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Two'Wphien Hear Map Jelling
of Bun6d Treasure s Hid-
;.': den in Structure,
(United' Preni aea Wire.) 1 ),
Sanfa Clara, Cel., Nov. H. -Mrs. Me
dia Redtjiond and Mrs, Blanch O'Kane,
v bavins com to terms, it was announced
that Mrs.-; Redmond's ,home ' here Will
have. the most thorough search., begin
Mng today, for a $100,000 hidden trees
ure, that any house ever bad for any
thing, c ' -V , , . , ' i .
Mrs. Redmond and Mrs. O'Kane will
y superintend the' searching- Jointly. . It
'was not stated bow they will divide the
.. treasure If they find It, but they seemed
mutually satisfied, so the neighbors took
It for granted they had come to aa.amlo
',- able understanding on that point also.
' The house originally belonged .to. Wll-
" Ilium n-nn n tcntrin nlnttMP whA
dlsd 10 years ago, leaving It to bis niece,
Mrs. Redmond. Pawson Was credited
with, burying treasure in the grounds
which surrounded It, but nobody ever
. succoeded in finding any. of It . : l.
. It appears, however, that father Rag
gio of Santa Clara once heard from Mrs.
Kate Riley, who was Dawson's " Ward,
' that there was a map hidden somewhere
' In the bouse showing ' Just " where - to
Jook, . Mrs. Riley and her husband, Ber
nard, adopted the present Mrs. O'Kane,
wife of a Ban Francisco real estate man,
. as " thelr daughter. lAter Mrs. Riley
died. One day recently, Father Ragglo
told Mrs. O'Kane about the map.
- j Thereupon last Thursday Mrs. O'Kane
hired a strong arm squad of 10 men in
Ean Francisco, came down to Santa
Clara, prevailed on Justice of the Peace
f J. T.: Wallace to swear them In as dep-
uty constables and provide them with a
, search warrant, and then swooped down
, onr the 'old Dawson mansion.-' iiu';&' :'t-
Mr. Redmond, telephoned to her law--
yer, i W. ,F,, Humphreys, in Ban Fran
' clsco. ' who ; , started immediately i. for
paat Clara. In an automobile.. Before
he arrived the. searchers bad dug a pro-J
' dlglous bole In the basement under the
chimney, bored tunnels in aha walls and
thrown up tons of earth in the garden.
in ih min4 w & skeleton burled
In th sarden - said to be that of a
. French servant, girl,, missing 85' years.
! No one couM' guess how it got there.
However. It added interest to the trees-
.. wr hunt, ; " . : ;
By this time Attorney .Humphreys ar
rived and stopped proceedings. Later
'Mrs. Kate O'Kane talked matters over
with' Mrs, Redmond, and the latter, too,
; grew enthusiastic -.--.They,- planned to
fore giving up their quest for the map.
o;;ly m m in
- 1111 t ' :
N uttftig Vyithd raws, Leaving
tun and Hichards to right ,
" . tor Mayoralty,'.:--
j ' Specll to The Journal, i '
Albany, Or., Nov. 11. That Fred
Nutting will not be a candidate for the
office of mayor of Albany or accept the
office in the event of his election, be
came known yesterday afternoon when
he formally withdrew his petition, from
the city recorder's office. His friends
circulated the petition and placed him
In nomination but. bad it not been for
the strong pressure brought to bear he
would have declined several cays ago.
; With the withdrawal of Mr. Nutting
only; one candidate is left in the Vacs,
nominated by petition, and he la X- It,
Curl. The only opposition Mr. Curl has
Is William Richards, - who will run on
me -socialist ticket. - No other' nomlna
tions can To mafle as the time limit of
26 days required for the filing of nom
lnating petitions is up. The election is
to be held on December 1.,-
. .-; Continued Fronv Page One.)
(Continued From. Psge One.):
' be Investigated is that he used his posi
tion as acting chief to hold number pf
witnesses Who were wanted In the In
vestigation against Captain Bailey, who
resigned during the Rushlight admlnls-
- tratlon. It Is alleged! that be used his
authority' to keep several underworld
women m town, and even went so far
aaE tot have his officers remain In the
company ot these women. :iY . r
have been made from time to time as, to
other members of the department are to
hit riven a full hearing at the Investi
gation, which will have Its start In
the council chamber of the city hall at
9:40 o'clock Thursday morning of next
week. . The civil Servioe board ? at its
meeuna last mam wnen u ui un iimm.
bars were present, decided it would be
best to, hold the hearings during the
day Instead of at night.
,wahlnton.' No , lli Receivers f of
raying 1 pr cent of their Income from
this aource under the. new corporation
tax law,' according to a decision . ren
dered ; today b , the United States, su
; prema ' Court.-' v. .''-i .-i-.V '. '
Ths mUnr was on an appeal by the
government In. the cases, of the receiv
ers of the Third Avenue Elevated and
' the Metropolitan 8treet Railway com
. uni.i nf -New Tork. and affects the
, administration of the new' income tasf
law, wnicn superseaes ms cwriuruuu
tar statute. The New : York federal
courts held against tba; government.
?r- .i.r.. ; " -
North Yakima, Nov. li:Hogs of the
Yakima valley. are to be inoculated with
.k.U.l fenfiin,..ThafA la AlfABilv lit.
tie cholera here, and owners of this par
ticular..kindNpt live, stock, have.. decided
to take nd chances with such a disease.'
Obtaining the serum has been difficult,
but Dr. Robert Prior, deoutv state-veter-
i Inarlan, at the instance of a number of
, breeders, has ordered a supply, and upon
its arrival, he will at once Inoculate
" The fahlllty:,0f London's tnotorbusea
' J a -1 m a. - a. . aWH i..
i a?; nsMw vsjiuow ws v .vj s-v fh s
4 service by a series of Interesting .tilt
ing tests, - '-.-.".'.' :: i- r ,- r, v,
Spirits for Rheumatism
: Jhe use of spirits In' the treatment of
rheumatism has proved an innovation
amonr the medical .'profession. . v When
disasters will bt reported on. the eas
shores of ths lakes, toward which the
storm swept the distressed craft 1
wires were down today throughout
moat of the north central west The
Ohio river valley was buried under from
two to six feet of snow. Ohio and west
ern : Pennsylvania ; were in an even
worse situation. Some trains were still
running, but all attempts at maintaining
regular scneauies were aoanaoned.
i The thermometer in many localities
was but a few degrees above sero and
intense suffering "resulted. Fuel short
ages were reported in many towns, the
storm having come so early that dealers
were not . prepared.:? O., , v. . ; ';
: ? lightship U Wrecked.
: Buffalo. N. Y Nov. 11. The Wreck.
age of lightship .82, stationed in Lake
tune, on point Aomo, Canada, was
found ; in the harbor here . today. . Cap
tain Williams, and bis crew of either
six or elgbt men are missing and it Is
oeuevea tney went flown with the light
ship. Several boats were smashed on
the rocks, along the waterfront In this
vicinity during Sunday's ana Monday's
storm, it was learned today. The crews
of most of -them were believed to have
drowned, though llfesa vers rescued five
men from the wreck of the tug Ex
plorer. . The lost vessels were small,
The storm was moving through tba St
L-awrence river valley toward the At
lantlo today, but with diminishing force
" j. i 600-ftoot Vessel Sinks.
Port Huron, Mich. Nov. lL Returned
from a search for wrecks in this vlcin
Ity. the captain of the tug Sarnia City
reported today, 'that he believed , two
steamships were, sunk' in collision In the
storm eight, miles .north ot here. '
'One of the-vssels, he inferred, "Was
ooaipieteiy eunroergea. The other, a sou
footer, was resting upward with its bow
protruding from the water and it as
the peculiar position of this craft which
led the captain. td think there was an
otner 'snip anaerneatn. t,. ,
He estimated that the uppermost res
eel carried a crew of 30, and was confi
dent' that every man on both boats was
drowned. He could give the name of
either ship.,' . ; ,-.;!
Liner HnronJe In Danger.
. Detroit Mich., Nov. 1J. The passen
ger of the lake liner Huronic were still
affirm kmin iiuliv tt 9 TVh 1 1 uli T a
Superior. Wireless reports received;
here today stated' that the vessel . was
badly damaged, and that the platesVere
opening and. letting in water. Several
smaller vessels,- the report said, were
standing by. v
" (Continued From Page One.)
mixed with certain other Ingredients
arid taken properly: it Is said to be an ' by refusing; Mm further . loans,
I almost Infallible cure for. rheumatism
and backache." Here" in the ; formula:
"From ypur druggist ge't one; ounce of
; TOrie eppound, (in s ; original . sealed
package) , and, One ounce of syrup of
SdrsaparUla compoind. .Take thse Wo
f ingredients home? and put their; into ia
half pint, of oo whiskey Bbake the
-w... ...u iaao B.Hoicupoontui oeiors
each -meal and at he'd time." I Results
jome -immediately.; If youf' druggist
does net have Torln mmnmiMi i
he will get It in a few hours from bis
wholesale house, .-. Don't be inf luenosd
t2 J?.k'?m? Patnt medicine instead
-tf this. -Insist on having the genuine
Torls compound in the" original . one
ounce sealed yellow package.- Published
by the Globe Pharmaceutical laborato
TlfS of C'nlcwgo. ;' ' ' . v. ; .
y Stop v Foot i Torture
Corns, 1 Callouses, Bunions,
frost Bites, Aching; Ba Bweatv
Feet A spoonful ox CAXOCISJB
a a warm foot bata rlvea In.
stant reUef. Zf used f reqeently
anus pfimutii eurew- Oet a
SSo boa at any drag store.
The ministers were said to have pledged
their countries', support.
Bryan also - notified Mexican Charge
d Affaires Algara that President Wilson
not; only will not recognise Huerta but
also will withhold recognition from the
new Mexican congress on the ground
that It was not legally elected.
Ambassador Page, America's ' diplo
matic ' representative, in England, was
understood today to have expressed to
Premier Asquith the Washington admin
istration's appreciation of , a . strong
"hands off Mexico" speech made by the
premier at the London lord, mayor s an
nual banquet last night. , T: y i -,, t
f Atqaitli yraotioaUy Apologires,
' Asquith ' even Went 'to far as , prac
tically to apologlse for Engtnad's recog
nition of President Huerta. The British
government had neither the.will nor the
power to Intervene in Mexico, he ex
plained, and had to transact business
with som. one, so recognised the only
individual who seemed to represent what
government actually existed, That Eng
land , bad the slightest disposition to
.thwart America s Mexican policy,, how
ever he emphatically denied.1 ?-'-,
The address was generally taken in
diplomatic circles here as a repudiation
of the anti-American Mexican policy.
wnic.i c oreign Minister sir isawin .Grey
was regarded, almost without exception,
as having followed and as an ImpiieJ
assarance mat mere win be a distinct
change In the foreign office's method
in xuture. v; i, ?, '..::
" . v Kay Utarre" Huerta Out. v- '
. Rumors were current that the admin.
latratlon was consul tlna- with the mm.'
bers of the diplomatic corps :- here U
w w starving, iTesiaent Huerta out
ranee was i said to have assented to
the plan. tf cut off :. from financial
upplles It was believed, here that Hu
rta'e , government, would' collapse In a
short time regardless of Intervention or
or attacKS oy .tM w?MW-'i. t
jepBon, me , .uerman recently arrested
by the AiexJcan authorities on .
.plcion of gun running to the rebels.
w- sob at rest oy, news tnat be had
Been reieaseav witn an, apology.;
auerta'e Vote mbllabed.
? Secretary of State Bryan made piiblio
last mgnt trre text or me note handed
by President Huerta to the' members 6f
the diplomatic corps in Mexico City
Sunday night It stated, in, substance,
that Huerta assumed ; the provisional
presidency in- conformity with the Mexl
can constitution! that the Mexican con
gress and supreme court reoognlsed blm;
that h called an election as, required
by lawj that he dissolved congress be
oause members of the' chamber of dep
uties were stirring up rebellion; that
be. was not a candidate to succeed him
self as president; that the election was
sure to be declared void by the new
congress, and that ha cannot retire until
another one has been held, because there
is no other government to turn his au
thority over: to. ; '' , . .
; News was received .that'the, gunboat
Wheeling had left Vera Crus for Tux
piih because the rebels were closing it
on the town and danger was feared for
foreign lives and property, ,'...
j ' , fclay Withdraw Recognition. "
"'London, Nov. 11. That England. in
tends immediately to withdraw recog
nition of President Huerta of Mexico,
was reported In diplomatic circles. here
today,; M ' ,l J( V .j!
United States Ambassador Page caned
en Foreign Minister Sir Edward Grey
today and was .understood to have ex
pressed to :. Mm America's .pleasure v,at
Premiers Asqulth'sj assurance, ' 1n. f a
speech' last night, that .'England meant
to leave President Wilson free to, carry
out his , own policies in ' Mexioo, -X ?
The. ambassador would neither con
firm nor deny reports that he. had told
Sir Edward what this policy would; be
butf it" was believed be. had done so. -,
"Ambassador Page on Saturday," .said
ths London Daily" Mall, "made a com
munication ' to Sir Edward Grey con
cerning the policy President Wilson pro
poses to-' follow 'In Mexico In view of
Huerta'a ; refusal to eliminate himself
at the American1 government's request
Sir Edward wlU reply In due course.".
' Battleship Sent to'; Tuxpam. ''. C
Washington, Nov. ll.-The American
battleship Ijbulslana was ordered . to
day from Vera Crus to Tuxpana, where
an attack by rebels was threatened and
foreign i property and. lives were be
lieved In danger., The gunboat Wheeling
was already on its way to-Tuxpam.
. (WmElmton Bureiu of The lennisl.t ' ' .
Washington, Nov. 11. Joseph . L.
Beatty, ofi .Bonanaa'haf v. been.",'' ap
pointed 'n'postmasterVi'at ilBeattyS .a
new office in Klamath county, ? Sherman
a Brown, at Crystal, Klamath county.
vice C. O! Brown. Thomas Q. Hawley
at Multnomah ' vice- Nelson -Thomas.
Postmasters Charles Palmerlee, yistil
lass . Mattte, W. Frankes, .Warner Lake,
and Mattie J. Patterson at Swan, are
continued until May 7.'; ; '
Washington. Nov. il The bureau of
insular affairs 'issued a statement to
day, suggesting that American lumber
men bid on a 20 year concession cov
ering a Philippine timber tract of
9S.000 acres, estimated to represent
two ', billion feet of standing timber.
Bids will be opened in Manila some
time In December. "'
Child Jaka"4- faotey tuning
Home' ancf Ff reman- ls; Hit ?'
; ':';." by .Brick.- -W
v ; : C ; ) ,
' (Bpeeiat t Tbe Jearaati -.'v
HA.lbany,'Of,Nov. 1. A child .was
rescued and a fireman was -Injured,
though not seriously in. Sunday fire
that completely i destroyed the home of
J. At Wilcox. Only a. chair and one ta
ble. were saved. ' There was no Insurance
on the furniture, but the hoirae was par
tially insured. The family is left des-
tltutei','"'--.:. -f .'!':-V.'f-.v-A; '.;-,i'-,f-.,-v.
1 VFrom -indications' -the' flrev had been
burning for several minutes before dis
covered. It started from the flue.'- Mrs.
Wilcox 'went' out in the street to look
for her 8-year-old son when she saw the
roof biasing. She rushed to a neighbor's
house and an alarm was turned In over
the telephone.' Meantime the youngster
naa entered the house by the rear door,
unknown to-, his mother, f v "s : ' -
,'A fireman entered the burning home
ana round the frightened child huddled
in a corner of a room. He carried the
young. one., to safety. vivV:v;. j,sv,V'v..t
A, burning timber-fell upon Fireman
Woods' hand as be was assisting at tbe
nozzle and J he member was .slightly
burned. ; Almost at the . same time a
failing brick. struck him on the head. ?
; William Richards sUrted a collection
among the spectators for! the Wilcox
family. The arum of $26 was. collected
and given them. There is talk of get
ting up a relief fund for 'the family."'
- (Continued From Psge One.) -
that the craft will be ready for launch
ing. Some tlma nxt autumn anil k
equipped for sea in ample time for de
livery wimin tne contract limit.
Present plans do not contemplate any
extensive new track work ltuii nt.
land and Astoria to care for the In-
creases ran business when the steam
ships begin to operate. The line will
not be double tracked. Wheravar nuu.
saryowever, the roadbed will be heav
ily ballasted, so that fast time may be
made between Portland and Astoria. ...
Here and there n. mv iiilnv win v.
put in so that during the summer re
sort season, tne last steamboat trains
may not mix unduly with the local
trains that carry pleasure seekers to
the beaches. All, this detail, however.
will' be worked out later, because there
Is ample time to do It : V' '0 !'f&?t
' Traffic rroblems Xnterestlag,'' ''
i, Borne interesting traffic problems are
expected to grow out of the new steam
ship line -vto reach ? San .Francisco
now, the passenger may travel either
by the Southern Pacific railway or the
0.-W..R. &.Hr ateamers. ' The new Hill
steamship service expects to cut at leabt
wr5aK5s Iroih 'the pr-Witiiirl't1iii4
and many hours from ; t he time . of - the
Rose City,. Beaver and Bear. ' This will
afford formidable competition, both in
freight' and passenger' traffic,' for both
wings of the now dissevered Harrlman
systemy.,;.':' "',.,-' ',:-' "
Whether or not the Southern Pacific,
to- maintain its share, of the-rail busi
ness, wilt rush to completion the Natron
Cutoff , . through Klamath? Fafls, thus
shortening the, distance and decreasing
the grade for- the Portland-San Fran-
annoiwced during, the , visit of Julius
Kruttschnltt recently tl at IHi c,i;.-.'f
would not b conUiet'i- at
the present because f flnaiu-Ul vuu,.
tions. ' .,'';.'.' , . v A. . y- .
. -Why Shoiikl ChUdrcn Dance?
Long Beach,. Cal. Nov, 11. Th. nv.
Irving Rasmuws, "Methodist, cliallenao,!
the Young '.Women's Christian Asiovm
tloft tp . defend its action iu t-ariilng
folk' ilnrtraa M rhlldrart
Journal Want s Ads bring results.
f Ml a? t'
THERE'S -a lot of new fabrics
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Eats Freely But
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A Little Pepsin in a Mild Lax
ative Fromptly Corrected'
:;'t a " Bad ' Indigestion.' ' -
Fortunate Is fhd one ' who' can eat
"anything" without suffering the tor
lures ""Of -dyspepsia, but as few are so
fortunate, vara should be taken in the
matter, of dlet Eating slowly, masti
cating the food thoroughly and taking
short walk after the heavy meal of
the day will do . much towards assist'
Ing digestion. .Any - grown-up person
ought to. know the peculiar foods that
do not agree, and "these should be
avolAfd. . '
When these common-sense aids fall.
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Its action is to tone, and strengthen
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edy obtainable for any disorder , of the
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eral years had all the worst symptoms
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sir 15C
$2, 3-quart Peer
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