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Portland Waterfront Receives
News That Ditch Is in Con
dition With Rejoicing,
Vessel Will Tatk Away 600 Tons of
Cargo; Grace Line' Santa Cat
allna la Due Monday.
The Panama Canal will be open for
traffic tomorrow morning, a .delay of
three days having Jiten caused by the
slide in Culebra cut.
Hereipt of this news was the cause
of general rejoicing along the Port
land waterfront yesterday afternoon.
It came in a dispatch received from
the New Yoirk office of W. K. Grace &
Co., and Colonel Goethals, head of
the cunal zone, was given as the au
thority for the statement.
The entire damage will not have
been reiaired for a considerable length
of time, however as the amount of
oarth while slid Into the channel at
Cult-bra out will roqtilre the attention
of the canal dredging force for sev
eral weeks, liy quick application of
the emergency force held at the canal,
t tie damage was repaired sufficiently to
allow of the passage of vessels with a
drart up to 30 feet.
Channel Being Made.
A channel 100 feet wide and 30 feet
deep will have been completed by to
morrow morning.
Unless through the number of
titeatiiers ahead of her the Grace liner
Santa Cecelia, due at the canal to
morrow or Tuesday, should not suffer
any delay. Captain Anderson's steamer
carries a heavy cargo, of, Portland
freight which shippers were anxiously
awaiting and he Is expected to follow
his schedule closely.
Yesterday afternoon the American
Hawaiian steamer Montanan arrived
in the harbor from New York via Cali
fornia ports. Bhe carries only 160 tons
of cargo for Portland, but will carry
away 600 tons of cargo awaiting her
on Albert dock.
Monday the Grace liner Santa Ca ta
li n a is due in from New York via Cali
fornia ports. She has 1500 tons of
cargo brought through the canal for
tills port and will take lumber and
general cargo outward bound.
Tramp Steamers Coming.
Importers alone were not the orHy
persons relieved when the news of the
re-opening of the Panama canal
reached the city for the exporters also
were worried during the three days the
canal was out of commission. Accord
ing to officers of the British steamer
South Pacific, which reached here yes
terday, the movement of the tramp
steamers in this direction Is general
and many more will come than have
Ueen announced as coming this way.
Delay of these steamers through the
canal would have meant the loss of
many thousand dollars to this section,
according to local exporters. The
movement of wheat now going ahead
at a rapid pace would have been great
ly 'delayed as the tramps would have
been cut out temporarily, at least.
Yeels in Coastwise Trade Are
Delayed by Winds.
Schedules have been broken in all
directions by the steamship companies
operating out of Portland this week,
due to the heavy storm which has been
Mowing off the coast of Oregon and
Washington. All lines being unfor
tunate enough to have a steamer due
in port during the latter three days of
the week were affected.
Sailings of the mosquito fleet havs
been especially affected, as, except for
the Bailing of the steamer Sue H. El
more and the gas schooner Tillamook
early last week, not a member of the
fleet has been seen in port in 10 days.
The steamer Geo. W. Elder will bo
36 hours late sailing from Portland, aa
she will not get in till Monday noon.
It is planned to send her out eight
hours later, however. She was de
layed both in and outbound at Eureka.
t Fifty hours were taken by the steam
er Qulnault, Captain Antone Wie, of
the Portland Steamship company's
fleet, in making the trip from Tatoosh
Head to Astoria. As she had only a
light cargo of canned salmon, she stood
out of the water more than usual, and,
bucking a heavy southeast wind, had
hard running. She will also be hurried
out, and is expected to sail by 9 o'clock
Monday evening. '
Monitor Cheyenne Convoys Craft
Into Port.
fan Pedro, Cal., Oct, 17. The U. S
monitor Cheyenne arrived here during
tne nignt, convoying submarines H-2
and U-3. The monitor later will be
Joined by torpedo boat destroyers from
San I lego and a cruiser, after which
the entire fleet will engage in battle
The steamer Oliver J. Olsen sailed
for San Francisco and Seattle this af
. ternoon, with passengers and a large
portion of the cargo of the steamer
Atlantic. Owing to the manner in
which the Atlantic had been loaded
in BoBton, northern cargo had to be
tlten from the steamer here before
the local cargo could be discharged.
French Ship Desalx Reaches Port
land Safely.
For 10 days before the French ship
Denaix, Captain Flonet, reached San
Diego harbor, her master and crew
were In deadly fear of being captured
by the German cruisers thought to be
off the California coast at that time.
Tho Desaix reached Portland yesterday
morning to discharge the remainder of
hei, cargo and Captain Plonefs story
of his voyage was listened to with
much interest by his several friends
here,, who gathered on, the ship yes
terday morning to welcome him.
The Desaix, in making r for San Di
ego, came north to a point almost due
west of San Francisco, then to take
advantage of wind and current which
would carry Iter into San Diego har
bor. A British steamer passing elose
10 W
f-,,,,," ; -j" -,-.., , v A' J -
t;.1TUfw ' ' ..-":,lv 'vA ' A .
Bearing tho distinction of being the
first foreign vessel to reach this port
fcy way of the Panama canal, the
British steamer South Pacific .arrived
by in the night discovered her identity
and gave her her first information
about the war.
' Every line of smoke spied on the
horizon during the 10 days she was
outside after receiving the news was
watched with more than suspicion by
all on board.
The Desalx Is to load grain for Eu
rope after discharging a cargo of
potash, pig iron and coke at North
Bank dock.
Opening of New River Channel Is
Cause of Change.
Due to the opening of the new chan
nel between Beacon No. 2 and Tongue
Point In the lower Columbia river, a
number of changes have been necessary
in the aids to navigation. The tender
Manzanita is making the changes
which are recorded by the service as
Oregon Yaqaina rirer bnoyage. Vaquina
rlTer buoy, .1, out of position. Yatraina rlTer
buoy, 3, oat of position. Yaqulna river boo;,
4 miming. To be replaced as auon as prac
ticable. Oregon and Washington Colombia river
Tongue Point channel The following changes
will be made at an early date:
Tongue Point crossing gas bnoy 1. to be
mored to lower end at ww dredged channel
and the color changed from black to red and
number from 1 to 2.
Tohirue Point crossing gaa buoy, 8, to be
mored to upper end of new dn-dged channel
and color changed from black to re.l and num
ber from 3 to 8.
Tongue Point channel bnoy, 2, number to
be changed to 4-
Tongue Point channel booy, 4, number to
be changed to &
Channel buoy, 8, to be discontinued.
Taylor Sands light to be discontinued.
Tongue Point channel range rear light to
be established, with beacon one light to form
the front light. In the new dredged channel.
Bearings will be pobli&hed later.
Oregon and Washington Columbia river
Hunters' shoal buoy, 2, first-class spar, oat
o' position. Morgan shoal buoy. 2, second
class spar, missing. To be replaced as soon
as practicable.
Charts 6151, 6153, 6154.
Light list. Pacific coast, 1914. page 96,
Nos. 194 195, 196, 197.
Buoy list, seventeenth district, 1S14. pages
1. 17, 18, 20, 21.
Steamer Talthybius Now Coaling
in British Columbia.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 17. The Blue
Funnel liner Talthybius, now coaling
at British Columbia ports, will come
to Tacoma early next week. She will
take rriore than half of her big out
ward qargo from this port, including a
heavy shipment of flour for the orient.
The British steamer Queen Margaret
now at the Tacoma smelter, will shift
to Seattle to go on dry dock before she
is ready to load lumber.
Strengthening of the English-Aus
tralian and oriental lumber markets is
predicted by Tacoma lumber men and
exporters. Many inquiries have been
received the last few days and it is
expected charters are increased, parcel
shipments will follow. ,
Although there has been no mater
ial revival in the oriental wheat and
floar markets, "Nibbles' are being re
ceived and small lots will move within
a few days.
Negotiations Are on for the Charter
of the Minnesota.
According to a rumor,- the American
steamer Minnesota is being negotiated
for by a syndicate or English capital
ists .who plan using, her .as a. carrier
for several large shipments of horses
which are to be shipped at once from
the northwest to England for use in
the British army. The Minnesota is
lying in Smith's cove near Seattle since
Name Flag. Rig.
Barrington Court Br. str
Belaud. Nor. bk
Cambrian Princess. Nor. ship
Cambuskenneth, Nor. ship ....
Cate, Nor. ship ,
Cloverdon, Br. sh .........
. .2243
.......... 1506
... ... .318
. . l.HA.')
CHmbusdoon, Nor. bk....
Cortes, Nor. ship
Crosshil, Br. st
Crown of India. Br.
Ecciesla. Br. str...,
Eidsvold, Nor. bk.
Falkirk, Br. bark....
Falls of Afton, Nor, chip
Gowanburn, Br. atr
Hafrsfjord. Nor. ship
Ha Vila. Dan. bk
Hebe. Ger. bark...
Helwlg Vtnnen, Ger. ship
. .. . itn
Hero. neig. snip
Invercauld, Br. bark
(DTercoe, Br. bark. ..... ...... ........
Katanga, Belg. bark .... ... .......
Kelbergen, Dutch atr.-. .
Kinross fhtrr. Br. bark.......
Lasbek. Ger. ship. .......
Lowther Range, Br. str..
- 2465
MacMabon, Ft. bark...
Slaipo, Ger. ship
Ollvebank, Nor. bark..
Omega. Ger. bark.....
.- - 2360
- 2718
Ortstano, Br. str..........
Owenee, Br. bk.....
......... ..-.,-
......... .20BO
Pierre Antonine, Ft. bark.
Queen Elisabeth, Br. tblp , . 17O0 Tome Aug. 80 Ar. Tome Sent ll
Queen Eugene, Br. str. . 2802 Ses Ar. Cardiff Sent 2TL
Quito, Br. str 213 Balboa .Sept
Relnbek. Ger. bark 2630 St Rosalia At St. Rosalia Aar aa
Sierra Mirt-nda, Nor. ship 1748 Cape Town... Aug. 27 -g. so
Songvand, Nor. sbip . . .2rj6 Rockhampton Aug. T
StrathalUn, .Br. str 2830 Sydney Ar. NewmQe fWt a
SowweU, Br. str 2432 Cape Breton Ar. London SeotlS
Tellns. Ger. bark...... ; J:J3 Caflio lr Callao Aug 18.
Thomaslna. Buss, ship J665 Valparaiso ...Aog. 28 ' "
Vendee, FT. bark , 1765 N 'castle, A Sept 2i
Venturade Larrlnoga. Br. str.... 2970 New York Ar. Ran FVan rvt a
Walkure. Ger. bark 3043 St. Rosalia Ar. 8t Rosalia July 28.
Name Flag. Rig. Tons. From Sailed
Atomassan Mara, Jap. atr 2785 Miikl Oct Loaittnr
Christian Bars. Nor. str. 2788 Shanghai Sept 22
Lompoe. Br. str ... Amsterdam Yla Puget Sound.
steamer South Pacific here to load
here yesterday and will commence
loading cargo tomorrow. She is un
der charter to Kerr, Gifford & Co. for
delivery of grain to the United King
being taken off the oriental run by
the Great Northern Steamship com
pany. It is said that JM00 horses have been
contracted for and that the plan Is to
carry 2000 head each trip. She will be
able to accommodate also several thou
sand tons of feed and other freight.
No decision has been announced by the
steamship company in answer to the
Revenue Cutter Tahoma Slipped
Off Sharp Reef.
(Special to The Journal '
Seattle, Wash, Oct. 17. Charles T.
Lyons of the traffic department of
the Alaska Steamship company and
veteran of the Far North, returned to
Seattle today from the scene of the
wreck of the United States reevnue
cutter Tahoma. Lyons says the
wrecked vessel slipped from the Jag
ged reef upon which she struck and
sank in S00 fathoms of water.
Two square-riggers, the American
ships "William P. Prye and Edward
Sewail will tow to sea next week with
cargoes of grain for the United King
dom. The Sewail completed her cargo
today and will sign her crew Monday.
The Frye began loading today. Both
vessels are under charter to M. H.
Bids for the Oak Harbor-Port Town
send Bay canal project were opened
at office of United States engineer
today. Bids were: Puget Sound
Bridge & Dredging company, $51,485;
Tacoma Dredging company, $55,129.50;
Erickson Construction company, $59,
018.80. The government engineers have
planned a waterway with a depth of
15 feet connecting Oak Harbor and
Port Townsend bay. It will be used
by small craft.
New American Steamer Will Load
Lumber Here.
On her first trip into Portland, the
American steamer Atlantic is due in
Portland Tuesday. She is to complete
discharging here and commence at one
loading a huge cargo of lumber for de
livery at Boston. The Atlantic is on
her maiden voyage, having been o"nly
recently completed at Boston for the
Emery Steamship company. She is
commanded by Captain Meech, a vet
eran' master of the Emery line. Sh
has 1800 tons of cargo consigned to
this port.
Steamer Breakwater Only Vessel
to Leave Coos Bay.
(Special to The Journal.)
Marshfield, Or, Oct, 17. Although
several boats have crossed the bar to
day there are six vessels waiting for
a chance to go out. The bar has been
rough all day, but it is quieter this
evening and all will probably be able
to get away tomorrow.
The steamer Geo. W. Elder arrived
this morning from Eureka, where she
was detained both going in and com
ing out of Humbolt bay. The steam
er Alvarado arrived from San Fran
Cisco and will sail for Portland. The
steamer Adeline Smith with lumber
for Oakland, the May fair with lumber
for San Francisco, the A. M. Simpson
and the Daisy Putnam are all in the
lower bay waiting for a better bar to
The schooner Encore is loaded and
may sail tomorrow if conditions are
favorable and the Elder and Alvarado
From Sailed Mem.
Galveston Sid. Oct 3
Antofagasta .-Aug. 21 Ar. Aug. 0.
Pt. Nolloth At Rio Janiero Sept 1.
v. pr- juwu...oepi. 10
MaUendo Ar. Callao Kept 7.
Callao Sp. May 19, 2 s., 26 w
Iqnique In port Sept 12
ValdiTia Sept 1
Brixham ... Ar. Swansea Sept 16.
Valparaiso Ar. Valparaiso June S
Liverpool... Ar. Manchester Sept 16.
Ar. Locopilla Auk. 6.
St. Rosalia
at. Guayaquil Aug. 6.
r. -Callao Aug 3.
Pd. Colon Oct.
Ar. rrai Aug. 6.
Ar. Aug. 18.
Ar. Mollendo Aug. 6.
Ar. St Roaalla Aug. 30
Pt Nolloth ..Aug. 21
Valparaiso Sid. Gee king July 2.
Talcahuano Aug. 27
St Rosalia Al G say mas Sept 17
Rio Janiero ..Aug. 19
Honolulu Sp. May 13, 379 jj
St Rota 11a Ar St. Rosalia Jimi1KW
Port Ptrle Sid. Rockhampton
Newcastle. Aus Ar. Sydney Julyh.
Callao Ar. Callao July 24!
Callao Sid. Newcastle Aug. t.
Callao Ar. Aug. L
Antwerp .....Aug. 13 Ar. San Fran. Oct. 1.
vujnruaD...... Ar. J uly r
Antwero Jnlv 3 fri st, tni o .
dom. The South Pacific had an un
eventful trip, maicing the run from
Newport News in 25 days. She came
in ballast and will carry 7000 tons of
wheat from this port.
will probably also get out for Portland
The only boat to leave today was
the steamer Breakwater, with passen
gers and freight for Portland.
Fishing Schooners Report.
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 17. The New
England Fishing company's steamers
Kingfisher, New England and Celestial
Empire and the schooner Knicker
bocker reached here today from the
halibut banks. The company has re
ceived shipments from its northern
bases by means of the British Colum
bia, the Chelohsin and the Tees. The
steamer Flamingo, which has been un
dergoing overhauling at the Wallace
ship yards. North Vancouver, has
sailed" for the banks.
Fred D. Parr, manager of the Dodge
Steamship company and Portland
Steamship company, left yesterday for
San Francisco after a short visit here
in connection with business of tho
two lines.
The launch Mildred H. struck a
snag in the river below the flouring
mills and was beached on the east
side of the river, where she settled
on the mud flats half fun of water.
She will be repaired at once.
Bound for San Francisco and San
Pedro the steamer Bear, Captain Nop
ander, sails this afternoon from
Ainsworth dock.
The North Pacific steamer Roanoke
is due late tonight from San Fran
cisco with passengers and freight.
The steamer Breakwater, Captaip
Macgenn, bound in from Coos Bay, is
due to arrive tonight. She is to go
on the, municipal dry dock tomorrow.
The steamer Beaver will be placed
in the drydock. for painting and scrap
ing Wednesday morning according" 19
present plans.
Arrivals, October t7.
Qnlnaolt, Am. str.. CaDtata Wie. namt.
gers and freight, Alaska, Portland Steamship
Montanan, Am. str.. Captain Curtis, freight
from New York ria San Francisco, Americin-
iiawatlan Steamship company.
gonth Pacific, . Br. str.. Captain Proetor,
In ballast from Newport New for grain to
the United Kingdom, Kerr. Gifford & Co.
Depaxtnres, October 17,
Palsy Gadby, .Am. str.. Captain Smith,
freight for San Francisco, Arrow Line.
Marine Almanac.
Weather at River's Month.
North Head, Oct 17. Condition of the bar
at 5 p. m. "Weather, cloudy; sea, rough;
wind, south, 34 miles.
Buns and Tides, October 18.
Son rises 6:C2 a. m. Son seta 5 --20 p. m.
Tides at Astoria.
High water. Ijcvt vrattr.
11:47 a. m., 9.4 feet B:4S p. m, 1-1 feet,
I 6:33 p. m., 0.4 feet
Dally Hirer Readings.
o o
' STATIOHS. " - t
2.81 0I0.O4
Albany ...
Salem ....
Portland . .
3.8J 0.1 0.40
1.6! .0210.76
0.7 0 0.94
4.3 D.8U,o7
() Rising. ( ) Falling.
River Forecast.
The Willamette river at Portlaud will rise
lowly during the next two or three days.
bteainships to Arrive.
Breakwater coos Bay ..Oct 18
Roanoke S. D. and way Oct 18
Geo. W. Elder.... Eureka and way Oct 19
Keaver . f. ann way uct. 19
Paraiso S. F. and way... ...Oct 20
Rose City S. P. and way Oct 24
Yucatan S. D. and way.. ...Oct 25
Bear S. P. and way Oct 29
(juinauA ......... Alaska .......... ..Nor. 4
Santa Catalina. N. Y Oct 19
Nebraskan N. Y Oct 21
Kentnckian N. Y. Oct. 25
Thomas L. Wand. Alaska .....Oct. 75
Daisy Putnam.... S. F. ...... ......Oct 23
lellowstone ...... S. F. A way. .....Oct 27
Daisy Uaosoy s. F. not. 1
Alvarado F. ............ Jiov. 3
Steamers Due to Depart.
Name From.
..Oct 18
..Oct 19
..Oct 19
..Oct. 20
..Oct. 21
..Oct. 21
..Oct 22
..Oct 22
Bear ............ S. 1'. and way..
luiaanlt ..... Alaska ...L....
Geo. W. Rider.... Eureka and way
Breakwater ...... Coos Bay
Celilo ........ S. D. and way.
Klamath S. F
Willamette .. 8. D. and way.
Roanoke ......... S. D. and'way..
Beaver H. P. and way..
Yosemite B. F
..Oct 23 I
Oct 23
Multnomah S. D. and way... ..Oct 24
Paraiso, Am...... S. . It way Oct. 24
Kucatao ......... S. D. and war fw '4
Rose City S. F. and way Oct 28
Alwrado" .""".'Us." f" ""I Set ?,
Nebraskan" N. V.' ."l.".'.".'.'.Oct 25 !
Kentuckian N. Y Oct- 27
laVatn.mMd- S " 1
Yellowstone. . .7."." sl F.' and' war u-t '-ti
Santa Cataliua N. Y.
bov. i
Mosquito Fleet B flings.
Ihwaneda j Newport
-Oct 20
.Oct 20
Enterprise Waldport
Delia .
Newport Toledo. .Oct 20
mesiucca Oct 20
nUamook ....... Bamlon
...Oct 20
Soe 11. Elmore... Tillamook
ratay Niuslaw
Oct. 21
Daisy Gsdsby .w. C B. A S, F...!.or. Q
Vessels In Port.
Kirkcudbrightshire, Br. ah..........- .Astoria
Gen de Sonis, Ft. bk .Uersev
Inca. Am. sch.. Prescott
Semantha, Nor. bk ......Linoton
Crania, Nor. bk ... .. ........ .LUmtoa
( 37
- 1 15
Few Passengers Booked for
Passage to the Frozen
Blue Funnel Xine Announces Seduc
tion zn Xiomber Freigtt Bate
to Europe.
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 1". The last
Nome sailing of the season of 1914 is
scheduled for tomorrow, when at 10
o'clock the Alaska Steamship Com
pany's Victoria, Captain John A.
O'Brien, will put to sea for the me
tropolis of the Seward peninsula placer
gold district. The Victoria will have
only a few passengers, and all of
whom will remain north through the
winter. She is taking a 1500 ton car
go, largely miners' supplies. Barring
accident she will set out from Nome
for Seattle on her final return voyage
about November 1 and will be tho last
passenger carrier to leave that port
this year.
The Pacific Coast Steamship Com
pany"s Senator, Captain T. H. Cann,
also on her last voyage of the year, is
now nearing Nome and she will sail
on her return south about a week in
advance of the Victoria.
These two vessels will bring south
all of the Nome contingent desiring
to come out this fall, a total of per
haps 900.
Steam schooner Nome City, with 28
passengers and laden with grain and
lumber, sailed from Everett for San
Francisco this afternon.
After loading a consignment of grain
in this port and taking a shipment of
i&u.uoo feet of lumber from the Mu
kilteo mills, the steam schooner Wasp
sailed trom Mukilteo for San Pedro
via Port Angeles today.
The British Blue Funnel line an
nounces a reduction effective Novem
ber 1 of rates on lnmber from Puget
sound ports to the United Kingdom
to 20 shillings per one thousand feet,
board measurement.
With a full cargo of freight and a
capacity passenger list, the steamer
Admiral Schley will sail tomorrow aft
ernoon for San Francisco,
Approximately 4,000,000 feet of lum
ber, consigned to Sydney and New
Castle, Australia, will be loaded at
Puget sound ports next week by the
steamer Queen Margaret, of W. It.
Grace & Co. The Queen Margaret is
expected in Seattle Monday, to dis
charge a general inward cargo, brought
from European ports through the Pan
ama canal. She will sail from Seattle
October 28.
The Grace steamer Santa Catalina Is
expected to arrive next Thursday with
a large general cargo.
Bear, Am. str......
Solano, Am. str....
Desix, Ft. ah
Celikj, Am. str .
. . .Aim worth
..Oregon Drydock
-.North Bjtrik
Muro&a, .Nor. sh..
. West port
houth Pacitic. Br. stx Montgomery No. 2
Qulnault, Am. str Coach
Montanan, Am. atr .Altera
Vessels Disengaaed.
Akntan, Am. str Gobi
Alliance. Am. str o. W. P.
Ikrliu Am.- bk Gobi
Chinook, U. S. dredge Astoria
Darid Erans, Br. sen Astoria
Dalbek, er. bk Victoria -Dolphins
Golden Gate, Am. str.. ........ ..,.0. W P
Sin Lie Gale. Am. sen.. ....... ...Astoria I
B'a. Am. sen Astoria
Et. Nicholas, Am. sb Alitor la
Bence, Am. sen ...A to ria
Kurt, Ger. sh '. ....Astoria
lnene. Am. sen ....Astoria
le G. Bargess. Am. h. . Glob
w. r. jewett. Am. sen .
- AJtorla
lying ijyrui. Am. ach..
j Arnoldus VLnnen, Ger. sh
i Information about th port of Portland win
I be furimhed by the Portland Chamber of
Commerce. Mala 9S3, A-llSi.
At Nelgtiboring Ports.
Astoria, Oct 17. Arrived at 9 and left rtp
t 1O-J0 .. m. Steamer Montanan. from NcW
York via San Francisco; arrived at 10 a. m.
Steamer Qulnault, from Skagway and way
ports; sailed at 9 a. m. Steamer YeUowstnoe,
for San Francisco.
Gaviota. Oct 16 SaDed Steamer W w.
Herrin. for Portland.
! Port Lobos. Oct 17. Passed Steamer Geo.
W. Fenwick, from Columbia river, for Balboa.
! Callao, Sept. 24. Sailed Norwegian ship
raits or Alton, ror i orxiano.
i Aberdeen, wast.,
steamers ChehaUs. Coronado, daremont and
Tamalpala and schooner A. F. Coates are bar
west storm nrevallii
Port Townsend, Wash., Oct 17. Arrived.
12:10 a. m.. Am. str. Queen, proceeded, 3 1
p. m.;
p. m-.
U. S. S. Areata, from Seattle: 3:30
Am. str. Comanche, from Victoria;
i "
The Great Northern Pacific Steam-
blp company, which is, to operate un-
der North Bank auspices between the
Columbia river and San Francisco soon
after the first of the year, has se
lected its official trade mark design
WhlCD WU1 SPPear n a11 tn aPPUI
tenances of the two ships of the fleet.
irom ins great, riag at tne mastneaa
to the letterheads and envelopes.
The trade mark bears the words
; real iNonnern r"acitlc Steamship
v-umuany witmn me rim oi a circle
'and inside this Inscription Is a red
fl.. with Intaruu-tlnimlilla itini,1.
across its field. A small blue circle
at the intersection of the diagonals
surrounds a white star.
A variation of this design Is being
woven into the ship's blankets, now
being' made at a BL Johns woolen mill
and will adorn the chinaware In the
dining saloons.
Shipping Notes From
irst of four crack refrigerator
chips to be placed In service by the
Star line, the British steamer
Brodmount, reached Puget sound last
week. The ships are for service in
handling food stuffs of a perishable
nature and will carry in an 8000 tons
of freight.
Sixty foreign built ships of a com
bined net register of 233,781 tons, have
been admitted under the American
flag under the recently enacted emerg
ency shipping measure. Of that num
ber 54 were British. 4 German and 2
Belgian carriers. Fifty-seven of the
60 are Atlantic carriers.
The British ship Wray Castle, which
had been idle on Puget sound for sev
eral days, was taken for delivery of
grain to Europe by Strauss & Co., last
The Blue Funnel liner Cyclops,
which has been to the north Pacific
on numerous occasions, is one' of the
troop ships which the British govern
ment has requisitioned.
The Germans lost another steamer
recently when the Suimow was cap
tured -by the Japanese. She waa at
tempting to make a neutral port but
ran short of provisions and was cap
tured endeavoring to buy necessary
stores from the natives off the coast
of Kiushiu.
Despite the heavy losses being suf
fered monthly by the Hamburg-Ameri
can and North German Lloyd compa
nies, the officers and men of their
steamers interned at different neutral
ports are receiving their wages regu
larly. The Emery Steamship company
gained the distinction of making th
first Panama canal payment to be
made at the Boston sub-treasury when
they deposited a cneck lor $.ooo in
payment of the steamer Atlantic. The
Atlantic is due here Wednesday.
Despite the war 323 steamers, ;
barks and 59 Bchoonera of foreign reg
4 p. m.. Am. schooner Wm. Nottingham,
from Antofagasta.
Called, 12;30 a. m.. Am. str. Dolphin, for
Skagway; 1 a. m.. Am. str City of Seattle,
for Skagwar; 10 a. m.. Am. str. Ol&en &
Mahoney. for San Praurisco.
San Pedro. Cal., Oct 17. Arrived C. S. S.
Cheyenne, convoying submarines il 2 and II 3
from .San Francisco for target practice; Am.
str. Yale, from Sun Francisco, 1:02 a. m.;
Am. str. Congress, Seattle. 4:30 p. ni.
8ailel Am. str. Jim Butler, fot Kedondo.
11 a. m. ; Am. str. Yale, for San Diego, 3:.'i0
p. m.; Am. str. Olivpr J. 01'n. for St.-atlle,
a p. m.; Am. str. General Hubbard, tor Ai
erdeen, in ballast, at 5 p. in.
StatUe, Wash., Oct 17. Sailed City f
Seattic, 9 p. -, for southeastern Alaska.
Everett, Oct 17. Sailed Steamer Nome
City and Mary Olson at" 5 p. m.. for San
V aides, Oct 17. Sailed Steamer Alameda,
7Uo a. m.. for Seattle.
Wrangell, Oct 17. Sailed Steamer Jef
ferson. 4 a. m., for Seattle.
Ketchikan. Oct. 17. tilled Steamer Al
Ki, 4:30 a. m., and Uumboldt, 11 o'clock last
night for Seattle.
Kedondo Beach, Cal.. Oct IT. Arrived
Steamer Nehaiem, 8 a. m.. from San Diego,
sailed at noon fW San Pedro; steamer Sag
inaw arrived 5 a. m., from San Pedro, and
sailed at 2 p. ra. for Portland. Steamer Jim
Butler arrived S p. bl. from San Pedro; In
BeDingham. Wash., Oct 17. Sailed Am.
str. J on an Pontoon, for Sa Pedro; tanker
Argyll, for San Francisco.
Vancouver, B. C-, Oct 17. SallexV'3 p. m.
American Uarkentine 1 chains. Captain Carl,
son, far D or baa; 10 p. m., British steamer
Princess May, Captain MrLeod, for SXagway.
Saa Diero. Cal., Oct 17. Arrived. 1 p. m..
Am. str. Shoshone, Portland, 3:10 p. m.; l".
&. 8. Raleigh; HuSO p. m Tale.
Tacoma, Wash, Oct 17. Arrived Am.
atr. Queen, San Francisco, 7:30 p. m.
Sailed Japanese steamer Yokshama Mam,
Seattle, 4:15 p. m-; Am. str. Marlpuea, Se
attle, 4 a. m.; Admiral Schley, Seattle, 5
Comor. B. C. Oct
lS-Sailed ftr. str.
Talthybius. Seattle. . ,
Port Angeles, Oct 17. Arrived Am. str.
Wasp, Seattle via Mukilteo; Am. str. Olson
li Mahoney, tovMag barge Diamond Head, San
Francisco. Salted Am. str. Olson, k. Ma
honey. San Francisco.
Mukilteo, Oct 17. Sailed Am. str. Wasp,
Port Angeles. . .
Eagle Harbor, Oct 17. Sailed Am. str.
William Chatham, San FrancUco, 2 p. m.
Marabfleld, Oct 17 Arrived Am. stra.
Elder, from Bureka, and Alvarado. from San
Francisco, 9:44 a. m. Sailed Breakwater.
4:30 p. m.
San Francisco, Oct IT. Arrived Am. str.
Whitesboro, from Pigeon Point, 2:35 a. m.;
Am itr. Aroline. from San Diego, 3:35 p. m.;
' Am. str. City of Topeka, from Eureka, 4.
; ; - . . iiii.h fmm San Pedro.
5 45 a. m.; Am. str. Richmond, from lrt
Wells, 6:50 a. m.: Am. str. F. A. hUlburn,
from Eureka, 6:50 a. m.; Am. str. Bruns
wick, from Fort Bragg, 8:06 a.m.; Am. sir.
National City, from Cleone. 9:05 a. m-; Am.
str. Harvard, from Ban Pedro, 9:10 a. m;
Am. str. Alcatra, from uonren ianomg, jy.t
. m Am str. HanaleL from Eureka, l:4o
I P- -: ur.iT'J; i-iTT
wim uiimcii .7'' . . ' .
Bailee Lightship Blunts Reef, for Blunts
Reef 800 a- m; Am. str. Multnomaa. tor
Portland, 10:05 a. m.; steam yacht Veuetla,
for Saa Diego, 10:20 a. m; Am. str. Washte
naw, for Port San Luia, 12 OO p. m.; Am. stT
Governor for Victoria and Puget Sound. 12:40
p. m.; Am. str. Beaver, for Astoria and Port
land 1:06 p. m.; Am. str. City of Topeka.
fVu- pjirriu. 3:10 n. m.: Am. str. Daisy iree-
.m-V,!.r1SptSIro345yioPp. muS: Ant
tr- Svea. tor Grays Harbord, P- .m
! British steamer Tascalnsa, for Itosaki. l.KJ
P- . m
Scandinavian-American bank vs. UBlsa G.
Reed, et al.; foreclosure decree. j
Mary Butcher vs. K- Butcher; decree.
A. Todd vs. J. Q. Armstrong; Judgment for
plaintiff .aside.
E. J. Ceiser vs. A. A. Lindsley et at; dis
missed. Cells Deuerllng vs. Rose Braeken Johns et
al.; order confirming sale.
F. B. Rowell vs. American Life It Accident
Insurance Co.; order appointing receiver, New
ton W. Rountree.
Susie Freeman vs. fob Freeman; decree.
A. Whitney vs. R. W. Gilbert; diamtssed.
Thomas Hurrla vs. St Helens Lumber Co.;
lieUa P.arr va. George F. Barr; decree.
V. J. Wright et at. vs. Charles P. Scott
et al.; Judgment for plaintiff.
Wey li. Allen company vs. Edward . T.
Root; Judgment for plaintiff.
W. L. Van Abstyne vs. IL U. Keats et at;
Judgment for plaintiff.
11. M. Tenney vs. Edith SC. Hill et at;
Judgment for plaintiff.
Peninsula Security cornfcany vs. Bertba
Quinn et aL; Judgment for plaintiff.
Sam Samakaeff vs. C U. Hansen;
Wellesley I -and company vs. A. D. NohUtt;
foreclosure decree.
Royal N. Shaw vs. Recreation Park aaao
datioo; disagreement
Hew Baits.
T. E. Rowell vs. Americaa Life A Acci
dent Insurance company., for appointment of
receiver and , injunction.
Dora Fuller vs. H. P. Fuller; divorce.
Portland Mercantile Union vs. A. R. Mor
gan, tu cullect accounts and a note and claim
for service.
Samuel Hoffman et al- vs. Albert A. Coon
et al.; foreclosure.
George O. Davis vs. Rose City Importing
company et al.; suit on note and to collect
account. . .
S. P. S. By. Co. vs. W. F. Leisner; suit
for damages.
rin M Severs noe vs. Standard Milk
Sugar company; suit for money advanced arid
"""ETCline vs. Globe Grain A Milling com
pany et at. suit for personal injury damage.
Jennie Pomeroy vs. gttnson D. Pomeroy;
diEdna Debnhr vs. Martin R- Dcbuhr; divorce.
William A. GUbert vs. Ltla M. Gilbert; di-
TMartne Bofler A Machine Works vs. B. B.
Jaynea et at; suit for material furnished.
Henry Schroeder. administrator, vs. John
Oeorge; damage for death.
All Parts of the Globe
istry eleared out of the Port of New
York during September.
German ship building yards con
tinue to operate during the war in
Europe as the 11.000 ton carrier Al
ttnburg. built for tho North German
Lloyd was launched at Bremerhaven
Tlie appearance of the Red Star
liner Kroonland in London, flying the
American flag, is declared by English
marine experts to be the first time
the American flag has ever appeared
in English waters at the mast of a
passenger carrying steamer.
U"en vessels now comprise the Atlantic-Pacific
flet of the Iucken
back Stt-amshlp company. The latest
nlditions are the S. V. and Harry
An unconfirmed report has the
British Mediterranean fleet capturlrog
Uin Hamburg-American liner Sudmsrk.
which was here last summer and
which still had considerable Portland
cargo in her. She is 6ald to be held
at Alexandria.
A life suit, constructed rrf a nfbhr
lzed silk and lined heavily with wool
to which Is fastened a life preserver.
Intended to decrease the loss of life
from exposure, has been invented by a
New Vorkf-r.
In Italian ship building yards are 45
heavy freighters under construction.
They have a net tonnage totalling 63,-
000 tons.
Bound for the north Pacific coast
of the United States, the Danish motor
ship Jutlandla is due to sail from
Copenhagen .Wednesday, October 20.
Steamship companies operating reg
ular lines through the Panama canal
have been granted the privilege of
paving their- tolls by draft or check
Foreign vessels or one trip . vessels
must use gold.
Two more German vessels have put
into Honolulu for shelter from the
British and Japanese north Tacific
fleets. They were the Hamburg-
i American liner Holsatla end the
I ilansa line steamer O. J. D. Ahlers,
Large Number of Out
Town Shooters Will
lr addition to staging the biggest
Thanksgiving day shoot in the his
tory of the trap shooting game in
the northwest, the Portland Gun club
is arranging to hold a big free turkey
roast for the club members and their
friends. President Henry "W. Metzger
made this announcement yesterday.
A good nunibex of out of town
shooters ar expected te participate
In the events, which win be fr tbe
Imperial diamond medal, thre. geld
watches, the club's high average fct't
ton and 20 birds.
This shoot will be second only to
the Pacific coast handicap event,
which was held on the club grounds
last July. The club officials win held
a meeting in the near future and
perfect plana for the Thanks giving
day program.
Montana Held Down
By Idaho Eleven
Moscow. Idaho. Oct 17. In a field
of sticlcv mud and herav-v rain. Idaho v. i V. v. r . .
i i inxi i i li. 1 1. 1 uciu t " i oi v j juuuiana
eleven to a no-score game here this
Nothing but straight football was
used on account of the condition of
the field. In the first three quarters,
Idaho greatly outplayed Montana and
came within 15 yards of Montana's
goal twice. Superior weight of the
visitors' line was no advantage. Punt
ing on both sides averaged about 20
yards. Idaho's goal was In danger
early in the fourth quarter, but Mon
tana failed to break Idaho's defense,
Ilegular Halfback Ross, and Fall
back Brown were not in the game on
account of injuries. This was the first
game played on the new athletic field.
New York, Oct 17. Jim Buckley,
manager of Gunboat Smith, announced
this afternoon that he had received a
telegmm from Promoter Co ff roth, of
San Francisco, asking if Smith would
be willing to meet Jack Johnson, New
Year s day at Tla Juana, Mexico. Ruck
ley immediately sent an affirmative
The gnnnerB manager declared that
as Coffroth claims to have obtained
Johnson's consent to the match, be be
lieves Smith has beaten the other
"white hopes" to it In endeavoring to
get a fight with Johnson.
Tia Juana is In northern Mexico, less
than half an hoar's ride from' Ban
Diego, California.
No Meeting at Corvanta.
Oregon AgTlcultnral College, Cor
vallls. Or.. Oct. 17. It was decided
late this afternoon not to bold a mass
meeting to make an expression on
th playing of the O. A. C-Oregon
game at Corvallis or Oregon ra trier
than in Portland until next week.-
Cornell Win Kasily
Ithaca, N. Y., Oct. 17. Today's game
between Cornell and Bucknell was Just
one long procession and Cornell led
all the way. The I tha. cans romped al
over the visitors, plljng up touch
down after touchdown. The fiDai score
was 48 to 0.
Gopher Win From S. D.
Minneapolis, Minn Oct 17. Minne
sota with tubstitute backs playing the
entire game, defeated South Dakota
today 23 to 7. The Gophers used a
versatile; open field attack, 18 for
ward passes b!in'g good for 190 yards.
Of the 18 forward passes, ten were
succissf u"L
Quiet in Eureka Harbor.
Eureka, Cal , Oct. 17. There was no
movement either In or out todaf; yes
terday having witnessed a cleanup in
shipping circles. The Pacific Coast
steamer City of Topeka Is due to Ball
Monday morning on4h return trip to
San Francisco. The steam ' schooners
Vanguard and Phoenix will sail tomor
row for San Francisco with lumber
cargo and passengers.
Transcontinental Roads May
Be? Forced Out of Business
Urgler New Conditions,
Sail Carrisrs Dscida to Oat mat on
Salmon to - Kelt th Frio Had
by Steamship Ida. -
Preterit aspects of the Panama canal
competition involve situations most
grave; from the standpoint of thai
transcontinental railroads, which rosy I
be forc4 to go out of the transconA
tinent'al transportation business en I
tlrely; -according to the view of R. n.f
Miller; traffic manager of the O.-W. I.
& N, company, who returned yester-l
day from a long conference at Chi-J
ru Crn V , (hi. , i ri f a r- ri i a r . t,,ff ta
chiefs" Of practically all the transcon
tinental; lines and tho questions of
rate reductions recently put In force
hy the Btt-amnhip lines and what could
be done to meet them, occupied many
studious days.
The1 traffic men also attended the
hearing before the Interstate torn
tnerieSoomniiKsion of their petition to
he alwed to reduce their transcon
tinenthl; rates without affecting .their
rates b interior points.
; Situation Is Serious.
"Se'feral competing steamship com-
paniet;ire operating through the Pan
ama icahal." said Mr. Miller. -About
lOO.oft itons per month In each dtrec
tlon fafe now being handled by them
to and from all Pacific ports. It may
be thst: this competition will make It
so thiSuthe rail carriers will be unable
to ma the rates from th'east to the
Paclfiij icoiist terminals lo f enough to
meet fit is competition. It I iay be that
they;viill find themselvel unable, to
fuses ao give relief asked for.
"Ir.yther words, tho sacrifice on in
terloMnuelness may be too great and
the transcontinental lines may have te
go out -of the transcontinental business
entirv4v. The volume of traffic by
sea Ibr increasing all the time.'
ri' . ,.X t l . . . tVt.. nnmmtlalAII
vhif'hcwaa attended bv renresentail ves
her '.tr 10. The carriers tietitioned
Finn M! the Hnokann rate case so far
i , hi . i t ; i in.iii.i... ...... .........
as it:-4nnlie to shipments to Interior
LlcwerfJ'ti'j rdure their transcontinental
. ....
In sugh: a way that intermediate points)
vjr.nTiPi Tint tahi rnA rrmnR. i 1 1 m ciiiii.
mndit.fM Hnecified being those that are
now Stoving 'In largest quantity br
watei ;
Terms Are Given.
In 'ihe Snokiuie case, the commiA-
slnn 'field that ratea from tha east t9
Snnksn must not exceed tne rate te
ternilaal points by more than specified
nrceritieea: 100 ner cent from the Mie-
ruuiiuuTei , avi I'ci v -. 1 1 t j Lit ...i .n ,
125 r! cent from Jsew iforit xnese
percentages. If applied In connection
with Mates from the isast to Paclflo
rnju.Ti7irminjii i t rn i vea i 11111 un 1 1.
tion. Mr. Miller exnlalned. would make
the rate at interior noints lower then
I the carriers could afford to establish.
In otKer words, he said, it would cut
' . i. . . , r .. A . r. nAM. . m
the rctes from eastern points as far
Hum i r i v i nun in hiiitih j k
vond. .' Therefore, he said, it Is the de-
vi ra rrmi m a y rrminpiii on as t i sirm i a
nai points, without being made to ap
ply thii reductions to points where the
mtSi competition does not exist.
Portland was represented at- the
hearing by J. II. Lothrop. manager cC
the Chamber of Commerce transporta
tion committee. uther cities repre
sented ".'were San Francisco, Spokane.
Sacra'rrento. Los Angeles. Fresno. Sett
I-ake- i City. Omaha. Sioux City. St-
PauL . iCansaa Citv. Chicago and New
nric Ksvarui avTSLrsisa isn wpth m t
clally, Vepresented.
: aJ Views Axe XMxYsxent.
All Hid not have the same view, Spo
kane feeing agreeable to the plan only
Insofar as it would not disturb the
advantage secured by the recent de
cision in Its favor. Sioux City opposed
it hwauH it felt it wouia lose . ine
benefit of the present balance it has In
comtetltlon with Chicago.
The rail carriera decided at their
conference to cut the rate on Salmon
from the Pacific coast to the east to
met the water eomoetltion. but It was
trtiiriTon r xna put inuiif wmiifi m i x m m
rlallv affect the diversion of traffic
Th new nublished rate is 60 cents
nr 1 ft- nminrii. in carload sfaiDmenJ
biv(wn Vortland and the Missouri
mon Is now beinr shipped by sea for
20 coiitji tr the Atlantic seaboard. With
a local ra.ll charge of 18 cents to Pitts-
hnrc- hiaklnr the total lower than tne
thro uich rail rate.
"The' New Orleans situation ha
snddenlv become a formidable factor
f n in. ra t a Tarr-ir it r ki i 1 1 r en it
tlnuedJ ! -"With vessels bound through
th canal now stopping at New Or
leans, jthe traffic from the Mississippi
. X , .al
live factor.'
I Badgers After Title.
Madiaon. wis.. Oct i7v Wisconsin
la nut for Western football honors this
Rattlinar thm stronar Purdoe dob to
a aauvsii i et ariarnnnn ins r-tsnj-i sr
SB, Bl AJAA a i-A A lltt . v irv sM-wssy
m won 14 to 7. Purdue made its best
hnslitr In th first Quarter, when Ab-
r.ll hain.nrk. ran 45 varda TOT Wk
ence. 2
-rni 1 w.a lit. ,i n i v t i i r i in. nnijr
maker.were close to a score.
Tifer4Win rretty Content. -7
Princeton, N. J.. Oct 17. Prince
ton .fhished a pretty open game her
today ind had little trouble winnlnjr
from t, Dafayette- Gltcks 6-yard
run after receiving a kick-off was
a feature. Ames went over for the
last touchdown.
-. 4 r v
Tndiaiut Ijor Contest- .
The. Dalles, Or., Oct. 17. Outclass'
ing tbefr heavier opponents la. every
departjrient of the game. The Dallen
High school football team defeated
Chemawa Indians by
a score ox t't
to . ij'