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    Social rsrson&lTi
rtAKINO for araMed that the house
, I ' wife's frugality will not permit
' I - wanton waste, it la eafe to pre
v 'A : diet 'pumpkin tot- many a
.. moon at the ainner table of a
number -ot " Perty.'-fawiUea.1 - . fvf
: never he thara been such an enjthualaa-
tlo colebration of Halloween and can-
sequent wholesal slaughter of biff rlpa
pumpkin carved Into eTOt'esqu Jack'o
lantern teoea, ; Tba - traditional lnfor
' taallty vu observed In all tba affalra
and made them doubly enjoyable. Fancy
dree parties war especially popular.
' . ?Mr. and Mra William J. Hofmann
. ware bou Friday evening at one of
the very attractive affair of tht order
when they bad about - (0 gut a
sembled for a fanoy drafe dancing par
, - ty. Coetumea of every dlserlptlon were
' , worn, tba moat unique oouple being Mr.
and Mrs. Rondel Scott, who were given
an appropriate prise. - Tba houae pro
aented a weird scan with wltthea and
' Jack o'lantern peeping from , a f oret
of green and autumn leavaaA: v'b
Supper waa an unexpected affair. In-
" stead of tba conventional serving- each
' gueet waa given a tray and aliver and
told to mo to tha kitchen cafeteria style
and help thenitelves. The Invited guest
were: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I FUh,
j Mr. and Mr. Finley, Mr. and Mr. Fred
, A. Johnston, Mr, and Mr. Herman A.
'jsrearion, Mr, ana Jars, j onn uracnor,
Mr. and Mra Marlon Verateef, Mr. and
sir, w. r s. Cameron, Mr. and mra
' Jamea Cameron, Mr. and . Mra H. P,
' Palmar. Mr. - and Mra. Ford (Twenty
' ' (fourth tret). Mr. and Mra. Lewis
Mead, Mr. and 9 Mra Bowman, Mr.
- and Mra .' Frank Fields, Mr, :. and
Mra. Eltlnger, - Mr. and . Mrs.' Jack
fcstewrt, Mlsa Edna Kenyon ot Chicago,
' Mlsa Anna Lake of Toronto, Mr. and
Mra Bears (Twenty-second street). Mr,
, and Mra J. A, Currey, Mr. and Mra
M. L. .Klin. Mr. and Mrs, S. D.
. Vinolant, . Mr. and Mra P. A. Oil
more. Mr. and Mra Frank McCiillis,
. and Mrs. H. M. Holler, Mr. and Mra,
: Stondal Scott. ,
Mr. and Airs. (Shea Host.; "
. f Mr. and Mra. Charles A. Bhe were
boat at a charmingly- appointed Hal-
loween party Friday - evening, r Qames,
dancing and music were the features of
entertainment. Prliea for the various
games fell to William F. Flledner, Mr.
find Mrs. J, 8. Winters and Mra War!
mn irwin, jur. irwin uengmea ut
guests with a number of vooal soloa
The guest included Mr. and Mra. B. -A
Chapman, Mr. and" Mr. 1 Irving R.
. Stearns, Mr. and Mrs. W. J Roope, Mr.
and Mrs. M. T. Llnd, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
, O. Darragur of Juneau, Alaska; Mr. and
. Mrs. .W. F. Flledner, Mr. and Mrs. M. J.
Delahunt, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Jsffery
Jr., Mr. and Mra J. S. Winter, I, and
Mrs. William Jtfeblg. Mr. and Mra J. F.
Shea, Mr. and Mr. Warren Irwin, Mies
Berlta Llnd and Charles Neighbors.
' V ' . .
,To Winter la Egypt.
Word has been received from New
Tork that Mrs. B. B. Wight sailed with
a party of friends Saturday on the
North German Lloyd steamship Berlin
for Naples and Genoa via Gibraltar
, and Algiera They plan to pass tha win
ter in Egypt. Mra Wight is an old
Portlander, tha mother of Dr. Otis B.
Wight -v '
v " .) ;-!.'-.; at ay.
Virginia B1U Guest Entertained. , .
? Halloween was celebrated" at tha Vir
ginia Hill Friday evening with music
by an orchestra, a grand march and
dancing. A variety of costumes were
. worn, representing Egyptians, Chinese,
Japanese and Turkish women, Yams
- Tama suits, Indian, Swedish, Irish and
colonial: dresses," -.Also living models,
Illustrating fashions of tha early eight
eenth century and of the modern styles
of 1911. The guests war entertained
by readings and solos and refreshments
, appropriate to Halloween.
Halloween Hostesses. '
A Halloween party was given by Mta
Hilda 8herroan and Miss Mary Nudle
tnanxat the home of the former. The
rooms" wer elaborately decorated in
the Halloween spirit and violets and
lilies were the table setting. A little
vaudeville stunt was promoted by two
comedians, Jess Rich and Miss Hilda
Sherman. The story tellers '.were Moe
Davis and William Bloom, and were
" given a loud cheering. Gene Rich. Tom
' Churnlss. Paul Schnlederman and Harry
nuaieman entertained th rolks with
songs. Dancing, jfme and refresh-
ments were indulged in. Thoa present
were: Mollis Sherman, Ida Sherman.
Mary Nudletnan, Rose Nudleman, Pearl
Nudleman, Florence Nudleman, Lily Ep
stein, Anne Epstein, Lonny Rosencrata
Fannie Goldstein, Hattle Lcxter, Fannie
Tsteff. Bessie Steff, Bertha Goldeen. Jen-
i nia Goldeen, Rose Berstein, Hilda Sher-
man, Mrs, Knox, Mr. Kennedy. Mra
Churnis, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Sherman, Mra
V Nudleman, ; Mr. Davis, Sam Churnlaa
Joe Churnlss, Gene Rich, Jess Rich,. Moe
iievitt, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Busman, Gene
Rosencrants, Sam Goldeen, Harry Zem-
ler, ixtuia Nudleman, Harry Nudleman,
Jlmtnle Gilbert and Paul Schnelderman.
Miss Edith Caatee Honored.'
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. , A," J.
Casteel (Edna Leo) entertained with
. cards In honor of Miss Edith Casteel of
Taquina, who Is visiting at their home.
Tha rooms were decorated with autumn
leaves and pumpkin. Refreshments ap
propriate to the : evening were served.
First honors at cards were won by Mra
R. U Osborne and J. Taylor. '- Thosa pre
en t were: Miss Edith Casteel, Miss
Alice Puarlea, Mrs. o. Puarleu, E. Parry,
Mr. and, Mrs. j. Taytor, Dr. and Mrs
M. H. Lake, Mr. and Mra J. A. Graef,
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Jennings, .Mr. and
Mr.' R, L. Oaborne, Mr. and Mra A. J,
Castas!. , .. . u .. ,
1 i f,1 J, ' ' . , '
Wedding a Snrprlae to Guests' ' "
Assembled. ",;'"" .
' On Wednesday. October 12. a beauti
ful-, wedding took vises at the horn of
Mr,; and' Mrs. J. o.. fltearn. 1(41 Bast
Stark street, when their eldest daugh
' ter. Edith, was married to Carleton 0,
Sawyer,; a young photographer of this
Soak a piece of flannel with Omega
; Oil, wrap it around the throat or lay
h on the chtst, and cover with a pieca
f oiled silk. The oil goes throng!
the porta of tha skin to the sore and
' inflamed parts and usual! gives g'jk!t
xtUci, IiU tc;'-i Joe,
city. Seventy guests ware invited to a
supposed party, when, muoh to tha sur
prise of thoea present, amidst th
strains of "0, Promise .Me," the' now
bride and bridegroom cams into tha
3orA.and tooK taatt pjaoe under a j?au
tiful arch 'composed of oedar boughs,
autumn leave and white flowera, which
hitherto had , been unnoticed . by those
present. . Tn bride wa jrownad in an
exquisite cream marquisette and wed
ding veil, with oranga blossom. u . Th
house was beautifully decorated with
forest greens and autumn leave, After
their honeymoon,' tha couple expect to
make their home In Portland, ,
-UAm rV; ('"''
Halloween at tha MaJlorf. ' .
One of th deilghUvil events of th
past week waa th dancing party at the
Hotel MaUory Thursday evening, Ooto
ber 30. G. C. Haworth and Mra liaworth
were th delightful hosts to tha guests
of the hotel The ballroom was' tastily
deoorated and Halloween spirit prevailed
Inoludlng the refreshment, which con
sisted of apple elder, doughnuts,, apples
and candy. ' Friday evening the guests
wars again surprised with an informal
Halloween dinner. . Following Is the
unique menu:
Ghoatly Sup
Rotd Mlstriery' Little Houae Cheese
Rost Pig, A"el sa'ssas Kentrl Sissige
;, Frlde Ham 'n Alga
; , Hum Made Appal Dumplings -, ,
Buok Weet Cakes with Hunnls
Apel Butter from Kentrl - .
Biled Tatera with Jackets on -SVta
T trs . Baked Farm Skwash
Sweet Slder (Sour Nlxtime) Kol slaaw
, Apel pyv Funkin Py is Krem .
x finger Bred . .
Frlde Kakes (Don't eat th holes) ,
, Hum-Mad Kandee - : v
. ' -'-'l-y pe Nut ' Bad Apla s
Kara ? Tee Milch. Buttermllch
After th Eetlna. Danoa on the Mana
-.Jk-v- ; . .v Barn Flur ;. r !..'-.-I -
To Give Charity Concert. -
The aoolety of the Daughters of the
Crown of Grace Memorial church l to
give a piano and song recital Friday
evening, November f, at the parish
house, corner Seventeenth and Weidler.
These young girls meet twice a month
to make garments for children in need.
" : -.v ' 'i -
Penny-Zanbitzer Wedding. - t
Bdward Albert Penny and Miss Elis
abeth Zaubitser were, on October 25, by
Rev. J. Bowersox, united in marriage.
Th ceremony was at 1170 Omaha ave
nue. They win for the-present mare
their home at 1S20 Wilbur street, of this
Gneet In Hood River.
Miss Cathryn Regner has been visit
ing Mra S. Snyder of Hood River, whose
guest so has been for tha past' two
weeks. Mrs. Snyder entertained with
luncheon for Miss Regner Wednesday
afternoon, cover. being laid for 12, a
number of enjoyable auto trip through
the valley also being taken. Mis Reg
ner will leav soon for British Columbia.
Ft Beta Phi Alumnae Onb Meeting.
Th Pi Beta Phi' Alumnae club win
hold it regular monthly meeting Thurs
day afternoon. November I, at 1:80, at
th home of Mra Frank Knight; 171 East
Fourteenth street. All Pi Phis ar cor
dially invited.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mra. J. H. Elsil of Wilson-
villa announa tba engagement of their
daughter, Alloa Leona, to Corey E.
Brown. The wedding. will Uk plac
November SO.
Card Hostess.
Mrs. Arthur Hay ward) Brown has
cards out for a Halloween bridge Sat
urday evening at her home, tia'East
Thirtieth street About S4 couples ar
lnvltad. ' '
Society Notes.
Mrs, A. A Goodwin, violinist, baa
been called to Lander. Wyo, by th
death of her slater. Will be tn Wyo
ming all winter.
, e
Th PI Beta Phi Alumnae club will
hold it regular monthly meeting Thurs
day afternoon, November s, at S80, at
tha home of Mra Frank Knight, 1)78
East Fourteenth street All Pi Phis are
cordially Invited. . ' '
In a lecture at th Women of Wood
craft 'Temple Dr. C H. Heard of Van
couver yesterday afternoon aserted that
the Gospel was not a failure and that
I. . u T1 .V. 1 M , A M.WMABA MM
which it was given. "A wonderful worsFrshch IC.Banxer, J. H Lud
is to be performed in ' behalf of th
is i
world In general, said ba , '
' Th , word 1 "Gospel,1' he ' explained.
meant "Good, Tidings." "W read in
fGalatlana," 7 conUnued ha "that God
nraached baforanand tba Goapal unto
Abraham, saying: In the' and thy seed
hall all th families ot th earth be
blessed.' This "was tb first promise
Of deliverance extended' to the fallen
race. In fact we find that this oath
bound covenant to Abraham Is the key
not of th acrlpture. Th rest of th
Blbl Is composed ' largely of th par
ticular as to how this Abrabamio cov
enant 1 to b carried .out ' While the
gospel is not a failure It has hot eon
verted the world," declared the speaker.
"The majority of mankind have lived
and died with no knowledge whatever
of the way of salvation. In f sot , the
Bible shows clearly that ths world will
not receive the light until satan is
bound so that he can deceive the nations
ho more and the Lord's kingdom comes
and Jtls will Is done on earth." .
1. i i i, mi mi i
Plans are beln made, it is said, to
hold a cat show In Portland in Decem
ber.. Th promoters" have no connec
tion With the, regularly incorporated
Oregon Cat Club." however, according
to the statement Of an officer in the
legal organisation. The opposition ag
gregation, beaded by B. A. Kant de
clares that they will give a show on
their own account-and add that they
ar now In communication with various
wall known Judges with the hope ot
securing one to ornciate in this eity.
-ney assert mat tney are now ar
ranging for a convenient and commo
dious place in which to hold the show.
No pedigrees will be reaulred. all eat
being Judged on their merits. A -sliver
cup said, to be worth si will be of
fered for the best, eat in the show, it
is declared. , ,
Miss Marie Baker, P. O. box 471.
Portland, Is down as show - secretary.
Mr.-1 &ent, snow , manager, - gives . his
telephone as Sellwood 187.
Mrs. Wilson Is Honored. '''
.Washington. ! Nov. 8. It was " an.
nounoedthat Mra Woodrcw Wilson has
aooepted ths honorary vie chairman
Ship of the woman's department of tha
National Civio federation, - . -
j - a"
Fine ; Reading ' of 'Scores at
Times ' Raised " Audience, to
High ' Pitch of Enthusiasm.
'iV'fSx.'jr -w .., .. . j,;-r,'.:;;;v:'.'
Success In vry way marked th first
concert of th season of th Portland
Symphony orchestra yesterday at tha
Helllg. .Practically every seat' was oc
cupied and the audience wa deeply In
terested. At time enthusiasm ran high.
On complaint voiced by many, however,
wa in poor ventilation of th audi
Owing to th length ot tha numbers
and the program and th fact that th
stag had to be given up to a rehearsal
for th evening performance, no extra
numoer war played. This,-, however,
Is becoming th custom, : too, for the
average symphony concert program i
ufficlanUy long to fairly well satisfy
th most muslo hungry, for on after
noon, or need applaua of apprecia
tion alwaya be regarded as demanding
an extra number. :;.;.:, ,.-',
Tasterday : afternoon's program ' was
conauctaa ny moss Chris tensen, presi
dent of the Orchestra association.. Ha
directed tha first oonoert of th orches
tra two yearaago. and when not direct
lng, play In the violin or viola section.
H had th orchestra nndr excellent
control and gave fine readings of th
Part on was devoted to Tschalkow
sare symphony in B minor, No. t, in
four movement, allsrro. eon animato.
andant oantablle, waits, andante maa.
too. Tn symphony, as explained in the
program notes, is tremendous in eonoep
Uon,umasterly in treatment and, like
most of Tschalkowskya works, bears
empnaue wnnesa or tna passionateneae
and morbidn of th ompor
natura... ,,'w; ,;;,ivr
The first subject ' announced at the
beginning by. the clarinet appears again
In th final movement, - announced by
tha,entlre orchestra including th trum
pets, where, to again duote the program
nviem, an ar gatnered into a stu
pendous mass of glorious sound." In
this connection it might be, remarked
that the trumpet parts ar this season
played on trumpets, hot cornets, and
with improved effect
Part two opened with Massenet's
"Scenes Alsaciennes," a suit of five
number, all of them truly typical of
the Massenet writings, melodious, of
th delicately; flowing kind, always
pleasing and aoothlna. The duet- tor
clarinet and cello appearing in one of
me numoera waa ao exquisitely played
that it had to be repeated twice. It
was played by B. H. Dlehl, clarinet, and
& Colettl, cellist
Fixsicato Polka Makes Bit.
Th pizzicato polka from Dellbes
"Sylvia" ballet made a hit and elicited
a storm of applause. Grieg suit of
Norwegian folk 'songs, woven Into s
ton ploture, formed an lnterestlng""part
of th program. Tbl work ia less
known than th "Peer Gynt" suite, but
contain much, of that thread of mys
tery and welrdnes that run through
th better-known composition. It was
a' well-chosen number and received en-
uusiaatio applause. . -
Beethoven's overture t to "Earmonf
formed the closing number of the pro
gram. TMa work Is regarded a one
of th famous composer's- best
draws into action ths entire orchestra
strings, reeds, brass and percussion
ana thus brought the concert to
elose with a grand rousing climax.
Waldemar Llnd was concert master
yesterday, No. 1 having fallen to his
lot in drawing for position, as Is done
before each concert He filled the place
admirably. Mr. Dlehl was substltut
lng for -Mr. N orris, the regular first
clarinet player who was taken 111 sud
Members of Orchestra.
Following is the list of .members of
the orchestra: -First
violins Harold Bayley, John
Bayley. Carl Denton, F. G. Elchenlaub,
G. E. Jeffery. M. & Kap, W. Llnd, D,
P. Nason. A. Wunderwald. Second vio
lin J. Helget O. Hoeh, , Charles
Marque, G. E. McElroy, A. Nelson, R.
w Tait. Violas M. Christensen. M.
Genar, K. Grossman, John Seltenrelchf
H. A. Webber. F. H. Wing. Cellos B,
Colettl. G. F. Ewlng F.'Hanlein, E. F.
Miller. Bassos G. Bertram, C. Clog.
stone, A. E. Everest J. F. W. Kreyer,
Carl StolU BB-flat bass E. Farella.
Flutes C. E. Arriola, H. F, Koch, R.
B, Millard. Oboes Frederick. Starke,
R. CL RusselL Clarinets A, Graves,
N. A. Norrta Bassoon B. L. Brown,
B E. Heltkemoer. Trumpets W. E.
McElroy, A. A Pankopf, B. a Stevens,
iriK. u. nuiu.. vn ajs wv n -
bones R. B. Powell, N. A. Talt W. E.
Thomas. Bass drum J. W. Obrender.
Side drums and accessories A. P.
Owana Tymnanl M. A. SaUnger.
Carl Denton will direct the next con
cert. Sunday, December 11.
At the First Methodist church yester
day Rev. Benjamin Young, pastor,
ereached the first Installment of a eon
tlnued sermon, "Smith and the Church
and th Church and Smith." It will be
oomnleted next Sunday. ; i
Dr. Young preached on the attitude
of the average man- toward the church
today and the objection h raises to
ward Joining it y - 9 ,.
The pastor; concluded by J the asser
tion that "Smith" of today declines to
give th church hia own personality and
influence .by becoming a member or it
The church wa crowded yesteraay.
A Tip
.Always take aiong
box of ARMOUR S
- fresh air makes you hungry
and delkdoua bouillon can be)
made' in an instant by drop
ping; a cube in a cap of hot water.
Refreshing,' Stimulating. Satisfy
ing. Try It and see. . ' r
Jttk SreeefS ssmI X)raveeaki ,.
pi nnroo pudvo rmr
OUbbQO Mil
- ew -
'RrindinstUvioJboitt People
Julian G. Ferguson, a" business man
of Fort Smith, Ark, accompanied by his
slater, Mra J. EL Backers Of Rogers,
Ark., era guests in this eity, stopping
at th Portland, Tha couple ar tour
ing the western coast and will go north
- Evan ' Reame,- an attorney of Mad
ford, and ' a brother of ' Clarence L.
-Xteames, United Bute dlstrtot attorney,
is' a gut at ths Imperial, having come
hr to attend today session of -the
United State district court being. In
terested $n a cats bf or th court
Mr. and itrh, fr p. Rlohardaon and two
sons ar registered at th Portland from
Baoremento. Mr, Richardson has com
to Portland with hi family to make
his horn here. He 1 associated with
thai Standard Oil company..
. Th first Clinical Congrcaa of Sun
geon of North America, which will b
held in Chicago, November lO to IE,
win b attended by 10 delegate irom
Portland. The congress has been called
with view of inaugurating a movement
to elevate surgery in the United State
and Canada, Th fee splitting ayatem
will- b attacked among other things, It
1 ttated. Tho who will represent
Portland ar: Dra A. B. Rookey, E. B.
McDonald, K. A. J. . MaoKensle, B, A.
Boramer, A. W. Baird, R. C Coffey, An
drew C. Smith, L. H, Hamilton, W. H.
Sken and A F. Tucker.
F. E. Vn, a 1umbrman f Win
lock, Wash., la .regitrd at the Oregon.
' Mra J. N. Mosler ofMoaier, Or Is
agut at th Oragonr'
-. Professor C. M. McKellips of , the O.
A. C. IS at the Oregon from CorvalUa '
W. Fairchlld, a railroad man of Ta
ooma I stopping at th Orgon. -
Lllao Grimes's party last night was
verv fine, moat vrybody being thara
excep' Torp Stebblna whose mother
made him stay home for slapping his
little brother when they wa getting
dressed. Torn - eome - later. . though,
looking kind of funny in his sister's hat
Whltoh be nad to war oaoau mm
tnother'd hid hia
17 Not being able to tell whltoh, wa
whiten, and being mad at on of them,
Lllao dident invite eather ot the John
son twins, so they got,kwar by tiring
rock at th window till Mr. Grim
chased them awy.
Fatty Bellowe had th tlm of hi
Ufa, only hi nw suit was a llttl tight
Torp is thlnkina; of camping out
and he had to refuse his tenth help
ing of Ice cream.
Oen Hicks got very mad because
Bteve Hardy dident' kneel to her In pil
low, pillow, who's your girlT She
changed his part in her d rammer, and
Walt White's going to play the aveng
"er of his race whltch Steve was going
to be, Steve say h don't care, he and
Phil. Wlgglesworth ar going to give
thar aokrobat show out in th road
and it'll be.twlcet as. good. If hs can
catch Phil.
Gen's drammar was very fine, the
only thing being Just at the end where
Oen went Insane and killed all th other
acktora, and they were dead, Etev,
and the Johnson twins busted In and
catchad Phil, who was lying ' thar
among th corpses and carried him out
to the roade to do his aokrobat tnoka
so the whole drammar follered than
and there was qwlte soma excitement
Outside of that it was all right
Fatty Bellowes was sick from the
party, so Ex. Brlgham got him some
meddisln out of bis father's meddlsln
box. It dident cure. Fatty's e to mack
ache, so Ex. got him tha whole box.
and Fatty et the pills out of all the
bottels after whltch he said he guessed
he'd go home. Doc Wllgus was sent for
and pumped Fatty out after whltoh
he was seen sneaking down vlllldgs to
spend the 6 oente his mother give him
for being pumped out on all day suck-
ors. Fatty says getting pumped out le
ajrrand, it males you so empty you can
eat more thaji you would ever believe
possible." . . .
Sporting Vote.
Walt White bortied his father's new
rooster today for a chicken - fight No
chickens being found loose ha berried
two. of Lance Bogerfo father's ducks.
Steel Worker Complained of
Mistreatment , and Al-f-
leged "Assault
Frank Pilgsr. a steel worker, Satur
day afternoon stopped at a lady barber
shop at Sixth and Everett streeta His
intentions were to get only a shave and
hair cut. '.-.',-'- ,.'.;.,.,
The lady barber gave the steel worker
about everything, known in the tonsorlal
artist's, line, he told Municipal Judge
tstevenson loaay. - : -r-
When It came time to par the bill.
the steel worker protested. It was $1.60.
Ha had never paid more than two-bits
on Bumside street ' :: !.- -. ,
Miss EL Murphy.' : ths ' lady r barber
locked the barber shop door and would
not let him out until the bill was paid.
Judge Stevenson said he did not Ilka
to find the woman guilty on such a
technical charge of assault, but did an
nounce that lady barbere must here
after be careful In their chargea '
Mlsa Murphy testified the steel work,
er got a shave, hair cut hair singe and
face massage. , Pllger said all he asked
for waa a shave and hair cut, , , , . .
;'- "u " 1 ,i i. -?;iV:i,:
1 Rancher. Killed by Streetcar.
Los Angeles, Cel., .Nov. S. It. a.
Locke, believed to be a ranoher; but
whose bom la not' known, died from
Injuries he received when he was struck
by a street ear,-
I W. J, Moor, an attorney of Ashland,
is stopping at the Imperial, ,
' Oeorga W. Brown, dlstrtot attorney et
Bosaburg, is stopping at the Imperial.
-Dr. - T. A, Griffith 'of Washington,
D. c- Is registered at the Imperial.
-Mra,r .- Julias--'Ue.vBasha crt Ganon,
Waam. Is stopping, at th Cornbliua
Mra Amdn and two daughters
of WorcssUc, Masa, ar at the Cor
nellua - .:-;-';'., ,-v
i U. B, Weldeman of Spokane, a usl
nes man, is at, the Comslius. - ' v
1 W, H. -Nelson, a hop merchant ef
Newnerg, is a guest at the corneiiua
F. O. Fuller of Chicago Is registered
at th Kortonis, s ;
Frank E. Quenther ef Wlnloclt, WaslL,
la registered . at the Nortonla. ', v , -
R C Angel, a lumberman of SaatU,
m at tn is ononis, j - .
O. Bprlngor, a eattlmn ot Prlnevill,
Is registered at th Parklna .
H. W. Maynard, a rancher ot Forest
Grove, Is stopping at the Perkins.
EL' H. Lag, an orchardlet of Hood
River, i a guest at the Perkins.
- Charles A H11L ' a lumberman et
Taooma, ia stopping at the Multnomah.
C H. Chadwiok and wife of Chicago
are at the Multnomah.- Mr. Chadwiok
la a bankr. t, , ., ;
TL M. Hardy, a realty matt of Silver
ton, 1 registered at the Multnomah.
. XL B Ross, a buslne man of Seattla
is a gusat at th Multnomah.
Jadg A. C Hough of Orants Fas Is
at ths Portland...''; -rh i i.- v.:.-
Noah W. Gray, manager ot th Shat
tuolc hotel of Berkeley, CaL, Is regisUrad
at -ths Portland.-:' -,::i
Dr. He Lee Turn, a prominent Chines
physioltn from New Tork city, Is mis
tered at the Portland. -
Oeorga V. Curias and IX. W. Idtlard,
prominent business men of fait Lake
City; are at the Portland. ' '
whltch were absolutely roolned after
wards. Torp Stebblns took his baby sister
out In her baby carridge thi afternoon
and forgot her up by BabcoclCs woods
when he went off to rind hlckry nuta
When he remembered about her tha
carridge waa cone and Torp dont dare
go noma
Somebody found the carridge and
took the baby home, but that dont help
Torp any. He'a Just as etrade, and is
thinking of camping out In the woods
tonight .
The climax of Gen's drama.
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Perhapa It waa the namS that did tt.
oa-perhaps lt'wastnwsjigernes-s'to sea
that'. dainty, oharmlng, sweet feminine
oraatura, Miss Ollv .Vail, oomedienna
that draw a good alzed audience to tb
Hclllr theatre last night "The Girl
From Mumm's was tb - musical oom
dy offering that clntUlatd to th ed.
If ioation ot th patrona It Is a Paris-lan-lik
oooktalL : It will be servad to
night and again tomorrow night ; '..
,"Th Olrl From Mumm'a" Is, as its
nam lmpll, a raoy pica ' la which
pretty and ooquettuh damsel and gay
married men flgur conspicuously. . Th
plot is slmpla Simply a counterpart of
what is often found in real Ufa There
is a sedate mother-in-law; a husband
who Is much married . becaus h la
wedded" not only to hi wife, but to
his mother-in-law and brothr-ln-law as
walls a winsome, vlvaoioua music hall
singer and a mlxtur of suprnumera
rles whoe part ia furnishing a barrel
of fun is wU earrld out
! Mis ValWas "The Olrl i From
Mumm'a, ; la head ' and front - of th
how. She has a lyrio soprano vole
which is well under control. The singer
reaches the high . note , with perfect
easa. She is also the embodiment of
graoe and war her handsom gown
becomingly. ' -
As an adventure Miss Vail proved
heraelf a worthy imitator of th girl
who drinks only Uumm'i Extra Dry."
Extra dry is good, for th comedienne,
despite the fact that b doe not like
cabarets la reel fife o h says
seemed always to have a dry, parched
throat which nothing but the bubbly
water could relieve. -.. Thera are shocks
for the mother-in-law, and, naughty
winks and shrugs from th "girl and
bitter anguish for ths husband, when
thlattr explain or tries to explain
th presence of th young 'woman tn
hia homo during the absence of hia
wife. He tries to paaa her oft for hi
niece from California. Later in the play
th real nice come , along, and then
there ar some embarrassing sltuatlona
A number ot catchy songs are Inter
spersed during the unwinding of the
humorous plot "Captivating Cleo,"
"The Kangaroo Dance," "My Italian
Rose" and "Th Olrl From Mumm's and
Mm" war th sons hits of the even
ing. , .
Cast of characters! . Cleo Mareett
(th Olrl from Mumm'a). Mia Ollv
Vail; Jack Hamilton. J. L Oliver; George
Alnsworth, Jackson Barry; James An-
glewood, John B. Franks; Hicks, Frank
Bertrand; Ethel Busby, Mis NelUe
Watters; Mra Jack Hamilton, , Mis
Laura Crews; Mra AngUwood, Mia
Marjl Dow; Louis, Miss Haxel Began,
Ironside Itema.
Ironside, Or., Nor. S Howard Broth
er of this place, after two months In
th field with their thresher, have con
cluded the season's work tn th fields
here. They have gone with a hollar
to thraah alfalfa seed In tha lower Wil
low region.
J. P. Smith and aens hav shipped a
carload of horses from this rang t
the Denver market
The weather is fine and ranchers are
busy discing and doing fall seeding;
Considerable lumber is being hauled
from Kings Mills, and winter's wood
from the adjacent Umber.
Severe frosts hav spoiled parts of
th apple crop still ungathered.
Judge and darks hav received their
appointments and all 1 In readiness
for the election.
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Edward. A.; Jacobs,, Clothing
" Merchant, Shoots Self In "
His Store.. ;- ,
Despondent over ill health and bust :
ness worry, Edward X Jacobs, half 1
owner of th Peopl clothing etora lOt '
Tilrd stret Shot and killed himself
yesterday morning in the Stora He '
has had trouble with hia ayes and feared
going 10Sf'r-y"::r!:.r.:k-
Jacobs had arranged to meet M. K.
Welneteln and Attorney J. N. Teal in '
the forenoon to consider a business mat
ter; . Welneteln went to the Third street
store as agreed, where he found the
man lying1 on a platform near the of- ,
flea Attorney Teal was notified,' as
were the police. Patrolman C. A. Ins- '
keep anawtred th call and went ta the
atore. ' " ' "
On a desk In th office waa found a
note, asking that A. B. Ash, of MT Lake
street San Francisco; Mra Pauline Pra
ger, 14 Twenty-seoond etraat north, -and
Attorney Teal be notified of the af- ,
fair. The note was held to the desk by
a bunch of keys used by deceased. Mra
Prager la a sister of the man, who was '
single and made hia horn with her.
The ReV. W. T. Kerr, appointed to fill
the pulpit of the Taylor street Method
ist Episcopal ehurah, preached before
two large congregation yesterday mora- :
lng and evening. .It is believed that
hi appointment Is both official and
permanent Dr. Karr took tb position
on th authority of a messag from.
Rev. J. W. McDougall, uprlntendent of
this district As Dr. McDougall is with '
Bishop Cooke at the church convention
now being held in Indianapolis, Dr. Mo- ,
DougaU's instructions ars held to fee the
equivalent ot Bishop cooke'a -
That portion of th congregation ef
the First Methodist ehnroh who refused -to
go to the Grace church at Twelfth
and Taylor street had already peti
tioned tor the appointment of a perman
ent pastor. Rev. A. J. Hollingsworth,
who was appointed by Dr. Benjamin
Toung, to fiU the pulpit of the old
ehurob evenings, has relinquished hi
plae in favor of Bv, Kerr.
SanU Monica, CaL, ' WovlCMra
Kate Holland Cardwelt who swallowed .
175 grains ef bichloride et mercury last .
Tuesday, died today after a desperate'
fight for Ufa 'The husband, because of '
an estrangement from whom she swal-'
lowed the poison, was at her bedsida
Party U Warreaion. '.
Warranton, On Nov. I. datscp
Connsal,v441 ot Knights and Ladles -of
Seourtty, gar a supper la th lodge
rooms and a danos in Warren's hall on
Halloween. Lunch was served by the
ladlea Th K. and I ot 8 which, was
organised In Warrenton reoently ha
between (0 and to mmbra ? Muslo was
furnished by Roberts' orchestra ot five
piecea - '
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