house closer in. zuo .Madison st
BECK has 1397 select EXCHANGES.
301-302 Railway Exchange Building.
Will trade any part or all of nay
stock (paying 12 per cent yearly div
idends) In large, growing automobile
concern, for stock or wheat farm.
Opportunity for farmer or son to be
come active or otherwise. - R-456,
Four good clear lots in good east
ern Oregon town on railroad to trade
for clear beach lot in Tillamook or
Yaquina bay. Win. Fitxgerald, The
Dalles. Or.
EXCHANGE for valley property, 200
acres in Billings county. North Da
kota. 110 acres in cultivation, good
house, barn, coal house. well and
spring, all good soil. Write for par
ticulars. Walker & Mason, 327 Lyon
St., Albany, Or.
1)800 240 acre wheat ranch,
Sherman' Co., 6 miles from
Grsss Valley. 23J under-culti- ;
vajpon, black loam soil. no
mortgage. Take half cash or '
hai? trade. 2 to 5 years on bal
ance, 7 per cent.
i&ave first mortgage $2600 at -8
fer cent on $8500 property; V
alas; 80 acres of land in Minne
sota; $3000, as first payment on
ranch, 80 to 160 acres. Like -plaefe
Ddrr E. Keasey & Co, -
2d Floor Chamber of Commerce Bld&
jl Ask for Barr,
OUR client orders us to sell for cash
or exchange for clear property what
it will bring an unusually well lo
cated piece of trackage on east side
Will give you a great bargain. Co
Operative Realty Co., 603 Pekum bldg
8 ACRES near Oregon Electric, im
proved and stocked. $3000; $350
mortgage; will trade equity for unin
cumbered Portland property. Gill &
Dnfur. 315 Ablngton bldg.
BECK has 1397 select EXCHANGES.
301-302 Railway Exchange Building.
TO EXCHANGE for valley ranch. 20
acres, 2 U miles from Dillard, Doug-
los cotjnty. Or.. 12 acres fine bearing
apple iirchord and 7 acres of prune
orchard set one year ago, good new
house hd barn, also 300 peach trees
and 6Q1 pear trees. hi mile to school,
store and blacksmith shop, all stock
and tfinls with the nlace. also crOD of
apple, and some feed- fine neighbor
hood wnd beautiful location. Prica
$5600;?want about equal value. Walker
& Mafon, 337 Lyon st., Albany, or.
SIX i pom modern house, Vancouver.
Trake for Portland house. 205
MadltjEtj st.
" Continued on Vest Page)
160 ACRES, by owner, slightly im
proved, yellow pine timber; 2 new
mills near; best soil and climate;
easy clearing; developed district; 4
miles from Klickitat, on S. P. & 8.
Ry. $6000, mortgage $1644. Want
small partly improved ranch west of
Cascades. Y-798. Journal.
ork 'close to nronerty ieoinK wages); IFOR RENT 14 acre dairy, hiehlv im
you can't help making good from start proved, new buildings, 1 mile from
with our assistance; several houses i Portland, mile south of Gilbert
now building, Improved farms adjoin- station. Estacada line. R. H. Walls.
ing; price $60 to $175 per acre, easy FOR RENT4 acre8i furnished house,
terms Open Sunday afternoon See cilicken yardSi near Oregon Electric
sample of soil. 5J6 Corbett bldg. , station. Main 4823.
All tillable land in Yamhill county;
good soil; over 20 acres now ih cul
tivation Including 4 acre orchard, bal
ance easily cleared and now good pas-
lure; 4 room house and barn full of;
hav, piped water from springs; team, !
cow, 2 heifers freshen soon, 3 hogs j
hikI chickens; farm machinery and I
crop Included. $3200. Terms. D. Mc-
hesney. Title Trust bldg. j
M) acres, t
good town a
160 ACRES east Oregon City, about- hi
in cultivation; well watered; orch
ard; owner, 431 Lumber Exchange.
FOR RENT 6 acres with small house,
in South ML Tabor. Tabor 4323.
TL'ili .... 1 ...... -n m
nd Prlnw,v: YaShfli ; Mock (Paying 12 Per cent early
"dIalLw.?L,yJmhJn.i.rP- dividends! in large, growing automo
bile concern, for stock or wheat farm.
Opportunity for farmer or son to be
come active or otherwise.. R-456,
I U'ANT a good farm, all improved:
This surely sounds attractive, if there
Is any considerable portion in cultiva
tion; the soil good and land lays well.
Well, it is all this, and certain that it
cansot be duplicated in the Willam
ette Valley. Party forced to sell. No
trmle Good terms. Geo. E. Waggoner,
R 05 Yeon bldg.
160 acres, $0 an acre; first class
land; water on the tract to irrigate en
tire place; 20 acres' plowed; can clear
nd plow balance for $5.50 per acre;
only 4 miles from good R. R. town.
Everything grown on this land that
I will trade a 10 room modern hout
and one 5 rtiora and two 4 room cot
tages; all clear, for a good farm; must
be on good auto road and not more
than 25 miles from Portland. See J.
H. Nash, at 723 Chamber of Commerce
, bldg. Office hours, 10 to 4 p. m.
30 acres under cultivation, 40 acres
slashed and seeded, 14 million feet
good timber. Place has good 8 room
house, 30x64 barn, windmill and full
set of outbuildings. There are 5
horses, 8 cows, 18 head of young
stock, a sow and litter, and a com
plete set of farm implements includ
ing power saw. Is only a mile from
2 railroads. 10 miles from Oregon City,
on 2 good roads with Molalla river
frontage. Owner will exchange clear of
incumbrance for Portland property.
Price $19,000. What have you?
CALLAN & KASER, 722-24 Yeon bldg.
MANSFIELD, Wash-, 200 acres good
wheat land, 176 acres in crop; $20
per acre.
Spokane, 2 acres, near carline; chick
en ranch, house, barn; also 160 acres
near Newport; house, barn, 20 acres
cleared; 1,000,000 ft timber; $20 per
Thompson Falls, Mont., 63 acres Irri
gated land; 35 acres cleared; want
auto, diamonds, apartment house, resi
dence. 621 Northwestern Bank bldg.
Main 2316.
FINE country home at Oswego, three
acres in cultivation, all kinds of
fruit and berries, fine view; 30 min
utes' auto drive; good 7 room house.
oatn, touet, not and cold water, gar
age. Want Portland house, good loca
tion. H. Atwater. 402 Lewis bldg.
Phone Marshall 3297, B-6161.
Roomiog Moose:
; -
A Diversified List of Business Opportunities Is Continually Offered in These Columns
Owner of furniture and lease
large hotel, centrally located, showing
a monthly profit of $300 and valued
at $8500, wants to exchange same for
partly Improved 100 to 200 acre farm
and will pay balance in cash. 612
Royal bldg. Broadway and Morrison.
Owner will trade 52 room apartment
house, completely furnished and al
most full of roomers, for clear city
property. Fine location; cheap rent.
Price only $2000. 512 Royal bldg.
We have for exchange
Houses, Lots, Farms, Acreage,
Rooming Houses, Groceries, Hardware,
Dairy and Wheat ranches, Timber land.
Many more good propositions.
Garland & Lind, 191 4th st.
One acre and a beautiful modern 7
room home in South Mount Tabor 1
block from car, and 1 block from Hoff
man school, to exchange, for an im-
WE CAN SELL OR TRADE. proved farm, not over 25 miles from
T vrui wish tn sell vnni real estate ! Portland. J-363. Journal.
for cash or trade for other property, it j 42 acres, unincumbered, well improved
Exceptional Bargains
In Rooming Houses
50ftOOMS. $3000.
All modern, hot and cold water, steam
heat, riasonable rent. Will trade for
good city property and soma cash.
40 ROOMS, $2250.
Guaranteed clearing $150 per month,
fine transient location. $800 cash will
handle this.
Will trade for good city property.
Steam heat, clears $200 a month.
Property must be worth the money.
Price $4500.
16 ROOMS, $600.
Furnace heat, rent only $20, elears
never less than $50 per month. Owner
leaving city and must sell.
Elegant home and clearing about $50
a month. Must be sold this week.
Price $650.
6 1 8-619 Yeon bldg. Main 481.
Bargain No, 2
11 room rooming house, steam beat,
hot and cold water in rooms; will
sruarantee it to be cleanest place ij
city, cheap rent; located in White
Temple district. Price for all $280.
Peters. 15 N. 5th st.
(Continued) .
Bargain No. 1
44 room rooming house, nice brick,
hot and cold water in all rooms, big
closets all rooms, call bells in all
rooms, hot water heat all rooms; hard
wood finish and newly tinted; rent
only $7-5. This is one of the most
modern hotels in the city, nicely fur
nished, neat and clean as a pin; loca
tion where rooms are easy to rent.
This place is well worth $3000, but as
I cannot handle it, the first one comes
gets the whole thing for $800; terma
iiee my agent at Peters. 1 5 N. 5th st
Can You Beat This? Look!
10 room ape house, 2 2-room, ! S
room apts., woodwork white enamel,
2 baths, close in. good turn. gas.
stoves, Dutch kitchens and sinks,"
closets. Worth double amt. asked.
C. L. GODDARD. 408 Orllnger bldg.
Improved Half Acre, Trade
4 room house, barn, chicken hotuu,
200 chickens, fruit trees, berries.
Price, $1100. Mt. Tabor, 6c fare.
C. L. GODDARO, 408 Gerlinger bldg.
will nav vou to see us for Quick re
sults. 19 years' successful business
is our guarantee for a square deal.
515 Gerlinger bldg Main 2801.
HAVE constant 'calls for Willamette
valley farms, particularly those with
can be raised in temperate zone. Will stock and equipment, 40 to 160 acres.
sell uart at t-ame price. Call 5908 72d owners snouia write v. jviccnesney,
Here's Some Offer Trade
Vln onroa annlea nnd nftara S miles
of Hood River, on Pacific Highway. 7 j 800 acres cultivated, 400 acres sum
farm, including full eouinment of
stock, grain, feed and implements.
Near S. P. , station and convenient to
Portland. $8750. Take $3000 residence
and mortgage for balance. Geo. E.
Englehart Co., 211 Lumbermens bldg.
nt. R. PV Tahor 1 50.
. $1 2.-50 per acre. 36 miles east of
Portland and 165 miles south, on right
of way of Natron cutoff of Southern
Pacific. Good for alfalfa and clover.
hogs, turkeys and stock farming
Title & Trust bldg. Give full par
ticulars, especially as to stock and improvements.
room house, highly improved, worth
110.000. Will accept J3oyo nouse ana
lot for it subject to $2450 mortgage.
Snap. 502 Couch blag.
5 room bungalow, modern Price
$4000; mtg. $800. long time. Wants 40
8 1 acres with improvements, stock and
cres for 11000: terms. $40 down. $20 i implements. Will assume to $2000.
per month, no Interest, to first 50 pur- i CALLAN & KASER, 722 Yeon Bldg.
chasers. 40 acres at same rate. Hunter FARMER with stock wants 50 acres
Land Co.. 602 Title & Trust bldg. j or more partly cleared for term of
40 ACRES CHEAP. years, house and good barn; pay first
20 acres In cultivation, 10 acres more 1 year's rent clearing land; prefer place
can be plowed with little expense; all with timber suitable for cordwood. J.
rich soil; no rock; place well fenced ' B8 Journal.
small ' buildings and orchard; cowb. Yo RENT Small farm, cash or
horses, chickens, crops and complete , Bhares, with privilege to green crop,
line of equipment; located 1 miles i fertilized; soil adapted for potatoes;
from railroad town, Washington coun- I give terms, location, etc; no agents,
ty. price for quick sale $2750; about M-218. Journal. .
'- C";,kbaHTICT ilHenrv bide A FARM. 10 to 20 acres, with privilege
. " . K. H1LU, 41 rtenry DIOg. f r,i,rV,o 4 .itlof.Ftnrv Mini
have house and barn and suitable for
raising chickens. Address T-2-50. Jour-
All river bottom land. Close to nal.
Portland. 50 acres open ground. 80 , wt.' want cnnA rarm nrtee Hirh
head stock all kinds, all implements, on reasonable terms. Write or call
sood .-room house barn, outbuilding, j n(1 see us. Chittenden & Neill, 310
' '? d f..rn TA"181"' complete $20,-. Cak St., Portland, Or.
' $10,000 cash. Might take some -- . Trr -tts T ., r y-
irade. This is first class. 310 Stock ; WANTED Good farm. Well located.
Exchange. j Give description and price. From
i owner uiny. oactrc, mj.. tot, uciisu.
Fully equipped mill with good water
power and 840 acres of timber, all
enced. good sale ior ail lumoer at
mill. This is a bargain at a sacrifice
price, with terms. Apply Earl Mc
Kain. The Dalles, Or.
ALE, exchange; bungalow court lot
in Los Aneeles: mtar. 11400. Want
stock ranch western Oregon to $6500.
Cash $2000. Will add Canada land lor
larger deal. B. Monroe, Bremerton,
120 Acre 'Dairy Ranch
WILL clear and improve land for use
of same lor term oi years. J-4av
WANTED Man with wife, son or
daughter or friends, who will take
three timber claims, 4,000,000, 6,000
000, 1,060,000 and buy my
timber claim of 1,000,000. Wm. H
Smith. Island City. Or.
on county road near Winlock, Wash..' ; RANCH near city, with stock and
lndudlne house and furniture, barn I equipment on shares. 8 years' ex-
and outbuildings, horse, harness, wa. 1 Penence. G-Z16, Journal.
gon, Duggy, cows, calves, chickens, pig,
farming and garden tools, hay for win
ter's feeding; winter's supply of wood;
fall crou in. $2700: terms. YX-797.
Journal. !
FORTSALE 480 acres in Lincoln Co,
2 small houses, 15 acres -on bottom,
50 acres of balance could be farmed;
rest rough pasture land. Will take
$20 per acre. Might take clear prop
erty in exchange for first payment.
Balance time, at 7 per cent. County
road runs through place. Address
Owner, box 69, Gaston. Or.
D AIRY ranch. Best buy in Lincoln
Co. 160 acres. 100 acres tillable,
4d acres best creek bottom land, bal
ance bench. 15 acres meadow. Old
bu ildinEi'. county road, good stream, 2
miles to Toledo, county seat. $4600;
$500 down, balance to suit, 6. C. G.
North. Newport, Or
FOR SALE 25 acres of good fertile
land, 3'i miles west of Yamhill: 8
acres cleared and plowed, new cabin
and chicken house, well; terms $65 per
ai re; or will make good proposition for
partner In chickens and hogs. Inquire
4 91 G ree nwood ave., city.
'40 ACRES. 2 miles from R. R. and sta
tion; Ktnali house, good well and
upriiig. It acres cleared, some fencing,
best of soil, no rock or gravel, price
jtl&OO: $500 rash, balance terms..
Room 16. 23 2Vt Washington St.
WANT $50,000 worth of good timber.
well located, in exchange for rood
vacant Portland property and some
trackage, free from incumbrances, byj
Pekum bldg.
TIMBER for sale, 1 billion feet of
choice red wood, no Detter location,
can sell reasonable. Walker & Mason,
327 Lyon St.. Albany, or.
WANTED Timberland east of moun
tains. Will trade acreage or lots for
Bame. Parker, 502 Corbett bldg.
CLEAR Portland lots to exchange for
well located timber claims. 603 De-
kum bldg.
I Fine view of the Columbia river and
I city of Portland. Splendid road to
I the place. 1 mile from school, 4 miles
from boat landing and R. K. station
K. D. and teiepnone. Good 6 room
0 ACRLS, best of soil, all tillable, v,-,,-. ,.
i and chicken house. Plenty of fine
pure cold water. All good iana. o
acres in Spitzenberg and Newtown ap
Dles. 3. 6 and 7 years old. 1200 in full
bearing now and balance will be in
full bearing in 3 vears. Z5 cherries.
r.TO snap. 40 acres, 3 miles north of 25 peaches, 25 pears, 800 prunes, or-
i oieuo, county sai. z acres creea i chard in A-l snape; careo ror Dy spe
bottom cleared, balance bench and cialist. This orchard will pay $10,000
ide hill, half tillable, some timber, j per year in two years and is so located
in clear; good springs and running wa
ter and on county road, 3H miles rrom
R. It.; price $3 0 per acre; one third
ash. balance to suit 232 hi Washing
i n st.. room 16.
srood road. $750.
.Newport, Or.
terms. C. G. North,
iyr.pi i uuy in eastern Oregon, 243 acre
Malheur valley alfalfa and grain
ranch; good water right and near good
town; good dairy or stock ranch, $65
p-r acre. See Afr. Tregaskis, Imperial
"otyl. Monday or Tuesday.
fcO ACRES 5 miles R, R. and boat
landing, improved; team and ma
chinery, hay. $4500: clear. Will ac
cept $15oO equity In lots, house or
Krocery; ntue casn; oaiance long
time, uwn
Tf-r, Box 97, Castlerock, Wash.
320 acres, 8 mllej from Pendleton,
all in summer fallow, rented this year;
lair buildings; abundant water. Price
$30 an acre, easy terms. Luedde
mann Co., 913 Chamber of Commerce.
they never have a failure. Owner will
guarantee a crop every year and to
show his faith in the orchard will take
$5000 cash and balance $5000 in two
years and 4j,oou crop payments, all 6
611 Main st Vanconver. Wash.
I CAN locate you on 320 acres level
land, Harney county, for 25c per
acre. This Includes automobile trip
from Bend and return, x-ts, Journ a
HOMESTEAD reiinquisnment near
Portland for sale or trade. Main
$150 equity, 5 room -house and lot, for
$100. Near school. $950, payable
$10 month, Including 6 interest. Al
ko 1 60 acres Wasco Co. for sale cheap.
owner. 3521 65th St.. S. Ej
FOR SALE 80 acres fine soil, $16 per
acre. Timber will pay for land. 16
miles from Vancouver. 182 Alns worth
ave. Woodlawn 1242.
160 ACRE farm for sale. Central Ore
gon; $500 cash, $1000 in trade. Write
for particulars. Carl McGhee, Prine
ville, Or.
I ATTRACTIVE home, 5 rooms, bunga
low type, nz -Biast 3tn St., near
Washington, full cement basement,
attic large enough for 4 rooms and
sleeninr Dorch. fireplace, fine fir fin
lsh, lot 464x200, garage, chieken park,
fruit trees, price $4500. $1000 cash.
$700 trade, anything that could be
used on farm, balance monthly. S. S
or Mt. Tabor cars. H. L. -Stevens
Tabor 3230 or East 1945.
10V acres Yamhill Co. Part cleared.
. bal. timber. 5 room house, barn,
some stock. Price $4000,' Terms. 205
Madison st. .
$460 EQUITY. 5 room cottage, electric
lignts, gas. targe Dasement, soxiuo
lot, 4 blocks from Waverly-Richraond
car, balance $1350 payable $15 month
ly. Will trade for cheap lot or equity
or farm team, tools or cows; would
pay some cash: am leavlnsr city. H.
I Stevens, Tabor 3230 or East 1915.
TO EXCHANGE Country property
renting for $25 Per month, for stock
of eoods to about $3000 or $3500 value
or will trade same for good farm land.
Agents need not answer. xjs--oi.
960 acres Adams couny, Washington;
0 acres cultivated. 400 acres sum
mer fallow, fair buildings, plenty of
water. Price $30 an acre. Will take
valley farm up to $15,000 long time on
balance. Lueddemann Company, 913
Chamber of Commerce.
WOULD you invest $500 if you were
sure of clearing $80 per month? If
so look up this 26 room place. Rent
$80. Furnace heat, extra well fur
nished and thoroughly clean. Make
your own investigation. Call 249 4th
18 Room Apt., $575, Terms
Close in. no attic or basement apts.,
clean too to bottom. 2 baths and
toilets, rent $50. Worth dowble price
C. L. GODDARD, 408 Gerlinger bldg
f ContlanedJ
Sanitary Beauty Shop
And millinery. First-class, new and
complete in all modern details. In
spection desired. Reasonable. Mil
linery optional. Parties leaving city.
646 Washington st. $
A SUBSTANTIAL interest in oldest
established high class mercantile ln
stition on Puget sound can be secured
by a capable" business man who can
assume active part in management.
This business bas made several for
tunes and is capable of making many
more; at least $20,000 cash and not to
exceed $35,000 required. Address prin
cipals direct, care 1L Erwln French,
P. O. Box 1902, Seattle. Wash.
V; (Continued)
mig. company f
s man that is ,
' the business I
s great deal I
it events and -1
Do u Want to Sell
Your Business
And sell it quickly and profitably? If
so, call or. phone as and wa will tell
you how.
618-619 Yeon bldg. Main'al.
Bargain of Your Life
15 rooms. Rent $30. Furnished fov
housekeeping suites. Income $96
month. Price $125. Terms. Hurry-
502 Conch bldg.
FOR EXCHANGE or sale, nearly new
bungalow, 4 rooms finished down
stairs, room for 3 above; small pay
ment down, $20 or more per month;
would take 5 passenger car $500 to
$800, Ford preferred, as first pay
ment. Price $2350. T-247, Journal.
$375 BUYS the best 14 room house,
fine location, electricity, gas, fur
nace, all housekeeping, rent $4 5, lease
11 UCOHU, 11'. V ..IMl.'l .".'Vll, . ' w "
at 410 Jefferson; $150 down, balance
to suit buyer. Y-80. lournal.
ONE new 5 room house and one S
room house and three lots In Van
couver and two choice lots in Leba
non, all clear of incumbrance, to ex
change for furniture or other busl-
22 IL K. rms. Splendid west side cor
ner. Rent $55. Especially clean
and extra well furnished. Clears over
170 ter month. Price J1000. Very easy
terms. Yates, 249 4th st, near city
o ACRE farm, 8 miles irom Van
couver. Wash., 13 acres in cultiva
tion, good orchard, fine soil, no rock.
good buildings, win traoe equity ior
house or lots. J. H. Mariels, 28 4 Oak.
Five rooms, bath, toilet, hot and cold
water, gas, electric lights, concrete
foundation, uutcn Kitcnen, rruit trees
and berries, close to car. Want close
in acre. Owner, Tabor 2430. -
rthU.NKOKCfc.lJ concrete garage and
stable. 50x100. two stores and base
ment good location, to exchange for
farm. W. H. Seita & Co, 310 Spalding
bldg. Main 6584.
ROOMING house. 10 rooms, fine loca
tion, all housekeeping, well furnished
and clean; rent only ?2 montn. trice,
l i a r rr -1 C A v
nt I. aim,, eiiQUoinr.M Tv,n- compile, 40u. lerum,
137 Vajicnuvpr Wush j Many more snaps.
Vancouver, vvasn. nim i vn r rvn iei tiv, mt
24 acres; 12 acres cleared; 200 young i
fruit trees, small building, mile I
nortn of North Bank depot, vvashou
gaL Wash. $3000 cash or trade for
suitable house and lot near Killings-
worth ave. Columbia 10.
10 Ms ACRE fruit ranch, free water
right; close to electric line between
Walla Walla and Milton, near Free
water. Exchange for Portland; $7000.
Will divide. Address G. A. W, P. O.
Box 278. Hillsboro, Or.
7 ROOM house on west side at $5000,
exchange for farm east or city or
Eagle creek district; will assume
$1500. IC). D. E. Keasey Co, 2d
iloor cnamner oi commerce.-
TO EXCHANGE 20 lots, clear of In
cumbrance. Knappa, cax, and casn.
for house' and lot in Portland. Tabor
TEN acres Pleasant Home. 4 acres
cultivated, balance pasture, no mma-
lncs. creek. What have you? Smith
& Honck, 301 Henry bldg.
10 ACRES near Medford, fine fruit.
under ditch, house, farm and fruit
for Portland property. 206 Stock Ex-
cnange biog.
TWO nice view lots, Toledo, Or. 150
feet from main street, race zoo.
Will trade for team or Ford auto. C
G. North, Newport, Or.
EXCHANGE for acreage or lots, pre
fr the "Peninsula, north of Vancouver
ave., or will sell, 8 room house, 100x100
lot, with barn. Call Woodlawn 1593.
SUBURBAN business property to ex
change for farm or acreage; large
corner lot with two story building. G.
Webb, 414 E. Stark st.
WILL exchange 160 acres timber for
good restaurant, confectionary, gro
cery or any good business. Lock box
426, city. '
Trade It, Don't Wait
. If you can't sell what you have,
trade for what you want. Wide awake
hustlers. 502 Couch bldg.
760 acres south of Olex; 670 acres
In cultivation, 6 room house and other
improvements. This is a bargain at
the price. Will take good trade. R.
F. Feemster. 309 Ablngton bldg.
160 ACRES Umber, 4,000,000 ft, in
Lincoln county; also house and lot
in Portland for improved dairy farm;
must be close to good town and
schools; no agents; owners only. H.
i. o., lis Ememon st, .Portland, Or.
17 Rooms, $600 Snap
Clean as can be; good furniture; al
ways full, must be sold; you can't
beat It. Call 83 10th St., near Stark.
16 Rooms, Strictly Modem
Furnished throughout in new mahog
any, oak, bird s-eye maple. Kent $35.
Price $500. Terms. Half price. 502
Couch bldg.
48 Rooms, $850
Brick bldg., steam heat, water all
rooms, furnished at cost of $4500. Rent
$65. Some snap. Can't help but make
good. 603 coucn bidg.
WHEN you answer these Want Add,
mention The Journal.
OLD established and good paying
launch business, running between
Kelso. Wash., and Rainier. Or con
sisting of launch Eaaem, length 65 ft,
beam 11 ft., 45 h. p. Imperial engine,
alio North Star, length 34 it., beam 8
ft, 12 h. p. Standard engine, and Float.
Will sell cheap if taken at once. Call
or address F. J. Horbach. Kelso. Wash.
I WILL sell one-half interest in tny
motion picture -film mfg. company (
ior utu to a good live man that is
capable ox looking after
end oJrit. I am doine
of wVk in local current
for the-state. Took the Joe Knowlts. Have this year's exclusive I
pictures of the Walla Way Frontier I
Days find atate rlrhts can be sold for
a oig1 price, can ana see me at so
nttogx block.
MAIL. ORDER MEN Would you lite
to iThow how 61 successful mail or- J
der men do business, get business, hold
business? Especially if these men tell
you tr air own experience in their own
words,: The Mail Order Business
BuilqVr gives you such information i
direct from these men's private office.
Send-i)ime for' sample copy of this
fiage .nagazine. Randolph Rese, Pub-',
inhere 119 Pine St.. Chattanooga. Teen.
rs4r. class transfer business in one
of the: best cities In Oregon. Doing ,
a goo(f business of an average of $v
per daV. Owner is a law yer and can- -
not attend to it and will aril or might
take some income property in ex- f
change. For further information call
or address. J. Gorbett & Co., 216 7Ui
street. Oregon CI ty, Or.
$4000 buys motion picture theatre and
vaudeville in live valley town of
6000 'population. Seats 400. The
building Is concrete, brick, and steam'
heated. Built especially for th .busi
ness. iThls is without a doubt the bet
show house on. the market today. Come
and Investigate. 650 Pittock block. J
DO YOU wish to know why there is
soon going to be a bigger than ever
mining boom in southern Oregon
Do you wish to know of some excel
lent properties you can get at low
prices before the boom comes? There
are several well opened up. They are
owned by people unable to equip for
large scale development. C A. Mo
Lemore, Medford. Or.
Picture Shows
Are you looking for one? If so,
better see ns, as we have all the best
paying houses that are -for sale both
in Portland and all parts of the 8 tat;
also in Washington.
618-61!) Yeon bldg. Main 4 81.
Grocery, Invoice $1900
Location A-L rent $25; doing good
business; clean stock; Investigate, be
Very best reasons for selling.
Dandy little store handling full line
confections, cigars, tobacco, fruit, soda
water, ice cream, stationery, maga
sines, etc; good trade. You can con
vince yourself this is all right if you
will take the trouble to look it up.
owner, Manor 2430.
HAIF value, 8 acres, with 8 room
house, all garden land, right in
the town of Kearney, Neb, to trade
for Portland property. See owner, J.
H. Nash, at 723 Chamber of Com
merce bldg.. 10 to 4 p. m.
IN fertile Sacramento valley, Califor
nia, small farm for sale on easy
terms, or exchange for property la or
near Portland, or acreage ba central
Oregon. Address 49 E. 10th st N.
WIH dispose of my rooming; bouse,
nine rooms, rented at all times, house
netting 180 per month, phone Owner,
Marshall 3019 for appointment to
go through house.
94 ROOM apartment house. Strictly
modern fireproof bulling. Rent
$350. Located on Washing. on st, easy
walking distance Price $3500. Yates,
Z49 4tn et, near city nan.
ROOMING houseS rooms. One loca
tion, rent only$50 month; all light
rooms, good money maker, well fur
nished and clean; price, all complete,
$550. Call 191 4th st.
FOR. SALE 30 rooms, modern brick,
steam heat, all outside rooms, cheap
rent, rooms full; snap, $1500 cash. T-
237, Journal. -
TIMlll'D o In TlllamnnV . 1 I
ue $3000, clear, to trade for Portland
property. Owner with Dorr E. Keasey
& Co, 2nd floor Chamber of Commerce.
TO TRADE 10 acres at Tigard;
house, barn, and outbuildings, stock
and crop. Will take house and lot up
to $2000; some casn. m-11, journal.
J3 ROOM anartment house on W. Park
and Tavlor to exchange for house
and lot. Phone A-5306. T-271, Jour
rtOOM house, large lot, clear, for
southern California improved acre
c 311 Alisky bid,
Will sell $2500 equity in business
corner for $2000; might consider part
trade or easy terms. P. O. box 1122,
22 rooms, beautiful furniture, good
carpets, nicely decorated. Rent $55.
Mostly FL K. A real snap, $50. 310
stock -tlx change.
E-VCHANGE for Ford, 6.43 acres, 2hi
miles from Yamhill, Ihi from elec
tric station; adjoins Bishop Scott acad
emy. All cleared. F. E. Seacbxest,
832 Chamber of Commerce.
IF your real estate has value and yon
want to make a good exchange for
Other property, see us. Bell Real Es-
tate Co.. 318 Railway Exchange bldg.
WILL exchange some very desirable
unincumbered city property for a
good farm near Portland. Owner 206
Stock Exchange.
MODERN cottage in St. Louis, Mo.
Will exchange for bungalow in Port
land. $3100. Marshall 2209.
135x200 A miniature farm; 5 room
' cottage, barn, chicken houses, large
and small fruit. Sellwood 1230.
WANT country store $3000 to $4000,
have clear property and cash. Owner,
no agents. 373 E. 11th.
10 acres, some timber, water on
place; owners only. T-259, Journal.
TWO clear lots on west side, $3000
will exchange for modern S or 6
room bungalow on east ide. A. J.
Farmer, 407 Stock Exchange.
27 ROOMS, 2 blocks from P. O, A-l
furniture, steam heat. This Is a
snap, worth $1500. Owner forced to sell.
Price $750. half cash. Call 88 10th
Kt, near Stark.
10 ROOM apartment house, close in.
fine location. $250, half cash, bal
ance monthly. Call at 330 th street.
Mo nday,
SMALL rooming house, furnished, or
will sell furniture. Mice home.
Modern. 622 Delay st, cor. Morris.
Take L car.
Store at Half Its Value
Light grocery, confectionary, cigars,
delicatessen, lunches, etc, 2 lovely
living rooms furnished. Good busi-
ness. Worth $800. Whole price, $400.
Invoices $700. 502 Couch bldg.
$300 buys cigar stand and confection
ary. This is about 60c on trie aoi
lar of the stock and fixtures. 2 liv
ing rooms. Rent $35 month. Present
owner has been in this same place oi
business- 11 years. Compelled to quit
on account or in ness. 6uu pittock bix.
A MANUFACTURER wants state man
agers to establish office and man
age salesmen, no competition; should
pay $3000 to $15,000 annually; $300 to
$700 will finance business; you handle
own money. Address Manager,
Fisher bldg.. Chicago, 111.
I Can Save You Money
If it is trades., we can match you.
We demonstrate, quick action and
square dealing. Main 3902.
C. L. GODDARD, 408 Gerlinger Mdg.
DOWN town location cheap rent, vaiu-
able lease, built in iixtures, cost
$1400; want banner with $600 cash to
put in confectionery. fountain and
light lunch; call evenings. Main liSo;
address X-790. Journal.
BUTTER, eggs, etc You can get this
cash store ior sao. xou can ciear
$100 to $150 month and your money
will be fully secured. Call Room 3Z
Morgan bldg.
CARPENTERS and contractors, fine
catent used in every bouse, lust
out, will Bell county or state rights,
big money-maker. See model. 1098 K.
istn st n.
FOR SALE First class butcher shop.
equipment almost new, including
wagon worth $125; on account of other
business will sacruice; city Meat Aiai
ket, Beaverton, Or.
FOR SALE 3 chair barber shop, do
ing good business; other business
cause for selling; price xsoo caso;
wood In for winter. W. K. Anderson,
Box 29. Tillamook. Or.
WE have several good grocery stores.
butcher shops, restaurants, cigar
and confectionery stands, prices are
right. See Mr. Hewitt. 303 Lumber
CLEANING and pressing establish-
ment, fine location; can make little
better than wages. $50 cash, $10 per
month. Will teach you the business
144 Park st
IF YOU have $2a00, here is your
chance. An uo to date poolroom and
restaurant in one of the livest towns
in eastern Oregon: trood location: Si 100
smallest month's business. Inquire
Mr. Tregaskis, Hotel HnperiaJ, Monday
or Tuesday.
WANTED Ideas; write for list of in
ventions wanted by manufacturers
and prizes offered for Inventions. Our
four books sent free. Patents secured
or fee returned. Victor J. Evans &
Co., 69 Ninth, Washington, D. C.
FOR SALE Small grocery at 4323
72nd ave, S. K.. Portland. Lady
wants to return east with her people
on account of husband's death. Will
sacrifice if sold before October 30.
Phone Tabor 4462.
$1400 Grocery store clearing $2000
year. Apt. house district. West
side. Cash trade. No soliciting. No
delivery. This is $500 less than in
voice of stock and fixtures. 650 Pit
tock block.
100 acres in Southern Oregon, near
railroad. $12,000 has been spent in Im
provements; $160 acre at your own
terms. 421 Ablngton bldg.
WANTED Steady sober man to work
as partner in a small cash business,
must be satisfied with $100 month-
Call Room 329 Morgan biog.
HAVE real tu&ii in contec. anarr and
clear store. If you want a good
small proposition at a bargain. See this.
Neal Brown, 209 Panama bldg.
WANTED Stock of hardware or fur-
nite. in exclianre for 13 acres of -
river bottom soil, suitable for onions
watermelons,, strawberries or potawen. .
and all kinds of. garden, has 10 or 4J
Enelish walnut trees, small building. '
Price $6500. all clear. Walker & Ma
eon. 327 Lyon st.. Albany. Or.
u Grocery Store
Best i location in city; brick bldr.:
rent rnly $15, including living room;
stocKif-and fixtures will Invoice $70i.
Prlcefc If sold Monday, for all $325.
PeterF. 15 N. 16th st.
WANTED Partner In manufacturing;
business; need more capital to hsn
die onders; will teach you the business. :.
mu secures hair interest, 4U per wmk
guaranteed; will stand strictest Inves-
tigatlon; exclusive article manufac- -turdS
Call 421 Ablngton bldg.
MUSTj tiave responsible party tr man
agellegltlmate, prosperous bunlnen;
can handle at home; make $5 week.
with ifnerease; small Investment; or
would: take good car. Don't call unlest
you mean business. Alder hotel, room
402, 9;to 12 a. m., 2 to 7 p. m.
Mopy Making Store $500
Cigars, confectionary, etc. Live lo-
uiuuii .: in ciear nav muiim m i v v .
every iex pease. Rent $15. Invoices $800. -
D.I.. t, - 1' T..M.nJA,i. -
i i j yn s low, i ri luo. a i cuiuiru
tnap. g 602 Couch bldg.
GARfpE. ' 50x100, new cement bulld
ing.rf for rent: on East Side: at $
montlg machinery and stock for sale
at inSbice. A good location for autu -repair-
man; 1258 Belmont st. Tabc
5801. V'
Drug Store
PARTNER wanted;
in f)v mfg.
$6000', half cash, balance on time
or gffpi real estate; well located in
the c ty; does a very nice business.
Addrjis, U-196,. Journal. -
I need the money
l..U..u. If ......
willinSi tn work and hav $700 cash, t
will teach you the business that will
pay you $40 per week. Call and In-
ventigatte. 421 Ablngton bldg.
ll?KAM v I f lnt,rf in riranA -
cleaning better than $300 month. This
includes, repair department, stock, "
rr. nr vr itmum tn run zzuti
deposgt to apply on end of lease. Cail
660 ltjttock block.
FOR SALE Grocery, 5ith three fur
nished rooms. West Side, good loca
tion, cheap rent; invoice $00; cash
$600. Phone Marshalfe2657.
8 rom house, 50x90 lot, 2 Modes
from car, $2000, for close In acreage.
Owner, Marshall 1240.
8 ROOM modern, large lot, want im
proved farm with stock. 311 Alisky
to 315 Northwest bide. Main 4033.
40 ACRES, : highly improved, with
stock, feed, furniture, for city prot-
erty. 311 Alislfy bldg.
TRADE 5 room, furnished, Hawthorne
bungalow, as first payment on close
in suburban home or lot 254 E. 37th.
WILL TRADE 4 lots at Solano beach.
Wash., 5 blocks of depots want horse
and buggy. 783 Brooklyn.,
WILL take anything of value- for my
$420 eauitv in a $2275 home; prefer
a cheap auto. V-45, Journal.
i HAVE several pieces of first class
Portland property to trade for a i WANTED Rose City Park home
farm in eastern Kansas.
Mariels. 284 Oak st.
J. H. I
ROOMING bouse 14 rooms, all house
keeping, rent Is $30; all outsido
rooms and good money maker; see
owner, 294 Clay.
30 rooms beautifully furnished, mod
ern rooming, boarding house. White
Temple district. Trade for anything.
502 Couch bldg.
WANTED Want to lease furnished
hotel, city or country, option buy
ing; must be doing business. State
full particulars. E-428, Journal.
11 ROOMS. Rent $30. Located close
in on Taylor st. Dandy little money
maker. Price $200. Terms. Yates,
249 4th st.
FOR SALE My 10 room boarding and
rooming house: all modern. Would
consider part cash and part real estate.
R-489, Journal. ,
14 ROOMS, West Side, close in; mostly
housekeeping. Will sell cheap.
Terms. Owner, P-116, Journal.
WILL exchange a fine piece of acre
age with' a 300 ft. frontage on the
track at Jennings Lodge, for good
liouse in Portland; will assume up to
itOOO. J. H. Mariels. 284 Oak st.
t HAVE a small clear house at $2000
to trade for acreage; will not as
sume but little. J. H. Mariels. 284 Oak.
HAVE clear lots, well located, to
trade for acreage. J. H. Mariels,
'34 Oak st.
A ILL exchange equity in a section of
A-l wheat land in Washington, for
ity property or valley acreage. J. H.
ilarlela. 234 Oak st.
exchange for 120 acres 5 miles Cam-
as. Wash. Owner, 1118 Yeon bldg.
UNINCUMBERED Laurelhurst lot to
trade for acreage. 1645 Olin street,
Portland. Oregon.
A $2000 equity in a nice 7 room, on
36th and Knott sts. What have you?
Call 406 McKay bldg.
HAVE some Al rooming bouses for
salo or trade. 427 Lumber Exchange.
GROCERY stock and fixtures to trade.
Owner, M. Johnson, 929 E. Davis st.
$o00 SPOKANE lot for lot in or near
Portland. 202 Gerlinger bldg.
BECK has 1397 select EXCHANGES.
301-302 Railway Exchange Building.
WANTED 20 to 40 room house for
cash, close in, good furniture, cheap;
no agents. T-24. Jonmal.
FOR SALE cheap, 25 room boarding
house in factory district, call Mar
2503 or A-7051.
11 ROOMS, close in corner; rent $30.
Here is a bargain. Price $250; hi
cash. Call 88 10th near Stark.
ROOMING houses If you wish to seM
or buy. see N. W. Realty Co, 300
Oregoman bldg.
32 ROOM rooming house, cheap rent,
price $1800. Terms, no trade. 122
12th st.
42 ROOMS, low rent, part trade con-
sidered. ZSZhi East Clay, cor. Union
56 ROtMS, furniture for sale, rent $75
YOUNG man wanted as partner to act
as salesman or manager shop in
mfg. Co, but little money required.
Can draw salary and profits. Call
Room 426 Morgan bldg.
$100 invested will net you 25c per day
Irom Dec x. wages irom jnov. l.
Absolutely safe. Let me explain
proposition If you have the money and
willing to work. O-200, Journal.
' To take hi Interest in business do
ing Jobbing and small manufacturing;
$250 required, you handle the money.
IT-57, Journal.
WANTED A business partner; lady
who has some money or property,
and will invest dollar for dollar in
some business she is beet prepared to
handle successfully. U-62. Journal.
AUTO express business for sale. Have
steady customers and you can clear
$5 day. Will teacn you now to run me
auto truck. Only $350 required, fully
secured. Call Room 329 Morgan bldg.
YOUNG man wanted for interest In a
good brokerage orrice, must invest
small amount: this win stano run in
vestigation. Call Room 426 Morgan.
CIGARS, confectionery, ice cream, pool
and card room, established business
7 years, long lease, cheap rent D. Mc-
Curdy, Linn ton. Or.
ELECTRIC and repair shop, doing a
good business: good stock, location.
Address Sanitary Eng. Co, 1007 Bel
mont. ,
Call East 4259. B-825. Journal.
MUST sell cleaning, pressing; good
business; nice place to live; low
rent. Your own price. 303 E. Broad
way. -
VHK'N you answer tftes Want A. dm.
mention The journal.
CASH grocery, dally average sales
$100 cheap rent, fine location, will
invoice about $2200. Call 303 Lumber
FURNISHED 1 chair barber shop, in
cluding water, established at Arleta.
6522 roster road; tz.ttv per wees. Mar
shall 4220.
CONFECTIONERY and light grocery
store for sale; rurnisneo. living rooms
In rear; use of 60 foot garden. For in-
Wall. in, Take Charge, $275
CigSr, confectionery, light groceries; .
splendtd location, modern store. $30t
stock.-'$250 fixtures; rent $15: $273
takfSrlt; 310 Stock Exchange. ( '
WANTED Steady man as partner
whaican invent $325 and willing to
work j' J)ours a day, (no Sunday work..
for ti'ih month. Must come well re-.
comrefcrided. 303-304 Lumber Exchange.
FOR SALE Cigar end confectionary
store. Also iruns, magazines uj
. , . . . , - i . tea
parcels cnecitea. n w mui .
Front. O. E. depot.
LUNtSS room or restaurant, conces-
sloif,; at ice skating rink. 6 year .
lease.lnoderate rent. Will sell leat-e
at bifjSbargatn !f taken soon. Smith-,
WmpSr Co. Stock Khang.
creamery business.
IOR SALE Light grocery ana con
fectionery, cigars, etc rood and
cheap; 4 living rooms. 151 E. 13th
st., Kenwood.
HAVE invented iron ore separator to
take Iron irom nana; no grmvei nor
grain; want partner to finance. J-456,
RESTAURANT partner wanted. Own
er will guarantee at least $100
month, this requires only $550. Call
Room 4 J6 Morgan piag.
STORE in good valley town; Invoice
about $6500;
trade for farm. U-62,
FOR SALE by owner, nice little gro
cery, eood living rooms, cheap rent.
Phone Woodlawn 1252. '
FST 1200: WEST SIDE. 33$ OAK ST.
IF you have anything you wold sell
or trade for something more suitable.
call Tabor 598, ana be satisfied
1000 Business Cards, 90c
Rose City Print fry, 3d and Taylor.
sai.K Grocery stock and III
tures. Invoices $870. for $676. C-
502. Journal,
CENTRALLY located caieh grocery at
a bargain Monday. Call Room 42
1000 Business Cards 90c
Ryder Pt. Co.. 8. W. ttnr.6 4b Morrison
FOR SALE Barber shop cheap, law
quire li&a union ave.
GOOD opening for a small dry goods
stotia; with millinery snd dress mak
ing pAHors in connection; very litlte
capital" necessary. Full information at
612 r'Bitt bldg.
MOVKO Picture theatre, west side.'
crowded thoroughfare; must sell my
half " interest; leaving city: genuine
r,uins: rtdicuioun price :ou today
and M-apaay. 3Z3 uan st.
TT T 1 J T IJIIL'n I....!.... - ..I...
1 ATtLtiaJlf.v u u nt it i.on , yj i H,V
Bttiifin i v utii;b nir nisi in, iimirre.
norrwr.aJid ciuub. iukhi man can uou
ble tge business in short time. The
j tKJ'Hil l , new 1 igug concreii
bldg,' very cheap. W ill rent al I
flxtuiBF-s with room, $18 p-r mo., small
amount' of money needed. 6511 Fos--
WaNISeE! wood hauling for 5 ton
A RESTAURANT, well located, do in
vtltfvi! tiiitnaf fnr Hal. 'tar ilOOO.
$500 tiash, long time on balance at
per cnt. M. E. Lee. 505 Corbett bldg.
GRO9SRY and confectionery, clean'
stork, live location, cheap rent, liv
ing xom; stock invoice $500, fixtures
DO yu want the best paying bowl in if
alley and billiard half in East Port
land a a big bargain? Best of rea
sons rT selling, rnmre noor mn.
I HAE best -location and need part
- ner:for dairy lunch. $500 needed fop
my h interest, no agent. ' .H-2
Jourail, '
THEvItRE. fully equipped, for vaud--ille
and companies, $S00 takes 1U
Nowyanning. journal.
LY YOU have something good" that
a few bond red will handle, tell ma
aboat ft. O-20. Journal,