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Lecturer on America's Nat
ural Beauty Spots En
thusiastic Over Oregon.
( GOOD roads necessary
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Bfor 7opl Ca "8m Amntai rtrrt"
' : XUthwj ICom t Prprd for
r , ThBiT ConTtslano.
; " By Marion Macllaff.
Baa Francisco, Oct. 10. Herbert W.
' GlMaon la a naturallat. an artist, and
a lecturer. Ha ha devoted years of
'travel and atudy to the scenic beau
ties of the American continent, and
throughout - as many years has de
picted these wonder spots to American
audiences from the lecture platform.
He is an authority on the national
park of this country. Recognition of
this fact was given him by Ex-Presi-;
dent Taft. His lectures and pictures
. presented at Itfdeau hall in Ottawa
(the official residence of the governor
. .general of Canada) gave to members
of parliament their first knowledge of
the fact that the most wonderful and
. Impressive scenery on the American
continent is at the source of the
; Columbia river; and parliament
, straightway created this section into
a national park and in spending mll
n lions on the construction of an auto-
i mobile highway through this hitherto
.' unknown region.
"The source of the Columbia wm
In the near future be connected with
the mouth of the Columbia by a con
tinuous highway " proDhesied Mr.
Olaaaon at the California Camera club
: recently, where I found him maklne
lantern slides for bis lecture before
v the Blerra club; "and this will give
direct access to the Pacific Highway
in Oregon. Canada's ocean to ocean
highway Is nearing completion, and
. the road from Banff to the new park
at the Columbia's source (now under
construction) will be a link that will
. prove a revelation to ail tourists and
nature lovers. There M no scenery
in this continent to eijual It. and I
; know of none In Europe to compare
with It. To follow the Columbia from
this glorious region to Its confluence
with the Pacific will appeal to all
travelers and It will mean a great
ideal to every state and city along the
route from a business standpoint.
Praise for Columbia Highway.
MI know the route of Oregon's new
Columbia Highway, although I did not
go over it on my recent visit to Port
land. I understand, however, that a
splendid road Ls being constructed,
. end I wonder If your taxpayers real-
, Ise what a wise investment they are
making. Mediocre road construction
. ls flagrant waste of public funds;
' permanent, high class construction is
good business from every viewpoint.
Counties and states should build as
: railroads do, for the future as well as
' for the present. And like railroads.
, well constructed highways will bring
prosperity. The tourists who come in
; automobiles are generally people of
, means, people who are making a
study of the country In a more de
tailed way than is possible from the
windows of a Pullman coach. They
' spend their money en route; make ln-
. vestments; often take up resfdence;
end invariably influence others to
make the trip which has pleased or ln-
. terested them, especially if it has been
- a trip over good roads.
'; over good roads.
' The public has acquired the habit
. of deploring the lack of the 'See Amer
ica First spirit in the American peo-
' pie;" continued Mr. Oleason. "Plebty
of good Americans are imbued with
, this spirit. I talk to thousands end
thousands of them every season, and
:, I find they are all looking for In-
terestlhg places to visit, wonderful
J legions, to explore. But they must
have a way to get there in some com-
V fort. And Just as soon as we put
America In shape to be Been, we will
find the American public seeing It
first, last and all the time. Now I
can't figure any better way of promot
ing the prosperity of a state than
opening' up its natural beauties and
resources to the traveling public
Nature has given Us more in scenic
lines tban any other country of the
world, why not capitalize these scenic
Oregon's Scenic Wealth Colossal.
"Take your state of Oregon, for in- I
stance. You have practically every-
thing that nature could provide or
that the world could demand ' in the
' way of scenery. A picturesque . sea
coast; a primeval forest of giant
trees larger 'than most people east
of the Rockies have ever seen; moun
tain ranges that Inspire with awe and
are rarely beautiful; perpetually snow
Clad peaks; glorious mountain streams
and rivers; water falls. Crater Lake,
which has been classed as the eighth
wonder of the world by enthusiasts;
s desert section for loversFof that
.class of country; and iairt.but not
'least, your great Cruinbs( rtver.
' which ls one f the stated greatest
"1 am told that George Francis
; Train first suggested canning the sal
mon of the Columbia and sending it
out to the world. That started the
- capitalisation of this great river along
lj&kgMs f f 'w II;- i4-&r
I 4J?-- u r : Writer r u ?h' lira
Mil r;?- xv-, 32,. 1 JC
Wall VI 1, iW1 't&'tAl" &Z?iVR
Educational Section After In
vestigation Will Favor Re
opening Ashland School.
Mrs. SatUe Gore, President of sCed
Xord Cluh, Explains the
for many years state superintendent
of that state, says 8a per cent of the
teachers in California are normal
trained, and the school system of Cali
fornia Ls rated third by the Russell
Sage Foundation among the states of
the Union.
Unable to Compets.
The' counties of Coos. Curry, Soag-
las, Josephine. Jackson, Klamath and
LAke fairly constitute a distinct sec
tion of southern Oregon that should
interest the taxpayers of the entire
state. nd this territory ls prepared
to ask ror recognition.
"Our southern Oregon schools are
unable to compete with California as
rivals for the emigration of intelligent
families. The lure of California la
too strong also for our young people
who. when they, have to go a great
distance to procure their training,
will frequently, prefer the state that
affords them opportunity rather than
the one that seems too Indifferent to
the program of civilization and pro
gress. "We should realize our opportuni
ties and arrange our school system so
that we could be proud of Oregon
of Oregonians. ; ; , .
Civic leagfie' Tables y
Recall Resolution
The Oregon Clvi.leage this after
noon tabled a resolution disapproving
the recall for otheig reasons than mal
feasance. Incompetency or corruption. '
on the ground thatMh league's policy
prevents It from b coming partisan on
any ; question. . B. $X Kennedy, candi
date for mayor,', tnd ' Dr. - 0ore B.
Parrish, candidates tor ' commissioner,
were heard, as wU Couitnlssloner
Dick. hM of n ' Is soafiht by Dr.
Parrish. Commissi of em Daiy-and Bige
low, and George Cg Mason, manager of
the Non-Partisan league, and others.
-fr ,
A record is believed to have been
made by a fire engine which pumped
at SuperidV.' Wis.'. Iar
water at Suoeridv.' Wis:, far. three
months with bat" fffe stops forapaus.
Western Unit of New Thor
oughfare Presents Many
Rare Sights,
AH of the beauty of scenery along
the Columbia, highway ls not confined
to Multnomah county. Clatsop county
has its share. Prom the heights of
Rugby mountain, six miles west of
the Columbia county line, is a view
that ranks with those on the upper
river. At an elevation of 750 feet the
highway looks down , upon a blending
of land and water scape rarely seen
from a much higher elevation.
The top of the hill ls reached on a
five Der cent grade over a series of
winding loops. A picturesque feature
ls the large retaining wall at one
point alone the grade. The wall Is of
dry masonry and is 50 feet high. It
ls 230 feet long. The average cost of
the wall waa J2.25 per square yard.
From a distance the wall gives the
appearance of a large fortification.
From an engineering standpoint the
most difficult construction in the
Clatsop unit of the highway is this
stretch of seven miles between west
port and Parsons. An interesting de
velopment was the peculiar geological
formation. In places where the en
gineers in their estimates of the ma
terial through which cuts were to be
made anticipated level earth rock ap
peared and where rock was looked for
sand and earth were encountered. This
kept the engineers busy readjusting
the work to the estimated costs.
The length of the highway between
the Columbia county line and Astoria
ls approximately 28 miles and the es
timated cost of its construction up
to the hard surface stage is $325,000.
The great bulk of the work Is com
pleted though there is yet considerable
to be done before acceptance by the
tv i.n' rirSnFr mMfliiTT in. (1 fMt MA iltu tb CelambU Hirfrway where It traverses
Bnebv mountain in Clatsop eotmtr. This la one of the highest dry-masonry walls in the United
States. A section of the grade on Bngby mountain.
Bottom A cut on the Clatsop county unit, of the Columhla Highway.
(Special to The Journal.)
Medford, Or., Oct. 10. Mrs. Hattle
Warner Gore, president of the Great
er Medford club, was called to Port
land to attend a meeting of the edu
cational section of the Oregon Federa
tion of Women's clubs, to assist the
section In the preparation of its re
ports to the state convention, whi :h
convenes at Kugene Monday. . ,
The Greater Medford club presented i
the Indorsement of the Southern Ore
gon State Normal school, at Ashland,
to the state convention .at tiooa luver
last year and it received the unani
mous recommendation of the educa
tional section and received an ex.
tended discussion on the floor of the
convention. On account of the issue
not coming before the people until
this year's election, the convention re
ferred the matter to the educational
section for investigation, and to report
at the Eugene convention. The edu
cational section will again report in
favor of the reopening of the school.
Mrs. Gore says: While there may be
some question as to the activities of
women in the matter of promoting the
election of senators and governors, it
would appear that there could be none
in the matter of promoting the re
opening of a normal school, for. there
ls no educational institution whose
product comes closer home to the
children of mothers than the teachers
of. their children. If the state does
not ' make suitable provision for the
proper training of teachers, the
teachers will get their training large
ly by practicing on the children in the
Condition Hot Creditable.
"There are only 30 normal trained
teachers In the public schools of Jack
son county, and the conditions in the
rural schools of Oregon in this re
spect are no credit to the taxpayers
of such a wealthy and prosperous
state. Those of us in southern Ore
gon who are familiar with the edu
cational status of our neighboring
state of California, realize this only
too well. California, has for years
maintained many -state normal schools
and now has eight In operation, the
two In northern California being lo
cated at Chlco and Areata, Humboldt
county, respectively. Edward Hyatt.
Tables, Sfaow Gases and
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The Holtz Store Fifth and Washington The Holtz Store Fifth and Washington The Holtz Store
one line. Railroads and steamboats
have also capitalized it, and now the
counties bordering on this river are
capitalizing its scenery. The entire
state should be financially interested
in this project, for undoubtedly the
entire state will benefit. And fur
thermore, highways should be built
over all sections of the state. It is
good business and will return the ex
penditures many fold in increased
property valuations : and increased
population. When I show my views
of the Oregon snow peaks to audi
ences throughout the country 1 am be.
sieged with inquiries as to hew . to
visit them. People ask if there are
good roads; if they can reach these
wonderful places in their automobiles
or in other lines of comfortable tre-veL
There ls no doubt that the American
people are always looking for inter
esting scenic sections to visit. Amer
ica is full of such places, Oregon par
ticularly abounds In them, and if yon
make these places accessible, the pub
lic will come."
Mr. Gleason Is not a professional
"booster In the common acceptance of
the word. He has never been employed
by any community for such purposes.
but has followed this mode of life
through his love of nature. And as
the Pacific Coast furnishes more ma
terial for beautiful pictures and inter
esting data than any other section of
the country, It has received more de
sirable publicity through this medium
than we of the west realise. His
many years of nature study have
given him a more Intimate knowledge
of .the commercial value of scenery
than the ordinary American possesses.
and ms views on making capital of
Oregon's scenic features are based on
this practical knowledge.
All tike Mote Stock Mml
: ; ; .
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thick with a mixture of Sage
. Tea and Sulphur.
The old-time mixture of Sage Tea
and Sulphur for darkening gray.
streaked and faded hair Is grandmoth
er's treatment, and folks are again
using It to keep their hair a good, even
color, which ls quits sensible, as w
are living In an age when a youthful
appearance ls of the greatest advan-
Nowadays though we dost have the
troublesome task of gathering the sage
and the mussy mixing at home. AH
drug stores sell the ready-to-use prod
uct called "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
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discover It has been applied. Simply
; moist eo yovr eomo or a sort brush and draw this through . your
' nair, taxing one strand at a time; by
morning the gray hair disappears: but
what dengnta tne ladies witn wyeth'i
Bag and Sulphur la. that, besides
beaatftnly darkening the hair after
few applications. It also produces that
soft taster and appearance of abund-
1 artce which Is so attractive; besides.
. prevail ts dandruff, itching scalp and
tallis hais. ; .;, ,o Udr.)
Withycombe's Path
To Cross Smith's
Both a Ashland Sams Bay; Question I
XTow, Bow Can Republican. Candidate
Soda's Debata With Democrat
Bedford, Or, Oct. 10l Dr. Jam
Wlthycombe left yesterday for Klam-
axn county and. according to the pro
gram arrangea I or mm In sou them
Oregon by Dr. J. M. Keen a. ha ls to
return to Ashland Tuesday afternoon.
where he will address the Deoole in
tne evening and spend Wednesday vis
iting the people about Ashland. His
opponent for governor. Dr. C J. -Smith,
wui De in Jackson county Monday- and
Tuesday and it has been discovered by
coincidence tnat tne county .central
committee has also arranged for Smith
to be in Ashland on Tuesday. . .
. in una way tne two rival candidates
are hound to run Into each other in
the Athens of southern Oregon. How
they can escape dividing time Is a
mystery. Ashland is an admirer of
both candidates and & movement is on
foot backed by the partisans of the
two doctors to have them meet when
in Ashland on the same ' platform.
Should Dr. Wlthycombe and Dr. Smith
get together It will bring a good crowd
from other sections to hear the Joint
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