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ican Publications as
Well as Others Want Real
Man Biff Enoug-h to Oct Something
Son I Almost Unanimous Cry,
Sayi Edjrar McDmlsl.
That the newspapers of the Wil
lamette valley. Including nearly all
the lie publican papers, are supporting
Kretferick Holliuter for congressman
lrorn the First district, is the state
ment of Kdgar McDanlel, for eight
years proprietor of the Coos Bay Har
bor, a Republican paper puousned at
North Bend. He says they are sup
porting - Mr. Hollister, as against
Congressman Hawley, because they
want a representative In congress who
will have ability to get results.
Mr, McDanlel la In Portland, com
pleting the last lap of a trip through
the Villamette valley In the Interest
of a special coast edition of his pa- i
per. which he expects to publish
about October 25. T;he edition will
be devoted to the development of the
Willamette valley and the coast coun
ties. .
In speaking of Frederick ' Hollister' s
candidacy for representative to con
gress, Mr. McDanlel said: "I find
, everywhere In the valley and on the
coast a growing enthusiasm for Mr.
Hollister. There is not a single coast 1
paper raising its voice against him.
"Willamette valley papers are support-
ing blm almost to a unit.
Hollister Mn for Job.
"A a Republican and the owner of
s Republican paper, I am doing all I
can for Mr. Hollister, for I believe he
Is the man for the place. His aggres
slTeness and absolute dependability
will be a pleanlng relief after the in
activity of the present Incumbent.
"I have nothing against Mr. Hawley
he has done' nothing to merit either
commendation nor condemnation. We
want men in congress who do things
active men big men. and Mr. Hol
lister la of this type.
"Ha has lived in North Bend since
the Incorporation of the city 12 years
ago and has always been identified
with those movements which meant
bigger and better things, not only to
the community, but to the state at
Salary Hot Weeded.
"Mr. Hollister does not want the of
fice for the salary attached, being a
wealthy man, having Interests in Lane
and Coos counties, besides a lucrative
law practice. He will, however, de
vote his entire attention to the work
required of a congressman, with the
r Hole purpose of securing federal rec
ognition in the district, which, ha
long been neglected.
"He has a well-defined plan to lay
before congress, touching upon the
fisjxrtanc of the government paying
Jta Jnst apportionment of the cost of
luilding roads and Improving rivers
.and harbors. This plan is based upon
the importance of utilizing the timber
f the forest reserves, the loss each
year being far greater than the amount
required to make all federal improve
ments listed under the present project."
trip of Columbia branches, told of this J
potential industry yesterday after
noon. "We are merely trying out the idea,"
he said. "If. the experiment proves
a success we may decide to have al
our cabinets for use in this part of
the country made out here. The com-
i pany making the trial order is using
; mahogany and oak for the experiment
and we hope for a finished article that
will equal the product of the eastern
And this was not the only piece of i
good news Mr. Lyle has for Portland
ers. "Business conditions," he said,
"are rapidly improving all over the
country. 1, of course, am better post
ed on my own line than others. Tho
i United States business of the Colum
bia Graphophone company has in
creased materially during the past
year. The volume of business of tho
Portland branch Is double what it was
in 1913.
"Oua salesrooms in the Washington
hotel building contain double the floor
space we had had In the Columbia
building, our previous location, and
our business has well warranted the
move." Inasmuch as grafonolas may
be considered more or less of a luxury,
Mr. Lyle's statements may be taken
i to anocK nai some ui ie ,
business depression. .
"Portland seems bigger and better
every time I come here," he remarked
"And I am always especially im
pressed by your new buildings."
He will leave tonight for San Fran
cisco. Walter S. Gray, of San Fran
cisco, Pacific coast manager of the
Columbia Graphophone company, is
with him.
Portland Man Must Serve
Sentence for Fraudulently
Obtaining Signature,
Prince Oleg of Russia Suc
cumbs, Prince George of
Servia Reported Dying.
Salem. Or., Oct. 13. The supreme
court today affirmed the conviction of
T. J. Leonard in, Portland on a charge
of obtaining the signature of a per
son to a deed by false pretenses and
Leonard must serve from one to five
years in the penitentiary. Dr. M. -J.
Denny and wife were Leonard's vic
tims. The opinion was written by
Judge Ramsey and Judge Kavanaugh
is sustained.
Other decisions today were as fol
lows: '
M. W. Harrison vs. Pacific Railway
& Navigation company, appealed from
Tillamook, suit involving title to real I
property? affirmed, opinion by Judge '
Burnett, Judge Galloway sustained. j
Charles Coopey, appellant, vs. L. T.
Keady et al, Multnomah, suit for bro- j
ker's commission; affirmed, opinion by i
Judge Burnett, Judge Davis sustained, j
Marcus M. Rudolph, administrator'
of the estate of Maxine Melba Ru- ;
dolph, deceased, vs. Portland Railway,
Light & Power company, appellant. !
appealed from Multnomah, action for
damages; opinion by Judge Moore, j
Judge Benson sustained. i
Edward H. Smith vs. John W. Hur
ley, appellant, appealed from Mult- '
nomah, action for damages; affirmed, !
opinion by Judge Bean, Judge McGinn j
sustained. j
John Nielson, appellant, vs. John !
McNeil, appealed from Coos, action for
damages for trespass on property; re
versed, opinion by Judge McNary,
Judge Coke reversed. i
(United Press Leased Wlre.
London, Oct. 13. Crown Prince Al
exander of Servia and his brother,
Prince George, have been wounded in
action against the Austrlans, it was
stated in news agency dispatches here
today. George was reported dying.
A dispatch from Petrograd says
Prince Oleg, grand duke Constantine'a
son, succumbed today to wounds suf
fered in action against the Germans.
The Dalles Postoffice.
Washington, Oct 13. The postoffice
department has notified Senator Lane
that pending the construction of a new
building to replace the postoffice build
ing at The Dalles, the building tempor
arily occupied will continue to be occupied.
French Report "Satisfactory."
Paris, Oct. 13. Having been strong
ly reinforced, General D'Amadc, com
manding the allies' extreme ltft in
northern France, reported today that
the Franco-British situation in hia
field of "The Great Battle," at present
the most critical part of the line, was
Cavalry encounters, he added, con
tinued uninterruptedly. 0
In Paris the reorganized - aviation
corps was showing increased activity
in patrol duty, to prevent furthe
aerial raids on the city.
Farewell to Pastor. m
Pleasant Valley, Or., Oct. 13. A
farewell reception and harvest social
will be held tomorrow evening at
Pleasant Valley Baptist church in
honor of Rev. J. A. Hoey of Portland,
who will discontinue his services at
the church after having occupied Its
pulpit for nearly a year.
r : !
Local Firm Now Completing
Trial Order for Columbia!
Graphophone Company,
Portland stands a chance of becom
ing the center of a new Pacific coast
Industry the manufacture of cabinets
for grafonolas. At the present time
such cabinets are all made in the east,
but a Portland firm is now completing
a trial order for the Columbia Graph
ophone company and if it succeeds In
turning out a product that answers
th requirements and fulfills the tests
exacted by the company it is probable
that the future will see all the cabi
nets needed for distribution west of
the Rockies made on the Pacific coast
George W. Lyle of New York, vice
president and general manager of the
Columbia Graphophone company, who
Is in Portland on his annual inspection
Chalmers"Xight Six
to stop dandruff
and loss of hair
Shampoo with hot water, rub
bing thoroughly into the scalp the
the rich, creamy lather of
Resinol Soap
6 as to soften and stimulate the scalp,
to remove the dead skin and cells, and
to work the soothing, healing Resinol
balsams well into the roots of the hair.
Rinse in gradually cooler water, the
final water being cold. Dry the hair
thoroughly, without artificial heat This
simple, agreeable method almost always
tops dandruff and scalp itching, and
keeps the hair live, thick and lustrous.
Raainol Soap leaxes no stickiness or un
pleasant edor m theLmir. Sold wherever
toilet goods are carried. For sample free,
write to Dept. S-j. Resinol. Baltimore, Md.
If you were an automobile expert and
had thoroughly examined this car before
we announced the price you would have
unhesitatingly judged it a big value at
The Biggest Motor Car Buy
of Any Year
In our automobile experience we have never
seen any year in which one car stood as far
above its price class as the 1915 Chalmers
"Light Six" does this year.
AO things considered, we honestly can say
this new Chalmers "Light Six" gives greater
dollar for dollar value in motor essentials
than any car we have ever sold.
We know that it is simply impossible for
you to get the full value of these' statements
merely by reading them. That
is why we are anxious to have
you take the Chalmers "Real
Test' Ride over every sort of
roads. You can't doubt the
proof then. -
H. L. Keats Auto Co.
Beyond Our Expectatiipns!
Announcements to the public made by this store are reasonably certain of generous response. The good housekeeper, wife and mother is gener) Jy interested in Lipman,
Wolfe & Company Store News. The inauguration of SEWING WEEK SALES far exceeded all calculations, and was far beyond our expectations. Not the slightest sign
of the slackening of interest. Counters crowded additional help everything to serve you promptly and intelligently in every section affected by J giving Week Sales.
The timeliness the economies the plans we have made to place before you the newest, the most fashionable and the most desirable materials are k intense importance to
every shopper.
Wednesday, a real feast of economies awaits shoppers, for additional merchandise just 'received has been impressed into this sale,
welcome. You are never obligated to ourchase.
Coupled with thf e economies is a hearty
-Latest fashionable silks that provide uncommonly beautiful, qualities needed for Winter gowns at prices admitting f! of real economy,
from a stock that is as "clean as a whistle." Where the best examples of both the American and foreign manufacture? are always found.
that are getting scarcer every day, controlled beyond the power of man, by trade conditions. Satins, crepe meteor. Aiiffon. taffeta, crepe de
chines, charmeuse, printed, stnped, embroidered and crepe faille silks are but a few of the fabrics on sale. Prices 'ange front 44c 79c
89c, $1.33, $1.59, $1.79 to $3.15 a yard. '
The representatives from two factories which made many of the Fine dress goods on sale, informed us yesterday1 tlii they would not be able
to send out more for many a day. For this reason, and because materials themselves are rich and beautiful, ai because of Sewing'
Week Sale Prices, women are sensibly taking advantage of dress goods economies. Wool fabrics of foreign and American origin, in distinc- 1
tive weaves, of sturdy, honest, standard qualities, are offered, one and all,af Sewing Week prices. It is a privileg e therefore, for dressmak
ers and home sewers to select just the special material for which they have need. The prices start at 44c, 7 Jc, 89c, $1.10, $133,
$1.59 to $2.19 a yard. hj
Foremost, of course, laces fpr trimming gowns and wraps, for beautifying waists, for embellishing party dresses; laclf for fancy work and dec
orative work of all kinds make up this vast assortment that is being featured in Sewing Week Sales. Every styrf of lace that the French
dressmaker-has set the seal of approval on is to be found here in great assortment. Trimmings, too, in wonderful varsity.
Of course, you know when you buy your millinery trimmings here and your untrimmed hat, also, that we place alt disposal of our patrons
expert milliners, who trim your hat free of charge. The economies offered in this sale were of sufficient attraction! to make this sale a great
success, but as an added inducement, the free trimming announcement is bound to win recognition from a vast numbf ,: of women who are not
gifted with the knack of trimming their own hats. Polite saleswomen are here to assist you in making appropriate seleq ions for individual tastes.
The scientific corseting of women has become an art in this store, well worthy of consideration. A corset must t perfectly, must give
entire satisfaction, before a sale is made. In this corset store we would much rather lose the sale of a corset than a a stomer. For this reason,
we have experts trained in every corset requirement. The immature, the average, the stout figure is treated for its p; jrticular need, so that by
careful corseting its beauty may be enhanced and defects carefully concealed. While we have established a reputatUi for the most exclusive
styles in high-priced corsets, we have not been oblivious to the fact that many women are desirious of wearing the late models in the more
. medium-priced corsets. To this end you will find corsets at every price. We fit free from $2.00 up. 1
TJ-JF RFST Sewing Week is now here! Every sewing machine
ui- i jn tne c-ty -s just humming, and every woman in town
SEWING s getting herself and family into the prettiest clothing
A H A PTJ1MC imaginable, as quickly as she can.
IVj ACIlllNfc. Have you a sewing machine in your home? Wouldn't
you gladly pay $1.00 down and $1.00 a week to have the
finest sewing machine that is made? We are sellingthe FREE on these terms. Let us send a FREE
Sewing Machine to your home today.
Seattle Quality Firt
j Three Extraordinary Sales on
I 1 'lMrN Brocaded Crepe rlA" V
1 ryMuJK J Washable Satin LKn
1 ltfJO Roman Striped Crepe lJyCa AAA
llho III n a arSe Variety of Cri
jHflf Very Newest Styles jfffivSfc wJV
Wirnmn, win
1 1 i'y Fancy Cuffs l&w
l h $4.50 to $6.50 fojjK Ur
III Vv JTA 7 S & ill i
Mcrckandiao ofJ Msn't Only"
Our Apparef Floor
- 'i
A Remarkable Stift
ExceptionaJ S hirts
.Unparalleljd Waists
Special for Wedn Wdau
Women's Fi??icy
Tailored SSI ts
at $22.11
In models of a faillmer char
acter than usual at Khis figure
Tailored suits at $22.45 are not dif
ficult to buy the probltm is to get at
that figure the suit one wants. And
this offering is a solution of the diffi
culty. This model is among the
smartest shown this season not
merely conforming to the modes, but
q carrying the indelible impression of
individualistic expression. Our. buyer
had reproduced for this sale an im
ported suit, using materials superior
in quality and the best tailoring.
The illustration is sketched from
the model on sale. Made of fine all
wool soft finished serges, in black,
navy, green and brown. The jacket
is made in 45-inch length, in a basque
effect with plaited back and a stitched
cloth girdle and sash in front.. Collar
is trimmed with velvet, and velvet
buttons fasten nearly to the neck.
Coat is lined to the waist with ex
cellent black satin. Skirt is made in
new straight gored style, plaited on
both sides. Third Floor
XT WT 11 . iVi- .
omen siNew Walkin&Uress Skirts
ecial $4f78
Regularly Priced afj $6.50
This price sounds low and it is,-i When actually com
pared with the skirts the price is exiprdinarily low.
Fine, hard twisted English serge If used in the making
of these skirts, that combine the ltist style and good
wearing qualities, two essentials thatCe seldom found to
gether even in more expensive skirf;(!
Two new models are included in litis sale.
One is made with a long tunic, fj-rhmed with buttons
down the front and finished witht.h accordion-plaited
under-section. :
The other is in an entirely new bx-plaited tunic style,
plaited back and front and plain uncler part.
These exceptional skirts come in black and navy and are
perfectly finished and tailored, and made in the proper pro
portions to fit. 'Third. Floor
-fT FIT ' The plSticoats that fit.
i x Made wjiclastic band top.
'I' ; ; ; - - - - - ;g;T.i- I