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; r ;,,r.;r jonesmore has CONCRETE: SCHOOL BUILDING
XJLXJXliJLJ U U vv uxiu;
Evidence:. That Speedometer
rn i t lmto
miuea ai neinai.
" LentaOr., Oct IS. C. C. Oberinlre;
who' VM fined, the minlibum of 115
and costs Jast Monday for speeding on
' the gudr tMiI Sunday, despite hi
protestations that the speedometer
the arresting officer, Eugene White,
' was inaccurate, persuaded Justice
KJlneman to' reopen his case Saturday
and .was acquitted. Obernjlre introduced
the evidence or an expert. JjOckwooo
of a' speedometer company, that his
' speedometer was tested and found cor
rect. and ' in fact showed a speea
2 f miles when the actual speed
' between JI and 25 miles an hour.
fleer White ha since the arrest bought
a new SDeedometer.
' ft. -A.-. Wolf cans;, in whoso case th
clrcuntastances and evidence were
am as in Obermlre's, also
.: auitted. ' ... '
A . l ick em. - cashier of the Scandi
n avian-American bank. ' J. B. hong and
K. 8. HI rains, who were arrested by
Officer White for speed in r last Sun
t.y on the Sandy road, pleaded iruilty.
and .were each, rinea iro ana cosis.
Th eases of EVW. Patt and R. IX
, 1-Vntana. manager of the Oregon Pack
Ins; . company, charged wlth speeding,
wilt come no Monday at a- in.
Conrad 8. Olsen. proprietor of gro
cerv f store near .. Lenta1 Junction, who
was arrested Wednesday- on a charge
of - assault and battery tn bis wife,
wan allowed to depart Under a sus
pended 'sentence by Justice Kltneman
Thursday. Qlsen,,.who baa been In
ro,ihl before for this off euse, , was
forced to pay costs,, and will spend 25
days on the rockpile If -toe gets drunk
or vlalent again. The versatile Justice
managed to reconcile ' tlie couple and
ffiMpant . Ivniv Action..
. Mr. E. Colton of L Croisi Wis.,
arrived this afternoon for a , three
weeks' -Visit At the home 'of her uncle,
John Welrod, on Foster road.
Improvement - Club; to Discuss
Needs; Foster Road Ques
, tion Considered,
Archer i Place,' Oct. 4. The Jit Scot;
' Improvement club, at Us regular fort
nightly meeting In the Anabel Preaby
( terian church Monday, will lay plana for
securing- mora lights for the district,
and will discus the Improvement of
Koater road. - , " .
.The petition for improving this roil
from Klfty-fcond to Seventy-second
: street already contains the fignatr.rea
of between 30 and It per cent of tUe
required 40 per cent, of property own
era. The petition baa been held up. In
the hope that the city would help pay
, the cost from the general city funds, aa
Foster road is one of the main arteries
- of travel and concerns more . thaa its
own Immediate district "v - - , t
' . Forty-second - avenue from Flf ty-a
ond to Fifty-ninth streets la ;. being
cleared, and crosswalks , and cement
sidewalks are being laid. ' Similar wort
i is being done on . Fortieth avenue .front
Fif ty-aecond street to the car line, and
the water main on this street Is being
lowered. ' Petitions for similar work on
adjoining cross streets are being cU-
:. culatedv - j- .
,&:M. : . vtsV V r '
south of Foster road-will hold a neigh
borhood meeting soon to plan for-planting
trees in the parking of the streeta
of the district Uniformity In the loca
tion and kind of trees used Is the object
Deputy District Attorney Gives
' Opinion Regarding Pro
' visions.
i " "i; Ayr. - v ' " I V"- -v.
.rt - r .r-:.' VIS ;, u ,- .
of ' ill I x : i'i n .'i. "A
I , "--ii" V.'.
or i i ill 1 1 ;.". i w .
i ' - i t ... n
l.iwi "' I J '
I Vjf r"
' ' ti
If Mrs.- Mary., A. iVyae ot 44S JEast
Eighty second street. . north, had not
been a' born, organiser, and booster,' It
a highly probable; the children of the
Joneamore district would still be truJg.
inr mile and a. half over muddy roads
and through reina and atorma to school.
For years the Monte. villa school was
the only publlo educational institution
available for the youngatera who live in
the hollow below Montavllla, And the
city , fathers did not aeem disposed to
alter conditions. Mrs. Vyae. on the
other hand,, thought ' the residents of
Joneamore . fbrmed a large enough com
munity for a school building of their
own. Thereupon she set out to procure
the building.'' . y;'4Sy.
Constituting- with. her daughter. Mxa.
Elisabeth McKern of Ut East Eighty
second street,-north.- a self-appointed
committee, they a tar ted p campaign for
joneamore. scnooi zor joneamore cnu-
dren.' They haunted board of education
meetings; they gathered hundreds of
petition signatures, and by unremitting
hard work, , aecured e little . one-room
ortable, achool building. Y: ;i.
Tnla'waa nearly four years ago and
waa deemed a great victory at the time,
but the movement then etarted by Mrs.
Vyae grew, with the ' years, and today
Joneetnope la the proud possessor of a
new concrete building, with four teach
ers and nearly ISO students. ' i
The hew Jonesmore school la altoateJ
in the same hollow where ,once lta pre
deceaaor. : the - portable) ahack, . stood.
The old one-room school - ia doubtless
now doing duty in some outlying part
of the city, until aome-woman of Mrs.-Vyso'a-
stamp takes the .initiative and
impresses upon the board of education
the need of permanent quarters. The
Joneamore school building waa opened
October 1 and la a handaome structure
of Concrete and stone, modern in every
Top At left, Mrs. Mary A. Vyae, .who Inaugurated move ' for 'Jonesmore school; ' At right, future young
1 ladlei of Joneamore. Bottom At left, new 'school house at Jonesmore.,. .At right, Mrs. Elizabeth Mc
Kern, who autet$d Mrs. Vyae. - , - ,' ' v , v
detall with. an assembly hall . and six
classrooms, ,
"I (Imply could not bear to see those
children walking mile and a ; half
through all kinds, of weather to school
every day when they might Just as well
attend a school near , at : home. Mrs.
McKern and I put. our shoulders U the
wheel. . and were rewarded for our f
forts.". Thus briefly vnd expreaaivaly
Mra,, Vyee describes ner efforts.
In- addition to, having secured:-: the
Jonesmore school,. Mrs. Vyse has for
many - years been , a successful .organ
iser, for the order of Lady Macabeea.
She claims to be the mother of Lady
Macabees In Oregon. Largely instru
mental in securing organisation of the
order in . Portland, her meat ', recent
achievment "la the' establishment ; of th
Ingleaide Park hive, Irt the community
in which she-Uvea. . . . '
Before coming to Portland Ura. Vyae
was a resident of Detroit ;
1th so
children! lor at f least whose
nil dren would not oppose the marriage,
would, be- acceptable. . :,:. ' ;v.''.-v '; . ,A
She said she wrote the aseeesor be
cause she knows that he la acquainted
ith the atandlng of all citlsena.
Aeaesaor Strain has gone over , his
hooka and selected, several farmers as
ellgihlea, and has written toe widow
some advice ' as to how to approach
ihem.1 , '
Deeputy Dtatrfet Attorney Delch, who
Is handling cases under the 1913 law
governing money lenders, does not be
lieve the law includes pawnbrokers In
its provision. He said that his under
ataiidinif of the law was that . only
tboxe who received more than 10 per
cent Interest on personal credit were
amenable to the law. If this conten
tion ia right, he Bald, pawnbrokers
would be eliminated, as they lend
( i.itvic,q ,nq nuv on credit.
.The question was raised because of the
fact that In the title of the act pawn
brokers are specifically let out of com
pliance fWltu the provisions of the act,
; while In the body of the act no men
tion la made of them.
.The first trial under the new law
requiring money lemlera to aecure It-'
censes from the state banking board
, before they charge more than 10 per
cent Interest will come up for a hear
ing tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. Lpu'sa
U. . Rosenthal, sole owner of tho Elby
company, waa arrested on complaint of
V.' H. Johnson that ho was assossed
by 'the company '12MC Merest on a
7.50"Joan for 98 days, and was
charged with not having complied with
the. law.; Cash bail of $250 was put
'p for. her ! appenranco beforo District
.'udge.fia.vton. It in expected that the
v pui jurwara xnai me ccm-
pany operates under a city license as a
pawnbroker ,es8.blihm'nt. Delch said
if that plea la made he will take the
stand that the n oney waa loaned on
personal credit and therefore she can
not hide behind that plea, but W liable
to, punishment, for violating the law.
Pendleton, or., Oct 25-I admire
Jlxe western. ona,n so much more than
the eastern; man that I want to get
one all my own." .Thus wrote a widow
of Sal era to 'Assessor C. p. Strain f
Umatilla, county, prefacing a request
for him to recommend some good man
of middle age who la convinced that It
in nut good that man should be atone
fche wrote a very modest and sincere
totter, declaring that she is no adven
turees. Mit simply a lonesome Woman
ith a desire to make some good man
a good "wife. - The man, she aays, must
" tnumis, nnqueauonea so
orieiy ana i in
William : Fielding:; Ogburn presided
yesterday at the regular weekly meeting
of the executive board of , the; Oregon
Civic League and appointed the. follow
ing committee to arrange for a' series
of . civto J lunoheons: 5 A. C. Newill,
chairman; Mrs. A. C. Ne will, Mrs, C. B.
Woodruff, Miss. Mabel . Weldler and R.
Fulton -Rlseling,,, ?;- fe' ,?, ?':(
The first 'one of the series will be
given next Saturday at noon, November
1. at which the topic to be discussed
will be the . Workmen's Compensation
Act, William MacKensie, secretary of
atationary engineers' union, will, speak
in favor of the act, and the name of
the speaker ? opposing .it , will be an.
nounoed shortly. After the apeeehea
free discussion will be invited, and it
la expected that, a great deal of Interest
will be shown after each aide of the
question baa been explained.. The place
will be announced on Monday. Places
mav be reserved by phoning ; to the
office of the league, 309 Journal build
lng. Main 2869.
f. Divorce Suit Dismissed.
After four days spent In examining
SI witneaaea for both sldea. Circuit
Judge Davis yesterday dismissed th
divorce complaint ' r Ethel MoCrow
against Garnet McCrow, saying that he
did not ; find sufficient evidence on
which to baae a decree.' Neither party
waa given casts! Judge Davis advised
Mrs. McCrow to return to her husband
and two small children, saying that she
did wrong to leave. home and children
In the first place. McCrow said he was
ready to welcome her home, . .
The suit is baaed largely on trouble
with McCrow's father, a Polk county
farmer. After the marriage In 1906
McCrow took up the management of, bU
f father's '380 acre Polk county farm, ;.,
Stanford Unlveraity, Oal., Oct.' 11
there are sixty-three students regis
tered st Stanford University from' Ore
gon, of which the majority, thirty-eight,
are from Portland. ... . .. yv ,
The law department has' t( of these,
the engineering courses nine, seven in
econom4os, five in history, four bin Eng
lish and the rest scattering through
practically every department' This reg
lstratlon for the first semester alone
exceeds that of the entire last year by'
thirteen. .-, y
i Preparing for Big dame. I i
Stanford University, Cal..: Oct 2B.In
preparation for the big annual Rugby
game between California and Stanford
on November 8, the Stanford athletic
oonncil . Is erecting V 2000 additional
bleacher seats, which will make a total
aoeoimnodatlon of oVer 17,000- besides
mti. JU. uiDion, . traveling - passen
ger agent of the Southern Paclflo
Rallwav. ' Mtniunv.' with ttA1niiAetr
at Cincinnati, and P. K.1 Gordon,, gen
eral paasanger -, agent ' ; for the . ' same
company, with headquarters at r San
Francisco, are ' regtsttered at, t ; the
Multnomah, . . -. , ... . . : '
' :-The east "la all' right, bat I want
to aay that It's ' the west . for me,"
said O. B. Johnson, a merchant of
Astoria who has . Just returned from
a montVs trip through the east, i and
la registered at the Multnomah.' . "I
had a fine time, encountered much
good weather, but believe more than
ever that there is no placerlike Ore
gon."' :. ',':yi
Mrs, Kelson Gorf Inkle and her ; in
fant daughter, V Lorraine Annes, -are
returning to Oakland, Cal., with her
aunt, Mr a. . Rae Pallmbaum. who - baa
been spending several months in Port
land 'as a- bouse guest of , Mrs. Gor
flnkle. On arriving in Oakland Mra.
Gorf inkle wlU be the gueat of her
brother and ' slster-ln-laV, ; J Dr. and
Mrs. ; Herbert J. Samuels of 1414 Myr
tle street Thy Will ; leave , about
November 1st. :;r;:.
, C Leaser Cohen of the Globe theatre
1 as returned :J rom ' New Tork, accom
panying 'his .son, who is associ
ated with-' the General Electric .com
pany. i Mr, Cbhett vlalted the film, atv
dloa while In the east and became peri
aonally acquainted with many of the
icreen -actora. ? H saw', several . pictures
m the making; at tn Vltagraph and
loibln studios. During his a lay he
contracted for 'the' choicest ' piotorea
r reduced by the licensed makera, the
Olograph. Vltagraph and Edison, whose
exclusive service la now being shown
In his theatre. , . f&jrvxt.
iHL' C Richmond of ..Seattle, t local '
rreignt . agent or the - Milwaukee ' rail-
road, was, in Portland yesterday on
company business. '
' The members of the''' Washington
State College Football 'team are at
the Oregon. , . . "
.t J. -Buchanan. af business ' man of
Maryhill, la registered at the? Oregon,
... - J. E. McGowan an . Insurance man
of Seattle , is stopping at the Oregon.
Arthur JW. Bennett, wholesale Jew.
eler , of San Francisco, is at . the -Ore
gon. . '. f ".'';-''. ;'"!. ..;..f .:AH;,.;;i
". Mrs. O. T. BUnchard of Grants
Pass, is a. guest at the Oregon." ;
. Judge Webster Holmes and "wife,
of Tillamook, are guests ' at the,' Im
perial. . i-L w;rw;.' .v.'- ' . v
. B. S. Rolfe and wife, of ; Elugene, are
registered at the,',ImperiaLv':.' r,.- 'i
: Judge A. ' M. Crawford, attorney gen
era! of Oregon, Is stopping at the
Imperial. 'V-V':'. "' V i-1 . . -: '
J. French. Jr., a sugar man of Hon
olulu. and ,;wife'.;: are f guests at the
t. ''
NT asw
Secretary of , War Garrison aid Secretary of the Navy Daniels watching
a;' hotel j. man, and
Harry Kayler. a- merchant, . of . Lon
I Beach," are at the Perkins. V ; , ; .;. :
:. B. M. Colvert a, . merchant of ,Mt.
Vernon,, is stopping at -the Perkins.
' John .Kill, a merchant: of Mt , Ver
non, is stopping: at the Perkins:.' :?v
i Thomas Luak,. a merchant of Silver,
ton. is registered ' ati the Perkins.
: Frances ? Norbey . -a , milliner ef
Astoria, sis " stopping '.at the Mnlt-
nomah. f - .:' H-'t
I C. Bogett and' R. ? A. 'Grimes,
realty men of Camasrara at the Mult-
nomah. :". tV;i wswyj-!-w,
3. D. Donnelly, a railroad contractor of
Spokane, and wife, are guests at tne
Nortonla . 1 ? , v -':,..V?' '
' Mr. and Mrs. I Ring of Seattle,
Wash., are apending a few days In Port.
land visiting friend. They are regis
tered -at . the Portland. :'i.rt- ' '.- 0-
' Charles. Woodbury, -who Is giving a
series of lectures in Portland on Ralph
Waado Emeraon. is t:reglaterd at ! th
Portland.""..: ' 'w
f J.. IC: ' Pratta prominent Clnauranes
man from Eugene, Oregon, accompanied
by his family,. Is stopping at the Port
land..; ''! .h'-'yyP--'-
; ' C. A. ! Bennetti a- rubber ' manufacturer
from Los (Angeles, Cal is , a; guest at
the.Portland;....:ff!'i . l&WP.if: '
H Dr. E. H, Packer landed at 'New'Tork
yesterday , after four months' . Euro
pean trip: He will proceed at once to
nia winter noma in .Anaona,. out win
come via.. Portland and will spend' aev
eral daya here renewing old friendships.
For, the past three years Dr. Parker has
made his home at Phoenix, Arts., where
he flnda the dry atmosphere and the
elevation beneficial to his health. '
L. F. . Clark.-1 a S merchant ..of 1 Rain
ier,. Is atopplng; at (the-Corentlue.
R. ' F. i Nelson, ' a .hop man , of New-
burg ia registered at the Corenetlu.
W. B. Thled a merchant of Eugene,
Is a guest at the Cornelius..
C. T. - Tfeompaon,.' a banker, of Wal
lace, la. registered at the. Comellua. .
Centralis.!. Wash.; Oct. -SS.--In the
Xwls county, superior: court, yesterday
a : jury returned a. Judgment of 120.000
In favrtr of the plaintiff in the suit of
Amy Bronson aitalnat Harry. Byverson.
The Jury was out 30 minutes. ; Byverson,
who Is a,' prominent , rancher -of Adna,
, The
., fair, circumstances.. A I standinaemai . rr v ..v.v.i j. h.,..n I EW,, tne Atianua neet at. MfBOt practice from thn hrlrfiro nf. th ttsttia. I was sued by he girl for seduction.
pose at ims iamous noiei,vitn
its doors opening to the North, South,
; ' East' and West in cordial invitation. v
, . . - '- .i ,.., . j, 1 j v. - .
-A cuisine famed not onlin our own city and
. , nation, but as well, in '.the, great Asian and,,
, ' ( , European cities--a cuisine that ranks with that j
; I . -J of any hostelry" in the world, -
, " i i- 4 'l t ; v ,
The table d'hote, dinner
" - served-at the Portland are ar
. t. j tuttc triumph in food and
' - 1 - tervice. s, The targe v dining ;
' , i room hat been freshly decor ?
. , : ated for the Fall and Winter
season, lending a most pleas
, .fag. effect. , Afternoon , eog ,
. " ? , are served in the coxy grill'
room, which -. has a-: direct : en-
trance on Broadway.. .
1 A
4 f i
Onhr the "most refined type of musical enter-, '
) . .. j .. t - j - i e j 1- - - j il. ' ' '
lammenx is renaerca ror me rucsis or 1 inc-,
Portland ; the soloists and musicians are artists
of, rare ability. The entire surroundings : and ?
1 service-bespeak. an atmosphere of; culture" and-k , '
long-established' permanency. ' ; .T
The; Portland Hotel
Owned nd Operated by' '
" . ! J Kaufmann; Manager. ; '
N. K. Clarke,' ' -.,
f Assistant' Manager,' " "
u II
Peters' , Bankrupt
' 4 4 . If " ( ' I.' 'A 1
L8tWeek--Mu3t Vacate
Petera' Rockera anil Chairs; .f.r
-J Werei" ,Nowi
. .$18.00 $10.50
Peters' Rocken and Chairs. 12.00
Peters' Hall Trees.;. .V, 6.25
Peters', Phone Stands and Seats. 1 5.75
UvingRoomSuite (LteS'i&Fr) 60.00
Li ving Room Suite (LSS? ) 50.00
Liv 40.00
Extension Table .............. 45.00
Eitension Table . . ,Y. . . . . . . . ;30.00
Extension fable ... . ..... . .VI . l&OO
Bedroom Suite (SToEr? ShiS?1") : . 65.00 45.00
Birdseye, Maple
' Bedroom Suite; fSSSShT) 65.00
". t - .. '. . .,Y. iV ' 1 ( . ....... -': " ' ' ..."
German MahoffV .i '
, Bedroom Suite SL?eiae2r) 60.00
Golden Wax Bed- ?l
. room suite (EES? waS0) . 1 60.00
- , Buffets. Dining Chairs,
' Brass Beds, Springs, . Mattresses
, : GreaUy Reduced Prices. ;
Further Reduction to Buyers of 3-Room Outfits.
I 4, 1 ' 1 ' ' I '' - 4
63 Fifth Street, 2d Floor
'V- LAST-'WEEICm"" . .
I. 1!
I I. ' i,
T 45.00
e-4 i n
I I t t . ' ) i I 1 14 V " I
1 1 o ojo
la; prefenWbutiAwldowerlmore.;.::-;.;.:' -!;. .y:A'iy"l ''WahlrtWvomlni.
when she
7W'.stm&:&f,'rrtrsUw years i4f'.v.