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r Misleading labels an Bever- President Samuel Gompers in
ages ;and ' Bitters Expensive 'Annual Report Urges 'Con-
for Firms,, -s . .strtictlve Legislation.4-''-
f Washington. Nov. 10. The Loewen- . . f United' f rem Luud Wlre.t . t
" thal-Strausa company; ' of Cleveland, Seattle,, Wash., Nov. 10. Constructive
, Ohio, has been, fined total or IJOO ana legislation to benefit the more than 3.
i Sen o th: ;;o: WO,000 member, of the American Fed
; ture, fori shipment in interstate com-leratJon of JUabpr and allied orgenlza-
merce i certain aauueraieq. wfifM tlons, was urged In .the report Of Presl
and. adulterated and mlsbranded , -ex-1 dent Samuel Gdmperst' and executive
; tracts. . . . : :;r)f-:rvisv'."('.'''"..'''c6unoH- of the- federation presented 'to
,Thls corporation shipped a quantltyl the thirtyrthlrd annual convention today.
; of !'Monacco Brandy" lnto Pennsylva-j Picturing the labor movement as one
v.vlllA. wh1rh warn' arilltrat,l and Bllllf1 I a nraikHpal 44alfam ..Iln.. with 1 tha
to, bavs been misbranaed. . Adultera- raw stuff of life, and branding, inous
, tlon was alleged because a mixture of trial managements as cruel and heartless
''brandy and neutral spirits,; not cognac m self-interests,' the,' report showed a
, or cognao type brandy, bad been ub- remarkable progress of unionism In the
itltuted wholly or in part for the true Past year, The membership passed the
1 cognac brandy which 'the article pur. two million mark, and President Oom
'ported to be. The product was labeled, Pw predicted a steady advance to the
' 'U.niN. nr-mf hi-nH rnr,aA Tn. new goal of three million. The'federa-
Another nroduc lab.ied fAnnie Bran. tlon closed Its fiscal year with a balance
. - r T. w - lAf llAKAtf AK. ,u,Wn. In Ha w
y" was shipped by this firm into Ala-1" i"":",":""rt9M
' tuted wholly or in part forappte bran
V dy, adulteration of the product, was al
legeo.. i .h .
,i - Wo Kade In Germany.
Tola firm also shipped Into wlscon
ship of the-, federation and allied bodies
waa placed at 1,064.626. an increase of
213.25J in the last year, witn a total of
$23 charters. v Nine hundred and sixty,
nine strikes have marked labor's war
against capital Jn the past year, involv-
' ,ln and into New Torlc a quantity of ing 294,288 persons, benefiting l$6.6t,
i bitters which was mlsbranded. This and coding 3,44,215.91. to sustain
, product was labeled in such a way as members on strike. Labor's defense fund
"to lead the purchaser to believe that It received from local , trade and '. federal
-.. consisted of lneredlenta manufactured labor unions la the past year, 118.214.70.
; In. 'Germany, whereas they - were- pro Members of the federation were -urged
. duced in tha United States . to use their influence to get pimfi of
v 1 An extract of Jamaica ginger com. ponding injunction limitation bills, and
pound, shipped into New Mexico by this workman's compensation committee re.
' cornoratlort. waa analysed b tha bu. ported progress in framing meaaures for
,reau of chemistry and adulteration " gwSK2
; alleged .because ; of the substitution of ""V h?SSffi713
. sounded against the impending influx of
r i Immigration . to Tha Pacific coast '.with
. Sl? -SV'SKS0?? ; ,toe,,n tha owning of the Panama banal, and its
. -" " ' . " . I resultant low rates of passage. ;; ,-,
cn niuucB. iowit ina iniunaui t ar.i n. . . . m . . t.t a. .
i t ect Its quality and atrength, and fur.on Tig0roua campaign for more labor
, xamr, owMi impreuuci coovainca cara i representation in the next congressional
' met, coloring matter, whereby Its In. campaign, was evidenced in the report of
, Hnwiu .wM concealed. t i tne labor, representauon committee.
; Capnotun Instead of Ginger. I which asked that the committee be au
Other fines imposed against the Loe- thorlsed to collect voluntary subscrlp
i wenthall-Strauss companr wera for the ,0.ns 'f018 Individual members of the
, shipment Into Nw York, of a quantity vwnvi
',of mlsbranded ginger cordial. l which lnoi"WtH. v "TJ 0B th sntwral
oontained added capsicum and was artl- Bt'tthM,
'flclally colored with caramel, and for "eb. Iflrfi. ,'
;tb..hipment into .New York of adulter- 2?. SS
aieo exiract oi wmtergreen, wnicn was .;:mi- i. Vk. .
colored with aa artificial green color- ? Thi ViL. uT,?,'!!
k.4-- J, m... ,1..' congress. - This measure it waa pointed
SltZL ' " od out in' tha report, has paased, the
' A.Vf?; ' e ; n,,i.A lovrer three, times, but has always
'M0,,J?0!itIo,l of c'f,no; been "waylaid' in the aenate. Coming
7 mrto a recent notice of - out strongly In favor of minimum wage
! . . vu"1" v legislation Tor women and children, the
I a similar violation or tha food and drugs report declared: f , " - : . '
; act. his corporation, called the Cordial "A fair standard of wages a living
- Panna Co, shipped quantity of "cor- wage for all employed in an Industry
f dial panna" into Pennsylvania, : which should be tha first consideration in pro.
i was misoranaea. i nere was a picture I auction. None la more entitled to that
'Of a cow on the label and the statement (standard than are the women r and
that U "Aids digestion.' , a. sustaining I minors.' An industry which denies to all
stimulating auxiliary food. Rich in all jita workers, and particularly denies .to
act. Thla corporation, called the Cordial llta women and minors a living wage, Is
Panna Cream."- The cow in connection! unfit to be permitted to exist.. Labor
'With the ;.yorda .panna," ""milk, and Wntatlvea ahould b on aysry mln.
' "creamf were con aidered to be mislead imum wage noaro.
Ing because tha purchaser might believe
from them that the product might' con
S tain milk and cream, whereas it did jtot
Kesuits ok Last - weeK's tac
tions- Show, Ulster's, Stand
1 lsHaving Its, Effect," V
I V-
tTnl ted Pren tmni 'Wire )
. London,. Nov. 10. Irish home "rulers
were aghast v and Ulsterltea were cor.
respondingly jubilant, when the returns
from two by-eiectlons showed heavy
liberal loesea. Captain Leslie Wilson;
the : Unionist . candidate, standing for
parliament, to succeed Sir Rufus Isaacs,
carried ' Reading by 1181 . votes, where
Isaacs, Liberal waa elected by it votes
in 1910. ' . ytr-?.--;.; u'f
In , Linlithgowshire ' constltutency,
Scotlahd. J., k W. Pratt Liberal. ' was
elected by the narrow, margin of 621
votes, ..The Liberal majority there' was
2070 three- years ago. James Kldd was
the defeated. vwi&mx&w--'i;t4i&$
The Reading vote was: Wilson, Union
ist, 144; George Peabody Gooch, Lib
eral, 4018: J. G. Butler, socialist. 1008.
The Socialist vote, showed a deolded in
crease. Gooch. formerly was the mem
ber from Bath constituency. Sir Rufus
Isaacs' seat became vacant when ho
was made lord chief justice, succeeding
Lord Alveratone. - . .:?' t
. ' -,vv Horns mala Blamed.
UnionlBt and UlsterlU leader declare
that the election -results showed clearly
a growing dlsastlsfactlon with tha Lib
eral government's; stand 'on homa rule
for' IraJMdMiftvijir r!nf V
iHomo rule was tha only Issue in both
the.Ajlnllthgowihlreand Reading cam
paign!. It was asserted that the British
pubilo baa been impressed ' through Ul
ster's ' uncompromising' attitude, land
there is serious opposition ' in .Ireland
to home rule and that all of the Irish
people, as well as one faction, are en
titled to fair play and consideration at
the hands of the government The pres
ent Liberal party : has ' twice enacted
home rule, . The lords have each time
rejected tha measure but if It is passed
again by the commons it will become
law automatically through tha veto act.
- Bope to Defeat B11L'
The Unionist leaders base their hope
of .finally defeating home rule on the
fact that the scattering by-lectlona this
fair show a growing dissatlafactlon with
the Liberal ; government Though the
next parliament will be composed, with
few . exceptions, of ' the same men, the
Ulsterites hope to change enough votes
to prevent 'the. third enactment of the
measure. Liberals are confident that
this will be impossible. The Liberals
constitute a. big majority in parliament!
and on the two previous occasions home
rule"' passed by a heavy- .vote. .' s. ' i
. Since the last general parliamentary
elections in 1110, there have been 6
scattering bylections In England, Ire
land, Scotland and Wales. The Union-:
lets have gained ' IS ' seats,, while the
Liberals have gained but one. In S3 of
the ' districts the Unionist vote has
shown a heavy increase. r ' n
j , . . . , .i f , i
C. A,. Reeves Crushed to Death
r Act Evidently , Suicidal, , .
W Is Declaredr:'"v-r'
-Throwing himself, evidently with sui
cidal ' intent, in front "tf an Inbound
Mount Scott 'car on the curve between
Anabel and Creston stations about 10:30
last night, C, A. Reeves of 4731 East
Fifty-ninth street, Southeast, was
crushed to death. . t 1
The curve is i a short on, and on
the Inside there is a high embankment
that - comes , out straight to within a
couple of feet of the, track. According
to Motorman Mlckle of the front car
of the train, he waa horrified to see
the - body, hurtled down on the j track
Within, three feet, of the front windows,
i The car was running ao slowly that
It ,was stopped ' within 10 feet, " Just
after the front trucks had passed over
the man's breast. ' Search of the body
failed ,; to indicate Tvranr identifying
marks, but later the hat was found
and in It were pinned notes Indicating
suicidal.' tnrttvesv. x
, "You got ' trouble away" aoon,"-- said
one ; of the penciled missive, r on the
back of which ' was the name of V a
son, f Walter- Reeves, employed at a
locaL creamery as driver.- Before leaping-
to his .death. Reevee tied -a blue
handkerchief s oven his face. He was
nearly 10 years old. The body is at
Dunning A Mclntee's undertaking
rOOma, .. '7r; i;V'y?W,-'V'V'-'.;' :M '
1 That Illness had' deranged the mind
of his father was the theory advanced
by ' Walter Reeves to "account, for the
death of C. A. Reeves.. The younger
Reeves Informed the - coroner's of ice
this morning that his father; had been
111 for It years ends that for the past
taui days he had suffered from ner
vous prostration.,?: .
Last night Walter Reeves was eslled
from his work by a telephone message
advising him that his father was very
sick. When : he got home; ' he found
that his. father had disappeared from
the house, but 'none there knew any
thing about the , telephone call. The
father had slipped but apparently after
the rest of the family had gone to
bed. , They were Informed a short time
later of his death, by a police officer.
Woodstock W. C. T. U. to Meet.
Woodstock W. C. T. ,U. will meet to
morrow afternoon at 8:S0 at the home
of Mrs. Dr. Story, 60 Eaat Forty-second
street. , . ( ...
McEtroy r BM"fiay s'eas
? ing Program; : Next : Concert
'.on; November 23,
Journal Want Ads bring results.
-From a" musical standpoint the first
Indoor municipal band concert given In
me temporary auditorium yesterday
afternoon was a brilliant success. The
attendance swag' lighter than ' expected,
but the enthusiasm was keen Every
body stayed till the, last, and rewarded
the director, W. . E' JUcElroy, and his
band with a veritable storm of applause.
r City Commissioner W. ,1' Brewster,
promoter of - the indoor municipal band
concert , v during i :tb winter, -s was
more than- pleased with, the. pro
gram . an ' Ita aplendid rendition, and
this morning said that ii-wtfuld mean
strong boost for the next concert to be
held on the afternoon of . Sunday, No
vember 2 J, when A; DeCaprlo'a band will
Play. ,r:-j;X ',: v H r '
.! "Musically the concert yesterday after
noon waa a decided success," said Mr.
Brewster. : "In point of: attendance It
was not so encouraging, for we took in
only about $70, which means a deficit of
a little more than $100 for the one con
cert, but the fine performance and the
fact that the acoustics proved satisfac
tory and the bulldlng; comfortable, in
pita of the stormy weather, will mean
better results financially in the future."
Judging from the gate receipts, at 10
cents per person, the attendance yester
day afternoon was about 700. ! The audi
torium seats (000, and it was regretted
by those present that more than 4000
people missed the opportunity. of hear
ing a concert that under private man
agement would well warrant an admis
sion fee of from 60 cents to fl.
: Director MoElroy, who conducted the
band, waa the recipient of congratula
tions from a number of professional
musicians, vocal and 'instrumental, who
pronounced the band equal to any of its
numerical strength In the United States.
The solo work waa artistic and indi
cative of the finished performers and
the ensemble work was -splendid.
The program opened with Meyerbeer's
"Coronation March," a majestic compo
sition, after which: followed the over
ture to "Rosamunde" . by Schubert. It
waa beautifully -rendered and so heartily
applauded that Director McEIroy re
sponded with Dvorak's "Humoreske" for
an encore.. Ben F. Driacoll played the
Mustek by Soloists of ,Sym-
phony; Orchestra .Will" Be:
, ; . iviaricea feature. ;
AH la ; in . readiness . for,' the opening
. 'eat second f annual Autumn
Flower show which', opens .tomorrow
afternoon at 3 o'clock In the Armory.
For many days members of. the Port
land Floral society, florists, 'landscape
artists,' electricians and others have
been working preparatory to this won-
aerrui display or Oregon s choicest and
most beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees,
ferns, a etc., . and tomorrow -afternoon
wnen tne pupuo la admitted, a scene
or fairy-like beauty will greet the
eyes.' i..- . -'i . r ., - -.
' Purpbselythe details of the decora
tive scheme have not been disclosed,
but. . they are aald J to be beautiful.
The show will be opened: with suitable
ceremonies, - iscludlng a brief address
by Mayor Albee. Mulo by, 2 S soloists
from the Portland Symphony orchestra
conducted by Harold Bay ley wilt be a
feature of both afternoons ' and even
ings of the show.- All 'pToceeda will
go to the Fruit and Flower Mission.
programmed - cornet solo ' "Columbia
Polka" with exquisite ajtistlo tsst and
most pleasing.- tone. For encore ; he
played a dainty lullaby, ' - 'i ;
Waldteufel'a waits, ' "Les Serenes."
was followed by a rendition of the sex
tet from "Lucia" led by Mr. ; McEIroy.
The audience wanted it repeated but the
hour waa getting late and the program
still contained several numbers; . The
cloalng number waa the popular grand
selection of Scottish folk . songs and
dances. - .'v.:.
The band yesterday consisted of SI
members. Bruno H. Dlehl occupied the
first chair in the clarinet section. Eu
gene Cloffl was the euphonium soloist.
Frederick Starke.' oboe, for 20 years with
Theodore Thomas' orchestra, was a
valuable acquisition to the band yester-
day,;:,,,, --w--y
- Washington, Nov. 10. The United
States supreme court set aalde today
the aentence of C. M. Summers;: a for
mer banker of Juneau, Alaska, to serve
five years at McNeil's island for alleged
bank frauds. In effect, the court' rul
ing dismisses the indictment against
Summers. ' ' ,
t :j-af:y' in i " """ v..;c -tiTV'r. ',4 '
r ' h ,' ,!;; ''..:' w ' '5 V.
Leaton , Maintains innoconco
of-Theft' and Refuses to v
V "Resign Official Position.- ..
... Marahfteld, Or Nov. 10. Chief of
Police Carter . has received from ' the
war department notice that William J.
Leaton, city recorder of Eaat Side, who
Is in jail indicted . for embezslement of
the city funds, is a deserter from the
United States army. v; According to the
army records, h enlisted January 21,
1S08, at Vancouver, Wasii.. and desert
ed April at, at Fort Duchesne, Utah,
He served in troop. M of the Fifth
United Statea cavalry. '.-, -. fi '..
v Leaton still Insists that he Is inno
cent, of taking the SS100 of the city's
money, the loss of which caused Mayor
Jordan . to commit suiowe. , Beaton re
fuses to resign his position as city re
corder, and the -East Side voter are
trying to find some way to remove him
from office. - u ,t. ' ' n "
A complaint, accusing Jlck Hoffman,
117 Lumber , . Exchange . building, of
charging more than 10 per cent interest'
without first having obtained a license
to lend money at excessive rates was
filed Saturday in the ? district ".. court.
William Baugh signed the complaint,
which waa iaaued by Deputy District At
torney belch at the suggestion of State
Bank Examiner Wright , ' r ' t
According to Baugh he borrowed 40
September It and Signed a note to pay
three monthly installmenta of $17.50, or
a total, of tt,S0 in return. The first
Installment waa paid, .last '.month and
Hoffman attempted to secure a farther
loan. This was refused, and he appealed
to the Remedial Loan association. '- As
that association was' not - formed,, h
could not be accommodated, but he was
referred to Examiner Wright. . ,. - ' . .
Baugh said he was willing fo repay
the amount asked, but willingly signed
the dompiaint. Deicn said tnat Be de
sired to prosecute all cases of the nature
of the one charged,1 but If & the loan
agent would comply with the license
law at the beginning of the coming year
the prosecutions would be held. up. , ' ,
' Mikado Batisfled With Treaty. r
Tokio, ; Nov." 10, The , foreign office
denied a report that tha mikado wan ts
the Anglo-Japanese treaty annulled.
Engineers Break Camp.
Monmouth, Or Nov. 10. The party
of 17 military engineers, who have been
In Polk ' county for the last three
months making a topographical map of
the country, has gone to Vancouver Bar
racks. The work" will be continued
Says Columbia George , Had
v;NQt ceen Drinking Prior to ,
Muraer. ;
Council-Likewise Turns DoWn
Request to Transfer Li
... . quor License.
tSpenal to The Journal.
Pendleto Or'Nov. 10. The wife of
(Special to The Journal.)
Clatskanle, Or., Nov. 10. At aa ad
Journed session of the city council , the
liquor license petition of Bert Stanley,
charged with the murder of Timet. ;
squaw, ,eame to his defense this morn-
considered, this saloon having',', been
closed for the past three weeks pending
ing., ; Her most Important testimony wa settlement, of the matter, At the, time
the statement that the pink underwear of, its first filing; the 'council refused
found . under his bed and supposed to to grant the license on. the ground that
nave oean mat. n-om which the button tne petition railed to nave the required
rouna at tne scene of the murder was I number or legal voters' signatures. Mr,
torn, . had been discarded by h Ira several Stanley sought ta force action, through
day; before the date of the alleged the county court, which Issued an order
crime, ene aiso denied that he- had tne city council cemanaing that it
. been drinking on the day of the murder rant the license. . The council refused,
and testified to seeing him at t o'clock -Mr. SUnley thenwant to the trouble
and again at' 6 in the afternoon. She of seouruig the affidavit of six re
denied' that she -had sought to bribe sponsible freeholders to the effect that
Toy Toy not to give evidence against a certain list of names contained therein
Columbia George. ? v , were, at the time, of the .filing of the
' Defense will probably bring Its case petition, legal voter In the city, many
, to a ciose mis artemoon, and 'th easel01 me names wHnni in me aiiiaavii
will probably go to the Jury this even-1 having been thrown out by the council
aa non-residents,
i A remonstrance had also been filed
With the ' recorder, the . remonstrators
alao contending a shortage of name of
legal ' voters. Mr. Stanley was , repre
sented at the adjourned meeting by his
attorneys. City Attorney Powell . wa
also present in the interest of . the
The names on. the petition were con
sidered one by one. vn the basia of
the number of votes cast at the laat
city election ISO signatures were neces
sary to make the petition legal v The
petition carried 13i signature Of this
at i numDtr 14 wars cnaiienaea . outririit.
18 .10 o'clock Sunday night Heartna; a while a few other somewhat doubtful
noise Inside, he looked, through ah open I were: allowed to pasa ' Out of, thl 14
Martin Denny, saloonkeeper at Third
and Jefferson streets, was arrested
early yesterday morning .. for selling
, liquor on Sunday. . Patrolman N. M.
Jone made the arrest - Denny ; asked
this morning In the municipal court that
tne case be tnea by a Jury Thursday
was set for the data';5,; y-W-aj.?,.
The patrolman passed the saloon at
ing - of ' the swinging outside doors
which had been closed. Four men were
seen at the bar,"dr)nklng.The bartender
-, was in . snort sieeve ana apron. One
of the four men ordered a second drink
and paid for tt- The patrolman knocked
at the door and it was opened by' the
proprietor. Five glasses of reer were
: on tne bar, but the bartender hurriedly
placed v them . under tha bar., - These
glasses were ' secured by Patrolman
Jones, however, for, evidence." Benny
deposited I100 ball ' for bis appearance
in court. The bartender of this place
waa recently round guilty-of serving
liquor, witn meal ana fined 1100.
there war sit which the petitioner was
forced to admit were illegal, some of
them being the signatures of persons
who bad not resided In Clatskanle for
years, but who had chanced to be here
visiting relative at the time the peti
tion was oeing circulated.
The city council . voted unanimously
to reject the petition and deny, the li
cense for the want of sufficient legal
signatures. j k-.VV'.' f. .?: --if-fjx
The attorneys for; the petitioner then
presented the liquor license of ' Frank
Hoffman, whose place waa closed by the
sheriff early in the fall, and ha since
remained closed,- and asked the council
to transfer it to their client The coun
cil considered o thl ran effrontery ao
great as to be hardly deserving of ac
tion, but to get the question out of the
way they voted Unanimously that they
ean urancisco, Nov. 10. rThe trial of wouia rnoi unaer f any considerauon
grant tne . tranaier witnout a ' petition
showing tt to be the' wish of the people.
City: Attorney Powell, advised this : aa-
tion,:?:..r:,;v..::...': 'y:i :.J.-1- k
the directors of the- Western Fuel com
pany, accused of conspiracy to defraud
the government; waa set here today
j or uecemoer ny united States , Dis
trict Judge Cooling. r'-y-: " ''V
4 . . " ' . ' . .-' - ........ . s
,i ! rn cp gr mnnvit nr'nn
Wim uitQ ,m i ; vtun i,n dci.ii
North Bend. Or., Nov. 10. Albert "H.
Dingman, Civil war vateran and . well
France to Vote) on Buttna.
i ai.1a.' : VfiV Ifl. MAnnminA,mMik tit
he would . introduce ; tomorrow a con
stltutlonal amendment enfranchising
the women of France was mad here
(hla afternoon by Deputy Andlreaux.
J: ', , .. i in . i.i- i' -
known resident of Coos Bay, is dead at Jforwood, Ohio, Ha $100,000 Flro.
his home in this city, aged 66 jears. Cincinnati, Nov. 10. A block of build
He leaves 10 children" and 14 grand- Ings; Including the water works system,
children.'' Dingman served In the In- at Norwood, near here, burned today,
dlana Infantry during; the war. - . The loss was about 1100,000.
arg next aprlngc.
Clatsop County Refuses Stay
of Execution . for ..'Judge '
, Taylor's Slayer, -
(Salrm BurM. of The Jouraal.) "
Salem, Or.. Nov. 10. The fight for a
stay of. execution : for Oswald Hansel,
sentenced .to be hanged next Friday for
tha murder of Judge Frank J. Taylor at
Astoria, will be carried to the supreme
court thla afternoon. Attorney George
Arthur Brown of Portland will argue in
behalf "of Hansel and Attorney General
Crawford, will oppose the application in
behalf 'or, Che S'tater'-.--.;''.'5"'-." : - ..
: Tha circuit court for Clatsop county
has- refused to grant a stay of execu
tion, and the caie will be argued before
the supreme court on appeal from that
decision, The attorney. general will op
pose the application on the ground that
a fair and - impartial trial T was given
Hansel, and that no errors of. law- were
committed. . ..: - , i
Attorney Brown said a stay of execu
tion.', waa being souaht so an aooeal
could be taken to the supreme court en
the ground that the trial Judge had re
fused to grant the defense a half hour
in which to present proofs' on which to
base a motion for a change of venue;
that the judge made statements prejudi
cial to the defendant and on points of
evidence ruled against relatihg to the
defendant' -mental condition, , '
I 11 : n
I f
ii i mil in
zQ Urge; Women's Garment and Millinery House in the t Northwest Q
WhL&wSmk:UeW:Tiinff. for; This
i Prices rEv
erne Siite
Rldgefleld, Wash., NovlO. The Van
couver high school debating team, com
posed of Daniel Shanedling. Austin Mo
Coy and Miss Velma Snider, defeated
the local team, composed of Myles Mur.
ray, Clarence Brunkqw and Miss Emma
Murray, The - question concerAd the
exoluslon of immigrants from southerh
Europa; The Vancouver debating team
had the negative side of the question.
Ths ' Judges -were . Professor Hendriok
of the Jefferson high school, Portland;
George Campbell, , superintendent . of
schools of Kalama, Wash.; Professor :
Koehn of Lincoln high school, Portland, '
and Rev, L. B, Quick, who presided at'
the meeting.
$25 Serge
. . i.. .
Suits at
Several of
smartest, new
models, tome
perfectly plain
tailored, with
square cut
coat others in
. 3-buttoa cut
away style, s
Latest draped and
Every sits, even
pictured st left
slashed, skirts.
stouts up to St the opportunity
larger women have been waiting
lor. - Fine, men's wear serge guar
anteed satin linings. Positive $25
Suits, tariff -reduction sale '
You've read how thousanck of Hollars' worth of woolens were held up in the
custom house in New York until the new tariff went into effect, admitting for-
.wi cijcii kumu at Kicauv rcuuixu uuivi - , .
. One maker brought over an immense shipment of imported , Blue "
Serges in . this way. He owned them for less than Blue Serges were
ever owned before! He also bought domestic Serges at 'way under
former mill prices, because of increased competition of foreign goods.
To make the story short, we secured 450 Suits of -these under'-
bought Navy Serges 1 They're the finest qualities, made up in the
smartest Winter styles. You know the wonderful service of a Blue
Serge... Such an opportunity'
as this is absolutely without
precedent in Portland, or-
' sBwUrlaMBi ' asklavsmt .'ITka !
chase is divided into four
lots. Read the prices now!
Plan to come the first thing ;
tomorrow morning ! ' .
1 I
eon Ql
ouits at
Excellent quality of
N a v v Serge, one
; model 1 In charming
,3-buttoft cutaway,
strictly tailored s
illustrated. Another
with pretty fancy
back. Guaranteed v
linings. ' Positive $20
Serge Suits, tariff- -
reduction salt
Sensational Waist Sale!
, ' ' '
.v-i IS :L
if -
$35, $37,so Serge Suils
At this ' price we
feature " especially
the Serge Suits for
stout women, up to
size 51. Extreme
ly aobbv models,
in . strictly : tailored
and semi-dressy ef
fects. One of the
smartest Illustrated
at left one-button
cutawav. coat, with
fancy back. Very
best Quality Men's
Wear , Navy ; Serge.
Positive $35 and
$17. 9 Suits, tartff-"
reduction : sale . for
ill 'W
Washington, Nov. 10. -By declaring
valid the federal. "hours of service law," ,
which prohibits railroads from working
trainmen more than It consecutive ,
hour a the United States supreme court
confirmed today the convictions of the
Missouri, Kansas A Texas railroad for
alleged violations of the act at Sherman,
Texaa. iVw 'f'?' ?: f.i.y WrSi ;-; ii
'Bertln,,'i;"Noy.' 16. Distress1 signal
from the German steamer Rhenanla
were received today at Lisbon, from the
coast of Spain near Vigo, according to
a. dispatch received here. , The vessel
carries $00 German soldier enroute to
German East' Africa .:.''.:.' , '. 'r : ;
." Incomplete lines from our new Fall stock of Waists,
ranging from $6.45 to $13.50,, with dozens at the high-'
est prices i Charming Blquses of silks and chiffom--striped,
plaid and plain messalines, filmy chiffons over
net High and low neck, long and short sleeves. Dainty.,
new frill, vestees,; and lacy yokes.
Suit blue, brown, taupe, vio-ll JI UH
let, black, white and novelties. fZ afj
Sizes 34 to 44.: Choose from If
Waists- ap to $13.50,v tomor-llr
row. at'S ., i: i'v'' 'v'i :i ..;,".. I
t'wely '
No , .
C O. D.
or Mail '
Laid .
Aside. ..
Aiaae oi unest uaniy iviens ,wr ixavy serge.L
in 6 different stunning new models, one exactly i
as pictured at right Some superbly plain tailored,
wun square cui,. coais- tiers long, gracciui cpt
away, lines, vmany with smart welt seams. . 'Skirts
arc plain, slashed
or draped. Best
quality Ski n-
nr"s satin lira-r-
ing, guaranteed
two sea- .
' sons.. Ab
solute $30'
xand $32.50
Suits, at
i !.-,L ' J II H K'Tf V
:- If!