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10, 1:1:
m coxitis
Figures Exclusive of - Eight o
Nine County Departments
Submitted Now. ' ;
Exclusive of eight or nlns; dspart
merits of the county governmeat which
. have not yet submitted estimate? of e
peases for 1914, the. budget advisory
. committee has received estimates which
total $1.2B8,877.; ! These havf been ten.
tatively approved,, but will be subject to
' the pruning process if It Is .found that
the county expenses are running; , wo
high.. The committee Is acting in an ad
vinory capacity in the matter and should
the county commissioner determine to
allow any Items which are not approved.
It May be done.
The committee will meet tomorrow,
when ft is expected that all estimates
will be banded la asd the actual con
alderatlon can ' begin. The estimates
which have been considered In a prelim
laary way so far are;; r- -r. '"'--' -'v: ",:
v.:' General Couaty 4ovoaeat,- ' " '"
County I - i.905
i-uron using agent .... ....-
Auanor - ,.. -i m . ... , f
As&essor, main division ......
Assessor, las collvctlng divi
sion .......................
Board of equalisation. ...,,.;''
Treasurer, main divlsloa. . ..-
. Treasurer, 'tag division , ,
County clerk salarles only)..
Sheriff, main division......
Sheriff, circuit -court division., ,
sheriff, criminal division.....,,
Sheriff, tax division.,........
Sheriff, supplies, all divisions.
Scaler weights end measures. s '
Courthouse, engineers-janitors ,
Armory. repairs -'
County surveyor. . . ...,'
Juvenile court, general....'.
Juvenile, courts widow's t pen '
slonS ; , . i '. .,'
District courts .i ;,'. ',. v, . k vj
h 8,00
J 7.250
, 6.100
that the exchanges were purely f al
routine nature and 'ordered before the
Mexican situation becameacute.;
Mexican' Charge d'Affaires Algara an
nounced today that congress win con
vene in Mexico City Nov. : SO. and re
sume the Jeglslatlve power which Presi
dent Huerta recently took to v himself.
He said he expected congress to Invali
date the last election, call a new one and
"proceed with Itg purpose of pacifying
the nation.- - -,a
rfilis: is AnmiiTTFn v immm
' RiTiiar MimnFR m onarge, is Made hat t code
WHILE .MOB - HOWLS I . . .,:',v . . r
: sons wno up Mot flunt, ,
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ef dlssDorovsl . from - tha rowA outalri
the courthouse. There would have been I Much, complaint hat been registered
a rush to get at Beills. but for the I during the present hunting season by
irwps, wno, wiin uxea oeyoiws, neia i people. not nunters, Who have been
bk,th throng. . ' ' ; Munableto purchase game of any kind
Beills burst Into tears of thanksgiv- - - awm .... rr.... - -r,,
log when the verdict waa announced. Z'. . . !...: r". V . V
Th i.ti iim. ode passed by the legislature last
strong guard of soldiers took him home, I winter; most; vsrletie4of game meats,
with howling mob at his heels. , : jebpcially of birds, could be purchased.
Coaascka with drawn sabers pa- lunaer certain conaiuoas, In the, mar
trolled the -streets tonight In readiness ket.;,;:-,v-' r,..' :,t:.v" ,'.:
to act at' the first sign ef an antl-j " Some of these eomplalnta "havV come
j.wmn outPiran, xn government, in-1 to trie attention of State Game Warden
different as it haa been to past upris-1 William r. Finlev. who-in a-Mtatomont
ings of the kind, realises that it can- Must issued, while deploring the . con-
not disregard the worm s opinion, and dltlons which make the purchase of
unauuDicuiy, ii whs ub)18voo, wouta ao i locally killed game prohibitive, , de
everythlng possible to keep order for clares that It is for the best interests
the' present. , ' of sport and , that results, since the
;, " 11 1 ,1 game sales have been stopped, bear out
flF-flRfllMT HFIl IC , two ract mat the ban is a good one.;
"w w . , ,1 i'.n market In h- .t h.. .
menace to the game of this atate." de-
n a rr rr-rl a nrn n a nni am oeing
nMUC, UCOLHnCd nMOOl ' the publlo markets, there was
- . -I . ... -1 no way in which we could stop the
Whoever may have insilsated hi I professional market killer from ex
cess,", said Dr. NMossesohn this noon, Wdin" all TMunds. i r . ; ' f
wants a taste of game. ' Z waa and still from, reaching the vessel. The vessel
am in favor of a checking system. This j was believed to be pounding to pieces.
would require the hunter to make affi
davits as to the number of birds he
killed. Then the birds might be sold to
the markets, and the market man would
then have to make affidavit,
i txxig in Michigan; Heavy.
Detroit. Mien., Nov. 10. The loss in
All birds Michigan alone as a result of the bll.
to be sold would have to be checked by rd last night and today was fixed
us, and we could thereby keep -a close
check on thejittuation. ' k ; "j '
"Of course there's' the remote possi
bility of lle wan. who wants the game
tn raliM It htmanlf. Nothlnir can chock
Hhfhi"1 rem" dgftiestlcaliy. raising and et-
lug all the game be wants to. 1 -
"I was In favor, as I said before, of
the non-sale of game, but with ducka :
and geese I wanted to try out the tag
ging system. In a. limited way we did
this last winter and spring, and It was
quite aucoessful.- v"::-
"i have found the sentiment of the
sportsmen the state over' to be aimoat
unanimous against tne saie or game.
this afternoon at SSOO.OOO. Crons and
shipping suffered heavily. Heavy loss
waa Inflicted at Port Huron, where a
terrlflo wind prevailed aU day.
-If only one' tttinks so, Kbvernbe'r's' aS
pleasant aa May.
Physicians ? attending Miss Mabel
Stark, a circus rider attached . to the
Al G. Barnes wild animal show, winter
lng at the Country club, who was in
jured Saturday morning when thrown
from a plunging horse, stated today that
she la suffering from a fracture at the
base of the skull. The injury is a seri
ous ' one. but it Is not expected that
death will result Bhe waa In a semi
conscious state for St hours following
the ' acil K-nt, but et'emed much better
this mornliih'. i lie Is at Uood Samaritan
hoepital. , . . .
". MontavlllA School Meeting. ;
Shall hot lunches be served pupils of
MonUvllla school? Shall a nlKht school
be organized? ; These questions will be
discussed , at a. meeting of the Monta
vllla Parent-Teacher circle In the audi
torium of the Montavlila school tomor
fow afternoon -at A o'clock. The impor
tance of the subjects' to be discussed he's
been given as reason for a large attend
ance. . '
, s .1. 'i 'i,,f v:.';, ',:j
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and according to an anonymous letter! "Praetlcallv evarvwhsra In the TTnitad
published . In Vienna- it waa: Stolynln. I States now." said tha same warden.
tha question was not about BellJs, He "game sales have been stopped and the
pjayeo, me smallest part in it. -It Is movement for the conservation of same
true the Jews pitied Beills. but It was) birds and animals has taken a vast
not a question or jueuia- acquittal as a stride as a result.
penun.. . ta eiiis - autocratic Russia I tt.. ... . ... . ... ..4
, ' " :, J. , pheasanta. any kind of game.' ta fact,
ltiMiJ P the world of ritual 0an be brought lata Portland markets
?fe1?-e ttae-v-jVw iiT.'VTJ. from foreign eouatrtea and aold. f There
. ... ,T.TL1W.!l!' ... . r,Md,op T1 is no limit on the quantities. ThO
' " T.-Va,..-T -Jl i.-i stuff of course has to go through the
o.0o gJfiZZJiZi 0UttomB of,,CM n there, are some
IT 8 .,':,Bor the-acquittal of I a0ti,g to ba paia.. which makes the
mm f., :r.rmfn .rh3 .to p- wt w, . prbbi,
- i'tV,'.. "'" - V i if'sftl niu.' Vh. - " v I " wut ntiaua ail winter, a local mar-
Uistrlct attorney ............ . ii, 7 I ueiirs or the Jewa -... Ik., k..,..i. h.
. r v.. m , " v , ' J Th. im,i,h .piM. .vi.k .v. I ,.n phsasaata that are Import-
Siipertntendent f schools..;., Inerstone of the Jewish religion, pro-1 "V .m." v .IiiJ. kvl
WWta the use even of animal blood ZZZ iT ZT"Z "I
- I (Lav. . 111-17 ' w(l-9, t.. I "
. i':! xv:?3 and many more). This
DrohlDltlOn of utlnir hlmvl waa .
ordered to the Christians of both pagan
1 " ' a sE " vbtousm ox ootn pagan
S2, hiaptaV te.Jr'SiVf i
ier poor relief. Incomplete. . ; I.H58v-mi Talmud Is only a commen-
J.iur.ry aiuu vrncH. ........
Board of health .... ...;,.'...
I-'ruit inspector ... .
:-'.-r--- Chajrlty.'it..1!'';
County farm
. ' .7 "i : It.i ik. vim. t.
County Jail (sheriff; . "J ,!M hd did not change the law. Murder la
Kelly Butte tail shertff).. ., : 4,140 prohibited by the Decalogue, and cer
trailer Detention Hume...... , 0,17 tainly the Calmadio Rabble could not
. fcaige xiQges saa -reraas ' isn aid not change it. - This, by itself,
Bridges -. , . .... , , . . : S;-1?' I proves the absurdity of the Blood
rerneo .i , . ., ; ta,,,, i my,"
auperimenaeai s awan1,.! ., - , ,avv
First district . ....... ,vmm W.27I UtMHANT IU bUUK .
Second district .........a,,,.. SS.300 1 . ...,. . .7,. ZJTll ...
5con,bia morvMhwW.:.!e mi f AMERICAN POLICY IN
County farm demonstration..-.,
Multnomah county fair.......
. Somera unit system ..........
minor baseball ; league'a meeting, - The
dsleeatea were tnafiy hours late. ' '
Tranea tlant 10 liners arri vma at ew
York and Boston reported a terrlflo
gale and mountainous seas. ' Lake ship.
Ding ran for the nearest ports. It was
feared 1 there must -have been heavy
losses and perhaps drownings, but com
munication was so much interrupted
that details were unobtainable.
- Eastern Canada reported sero weather.
! During the height of the bltssard, An-
tone Ziupsups was blown from the West
Twenty-second street ' bridge, and 4 an
unidentified man from the Fuller street
bridge into the Chicago river. Both were
drowned. '
,. v, ,r: :v .1 , -.r -; ' ' . ... r . r'. v c
Snow 11 Inched Deep in Pittsburg.!
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 10. The Heavy
snow storm which, beginning here early
Sunday, was still sweeping- this region
today, haa broken all local November
records. Snow was eleven, inches deep
mis morning ana more was ' falling; 1
Many trains war availed. Street car
trafflo waa nearly tied up. Several col
lisions occurred. ' Telegram and . tele
phone services were nearly p rostral sd.
, . Lake Steamer , I Aground. '
v Calumet. Mich, Nov. X0A f uUle at
tempt was made today by the Eagle
Harbor llfeaavlng erew to reach a large
ana unidentified lake steamer aground
off Manitou Island In Lake Superior. A
IS mile gale prevented the life savers
"... S.000
- 1J40
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courthouse and that the library build
ing had been paid for entirely. -
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kTiii. n;J;" a; mendiy relations wiu
1913. ending September 10, last, -of the Oermaa. Minister Yon Hlntse and that
Items which are not tn and which will the latter was Lind'S guest at luncheon
be used as the basis of estimating next yesterday, with open satisfaction,
year's expenses In these departments are: Berlin officialdom, waa said to believe
Insane . I 1,430.00 that no possible advantage Germany
' Armory general expense; 736.84 could gain , In Mexico would be half ae
i itcuci -s -a. e s; e ( .-:
' VSuT "ill? friendship for England and the
Heal estate matters 4.407.0J ;uutu,0" wit of a similar American
St-aip bounty . Zi.aO I B01,"a yv.wenasmp w uermany,
Circuit court ................ ea.iM. 13
. Multnomah county will have, onnana . Qtbers Powera Are Cold.
a balance. I261.061.J7. and in the road n.f w 'X' I 'TJi 1
fund, il69.6H7.86. according; to County SSSXLi
Auditor Martin. These amounts, as well f,!.. W!?i"fn d.mlnltra-
aa an estimated $10 J.OOO from soufces r .V.:rfL AT, u Tl v m
other than taxation, will p. available la 1 'IVnmen t,
addition to the 1013 Uxe. for next wUlnli." ?L,J1
, Auditor Martin ' reported that, in hi .hi.tioV. a lZZr7Zl
estimate of unexpended balances ba had ?,LJ ?5?.!5?
made provision for payment of al bUls I ZZWIZiAjr : '1.
of the county, for the completion of the Hev:- thwuii thITtf. ia .ZZ
ponrthoiui. and h,i th, lihr.i-. HniM. uv they said, that the old world gov
ernments wouia care to give President
wuson an entirely free hand.
Diplomats In Paris seemed to believe
I that practically the whole of- Europe
i tavors Mueria,
"Assassination" Only. Brawl?
Havana. Nov." 10. Following General
Felix Dies' Indictment on an accusa
tion of "discharging firearms in a nub-
i tne raise for the city engineer, stated I no placer; Cuban ponce officials said
thst there were in Portland plenty of (today that they did not think an at-
good sngineers, but not one who would I tempt wae 1 made ' to assassinate .the
, make a "municipal'' engineer. 1 He plans Mexican .ex-presldent's nephew. Their
y to import a man from some other state, opinion was that he was engaged In an
."with the increase allowed for this pe- ordinary Street fight.' Dies denied fir
bltlon, it means that tne man aDDolntM Ina a olatol. The do) Ice said ha did.
will be given the same salary aa the nd then hahded the weapon to one of
; mayor and $1000 more a year than Is his frlenda. He ?,waa at-liberty under
- now Being receivea By DleCK, ' f (00 bait.
ai present tne saury paid for a City
engineer Is 12400 a year, and the same
for the city attorney and municipal
Judge. The budget committee had al
lowed $4500 for. the position of . city
engineer.: $4000, for the city attorney
' and $U000 t foe the : municipal judge
These were all changed by. the action
this morning.- : ,-"" B
The council this morning lopped . off
-'the appropriation, of about $3000 for
'the health- department for, school 'tut
, spectlon, with the undersUnding .that
the worwlli be done by the school
, board, k The free-dental cllnlo main
, tained In , connection with the school
Inspection was cut. The city paya $120
a year for dentist and 10 a fear for
an assistant working one day a week
at preeent';wj,tt,j':,-'-
Iwo meat tHSpeotorSone at a salary
of 11440 a year and another a $1200 a
. year were allowed for the health de
' " partment by the joouncll. No nth.,, m-
" changes were made from those recom
mended by the bndzet
,were made this morning for a iTMalled
,uu..v..,vu ,t xuw Kwmprenensive budiu
stimatss to be used In connection wif
vnj nui ptiiuiv Hearing, V
,,'JJ;-r t ,t . mm , , ,
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. the United States have complicated the
; situation and made it mors difficult to
reach a settlement ,,: t: -,,
It waa admitted that Lind had mad
daiinlte representations to HutrtaHanJ
1 hat no reply had yet been . received
.from the latter'- '9 Vv
gays SleeUoa Waa xavallo.
The state department received friin
Charge O'KHaughnessy thle afternoon
the text of Hucrta'g note- to the dinio.
matio. corps lit Mexico City gaturdaV
; nif ht. saying the recent election was In
valid and that he nun ; ,i, .,..
until another president baft be elected I '
; l iit implying that he nevertheless con-1 -
r.mrr mat tne Mexiuen congress waa
-lly elected, It will not be so recog
m1 by. the United "States, however.
There were several transfers of Unit-
I Motes troop today from northern t0
r uuthfcay poats. The southbound
. -.1. 111K nia were relieved. Iioweyor, by
v.;,fis northbound, and It waO tali hri
A Flower Lover's Paradise
Second Annual
Nov, 11th and 12th
' at the; '-::. ;:
icnin aiiu voucn
A "Magnificent "display
that will excel any flow
er show ever held west
of. Boston. ' .
Music by 25 Soloists from
Portland Symphony
f " t' (k
' 1 h
.1 ,-
Admission 50c " , Children 25c ' '
Open Tuei; 2 to 11 p. m., WctJ. 10 a. m. to 11 p.'m.
Children attended adults Free Wednesday,' 2 to 5 P. M.c
I HP1 1 : "
; 'IhinlcerG ; . .
f .,. . . . ,S ' FOOD , t-
" -ir.rr,.., . "nl "e-tuflding elements so important to both phys- -
35? " ical and mental up-keep. '" '' :."4.-, i:.,i'''"y :'-
, Tbousands of thiiJdng people enjoy their regular ' morn-'
v Vfe.iiig cof .Grape-NuU' wid -cream.-,: ' 4t 4
Trial provei h ' ' ' t . ! ,
:?f:,f 1 . V ; 1 V for Grcph-Nah v '-
; , Sold by Grocers everywhere; V. 1- ' A
J" 1 m 11 ' 11 - . .1.1. -J L-t-JU . .,.',1 i 'JL.,1 .'-,.i ' j.ih.i n ,i'il4LI. ..! .'..J'. '-I -U J I I . . 1 .... S
' ' 1 ' ' ' - ' ft
; Hate ? X Hats
Tried. JAk Trnn-aed
, -V! ijiiij ,i,t . ,j . v
"n7"T" - JJ "
' . . -i . . ... . , .: " ' . .
Velour Feltc and YelvetG
Values Up to $5;00 Each
Untrimmed Plush arid Velvet
Hats Worth Up to 10 for
Every Untrimmed Hat in the Store is included in . this sale Every bright-finished
Felt, every Plush and Velour Hat, every Velvet and plain Felt Hat. No restrictions."
-No limit-r-takeone or all. Sale Tuesday and Wednesday only. See window display
Values to $S for 95c Values to $10 for $2.45 ;
' V ' r - v t 1 y (
Children's $1.50 Trimmed Hats 50c
f A A t
., - .... ,
Choico of All OuUren. Trimraea Hatt. including ail values 'CfiJJ
up to ?1.50, Tuesday and Wednesday at this low figure, only f V
ChoTce of Children'a Trimmed Hats, all values up to 3.00 each, JM
specially priced for Tuesday arid Wednesdayat; low, price, only
Good Roads for Telephone Talk
HE good roads movement has not been confined to the highways.
The Bell Telephone system has covered the country with "good
roaas" tor telephone .talk, reaching every nook and corner.
sThere are more, than 12.000,000 miles of these "good roads" in the
Bell system. Some of .them are strung in single1 pairs or in aerial
cables from poleto pole;;1 others are hidden away in underground con-"
duits; they cross lofty mountain chains; pass unddr mighty rivers and ,
reach the heart of - each industrial and commercial center of the na-'
tion and to the most remote habitations. - .
These "good telephone roads' of the Bell system are all operated '
, by one system; under one policy, forming one continuous system' of.
intercommunication, They connect more than-7,500,000 telephones
for universal service..' . ' -
v . - - ' Every Bell ' Telephone Is V , , ,
, " . ; a Long -DUtance Station '