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but tho commute assured Commis-
loner Dieck yesterday that another
attempt would be mad to have the
work done.
- Commissioner Dieck promised to
recommend wooden blocks tor paring
wherever it was deemed practicable to
lay them. Those conferring : witn
Commissioner Dieck this morning were
Qeorge M. Cornwall, O. M. Clark, U
Oreen and W B. McKay.
Raises Voted Despite Protests
of Taxpayers' League and
City Auditor Barbur,
Matter of Other Bsqussts Kay Corns
T7p Again in Masting of the City
Council a a XWater : Oats.
- - i ,
DesoltA Pleas made by a commit
tee representing the Taxpayers' league
and over the protests of City Auditor
Barbur. the city commissioners, by
the vote of Mayor H. R. Albee and
rnmrnlnKlontTB Dieck ana ertwsisr,
have started to raise' the salarlea of
cltv emoloves. The first increases
vr Allowed yesterday.
Raises were allowed yesterday for
of the deDutles In City Attorney
u Roche'a office. Commissioner
Brewster had recommended that Dep
titles Tnmllnaon and Latourette te in
crfad from J200 a month to $150
a month, and Deputies Davie, Myers
and Stadter from $160 a month to
$176. After a plea by City Attorney
Ijk Roche the salaries or Tomnnson
and kato u ret te were raised to $225
a month and those of the three oth
er to $175 a month.
City Attorney La Roche said that
Portland had the loweet paid legal
deoartment on the coast.
As It was explained that In raising
the other three deputies to J175
month the men were placed where
they were originally. Commissioner
Blrelow voted with the others to al
low the $25 a month increases, but
Auditor P.arbur remained firm. In
creases had also been aaked for the
four stenographers in the office, but
In the deadlock which ensued with
the mayor. Commissioners Dieck and
Brewster favorable and Commission-'
ers Daly and Blgelow and Auditor
l;arbur opposing, only one stenograph
er was raised from $75 to $80 a month
With the action of the committee
yesterday the way is left open to yet
raise these salaries, as the matter
may como before the council, where
Auditor Barbur has no vote, and the
three favorlnp increases will have
majority. The budget for the park
bureau was preliminarily considered.
but few eliminations made. Another
session will be held this afternoon.
Lumber Manufacturers Recommend
Pa v In j? Material.
Urging that the city use more wood
tn blocks in paving its streets, a com
mlttee representing the West Coast
Lumber Manufacturers' association
appeared before Commissioner Dieck
this morning.
Some time ago the association had
planned to pave Washington street,
irom Tnira to Front streets, with
wooden blocks, various companies to
furnish the blocks free of charge to
um city, mis was not dona, however,
Ballot to Go to Printer if Court
Sustains the Law. ,
The official ballot for the special re
call election has been .prepared by City
Auditor Barbur, and . will go to the
printer if the supreme court holds that
the recall provisions of the stats con
stitution are valid.
The ballot contains the Instructions
to voters under the preferential system
of balloting and the charges against
Mayor Albee and Commissioners uiecs.
and Brewster along with the answers
to the charges. A space Is provided
for the question "shall these officials
be recalled?" and is asksd separately
for eacn omciai. ine names oi uie
candidates are then given and spaces
left for voting first and second choice.
In Commissioner Brewster's case there
is only one choice, as there are only
two candidates, but in the cases of
Mayor Albee and commissioner Dieck.
there being more candidates, provision
is made for first and second choice.
The Fallot also contains the pro
posed measure providing for the re
ductions In the price of water and nx
lng a quarterly billing system.
jj 1
Cost of Badges Saved.
By th terms of an amendment to
the newsboys' ordinance introduced by
Commissioner Daly before the council
this morning, the license and badge
feature of the existing ordinance are
abolished and the city is saved ap
proximately $200 a year that the
badges cost. The amendments, which
were prepared by Commissioners Blge
low and .Daly, make no material
changes -in' the regulating of the boys
as to ages and hours during which
they can be on the street.. The amend
ments were given first and second
City Will Accept Cavh.
Provision was made by the city
council this morning for accepting the
$93,543.35 due the city by the Port
land Railway, Light & Power company
for the use of the bridges across the
Willamette river. This money has to
be paid before October 19, and the
council adopted a resolution providing
for the acceptance by City Treasurer
Appointment Authorized.
The city council this morning au
thorized the appointment of J. H. Urie
as agent to secure work in farming
communities for the unemployed. He
is to receive $135 a month and ex
Copies Will Be Sold.
Copies of the charter in its revised
form, with index, is to be sold by City
Treasurer Adams. The city councl
fixed the price this morning at 50
cents for cloth and leather bound cop
ies, and 15 cents for paper back covers.
Plumbing to Be Changed.
The plumbing in the city hall is to
be changed and the city council this
morning on recommendation of Com
missioner Brewster appropriated $1600
for that purpose and authorized the
purchasing agent to advertise for bids.
Democratic Candidate for
. Congress Urges Need . of
Men to Uphold Wilson.
would be a ' rots of disapproval tor
Wood row Wilson -"as , all the others
were opposed to the president and
would go to Washington to defeat his
He called attention to lbs magnifi
cent record of Senator George B.
Chamberlain firm the time he was
a deputy county clerk in Linn county
to the present time, and to his record
for efficiency and integrity in every
official position. He asserted that
the opposition to his reelection came
from those reactionaries who wished
to reestablish the former system of
boss rule and special privilege.
Addresses Hade by B. X.e rsget, &
A. Hague and Tom Word at Ar
ista BchoolhKise Meeting.
Urging the need of electing a Dem
ocratlc senator and congressman at
the coming election that the policies
of President Wilson may be upheld in
Washington. A. F. Flegel. Democratic
candidate for congress from this dis
trict, was the principal speaker at
Democratic rally held in the Arleta
school last night.
Others who spoke were B. Lee Paget,
candidate for stats treasurer; H.
Ha cue. running for the legislature.
and Sheriff Tom Word, who seeks re
Mr Fidirei used the public records
of his principal opponents, C N. Mc
Arthur and A. W. Lafferty. to show
why they should not be sent to con
gress, and spoke in nign praaso
Rnator Chamberlain.
"Pat McArthur," he said, "Stand Pat
MeArthur. as he is commonly called,
is a standpatter in very truth, a re
actionary of the most pronounced
Onnosed Oregon sxswb.
"in. nnA romnalen subject is a high
triff for the infant Indus
tries of this country such as the Steel,
Standard Oil and other
trusts. He is the same person who ad
vocated the Brooke-Bean bill in th
state senate, the bin iruw "
a crime to sign Statement No. 1 . fa
voring the election of United States
senators by popular vote.
same man who favored the repeal of
the Oregon system of legislation by
extracting its teeth in the legislature
4n4ni the assembly in 1910
which nominated Jay Bowerman for
g0.v?r5;" , vieeel stated, had
become to 'be known as Absentee Laf
ferty because oi ma "
sence from Washington on Pj
trips to Europe and fence
'trip! to Oregon. The weaker scored
the present congressman as a vonr
losLr for not acepting his defeat
gracefully in the last primary instead
of coming out as an independent can
didate. Chamberlain Paid Tribute.
"In his paid advertising he tells the
nponle he was out here in their in
terests in the Oregon California
rallCd case, In which the govern
ment had intervened in cases brought
by him," said Mr. Flegel. "when the
I fact was that ne was vj y
government in this case an d for him
to win the government
he had intervened for his clients in
the suit brought by the government.
A vote for any of the other can
didates for congress, he stated.
Farewell Dinner
Tendered M. Ida
Movement Starts to Form Organiza
tion for Purpose of Disseminating
Knowledge Segarding- Orient.
A group of Portland business men
met at dinner in the Commercial club
last night and started what it is hoped
will be a Pacific coast organization to
make people of the United States more
familiar with actual conditions in the
orient, with special reference to trade
The dinner was primarily-given In
honor of M. Ida, the Japanese consul.
who is soon to return to Japan.
H. B. Miller, former United States
consul in Japan and China, who pre
sided, will appoint a committee of five
members to draft; a plan of permanent
organization andr select a name. All
present were former business residents
either of Japan or China,
The meeting began with outline tft
plans to spread the truth about com
mercial and social conditions In the
orient. ,
W. D. Wheelwright spoke tn a com
plimentary way about the Japanese
he has had dealings with during the
past 17 years.
C A. Edwards referred to the sys
tem in Japan, whereby native mer
chants who fall to meet obligations
with foreigners are posted so that the
national honor of Japan will not be
Imperiled by further dealings with
doubtful creditors.
H. B. ' Miller related personal expe
riences to show the remarkable control
of feelings on the part of the Jap
anese and their- true courtesy and
sympathy for all that is good.
The retiring consul. Mr. Ida, gave
suggestions regarding the formation
of the proposed organization.
Expose of Rushlight - Booth
Alliance Made fay The Jour-
nal Is Abundantly Verified,
Morning Publication Em Aid of la
boring Man's "Prlend"; Matter
t. Helped Vent Spleen on Word,
is the Mark-
LJjS -that
Dr. Barber, Pioneer
Dentist, Is Dead
End Oomt as Result of Practttred
BkuU Sustained In a PU fat Bi
meat 'of His Home.
October 14, 1914
To-my friends and patrons :-
For the past four months I was compelled to keep
out of the limelight of advertising owing to the fact that
in the month of June I have placed an order for foreign
woolens, and on account of the war disturbance in Europe,
my goods did not arrive until Monday, October 9.
Unfortunately, I find. myself with an immense stock
of woolens on hand, with almost one-half of the Fall sea
son gone, and in order not to get stuck with such an im-
mense stock, I have decided to make a sweeping reduction.
It will do you good to examine these new style suitings,
containing such famous makes of woolens as Canafield,
Donegal, Gibson, Walter Scott and Lamagin, Tweeds and
Homespuns ; also the very latest designs in Tartan worsteds,
s Never before were you able to buy in a Popular
Priced Merchant Tailoring store this kind of j woolens, owing
to the fact that with the high tariff which was on these
goods, you were only able to get a suit from $45.00 to
$55.00 - with the greatly reduced tariff it has enabled 'me
to buy these foreign goods direct, and I will sell these
elegant suits from $28.00 to $35.00, for a short period
only until the stock is greatly reduced. A look in my
windows will convince you.
I also wish to call your kind attention that
included in this shipment I received over 800 yards of
Skinner Brothers1 famous blue serge, known the world over
to" be absolutely the best. This serge is intended to sell
for $38.00 a suit, but for a short period only I will make
you a suit to order with the best of linings for $29.50.
I do not have to brag about my ability and integrity
in turning out fine garments. Over twenty-five y;ears in
the Merchant Tailoring business speaks for itself.
An early call will be highly appreciated by
Yours very sincerely,
After 40 years of residence in Port
land. Dr. S. J. Barber, one of the old'
est dentists In the city, died at St campaign is engineered oy una wmoi
An expose was made by The Journal
last Thursday of a working alliance
between the Oregonlan In its campaign
for R. A. Booth for senator, A. G.
Rushlight in bis fight to grab the pat
ronage from the county officers and
the News in its seal to defeat Tom
Word for reelection as sheriff.
That this deal has actually gono
through and is now being worked out
Is shown by the presence of some un
usual advertising which appeared last
Monday in the News. The Northwest
ern Electric company, dominated by
George Kelly of the Booth-Kelly Lum
ber company, the Fleishhacker's tim
ber land and water power magnate;
H. I Pittock and the Oregonlan influ
ences, bad a full page advertisement.
The Douglas County Light & Wa
ter company, also had a page ad. This
company has general offices In the
Teon building in Portland, but It has
neither water pipe nor electric wire
within 200 miles of the News' sons of
influence, so that the. advertising from
a business standpoint would have no
value. But the Douglas county com
pany is aligned with other power com
panies operating through the Willam
ette valley which depend upon federal
legislation for much of their exist
ence Advertisements Are Significant.
Other large advertisements, includ
ing one by the Portland Railway,
Light A Power company, are signifi
cant only of the change In front, the
News manifests In catering to Influ
ence It has always denounced.
It is openly charged that for this
j the Oregonlan has been responsible
through its R. A. Booth crusade ' and
through A, G. Rushlight in his effort
to dominate the county, xom wora
appears as the pre-agreed center of at
tack, to be slaughtered by ine tnpie
Influence thus brought to bear.
Word's opposition in the present
Vincent's hospital yesterday afternoon.
He had been unconscious for several
days, following; a fall on the concrete
basement floor at his home, 483 Bast
Sixteenth street, north, last Sunday
morning. His skull was fractured.
Arrangements for the funeral have
been deferred until the arrival of Mrs.
Barber, who has been visiting in Hins
dale. ILL She Is expected home to
morrow. The funeral orobablv will Booth ror senator.
not be held before Saturday or Sun- Rushlight sought
Dr. Barber was born in Potsdam, N.
T., In 1841. After service in the Civil
war. and graduation from a dental
school, he came to Portland in 1874,
and had practiced here ever sines.
nation of which Rushlight Is a moving
snirlt. The Combination has succeeded
In getting T. M. Hurlburt on the ballot
as its candidate. Rushlight and
George Kelly started the wheels of the
Combination going last spring when
they set about to get control oi ios
county organisation. Kelly agreed to
help Rushlight gain this control on
condition that Rushlight work for
to get Achr
Leonard, Republican candidate before
the primaries, to consent to an ar
rangement by which If nominated and
elected he was to allow ftusniignt to
control the patronage of the shertrrs
office. Leonard refused and the
Besides the widow, Dr, Barber Is Rushlight-Kelly combination put Hurt-
survived, by six children: Mrs. L. R.
Alderman, wife of Superintendent of
Schools Alderman of Portland; Cap
tain John A. Barber of the army med
ical corps, stationed at Fort Hua-
chuca. Aria; Miss Fanny L. Barber of
Portland: Captain Alvin B. Barber of
burt into the field to beat Leonard.
Hurlburt was nominated, and now baa
the combined support of all the in
terests referred to.
Oraffonlan Jumps at cnanc.
Although the Oregonlan fought
Rushlight's candidacy for re-clcctlon
the army engineering corps, stationed J?'?",?"!
at San Francisco, and Miss Helen L.
Barber, now teaching at Providence,
R. L
Y. M. C. A. Wireless
Station in Operation
Government withdraw Order Dis
mantling Plant Only Amateur
Badio on Coast Granted Privilege.
I .
Portland's Y. M. C A. is nnique enterprises
Men's Suits and Overcoats
In Portland
It means tetter clotnes for less money because
this reliable store saves you the profit oi the middleman.
Around tnis standard are gathered others
at $12.50 to $25 and worthy companions these" are.
i .
Or made to measure in a way to please you,
are offerings tnat save, at $18.50 to $30.
: 4
Woolen Mills Store
les "Buy" tke B
o x
senator caused it to forget this for
mer hostility when It came to sup
porting a plan for his political ag
grandizement. Accordingly, when the
plan for Joining the fight on Word's
re-election ln'excnange ior me mews
support of Booth, the Oregonlan
iumned at the chanca
In turn, the News wuungiy reiin
auished its fight on the corporations
and big business in its real to defeat
Tom Word. That the Oregonisn made
eood on its pledges is shown by the
amount of advertising from Pittock
and similar institutions
amolh.; wireless ss sons appearing in the News' special IssuA
of the Pacific coast In that its radio.
Duke Owes for Private Cars.
New fork. Oct. 14. The New York
Central sued the Duke of Manchester
for $1341, 'said to be due for tne use
of private cars.
during war time, is to be allowed to
send out uncensored messages at will.
Captain W. H. Bullard of the Unit
ed States radio inspection department.
has written to the Association with
drawing the order for the dismantling
of the plant and again putting the
station in operation as long as the
neutrality of the United States is not
violated. ' The Associations! officials
are relied on by the department to
see that no message giving aid to
any belligerent power is dispatched.
The Y. M. C A. plant, with every
Other amateur station on the coast.
suspended operations sometime ago,
while the officials of the forestry
department and the radio inspectors
searched the state for a mysterious
operator said to be sending Informa
tion to warships in the Pacific as
to the movement of vessels in Port-
la.nA and other hArbors.
Since that time, the department has 'z wnat inousanaa oi
-I., th. V -M r. A atatinn a trior- I "u""uieui
ough inspection, and has just Issued
the order that its operations may be
Player Pianos Now'
Less Thaim . Upihts. -RegMarly
Sell For
P. S. An. early -call will secure the choice patterns.
When You Hear
That Dinner Bell
Does Your Mind Go "Back to the
Days When You Could Eat
Like a Farm Hand?
Yesterday we bought outright and had turned over tofus by Mr. Lucore ,
the balance of altogether torty-tour or tne costnest nanos
in the SOULE BROS.' Failure Sale,
The most Important event in west
ern piano merchandising is the Manu-
racturerff uuwiitucy ou, iiiu,
merged with the Souls Bros.' Failure
Sale. .
Everyone. Knows was every manu
facturer, especially or musical . in
struments, has been at nis wits ena
to know wnat to ao wiin m ui yiu
Lamp Post Uprooted
By Heavy Auto Bus
Accident Happened Wnen Dnvw Tried
to Avert Collision With Motor Truck
at Second and Tin.
An ornamental lamp post at the
northeast corner of Pine and Second
streets was uprooted and thrown
through a heavy plate glass show win
dow In F. B. Mallory & Co.'s estab- j bear."
lishment at 235 Pine street about 9
o'clock this morning, when the post
was struck by an automobile bua
The machine is in the .passenger
service between Vancouver and Port
land and was. driven -by B. P. Avery.
The memory of an appetite is a woe-1 stock, that is why the manufacturers
ful thing. The loss of stomach power j representatives, i-,ucore, lisworLii,
tne ability to eat- tne yearning an- i Barnes ana ,'. 7o
er good old-fashioned f ood that oondi- I of this greatest of all Portland piano
tion is pitiful. Why can't you real-1 sales. . Ellers Music House to buy
otners nave i tnree surplus jnu xivu w
for every two tney now ihl nsmsm
ber these pianos are all new, guaran
Th famous Duotonal Double
Soundboard piano), also the Eilera De
Luxe Player Piano, are included tn
this great sale. However, a sale
Like this can never happen again, for
the same condition wiu never aua
arever Wars the Old fcellabU stakes
of pianos oixerea as ae ow moi
jfow Marked oa JBvsry mstrwaemi.
Never since the establishment of the
Ellers Music House many years ago
nav prices been maae so low tna
terms so easy. Think of buying the
Chlckering, America s oldest and best;
the Sohmer, priae or rew iors; n
Instrument you find in the most ex
clusive circles of that great city; the
Kimball, the piano that today enjoys
For Example We Qucte:
$900 Chickering BabyGrand-
Used, bat big barg in
$750 LesterGrand just like new
$950 KnabeGrandlesshanhalf
For professional use
$500 Behnihe $286
$400 Wegmah
$400 Emersorl
Vose . .'.
Estey . fj.
First man "I'm as hungry as a
Second Han; "Walt til X ret a plate-
T .tit -.-. ms. Wlnr received ths indorsement or
k , i more 01 iu gri m
I in. hln all tha nther TnsJcAS COm-
Look at the abov Illustration. Most I K,ni and w could ad on and ennmer-
frv one remembers such a scene, lata msnv other makes included in this
Fancv yourself wild for food now. I .merrency sale. However, for the
$275 Ludwijj $137
Like new
It was olnaT north on Second sYree yourself abl. to eat as one of future protection of smaller dealers
it was going nortn on cena street. I th.B(1 men ctLa etLt , I who must secure th established re-
when a heavy trucK, loaded witi
nanaa emerged from Pine street.
In in effort to avoid it. the nassen
gr automobile with 25 persons on with your digestive apparatus.
board, swung sharply Into Pine street. 3' "t,
skidding on the wet pavement and tne nif di 7ti ni food. By eatlnr
side of the car struck tne past, send-1 ot 'tneae tablets after each meal
ttm a. little common sense and look I i.n nrirw& nin th freight, it has
at your stomach trouble in a practical 1 been agreed not to advertise the
manner. Something has gone wrong! names of these new pianos now on
sale in connection with ths price.
thh nxczs.
instruments that are worth 11060.
SHOO and S11S6 in the regular retail
way can now be secured in Uprights,
lng it with a crash through the win- I digest that meal. Digesting that meal
dow. A large dent was knocked in the I means easing the work oi tne stom- l piVara or Crands for only SS86 How
side of the ca struck the post,send- a , ot car. fto. Invest In
taken into cuikpqx w u,muw r'7", riLi,
the Very highest priced of all musical
instruments, we wiu aaii you am me-
Cu, - , . - 1 instrumeiiiav wo wiu wn juu uw
Eat what you will and when you I 2- . . Mimliiirt tm
will, hot -Jwavs carry a little Stnarrs I 'Vr r.T
Permit Must Be Obtained. Dyspepsia Tablet inyoar Pocket. In ffiSS tt ITmTmM toTa
Before automobile owners hereafter ?aoJ,lJi JrJffZ -UTZl Mm or $146. Or for only Sl we fur-
Install gasoline pumping stations with- JoSk on f odL " " - ffiif ffi UnVialThVlS
in rtdewalk areas, they are to be r- oo to -your droggletanywhers and ? Won niWav:
buy a box or tstuan s dyspepsia l ao- i ; -
these Tablets please address F. A
Stuart Co.. 150 Stuart bldg., Marshall,
Mich., and a small sample package will
be maned tree.. i v , ; iaotj
ouired to apply for a permit from th
desartment of public works, the appli
cation to give the location of the tank
and pump. An ordinance to this ef
fect was passed by ths city council
this morninae.
We have decided to give 40 months
SO months, 20 months or 10 months
time in whlcb to nay xor a piano in
this sale. " .
like new
$800Melville-ClarkPla jrer Piano $396
$600 Kingsbury InneiiJ Player- $288
Late 8-note mtxl : i
$600 Angelas Player l?iaho - $225
$400 Hallet & Davis-f $140
Fine for Stodenff i ' i.
And many others, new or used, at equay low prices, some of them
taken in part payment at oar own price for Unr pianos and player pianos,
daring this great Marmfactnrers Emergency and Surplus Sale.
tuoor4 Ellsworth, Barnes and Davey, -now
iBh'args of combined sale of the
- Soulal Bros. failure stock i an tha
Manufacturers Emergency and Bur
plus j ale, Broadway at Alder. Stora
open 1 n the evening until o'clock
dnrUtj this sals only. - "v