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I '
New Departure Will -Be Order
' for Matches at Senior Club
Columbus Day, -'
r wta tn off 1 o'clock
Mixed roVMBH Get trade
Way at o'clock.
A thraervent handicap coif toom-
ment Columbus day, October It, bM
been scheduled by Gay Lombard, chair
mu of the handicap committee of the
Waverly Country club.
Tha ;tournament win consist of
competition against par for two-ball
men twosomes, handicapped on the
basis of boles up or down: a men's
handicap, and a mixed foursome handl-
: cap, ,
4 The eompetltion against par for two
ball ' men twosomes is something bow
to Portland golfers, bat it is expected
, that this will be included In many of
the club tournaments during- the 111!
Two men play together in the two
ball competition,' and their best ball la
taken for each hole as against pax.
. The entrance fee is two balls for ea
i A. suitable prize, will bo awarded to
r the winning twosome. The second beat
twoeome will receive two-thirds of the
. balls secured as entranoe fees, and the
third twosome will receive one-third
ef the balls secured as entrance feea.
Play In this competition will start at
I o clock.
. In "the afternoon at 1 o'clock the
men will toe off in their handicap
play, and at 3 o'clock the mixed four
somes will start. Suitable prises win
be given by the club to the winners
of the men's handicap and the mixed
A dinner dance will be held In the
Clubhouse In the evening.
Mrs, J, H. Lothrop
And Tevis Stars
Mr. J. IT. Lothrop and 8. C. Twris
were the winners of the eclectlo golf
tournament of the Waverty Country
Mrs. Lothrop's score was Tt and
Tevis mark was 70.
The beet score made on each hole
Is totaled and the winner is deter
mined in that manner. Prizes for the
winners will be purchased from : the
fund derived from the aale of aeon
Regarding launches. I have seen
many 'a match lost because of the food
eaVtn by the players before they start
ed, or during the wait between morn-!
lng and afternoon rounds. Many a
man has been thus bunkered Jy bis ap
petite, and many more by the liquid re
freshment Imbibed.
The man who rashes eat to the crab,
house from business and take perhaps
a drink and all the lunch be can guaale
down in . a few moments and then oat to the' first tee Is In no
shape to do 'his best against an oppo
nent who has eaten more rationally and
more skilfully. 1
If younr time is limited, eat very
paring! and slowly. If In a 36 hole
matrhden' t try to qu ench your thirst
Vy heavy drinking of water or anything
-also, and don't try to eat everything on
the bill of fare, including extra dea
iserta. Considerable golfing skin may
J0 practiced la this simple matter of
preparation. ,
J. 7. Douglas,-who was instrumental
Tin the success of the Earllngton Golf
and Country elub, was reelected presi
" dent of the dub for the ensuing year
at the annual meeting of the members
. M ... m
I " I lS- " v I j f ?tXvtT" "v 31 !
. i a"! I
hi 1111 nun VJ ui 11 I s--v x rA if
nTTTTi riTvnvrn tttici 1 V X if
1 1 1 1 1 n iirr.rvi'i n . , 1 f
lULUfll.l.' I.IMUVI 8 Tv 1 s s
xu JU.WXJXJ xjxxi jjlkj a v Jr S
- But Others Win Be XSZr"
Placemen. .
V "C fc4 I . iliiMT-"
lng it impossible to carry oat hi
theory. ..
In the seml-flnals Oulmet - WTM
Pownes and experienced his only dif
ficult match of the tournament. ' Ao
! cording - to Travera theory, Fownes
must . have lost beeanae ha had tied
tor lew score in the qualifying round.
Personally. I think that Kownaa : ti
hole match on' Thursday of last week
and Oulmet's 9 and 7 victory the same
day were determining factors in Frt
I day's fight between contestants never
more than a hole apart. Certainly
these two pm1-f tnllt majr-
Those Who Think Veteran Efi Yictor w" p'-
Can Play Just as He Wishes TJrl
j winning of low score medals tn cruali-
fytng rounds will affect to anv aoura-
ciable extent one's play in semi-Cicala
and finals, but I do believe that nloe
times out Of ten the good player on
the easy route wlna
It is true that, with the exception ef
I Mr. Hilton and Robert Gardner, who
-Westerner Says Ke Cast Believe Wto-j wtm th .TBIilollsllilL.d .
avw evAfaw avff uw uivuaUllfc TTT1T WUU
Sadly Disappointed.
alag of ZVow Boor atsdala JLfTawta
Tlay is Oolf Saml-xHaala.
the national. I attribute that circum
stance, however, to the fact that the
goddess who presides at golf "draws"
baa generally shown a distinct aver
sion to low medalists; you rarely find
one on the easy aide.
Travera has not lost his own peeo-
A gale, which swept over the Ameri
can Lake prairies a week ago yester
day, proved too much for the woman
players of the Taooma Country and
Oolf etub and play la the class B and
C tournament was called oft.
The Spokane,' Wash., Country club
opened its 18 hole course last Sunday.
The club members expressed them
selves enthusiastic over the scenic fea
tures of the second nine holes, which
are back of the clubhouse. The haz
ards for the time being are only ra
vines, but eventually a water hazard
win be established on the 17th hole.
The Spokane course Is now about
6600 1 yards in length, but when it Js
smoothed over the hole will belingth
ened out to about 6200 yards. Bogey
for the course is 78, figured on the
basis of 40 for the old. course and 33
for the new.
3. B. Ingersoll made the record of 7S
for the IS hole course.
Salem May Construct
9-Hole Golf Course
Salem, Or., may have a small nine
hole golf cpurse before next summer.
AsaherBUBh, a prominent Salem hank
er, who is a non-resident member of
the Portland Golf club, is so enthuaias-
These pictures wre taken on the Waverly' Country dub course last
week when Managers Dillon of the Los Angeles Coast League
team and McCredie of the Portland Bearers settled their dif
ferences -with the drivers, znashles and pfbtim. In the picture
above, from left to right, are: L. A. Spa&gier, Walter McCredie.
George Turabull, the club professional, and "Pop Dillon. Man
ager Mac Is ehwn getting out a bunker In the picture below.
McCredie ran a bad second to the Los Angeles stake horse.
iDon'ts for Our Dear
Friends, the Golfers
An English golfing authority ha
compiled the following list of "Dotfts
for golf players:!
(a) Don't look at the top of the ball,
but at the right side.
(b) Don't draw the arms towards
the body.
(c) Don't use a high tea.
d) Don't take the club' back too
(e) Don't make a perceptible pause
on the up-etroke.
(f ) Don't press (1. et. don't try to
hit hard until you are satisfied you
can hit correctly).
(g) Don't spend too much time wag
gling your club.
(b) Don't strata the shoulder with
the club.
(1) pout over sw lug. Ton win get
better results if your club does not
pass the horizontal.
(J) Don't sway the body.
(k) Don't drop the right shoulder.
A great many players do. "Wait until
you are a fine player before you do.
(1) Keep a good hold of you club.
It is no excuse to say, "The club turn
ed in my hand." Tou had no bualnecs
to let tt turn.
(m) Don't stand too near the haS.
(n) Don't turn the body before the
The recent sever defeat of Jerome
Travera at the hands of Ouimet has
occasioned a -rood deal of aurarlse to
those people who have believed that " V S
,,.. , . ,. I way. and arrived at the final ezhaust
the national championship was a Trav- I . Mrrs tar
era monopoly, writes "Chick- Evana. luting . place on his 114 national
Of course, they know that Oulmet I championship schedule.
played very fine golf, especially the
34 In the afternoon of the final, but
Travera had duplicated that score la
a national final two years before, over
a more difficult . course, and It was
supposed that, outside of Europe, the,
Montclalr player was equal to any
emergency. All those who have be
lieved that Travera can play juat aa
badly and just as well aa he wishes
at any given time are distinctly dis
ft seems to ma that Travera has
himself solved the mystery in a well
written article in the American Mag
azine. . This article, by the way, I
read on my circuitous journey to the
field of battle at Ekwanok.
. Tlaw la Argumeat.
Travers advances the theory that a
man should not try for low score.
but should play air the early rounds
easily, thereby saving himself for the
supreme test that comes later. The
heretofore favorite of . fortune failed
to realise that the goddess of chance
is fickle, and in that fact lies the flaw
of his argument as a working plan;
for to be able to take the early rounds
easfty one must have' an easy "draw."
How Travers happened to offend
the fickle goddess who plays favorites
I do not know, but the fact la that
she presented him at Ekwanok with
the same sort of medicine that she
prescribed for me at Garden City. In
cidentally I might mention that my
treatment remained the same.
Alas! for Travers dream of leisure
Two of rtfenerrt Ones Aro
PeeblespM John Djck-. ;
A score: H of - golf pvuf eaaionaha
throughout tl svTJnited State 4r mak
ing applications for the pasttton to be
vacated br O org Turnhuli at th and
of the preaf t raoatn, aooarumg w
Richard WUtr, chairman ot tha ,
greens oommyitea, . '
two ot me, most prominent onea w
make application for the position are
Robert Peebles, of tha Topeka. Kaa
club, and Johti Dickson, ef tha Santa .
Crua, Cal.. olab, formerly connected
with the St. ISul, Minn., club.
Mr. WUder stated yesterday that fc"
would not be fn a position to announce
th nam offiTurnbuirs troooessor far
soma tlm' y L
-Chick" I rana. tha Chleaco am- M
teur golfing jtar, is trying to secure a
good man 1 jr th Wavrty Country
club, but a yet nothing regarding
what he- na don baa been mad
public. ma , '
year and marly of the contestant fa
vored - that f-place.' It U understood
that St Louis: would be pleased to fol
low out th 'suggestion; so that it fa
possible that1, virgin territory will be
opened another year. - -: :
Th wocnen player of th EeattJ
Oolf club have exclusive cor earda.
Th card mad their appearance last
weak. Th Seattle club course Is mi
yards tn length, but by making short
tee on a number ef hole th women
play but SC74 yards.
Howard Wright and Leo Teat will
play for the championship of the Lake
wood Oolf club today.
The Lakeside Country club ef Ta
coma waa defeated in a team golf
match by the Everett Country dub last
Sunday. Th Everett Country club had
the more experienced players. A four
ball professional match between Willie
and Bandy Lelth of Taooma and Jef
ferson of Everett and Orchard of Bell
ingham was won by the Lelth broth-era.
United Spates Oolf association H
mad up oV J88 clubs, representing
608.000, plaers and ha tll.000 in it
traaaury. ( , ;
Little George Willis, aged S. caught
the handicapper napping at the Floss-
moor Country dub of Chicago, recently
and helped his father, Paul Willis,
carry horn th Pater-Flllns cup as- a
rotmda leadimr gentlr no to the I result. George ha been playing the
final. At Garden City hi theory had I inside or practice nine at Floasmoor
worked perfectly. Watson. Raid, va
ried with a stiff match with Ouimet,
but at that time the latter was not
considered vfery formidable, for it had
taken him three year to qualify In
the national, and as a mental haaard
he .was not marked dangerous. Two
easy matches thereafter and th thing
was done. To show how useless. Trav
ers theory is unless on can control
the luck of the "draw," however, it is
in 70 all season, so when the Willix
pair started out in the annual two ball
foursome event. Professional Harry
Colls gave them the limit an allow
ance of 70.
George played the alternate stroke
all th way round with jueh finesse
that the Willis combination came in
with a gross of 115. This gav them
th winning net of 48. "P" WUlia
holds a elub handicap of nine. Tha
tie over the royal and ancient gam
that he la trying to start a club.
Full information regarding th cost
of the construction of a small club
house, similar to the one erected by th
Portland Golf club, and th upkeep of
the course has been furnished by C. S.
Graves, secretary of the Portland club.
Journal Want Ads bring results,
only necessary to contrast Travers j nearest figure to that of th winners
route to the final this year witn inn- i was S pet.
met s.
Travers was drawn In the first
round to play a man who qualified
three strokes better than he; Ouimet
drew one who qualified' 14 strokes
worse than he (Ouimet). These facts
at the outset attesting the good and
bad capabilities of one's opponents are
bound to have their effect.
Tat Gav Him Byrs.
In the second round Travers fate
Although the final selection of a
place far the holding of the women's
championship of the United State
rests with the United States Golf as
sociation, it la customary for th mat
ter to b gone into among: th contest
ants in th last championship. The
west Is do to bold the championship
next year. It was suggested to the
St Trmlji Cauulf r elub that It would
gave him By era. I would not advise wen for it to request th privilege
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The Vermilion County Athletic asso
ciation of Danville, 111., voted' to bar
all tobacco users from participating in
any contest of an lntarscholastlc char
acter promoted by the association. Any
Infringement of th new nu bars ta
offender for on year.
anyone to take a match with the Pitts
burg player easily, for what does it
profit a man to save his strength for
a final he may never reach?
While Travers was wrestling with
Byers, Ouimet played Willie Howland.
Mr. Howland is not considered quite
so dangerous as Mr. By era. In any
event, Ouimet could be said to be on
his way to the final by the nicely
graded rounds recommended by Trav
ers. In the next round Travers had a
slight respite, for Seeley qualified far
down th list, and was not very well
known. In the same round Ouimet
played Robert Gardner, who chanced
to be completely off his game and was
an easy victim. In his university days
Gardner would have been a danger
ous competitor,' but since be has gone
into business he practices little and
his golf has run down.
At this stage of the gam Ouimet
was admirably illustrating Travers
article, hot Travers himself was find-
of holding the championship next
Groundfcrmer Dickson, f the Port
land Golf j lub, t remaking the aee
ond puttinTk green. It will be in play
ing form ax&in by th middle of this
week. - ' .... :
Harry 14 ) Keats, on f th new
members cf. the Portland Oolf club,
recently turned In the score of 44.
which is ttjejbeat he has made over th
course. ' v :
The wok' of lengthening th Wav-.
rly Country club golf course will
start during th coming week. Rich
ard Wlldir, chairman of the greens
committee went ever th course with
George Tfembull, th elub profession
al, and determined some of th changes
to be mac.' The work will be carried
en gradUfcjily, so 'as not t Interfere
with th iay. t
Mat driving tees have been inatalk-il
by the Wiverly Country club-at every
note. Tt a ; installation of these tees
will aid ibe golfers In thelr play dor-
Manag f ! 'Pop Dillon, of th l&m
Angeles v base ball team, easily tri
umphed fiver Walter McCredie. ef th
Portland iBeaves, in their golf battle
last Tuesday afternoon on the Waver
ly club q urae. Dillon, although he ha
played bf t little golf during th sum
, mer, mai'e a fairly good score, while
McCredi.: abowed much better form
weeks aim on the Portland course.
George urnbull, th Waverly profes
sional, asowed Golfer Mae a few tricks
of th trade, which aided th Beaver
- - .
Jamesjl, Corbett now-t yearsef
age Is aoout to start on a tour of the
world, yrom this country be goes t
Australia, thence to India and perhaps
the war I one of Kurope, if the fighting
is done next July. He is appearing
in a vaudeville sketch. Corbett will
be In Portland soon.
flii.i. .! . . u.
By George Eddy.
Qrbrt Golf rrof aioaaL '
Th. first thine for a beginnr to do
whan he starts to learn to play golf
is to know how to grip th ciud. i
strongly advocat th lock grip that
is, th Vardon grip with th left
thumb in th palm of th right hand
and th little finger of the right hand
over th for finger of th left hand.
X find that moat beginners nav oei
ter control over their club with this
grip. When addressing the ball re
member to bring th hands to th
front, nearly opposite th left thigh;
let the arms be f re from th body
and bent at an easy natural angle, not
tucked into th sides nor again stux
and straight In troht like a person
taking a diva Into th water.
Now, In regard to tn stance i nere
1 th question or ins square stance
or the open one. in in xormer tne
toes, when the stance nas Den taaa
up for the address, are nearly in a
straight lln with each other parallel
to th lln of flight. Th left foot is
about tiro or thre inches behind the
right foot. In tb open stance to text
foot is about eight or ten Inche be
hind th right, v c - . .
I advise au beginners to aaopi in
square I stance, a iney can oi
straighter flights.'; in tne open stanca,
unless the player has absolute control
over his club and swing there- a a
tendency to slice, as the body often
gts there before th club. The timing
is' much more difficult with th open
stano. That is on reason why X ad
vis th square stance, especially for
I Xo Kot Stand xo coos.
Do not stand too close to the ball.
Close standing makes the swing short
and upright, which often cauaea a
slice, unless tha player is using a very
upright club. Get your weight well
back on your heels, let your knees be
a little relaxed and be careful not to
toon, as this very oiten causes on to
overreach the ball, consequently, re
sulting in. bitting tn nail with the
heel of th club. Thera must be a free
round swing to get in long pail with
th wooden clubs. Ot course, with the
iron th awing 1 more upright.
.Now comes the pivoting or th body
twist. Th body must turn from the
hips. It is a spinal movement.. Car
must he tax en not to move tne head.
On the upward swing the left knee
must turn ia towards the right to
good many bend th koe utward.
which oftentimes causes th shot to
go wrong. A good many pivot right
up on th left toes, which should be
on the aide of the foot and the big toe. ;
When you are at the top of your awing
you must be looking almost down over
th point of th left shoulder and
when yon finish th swing you must
b looking over th right. Th head
does not move but th body comes
around until th shoulder Is Almost
pointing: toward the bail. The best
way to keep your head quiet Is go out
some fine day when the sun throw
your shadow plainly. Stand straight
on your shadow and take a few swings.
Yon will soon find out whether you
are moving your bead.
Bead aXost B Xp Stm.'
It is very important that th head
should be kept still until the club-has
hit th ball.. Care must be taken not
to look up. Tou should se the spot
wber th ball was before you look up.
in wrist action in taking the elub
hack la also very important. The
wrist gradually turn so that at tha
top of th swing it. is right under
neath th shaft and the to of th
club is pointing toward th aTOund.
The back of the left band should be
looking toward th Intended flight of
tha ball. I try to make this as clear
as possible, as it is very important. X
have seen .many good players with
very fin swings, but still they could
never get the ball away and after
watching- them I find that they have
been turning their wrists.
There are a good many berinnerawha
have no trouble with th wrists. There
ar others who have a great deal of
trouble, consequently thev take a
longer time to learn the game.
in lert elbow should be kept loos
from th body in going uo and be sure
and see that th left elbow lm nst
absolutely square on th top of th
swing. It must be straight out a lit
tle. In taking th swing back a player
must he careful not to transfer all th
weight of the body to the right foot.
If that Is don there 'Is great danger
in disturbing the hlno of .the body
and often causes : mistiming of the
(.hot. Ther must b a distinct pres
sure on the left, foot and again when
you com through with th swing you
must be pressing down firmly with
th right foot and in doing this you
will find It will keen you from longing
forward toe soon.- . : - - ,
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