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li. l:
State Calls Detective tevmgs
to Stand as One of Its" Final
tnesses. . r
11 iStiertt in The Journal.)
St. Helens, Or.. Nov. ) 4. A confusion
in dntes ifgaln arose in the Pender rll
. today. It, has been contended by the
otate both at the former trial and at
the present one, that the trnna of John jl
H. Itiley In which was deposited the re
olver thst 4b supposed to have been
imed In the murder of Mrs;' "Wehrman
and -child, .vu reported to iae'ben.
forcibly opened prior to ' September JO, ;
on which date It was reported by Riley,
to Deputy Sheriff Grant At the former;
trial Riley testified that he reported thej
matter September 10. but in Ms evidence ,,
Kivwn in the present trial, be-said thatj;
it was diht-ovetea BcptemDer wecsj
- later, t . , ,
contlniitncr hi testhnosy' begun 'yes
terday; Detective Levlngs Bald that he
could not recall the Sate of his conver
sation wltV Kile? nd llassos .at their
.cabin. He had not fixed the date In
his mind, as lie did not consider Uhat
pertinent to the Investigation being, then
c arried ; on. Ills Impression, he said,
wan thht tha trunk was examined: Sep
tember 17.' but that ater Information of
documentary nature indicated mat tne
date might have been September 19 in
stead. From this uncertainty about the
date the defense tried to produce, the
impression that Riley had told the truth
when he said that ha did not.4lscover
It until Beptembwyi.'ri '"''
Levlngs further, testified that in hit
examination of the defendant Penderln
the office of former Sheriff Stevens- of
Portland, after the arrest, the defendant
claimed that it ws Price that trave him
his mail at Seappoose September 4. ' In
reference to package of cloth depos
ited in tli community mail box by Mrs,
Bates the (Saturday before Liaborday,
the defendant told him that he. did not
sc:e her - put -It in the box. but' had
heard her say ; she had a package for
Mra, Wehrman. ;,,-C Hi- i. '. ,l'.,iu.:'
. ;. v,,., i' o Duplicate iey. ;' Vr ':
-. The defendant had also. dnled itiat
during the time he had the key to th
Riley and Hasson cabin, he bad made a
duplicate of It. Touching on the-broken
claw - hammer -Introduced : In, evidence,
Levlngs said that he saw the .hammer
on his first visit to the Rtiey and Hasson
cabin. v- Three or four weeks later when
he and" Sheriff Thompson Visited the
cabin In pursuance of ' their Investiga
tion of the wmrder they asked Riley ad
Hason to get them the hammer. :"
They insisted' they had no such ha ml
nier, and finally Riley said Mr. Pender
had a hammer-of that description. Ley
ings said that Riley went over to the
Snitser cabin and got the hammer.; Oti
cross-examination. Levlngs defied that
Pender had seen Wm at his office In
Portland September J 3. between the
time of the . WeUrman murder and Una
arrest of Pender and that he, had ad
vised the defendant to flee the country
and Offered Jiim money on which, logo.
Me said that he understood that Pen
der, who -waa""being: shadowed . by. -the
iluHnomah county sheriff, was brought
to ,the. buijdipg but. b
did not enter his (Levlngs') office while
he was there. . . ''.''.
;Th teatiTnoBy fr tfre-'-state; . will
probably be -cortc'luded today. "rJ
J., Sj.- Si-organ,' a' section foreman :,-on
the Chapman logging railroad, was In
troduced as- a -witness, 'yesterday- after
noon. He failed to substantiate his
Ktory fold Special . Prosecutor Tongue
.before, he went on the stand.' When
pinned down at one point he manifested
a disposition to refuse to answer one
of 'Mr. Tongue's question, res' or no, and
l.e was- threatened with- commitment to
jail, by Judge' Eakln. 't ? , --,,' I
.';::'J"C: vS"X?lagf :CaUedV..;::&4!I::
Just before the afternoon session
Miosod the state Indicated that its case
wa s drawing , to a close, by calling to
the stand L. L. Levlngs, superintendent
of tl.c Western Detective bureau of
Portland, who marshalled' the evidence
for the state. Mr. Levings first quail
Ue,l na an expert in firearms and ex
plained" to the. Jury the' markings on
the bullets found In the Wehrman cabin, traced to the revolver, found
in Rlleys trunk, with which It Is
, laimtd. that Mrs. Wehrman and child
were, killed, and which, according to
1 he , theory of the state's . case, wag
taken from the trunk by the defendant.
' living then began after he inquest
i n Mrs, Wehrman,' when he "tame Into
i he. case, and related' the arrest of the
. defendant at Independence and the ex-
. Hiniiiatioit of htm in the office of former
Sheriff Stevens' of -Multnomsli county
in which, at the suggestion of the of-
ii-ers, ne piayea ne roie or inquisnurr
takins Pender over his movements Just
. -preceding and following the murder. .
- Jie- denied that, there Were any third
degree, method employed and said that
l ender was told that the charge against
lilm was a grave one end that If he
urcfl to Bay n thing It would be used
MSufiiKt:. him."- Pender, he said," talked
n illingly.- lie told Pender that he had
found that he had told many things not
true. r, -J
In the main Miv. Levlngs' story was
t'orroborative of what has been already
told fay othor witnesses. .In explaining
tils movements the night of Labor dav,
when the murder, 1 was supposed to have
been 'committed, 'he said that 'the de
jctniano 'statements were somewhat1
ontrndlctory antl unsattsfa'tory In re
lation to the milking of hi cow and
burning-' a light, i
At -!ii time of his visit to the Wchr
linn tbln with Mr. 'Wehrman the de
j. ndant first said that he' did not ga
iii iiic 4uin, i inai.lime. JDUtj alter.
uvards Admitted that he did according
t o M r,4uevig',;ietimonyrvi.u.firt.J. ,
' : ' (Continued: Fr!t'
ia affairs f city, state -and,, nation,
i c sdmitttd, J" - "v'
."J licy were Intent" on building ' np
ihcli' own personal bushfe'eg." f ;
Oertdln large instltuttons ri a pro
t.' of fai)ld industrial fle'velopmert
nfd lnflia-nce and power doubtless in
wrotiij By to .accomplish certain nJg
itnd t.i rough the questionable actions of
oniy a few large commercial interests
;iduHlly the whole, tine-of business
J)1 imdar suspicion t and, business in,
'j i fhlx were gettei-ally asnaijed. - , y-:
'i.'-'aigongg'.karW- TeW
' "Tin real facts, I believe, are that
inure than 99 per cent, of the . business.
inni-or vnia country are absolutely hoa.
i t rind patriotic and anxious to have
. Uohs so adusted as to, administer
ri ihe best possible way to the com
'"i t. liHppines pd,"prosiueiity ;f .the
: It drror hiid lnt.ii coimni (led through
lr vonrinlng theiu.selM's to theli
i i iMii-K, uni keeping out of touch
Edward F.JTrefz; Field-Secretary
with general affairs, they1 desire to cor.
rect that, error through the national and
local Chambers: of Commerce." j ,
Mr. Trefs here made ? his assertion
that It profits business men to be in
terested in community welfare. He
Used as Illustration Portland's greatest
need harbtol; development; r ''hf
' "The instructive work ' the 'Chamber
or commerce rou,a9, -- saiu ne is ju
the physical develoinent of . the city
,;"The harbor is , Portland's greatest
problem a 'problem that can speedily
be Solved it all the business men. stand
together. ; The bar can be removed from
the' mouth of . the. Columbia; . Lloyd's
won't, need to continue Increasing In
surance premium ' Onf vessels that en
ter the rl verr the largest rshlps ; may
dock here; waterway transportation can
ho rtpvoloried Thus the location of fac
tories here cin bo made easier than if
dependence Is placed entirely ? on rail
road transportation. jsvery gooa in
dustrial, city has water as well as rail
road transportation.,- - '
- . Obataelsi atay Be Overcome.
""The - harbor -problem Is not so dif
ficult. : pensacola organised and raised
a big fund for harbor development en
listing' other cities, on the gulf by prom
ising to aid them in thelr enterprise.
"The cities that have the greatest ob
stacles, to overcome get ahead, Norfolk,
Va.i has the; finest harbor. ij tha.worlfi
-Hampton Roads but'ilacking-' some
thing "to- overcome, hasnot progtes(sed.
Nw, York had to spend '4200.00d.000 hd,
blow' but Hell Oate to Gerelop a- harbor.
Chicago was built against jeers by de
termined, men; so ; waa : Los-, Angeles,
which had no natural, ad vantages and
has been made by men ,ne .of ; the
: nation's- great cities., : c v i , , ;
"Tf the business men' of Portland eVer
really; get together get:thfelroats off
get dawn to a shirt sleeve basis the
problem cf harbor development will not
be formldable.''';-t'i-'''SJ-'v5.i :ii
, Tref told , other duties ef the local
chamber'! of tsommerce -getting,: better
traffic tates, extending InducemenU for
the locating of factories, yet having a
plan of . building that will prevent
destruction of city beauty, lie believes
in' the zone system, which": lsy recom
mended in the' Greater Portland plan of
Edward - H.1 Bennet. that will , give , in
dustries their place In a uniform plan. V
For years the business men of Chi
cago have gone nee. ach month to
every school talking to them In a way
to inspire patriotism, love and pride of
"High school students of 10 years ago
that I addressed : then " in Wendell
Phillips, high school are among Chi
cago's effective business men today and
they tell me they the'IesHons-of
rivte pride and usefulness learned
then, said Trefs."- i , -'
- - ghonld Take Znferest in Schools. .
'The Chamber of Commerce the busi
ness men should be interested In the
school. They are the city' determin
ing asset of future citizenship. - They'
can't be left to - women's clubs and
churches ' ' ' '
"People should be "given a chance to
plav. and the Chamber of Commerce
should be most active in helping' de
velop the. city's recreational, life.
' "What business men ' are doing - and
should, do: through Iocs! chambers . of
commerce, ! the National Chamber ' of
Commerce s doing, in a broader .wayf or
the nation.
"We - emphasise-the- expanding of, for
eign markets and the building of a mer
chant marlne-thesa are of supreme lm.
portance to evewy -man, woman and
child of the Pacific coast and the rea
son the work of the national chamber
of commerce in this connection la imr
portant is that it gets back of the move',
nient of the commercial clubs, cliani
hers of commerce and boards of trade of
inland towns on the theory that we are
overexpanded so far as manufacturing
is concerned, We have ot to have, for
elgn markets td consume surplus, pro
ductiuh t and the Inland ' hostility : to a
merchant, marine nas beerC changed by
this -new' viewpoint." -:- :- n " ,
V Mr. Trefs ' described "other "wortt bf,
the national Chamber the promotion of
efflften currency arid :banking4fglsla
tlon, the advocating of a permanent tar.
iff commission, ; the tfonstructlorf of
Plans - foriafflclent ..local chambers, of
commerce. ' .
He told pointedly-what la expected of
Portland. The 'national chamber of
com me ru la made. up of 5000 members.
Hew York gladly would have taken the
MOO- memberships at. $25 each, but this
was not permitted. : Of Uhe 6000, 609
. were assigned to the Pacific coast ISO
to Seattle, 80 4j -Taeomai" 100' to Port
land, 'SdO to San Francisco;' 100 to Loi
Angeles.'.-" t; 4 .fy, -; t
: Members are given' the entire jervlce
of the ' national ' 'chamber's ' in formation
along any desired commercial lines a
service so efficient' that the San Fran
otsco Chamber of Commerce . has no
longer found- it necessary to keep a
special -' -representative for these pur
Ppea at Wawhlngton. (Portland t)UKineia
men and firm have been Invited to bc
eome j members and - will be asked but
once, said Trefis. s '
"The "Katlonal ChHinher of foiiimeri t
niunt have muney to do the woik it U
National Chamber of Comlrercev
obliged to accomplish, and- must have
the support of a large number of repre
sentative business men who can.; give
personal counsel and advice, i We- com
bine these two needa in the individual
or - sustaining memberships of the na
tlonal chamber. If any city falls to make
the memberships allotted to it, they are,,
of course given elsewhere., ': i i i A V
The following- business men of Port
land have' already accepted .membership
In the National Chamber of Commerce;
:W Ladd, A;: Li Mills;: H,-1': Cor
bett,58. M. Meara, Franklin T: Griffith,
Gur W. i Talbot, Cj B. . Jackson, W--O.
MtPKersort; Rjnmett Ames, ;W. Ft Bur
rell, - C, C. Chapman, W.B, Mackay,
Nathan ' Strauss, Horace 15. ; Ramsdell,
Joseph NTn 1 'feu', . C, F. lAdams, A. H.
Uevers, XL A. Lewis, T.. B. Wilcox, Julius
U Meier. W. P. Wheel wrl ght, E. B.
taper, orge? Wv'KIetsec Ornery Olrn-.
stead. Jt B. Veon. E. G. Crawford. W.
Mulkey, . J. Cj, Alna worth. , , . .
y t i hi'' nVaV'ai -;-.''
Officers who Will govern the Oregon
chapter of the . American ; Institute of
Architects ; for the cbmirigiyear were
chosem at a recent meeting of the or
ganhjatlow: '"Tlij'fnw? bf ttetttt mre:
Morris H. Whltehouse,; president; Albert
a. Doyle;, vice jiresldentf , TBlIis IP.- Xrfw-
.repce, eeretar;':Folger-ohn80n( ;,treas-
urwr luae-ar m.i iasarus .ana TanK jup
gart, trustees., J ' . ':" :',, '
.'iliToesebAirmen . of. the following committees-
have been appointed by the
president as follows:: Folger Johnson,
municipal : plans and .affairs committee;
Prank Logan, of the committee; 'Andrew
Foullhoux, . program "fcfld entertainment
committee;. A. ; B.:-Doyle': professional
practice committee iJWiiliam G. Holford,
educational' architectural' league; D. .L.
Williams, legislative committee; F. A.
Naramore, membership cojnmittee; Ches
ter Hogue., committee on: quantity , sur
vey I H,!;Aj Wtjltney, building laws pom-
mitteei t&m ,g Lawrence .publicity
commltt6e;w'Uvj!-'Tt'?fe'y:'' i'?
I.;N:Lewlarjirtd ,,,ElHs.-s-F. Lawrence
hava beehv.kpppinted " delegates to. the
nattonal cpnyjintion of the tnstituta to
be held, ia New Orleans. on. leoember 2,
5 and .' iArt-f'.?'-'i-;--ji
. JL , .
Mctorshave' been Installed on sev
eral cars nf the Portland Railway, Xigivt
6 Power cbmpanyto discover how much
current -it requires to operate a car a
given distance. -Tlie few already - in
stalled are merely sample laefers.'and it
Is poseibJe that , "Other- -cars will' be
equipped! ,1f the tests are satisfactory.
Trctlon-officials say thlri'is.ot a case
of checking up on careless motormen,
but merely a test of Jthe practicability
of the attachment.- I ..v.,. .
Tied Salaman. a farmer near Corbett,
Or., believes that the county owes bim
the., sum of 'Jl.' Several days aeo he
-was hauling' a load of potatoes ( to
Kooster ; RocK.f when he found ,a tree
blocking-the road. He secured a cross,
cut saw and, an ax and went to work
to clear r the road, which he finally did
In an hour and a half. He asks that he
be repaid for this vvoik. . ,
Be Sure and Try a Bottle of
Goldeii ; State
V' - y ExtraDry ; ' -v
.California Champagne'
K :
u'c!ent by Seeing Members
Separately to -Save Time. .
t rUolted frM Leawd Wtre.
' Washington, 4 Nov., 11. President
Wilson shattered another precedent to
day.-' Ho had business, to transact with
various members of his cabinet, but In-
steaa or caning a meeting ne ; Talked
with them Individually.
-v It was aald he thought he could expe
dite business thus. . And he did. Offl
claldoin whispered that the . president
dislikes meetinga, because when, he Is
discussing with an Individual cabinet
member mattera concferiijng the affa'rs
of his particular deimrtmont others oc
casionally break in, causing delay,: '
His most Important conference, of the
day .was with Wecretary of War Garrison
concerning Panama, Porto Rico and the
Philippines. Garrison was- understood
to. favor, modified self government, for
them, similar to the, kind England's col
onies. Hoy. .y:-." ' ,r ,
.' Secretary of . the '.Vkvy' Daniels ex
plained his desire to. shave the. depart
ment's land expenses,, that he may have
mora, money to spend- on its-equipment
afloat. He urged at least two more bat
tleships next year. - ' V
, Postmaster -General JBurleaon, Telated
what measures had been taken tff enable
the -parcel post ' to handle Its holiday
business effectively; and said it would
be a critical test. - -
Secretary of Commerce Red field dis
cussed a proposed investigation into- the
cost of living.
The. president and Secretary of State
Bryan conferred concerning Mexico, but
they are in such constant toucn concern
ing developments there that there was
small occasion ior a special conversa
tlon in regard to taenia and it did not
last long, i 1 . ' " - k
:A"V . .iiiii .....-:::--
To secure the custody o,f bis M-W&r-
old ' daughter, Eliisabeth W; Orlggs, .a
petition for a a writ Of habeas corpus
wa filed yesterday afternoon .by Rev,
Archie. Griggs, a Presbyterian minister
of Quinoy. Wash., ;inr the circuit .court,
slleaed that Dr. James Wiley,- uncle
of the girl.. And, Mrs, KUaabeth .Wiley,
..nffrtthcr refunit to allow his
daughter to return to his home and; nave
.kept her .from him for the past IS days
at their home, $M Fourteenth street.
- Circuit Judge pieeton oroerea - mat
u... wiw an Dr, i Wiley appear in
court November 22 td show eausp why
.the Child should not oa auowea, io go i
her father. :T'''' l-r'J,
r Dr, Wiley said that the girl refused
to go to Mr. Griggs': home and, that, he
tol4 the' father, that legal teps, would
, w ncwo J .
and his mother ,w0uld not force, her to
go to her tamer, air. unggs was re
cently remarried and the girt visited
his homereturning to Ir. Wiley's home
two j week a.go-1 &h,hs,MvH all.hej!
Hie, wiia, fr jtyuey ana ws fuwovB.-i
V- : ; 'i (Salem Bureao of The Jmirnal.l , .-
j3alem, Or., Nov. 14.- This is the litst
day for filing expense statements for
funds .expended in connection with 'the
recent referendum election. Four. states
ments.were filed today. Glenn X, Wells
of Heppner,s secretary-treasurer- of thet
Dei ter law eiiiorcement itmsue,. n.tu a
statement showing the expenditure of
1138.47 in support of the county attor
ney bill. K. H. Koehler of Portland,
treasureriof , the committee which cam
paigned. f or the .Workmen's: Compen
sation act. ; f lied ' a : statement ""showing
expenditures pf I8S2.67. John C. Veatch.
assistant , secretary or ine uregon citi
gens Educational league, filed -a etato
mepfc for 1S49.2C expended in behalf
Of. the state university appropriations,
and Eugene. Brookins; president of the
same league filed a Statement showing
the; expenditure Of $882.29. fri' -, ' -
r&W'J.'&y'. .' ' ' v
vigalem. Or., 'Nov, ,14. About-.the haS
piest orientate Ju this state ia Lena
VVertn, the Chinese who was 'sentenced
to bang, today but who was reprieved
yesterday by Oovernor West. , Lem
Woon was told repeatedly ,by other
prisoners-.--that he was not going to
nan g; following the governor's decision
to .give him life imprisonment but Letn
thought he was being Joshed. -.i He con
tinued saying that he was "heap flaid"
all the time until Deputy Warden Bnod
grass : finally - convinced him that' the
hanging would not come off. --
.When the deptrty warden assured Lem
that he , would not hang, the prisoner
yelled at the-top of his voice " "I heap
glad shakes hand, shakee handU'v-
' Flies by-Nlglit. V.T' .
' New York,- Nov. 14. -Ascending 2500
feet In her aeroplane and remaining
aloft from 11 to 11:80 y. tn.t Miss Ruth
Law set a record as the first woman to
make a night voyajp in an air, cx-aft.'
TVI ADE at Asti, Sonom County, by,
Charles Jadeau, a famous cham
" pagne expert from particular varieties of
grapes, carefully picked, crushed and nat
' urally fermented in the bottle, according'
' - to the French process' ; V "
- For' Sale Everywhere
Italian Svics Cplcny
' ' ' ' Astl, California '
Write, for imc. Deiutirully UhiMtrsIrd Bi(ikl't '
San. Francisco Fair .Visitors to
"Get Glimpse of State's '
';;yi8itors:('Orcbn;.'who.C9nip up from
San Francisco du ring t li J 9 1 6 : exposi
tion .fpVH . have a vham to , stop "oft at
Ashland and see aiioUter exposition not
international but purely Oregon Ian, de
signed to convince the hoinexeeker that
what he saw in the 'agricultural building
at the pate City was no -fako,
Tills was the mesjtage.TotnjRiohard
son brought back from his trip in south
ern Orejron 'today, after Visiting many
cities and talkh.g tq many audiences on
tlie necessity tor. educating eastern Us Vr
elein that there iire other places in the
state besides .Portland, ..
V. Plane . for this auxiliary expos! tioa worked out 4n later- development
mBtmRs. i The. Idea n; according to Mr,
Richardson,-tc allow ;th vinitor-a real
gjmpc at , Orjgon'a . products in tho
midst, of Oregon's scenery: Just as ho
conies over the mountains from Califor
nia Into, the Rojjbe River country." ,
Wb bad a big development meeting at
Grants paas NoVehilier '6. and there will
be another big-one-at Roseburg Dccem-
Famou3 Operatic ;;
Tenor Sines at ': .
- - ;, . the -Majestic
... , Mr. J. 7redartok Stone, .
a distinguished operatic: tenor, is now
singing ( at the Majestio theatre. Mr.
Stone has a wonderf ul 'snver tenor voice
and 1 being received by. the lovers, of
high, class music with, much apprecia
tion. His extensive career In light opera
places hint far above the averagg vo-l
callst.-r-Adv. -, . , ."ry.
V- West
, : -f'.:::;..r-x . !
, :-::.:.--,.V.-. : ':. - .. . ::. :.
Two Special Matinee
v Tomorrow. at 10 A.' M. and 11 :30 A,M., v
Any Seat in the House lO; Cents
In order ;to enable'e'very schoolboy and girl in Portland to J
see ,Georg. Klein's historical iivastefpiee -
'Tlie Last Days of Pompeii;
, . ' 1 In-Six Big Reels." , ' ' - "."'
The educational" importance" of this photo-ply. cai. not be
, over-estimated. It should be seen by every school child''
' ' t , in th? city. . . ,' - . -
KKMhMBbR The special price, of 10 cents applies only
to the two special matinees tomorrow-morning at 10
V 01.U .WW V VJVA.ftf . ) . . .. 1 .
( - , COMING Beginning Next Sunday
HENRY E. DIXEYi in "Chelsea 7750."
V . "AT
Hotel Multnomak
, . .Headquarters or Commercial Travelers and Tourists
4. - V . i t . r , , l ,
,'. Vyy best Sample-rooms, 'Very best Cuisuie, Very fcest
Service in the City of Portland.,'
, - Table reservations are nnv teing jnade , ., :
' .Table d'Hote Dinner. $1.50, xviiliXVliite or Red Wipe v
, -, , tv, ,. engage
' . ' - New .Program November 10th V , ;
' ; ALLISON AND TRUfcfcb- i".
- .In their celebrated Staircase Waltz, Whirlwind Texas
, Tommy and Tango dances, 1 ' '
( ,a ' , ' The Wonderful Tenor ' . ,
. . ' LAURA' JANIS, Soprano" '
' MAR1ET1IERESA, ".,, T .
' , v Spanish Dancer" "' " r
During Lunch, Dinner and after the Theatres; also Sunday"
i; : iv v; --.uuring dinner, ana
her . Twenty delfgales, 10 of thein
women, iidcinl from Grunts l'as, 30
voliintf-cri'd fuun Hul In 1 liii. 12 front
Coltuge Grove, 3D f roni Kugeiio. and
mny will go from other places. Port
Ind'ff'ulfKaHuJi will leave here at 8:15
Deceinbov 6, will leave , Uoneburg at
11:01; -next n'iKlit, arriving home at 7:05
next morning. The fare both ways, in
cluding sleeper, will be $11:45.", '
': St. Louis, Novl 14. Kour and possibly
six firemen were burled bonoath fall
ing wall lipre today at a fire wlilch d
Btroyed : the warehouse , of tho H. W.
Beck 1 Jay and Grain company-' ' .
;V Sues for $7500 Damages, ' -
:"Snl 'In ,fli.ftv flh itin &reH nf t?!iOA wad
begun in federal coujt today by-. Mar.
ta-..-. , : .-J
For 50c
.yU get a lunch that you
;. thoroughly ..enjoy delight
- f ul music deft -.service.
I 'Portland's 'Newest GrilL
Morgan Bldg.
Broadway and Washington.
- Resist
Men like It too. And
the clUldren? Certainly.
There are many good
reasons. '
.Tho Hazelwood
Confeotioctry and Ses-
- Wasb lag-ton at Tenth ;
Hatraace oa Alder, too
taoies , to li H'. jvi
P. REYNOLDS, A'sst. Mr.
1 J I.
tin I In w I. i iiH, ii.1..iii!-!ivtft.r of tho rftlata
of Jl. -A. ,A a ..t.j.-li4.reiu.m,.th" .
foinpl.Uut . iUl v,' : . w.v. t-Uitlly iiijiireil
on thu liner "is.i xoniu" July 'i, when tho
winch on the ilwk of tii vphhi-I allowed
a allng load of flour in drop into ths
hold, trashing ."tlio m.i l-.rniiu Lciu elit.
Adams died In ' a i IiomijUu I four week' ,
later from a broken back.
v. .Theatre'.. inanagerM and bothers .of 'the "
prone.ssiou In Portland beidt their annual-'' '
"get - together", in the , apartments of
Calvin Heilla lut night, followed by;-
60 took part In the evening's festivities
with George L. -Bakca sk toasttnastei'. .-
, TSie ..Gtet
A two'fSart subject telling" a good
: - Irish story. . , . .
- Mr.vJ. Frederiok Stone "
a distinguished oppratio tenor sing
ing "Who Knows?" , "Sweet Qlrt of
My Dreams.1 , .
Fighting Blood's -Redsmp.
' , ; tion ' - - r-
an excellent Indian story.
' ' b ' i- 11
Kiss Betty Andersoa
I.yrlc Soprano, singing "Tostl'S
Goodbye" and "Heat Sunday at
. -f . . Jftae." , .
The Campaign Manageress
; '. ; r a nveiy arama. .., -
Milk We Drink.
i Sclentiflo - ) .
A Small Town Act
for . laughing purposes only, :'
Jrllltl JLf I V llth and Morrlaoa
. PkODM Mala I, A-11M. ' "
. , special Price Mttlnee Tomorrow t ,
' ' ' Cohid Hiirrta Preent ' ' ,
' - 'Ibe Karoe-Comedy
i . "tTor THiry
ErMiliip $1.80 to WVv Mettrtee fi. to (We.
,;7 .-''.-,. Oliver JiIotomo Presents . "f
' au Htwalian - Rumaace 1 .'-
. - A Play f s Woman's Koiil
. Dramatie. Noltji-o a.. Decade
Uvenhiga JJJSO, 1 70c, 60c. Jt. Jll We.
-' . stall Orders ficeled
Main S. A.BSSn
-'Thr", Oeo. t, .Baker. Itfrr.
Tonight, all -week Matinee tomorrow -,(Jif t
tt prodactlon area bre lu jreurt of CbvU
; t i Klein t remarkable play ...
Aodlcaoe carried" by atorml 1 One- of -the fm
turyls grenteat plar. ... frenlng ; prlre; iiv,
a5o, dot, T5o. Sat. Bint. Hoc, One. Wed.. tr.
gala mat. 'ioo. Next wok. , atsrtliif tun. siat.
: . "The Grain of Cufr . - - ' j
. -: Proa-ram . Wednesday to Similny.- ; r-
Rpectaptiler Lubln dnima in three. rrals. of the
Sun t-'raavlsm earthquake. Vttagrnpb -comttily
and Mrfc Hiir O. Jllrli-h. flnre aojulat.,- , ..
lOo ADM188IOM loe '- :
WEEK JTOV. 10 teonard. And Onalew ia a
High-Claai Mi'.aical Comedy . ,
, - . .'MY VMCLE FK0M JAPAN" ,
t Senaailonal Added e.iture 'i '
World's pliampioa Indian Log Hollers '
Broadvav and Aldax. AhrMia
Mia iiroaooffla.
world'! rreatuat exponent af
Avrmnnnln. Momfintum 1
The . Oxford., Quartat, .
"Eantful Honeymoon,' -wuaon ac x.nora
Five Brag-dona, - Eatra, Tb Bottomiey Troupo,
darlnr aarisl mrtlatal Dnneatra. ropuiar prioat.
Bos office opes 19 a,
n. to 10 j. n.- Curtais
2.30, 7:16. ,
Relief for Rheumatism
In tjie treatment -of rheumatism
..Warner's- Sale Rheumatic ;Uem
edy 'hss long been constidered na
peculiarly serviceable, and," It is
unqueBtlotiubly a remedy of very
considerable value hi the, treat
ment.of this disease. Especially
in the acute form, , v, , :v r
Warner's Safe ?
. Rheumatic Remedy
wlU afford grest relief and .event
' tially Danish" tills dread" ftaeae.'
Its powers, are Increased- tlia
"alternate.', use"' of Warner" Safe
Kidney .and LiVei:.'Rmedy if the
kidney a are wrak. Hi i
"Warner's Safe Rheumatjf Rem
edy is dolnft the right thing cur
intf me. My rheumatlsmJ Is much
Improved' and I can walK a, mile
-without niui'h trouble-. Go'ahead
-aitii - youiv -kuoiI ' vorl." John
Pt.',ir, Natloiul fimicis IllunnJ,
for a a-Sihanniatio J ev - y
purpoaa 3-Iiabetes Sumcy
old Asthma EsiiMi iy:
ty all 6-Kervine ' " '
lruf- Tim- Conti--atioa'.- '
ttsts ,. 77 .77 ' Uiiiontiten . I
Vrit for 'a f"'e snmp'd plvln?
the number of KeineUy desired to
' Warner's tife rwffliM ".'
3Sfpt. 3'.,i, - .... ,.. -,,..: ,:j .:Mif,
.a.' t. J k 1 I . I . ,.3 E 1 r