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'" Jf ), J ' ..I , I jil)L III , I l 11,1'J.l HI! I L "J. ..1J.L' L -LL- J" " J..'
". I .il I ' " H I J '" ""I 'I, I 1,11)1 . l.l..,;i.L III I I II I I . II M .ll,tl , .1 .'III I I I II l IIIIIIM.IH. I . I , . , l I I ,11,, t j ,
lgE3-He Tries' Canoe
McKnle. who Is 'Bridgea partner,
it wi bought from, C.. I Dixon, but
fit. appear that he Ja not or record the
f owner, bnt that Stota Representatlvf
' Paul W. Kouaer,;.' secretary ana legal
, representative of the Jtenton waterway
uiairici, is tne . owner hoi twa of the
blocks,, that . he; paid ' llSOO each ' for
them and la five months cleared 17000
n-the ale.i.;!v.s
This method of spending the people'
candidacy, ..Mr.;; Trenliolme Is In : the
hands of his friends, who at a lunch
eon this week at the Arctlo club,' pro
posed ; that A . make the race.. V Tren
holme is in ho hurry to decide, thoush
his Interests in Mexico are not now de
manding his attention, i He was former
ly head of the Northern ' Commercial
company, which was taken over, by the
Quggenhelma,;, He is now interested' In
among friends of those, who .. mk.
ln the. expenditures,; Bo .there Is likely
to be n accounting,';. This story Is ro
OOHnted to show what Seattla and Kln
county Is encountering In what appears
; Tie pier opened this Week la lntnlA
for' the Piigret Sound trade. .The ware
houses have a storage floor space of
about 1 60,000 -square -feet.' The depth at
an outer na oi. tns pier Is BO feM at
low water ana near land will never be
teas man io xeef. The improvement cost
$200,000,;.; .:'Vviv;', jU'-tfw-.;
oroouiar Mayoralty Candidates. ;
, The mayoralty contest In th Febru
ary primaries does , not loom.1 i much
stronger than the port commission Job,
for which there is no avowed candidate,
Claud C, Ramsey, , real esUte broker,
went away to California last wk iv.
ln;: the impression that .when, he- re-
be approached on the subject. In this
primary gams It requires a broad vision
to get Into the running at the right
time and. with the proper support
Friends of. J. D. Trenholme, an emi-'
nently respectable . resident who came
to this city from South Dakota Ions
enough ago ' to be numbered among the
old ' residents, ., has been projected into
th field. But, unllks Councilman - Aus.
tin K. Griffiths, who has announced hlsi
Za, : Roy - Slater. ; of 8tokhe, state
chairman, of the Progressive party, has
stirred both Republicans and Moose by
his attack on Unl ted States Senator
Wesley I, ? Jones. Slater , has '. asked
Jones to explainhls vote on the seat
ing of Lorlmer, andv his 'letter Indicates
that the state chairman does not In
tend to make any overtures, to ths Re
publicans in 'tli line-, of ' Republican
Solidarity. -While the east side appears
taee nning up solidly for the Moose
party In the next primaries, .the went
side Progressives are talking, some of
mem at least of getting together. For
Instsnce. Iren D. Grlnatead, one of
the progressive leaders In. the bolt from
the state convention at Aberdeen this
week Issued a statement in which he
favored all Republicans rallying under
tne leadership, of prah, Cummins and
I Follette as opposed to such leader,
ship as . that of Barnes, Penrose and
Stevenson. . ' , Another -' . & Progressive,
Charles K. jtnner,' at ' a Progressive
meeting this week, favored amalgama
tion. ..7,:--? r---','i--i,
V-' "Th - rank ;ahd ftl; o tie Progres
sive party Ii not on whit morn hnmuct
than the rank and file of the Repub-1
HVB W TmJ a ' - mf U . W W M 0- . SB ft, U
dents. The Republican . party has no
leaders, but sleepers. ;.! am In favor of
amalgamation ; when ; .. ths Republican
party accepts our; confession of faith,
when it Is ready to come In as a body
and work for our ideals." '
, Will H. Parry, president of the King
County , Progressive league, . returned
this week from the conference at Walla
Walla enthusiastic over the, party pros
pects in eastern Washington. He says
the Progressives are in good condition
In the Fourth congressional district, end
that the prospects are good for elect,
ing; si. successor , to Congressman W. M.
county tho Progressive leaguer is keep
ing in line. At a meeting of 60 repre
sentatives of the' party money ; was
pledged to carry on the campaign,
',o"-'':V wciaty. f Awaits , Tango . Tea.
1 For1 the tangAtea which will have Its
first-soclaftestfjir this city at -the New
Washington hotel this month there will
be Issued 400 invitations. . Mrs; Hen
drick Suydam, the director of these af
fairs, has - selected 1 ' patronesses. .
i-: Mr.'and Mrs. P. F. . Ward, of this city.
announca . the . engagement. .. of their
daughter, , Mary - Genevieve, to - Burton
D. Mahoney, of Portland, the weddlnu
to Uk place In the latter part of this
month-.. .' vfj..1' t ;S "W; iv. r?
Majof Charles T R. ' Castlen, v medical
corps y. 8, A4 and, Mrs. .Castlen have
been guests t many social gathering,
in i their honor the past 1 week. The
Castlens have returned from the Philip
plhes,;,whers Tttts- Castlen has' been , oh
duty. He has been assigned to ths Van
couver barracks. .Those who have en
tertained the Castlens are Colonel Ricn
ard.H. Wilson, commanding the Four
teenth regiment' at ' Fort Lawton, awl
Mrs. - Wllon; B?Mr.' and Mrs., James E.
Galbralth, the ' parents of Mrs. Castlen,
Dr.' and Mrs. W.' A. Shannon and Cap
tain Miles of Fort Lawton. . - .j .
Capuia Ham,, of Fort Lawton.' and
Mrs, Ham will leaVo soon , to take up
lueir reaiaence at Vancouver Darracka.
During the v- t i.v ,ave also been,
entertained,', am. ,11 tiirir hosts being.
Lieutenant ,and iUrg. 1 oyton. Of Fort
I-awton. ., . ' v
Mrs. J. Ji. Kollock, of Portland; who
has been the guest for 10 iaya of her
sistor-in-law, Mrs. Fred N. Kollock.
has returned to her home.
s Mrs. J.- M. Dickinson, wife of the Xor-
mer secretary of war, is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dickinson. Mrs.
DlcklnBOQ wafi here while her husband, ' i
o Is a brother 6f tienry1; Dickinson,
was in President . Taf t's cabinet, and
has many friends in Seattle. y She ha.
been entertained 'at many; social affairs
during her 'present Visit., ; ; ,'
t Portlanders who have ir eels tered at .
the Seattle hotels the past week in
clude Charles - K.- fehaw, 1 a 'traVellng
salesman, H. E. Vernon, general agent
of the SanVi Fo at Portland, Dr. F. B -"
Warner, , J. , Frank - Watson. a banker,
Walter p.; Dyer and H. JR, Eaton, i ,
s-i'W:- i.i''ii'i'n,i -I., ii -i i i - ; wfKji '
YfliiMrs qtcd ? di a ve ?mi
Paris, Nov. 1. Alarmed every night by ;
mysterious noises, some tenants of an
apartment house in the fashionable Ave-1" '
nue'de CUchy gave notice that they were '
going to .leave;, ,The landlord , had re- ,
course to. the police, and three detec- 7
tlves spent a nigh t in the house, , r -. $ .
tAt'MOhtghV the muffled beats began '
as usual.. Revolvers in hand, ths detec
tives searched every room until at last s
they found a little girl, is, Tvonne Van- "
crevenlnr, sitting in her, night dress at
the side of her: bed kicking ths shaft '
conveying; the- water and- gas pipes -
through the building.- She said she liked'
to heir the t neighbors- in ; the morning t
talking about the ghosts of the sight be-,."
fore.- The rhaft carried the "sound to
every room in the house. , ,
Written and illustrated by; Montagu F.
- ' . Modder. - ., ;
'v Therejs one thing I cannot under
stand about the American ladies, and
-, that. Is, the fantastic, dresses most of
them Wear. . I cannot understand why
. the beautiful forms should be mad to
look SO . hideous. - It seema ' that - tha
American ladies adopt ths French styles
and fashions. I ra aorry for them, J
mesn the American ladies, and I Sincerely
ujn, me oay wiu soon come when Amer
, ca wUl have jts own designers and fash.
ion artists, isn't, it time to revolt
. against tne tight skirt, and the hundred
and one other terrible Inventions tmm
Paris? . Why shouldn't America have a
issnion school of Its own? My poor ori
ental heart went pit a pat when I came
in contact for the first time with soms
" fir thm f I Ah Jti 1 i a a w t . .
- .....ucuu,,,, wieai r-ansian creations.
Oh spare me, I nearly fainted. ?Hf t0JlaA tnt a number of
sensible ladies have taken up the ques
tion of the present deplorable styes in
ladie dress, and are wondering If it is
Hooray! Jor Mc,
I tan Eat!
Stuart't Dyspepsia Tablets Bring Joy
t , " ' ow ving , dyspeptics
: . Who Cannot Safely Eat.
cm ones sir at a raffu u
St. t h'V!ly. ,adn - ana' not be
Lll0,!?1 VMv sorrow to most
ik...- 1 f 8lomcl sufferers, and
decent if It Is right and If It comports
with the character of refined and mod
est women to copy the apparel of the
deml mondalne, the laughing stock of
the boulevards and the. gaslng stock of
the' world. - ' ',
For ths past two weeks I have been
endeavoring to tiv. my impressions of
is a land I have never visited before; and
lilt seems to me that -America Is an ln-
exnaustibis subject The more I look
around me. the stranger the things I
see. The streets throb with life, and
your business houses are hives of ac
tivity. Everywhere there's an endless
struggle. It Is the survival of the fit
test! ... - ,. t ,.. .
Npw, there are certain things that
have struck my fancy In this wonder
ful country. I like your roller skating,
which I think Is excellent fun so long as
you don't come down on the broad of
your back! And I have found out that
the best place to practice la the quiet
undisturbed, remote countryside road! I
try to get as far away as possible from
ths traffic, and horses, and street urch
ins. Otherwise, I am sure I will be the
laughingstock of the city.
I also like conoelng in yonr glorious
river. A more delightful recreation It
Is hard to find than to paddle your frail
Indian "bark" on the bosom nf th
lag Willamette. But be careful that
you don t get In the way of the numr.
ous powerful barges and lumber boats.
ro uaeiy mat you will suffer
.JV and Eat All X
' L1 Stwt's Dyspepsia
1 . Tablet Makes Oood for Ms.-
r?yi:lst? 18 "bd of its
, i(,iounj juices, jn
rect proportion, a mtle
Stuart s , Dyspepsia Tablet
,"'m quaiuien thev
in the f conflict ' and the ' Willamette ; I
waters are too-cold for a plunge, and.
never taste well when you "are drown- ,
ing. t . -. - v v..-, . . ' ? ;'
If I were to enumerate the many I
things ! like, in Portland, my list will
grow to he 6f tremendous proportions.
Sura. It will cover 10 columns. -Anyway. .
I feel l" must express my admiration for
f uur . niguuiw, : viu uur muoio iu bqb. j i
erai. There is something -xascinaung
about the eccentricity of your "Turkey
trot", and "tango," which my pen falls 1 1
to describe, , You can get all the exer
cise you want In ; a violent "Turkey i
trot" and the doctors say that dancing
Is an. excellent, thing for tha digestion.
But I must admit. I haven't been able
to learn to dance the "Bunny Hug.! It,
Is an Impossible thing for me; and I
hope no one will attempt to teach ma
Now, your barbers are not all so very
good. " They may be dandy fellows for 1 1
all I know, but their rasora art certainly
very blunt. , .
I went into a barber shop. Hs talked
and he talked till ha couldn't stop.
Said I. "cut it short." He misunder
And out It as short and as close as
he could.
The rasor he used. It scraped like a
Cut off my. whiskers and half of my
That was the worst shave I ever got'l
In.. . .
And I'll never go there any more.
First Unit of $20,000,000 Port Improvement Plan on Puget
bound.-completed at Cost of $200,000; Commis
' sioners Have Their Troubles, ' -
meir cor-canrty-like
elveii tn
therefore rest the diMT,.L yo"
,nd , allay irritation pain
, stomach trouble. ' ga" and
Pepsin such as used in n Rt,.
-tablet is one of nature's groatet , "
and , when this is combined w h
-' ... v " worn-out nervn
- . ' "iieaiinea, Pancrem
and other organs. f-ntreas
, Predigested ; foods will not- aid na-
' III'', I?1"4" n "ufacturE
the wrong Julcos. BeBldes this th
. bowels, need .coarse and heavy 'told.
In order to make bowel pack, whkh i!
vitally, essential to health. - h ta
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets mix
the food in the stomacl,; havf . ten
-v men, as the food
"" ., w lower aigestlve tract
(the intestines) it ' Ukes the fituart-i.
digestive .gents' with it, and there is
her the rel work is don. -, J. .
The nutritive value of food and tab.
let Is Separate from ' the waste mau
tnr snd Is - ssslm Hated and' distributed
Into the prtrrrarta Of the body. The
blvd is enrirffTd and the IfVer stored
with x the qusllttfls (the system needa
O to your druggist ;now and buy
a box .or gtuarfa Dyspepsia Tsbiets.
trioe 50c, and then sat what you will:
but - tak a tablet., afterwards. Then
wtij roiiie to you the beginning of lithe
d vt sit your stomach troubles and
" rearsr.v?'A; v. v.
Seattle. Nov. 1. Th ffrt unit nf
oeattle s 120,000,000 port Improvements
was opened to the public this week.
This is known as the central pier and
ilea well up town where the bulldlns
and retail business has been drifting
ivr aeverat years. The port commission
pushed this project during the big fight
for terminal docks and warehouses on
waroor island at the south end of the
city near the mouth of the Duwamish
river ana convenient to the railroad
terminals. That fight was settled last
spring by the people wno voted against
Harbor Island and the great project
planned by promoters who were to raise
money in the east and duplicate the
famous Bush terminals in the East river
at Brooklyn, New York. Now the com
mission has under way as a. substitute
ior me proposition ror Harbor Island
a terminal on the west waterwav in
the same locality, and declared by the
uesi aumoruiea on the subject to to
an ineai site. . - ,:, v .
' Port CommlssioB'a TronlesC -' ;V
There wag great clamor for-that Har
bor Island site and the Chamber .of
commerce, or its members spent 25,
o in promoting the scheme. General
m. M. Chittenden, engineer corps U. B.
A., retired, who was In charge for a
long time of the work..' of . the arovern.
ment on the plans for, the Lake Wash
ington canal Is chairman of the port
commission, did not like the form of
me contract drawn for the proposed
terminal company on the ground tjat
the port was not potected and Port
Commissioners KObert Bridges and C. E.
Remsberg were unalterably; in opposi
tion. Scott Calhoun, counsel - for the
commlssloiv who drew . the agreement
resigned In a huff, and his successor.
Harold Preston, drew a 'new- one that
Pt a different light 'on the project
The , promoters beat time ' for several
months and .hustled among i the ; capi
UUsts of the east and with no .signs
of presenting Strong . money ' showing
the matter 'went to ths people and the
promoters lost ' -.,.. ; , "
- t Bridges, and Remsberg; were unpop
ular among a certain class and It was
Pretty, generally -!onrii.rt that h.
would never b returned to membership.1
on the commission. Of course the vote
of the people at the special election
was never taken as an Indorsement of
their fitness for the port , board. It
merely happened that in this one mat
ter the. people agreed with them. The
were atjre to be hobbled, and the hob
bling has been so thoroughly done since
that Bridges will not be a candidate
to succeed himself.
Om method proposed was an amend
ment to the port commission to in
crease that , body to five instead, of
three. The Chamber of Commerce eup
ported this move, and lost again before
the people lost because of the general
Impression that that --body wanted, to
get control, which would have happened
very likely at the coming electidV if
two members could be added, making
an election next month , of three who
would . outvote General Chittenden and
Remsberg, who hold over, , - : , i -
Site rorohases Create Mora, l'
But that is all over now. ' othar
tujMKa imv nappenea though to make
Bridges and Remsberg unpopular with
the voters. Bridges Is a partner itt the'
real ; estate business with David Mc!
Kensle, county commissioner. Th coun. 1
ty board has been buying dock sites on
Lake Washington and Lake 'Union. The ,
county .is without ths power of con
demnation for such sites. It bought one1
on lak union for a counTV- ferry nien
for $87,000 from ( J,; M. Oapp! T ?ea'
estate speculator. It developed that
ntendatlon, former County Commissioner
A. I Rutherford says, of Port Com-"
mlssloner .Remsberg-, who' Is In the
real estate - business. - Rutfcrt
a member of the board when the pur-
B"J . ... n"ae 80 ' -McKensle.'
who later discovered that when the tar
galn wasi; drtven- Clapp had ta hurry
to .the land commissioner' - off ia.
prWe;tipftOn the. title, ,Th! lend cost,
hitn 114.000 and he turned, over a"haTnd..
some profit on the deal. Thar deal has'
settled Remsberg as to the nort
nilBeloner. Another one that
Bridges Is the sale' of a site on the
Renton shore of Ukt Wuhlntt ti,.
county paid 125,000 for tht. n th.
recommendation of County Commission-
nnT nnr
Elf lOMvOo
If You Do Biiiy lere Yoi . Wi
Here s our proposition: Many people believe they could buy for lew on-the East Side if they could. find just what
thfV WATtrsvl. Kilt will nnl neo mi aw-Sm i!L-a1 t sk. -.t-.. f..l .V -' ' l - . . .i tir t - ur
now offer a way for you to shop here and. on the West Side for the same amount of car fare. The reason we make
tnis orrer we have the assortment, and we like to show up hich-rent prices and have voi
Then we are wiUing to leave it to you.' Do you know, there are a lot of people that don't buv a dollar's. worth on
the West bide lhey ve learned the lesson. Again we say, jt isn't what you 'make it's what you save!
you compare' them with ours.
1 Um-
v !Viii. r '
C9Q fiC
Fourteen -different atvle. elthr fllnrla't nr.' rtmA .n . ,
specially priced for this sale r The one' pictured here ii a Bed Daven
port with all oak frame, either waxed 1 or fumed finish;- and is uo-
i r l j? "t.'trraae' or orown rabrlcoid 'leather. Makes a
"- ura wiiBH ucu uia xuiua. iiuiuress ana, oeaaing inside
when closed
With Every Peninsular Range
sold this week. Next week and hereafter ?you yjill pay the.same
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any Range made. Will you let us prove this to you? We have
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RANGE .COMPANY, ';" ..ti .
I tiedlum-priced solid oak Table of
attractive design with 46-lnch top and
finished in golden waxed oak. Will seat
eight people when extended.' We've
old any Quantity of 'these for tlt.OO
and ws've mads an extra spe- Ctt!
-clal of this at the low price Of y VFw
Quartered Oat
rtibrary Table
. TJJa beautltful Xibrary . Table with
80x48-lnch ;top comes in- waxed, fusnetl
or any lnish desired. Is built of select
ed quarter-sawed oak. nicely matched,
which. with 1 Its rich finish and
perfect' workmanship,- gives, it that
classy appearance that would grace
any living . room. . An un- ell E ft ft
usual special . at , .a ......... p 1 0. J U
Forty-eight samples of heat-
ers f ripm vwhich ! to ; make a
selection. ;We believe we , .
show more patterns in heat- -ers
than 'any store in Port-; .
land, 'and we are" absolutely .
certain ,theyv are at ' a; lower,
priced; The "line includes .
such well-known makes as
the Peninsular, and Charter
Oak-the kinds you canet
. repairs . for. n ,,To the, cus-
tomers tnat are wai ti n g tor
the : Open - Grate ' Franklin,
there is shipment ; now, in
transit, due to arrive aboutr
November, 10 1 1 ; ,
Pair Good Pillows
rM;wh This
JM$& Mattress -
V , t " 'Hi" 'V'gfr'-irrri i , t , HI, i
h!-bfi9,iMttrS5t. buUt VpJn ,ay5r; llk ut-' covered with art' th-k.
naf5irLlf a and the jqual of any 112. BO mattreSs. With every one
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sold this w,ik t flto.n
feather pillows worth f 3-tO
Corner Eat Burriside
, ' and t ,i. n '
i Union Vvenue
'I? unpimiiuiLnPG (Do
s1' Here' Is one of the'prettlest pat-1
terns of .Dining Tables tn pur entire
line, which consists Of . over thirty
styles. It would he hard to find a
piece of furniture with a more beau
tiful natural grain end .Is vry suo-.
stantlally built of solid oak.; It Is 48
inches in; diameter and extends to
six -feet.. Would be reasonable at
$(5.00. ,You may, pur- enn
chase It for .. . . O
Corner , East , Bumside
' 1 ' -'" i and i ' '
, Union Avenue' '