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    ACT EH all. th subject of a ult evening wrap for the fall
ana winter should not be very
, perplexing. . Tha plain and pro
tadod valour' and aatlna with
lwtwed. i) in, Grauii7
no they oaa scarcely eaip u-
sr satisfactory. k (
Tf ihin tint ,. til niain , and
li-oradedl fabric ar combined wit tha
x pres purpose of off eattlng the, beauty
of each, whether they are of the Bam
or contrasting color. jsiveryruui
fur-trimmed, and even, though a wrap
were extremely simple in design, a col
lar and cuff set or a neck band of fur
v 121 speedily raise It from mediocrity
to a plana intensely mora interesting
Bear, akunk. and fox ar most in de
mand for the purpose, Pt here are sev
eral cheaper furs that are quite aa ef
fective, auoh a moufflon, dyed raccoon,
1 and; civet cat.l:,;Jrt,:J';l'l:'
- A particularly pleasing model 1 de
signed for today's sketch, carried out
in lichen green brocad and plain yelour
with bear skin utf and collar.
It is ct on thai approved lines wide
armed and baggy and tapering at the
! knees, t Tba sleeve ar set in moothly
under th dropped shoulder and fla
shed with a corded seam. Tha lower
r.rt nt Tha rarment U deeply faced with
plain velour and edged with a oaerow
box-plaited heading of the same. vTh
right side of th wrap la caught up in
bunched drapery wher it featna across
the left aide, and ther Is on long ash
end hung from th point of fastening.
The back of tha garment 1a slightly
gathered on to a ahallow squar yok;
acros tha shoulders that 1 outlined
with a self covered cording.
Probably th most noticeable feature
is th very broad upstanding collar that
rise abov th fur collar. This is very
new ' and becoming. It J facd with
ivory whit charmense lik th lining) ,
so that ther 1 no color against th
face. Til la a particularly good ar-
Isittle Stories
Building the Dam.
' By Thornton W.Burgesa.
(Copyright. Mil. by J. O. Lloyd.)
Faddy the Beaver was busy cutting
down trees for the dam he had planned
to build. Up, In the wood of th north
fronj whieb ho had com ' to , th Green
Forest he had learned all about th tree
cutting and dam building and canal dig
ging and house building. Paddy's fath
er and mother had been very wise In 'the
days of the beaver world, and Paddy bad
been quick to team. So now he knew
Just what to do and. the best way of
doing it .You know,' a great many peo
ple wast tlm and labor doing thing
.the wrong way, ao that they have to be
done over again. ' They forget to be
sure they are right, and go ahead, until
they find they are wrong; and all their
work goes for nothing. i
But Faddy the Beaver isn't this kind.
-Paddy would never have leaped into the
spring with the steep -. aides . without
looking, aa Grandfather , Frog did. So
now be carefully picked out the tree to
cut. He oouldn't afford to want, tlm
cutting down a tree that wasn't going
to b just what wanted when It waa
down. When he was sure that tha tree
was right he looked up at the top to be
sure that when he had cut it would fall
clear of other treea He had learned
that when he waa unit young and bead-
leas. ' He remembered Just how be bad
Telt when after working : bard, . oh, so
hard, to cut a big tree be had warned
all his friends to get out of the way ao
that tbey would not be hurt when It fell,
and then it hadn't fallen at all beoaus
the too bad caught in another tree. He
we so mortified that be didn't get over
. U for a long time. "VO "" sVPv
So now be made sure -that the tree
was going to fall clear and Just where
be wanted It Then he sat up on hi
bind legs, and with hia great broad tail
for a brace began to make the chip fly.
you know Paddy has tb most wonder
ful teeth for outtlng. -V They are long
and broad and sharp. " lie would begin
by making a deep bite, and then another
Just a Httl way below. Then he would
pry out tha little piece of wood between.
When he had out very deep on one lde
t o that the tree would fall that way,, he
would work around to tb other side.
Just a soon a the tree began to lean
and be was tur that it waa going to
fall he would acamper away so as to b
out of danger. He loved to aee thoe
tall tree lean slowly, forward, : then
'Rrincipeillv'fvbout People
Wallace B. Btruble, well known in
Portland, has resigned the secretaryship
t of tlie Lewlston, ' Idaho. ' Commercial
'club, and Of the Idaho-Washington De
velopment , league,.; to .take up active
field work for the Columbia & Snake
Klver Waterways association. ; His res
ignation takes effect December '.'.'
,a .
i 3. 19. Oat as, of 'SealUe, who Is plan
, ring to build a big natatorlum at. Sea
' side, returned yesterday from , a . trip
east, where he went In th Interest of
I his project, and la registered at the
, Multnomah,' enroute home. He 'reports
A Doctor's First
l : . Ques tion Is
"How are Your Bowels?" A
't Simple Remedy that Guar
antees Good Bowel Action.
Trace th origin of the commoner Ills
of life and almost Invariably you will
find that constipation was the cause. It
is not to ba expected that a mass of fer
mented food can remain in the system
bpyond its tune without' vitiating the
blood and affecting tbe nerves and mus
cles, i It congests th entire body.
The result ar col da. fevers, pile.
J rudaches. and nervousness, with Ita ac
companying Indigestion and aleepless
rnna. There is only on thing to do, and
that is to remove th trouble; and when
i nture seem unable to do it, outside aid
! necessary. Tou will find th best of
ell oumldo aids a remedy that 'many
thousanda are uow using for this very
ynrroRe, cJled Vr. Caldwell's ijyrup
Ivptiin. Many hundreds of letters are
received by Dr. Caldwell 'telling of th
' i m:t results obtained,' and among' the
i I'luxiastla letter Is one from Lieut
i ;. s: vaughan, of .623 W, North St, Do
. . uir, 311.', He Is 71 and had bad liver
1 stomach 'since he came out of the
: my, lie says b tried about vry-
ii i ri tr. but never succeeded In getting
r rmnnent relkf intll h took Dr. Cald
v - U t-yrup Pupslnw, H Is never with
i i n bottle In th house, and he I never
i 1 ' "'it pood health. .
it 1 s untold advantages-over pills,
t j-"1 th various cmin cathartics
! ji.-.i atlves, for whllo these Oo but
Evening: Wraps have H never been
.v.: more handsome. .-. .
rangement if th color of on' wrap la
rather bright or Inclined to be trying. '
faatef and faster till they struck, tha
ground with a crasn. , -iv-x. ..'.:.::. -i
v Just as soon as tbey were down h
would trim off th branches until th
tree were Just long pole, Thla was
easy work, for he could take off a good
alsed branch with one bit. On many ne
left' their ' boshy tops. When he had
trimmed them to suit him he would tug
and; pull them down to the place where
h : meant hi ' dam to be. There he
placed th' pole aid by side, not across
the Laughing Brook Ilk a bridge, but
with the big nda pointing up tb
Laughing Brook,, which waa quit broad
but ahallow right there. To keep then!
from floating away he rolled stones and
plied - mud on the bushy ends. - Clear
across on both sides he laid those poles
until th land began to rise. Then he
dragged more pole end piled on top of
these and wedged abort atlcka crosswise
between them. And all we time the
Laughing Brook was having harder and
harder work to run. Its merry, laugh
grew lesa merry, and finally : almot
stopped, because, f res l aee, the water
could not get through between all thoB
pole and stick fast enough. It was
Just about that time that the little peo
ple of the Smiling Fool decided that It
waa tlm to se Jut what Faddy waa
doing, and started up the Laughing
Brook, leaving only Grandfather Frog
and the Tadpole In the Smiling Pool,
which for a Uttl while would amll no
mora , . s . ,
- Naxt story; " Beaver Has
Many Visitors."
considerable success in the east He 1
accompanied by his, wife, ; -
i ' i-
v.-1.' H. Ferguson, J. I Felgar and wife
and A, Blnshelmer ar Londoner who
ar - registered at th Oregon. Tbey
ar all pn a glob trotting tour.
A..v,..;v:;..;i,; :.f- ,y,v':r
SusIn.ess' Is good and 1 everything
look bright for a big holiday season,"
said F. J.' Borbard, a merchant of Ka
lama, who is a truest at th Imperial,
while on a shopping tour of tbe city.. ,
. Aniong th Oregonlans .registered at
the Portland are Mr. and Mrs. O. C.
temporary 'good,- Syrup Pepsin cure
porrnanQntlyyrThe effect of Its action Is
to train the atomach and bowel muscles
to do their work naturally again, and In
a ehort time all forma of medicine can
be dispensed with. , It can , be bought
without Inconvenience at any nearby
drug atore Jjor fifty cents and one dol
lar a bottle, the latter else being regu
larly bought by those who already know
Hi value. Jtosult are always, guaran
teed or money will be refunded.
Families wishing to try free sample
bottle can obtain It postpaid by address
ing Dr. W. B, Caldwell, 419 Washington
ft, Monticello. 1. A' postal curd with
your name and address on it w 111 do.
C"Si-' -Mai ?if
B-'iiiwisiiiiT-v-" r -wii miim -Iiwibbi- mi -n iiiiti i imiTi"rnfl
Flavel, JIlM Nellie Flavel. fid C. 1
Houston, of Aatona; air., ana Airs, eura
IT '. no ,r n Th, rtnltas- Hti IT. V.
Sully and Miss F, Hope Sully, of Mc-
Minnvuie. i,,:v, ';!-, .
. .V ... .( ; . '"V ' ii ii . . i,
Hugh B. O. Robertson,' a woolen man
ufacturer of Skalmortle, Scotland, is
registered ar tne Multnoman.
W.:F. Morgan and wife, of New York,
are registered at the Multnomalu
tor ox argo, ,i at ne iauiuiwuum.
. Mrs.- B. B. Shepherd : and dau ghler
Rene, of Billings, Mont., are guests at
the Multnomah.'-.''-v ir;
Dr. B.-- J. Pilkington,' of " Astoria i
registered at th Oregon.
C. H. Baker, a shoe manufacturer of
Loa Angeles, is stopping at tna Oregon.
H. Edaell,.U. 8. immigration-Inspector
at , Angel Island, is registered - at
the Oregon with his , wife, . from San
Francisco. '"('.,,:.'.' iU-"'': ' ' 1 .
Mark Moorhouse, a business man of
Pendleton, la at the Imperial. '
W. F. McGregor, a cannery man of
Astoria, Is a guest at tbe Imperial.
Lee Matlock, a rancher of Goshen, Is
a guest at the Imperial.
Charles T.. Early, a railroad man of
Hood River, is stopping at the Im
perial. . 1 i
E. J. Glenn, a realty man of Imbler
is registered at the Perkins.
: J. M. Miller, a merchant of Rillsboro,
Is stopping at the Perkins.
' E. F. Yerger. a merchant of New-
berg, 1 registered at-th Parkin. -
GeorK W. Rouse. - a merchant of
Roseburg, is stopping at the Perkins. ;
Mrs. Marcus Feet of seaaide, is reg
istered at the Nortonla, ,
G. Morris, of Grand Rapids, Mich.,
is stopping at tb Nortonla.
R. B. Lorran. of Detroit, Mich.,. I
registered at' th Nortonla. - t
R, J, Woodruff; a hotel man Of Hood
River, la stopping at. the Cornelius, t
F, B. Mitchell, a merchant of. Baker,
la a gueat at the Cornelius.
i J. Crocker, a merchant of Goldendai,
and wife, are at th Cornelius.
. H. M. Crook, president- of Alhary
college, is stopping at tha Cornelius. .
J. II. Hayes, a business man, la reg
istered at the Portland from Seattle.
Rev. and Mrs, C. W. Robinson and
Mrs. a A. Flnley, of Philadelphia, ar
at the Portland.
Mr. and Mr. W. Blnkier are regis
tered at the Portland from Philadel
phia, Mr, Slnkler is a banker.
: Mr. and Mrs. A, Relnholm. of Stock
holm, Sweden, ara at the Portland.,
i i mi ii i i i.iii. , i ii In '
- Organize Circle at Ladd School.
A parent-Teacher association waa or
ganised last evening at th Ladd sohoo!
with the following officers: President
Mrs, W. B. Htnson; vice president Mra
Haseltina; secretary,; Mrs. Leet; treas
urer, Mra, D. C Burns. Ther were
about 200 people present and In addi
tion to the business there was an inter
esting program; ? Short speeches war
made by Superintendent Alderman and
O. M. Plummer, The Ldd school or
chestra gave musical selections and
there ..were several songs by th pupil
of the' uppet grades. A . number of
charming game and folk danoea were
given by the lttue people under too ai
rectlon of Miss Johanna Cramer. , :
fm Parent-Teacher. Associations. ' .
' The Portland Parent-Teacher associa
tions held their monthly meeting in the
library yesterday afternoon, tbe presi
dent Mra F. S. Myera presiding. Miss
Mary ; France Isom, librarian, read an
interesting saner in which ahe touched
upon th need for a modified return of
the old methods of controlling and re
straining children -rather than the pre
sent day tendencies of too much liberty.
She Outlined 'suitable reading for chil
dren, mentioning a list of good book
and a number of thoee not desirable for
the use of children. . . c v .-..
Mrs. Tacob Kanxler, th mother of the
ptis winning baby of th state, read
In excellent paper on "Feeding of Ba
bies," laying special stress on the aeo
eesity for absolutely pure milk. There
waa considerable disoussion of the plan
of teaching housekeeping at the Albina
Homestead school, . A two story house
ha been rented near the school and the
first floor ef this is to be-Tltted-up in
a way to give the girls a chance to
learn th practical duties of housekeep
ing, washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking,
etc. Mis Lillian , Tingle, th head of
tbe domestic science department of the
public school 8, will supervise the fur
nishing of th house and will start this
new department ef work, "'.' '
: Mrs. R. E. Bondurant wa made chair
man of a committee to arrange for a
meeting next week looking toward the
organization of a parental school. Gov
ernor West Superintendent : Alderman,
Judge Gateng and H. C. Krum, probation
of fleer, - will be asked to address thit
meettng.1-; Ifih -' s' ':
The associations 'decided to hold A
luncheon prior to th regular monthly
meeting, hereafter. A committee was
appointed to seoure a place for th hold
ing of the luncheon, after which th reg
ular meeting will be held at th library,
.Women's Good Government Club.
' One of the liveliest meetings in the
history of the Women s. Good Govern
ment club was held at tha public library
yesterday afternoon,' when former Sena
tor Jonathan Bourne addressed the or
ganisation on "The Referendum.", After
Mr. Bourne had analysed th referendum
and explained his reason for the belief
that the people will never adopt legiu.
lation -against the general welfare,
President Alice R,' Nugent threw In
meeting open for Questions or com
menta. Replying to questions, the
speaker said that In hla opinion women
will take a deeper and less selfish ;in
terest in government than th men and
that within two decades they will be th
dominant Influence in politics, becaAiee
tha woman looks farther Into the future
for the welfare of the child than doe
the man whose chief thought Is for the
need of th day. , . , -.
When one woman in the audience ex
pressed the opinion that It would
be Impossible to secure signatures
to Initiative and referendum peti
tion ' If Bourne' bill i to ? oro
hlbtt paid circulation should be adopted.
Bourne replied that if that be true, then
his bill 4 wlU..not be submitted, for be
will not pay a cent for the circulation
of any petition, and tbe bill will not be
adapted unle ,' tb ; peopl
adopted. ' ,' .', ";'.'.. '"
"It would be tM - right." i! declared
Bourn' critic, "if all th people would
take as much Interest in working for
what tbey want aa the socialists do. The
socialists are th only, on who have
ever been able to get signatures without
paying the circulators. Th rest of us
must show as much earnestness in
worlctng tor the things we .believe In."
' WinnWl W. O. T. IT. '
, The Willard W, C. T. U. met today
and made its plan of work for the com
ing year at the house of the president
Mr. Pugh, at l Emerson street
Washington, Nov.- 7. .Th comptroller
of the currency has received an appli
cation to organise the First National
Bank of Browns vill, with a capital of
125.000, by Joseph Hume, P. D. Beatty.
.T. H. Saniuelson, W. D. Washburn. Ira
tlutchlngs and Burt CiiUaftAy, v '
i .i' - i i - , a '-: . ' i:..:.':v ' i ' , - i
Miss Charlotte Walker, leading vJbman.
Imagine a rugged mountain son In
Virginia; towering pinnacles of rock,
phalanxad s hosts t of s: majestio treeaj
yawning canyons) wild flowers haver
ing about moss covered ledges, Chd
water falling rythmlcally over he dlny
brink. In the foreground place a lone
pine tree sentinel;' and flitting about
the rugged trails a mountain fairy, in
the shape of a beautiful maiden, bare
footed, and With -long, flowing tresses.
It was an alluring scene like this at
the opening of the first act that greeted
the eyes of the thousands who packed
the Hellig theatre last, night ;
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine," In
cento effect alone, la a "remarkable
combination, of life and color. It is
th mirror held up ' to nature, reflect
ing all the beauty and charm of the nn
MJs Charlett Walker, in . the char
acter of June, was the '.cynosure of ail
eyes.' It would be a strange sight in
deed, to witnesa a simpl country maid
en romping about th mountain home,
but it was Just such a sight that might
be witnessed In the secluded retreat
where moonshiners live.
The play is founded on the novel of
the same name by John Fog Jr, n-y.--
Miss Walker, as June, is th almpl
country maiden. She meets an engineer
who has gone into the bills to locate
mining claims. ' He becomes Interested
in the nymph of the mountains and In
duces her to obtain, an education. She
falls in love with him, but the man de
clines to reciprocate her love. He has
been told that ah is not th proper
person for him to marry..; But after
suffering financial reverse, the engi
neer, being too proud to return to New
; ; If you positively knew
kvan1 nw. latat rMrfrlfr1 '
reduced $252.50, you'd be
, But suppose you haven't the money to pay all cash for
such a player piano, even at such a wonderful saving in
price, and you found that one of these fine, new instru
ments would be delivered to you on payment of only
$2.50 a week. Then surely
Don't hesitate now. ; Make home a musical home, for
the above actual price saving, and also the easy terms of
payment, are offered to you now in this undertaking,,
which will be without question ,the most successful of
many successful sales we've ever conducted
; . It can only be a question of proof now. That's easy.
YoU surely can quickly find out what, is obtainable eke
where for $700. Shop around all you want to, find out
for yourself the utmost, to be had in new plyer pianos
anywhere for $700. " Don't look at anything for less than
$700 look only at the very finest and most expensive
instruments. Then come here and you'll get a better, a
more valuable player piano, abetter in tone and better in
the artistic rendering of your favorite selections, tX this
saving ye've stated, and on payments cf 2.50 a wee!:.
Tork, decides to settle down In the re
gion of the moonshiners. So h mar
ries tha girl. v
The sentiment and charm of the pieee
are brought out vividly by Miss Walker
and hr supporting company. . Thar
are bloody -feuds between rival moun
taineers, and the crack of th -rifle is a
frequent sound In the region where
every, man goes with bis rifle in hand
ready to defend his own life or avenge
tbe death of another. V v
r The Trail of the-Lonesome Pine"
will be repeated tonight tomorrow night
and at tomorrow matinee.
v The -cat:'l 3..' " cr: J':,
Jun, Miss Walker, John Hale, engi
neer at tha Gap, George Bancroft; Bob
Berkeley, Hale' friend, Daniel Jarrett
Jr. 5 Unole Billy, Jusuc of ; tn peace.
George Woodward ; Ole Hun. 1 hi ; wlf ,
Ada Nevil; Judd Tolllver, Jun's father,
W. a Hart: Dave Tolllver. 'Judd's
nephew, , Willard 'Robertson; vLoretty
Tolllver. Dave's sister, Miss Alice Mar
tin; Cal Heaton, Loretty's bau;- Cyrus
Wood. , -
' Hlllsboro. Qr, Nov. .-xt Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday Hlllsboro w'll
be host to pedagogues from all sections
of- tbe county, when tbe annual county
institute will be held in this city. Each
day the time of th teachers 4 will be
taken up with a . varied program that
ha been prepared for their instruction
and entertainment ,
Monday evening the Commercial club.
- people
hi' i ' 7 w 4 i t k "
;ave. ::
' - .- i. 'i l.f ', t : .' : i .
that the f best, warranted,
rn1 $7fMl nlswv nisnne umm
intensely interested would :
you wouldn't hesitate.
will entertain the teachera with a "mu
sical end aoclal proKram. and Tuesduy
evening they will listen to eddreime
by Dr. Eliot and Dr. House, of Port
land, who will speak on social hygiene.
""' Resign to Keep Jobs.
' (gIn Bur of Tbe Journal.)
C3 ! rw xrA,r 7 - A mAfinii of y.
tending ' their terms Of office , to cor
respond with the newly appointed coun-
n u
:; -SB Mm II,
- t . v , - .
It will take you just about five minutes
to learn how to crochet this little garment.
And you will find so many uses for it that
you will wonder how you got along with
- out it. Some women make them : up hi'
odd shades to contrast well with the coat.
;They are so inexpensive , that yoii "can
afford several. Send the coupon below,
, for complete directions. . The yarn used is
Fleisher' Germantown Zeohyr, 4-fold,
, one of the sixteen : "
These yarns are spun of the finest wools by processes
that retain all, of the "life" of the delicate wool fibres.
This produces a softness and elasticity , that hard wear
will not damage. i That is why garments made of the
Fleisher Yarns are so durable. Whatever kind of yarn
you need, always insist on FleisherVr-look for the trade
mark on every skein. - ; " ' : ;
VaKtinfr Worst ' j' , ' "v , feeesW Te Vfeel '.'
FpeoUb Wente '. T7Tii ,
1lifdnnWM M, . ....
' " flip ftwjaa tta Tia '
H Mail thU Co-po. t 3. & ft k W, tlBSOOt, IuIa!lpaU 2
Genuine Nev $700 Player
' 1 t " v
,. . 1 1
Do you suppose we'd make a statement like this if U
couldn't stand the test? . ; , ( ' i , ' .
' ! ' - ' -' A ; ! ; ' - v " : .
; , Aside from low price and easy'terms, if you will take
one of these fine instruments you secure a money-back
guarantee and free music-roll service, under which a se
lection of the very best rolls of. music are supplied free of
charge to each buyer of one of these player pianos They
may be exchanged without charge. Free bench, rree de
livery. No extras. " . .
i" ' " ' ,-,''',, -' 4 1
' We agree also to ship one of these player pianos any
where in the Northwest, subject to examination and trial.
Send for descriptive catalog or telephone . us; or, better
still, come in:cc!l2,tcly to the hi? piano houss, Broadway
at Alder, ar.d c'l ens. EILERS MUSIC HOUSE, Th?
Nation . Lrrc::t, Ei!crs CuiUIn:.
ty attorneys. District. Attorney D. II.
Upjohn, of PolU" county, and District
Attorney Arthur piark. of Benton, re
signed their offices November 3, the
day before the referendum eleotlon, ;
and the day after election they woro
appointed under the new law along
with the other county attorneys.
Kdlefsen's carry thousands of tons of
"Hiawatha." - (Adv.)
f . C Nmllwi . . ,
V .-- : :' Aaawa We4 ,
l .1 H t . ' ' ' I
. ...JLa i:i,- :c ii