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' AMUSEMENTS .. ,. ' v
.', BEItIO .feleeuth and Morrison. "Tee Girl
' Vnto Muni'i." ' '"" ' .
BAKER Brnudwlv and Iforrleoo. :,"Tne Udjr
. i ! rom Oklahoma. 1 '
1 LYBIClTourtli and 'star. ' Keatlns Flood
Muitcal Oomedr eoiBpauy.. Ve Young Btatera,
i.kWNX4is-Hiorci and alder. YuteIU,
, (.lirtaln, giao'TilaV S'.W. - --T '
COLUMBIA.- iatli, betwees Washington and
S(nr ati. Motion picture! 11 a, m. to 11 p. m
" PKtU'LKS l'HKA'1'EK Weit Park and - Alder
' , aia. Jumea O'Nell la "Count o Monte Crtnto."
AROADK WuhlnRton, between , BUth and
Broadway. ' Motion Flpturoe.
8TAB-Wahlnton and Park. ' Motion plcturee.
-, uluuB THBAfiUS-rlltn and Washington., Mo
". tlon pictures. . I
. Weather Condition.
y " Portland and vlcinlty4)ccailonel rain tonight
and Wadneada?; aoutbcrh' elnde.
uivgw Oecanlonal rain ,toulib.t and Wednes
day: southerly wlnda. ,
Wasblngtua Kale tonlgbt and Wednesday
southerly wlnda, moderately blgn went portion.
mano pair aoutn, rain norm portion imngni
nd Wediieeday.
f lltrl-t Forefeet.
Appeared f VolttnUrUyMax Weens-
, ler, a fur salesman, charged with lar
' ceny of fursfvalued at 92600 from the
" J. Ellison & company has not been
ln.JaU. 'but furnished 3009 bonds at
ter - having voluntarily appeared for
service of. the warrant on October 25.
He den'' that he took the furs and
alleges that Ellison's methods of con
ducting his business were bo loose that
- after his death It was Impossible to
determine what became of part of his
' stock - A large part of the furs which
were missing from the Ellison atock
-were found in the Standard Suit A
Cloak company's store and were claimed
. as th company's property, These furs
' were ordered returned to flu New
i York f pr bouses from which Ellison
had secured them by - District Judge
' Jones last week. It was shown that
'the furs Jiad' been placed. wren the
'standard ' company prior to ' Ellison's
death by himself but that no bills had
( been rendered for them.
Dabs Is Pardonsd. When William
! Howard Taft was president,, little Dor
othy Debs, daughter of an army en-
" glneer rode in ani aeroplane all the
way from Panama to Beverly. Mass.,
. to secure a pardon for her father
who was arrested and convicted for sell
ing plans of valuable war fortlfica-
i tions to Central American republics.
How the little Kirl succeeded In clear
ing the name of ber father and giving
a clew which led to the arrest of
the thieves ' who stole the plans is
-"shown In the big three reel Paths
drama entlUed. "The President's Par
don,"- which" will, be the feature of the
bill opening tomorrow at tho'Colum
!a. President Taft is actually in ths
film. . - (Adv.)
the -fur from an eastern wholesale
house and was selling; them by a house
to house canvas. . 1 k
Charon Vnion (d 8a XlscusseL The
Federated Brotherhoods of the United
Brethren churches of the city will meet
tonight at the Tremont United-Brethren
church, corner' Sixty-second avenue and
Sixty-ninth street. A good program has
been prepared. The question, ''Resolved,
That- the general movement among the
Protestant churches : of ! the world tow
ard., federation and IttmaAely "to or;
fcanlid'' union la vital to the" cause' ol
Christ and that weas a church near 1 11 y
indorse ths pending union of our own
church i with that of the Methodist
Protectant, win be discussed. Ths
publlo is invited td be present.- 1 ' ,
';''V-'i'5' ii;W'i-ki"$' & i '''''-':lSK'W'S'i--Haw
Cutoff Opaw-Completlon, of ths
Great Northern's cutoff between Minot,
N. D and Fargo, S. Dv recently effect
ed,' will mean shorter time' from the
east "to Portland, according to local of
ficials of the system." First trains Were
run over the new cutoff last gunday,
but no attempt has been made to make
fast - time until the track nas been
"tuned up", td traffic. ; It Is. believed
when the transcontinental trains are run
over this cutoff, the - time- to , Portland
will bs shortened several hours. ;
Street tpaaksrs Arrested. Despite
the ralnjast eveslng, three street speak
ers braved the' weather and ' were ar
rested at-Sixth and Alder streets. They
are John' Bchalner, Charles Glbb and W.
F. Lashells.- E. I. Chamberlain was ar
rested later on the charge of disorderly.
They are in the city Jail and demand
Jury trials which will be given them as
soon as other cases of similar, nature
are heard.-, : . - v, -,
Other , Instances .Cited Where
; Prices)" Paid Are Many Times
Greater :Than 1 Assessments'.
Stln Over , by Engine. An ' Unidenti
fied man was run over by an . engine
yesterday .afternoon near the? Irving
street dock, causing injuries that may
prove , fatal. In the' man's pocket was
found a hespltaj Card bearing the name
of A. Nelson of Seattle. He Is about
15 years old and is . unconscious at the
Good Samaritan hospital.? An W.-w. k.
ft N. engine struck hlrru . ,
' Elks Xndorse Seattle. Resolutions
were passed at a recent meeting of the
local lodge, B. P. O. Elks, Indorsing Be
' atttle for the Elks' grand lodge conven
tion scheduled for July, 1915. to be held
Under the auspices of lodge No. 92 of
that city. The resolutions state that a
convention held In Seattle would be of
"inestimable and Incalculable benefit to
the entire northwest territory." Calling
upon members of the organization to
work for Seattle as the 1915 convention
city; the resolutions are signed by Mon
,roe Gold stein.' J. Lesser and K. K. KublL
'Bible Stndents BaUy. Bible students
who are enrolled In the Wednesday
toight classes of the Toung Men's Chris
tian Association will hold a rally in the
sn.all gymnasium of that Institution to
, morrow night. They will meet for sup
per at 6 '20 o'clock, and will be addressed
at " o'clock by M. E. Snedecor, one of
the nio.t active members of the re
ligious work committee. An -informal
program and social hour will follow.
.Complains Against Salesman. C. H.
l'lggot, builder of the famous castle
oh Portland Heights, is the complain
ing witness In the municipal court
against Frank Peters, a - salesman,
charged with having broken furniture
In the piggot home at Sixth and Main
streets. The trouble in the Piggot
home occurred Saturday afternoon. The
case will he heard Wednesday morn
ing. .
Central W. 0. T. V. Meets. The Cen
tral W. C T. U. meets at Us head
quarters in the Behnke-Walker. bulldf
: Ing on Wednesday afternoon to consider
: Sunday school work. All Sunday "school
superintendents and teachers are cor
dially Invited. The program will be tn
charge of Mrs. Bdith M. Hilton. There
will be general discussion of all mat
ters considered.
- Meeting; at Vernon SchooL The Ver
non Parent-Teacher association will
meet tomorrow afternoon at 8 o'clock at
the Vernon' school. Important matters
wiH, be discussed, among them she
-furnishing of the new community house.
ilr; W- H. Hawkins is to speak. All
women are urged to be present
:ibinchi library, 190 East Killingsworth
avenue, yin evening at s o ciocs.
afiniCTT.7 wage Sisonsslon. A meet
ing will be held In rqom "A," Central
library. Tenth, Eleventh and Yamhill,
tomorrow at 8 o'clock before the-; In
dustrial Welfare Commission to dis
cuss the subject of'., the minjmurn
wage, rne commission win no present.
, ' 'i-"rt;.;.:..,
. Ths Up-Town Trend of Business at
tracts Fraley 'a Millinery. To move as
little as possible of present stock every
hat apd all millinery merchandise now
greatly reduced for removal , sale at
Third and Salmon, r. i (Adv.)
Harry Gate tscturas Tonight, Mult
nomah notel, committee room i. b p. m.
-' Subject. "How to Attain Perfect Health."
Admission $1.00. Afternoon class opens
. Thursday at 8 o'clock.' Three lessons.
- -I2.00..". '-.-.....'-;. i. -. - (Adv.)
"Oregon Trss,H Zs Subject An Illus
trated lecture on "Our Native Oregon
Trees and Shrubs" will be given .by
Professor A. R. Sweetser Of the Univer
sity of Oregon, at the north Portland
Sabbl Wis tecttires Rabbi Jonah
B. Wise Will speak at the .Unitarian
chanel.. Broadway and Yamhill street.
tomorrow afternoon 3 o'clock" on the
"Law of Israel." Rabbi Wise's lecture
Is the third In a series now being given
upon the study -of the Bible. The pub
lic Is invited to attend. Following the
lecture tomorrow afternoon, tea will be
'served. ; 4 v
At Crittsnton" Some. The . school
board has started a very successful
school at the Florence Crlttenton home
attended by 16 girls. Mrs. Isabel Katen
is In charge,' and tn addition to the reg
ular school studies, the girls are being
taught sewing.
Accused of orgery Deputy Con
stable James McCollough returned from
Salt . Lake, last night with Karl Mc
Creery, a messenger charged with forg
ing the .name of George Bates, his for
mer , employer, to a check, for 136.70.
Will Speak on Bads. Commissioner
C. A. Bigelow will speak .on "The City
Budget" at the University, club at 1
o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
. Bonus aga sals by 6t Matthew's
church, Wednesday and Thursday, No
vembers and 4, Yamhill Public Market;
Second and YamhBl. (Adv.)
Steamer Jessie Hsrltlns for Camas,
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington
street dock at I p. m. : (Adv.)
Bemoval Wotloe R. G, Dun - & Co.
have moved to their new offices, 211-222
Morgan . bids.; cor. Washington and
Broadway. - . , k,' (Adv.)
' Finding more ground necessary at' the
Lents school, the Portland "ohool board
closed a deal last week for the purchase
of two lots adjoining the school' property
paying $2000 for the piece., The property
Is described as lots 1 and In block 2,
Clemson addition to Xents, and are as
sessed for tax purposes at tllO and 1160
respectively. A - small frame building
on one of the lots worth about 1 400
is assessed ft .1200. .Taking the esti
mated value of the house, $400, from
the $2000- paid for the property, leaves
11600 as the price paid by the taxpayers-
of the Portland school district
for land that is assessed at $500. ' . In
other words, the public paid for land
required for publlo purposes a sum
equal td 8 1-S times its assessed value.
Somewhat mor. than a year ago, ths
board, acquired by purchase several lots
adjoining'- Shaver school . pn Mississippi
avenue and in no instance did the owner
receive for this property a sum -less
than five times Its assessed value. In
purchasing additional ground last year
for ' two South Portland schools, - the
board paid to Individual owners a price
equal to six times the assessed value of
their holdings.
"The last legislature very Wisely en
acted a law that will In la great measure
put an end to this species of holding up
the publlo," said a well known taxpayer
who is Interested in reforming abuses
of this character. .
"mer. property owners will be
required to file with the assessor a list
of their holdings with each individual
parcel valued. This will be not- only
helpful to the assessor In making up
the assessment roll, but it will be val
uable evidence in condemnation proceed
ings where privately owned land Is re
quired for public uses." -"
Mexican, presidency, with, rumors ' cur
rent that United States soldiers are
helping Mexican rebels to smuggle am
munition across the border,, with the ad
ministration's decision for . or against
such a proposal a dally, possibility, de
baters at the Ad club will attempt to
morrow to answer ithe question of In
tervention. Colonel R. C. Reeves and Major James
G. y 7U Howard will speak In favor of
Intervention, Rev. John H. Boyd and
Deputy District Attorney Robinson
against, intervention.. . The, Judges will
be thrAeCnewspaperwen. Edgar B. "Piper?
jonn f. Carroll and C, 8. Jackson. Frame
B, Tebbetts will serve as chairman of
the day. The affirmative debaters, it is
announced, both have had long residence
on Mexican soil and are unusually qual
ified to. speak authoritatively,- .
Mrs. Reglna , BUdd, of Rockford, i
wash... died yesterday at the Good
Samaritan hospital while undergoing
an operation for goitre. The , remains
were taken to Rockford last flight for
interment. v- .-.i'.-;".
"Mrs. Rudd was 63 years of age and
had lived at Rockford for many , years.
She. also had many friends in Port
land. She is survived by the. husband,
three daughters and three sons. 1 The
daughters are' Mrs. T.J. H. Tonnefwri, I
Of. Portland; - Mrs. A.,. C. Cogswell;:' ot '.
New Plymouth. Wash., and Mrs. Georgar
Stflngham,- of Wallace, Idaho. 'ZU
sons are A. Rudd and it. nuaa. - or
Spokane, and O, Rudd, of Rossland,
B. C,. ' 1 "
Mr. and, Mrs. Tonneion accompanied
Mr. Rudd. to Rockford last night and
will ( probably make their home thore
for a time, . ' '
, . . . . -
Chebalis, Wash., Nov. 4. Engineer
Brooks and his fireman, train 41, on
the O.-W.'R, fe N. company's Grays Har
bor branch, had a harrow escape from
death yesterday. when their engine was
derailed and overturned at Jay station,
near 'Jensen'; Brothers logging-' camp.
The accident . was caused v by . the en
gine bitting a cow. ' The track Was
cleared and-the train sent on in three
hours, but i.t was not until this morning
that the englns was righted. v ' . -
' t r 'f:Vn
Edlef sen s "Hiawatha" is best by test
':,, ' ' .(Adv.)
fei To Give You a Chnc:
' If you-wilt get a bottle, of "Rum ami
Pine", for that cough of-yours we wiit
Slve you a chance to. get over your
cough before the weather changes, "Rum
and Pine" Is thef emedy that removes
a cold from your head, throat and chet
while other remedies merely think about
It. r 5o ; the bottle, t, the Clemenaon
Drug Co., cor.; Front and Morrison nts.,
the store that sells at cut rate every
day In the year. , . s. , (Adv.
News of CoUnty Board
. Hotel lanox, Third an Main. The
best rates in the city to permanent
guests. (Adv.)
Sr. O. B. Tsmpleton, Dentist, moved
to 606-7 Morgan bldg. Main 2838. (Adv.)
Kami for Aged People, invalids, fine lo
cation. Mount Tabor, Tabor 4169, (Adv.)
Dr. X. T Pubolsn Moved from Medi
cal building to 706 Morgan building. Adv
Sheehy Bros. Painting and papering,
129 12th. Main $072, A-2410. (Adv.) ,
Br. Oreene, Main 6586, Morgan build
ing. , .' . (Adv.) !
J. K. Miller,
dentist, Morgan
(Adv.) ,
Use 'common sense buy Superior eoaL
$6 ton: Main 154; A-164K (Adv.)
An offer of Rebecca Rindlaub to sell
a 10 acre tract near the end of the
ROBe City Park carllne to the county for
a new armory site was referred to
County Commissioner Llghtner for In
vestigation. Road Supervisor Small was ordered
to submit estimates on all proposed road
improvements in the future. He report
ed that he would take up the macada
mizing of the Barr road for a part of
the distance, and regrading the remain
der before January 1, or as soon as the
Powell Valley road is completed to Lin
nemann. ' , .
The United States Inspectors of hulls
and boilers advised the county commis
sioners to replace one of the life rafts
of the ferry Mason, with one of at least
88 cubic feet capacity. .,
The bid of the Gas Power & Supply
Co., Inc., of $174.75 for a metallic life
boat for the brldgeawwas accepted sub
ject to the approval of the United
States -Inspectors of hulls attoj, boilers.
superintendent or images Murnane
reported that the towboat Stemson, tow
ing the digger AJax, struck the Haw
thorne bridge, but -.did no appreciable
damage. Murnane said. that the towboat
was too small to handle the digger. The
biatter was reported to the federal au
thorities. '' V V;
Miss Mary Frances Isom, secretary of
the Library association, was requested
to collect books offered by S. H. Kimball
for use at the county farm.
County Physicians' Geary and' Cliff
recommended that a. Kewaunee incinera
tor be Installed to care for the garbage
at the Multnomah farm. ' Purchasing
Agent Nelson was ordered to secure
price's that the cost might be Included
in the next budget. -y -
Mexican .Intervention
tq be ao club's topic
. "Shall the United States government
proceed to . armed , intervention with
Mexico?" ' .... j
With Huerta ordered to abandon the
$20 an& $25
$30 and $35
Men who know
good clothing
' Know the good
ness Of Benjamin
Clothes. These
serviceable serges
and cheviots 'are
the popular box
back 1 and earn I -shaped
models, de
signed and tail
ored with the pre
ciseness c h a rac
teristlc o f Ben
Ja m in garments.
Furthermore, you
are assured of be
ing well, fitted.
$25 to $50
In t b a fceaaon'a
Correct Lengths
and Fabrice.
Bnffura &
Morrison B t r a,a t
Opp. Foatofftoe
Principal Aganta
We are now located between Fourth
and. Fifth on - Washington street,
and are prepared to give yon first
elasa work at reasonable prices.
?u.DJi.p,tM ". 5.00 and us
Gold Crowns ft 3.50 and up
Brides Work ....... JtS.SQ said up
Porcelain Crowns.. i.. 3.50 and up
Stiver Fillings 50 and up
Oeld Fillings ..... ...Sl.OO and p
urn. st. r, jrytyroit. Mr.
Hot a Smnrgler-For telling women
he. smuggled furs Into the city,' Henry
Mitchell was arrested yesterday after
noon on a charge of falsely advertising
his goods. He later' admitted buying
v t
Oregon Humane Society
, Office 3BO umon Ave, Cor. Market SV
K rhont Ess 1433, B-8818. ;
- Home ambulance for sick or disabled
i animals at a mome'nt'a . notice, prices
reasonable. ' Report all cases of cruelty
to this office. - Open. day and night -
f .f.V
yM$twW3wiQS -ror ' wiepnone talk, reaching every nook ana corner.
, y , i nere are more-man. 1 2,000,000 miie or tnese '.'gooa 1 roads" ; in tne
v. . V Beir system. '-.Some of them are strung in Single pairs or ih aerial
000AAirm;tiii ppt; others are hidden away in underground con-
" Ii loft'mduntairi1 chains; pass'under mighty rivers and ti
f reach Ithei to
, V-ljif-; These 'good telephone roads'tof the Bejl system are all -operated , , ,
Good Roads for Telephone Talk
I HE good roads movement has not been confined, to the highways.
;The Bell Telephone system has cpyered the country with "good
nesysterrii 'under btte! policyforining dne continuous' system'pf
i3.'t'if jf'i'
Ik't '.'!
between good bank
ing service and poor
banking service may
mean the difference
between profit and
loss for you in your
The service you .
will get as a deposi
tor at the North
western N a t i o n al
Bank will be satis
factory in every re
spect and besides
you will have the
friendly interest of
its. officers in your
business success.
National Bank
Third and Oak Sts.
Invited to a Dance?
You may need a new frock, a new
waist or a skirt. Don't stay away be
cause of. the lack of "something: new
to wear." Come here, any time, se
itfet whatever you like, and have it
charged to your account.
Credit is extended . liberally here, at
no charge whatever.
Enjoy all its advantages.
You will certainly appreciate them.
Open an Account Tomorrow
in. P
405 '
at Tenth
Ths Blf
Outfitting G
life insurance
benefits, ap
plied to the
safest of the
old principles,
giving perfect
security and
most liberal
results, have
made this
"The Com
pany of Sat
isfied Policy
s( -
a . .;
If (I , Flavor .
yAHIt5Chra, i '
1 1 Pure Pork W. , j
.77 Sjausage vrU
fV V. S. Government Inspected ' ' rjy V ' ' '
' In one pound cartons at '
-. dealers. ' 1
y Union Meat Coinpany ' v-
gfl " , j . , r- .
Spalding Building
LeaHing Engineers Who
Know Recommend
Glazed Cement
Sewer Pipe
ttisfor its durability
$IM and"
wearing qualities
. , ' -; -' , .tjV '-'-;V '. -'
Football Ganme
U. of 0. VS.0.A.C.
November 8
1 10.000 sump- "
t. . . meat.
. a, nop uepau
' Fraotloe.
n. Theory In
; :. strnctioa
ID.. Boad X,as
A .Oominjr ro.
fesstonOaU or
Sand - for .' OaU
lofua T. SH. O.
Ah 6th and Ts7-
.jn lor, Bireats
V . VIA, THE .
- sw tsvbv" ' r u-
Y .1
join inc ,
:ilrW,.JM'Jr ' l''V.-v.fx..V.-.-V..-
t "The Exposition
, 'Line19lS"
' ... .
Students, faculty and citizens from
. townt in the Willamette Valley
iv'rvsv,',- .'will be there.
; Tickets Rood srotnjr Saturday
i ' For return Sunday or' Monday
!.-. ;,!"'.'iiV";
Call at City Ticket Office, 80 Sixth i.,
y 'Corner Oalc, union uepot or J-ar.t
Morrison Street
John M. Scott, ' Gcn'l i Parr-rr:
j i '.A