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l: Chicago People XrF'Tol' o
Great Development of State
- and Its Possibilities. v .
J Duflnff hi recwit visit In Chicago,
Jhisliop Charles Scaddlng. of the Oregon
' , . riknm ' ' 1 Ant u rod . on several occasions
J- on vPTKrtuntties ..' In Oregon." ! . The
i bishop tId of th remarkabl growth
. of the lty tf Portland during th paet
J- llvVyearawof the conservative - plrlt
. and alertness fit the business men and
.' of the sturdy, atalwart character of
the cltUene whore in the email
towns . and. on Oregon ranches. , -
' He ; discussed -woman suffrage, ; the
" initlatlvey 4 referendum ano recaii una
" -epos onthufliastically of the eomtnla-
inn fnnn nf eitv rovernmeftt a' It is
,nrkl out In Portland. ' The
Chicago) Press interview v withT the
t. bishop foUOWS: '' '.' V v;' ' C'.1''" 1
-v, IT . mm m nmmmilvii" In (lia Dieul
. 7,'eense. not politician." said bishop
ScaddlnT at tn university tiuo.
"Necessarily I am thrown In touch
. with political ' activities to.' my work
Qt afamr l upbuilding the vast tinde-
j, veloped part of our new state. '
hka tiiifr tijwaiiaa. tit In
. . Mm- woni for a tlm drifted.
Th. finit aranaratlon. the niloneera. were
nun-Mit!va. buUders. workers. ." The
second generation, handicapped by lack
of proper-transportation - and absence
- of ' markets, : let self-preservation be-
comt tneir goat. .
' , "Newcomers of the last few years,
.-.ii.,j Vir.' nrnninuuli . of clvio UP
r life, have changed the viewpoint. Firnt
f , came .our , social service work, yospe-
k eiallv strong in tne.cnurcn.- iu
? pared ; the path for f woman's suffrage
. ... ann v un .. cuuviutwu
suffrage for women not only gav the
city of- Poruana a commission wra vi
government, directed by Ave influen-
i.i .niuurfni hnHlnaa men that are
- already, la a, few short months, Siring
' the cuy a newer, 1 more i, wra
government, tut will prov a boon for
" ; state wide reforms of a grand human
itarian and reformative character.
"la our pioneer way we are work
lng out the great political experiments
which aome call fad legislation, but
many of which I believe will succeed
and will trove of exceptional benefit
We understand the drawbacks and
danger of these experiments, but our
' people nave studied, . they : think and
they will act at the present Urn
-Of course am not In, actlv poll
tics. A a man, I vote according to
imy light and as a churchman I try
to assist In the upbuilding , of the
moral and social character of our peo
ple by whatsoever party presented.
"I am an honorary member of the
Portland Kealty f Board and at its
' luncheons I hear the members discuss
"the great problems that they are fee
ing in - preventing xMtuesUonabla real
stats methods, and Vhot all advertls
' lng. The troth about land, and climate
;and crops in Oregon is good enough.
Fraudulent methods And untrue state
ments . nave Bo i place with these rep
resentative elttens of Portland."
Bishop Scaddlng during his rectoK
nhlp In Chioago was accounted a seal
,cns worker for physical as well as
srplrltual betterment of bis partahlon
;era Previous to his coming to Chl
1 cage bo did considerable slum work in
f Kew Tork which gave him his insight
' into the Intensely practical things of
! Ufa ' Ho Is author of several ocolesl
surtloal books. Including "Dot Thou Be
lieve MoT," "A Workable Graded Sys
tem of ; Sunday School ' InBtructlon,"
"pirect Answers to Plain Questions"
and other works;'-','' !- :
The bishop is a confirmed Oregon
booster . and prefers to talk of , his
state, its resources, Its possibilities, his
! Fliet White Tsmple, W. B. Hlnaos, fester.
filbW school 10; services U end 1M; 8. 8. 10;
B. S. P. C. :1. Topics, "God's Deflnltloa
t Mn" sod "adara end Bve la 191. " '
But Bide Rev. W. O. BbaaK, autor. Bert
ion. 11 aad T:JM: Sunday actaooL 10s B. X,
P. 0. :90. "BleasM Are tie Pare I Bent"
asd "Tbe Prodigal Ben." ' - - - .
Otlntr -Bt. Walter Doff, paster. 1 Prek
' lng at 11 a. m. and T:80 p. s. KreagaUaae
earTlees by Jtdc rrost, U, S and TdO.
Arleta Her. W. t. . Bprlgge. Bandar
- aVbooL 10: B, r. P. TJ., 6:45. Serrlcaa 11
end T.Sa "OHUdalng Onatiea" aad A UtU
ter ef Oreat OoaeoUtioa," "-r -y
Illgnlandim. C H. Elliott. B. T. P. t,
-30, S. B. Services 11 end 7:30. Mora.
. ' :80; B. . :&. Berrlcel 11 and T:30. "A
Solid roBnilitlo ' Truth" ead "ytowere e a
Ali Beepi." . ""
eeUwoo Bev. Tt. W. Bares, it and t J0
, S. B. 10; I. P- VH 9M.
tolTcralty Park Set. A. O. Baxtoa, pestea.
11 and 8. B 10; B. r. P. 0, L
Sanaaide (German)--&, th, B:tf. Ceand
,TVaL superuiteBdant. V ...
ct Joans ((rBaaaH-BT. Karl reUaeth, B,
.. :&; il and 7:30. X. P. V.I.
i fit Johns U, P. Bordea, pastor.' " "B. a,
., to s. u.s serWcee at 11 a. 'n. and p. at.
Grace MouUfilla, Bev. U. X. Cash. 11 aa
T:iu; Y. P., ;0; 8. B.. B:4f.
Cbiseoe kUuloo 8. 8., 1; 1. Q. lUloaa, ea
- periutendeac - .
ritst Uwman Ear. 3. Kratt. 11 aad 1M;
. . fl., 0:46. ,, .
Second Qtrmia Rt. rrederlck Buerraaa. 11
', end ,rfW: a. a. B:o; X. P. D., :. r
- . Kut rory-Ufth fiirtet Bev. A. B. Walts. B.
mut -fl., :45; preaching, 11 ana T:30 p. m.1 B. V.
P. J :80 p. m. Preaching by Bev. B. Wyse
r1 Jones. , Pareuts' meetlof it I p. a
- Unte Uev. 1. M. Nutson; B. i.. lot 11 as
tf . - 7:30; B. X. P. V., :30.
aluuut OUrewkav. W, A. : aUfett, palter.
, - 11 and a p. m.; B. S., 12:8U ,
Tiheruacle J. Clark Tlbbets, pastor. Ber
moos UX;4i aad 7:46. & 8. :4S', V. P. 6:40.
- Xnlrd Ke. W. J.- Ueavan. 11 and TdO; 8.
' T. P. U. 8:90. B. S. & a. J. Problems of
J Prsyer" end "The Bervsnt ef All" (tUastrated).
Sir dlsn Bev. Frederick Linden, iu:46 and
, t.'4b, . a. ia; b. y, p. uy 0. ,
. Italia ailwlon Bev. Pnncesoe Sannells, pas-
H tor. Pastor elrcla 8; preacblnt 10:BO, sWt
aeruu fur English speaking people; also at 7:30.
t ' . r,r,t7rl?ih na, Xrl eta Ber. Benjamin
, . ouug, :40 B. . 8:30, B. L. Services 10:iW
, . aud 7:80. Wliat About SmlUt Jr. t" Tnd ia-
crrd cuueert ' : 'r;
i 'Irlulty Bev. A. B. Caluer. II s. ea. and
" 7:30 p. m. 8. 8. 10. B. L. 8:80. "The Pres
"' JjJj!joa,ot.,,.Wc' Oo4" end "Called of
X -: y kiredlsn Dorthwlck and Beach,' Bar. J. N
. BurdelU paalcr.' 11 and 8: 8. 8.. lOi K. L. v.
';.. ' tBpwortS-Be. a 0. McOulloch. Service? at
t 1. and 7:80 Pi to. 8. 8. 0:45; K. L.T8:30.
"A SUndardlted UfF sad "Secret BlUal"
' llral Kurwegiaa UanUa Bev. EUaa Glerd
.y Inft pastor. 11 and 8. 8. 8. 12:16. B. U7.
"ihe Angel of Hla PreWnce" end 'The Devil
In aulutluu."
; ; Nwenlr Danish Vancouver and Skidmore,
Bev, Ahr. Verelde, pastor. 10:S and 8, B. H.
' 1U 89.' : . , ' i'. ;
u-'t Suuurnlde Bev. WlUlan H.' Pit, D n n
V and 7:46 p. m, B. 8, :80 s. a, k L
"The HeUgloua Experience of the Modern ban''
' snd ""1U- Challeuge oC Organised Lab to Or.
., gaulaed BeUfto.'"-. T . .
utenarr tter.i Delmer B. Trimble. D. D
i pa.lor. 8. 8. 8:46; IS. U. 8 30. Bervlces l
d 7 SO. "Aiming st the Bight Aim? and
"UtnoruinatlonallMn"' - . .
Laurlivoud Uv. a T. Oook, pastor Bervtees
' It and 1M; & a, ID a, a. Prarer m actios.
, St. Johns Bev. J. I. Pattra. , Bervlcea 11
! and l-.Ut'. 8. 8. 10; E. u 8 30. '
t . Woodiawn Bev, Louts Thomas, paatof. a
. n. lu: B. L. eS; preaching 11 end 7:30
Kurulng Bush" aud "Our Father Who Art
lu lirana." , . J
Jbimnrw allastAB tier. Ellaea Blbsra. MM
eixl h.M(); 8. 8.. 8;80. ,
t'hliMwe lllaaloar it and 7:80. :v .:;. '' . ".
trutral Vnncuuver areaue aud Farge, Bar.
C, c. liuriok. StTvices 11 aud 7:80, 8. fl. 8:48.
i J. JJ;
I (' '." Site... . .vv!''v . H
Now Anabel Preabvterlan oharclx and
A new angle In ChrisUanlty, which
Rev. Robert N. McLean, the pastor of
Anabel Presbyterian church at Fifty
sixth street and Tblrty-seronth avenue,
southeast,: Chooses to call Muscular
Christianity," , was . discovered by the
members of the church, during the past
few months, in the reoonstruotlon of the
old church building; Into a new church,
which le now completed and Will be
dedicated tomorrow, - .. ' .
This church is located among work
ing people, who, after giving all their
means would permit, donned overalls
and did the work that would otherwise
have been paid for. A large basement,
with room enough for a furnace, wood
room and a'kltchen. was dug- by volun
teers. For two weeks, the men of the
church, after completing their own day's
work, would meet at the church build
ing; and work as long an light would
permit; after , which i the women of the
church, would , servo them with supper
or light refreshments.
: One of the girls - societies of the
church. In order to raise their portion of
the money required to boilfl the new
structure, took con tract from neigh
bors to put in Wood. Forty cords were
put in by the young women, whose work
netted them 129 toward the $100 they
had pledged themaohres to ralee.
The new building- is of the bungalow
church work and the vast chances for
missionary work there than he doe
of politics hi tho concrete.
Xg Denoml nationalism of the Devil T"
is the subject to bo discussed 'by Dr.
D. H. Trimble at Centenary church. Bast
Ninth and Pine, tomorrow evening. "The
spectacle - of the. Christian church dl.
vlded Into some 16 section has caused
many questions. Many are of the oon
viotlon that there should be but one
Class aneetlng. 11:15 B. L.. 8:80 p. . Tvplcs,
"Whst Is God' and "Ch rial's Teach,'1
Clinton KeUr Memorial John Panons, pastor.
B. 8. 8; services 11 a. m.; eleae meeting 11
soee; services 7:4fi p. mk sXrwocth league 7
p, n. ' -,."',,,' ...p.. ,
Oermae P. A. Schomann. B. 8., :( eerv
Ices 11 snd 8. Eoworth leans. 7:11
MonUvUla Bev. W. H. Hemptee.
et 11 and 7:80: 8 8.. 10: H. 1.. 0:48.
BeUwood Bar. Jaaee 1 Hawkins, U ead
70; J. B. U. 8:80; U. U, JtO.
UBlvarsltf Park Eev. W. J. Doeglsa. 11 est
1-Mt 8. By 10 a. .. , :1, a
AMeaa Zlon Kev. W. Matthews. 11 aad S
B. 8., l; B. 7. ' t ' -.
Patton Bev. Oeerg Hopktaa. paator. Preeeh
lng U and 7:80; 8. B., li a. aa; B. 1, 6:WX
"Wiat More" and "Ocxspassloai fat the Mol
tttndea" .
Caraoa Heights zuv, H. ft dlteeae, . 8. at,
10; eerawa, U, ,: ,
a Bethel Bev. 1. T Craw, nastot, Bervtees,
U snd 7:48i 8. a. 1:18 j at,l.
Mount Tabor Bar. O, h. HaeaUtoe, 11, 7:8ft
8. B. 9:46; E. U 8:8a "Christ eeeklag Burners"
and evangelical service.
Lents Rev. w. Bod Hoar. 11 sad S B,
Bm 10; E. U, 7.
Bese City ParU-Roe City park etabhoose.
Bev. William W. Xoongsen, pastor. Berrleea
11 snd 7:80; a 8., 8:48. The Dmamlce ef
CbrUtlanltr" and "The Rettuals of Christ."
' Woodstock Prank Jaates, pastor. U and 7:30i
B. B. 10; B. U :80.
Lincoln Btreet U. C M. O. Bead, pastor,
U snd 8; 8. 8., 10.
Oak Grove Eev. H. Spies. Bervlcaa 11 aad 8;
8. 8., 10. ' , -
Waatmorelasd Bev. H. Orease, g. g.. 8;
eerrnoa, 7:80, by Bev. Prank Rlslay Benaell.
WesleraB Bev. O. a Wicker. 11 an S
B. 8, 10; X. P. It. 1. i
Vint Uenoan 4. w. Cramer, paator. Prea ch
ina; 11 snd 8. B. 8. 10. B. I 7:20. .
Taylor Btreet 8d and Taylor ata. Services
10:80 and 7:80 by Bev. W, 'ft. Kerr; Classss
:80; 8. S. 12.18s BL U 8:30. ,
' IL X. (Aarak Beath. ',
Dnloa A venae MetaedUt . TTardy Bennett,
paator. Preaching 11 aw n. snd 7:80 p. m. 8. 8.
10 a. m.; B, U 8:80. Bubeeta, "The Weddla
Uarment" end "Ponr Oreat Auctions."
i.iyaVeekrttrlea. , ; ' i .
First Presbyterian eenrcb -Itev. John Boyd,
minister. Preaching ,10:80 and 7:80. Bvenlng,
aecond of series ef meditation ea 'Thluaa
Worth While." .-.- ' ' ;. -'
Calvary Eleventh 'fnd Clay ts-Ber. David
L. Kleble. D. D. Preaching 10:30 sad 7M.
"Power la UnV aad. "BeU-iWtrunoon." .
KcnUwortb Bev. Lealie Kirk , Blcnardeoe,
paator. U end 7:48. Bible school 8:48 a, m.
x. P. B. C B. 8:40. "The Whole World for
Christ" and "The Seventh CommssdmsBt."
11 lip ah Rev. - Harry - Lseda, pastor, Bertnoe,
11 aad 8; B. 8, 8:46 a. m. O, I, I f, a,
Fourth Bev. Henry O. Baoson, paator. Serv
ices 10:80 and 7:80: 8. 8., 12; 0. 9t 8:80.
"Temperance Schoes' and "Bemamber Thy Cre
ator.'' , ... y f , T.
Third Bev. A. L. Batchlaea. paator. 8erv
Icea, lu:80 end 7:401 8. 8. IB; O. B., :48.
Hawthorns Park L. K. Grlmse. pastor.
B. 8. noon. Service 10:00 asd 7:80, 0, EL, 8:80.
Forbes Bev. Henry B. Pratt;: 11; aad S
B. B..-101X. B., :80 B -r ":
. Anabel Bobert K. McLean. T Barries 11 and
7:45; B. 8., 0:46; a & 8:48.
Hope, Montsvtlls Bev, 8. W, Bsema. B. 8.
10; servtcee 11 snd 7:80. ., 1
Cnlty W. La Cray. ' minister. B. B. 10,
Preaching 11 a. as. and 7:80 p. m.
- klaraball street Bev. Wllliasa 1. Bplre, pad.
tor. li and 7:80; 8. B., 10 a. su. X. P. a. O.
B, 8:88 f. m. , - .
Arbor Lodge -Bev. George B. Ckemley, , 11
and 7:48$ 8. 8, 10.- '-
Vernoe H. N. Meant, paster. Bervteee 11 and
18. 8., 10 s. sa. Christian Endeavor 7 p. m.
Piedmont Kev. J. B. Snyder, 11 u TdO!
a.B. 8:80; B. 8. 8:48.
Weatiuluatsr w Bs v. Henry -Mareotte. 10:84
end 7:48i8. 8 12 Y. P. 8. C B., 8:80.
Mount Tabor Bev. Wllllso 0. Moore, paster.
B. 8., 10 est; Bsrvicss 11 aad 7:80 O. 8, ?
p. mu
Cblneee 148U First. 7:481 B. 8. 8:4a
Millard Avenue Bev. Levi Jobaton. Services
11 snd 7:80; 8. a, la
,. Bpukane avanoe J. H. Xoaet, putor, Bermon
Rer. Robert, N. McLean, pastor.
' type, covered with shingles and stained
brown, with white trimmings. ' Inside,
the color scheme Is tan and cream for
the walls and ceilings, while the wood
work In the auditorium Is dark. A
large gallery has been added, the audi
torium -has been : lengthened at both.
ends, while Sunday school class rooms
and a club room for the boys have not
been overlooked. . The total cost of the
Improvement has been between $3009
and 500. It la confidently expected
'that wheq the building committee re
ports tomorrow, the report will show
the building practically completed and
all bills either paid or amply provided
for in funds or collectible paper..; The
committee has announced that no of
fering will be taken at .the dedicatory
service, and that no subscriptions will
be solicited. Following is th program
of the service, to which the , public is
invited: , '' ; - v.;
Prelude (Aehford) ; Processional,
"Holy, Holy, Holy," Vested Girls' Choir;
Doxology; responses; Gloria; anthem,
"The Sinner and the Bong" (Thompson) j
Scripture lesson; " anthem. "Sing, O
Heavens" (West); statement of build
ing committee, E. B. Woodyard, chair
man; service of dedication; prayer of
consecration; . anthem, "Children's Cru
sader ; Song" (Gabriel) ; sermon. Rev.
Henry Mareotte, D. p.; prayer; hymn;
benediction; postlude (Gounod).
church. The merits of this question In
the light of history and efficiency will
be dealt with,", said Dr. Trimble. The
morning theme la "Aiming Right at the
Right Aim." Sunday evening, November
It, Dr. Trimble will open tho question
box,. The musical program for tho even
ing is as follows; Anthem s by choir;
fY Shall Dwell In the Land" (Stalner),
solo by Miss Clara Wnest; "Behold God
Is Mighty, (Wooler); organ numbers
by Mr. Hleb, "Helmweh" (Trenham) and
Allegro" (Krats). , ,
The current Interest theme Is "Will
tho Six for a Quarter Car Ticket Ordi
nance ObtaInTVf,;?1;'-;..'
11 end 7:80. "A teak la the BMp" and "Marks
of the Christian.7
Boss City Pai4 Bervteee 11 ead 7:48; Bev.
Boudlnot Beely. , '
Trinity Rev. E. Benson, paator. Bervlces
11 snd 7:80; 8. 8 10; T. P. 8. C A, 8:8a
Reformed Krank D. Frsser. Preaching, 11
ana 7:oi 8. 8., 10.
; .' ; Oongregattseei.'
- first Bsv, Lather & ryott. D. ft, II a
m. and 7:45 p. m. "Uve Today" end "The
Creed of God's Honest Man."
Uulvorslty Park bey. W, C, Kantner, D. D.,
Bsstor, 11 snd 7:80. 8. 8. 10 s. m.t X. P. 8. C.
. 8:80. "Jesus and the Chrlstlsn life" end
"Whst the AngeU Think About It."
First ttennan JUv.-, Joan H. Bop. 10:88
and 7:80; 8.-.. lotid B., 8:8ft.
Laurelwood Uev, . EaodsU, pastor. 10 and
7:46; O. B.. 7. - '
Undsrhurst Rev. D. B. , Oray( B, B., 10;
services 11 snd 7:48.'.' y:- .' . -
Baaaalo Btreet J. M. Lowden. pastor. Berv
lces 11 aad 7:80 p. m.l & ., 10; X. P. B-C,
8:18. .
Waverly Heights Bev. A. W. Bond, paator.
Worship 11 snd 7:80; 8. B., 10: C B, 8:80.
Buonyslds Rev, J. J. Btsub. 11 and 7:80;
8. 8. 10; C. E, 8:18. "The Inevitable Christ"
and "The Church in the Light of the Family,"
Pilgrim Bsv. D. 9. Poling, pastor. Preach,
lag at 11 and 7:80; 8. 8.. 8:46 C. B., 8:80,
Highland Rev. . 6. Bollinger. 8. 8. 10 a.
m. Preaching 11 and 7:30. '
Atklnaon Memorial Rev. f. W; Gorman, pas
tor. Services 11 a. m. and 7:46; C. E., 0:46;
8. 8.- 0:40. ;
Bt. Johns Bev. James Murphy. 11 end 8s
8. 8. 10. v yy.ryy
' -Sstteosal. ' ',''-' ' '
Trinity church Rev. Dr. A. A. Uorrison, ree
tor. Bervlces 8 and 11 a, m. and 8 p. as.
8. 8., 8:46 a. 10. ,
Pro-Cathedral ot St. Btepbea the Martyr
Rev. U. M. Hamasy. , Bervlces 11 snd 7:80.
(Sunday school, 10. : . " i
Church of Uur flsvlor Woodstock Bev. B. H.
Clark. Services 8 and 11. , . .
8U MattbeWe Mission Bev. W. A M.
Brack, vicar. B. 10 a. m. Bermon at 11
a. m...'"''''. ' ' i" -; ''-''' ' - vv,..',,'
St. Dsvld's Rev. Henry Butsell Talbot. 7:80,
celebration of lioly Buchariat, S. S. :46. Morn
ing prsyer 11 a. m., slveulug prsyer 8.
8t Andrews, Porusiouth Bev. F. W. Banm,
vicar, la charge. 11, prayer and eenuon, 1:80;
8. 8. 10. -
All Bsints' Rev. Frederick K. Howard, spe
dal preacher. Morning prayer and sermon, 11 a.
m. 8. 8. 10 No evening services. Celebrations
ot Holy Communion on first Sunday of month
a. m. v'- ' '..I.' . , " . . ' - : . -j , .
Be John's Church Bev. T. F. Bowes, B. 8,
8; evening prsyer snd sermon, 8.
St. John's Church,, elellwaaii Kev. John D.
Bice. Bervlces sttt'oiock Sunday morulug.
1JM, evening prayer.. .:,'.;,''': :-,!.:'., .,..,,... , .
BUbop Morris Memorial Chapel,' Ooed Sa
maritan boapluL Chaplale Frederick st. How
ard. Boly commuolou,' J . aw Prsyer and
sermon 7:20. ':-- . -
Good Shepherd Bev. John Dawsoa, n tBa
7:80; 8. 8.,.-,10..'4...y - .T
8C Mark's Bev. J. E. H.Blmpeos, rector.
Holy Eucharist, 7:80 s. m. 8. 8., 8:48 a. m.l
Matins sad LiUhy, 10:16. Holy Buchsrlat 11
a, m. avessBsg,. lot p. -bs.,,..'..., ,
Grace Memor'sl Rev. Qrerge B. Vsa We
ters snd Bev. Oswald W. Taylor. Holy Com
munlon 8 s. m.s a 8., 10 a. to. . Bervlces 11
a. m. Evening services omlttsd.
Kenton tire hall on Brandon st Bsv. f.
M. Baum, vicar. 8. S. -10. Evening services
snd sermon 8:80. Holy com munlon on third Sun
day of eseh month st 8. .
Bt Mlcbael'e snd All ABtels' Dav. f p.
Bowen vicar, ll and 0; B. 8. 10. Holy Com
munion first Bunday 11; third Sunday at 7:8a
8t John's, Mllwsnkle Bev. John D. . Bice.
8. 8. 8; evening prayer end sermon, is ssrv
Ices, 4.
Ascension Chapel Portland Heights, 8, B.
8:80. v v.. ... , .....
St. Paul's. Wood msre Bsv. Oswald W. Tay
lor. 8. 8., 8; services. 4,
Patton, Michigan snd Alberts Oeorg F.
Hopkins, pastor. B. 8.. 10 sermon, li; ser
swn, 7.80 p. m.
- PertsmouU Hsrsf or . St. : near Lombard st.
, To, 'Publish .Sermons
im fi muHam of anrmona on the aen
ami nioiMnn nf th "Home." , Dr.. ,W. B.
Hlneon of the White Tempi tomorrow
evening will discuss -oam ana kt in
1918." This will be the eighth of the
on whlfth whnn nomnlliul will
be published in book form so that those
who, have so desired may poeeeee me
complete series in pernwiwii iwm,
. - -- . - ... 1 f arm a.: 'trunl
nent feature In the evening service. Mrs.
Welnsteln will sing "Mary uagaatene,
by Jules Massenet, while Mr. Hoose will
give "Then Shall the Righteous," by
Elijah, and . Mr. MoGulre . "When j the
Roses Bloom," by Rhelnhardt In the
mimiiiK, Mr, - Hutchinson : will Bln
"Prayer," by Godard. A book will be
Issued under the auspices or tne cnurcn
enUUed "Bella and Echoes," belrfg a
Knnnd vnhime oontalnlns: . selections
from the poems and meesages that have
appeared in tne cnuron ouneun. ,
Next Friday there will be given an
Illustrated lecture on "Old Mexico," with
one of the finest collections of col
ored stereoptlcon pictures or Mexico in
America. Original and unique descrip
tions will be presented by Fannlo Her-
ley.,, rr:wM.;. VfMW'-
Church Notes.
nu mnwMw t 11 A'rinek. at Sara
at 3 p. m. In the evening Dr. S. S. Sul-
Unger Will preacn, ana on ouv
lnr hold the first quarterly conference
at 10 O'olock. Hr'v'i;!-
tw V IT! wilHnra. ttaietor of Laurel-
wood M. ' a church, a reoent arrival
here, is meeting with great success in
his work. - Since the' conference ho has
taken 11 new members into th church.
The choir, under the leadership of Mrs.
Earl Ernold, 1 a big feature of tho Sun
day services. The Ladies' Aid society
of the church will give a dinner Fri
day. November tl. in the church par
lors. 1 . vwii, fennarl ft. en
gineer of Kansas, and now a noted evan
gelist, will preach at Calvary Baptist
church at 11, S and 7:10 o'olock tomor
row, and will hold services there all
next week at $) o'clock. .:.. ;(; -
Dr. B. XL Uta, of Boolean university,
will speak'tomorrow at the First Chris
tian church at 11 a. m. In the evening
he will preach at the Central Christian
church. r j;' v.-J--'':,-
The Luther leasue of St James Lu
theran church ield their monthly hue!
ness and social meeting of the league
at the homo of the Misses , Bohnsen,
Tenth and Jefferson streets,. last Tues
day evening.
Dr. W. B. Hlneon. of th ' First Bap
tist church, will give th address for
the Sunday vesper service of the Toung
Women's Christian Association, Sub
ject is "Rhinestones and Diamonds."
There will b special mualo. The 4:30
eei-vlce will be followed, by the social
hour. .
e . i
The Sunday school of the Universal-
let church at Broadway and East Twen
ty-fourth street Is growing In all de
partments. The young people's class,
known as the Emmanuel Bible Study
class, has been placed under th di
rection of a teacher from Reed col
lege. , .,
Arrangements are being perfected for
the annual bailor of the Universalis!
congregation, to be held December 4
and s in th social nail or the church,
at Broadway and East Twenty-fourth
street ,
' r
- The relation of th church to the
labor 'question will b discussed at the
Bunnyslde M. EL church tomorrow veil
ing by Or. William H. Fry, the pastor.
Dr. Fry's topic will be "Th Challenge
of Organised Labor to Organised Re
ligion.". .;;' y ;. , 1. .-
The men of the Toung Men' Bible
Bev. F. M. Banm, vicar. B. 8. 10. Bervlces 11
end 7:80. Holy eommuploa oa second, fourth
and fifth Sundays of month at 7:80; oa first
et ll. Holldsys by sppolntmeats. ,
'-.y'i '' ir3msts.r:y:,';,';.'y,; '.'r
First, Park end Oolumble streets W. F. Eea-
gor. paator. Services st 11 and 7:48: B. 8.,
9:60; C. E. 6:30 p. m. Morning, sermon by Dr.
B. B. Uta of Bpoksne. . Eveniug, "The Crucial
Tust of Character," .by pastor.
Central Rev. Samuel . It. Hawkins, paster.'
B. B. 10; 0. B., 8:80: services 11 and 70 p. at.
"The Work of e Xssr" snd Prof. Uts.
Itodney STenus 8. B. 10. O, B. 7:30. 'OhrUv
tisa Evidence" snd 7:80, "A Bearchllgkt tjues-
oon." -" i- ' .
Montavllla Christian Tabernacle Bev. 8.
Kimball, pastor. Services at 11 end 7:30 p. m.
8. 8. 10 a m. a B. 8:30 p. m. "On the Usl
Line" snd "What Think Xe of Ctalatt" y.
Gladstone Bev. Boy L. Dona, pastor. Serv
ices st 11 ead 7:80 p. m.; 8. 8., 10; Jnalef
0. B., at I p. aid. E.. 6:80 o. an. -Ken
Park Bev. B. Tlhbs Msxar. Baa tor.
Services at 11 ead 8; 0. B., 7 pf m.; 8. B., 10
s. m.
Woodlawa Rev. W. I. Melllnger, state evan
gelist, (services n ana :ju. 9. B., w:so v. .
H:M.. .......,-.. '.,..--w; .r;:.iM,.,A Vt
' Bt. Johns Rov. J. B. Johnson, psator. Berv
lces st 11 and 7:80: 8. 8., 10; C, B.. 7:30.
Bcliwood, corner Mnsteantn an NenaMa
Rev. t. A. Meltoa, paator. Ssrvloee et It snd
1:30 p. m.; 8. 8, 10: G. B., 8:80.
Vernon Pr. J. F, Gliormley, pastor. . Bervlest
1 ana ?:4o; . a, lu a. m. ,
, 1 ' . '" unites jnetnrea.
v First Rv. J. I), Maewonder, naator. Bervlces
It snd 7:80; 8. 8. 10; O. B., 8:80. Bobjscts,
Morning, "The Greatest Sentence in the World"
and, evening, ''Decision.". v - - .
Second Alberta, Rev. Chaa. L, WllllaBa,
8. 8- 10; C. B. 6:80. Services 11 and 7:80 p. m.
"lvelllng With God" and "Finding God." k
Third Rer. Judaon O. Rlcbai'dsun, paator.
Services 11 and 7:80; 8. 8., 10; O, B.. 8:80.
Fourth Bev. J. E. Conner,' pastor. Services
11 aad 7:80 p. m.; 8. 8., 10; a B., 6:80 p. m.
Men's meeting .st 8, p.' m. -
Radical Jeasup at, Bev. A. 8. Benosnoa,
paator. Service 11 and 7:80; 8. B., 10; C. B.,
) i, s,
' Guy Woodwortb Memorial. Vancouver. Wuk.
Rev. I. Lincoln Ellis, pastor. Services 11
and 8 p. m.;S. 8, 10; X. P. 8. C B-, 7.
.- r ' aaeeMSassas i, '.y , " u 1 '?.
' ' -, VulUt BvangalloaL '. ','
First B. BUteenth and Maple Bev. 0. 0.
Poling. Servtcee 11 s. m. and 7:80 p. as.; 8. 8.,
Ockley Green Willamette Blvd. end Gay
Bev. 8. L. Lovell. .pastor. U and 7:80; 8. 8,
10; K. C. C. B., f P.T-. ,vi 7
fit. Johns J. A, Goods, pastor. Preaching
11 and 7:80; 8.'' S.,10; K. t C. B., 6:80. ?
Wichita Bsv. H. H. Karnham. naator.
Preachlug services every first aad third Sun
days ( each month. Sunday school ssoond
and fourth Sundays, t f
, ththeraa. v
V BwedUb Immannel Rev. t. Blchard Olsea,
11 and 8; B. 8.. 0:46. . .
Bt, Paul's Lutheran A. Krsnse, pastor, a.
8.. 8:80; services, 10:80 and 7:80 p. a. Eng
lish classes, 8.80 a. m.
8L Jamea' Engllab West Psrk and Jeffersc
eta. Rev. J. A. Leaa. paator. 8. 8, 10. Luther
league 7. Bervlces 11 and 8.
Eton's .Oermsn (Sllaaoorl Synod) .Q. a. Kop.
pelmann, lo:lS. 7:46; 8. B- 8:1&. -
Bt. Paul's German A. 8. Kraase, . pastor.
Services 10:80 a. m., German; 1UU p. m., Eng
llab. 8. 8. 8:80 a. m. -
United Norwegian Detmar i Larsen, ' pastor.
11 snd 7:80! 8. 8., 8:45.. ' . '
Ellm Chapel Rev. B. J. Thorso. 11; a 8,,
I. - " .
- Swedlah Mission Rev. B, 7. Thorea. 11 aid
8; S. 8.. 10; X. P.. 6:80.
. Trinity German (Missouri Synod) J. A. Rlav
bach. 8:16; 8. 8., 7:80. .
Grace Eogliab tMlaaonrl Pynodl Kerby asd
Fargo, Bsv. O, Luscke, 10:30 and 7:30s 8. 8,
8:80 a. m, .
Bethany Danish M. O. Jensen-Bngholm, pas-'
tor. 8rvicee 11 sad 8. B. 8. 10.
i St. Johns 8, 8., 10; preaching, 11.
: Mission Vincent's ball, corner 43d and Sandy 1
Bishop .William -MeMn. Bell.. '
Bishop William Melvln Bell ha been
secured by the United Ministerial' union
of Portland, WMch Includes th ministry
of th United Evangelical churches,' for
a series of three lectures to bo dellv
ered December 1, 1 and I. He will lec
ture on "Our American Social Emer
gency,' "Socialism and Capitalism'' and
"The Church and Economio Conditions.''
Bishon Bell is probably th most able
man in th United Brethren . church In
th unes of social science ana ha given
deep study to social problem. His
headquarters are at Ban Francisco.
End Smith Series
MathndUt Rnlsnonal Church, at Twelfth
and Taylor streets, will ' finish his
f ml tn series or sermons Tomorrow
morning-with a sermon on "What About
Rtnith jr.T, , The messaee is especially
to parents and to Smith Jr.-'-'t--;y:,--'-:v'
The evening service will b a sacred
concert by the "Southland Jubilee quar-
Thta win ha a. tvnical aontharn
concert, and will consist of -plantation
melodies and Jubilee songs, with a few
special reading. Dr. Toung will speak
briefly on Paul Lawrence Dunbar, noted
negro poet and composer. By request,
tb quartet will render "Steal Away"
and "Old Black Joe," "My Old Kentucky
Home" and "Suwaneo River," and othei
popular southern melodlea f Th morn
ing service la at 10:30 and tho venlng
service at 7:30 o'clock. -
claee of th First Presbyterian church
will discus wealth problem tomorrow
morning in the Blbla study hour. ,
. '?;,-',' ':r
"Th young men of the First Presby
terian church win this evening: perfeot
their atbjetlo organisation and will pull
off their flrt'athletio "stunt." Through
a special arrangement, th das has
obtained th use of th gymnasium be
longing to : the Portland Academy.
Brotherhood of St. Andrew lecture:
At 7:45 p. m., Friday evening- of each
nn,.. ,a aiianlaa of ihft Rrftth
T. MU1K . nt fit Anilraw. Rav. A. A. With
rlson will dellyer a talk to men only.
Dasea on vne jdioio. lot wimni man
dlaousslon thereafter will b . limited
to minutes. All men ar .welcome.
Trinity parish fcou. Nineteenth and
Davis street.
.-VI '.W- ... (J',.;,1;;.! " "
Plans aro being mad for a union
Thankagivln servlo of the Preebyter
lan ahurohe of the city, to b conduct
ed by th men of th church. It is
Intended as. far as possible to make it
a laymen's service and of espeolal inter
est to men. The service win be held at
the First Presbyterian church. .
road, W. F. Luts, pssto Germsa eervice 8 p.
SB -'"' .-...4 ' f ' y ' - .
Immaansl German (BeDweodl H. O. Khellng.
K:80s a s.. M . , ' . ,
BwedUb Anguauna Rev. B. M.- Bandstsdt
10:48 and 7:46s A a, 8:80,
Norwegian k'rea Cnurch B. A. Borrevik, pas
tor. Service 11 and '8 p. ni. 8. 8. 10 a. m.
United Norwegian (Portamouthi H. O.Han.
bMtM. ll .Ml JV.un. a a in
Our Savior's Norwegian B. Grant, corner
B. 10th. Rev.. Geo. Hsadrlksen. B. 8. 10. Nor
wegian services li;
Mission (MonUvllla) Hamilton' chapel, cor
ner K. Gllssn end B. SOtn. W. F. Lots, pastor.
Services 10O6 a, in. Oermas 8. B-- 8:80.
' Holy Beoeemer Rev. Ed. K. aantwan. C.
88. l Low mass, 8; algk mass aad set awe,
10:80; benediction, 4V :
St. Ignstlu Rev. F. Dillon, B. I. Lew mass,
8 and 8:80) Buss,, sermon aad beaedleUo.
10:80. "' "J-vy- .-..', -..CT
St. Joseph's (German) Bt Bsv. James Banw,
V. . Lew ataes, 8; high msss and sermoa,
10:80; vsapers snd benediction, SUM.
St. Francis Rev. J. H. ctiack. Lew mass.
8, and 8; high mass and sermon, 10:80; vespers-,
instruction and benediction, :8a
Bb Lawrence's Rev. J. 0. Hughes, Low
mass, 8, 8 and 8: high mans n sermon,
10:80; feapers and benediction, 1'Mt.
, St. Pauick'e Rev. ki. t. Murphy Lew aassa,
S; high mass and see awn, 10180; vesoet sad
BenedietloB, 8:80. '-. r . v ....
Immaculate iiaart of Mary Rer, W. A.
Daly. Low mass, 4, 8 and 8. High mass end
sermon, io:3o; vsapers and benediction, 7:80.
aaceoalon, Montavllls Rev. J. p. Ji'ltapatrlek.
Mass at 8; high maaa with sermon, 10:80; Sun
day school at It; beurdictloB at 80, , .
St. Marys Pro-Cathedrsl Most Bsv. A.
ChrUUe, It. D. Low maaa, 8, and It; high
mass snd sermon, il veapeta, Instruction sad
benedlcUoa, 7:46. .'..". 'J' -
Holy Rosary Very Bev. H. B. Kelly. Low
mass, 8, 7, vnd 81 high mass end eerme.
11; vespers end benediction, 7:80. .... . 7
stacred Heart, .MUwauaie Rev. ' George , Bo
le. O, a B. Low mass, 8; hlgb mass sad
sermon, 10:8O vsapers end benediction, 7:80..
Holy Oross.vUuivsrslty Psrk Ber. J. p.
Tbiliman, 0. 8. 0. Low mass, 8:80: high mass
and sermon,. 10:30; vespers and beaedlcUon, 1.
St. Stephens Rev, W.- A. Wsitt. Lew mass,
80; high msss and sermon, 10:80. ,
u Andrew's Rev. Thomas Jtlaraaa. Lew
mass, 8; blgh maaa snd sermon. 10 vespers.
Instruction and benediction, 7.80.
St, SUnlslaus (Polish) Bsv. FL Mstnaasvr.
ski. Low uses, 8i high sums sad sermoa.
iostw. ,
, t Friends Chunk. '
Bnnunlde Esat Tklrty-nrta ana Main etrsets.
Homer Cot, pastor. Services li Sna 7:80: g.
8., :4t; C 4:80 prsysr meeUug, Thurs
day, 7.80 p. m. ,
Lents-South Mala St., Bev. John Riley, pas
tor. Preaching 11 a. m.,' 7:80 p. m.; Bible
school, 8 46. ,
West Piedmont Friends Est. T. J. Cbbnm.
Preaching 11 a. an. and 7:i, p. . m. . Bible
school, 10 a. .; a A, 10 0. K., 8:18.
; ;'-,'' " -x -'" '.' ' ; ..... .,...'..-; v- ''.' ...
' Cbriatlsa Bolanoe. '
First Church of Christ Scientist Everett
between ISth snd 10th eta. Services at 11 anil
8 p: m. 8. S JL , Bubjsct, "Mortal and Im-
naortsia,'.'. " r. . , :...'.
Second, Woodmea kaO, B. 6th and Alder
Rimilav aervleea 11 a. m. and a m. m. a a
0:45 snd 11 a. m. Tuple. "Mortal and Immor
tals." -
Third East 12th and Bnlmoo sts. 11 a feu
8. 8. 11; 18:18 sermon, "Mortals and Immor
tals." .
Foertb 849 KUllngsworth sve. 8. 8. Juniors,
11. Bsnlors 12:16. . Berries 11 a. m. and I n. n!
TOplc, "Mortals and Immortals." . ,
tTnivsnallet. t
Church of the Good Tidings, Bros Jway and
B. 24th Rev. J. D, Corby; 8. S. IX Herri..
at 10:46 a. m. Y. P. C. U. 8 D. m.'"Dreama
That Are Worth While."
v..,.- Vnltad rrssbrtarlaa.
1Tnfaa J. a Tola. 7 f1.m lfl'lrt a m ..J
8 p. m, 8. 8. 10 a. - ;.
virst rrnna Ufl w, Flndley. . 10:30 end
Christ in Art
C F.-Berbur. who Is credited with
liavtng one of the largest and best col
lection of pictures and lantern slldee
covering: the lif of Jesus Christ, will
how his view : tomorrow evening at
the Knig;hts of Pythia hall, under the
direction of the Church of th New Jeru
salem, '..:'.. :'.!
The pictures from .which these slldee
were made represen t "'tho 'cbnco'ptwn of
artists who have made a deep study of
the subject, from th earliest i times,
either from descriptions, given by those
who lived during the life of our Lord on
earth, or tradition, and are represented
by rare, specimens found in the Cata
combs,; then commc gradually .down to
th present time.. Being more than 100
In number, they constitute a complete
historical record.'
. Two Sermon Series
Rev. John H. Boyd, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church; Is at- present
preaching a morning series of sermons
on "Th Attitude of the Modern Mind
Toward Religion,'" and an evening series
on "Things Worth While." The 10:80
morning- toplo tomorrow is 'Th Modern
Mind in Relation to the Mysteries of
Life and the Development of a Christian
Agnosticism.". ' Tbe TiSO evening subject
will b 'An Ennobling . Ideal." .. Text:
Luke 1Z:1(: "Take heed, and keep your
selves from all oovetouBneas; for I
man's life consisteth not in th abund
anoe Of the things which h posss
eth." JTesue of Naxareth. '.y..:'-v'f-'
Pastor Daniel, Tool. ,
Pastor .Daniel . Tool, of New Tork
city, who Is now on an evangellstlo tour,
win speak at Women of Woodcraft tem
ple tomorrow at f o'clock on "The Ob
ject of Our Lord's Return."1 This Is on
of a aeries of International Blbl Stu
dents association Blbl -lectures being
given' here, and Is a question concern
ing which ther Is much Interest Tho
speaker is said to be a very able raani
positive in hi convictions and forceful
in his expressions. The purpose of the
International Bible Students ; associa
tion public lectures Is claimed to be
an awakening of Blbl study tin - the
home. A hearty Invitation 1 extended
f ' -
' ' if
I. A .
t O s " 5 ' - ;'
yv--," o' xi
' i t s ' 4
7:80; 8. ' fl, W: O. ., 6:80 p. m. BuWects,
"You Will Find It in Christ" and "Affixing
God's Multiplier to Our Usefulness."
The Church of the Strangers Bsv. S. Esrl
Dubois, 10:80 and 7:80. "The Ouree ef Kegll
gence" and "Bayed by aa Angel's Grip."
. Third W. A. Spalding. D. D pastor.. B. B.
10. Services 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
' Zvaagelleal aasooiatlaaa. " : '
Carson Height. Stocker, pastor," " 11:88
Bsd 7; 8. B, M:80..
First BocUab East Sixth and Market a treats.
Bev, EL C. Hornscburh, pastor. B. 8., 10 a. m.
a. r. a. p. m. Bervtees u an a p. ss.
' First German Bvingellcal BU , Bchukaecht,
Da, tor. ....'-!'."....; ......''..,
Msmorlsl Oslvin a Bergstrsseer, paste, ,
a, io, ll ana s. a. r. ., 4,
S'-' ' v :X'yyy, 'y SafMmed.' ' I 0
First German G. Bstner, paator. Servlee
10:46 and, 8; 8. B.. 0:80; Y. V. S, 7.
- Second A. B. Wyss. OolumbU blvd. aad 884
st 11 ana b; s. m. : a. m.; x. p. Sn T,
Organ recital at 2. '
Third Rev. H.-Bcheldknecht, pastor. 8. 8
10 a., as. wrviees : Jl a. bs. sna p. m. .
.yy'jk 'y .' ?k yy::mmm y-y: yye.
' BevsntB Bay Advemlst. -
Note 1 Regular service of this deuomlnstloa
Central Milton A. Bt John, pastor. Berv
tees: Bsbbath sen 001, iv a. m.1 preacatng, n.
Sunday T:.
. Llonnt 'lubrr-. atsv. O. J. Cummlnss. nastne.
Service; Sabbath) school, a p. m.; preaching,
1 s. m.- -.'.).'" ; f
lanta .t). J. Xhitwood. elder. ' Bervlces: Bsb
bath school 10 a, m.; preaching 11; aranqay 7:46.
Alblpa (German) Henry Block, elder. G. F.
Ruach,-- local elder. Services: .Babbath acbooL
10 a. n-; preaching, 11:80 a. m. .
Bt. Johns Elder H. D. HurlbarC Sabbath
school, 10: presening 11.
) Montavllla J. F. Beatty, elder. ; Sababth
School lO a. m. preaching 11 a, m.
Hoandlnavlan church-Elder O. H. Sandnes.
psator. Services: B. 8. 10; preaching 11 . m,
(Saturday); Buna ay service. i;tw p. m.
.,', ' ffai tartan. v . '
4 LDnrcn o, uur m aboduiu
Rev. T. 1" Eliot, P. V.. pastor, minister
emeritus, Bev. W. G. Eliot Jr., mluiater. titer.
. . . . V.IK M M bii..a 1
ices aa - a., ih. ..w r. nwhwk .vuwi,
8:46 a. m. X. P. M. 8 -30.-Homing, "Bleaaed
Are the Poor In Spirit." Evening ,,lThe Mini
mum Wage Problem" by Arthur Brans Wood.
"' Latter Say Saints.
j. . . , -Kcl., m t.llu a....
(Mormon) i B. XnU at 8. S, 10; preaching,
ll.d and 7. . ' '
Montavllla mos mormon; . a, :4a, gar,
less U andj.80. . . -
' ' " Free Methodist.-'
First Ctarch, eorner East Ninth end Mill
Rev. W. J. Johnston, pastor. Sunday ssrvlcas
11 e.' bs. snd itiM pm. v ' .
Central Church Rev. W. H. Boddy. B, B.
10; ssrvless 11 aad 7:80. t. P. M., 640, . .
8U Johns-11 and 7.80. ,
' Bervieee for tie Bsaf. f ..1.
' United Presbyterian Bev. , 8. Blarl Dubois,
10.80 and 8; U H. 1. 1
yy.' ' ' - ' '"V'i .'..y &y
..(:,, oharok of ths Saw Jsraaalsm,
' Church of the ew Jeruaalem Charles A.
Nuaabsum, pastor. K. P. hall. Services 11 and
8. Evening, , lecture, "Origin of the Art
Christ." 1
s Advent Christlaa (Hot Bevsnth Say.') ..
1 ' AM . V.-l.,Mn I . . T . Bml.t.
. lU'CUl VUM.U.. v. m. wwiiu, , lUTi
Services t Sunday school . 10 s. tu. Prsaching,
11 a. na. and 7:30 p. m. Loyal Workes, 8 :U0
p. m: Prsysr meeting, 7:46 Thurada,
''i"''''t4',i1:'.i'!'"1ttaaaaaa. ' -v "
first Church of ths Nsaarene Rev. C." How.
ard Davis, paator. 8. S.. 8:46; servicse 11
snd 8; street meaiios, . r.. ,;ou. -
kllnwul' rhiiili nr tha Kamraha S a ' IS
. m.s preaching 11 a m. and 8 p. m.
isrsntwooa murva u, n nazarvna itsv.
Aaron VVella. 8. 8., 10; services 11 sod 8; X.
v A; .)'. v," j.' . ' "$.. . '" 'i"' 'J '
Clubs .and..Classesi From AH'
Parts of StatAr Expected '
to Attend, , 4"
JWlWCLlVm UVUt UWBJ Utuup flftiiu
day school classes from all parts of Or
egon will meet at Dallas Friday, Sat
urday and Sunday, November 28 to SO,
In their annual confereneo held under
the auspice of th Toung Men Chris
tian Association A large number nf
boys are expected to attend this gath
ering, Including about 25 from the Port
land T. M. c a,-,v.v yy.y:- ::
Most of the discussion at the con
ference wlU be carried on by the boys
themsevela. Leader of the different
club will present the problems of
their work and open dleousslon of th
question will follow. J. W. Falmei',
boy' secretary of the Portland associa
tion, will preside at most of . the see-
slons. Among th men who will speak
ar I. B. Rhodes, Dr. Norman F. Colo
man and C A, Phipps, of Portland, and
Rev. C. C Cur tie, of Dallaa. .
The delegate wUl arrive in Dallas
Wtaw fUMIAAII mviA will ka tti. m.l f
or tn citisens or tnat piece auring tne
conference.' Th railroads have . an
nounced reduced rate for th confer
ence, ,
Following Is th program: yy.v
- rrlday Aftemooa. ".
-' 1:00 Reoeptlon of delegates, regis
tration, sightseeing, assignment of del
egates tc-A homes. 6:00 Opening ses
sion, song service, J. W. Palmer, leader;
organisation, address of welcome, re
sponse, Horace Foulkeav Poruana
' rriday evening. , -
T:t0 Song eerrloe. v J. W. t Palmer.
leader; ' address, v "ChrlsUlk Man."
Frank Moran, Seattle; conference, "Th
Four Square Man," J. w. raimer, pre
siding, I, Physical Development, Ken-
i.l. thii4l.n 9 ILTttntal pIVa1ll1a
McMlnnvllle; t, Need of Wholesome Bo-j
oial Life. Olin NebergalL Albany; 4, De-1
veioping tn spiritual nature, joe sun
ton, Salem."' .-- 'f;j
. . satuoay Koxung'. Vw.'.;t-
f :00 Song service, J. W. Palmer,
leader; quiet blur, Lawrence. Todnem,
leader. 8:80 Business session. -10:00
(znnferanna. Rlbla atudv. I. . Rhode.
presiding: L value of Bible Btudy. Teoy
xnomas, oresi urove; a, now 10 otuay
th Blbl. Virgil BaUentyne. Dallas; 3,
How .to Organta a Club for . Blbl
, Saturday AfUrnoon v. .
1:$0 Song service, J. W, Palmer,
leader; quiet hour, Lawrence Todnem,
leader.' 3:00 Conference, Th - High
School Problem," Frank Moran, SeatUe,
School ' Fellow, Wendell Bartholomew,
M . , flk - TTl.t. Cl.Vul , Wllaa
n.ii sr sen sex a. 1 i nasi'- niau ncnuui n ciiuw s -
Influence) with HI Companions, Cor- -
vallls; t, Th High School Organise-
Uon; Of What Should It Consist? New-
berg. ' , , . . -i,'
' Saturday Erenlnr.
8:00 Banquet, E. Kinney Miller,
. . - a c j v .1 r ,
Palmer, leader; 1 address, - From Youfli
Into Manhood," C, A Phipps, Portland.
Sunday Morning. , .
:00 Song service, J. , W. Palmer.
leaden quiet hour, Lawrence Todnem, :
leader. . :45 Delegate at i Sunday
cnooi. iitoo -delegate t church
ervice. . - . .... -,f - ..
Sunday Afternoon. . -.
' 3:00 Mass Mooting . for Boys' ad-';
norman jr. uoieman, Ka college. T:3J
Addre. " 8 :S0 -Farewell meeting.
tev, u, f varu, uaiias.
to an to attend this lecture. All seat
ar iree. .. ; .: . ..,-y. ;,; v"'-:
P, fl 71 prayer msstlng, Wedassdsy, 6 sa.i
Xeung People's meeUug I'M, .
.'''''. Jaarlaa. " '' ' 'J"'.'y'yy
. Coogregstlon Beth Israst lath sad Mala sts.,
Reform ritual Friday nlaht at a Ratuni.a nT!
lug at 10:80. . Religious school at :HO Sunday '
moralng. Ksbbi Jouah B. Wise eondaste silt
wina aiwa Dull cjssses. . i. ' v.-:..,',
y i .'. :- ' BHsesHsneea '
Waa, T.m.1. rrv . '
s. J. Green, paator. Services at 8 P. an.
"The Cause sad Cure of DaaaDraav i
' Babsl meetihg, 813 Bllers bulUilug. 8 . .
Divine Truth Ceuter-BeV. j7l2 allBs!,
pastor. Bervlces U e. f. . . tT "" !
- 8alvstioo Army Corps No. 4V 107 Satmaa :
street AdjU and Mrs. BaJdwia la eXsrae!
Sunday services et 8:16 and 8. j
BwsdUk Corps SalvaUo Army 430 Bern.!
aide. 11. 4:80 and 8. , . Bmf 5
; Bslvstloa Army orps N.'i.dT Berth Bee-M
BPSiea 8iUw-ae smwj BUU JBUVe Tt "IT Mr ! Uaafusajrea 1
Bunday aarvlcea at 8:18 sad B.
, Charch of ths ' Bratnraa (Ooakarda) Bev.
George A Carl, U and 7:80; 8. a, 10; 01 W :
ChrUtUn : Ioga-- 811 Oentral kaUdlng. 10th
end Alder sts. Silence meeting 11. n. mT !
Addrsss by Frank O. Garrison en "How Prayers 1
Are Answered." (,;., (,,..-.. y
Congregatio Ahaval Bholeta Servtcee' at 8:88 '
aaa a . .. ; . . . ,. . j
Volunteers et America Missies HaQ 88T
Ankany street, near 8d 8:80 and 8:1. "
EvangeUcai Free Church Scandinavian)-. 1
678 Union avenue. Service 11:48 and 7)48 a m.
J, J. Psterson. psstor. .,....v.;',T,4
m The Church of e-Bv. . Hsal, paator.
mm, a .v . wwu.u,, a.ov, OiSOZ S. Sk
t0 testimony and praise meetisg al 7.-
Charch of Christ Lents. Prsaching ll and 1
fiSO . Bible slaae 10 s. m. . . . ,
Vernon Church of Christ Sermon by MT, Wei. '
gle. 0. W. B. M. in charge of evening services.'
Lsnts Uhurch John lUley. Preaching at'
11 and 7:46i 8. 8., loi 0. 6:4a '
Plagab Mission, Leuts Full gospel Bunday.
10:8os. m. and 8:80 p. m. Tuesday and Friday
evenings at 7:80. - ' . .
X. M. U. A. Slath tad Taylor. B. B. a.
kins, religious director. . Men' meeting si a-
X. W e Broadway aad Tylor.' taper
service 4:80.'-.,',y"j'..-:'.'":V
. The Irvlngton Center of Truth 718 Thompson
St., corner B. 81st, Bervloee 1L "Ths Two
Ths Christian end Mlsalonary Alllancs, comer
Bast Bib and Clay sts, Bev. J. Jfc Fse, psstor.
11 a. m. and 7;80 m. 9-4 m, m.-'
'Commons mlealon. 22 N. Front st h." k,"
Hortbrup and J. S. Montgomery, Supts. 8 p. to..
Tha Holritusl Church ef ths Soul will hnU
services. at the auditorium, 8d at,, near Taylor
st, st 11 a. m.f 8 p. m. and I p,,,m, j. .
Lucas, psstor..". 'v yy
The Unlveraal CbuKh of the Soul (May Lay
ton Stevens, pastor) and Union Spiritual Ly
ceum U1U ball, 270 jttssell st Bervlces 2.
4 snd S p. m.' y - m , ; v-..
. First Bpintuaust unurcn aui AJiaky tjldg'
8d end Morriaoa sts. 8 p. m., conference, rues,
ssges; 6 p. m circle. Pastor; 8 p. m., lectors,
mensages, Mrs, Althea V. Wlesendanger, psator.'
Llndenhurst B. 00th snd Gllaan, 8. 8. lo;
sermon, Ul Xoung People's Society, 7; sermou,
7:46. .'.".""' '. .-i- :- ' :..... . -
' Solrltual Science lllaslon Harrison near 8d.
Mrs. Perls Bell Boedow. 8 p. m. '' , . . -
international sinie Btudents, '
Odd fellows' hall, E. 6th snd Alder Beresn
Bible lesson, "Present Inheritance of ths New
Creation." Prelae service 2.' ..y
Women or tvooacrart nan, 10th and Taylor
sts., 8 p. a. "Tho Object of Our Lord's Re
turn," oy rssior ooie, ,
BeUwood. Wsll'S ball. K. 18th snd razing-
ton, 7:46 p, m. "The Antichrist," by WmyA.
Buker. . . .
St. Johns, oi East. Richmond st, 7:40 p. m.
'.TIM' Plan of-the A$m.'- ; i
; The congregation of th RoJney Ave
nue Christian church lie extended a
call to O. P. Burrlt to take the castor- !
ate of the church. II has filled the!
pulpit on several occasions. '
k. ...... . ....v . ... ..... : ..,,.,..v..r0w.v( ,.