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National Spirit at High Pitch
and People Are Not Driven
to War,
Oxford Km Acknowledges Towx of
KaiaWs Porces; XKXrttnff of
Towns 3e scribed : la SotalL
Commission Named to Carry
y the Doctrine of Accident
. Prevention Into Home,
By Marshall N. Dana.
What m th yalue of a human life?
Alx Farrell and George Poelman bo
ValuM their lives that when the steam
choooer FYanrls H. Ivegsrett plunged
to tlm hottom of the storm-thralled
Pacific they struggled, a life time of
hours, and were saved.
Humanity dodges danger and fears
Ueath. The chief business of the med
itou, the courts and. th police Is to
preserve and protect life and property.
And as the Individual places life
and well-being above all other values,
so economists declare that care for
health, prevention of accidents and
saving of life measure the efficiency
and proKrens of the race.
But a counteracting Influence is
modern life Itself.
, W hurry; we race; we take chances.
Now comes the Safety First move
ment to save us from ourselves.
It astRs ' motorists and streetcar mo
torman to take care passing, schools
that heedless children may ' not be
caughH under bruising wheels.
' It ks industries to guard men
against injuries by safety appliances
on machinery. ,
It asks trainmen to watch all sig
nals and avert' collisions. It asks pe
destrians to yrefrain from dangerous
trespass on tracks.
It askjs all who travel by whatever
means to be thoughtful o the welfare
. of others.
Strange how we go back to the Bible
for texts. The Safety First exhorta
tlon is:
"Do ye unto others as ye would
that they should do unto you."
' While the skeleton specter of a Eu
ropean war without defined cause
'fefds thousands of lives to wanton de
struction, Portland sets under way its
own Safety First movement to save
lives by establishing a better under
stood measure of the value of life.
"Stop! Look! Think!" it suggests
t,o railroads, traction companies, mo
Aorlsts. manufacturers and their em
ployes, schools all.
, ThOj mayor has appointed a Safety
First commission. At a public meeting
a week ago it strove to Increase its
powers by enlisting the general pub
lic as associate members,
afaty Tlrst Commission OrffanisaO.
The commision has departmental or
IV.T th International New Service.)
London. Oct. 3. Perhaps one of the
most remarkable experiences of the
war is related by A. J. Dawe, of Ox
ford university who was on the con
tinent at the time war began, and suc
ceeded In making his way through
the German lines. D&we tells thi
story: '
"Before I left England about i
fortnight ago, I remember that the.
newspapers seemed to be laboring un
der the impression that the heart of
the German rank and file was- not
in this fight. The great and en
lightened German people, we were
told, had no stomach for this business
of war; and war was engineered by
a Chauvinist bureaucracy; the Ger
man people were being driven to
arms unwillingly and for a pilrpose
they could not understand.
"A people who go seriously to war
should have no delusions. And by
this time I presume we have cleared
our minds of the Idea that the Ger
mans as a nation have no desire for
Teeth and Mental Efficiency
A Well-Formed Mouth Makesfor Health.
Wife Would Follow
k i
i x s " "1 ' tit - Nf' ft v
Photographs by McAlpln.
Top These photographs show the results of mouth breathing usual
ly caused by adenoids. The upper, front teeth project and the
lower jaw recedes, due to Incorrect muscular action while the
jaws are being formed. '
Center Upper teeth crowded and jaws undeveloped through disuse
. and unnecessary extraction of molar teeth at an early age.
Bottom Protruding lower jaw, usually brought about by chronically
enlarged tonsils. The deformity increases until , the patient is
Z5 or 30 years or age. .
WDtt Jess tnin pies Trom HiasB
wouis, AocianiMiy w"Wf, -Widow
Attpfol. ;7 '
Gotdenaale, Wta.. Oct. -Sorrow-
Ing becanse of 'ljhl death ef ber.hus- .
band, Mrs. DolII f?turap yesterday at
tempted to km hsBgself wltft 3- cau
ber' rlfla. ; Placisj the musile 'ftbe.
firearm- over Berflnru rsv, enum
sprung the trlgrsft'wltb bar foou The
bullet Inflicted wdund that -payal-clans
say naay Pi?f;e fatal, ; The wom
an's husband, JeaJ8tump, accidentally
shot himself iiember ' i9,, whUn
charge of a- oandtlof aheep belonging
to Uriah Trumbo,jsraz!ntf the sim
coe mountains, J3g;mlle, from Golden
dale, and died eterdaylN -tX .
Tip CostsjiyiW in Fine. c
Jackson. Ml.. I Oct. " .. S-i J." w.
Bertrand. traveilnif man. -: and. Walt
I Chapman. ' Pullman ear poptst,''. P'-d
fines aggregating : , because : one
gave and the oChr received a-'.35 .cent
tip, violating- taej' stata law. -.
Smoker Cigarettes
For 22 Years
Habit W4;j Ruining Hirfi,
But He vjpquered It in
Three pnyt Eaiiily. '
Are your teeth good chewers?
"Some men and women have never
chewed anything In their lives," said
a local orthodontist when asked about
the peculiar irregularities that often
occur In teeth. "Patients don't like
to be told that" he added. "They
think they chew their food because
me war. iw a lortnigni 1 nave Deen i they don t know any better. Tne fact
in Germany for the greater part o I Is. they have Dracticallr no' arindlng
Belgium is now for all practical pur- j process and simply roll the food about
poses Germany. For a few hours I
was in Aix-la-Chapelle, and had the
opportunity of gauging the opinion j
and temper of the German civic popu
lation and the German press.
Germans All Soldiers.
In my mind there Is now' no shad-
in their mouths and swallow it
What is an "orthodontist"?
Perhaps not one person in 25 knows.
While this branch of dentistry bas
been practiced for a dumber of years,
still the word Is comparatively so new
that it does not appear in the ency
Top, left to right An industry where precaution-is necessary; Harry P. Coffin, chairman of the Safety
First Commission, appointed by Mayor Albee; in 24 years 108,009 trespassers upon railway rights
of way have been killed and 117,257 trespassers have been injured. In the United States.
Bottom, left to right A warning sign; a poster warnirig to parents.
o"w of doubt that in fighting Ger- clopedias nor in some unabridged die-
many we are up against the atlffest tionaries. Small wonder, then, that it
proposition that has ever confronted is as "Greek" in meaning as in origin
us. Without that great danger cloud to the average person,
in the north the Russian masses - Orthodontia is the science or pro
there eould be no two opinions as to f esslon that treats irregularities of
the final outcome on land. Let us the mouth and teeth. It has been de-
without passion or perjudlce look for clared that if every child were given
a moment at the facts through plaio the benefit of orthodontia and of oral
glass. The Germans are a military prophylaxis (the science of prevention
nation; they have militarism in their of disease of the mouth and teeth).
Diooa, ana tney are proud or it. as i there wouldn't be a set of "false" teeth
a German soldier said to me last Fri I ln the world. Everybody would have
Chief of Police Clark has the depart
ment of safety and his police organ
ization at once furnishes his - assist
Frank C. Burckhalter's department
is railroad transportation and railroads
are already organized to prevent acci
dents to the traveling public, train
men and trespassers on the right of
way. Mr. Burckhalter is general su
perintendent of the Southern Pacific
In Oregon.
B. F. Boynton has charge of the de
partment of electrical transportation
and Is secretary of the comimssion. He
is chief claim agent of the Portland
Railway, Light & Power company and
an originator of the Safety First
movement not only for Portland, but
for the entire country.
L. R. Alderman has the department
of schools. He Is superintendent of
schools and will have to assist him in
keeping harm from children, the prin
cipals, teachers and parent-teacher or
ganizations, as well as the children
themselves. Already he plans to have
a Safety First committee of children
ln each school and one of the first
things for them to do is to post signs
on streets near schools "Go Slow:
Schqol Two Block West" or east or
south or north, as the case may be.
The department of industries is ln
charge of Marshall N. Dana and this
means organizing men ln industry to
be cautious and thoughtful and to post
warning signs where such are needed.
The Safety First field in Portland in
dustry is almost untouched.
Arthur M. Churchill, a lawyer who
represented the Oregon Civic league
ln a fire-prevention campaign in Port
land, has charge of the fire preven
tion department and it is up to him
to induce every citizen to help elim
And a Lady Can Have a fair, Clear ?5"ard Fire ,always ls a
Harry p. Coffin, chairman of the
commission, has taken the department
or trarnc, which means nrinciDallv
Everybody Loves
A Lady Fair
Complexion by Using Stuart's Cal-
- ciurn Wafers After Each Meal
.i 1
You women ought to hear some men
rave over abeauUulIy clean and shell
clear skin. There is notning that so
c nanus a man or a woman as this.
Where there are pimples, blotches.
liver spots, etc., the blood Is diseased
and filled with impurities. Clean the
blood and these effect disappear at
unci, mat is wnac smart s calcium
waters do almost beyond belief.
.. Hh Wm a Pimply Person Once
, 1 : Upon a Time."
r Stuart's Calcium Wafers are known
to hundreds of thousands of men and
women.-.- Perhaps some of the faces
you admire now were made beautifully
free from kin blemishes by Stuart's
UKium waters.
" Toll won't be alwavs worrvine about
what. your friends and strangers think
or your -Droicen-our lace, ii you give
thse wonderful little wafers a chance.
That's because they ao right to the
seat of the trouble, the blood, driving
out an impurities, strengthening it
-toning it up. And when the blood is
clear tne skin is rree rrom blemish.
securing the assistance of automobil-
lsts in averting accidents. Work of
volunteer traffic officers appointed
rrom the Automobile club, and or
gani2ed by Mr. Coffin, has already
resulted in significant decrease in the
number of accidents and collisions.
ine commission Is favored. It has
back of it the city public safety de
partment, of which Mayor Albee is
head. It can draw upon official agen
cies and the even more powerful fac
tor of approving public sentiment to
further its campaign for the public.
ine otner day this commission mit
and organized as outlined. Then it
went up to a ninth floor room of the
Electric building and viewed an sx-
niDit wnicn was also displayed at yes
terday noon's meeting in the Commer
cial club. About the walls were
thousands of pictures and posters em
phasising the imDortanpp.
first. .
A sketch showed two men at wnrk
One was grinding, the other working
a viusei. unips were flvlne. and
the lesson was: "Thtfse men are dan
gerous to their fellow workmen. Why?
Because they do not care where the
cnips rrom their chisels fly. What
are they? Thoughtless workmen who
nave not learned the value of an eve
a, companion SKeich illustrated the
value of goggles worn when dotno-
out II V UI JV.
"Do it the Safe Way."
There were manv nironiar
JJO It the safe Way. It never nnva
to take chances." .
Also this information in h t,im
ivmuea oy tne Jiucago & Northwest
ern railroad: "This in
lzed country in the world that doesn't
prumuit trespassing on a railroad
iraca. in 24 years 108.009 troenuo
And other signs are used in other
"Pedestrians Don't forget the car
coming on the other track."
"Mr. Everyman Ninety-eight per
cent of accidents are perventable.
Don't take chances.
"Drivers Look both ways before
crossing tracks."
Careful Kan Desirable Employes.
Just as all big firms ' have found
it is better to employ only sober men,
they are finding it safer to employ
only careful men. Many issue "Safety
First" rules for employes, and espe
cially for the new man. They publish
bulletins for general distribution and ;
encourage safety first committees
among workmen. And they reach this
"Every accident is a notice that
something may be wrong with the
man, plant -or methods, and should De
Immediately Investigated by persons
in charge of th .work, to ascertain
cause and apply remedy.
It is the little accidents that make
the big total. Ten employes are killed
in little accidents to one in a col
lision or derailment. Thirty-seven are
injured in little accidents to every one
injured in a collision or derailment
Stop the little accidents and the big
ones will take care of themselves."
And even the interstate commerce
commission testifies. In its 1912 re
port this expression occurs:
"Great possibilities ln the direction
of a solution of the problem of acci
dent prevention lie in the so-called
safety committees which have been
organized on many roads. These com
mittees are composed of officers and
employes, who cooperate in striving
to eliminate accidents due to failure
of men Drooerly to perform their au
Rv making safety, first the
dominant idea in the minds of em
loyes and continually pointing out
methods for Its attainment, an im
portant step in the right direction is
And other epigramraattcally worded
posters were shown in the exhibit
viewed by the safety first commis
sion:; , - .
"Sifetv first means 'greater safety,
greater regularity, greater cooperation
and harmony, as well as greater effi
ciency." "Safety first stands for conservation
of human life and elimination of
chance takers, who are the makers of
cripples, widows and orphans."
"Better be careful a thousand times
than a cripple once."
There was a picture of the Portland
street car company's training school
for carmen tor prevention! of acci
dents and care of them when they
occur; also the familiar poster de
signed to offset the feminine tendency
to leave a car precisely as noes a
Chinaman: "There's a reason for
everything except a woman getting off
a car backward; that s foolish."
The success of the safety first
movement will depend upon the energy
of its promotion and the teaching to
the public a habit of being thoughtful
rather than thoughtless, careful rath
er than careless. It demands enthusi
asm. - This fact is recognised. One
of the posters quoted Emerson:
"Every great and commanding ef
fort in the annals of the world is the
triumph of enthusiasm."
Safety first guards against acci
dents and promotes human welfare.
Welfare is essential to happiness, and
happiness is indispensable to success
ful living.
sound, healthy teeth that would last
as long as life.
A study of the plaster models, made
from life, in the office of an ortho
dontist is as Interesting as the read
ing of epitaphs ln an old-time ceme
day in -Louvain: 'We are all sol
"They are all soldiers to a man.
And one should say to a woman. I
was much -impressed upon my arrival
ln Atx-la-Chapelie on Saturday morn
ing to see the demeanor of the Ger-1 tery, and sometimes these models tell
xuo wuiiki. wuo u.ev uuri.roop wuo more Gf the characteristics of the in
wim provisions lor we oerman -1 dividual and of his family history
diers and wounded. Directly the than the tombstones in the ancient
ii niuyyeu liicoc lauieqaiuts, liuui, I graveyard.
mosouuo nuuicu uuuo uV uiu I i -n Inolur ATI MM
Z v " "SiJli-tZr. on on the other side was unde-
oYVindne German"" nTtSntiSn 1. T.P ..
An Important
They contain absolutely
no poisonous drugs, no
Stuart's Calcium Wafers are nerfect- I r ihiii- m .'
ly harmless ana may be taken freely There were tictur, i ;;
leaving work, or women and children
on errands encroach on the right of
way, .and Mr. Burckhalter said: "The
trespassers worry us more than any
others; they are more paniM
Parents have
to ing to one of the posters by the Bos-
eror unmerce. "Parents
Playing on or near the car tracks
to aangerous. Ten the children. Bet
ter be safe than sorrv ."
Everyone, of course, has read, and
many have heeded, the signs of the
Portland Railway, Light & Power Co-
a corporation that haa nnwrf,,nv
by any on.
no mercury,
ooiates. '
1 Stuart s. i Calcium Wafers contain
Calcium Sulphide, and a mild alterative
-everv doctor prescribes them a hun
dred times a year. They are the most
effective Jlooti -cleansers Known
man. . t '
It doesn't matter whether you have
blackheads and plmplee "something
awful, or bolls, , tetter, rash, carbun
cles, eczema, liver spots or a muddy
fnmnlxton. try; esiuari calcium wa
fers and get a surprise In a short time.
HUV a dox rrom your uruggisi i any
where. -All druggists keep them In
Co, 171
v ' a--- oLiiiiii in ton rna mritromnnt 1. t .
will be mailed iree to any. I .w.i. ,,. 9 wueB,
7.. j . Tt. . . . I Wait thft rtt, atnna f .
Stuart Bldg Marshall, Mich. I "wf jooks JLwn t taxe chances!"
or Kinaness, uerman patriotism is
trained, organized, swift to the prac
tlcal result. Within three minutes
every soldier was having his break
Han Wot Hungry:
"An hour or two before the occu
pation of Brussels, I was told that
the Germans were coming to the city?
throurh this family for several gener
ations. The prediction made by the
specialist that in a few generations
those teeth will entirely disappear ln
members of that family. And he goes
further and says that in time he
thinks it altogether likely that the
lateral incisors and third molars will
fM -V-
4 r '
1 f
may permanently deform the mouth
and teeth if not observed bv the
mother and taken in hand in time.
The child of a Portland dentist always
twisted up the corner of the sheet
and held it in her mouth while going
to sleep. As a result the front teeth
do not meet and no dental treatment
can ever correct the trouble.
JNothlng makes me so embarrassed
as to be served lettuce sandwiches at
an afternoon tea," said a woman the
other day. "My front teeth do not.
meet and I can't bite the lettuce." She
has been advised that the only thins-
mat can oe aone is to grind off the
oacK teeth, but she says it isn t worth
while to go through that unpleasant
operation for the sake of lettuce sand
According to the specialist, aha
tnrougn ner mouth or had some other ,." frum" n " ln"J ". T'L'
k.i.1. i . . u . . . . l&Uaajrarar. a 11 known -ttiaen of IjTtoaf-
Z""'- 7"cn c" , ralan nve .ton. Mobtan.. whh knew that hi. W wia
Biuvwu biiu ii id irregularity oi i bcioff rained tbroafb th prnifitm BaMt i
narentu I ciaaraiie amoniur. xti couia 001 una iniuiini
tll be got tbe reauirkable book . ttu.t caa now
be obtaim-d freav s
A cWgymaul RiJ. M. Roaa. lyUm. OttKi.
teatiriaa that aftS having bea a slave to
tobacco 44 yeart r got rid Qf tbe bablt n
th-ely in a tewlva, improvltig bta baaltb.
ErerybodT InirManguin. Okld la tulklnj
about the big eiians: tn. Al llwm: he put
on 3R lbs. In bftalth? flcb lnf, getting- rid
of toba- babi't through tbe Infnrtuaflon
1 kviUia I
the teeth prevented, if her
bad known.
To be sure, she is not missing much
if her only handicap is to go through
life without eating lettuce sandwiches,
but hers is a mild case.
Examinations of children In public
schools have discovered cases of
moral and mental deficiency as the re
sult of deformed teeth and mouth.
Some of tbe effects upon children are
astonishing. In a case on record in I gained lu the ttee tKk bicb jou may iIm
the schools of Cleveland, Ohio, the
eyes of a cross-eyed girl, 13 years ot
age, became straight after the correc
tion of the irregularities of her
t-axllr obtain.
That be cotiidl never quit was 1Ue fear, of
ueorge Ambueii.3. feari nwt, rnuaoetpui.
mho wai a of tobaoro lor many jrcara.
bnt after gettiis the book, be learned how
the bablt ooiildbe i-ouqaered in three d..
o ca m.uu vciil Ul I UI craTioz ins in EDUCB lUJUrDTVO UCailB.
tne cniiaren need orthodontist treat-
because they were starving. But for " "Vl
three hours that same afternoon I
stood . outside the Gare de Nord and
watched the German army pass
through. They were not starving.
Never have I seen a more ominously
I the civilized races by the law of evolution.
Evolution of Teeth and Pood,
In this day of soft and prepared
foods we have so much less need of
ment In this work it is not im
proved appearance that is sought, but
efficiency xt the teeth, says the spe
cialist. But be says that ln every in
stance where treatment has added to
the efficiency of the teeth the appear
ance of the mouth and face has been
improved, showing that nature intend
ed teeth to be beautiful as well as
A valuable, Uritereafloc book oo bow to
overcome tbe tntiarco bablt (In any form! hra
been wrlttes br-Eiiw. i. Wood, B-t4 Hlfth.
Ave., 62 K, N'ewf.-.Vork. N. V.. and be will
aend It free to .-layone who wr-.tea aaktnc tor
It, he U -vine anxlona that nit rho: are
victlma of th lerivlnt tor tobacco, anuff.
Gigara, or ciKjreJtea may " sav tbetnelv
eaallr, qub'kly antly ond lioitlncly. Kjre.
beart, kldneit sisl atomarh Improved. fere
tra nqulllxml. mfmorv improved, vlur gkiul
aud iiumerou lher beneflta often rerirtei.
Mrs. Jennie Kemp
W. O. T. U. Head
impressive sight. Every man in that teeth for tearing than in the cave
enormous mass seemed healthy, fit I days of our ancestors, wnose rood was
and well fed. The German officers j the flesh or wild animals ot the rorest,
understand their men perfectly. j that, in the course of the evolutionary
The men are given plenty to eat 1 process, we snail nave oniy sucn wein
and they are given- it with strict I as our soft foods require.
regularity. On the station at Lou-1 For the proper development of the
vain I had lunch with a party of I teeth, jaws and arch' of the mouth all
German soldiers. Each man was I dentists declare that exercise by
given a can of thick, meaty soup. To chewing hard foods is necessary. The
me who had eaten nothing but a lit-1 orthodontist interviewed said there
tie cnocoiate bread ana some sour I was very little irregularity or teem in
pears for 36 hours, this soup was as I his entire family, and he attributes it
good as the manna from heaven. To I to the fact that they lived on a farm
one of my hosts I said that I was I and had more or less hard food. As
lucky to come across them on aa boy he was always chewing wheat
sa ira.rhi'sl I s s
9 : .
Quick Removal of Wrinkles (
j Is NowAssured--BSseu )
aleska Snratt, Aatertoa's Belf-lCade
Beauty Actress, otves artartunc
Secrets for the Attainment
of Quick Beauty.
Mrs. S. O. fe-Slmply use this cream
very day oa your face, arms, hands,
neck and shoulders, and in a very short
time you .w0l;'find the most decided
change in yt complexion. It never
fails. All ritd snots, freckles and blem
ishes vanlshj producing a most equii-
meat day.' for I understood that meat land dried peas while he went about I nP HE removal of wrinkles ls no longer ' P.urtty Tt,n.t to the skin. It is
was served only everv third da v. Bui hi. .Y.nm Ma thmka that farmer-I I a nroblem. Of course there are me Deauiiriar;wiinoui a peer, and is
State Convention at The Dalles Pin
isfaes Business After Successful
Three-Say Session.
The Dalles, Or., Oct. S. The state
convention of the W. C T. U., which
has been in session in this city for
I was quickly Informed that German Doy habit for his sound and regular
soldiers had meat eVery day.
To go into the station at Louvain
at lunch time was like a transition
from hell to heaven. Outside I and
my friend had traversed streets in
which the devil's work was being
wrought. Burning, looting, shooting I ,i
three days, came to a close last eve- were going on everywhere. The Ger-1 Models in the orthodontist's cabinet
ning after a successful meeting. The mans were cheerfully destroying the J srioweci thai some unfortunate pa
new officers elected yesterday are: whole placewith the exception al- tlents actually had two rows of teeth.
but they had not twice the usual num
I teeth.
You may have heard somebody say,
"My father had a double row of teeth,"
evidently believing that his father
was "gifted" with twice the -number
of teeth allotted to the ordinary mor-
n..n.- .hih arm very economical. Mix one tabJesDooni
sold for the purpose but the experience ful of glycerjne ln a nint of hot water
of most women with these feeble agen- n crunce of zintotie. Which
cies has usually been one of keen dim- fan i be securest any drug store. This
appointment. The loss of precious time ,on S fw moments. You will
in such cases is particularly deplor- y uwn" raae i maae your co
able. What every, woman wants and Plexion fascinating,
can now obtain is the auick removal I ie
of wrinkles, not a process requiring al- . ii.
most a year if at all, but one
Hester C. S.'r-Developing the bust is
Yes. Henry, i have decided one
thing ior sure, in regard to Duyms
ciouuiig ior royseii ana imuy
have been looking and tnituang for
a lonjr time ana nave at last uncov
ered tne secret ot wearing the oest
.... anrt navinar IOr tlieHl In
such a wav as to not inii t"e
money, it is tnis way: 1 nave
learned that CHj&RRx'jii carry tne
best line of laaies' and men s Ciotn
insr that can Oe found anywhere
Their prices are cheap, tneir m
tmirs are perfect and tne treatment
o-iven vou in their store is the most
courteous. Now, all you have to do
is to eo to them, pick out whatever
you may want; and pay a little down
when you get it.. The balance you
can pay just as you get your pay
... . .1. V . v.,.
euner oy uie .weca,.vi iuvw. i.
see, you don't have to wait and wait
trvine to save up enough money
with which, to buy a' good suit or
overcoat or anything else you may
need in the clothing line, - but you
can get it and wear it and get the
use of if while you are paying for it.
I tell you, it is the only system by
which you can be well dressed and
at the same time keep your money."
"Frank, I must say that is a great
scheme. Where is their store?" "In
the Pittock block, 389-391 Washing
ton street.
President, Mrs. Jennie Kemp of Port
land; corresponding secretary, Mrs.
Mary Russell of McMinnville; record
ing secretary, Mrs. Madge Mears of
Shedd; treasurer, Mrs. Margaret Hous
ton of Portland.
. Thursday's session was mostly tak
en up .with. -the reading of papers by
women of state and national prom
inence. Mrs. Jennie Kemp of Portland,
campaign manager for the Oregon W.
C. T. U., conducted the campaign hour
and gave a brief outline of the work
being done in the state.
The delegates, local W. C T. U.
members and members of the cam
paign club paraded the streets short
ly after noon yesterday. There were
more than 250 irf line singing "Ore-
ways of the Hotel de Vllle.
Officers Hake Picture. Der Their teeth appeared in a double
"Their calm deliberation made a row only because of their deformed
contrast with their work of destruc- irregularity, some teeth being pushed
tlon that was almost theatrical in the hak nt the others through crowding
impression it left on tbe mind. The or through deficient development ot
officers seemed to make a picture tQ4 jawa. w
more like a military entourage at a a bov natient with such teeth had
fashionable race . meeting. They were I reallv "chewed," besides being
well groomed, shaven, manicured, and I .rMMV disfierured by the deformity.
completely calm as they drove about j persistent treatment,- with patient
wie ourumg street in taeir cars. I fnTinwinar of directions Dy tne Doy, r-
These people are not 'Huns' or bar-1 ,..., hrinsine the teeth into nor-
v..l... 1.. nr.- I V . , , i
iiuuuio uuinuiy &i aiJj rate. id
us tney ward altogether charming.
To converse with them was an ele
gant Intellectual pleasure.
mal "position, with improved health
and srreater mental efficiency.
In the case of one patient, a. 7u
But around lay the dead, the dy- Q f the moxxtyi not developed
nA ah. wu & veara or lie. ins r-
..,1t -aimm nrotrudlna' ITOnt leein. .
picture taken before and after treat
. k tmiihi. wnniiv cor-
bodies of the men they were carry- me.l;"I,ViMaJ .sion. which
appeal by Airs. Mary Har- lng a tin can and looking for water. lJ
ing. the burned and the burning. In
a side street on the outskirts of the
town I saw a few women and children
gon Dry" campaign songs and giving I walking over the dead and charred
After an
ris Armor, a national lecturer, the con- German soldiers emphatically im- wa !1ef,lf treatment ls ex-
vention pledged 1000 to be used for pressed upon me the fact that the cr. 1t?r,H. with tdults but is
- i a.n-ir n.iM tKl,-,ur- I wnmon i .kiu. i -j w j I ceedinKlT tediOUS Wltn aauna, wu
Policeman Fights '
Thieves in Church
will show wonderful results ln a few a difficult natter and cannot always
De assured, however, a mixture
of tivi: ounces of ruetone and
half a.f:cup of sugar ln a pint
of cold-water, and taken in two
teasnodnfuls after each meal
and tiefore retiring, is the best
and j Mitres t means known for
the purpose. Do not use pills,
or reyhanlcal appliances. v
i:t: .
. Mtst-fT. R. A teaspoonful of
ggo'-'.n half a cup of hot water
mak tan amazingly rich and
effective head wash and dan
drufj' remover. The action of
thiKj shampoo is to dissolve
everip particle of dandruff and
fattf accuroulatlon. which soap
does not do because of the at-.
kali it contains. This is the
only head wash that acts on
this prinrlnle- It make the
staip extraordinarily clean,
and. the hair silky and easy to
do up. This Is very eronoml-
women and children had been saved. 1
"I saw the firing of Wurtemberg
ana I saw first the women and child
ren herded up and set aside I do
not believe that the men would have
a simple matter with children.
Teeth Torever crooxeo.
Young children .form habits
111 IIV f ' A
cal aa enough ergol can be se
curer! for a very modest price
t any dru'g store to furnish a
"The Way) This Secret Bemoves WrtakUe and
sagging or Ties xs muy mwauummMw.
weeks' time. The following formula Mary Ja
d oxen .or more of these unusual
shampoos. It is in fart a real
necessity to hair health. -
'43 a'
been massacred ,had not the soldiers t . e. man in the ranks. i one which does this In a very amas- ne-rflous hfiis is wcoinStihed more
at least believe'd that they offered between officer and l ing way. You make this up yourself Xsily, quicltly and thoroughly by th5
I T.h. c. of are flose d cnrdW-th ey , a very few--onient-by dls- 9 lAl
"" i , . any otner -means. -1 nis simpiy ois
'ire TheP.tinv cream K0veK way-Th hair Instead of burn
tlmrZZ wr SfleaU ,n it-off .as Jdo. other depilatories. .Jt
racrVt is one of "ver ves?a mark, never fails and
i vnn iArtiiofl - never harms,, tbe most delicate skin.
le I know, iarge ana ii,,.,,!.,.,. .nniv win h
Two Ken Zioot Poor Boxes and At
tempt to Steal Gold Vessels When
New : York, Oct- 3. With fhls re
volver , drawn, Patrolman Reid dashed
into the Church of the Assumption at
Cranberry and Hicks streets, Brook
lyn, late yesterday and after a battle
beside the - Tabernacle arrested two
men, who' later described themselves
as Homer Nell I and Adolph Sasealo.
It is charged the men had broken
open and looted four poor boxes and
were attempting to get the chalice
and other gold' vessels from the Tab
ernacle when the policeman went in.
PetrogVad. Oct. 3. In order to In
crease the revenues of the empire, the
rate of taxation on many commodities
has been raised. These Include malt.
matches, cardboard (playing cards).
cigarettes, cigarette papers, - etc '
course, be no doubt that Louvain of.
lered considerable insistence. The
are eiuso w - rr , ...
, rades, a word conUnually on their lipa
nl,lnr tn . hl.tvinn f U la of STlVCer-
thv flcht. And they are wonaer- i tM nd two ounces of eptol in ball a
" ... r. . . " -""t..ii- t.iiir.nt Diirini the last l nint of hot water. The satiny cream
civic population iea oy tne mayor and .v- with men in the Which result, removes wrlnkl
iseiKian . orricers. workn m.ino i
Kuns unon' the-German tram- .. .k German ranks whose cuiiure ana ea-
a,pproacnea tne station,
church of St. Pierre, which
the station, was turned to.
f ,i. w-ai thv stick at I Arabella M' No. Face steamina-will
nothtna? Sr their nation they arel Krnestine M. The prevalence of not remove blackhead. You can' get
nothing- Xr tneir nawoB ur "Tl .," i 4. alarmino- amonsr all rM ef (hni wraiiUtl. In t fmr fflln.
U3!fH!Emm.rh of women" Dandruff is one of utos by simply rubbing them with a
cold, inhuman, barbaric That is wny. j the main causes of It Another cause ls little nerolnU sprinkled on a sponge
fort. The civilists fired unon
coming troop trains from the win.
dows'and. from behind the buttresses.
Make Terrible Enemy.
m . ,lr,. mu - . . , . r . "1 the main causes or J u auvviivi iillir acruvu viiruawu vu m ayvuiv
to sum up. There Is left unon I ir tut i f man laws s-overn I .l1 1 ""i1" rx. ,k k.- mnt, VI fv. , . T
my mind an impression of the won- this world, and that might is not 1 vh dln,y haJr tonics bought these store can sepoly vou with the ner ox In.
derrul ernciency and complete en-1 Hrht. w must' fiaht them as we 1 av morieiv stimulate for the time be- Every blank head will dlsacrDear br
thuslasm of the German army. Em. fmirht' mi mnonerMi Nanoleonism. I fas-. These can not stop dandruff or usina-this remarkable formula. . .a-
bossed upon tne belts of the German But; let us have no delusions about I make hair grow. wnt js neeaea w . . , gg
Boicuers 10 tne legena "Uott mit I th1r real oharartr. i nuppiy inc nct.on.,, V"" ""72 ?if: s . . J, V
T"S. w .11 I - . vns T I HHIIPK Wt L tlio vvevtu eatau
tral1s fnl afriSl aTar I pufl" 7 . " rl F! ; . ' - . ir.
una .vioa wttn uaj. xney' beUeveJ i"""""" ".'vrrrn.i i.ion Uri R. 1
it. They are - a VerUe and believing I . a I Frul"X. VVT,i. nnl ,rm.rll inrnt ration (rnm -whlrh
nation-such people make a terrible I t A I S Ul C I Ul" HAW O IM A I LO 2i Iff r if remarkaMv effects as a io "Ina-rwiWiai sutfeVat au7saoi
j c o iv i ii me uer
man mina ror a synicism which soma. I vrnn,n.ii- .i. .0.1, rw. 3 a
times in older nations makes people German prisoner, who escaped at the
wonder whether the struggle between beginning of the' month, wasArecap
nattonal groups Is good in the eyes of tured today by a sergeant, to whom
xignung iiae 1 be declared he bad lived in the open
a, band of brothers. In time of war lair for 20 days, subsisting on raisins
vu icuuuua un ctsi -viaes ana -class, I and. raw snails.
half a pint of alcohol and half a pint bydrolUed UV, which can be obtained
of water (or with a full pint of bay at any nhaf-nsacy. It also destroys all .
rum tnstead of water and alcohoV if W"0ilbd lntf1nt,,r ail,wal!
preferred). This costs less than any other body Jofors. It will prevent that
prepared hair tonic, and its results in terrible sov condition under ' the
forcing hair to grow, stopping dandruff arms. It aaiies vtrur garments and r
and the falling of hair are very, re- lieves youirbf much embafTasarnent.
markable and rapid. -,!! tAdar