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The-Green-Misl Oa;a:
The Fourth Fu-Manchu Story
By Sax Rolitiic:
Ill th house-trying to pacify th girl out -In the ball .; "Haw do you arrlv at that?" aakeaWeyniiOUth.
iWt,r'-sLCr!re1J! : Tb servants, fn the ball r. him ..-
"tlielr forehesxls jid howllngl There' wa nd mom to be-, X they1 had seenhim go out they would know that It
got out of 'any of them, so ft started r Investigate for inust be wmt on aliaVfio Ilea bar, -. A
himself.. Ha bad taken th bearings of th plac earlier ... '"What about tb' Chinaman?" '
In th oVanlng, and from- the light la a window, on th "Sine there la no other means of ntraae t the eon
ground floor bad located th study, ao 'ba' startad to ' servatory save through tha study. .w must bav hid- ,
" look for the door. When b found It. was locked from n himself tbra at som time wbaa bis master wag ,
ATLAND ' BMITII Uitii In and threw JHmselX
an utmcimir, facing taV t iW'labl"- ;
"hav ' seen Slf" Lionel Barton', ha. said,
"and "to put tb whole thing ia a nutshell ha
baa laughed at me. During the months that I have been
wondering where , be had gone to,. h has ' been ' som-,
where In ' Egypt Ha certainly bears a charmed ltf,
for on the evidence-of his letter, to the Times be has
seen things In Tibet which Fu-M&ncbu would hav th
west blind to; In fact, I think he bits found a new key
bole to th gat Of the Indian Empire!", ; v . '-.-.y-.A.'O
Smith's darkly tanned fac had grown leaner than
ver, since he bad begun bis fight with th most un
canny opponent, I suppose against whom a man ' ever
bad pitted himself Doctor Fu-Manchu. He stood up and
began restlessly topo?th room, furiously atufflng
tobacco Into his briar. , ' j W '
.' liong ago we bad placed th nam of Elr Lionel Car
ton upon .the list of tho wnoa. lives stood between
Fu-Manchu and tba attainment of his end, : Orientalist
and explorer; ,th fearless . traveler who first bad pane 1
trated to Lassa, who thrtoe, ae av pilgrim,' bad entered
forbidden Meoea;: ti now bad turned his attention again
w.xioei, inerepy aigning nis own oeain wrranv , f . spector. Indicated Its extent with 'big hands, "Well, as
."Thafh has reached England Uv to a hopeful th man' smashed the glass and got the window pen.
Ign?"' X suggested. '. .-' ." A;.'C-"A;':i ; ' and was lust climbing In he saw something ls
.the Inside."
;"' ..'VH went out and round to th window. Thr'i , a ,
., blind, and from 'tit shrubbery you can. sea into tba lum
- ber room knoh as the study.,, H looked In as appar
ently ' Mlts "Edmonds bad don befor blni. Wbat b
saw accounted for her hysterics I" ,"'",
Both, Smith and. X were banging upon his words. V
. " ''Ail among the rubbish on th floor, a big Egyptian
tnnmmy cMe was lying on It aide, and fac downward,
With his arms thrown across It. lay -Sir Uonel Sartonl"
fMy GodI Tes. go on.", , , . .
v There was, only a shaded, reading lamp alight, and -It
stood on a chair shining right down on him; it mad
a patch of light on the floor, you understand," Th In
abant from this room." . V ,v j .; :-:'o:, i"-'
' . ; . "Croxted found th communicating door Closed. What1'',
v killed the: Chinaman r-:"i'fy:--f f:-M'..'i--. :,;l,.'i-&.
"Both Miss Edmonds and Crested found th study, t
door looked from the Insid. '.Wbat kUlad 8trotat"
, retorted Smith,:-:: r4 '! V
. "Tpu will bar noted," . continued th lnapeotor. "that 'i
th secretary Is wearing Sir Lionel' dVesttng sown. It ,
1 waa seeing 'hint la that as she looked In at the wladow
wbloh, led , Miss Edmonds to mistake him for her; em- ,
ployer and consequently to put us on th wrong scent.",
'v 'TI wor It in order that anybody looking .In at-
th window -would ' be sur ' to mak - that ' mistake!" '
rapped Smith. . , - t " '
"WhTt" T aViw1. ' i
, - . , f , ' ' ,i , ((Jopynght by Th urtu Auci .u CU1...,
"Weymouth. H drapedjto ra ar vl iiQiruatV? had no tlm timiajtta.e''
stacked with bdoxk . T . " . ' - 1 irrlBimBii said, wrapping bar weWW Wat i .
"Mr. Smith." fa said with 'emotion, "what does this - "You s m as 1 ami" -meant.
Tell . m-iulckly." ':., :-..v-V-vi'. , ' " Her garments exhaled a' faint perfume." and It r
In brief (arms Smith detailed th happenings of th , minded' me of another, meeting J had bad with her. I
i night or a muoh as he knew of them, BIr Lionel Bar- looked into the challenging eyes.
ton listened, sitting quit sail th whlle-n unusual
. repose in a man of such evidently tremendous nervous
activity . .. ;.v"t-. ;n ;.'; i -v. V '' '
"He . cam , for th Jewels," . he said, slowly, wbea
Smith, waa finished, and his eyes turned to th body of
the dead Italian. "I was wrong to submit hint to the
Your request is but A pretense," I said. "Why
you keep, the secret of that man when they mean daa . i
to so nanyFeVtf '. -'..
, "'. "Death! I have seen my own slater die of fever 1 1
the desert eeen her thrown like a carrion Into a bole tt
the sandM bkv seen men flogged until they prayed for
temptation, God knows what Kwe was doing la hid- death aa a boon! I bav known th lash myself 1 Death!
Ing. Perhaps h bd com to murder may as you sur ;-:What does it matterf'" '-'t '- v:-
mise, Mrj Smith,-though X find Jt mrd to belUve. But
; I ' don't . think this is th i handiwork of your Chines
'doctor!" be fixed his raa upon th aarcophagua. t
. i Smith stared at him In aurprlM. "What do yott
mean. Sir Lionel T" i ' , - t ' o
v Th famous traveler continued -to look toward th
sarcophagus with something la bis blue eyas that might
have been dread.-, , t
.'.,..!( v m !.. m ' . 'm. .a. s m & a 'If rt I. - -' . !..e : ... . m 'I. .
j i received a wire xrom jrToiessor Kemooia lomgni, . ou snruggea nw . snouiaers.
Sb shocked me Inexpressibly. : Enveloped In her doaK
; again, and with only her slight accent to betray ber. It
..was dreadful to bear such words from a girl who, save
. for her singular type of beauty, might bare been a oul
! tured European. - Sjvjs.Ji s,&. i '.- f'r.y';l
-' '"Prove, Oien, that you really wish to leav this man'
errtc. ..TU ai what killed Strossa ana th ClQnamaar
4 Tf..;':-rVy;.-,.;iV,.V-- ;
-.! ' 1
ground going away from
th other end of th gtudy." i '
Nayland Smith fixed bla ayes upon th speaker.
. Bmitn shook hU Jiead and lighted th blackened bnar.- so h says!"
"England at present Is ; the weV Vb replied, : . 'Thf He paused
r i ejiioor twin .pe waiungi . t-ecrie,' I someximes ceepair. . ; "What did fa bt'
'- Sir Lionel Is an Impossible) man to, shepherd. Tou ought ( 5 ''As'ort of ' green mist
, n v iua, iiuun ai f urciuojd -A.unr, mm piue( vin aiivei ' It moved over
pieteiy hemmed an by trees. - Damp' as- a swamp, smell 7
7 ,11k a jungle. Everything .topsy-turvy ' He only. ar ,
rived today, and h la working and: eating (and sflep :
Ing I expect) la a study that looks like an earthquake
at Sothebys auction rooms. 'Th . rest of 1 the house is '
v bair a menagen and, naif a cirousl He has a Bedouin
, (Toom, a Chines body servant and heaven only, knows
-i "jninasr-., 1; f &;&..,.; v. :v vr- - V
-.T I awf' hbn, ' aqulrrtlng v Cajjtoae;', h lli
' Kwee. I don't lik blm.' Also, - there la. a , secretary .
K known a Btroiai, -who has anjonpleasant face. He la !
a fin linguist, I understand, and is engaged upon th v
Spanish notes ' for Barton's ; forthcoming book v on .th
llayapan 'lemples. fifty) the way, all Sir Lionel's baggage V
- disappeared from th landing stage, including his TlbUa -
. . "Significant !" ' - ' "
' "Of course!- But ha argues that he has crossed Tibet -.
erem- the , Kuenjun to th Himalayah ; without being,
assassinated and Mheref ore that It Is mnUkely1 b will
meet with that fat In London.: I left, him" dlota'tinr tb"
book from memory; at the rat of about 300 words a mln- y
-"He to wasUng nottlrnr ' .1 ' v w
,' Wasting tlmel In the Tucatan book and
th work on-Tlbet, h has to read a .paper at th la- '
atitut next: Week 'about anma tmnlh fiA-'ham naHhai in
Egypt :A ; I oameff away; a van drov up from tb
big a a boat . It is unique, according , to Sir Lionel, '
and will go to th British, Museum af tar h .has ex-
- amlned it ' The tnan crams' six months' work Into atx
weeks; thea h Is 'off again."-.'' ; , v'f
. ."What do, you propose to dor s t - . " , . '
, , "What can I df I know that Fu-Manchu win mak
an attempt upon . him. X cannot doubt It Ugh! that
r hus;fav m l.-tha: shudderal ; Ko t sunlight 'I'll swear,
Pertrle, -can .ever -penetrat to. th rooms, and when X
arrived . this ? afternoon, , clouds . of. gnats '. floated Ilk ,
, motes wherevtr, a atray beam1 fllteted through th tree ,
of the avenue. .There's a ateamy smell about the plao -that
to ,almoat,, malarious.5 and th whol of .th west
front is covered with a, eoct of monkey creeper, rhioh'
' he hag Imported at some Ume or othr.. 'It has a close, -exotlo
perfume that is quit in tb picture. I tell you '
tb place was made for murder I" v , , . '
, "Hay you taken, 'any precautions T" - , '
- "I called in at Scotland Yard and sent a man down te
watch th bouse, but "f .'
He shrugged his 'shoulders helplessly.
WbU f Llbnel HkT" '.'.,
' "A madman, Petriel A. tall, masslv man, wearing ' .
a dirty dressing gown of neutral color; a man with un
, tidy gray half and a bristling mustache, keen blue eyes
and a brown akin. -who wears a short beard, or rarely '
' shave I don't know whlchl : J left him striding about
among the thousand and . on , curiosities of -that in
credible room, picking his way;' thrdugh antique furnl-,!
ture, works of reference, raanuscripts, mummies, speara
pottery, and what rot-otneUmes .kicking a book from
. his course or itumbllng over a stuffed orooodll or a,
Mexicaa . mask alUmataly, dictating and conversing!
PbSWr.' - , ' -r , , '
For som tlm w wr silent 1 . t r t
, Smith,! said, "w ar making no headway In this .
-, business. ; wth all th force arrayed against him, Fu-
, axancnu suu - eiuaeg - as, sruu : pursues bis devilish. In- ;
scrutable way!" , 4 . , ' t
. .f."Aad we don't knSlw all," h said.. fW mark such v
i and suoa a man as one aiiv to th yellow peril, and we
. -.- V- v &
' demanded Smith shortly. , ' ; 1 , JO f tXj ' 1
rust, sir I He says It seemed to b ' , "J . JT - l''
ih floor, about a foot from th ' , J '4 hf "V("iCjr "
rom him and toward a curtain at . h --.1 ' , .,-
h 1
i v i a o
,.'.h continued. "Tou were correct in supposing that no
one but Btroxxa knew of my absence.- I dressed bur'1
' rledly and met th professor at the TraveKr'a H
knew that I was to read a paper next week upon"-
H again h looked toward th mummy case "th tomb of
Kekara, and he knew that th sarcophagus had been
.brought untouched to England. He begged of me not
to open It"' i j -A' f' ' v. 'i"
Nayland Smith was studying th speaker's fae ... .
' "What reason did be glv for so extraordinary a"
request?" he asked..., V .' . , - ,'
Sir Lionel Barton hesitated. , . L
"On,", b replied at last "which amused ;m-at :
th tlm. I must inform you that Mekara whose tomb
my agent bad discovered during my absence in Tibet '
and to enter whioh, I broka my return Journey at Alex
andria wa a high priest and first prophet of Amen
under th pharaoh of the exodus; in short, one of th
magicians who contested In magi o arts with Mosesf I
thought- the discovery -unique until Professor Pembold
furnished me with som eurlous particular respecting
th death of M. Pag 1 Kol. th French Egypfologlst '
i particulars new to ."; ' :' - .-'f."-
4 W : listened la growing surprise, scarcely knowing
. to what this tended.' ..
' .. "M. 1 Rol." continued Barton, : "discovered, , but kept
i . secret the tomb of Amentl another of y this particular
brotherhood, . It appears that h opened th ntumtmy case
' ; on th spot these priests were of royal lln and ar '
' burled In th valley of Blban-el-Moluk. His fellah and '
Arab servants deserted him for som reason on seeing
th. mummy case and he was found dead, apparently
strangled, besld It Tb matter; was bushed up by th
Egyptian government i Rembold could not explain why
But h begged of ma not to open th aarcophagua of
ftfokara." - - , ,
silence felt '
.true facts regarding th sudden death of Pag
which I now heard for tb first tlm, had Im
pressed m unpleasantly, coming' from a man of Sir ,
Lionel Barton's experience and reputation. 1 ;
"How long had It lain at the docker' Jerked Smith.,
she clutched m nervously "so that X am helpless, loc2f
On up so" that 1 cannot escape,9, beat me If you like, X
; will tell you alt Z do knowl While be Is my master I wCI
never, betray him. t Tear me from him," by four do yo-j
, understand, by - force? and my . lips will be, sealed B
longer I. Ah! but you do not understand,' with your proper
authoHtles' rour .pollc! ' PoUcl : . Abl :I bv -sail
enough. ,t;:'?;;;Y- .':.A-i-'"''-:r;v'' ,
; 4 6b Shivered as tf .wlth cold; stepping back and draw
ing tba' cloak .tightly , about her. For my. part, I fell
, hopelessly Unable to cop with Ideas of so extraordinary
a character. ! stood silent amased, ' What should I da
.Reason with harf Detain ilsritHJ'S-V'.
A clock across the Common began tblstrlkv,' Th gl
etartea, and laid , her nana upon my shoulders again.
There were ', tears glittering t among the curved blac4
UsheaJ;v--4AvV: :-.:uv,;;,-
' "Tin? tn tint niVtndr ilit WMinowl. Mniit mTt
you never understand and release m front, blml I must
go. Already I have remained too long. Lbrten! Oo out-
without delay) Remain out-st a hotel. -Wher you
but do not stay berel" ' .
rj "And ayhuid SmlthT ..''.' i -,
'What Is he to me-thls Nayland Smith f Ah! why wCI
' younoi unseal my Hp I Tou ar In danger you hear met
win danger! Go away from her tonight"'
' . Sh dropped her i bands and ran from th room. X4
the open doorway she turned, stamping her foot passion
ately. , ,
r :"Tou hav hands and arms r sh ctled." -And yet yen
let ma go! Be-warned, then; fly from here" Sh broka
eft-with something that sounded Uke a sob., .
,v I made no move to stay ber this beautiful aooompUu
of th archmurderer, Fu-Manchu. I heard ber light foot
steps pattering down the stairs; I heard her open and .
close th door the door of which Dootor Fu-Manchu held
tb key,. Still I stood where sh bad parted from m. and
was so standing .when, a key. grated- la the lock, ml.
Nayland Smith cam running up. " ' 1
"Did you ae herT" T hnun. ' .'"." .
But his fao showed, that ha had tint n. i ,m
' "For .two days, Z believe. X am not a superstitious - rapidly X told blm of my. Strang visitor, of her words, ot
mad, Mr. Smith, but neither Is Profesor Rembold, and . her warning.' 1 - .
bow that I khow th facts respecting page 1 Rol, X , '. "HoW can ah hav passed through London In thai
can find it in my heart trf thank God that I did not see- , coBtume?'!. I -cried In bwildermnt "Wher can ah
whatever cams out of that sarcophagus I" 1 , v','.hav com fronr' '
Nayund Smith stared him hard In the face. . ' f Smith shrugged his shoulders and began to stuff broad-
"Out over tba tabl
;i billowed g sort of
yeUowish'g r o
cloud, in oily va-
, por 'RuitSmlthr
I acreamed't he
door, . for your '
'I am glad you did not. Sir Lionel," h said, Vf or
whatever the Priest Mekara has to do with th (hatter,
by means of his sarcophagus, Dootor Fu-Manchu ' ha '
made his first attempt lipoojfgurjlfej. He has! faUed..,.
but I hop you will accompany m from her to a hotel, ,
H win not fail twlcl" -
l was th night following that of th double tragedy ,
at Rowan 'House. Mayland Smith, with Inspector Wey
mouth, was engaged in som mysterious Inquiry, at th
docks;' and 1 had remained at bom to bring up to data
that Strang chronicle, which X hoped to live to publish, '
of cur dealings with th eetanlo genius, Dootor Fu-
cut mixture into th cracked briar:
'""She might hav traveled In a car or In a cab," be
said, '"and undoubtedly she cam direct from th nous
of Doctor Fu-Manchu. Tou should- hav detained her.
Petrle. It to tb third Urn w hav had that woman la
ur power, th third tlm we hav let ber go free."
"Smith," X replied, I couldn't! Sh cam of her owa
free will, to glv m warning.. Sh disarms met"
. "Because you can ae that sh to in love with rouT"
he suggested, and burst Into one of his rare laughs when
the angry flush rose to my cheek. "She is, Petrle-way
pretend to he blind to it 7 Tou don't know th Oriental
f f . . . . . ; . . v , v v uuuu win vu aont anew xne unentai
. I JncJ"i; .An,-Wh ,houJ 1 aot conf,v Wr , mlno as X do; but t quita understand th girl's position.
' - V"ntd nhtaned me. ' , : . Sh fears th EnglUh authorities, but would submit t
' ''. . wa rn1n respecUng tb case of Sir , capture by you! If you would'only seise her by th hair.
- wei,i ? ' i
- H says, Mr. Smith, that he thinks It cam' from
th mummy easel' , , '
. - , "Yas, go on." ' f - A," w A. 1 -v A t 4
( "It's to his credit that he climbed into th room after
seeing , a thing Ilk that H did. Ha turoedf ,th body
over, and Sir Lionel looked horrible. He was quit dead,,
J.!1-l!.5r0Jie,"tnt'" h man's name-went over to this'
curtain. , There was a gUuis door. H opened fct, and it
fiS! e"-vatory-a plao stacked from the tiled
warn hkn if we have time. Perhaps he eeoapes, iec- ; lnlde but enough light came from the study (U's reaUy
! !r i .f., "ui uuuiw Kiunpse oi una green crawling
Jay a dead Chinaman!" ... ( . v , , ; .
fSil'A dead Chinaman?" , . ' ' 'A : " ' ""
, - "A dead Chinaman!" . 1 ' ,' .
3 4
haps h does not But what do w know. Petrle. of raw,M f0??1' Djr M bed turned all th lamps
' tbos thra who may dl very , week by his murdr
us acancyT .W cannot know very on who has read
th nodi of blna.. X nvr se t report cf omon
M M - ... - L
vtuiu uivwueu, oc an apparent suicice, cc a sudden " ffc nMBri.m a e M
though eemlnitlv naturaTiatJu"tit7trt!?J T : i.J?5taJr .eB themr rapped Smlth.
. ww un iu im laci mat we r axive is a nuracit
He glanced at his watch, a. . 1 . i ...
m sua. : -jsw sieep ems a waata sent home in
w umninui uum lu aaogera." . - .. ... Wha all. himM '- i .' 1 . . " 1
icweac raised bis
.- "Com ml" I cried.'. -- . . s;,:-.i.UVH; v
. A irf entered with a telegram, : addressed to Smith.' . -'
HI jaw looked vry square In the lamplight and his
eyes shon lik steel as he took It fronTher and opened
ui - . (uucmi hi me iurm, siooq un. ana
! fBcaus he cam here for a f elonloua purpose. SeetT
Smith' a too pea and tooa up several tools from th litter
(in the floor.' , "Ther -lies th Ud. He cam to open th
saroophagusr It contained th mummy cf some notable
person wno flourished under leneptah II; and Sir lionet
lold m that aaum.Der'of valuable urnamant and Jewel'
proDauly were seuieted amon to wrapptnga He pro
posed to open the thing anu to auburn in' entire con
lenta to - examination tonight r H evidently changed
hi mina tuuuualuly for huuself." ; - , t
I'm my lingers througu my hair in perplexity,
r ' Taen what has become of ne mummy f" ' -
, XJonel . Barton. They were hopelessly inoomplet. For
Instance, I had jotted down the following queries: (1) Did
any true parallel xlt between th death of M. Pag 1
Bol and th death of Kwea th Chinaman, and of Stros
saT (2) What had become of th mummy of Mekarat (3) ,
. ' How had the murderer escaned from a locked room U1
What was th purpose of the rubber stopper? (5) Why
was Kw hiding In th conservatory? (6) Was tb green ,
mist a mere' subjective hallucination-a figment cf Cro,
'led' Imaglnatlon-br had he actually seen It? ',
. ' Untile these questions were satisfactorily . answered'
further progress was Impossible." Nayland Smith frankly
admitted that h was out of his depth. : "It looks on th
.face of it more Ilk a cas for th Psychical Research
people (ban for a plain Civil Servant, lately of Mandalaj."
be had said only1 that morning. ...
"Sir. Lionel Barton really believe that supernatural
and carefully knocked th ash from hi cljrar.
- He held out until I came, gave me the story, and
then fainted rigbt away. .He said that something in
to,S.n,e.rvtorlr Plac feemed to get him by th throat!"
ma r uioan urn itierauyT "
passed "it tS ma rstihlaF for his'hat" whlchl2S n'Sfnr ' Oi.Pt W? h . fW horn, too.
writlnr taM ....... w. .... , ... :T " , t . ' " ?vuiB9.
writing; table.
. "God help Vml PotrieP' ha'aald. ' . A- .
a wi ui uwwiq . i . . -. t
'- "sir Lionel Barton murdered. " Meet m at his house
at once. , . v , WETMOUTH, Inspector."
" Although w avoided all unnecessary delay. It was
. close upon midnight .when our cab swung ' round- Into
a .darkly-shadow venue at the farther end of which,
as seen through a tiinnel, ' the moonlight glittered upon
. . . T - ' -- 7 .m, wmui uu vwau, , iciiu uvreiva ' WU( HW vxio eiiaiuowe . OL inO nail A ". o. T , . .w.ww mwn
1 DV .treaa .and ihruki. Th. fapmA .hnMui in ia t. . . j a ... i Htrosia ' i a ..':'..-....... .
the atrange- exotlo creeper which he had mentioned, and Centered Sir Uonk'sirtudy--an apartment which I despair ,",:,""ethlng which,'1 having killed Strosw
. im .tjr wa imugont wiut an OQ or or
' tlon with 'Which znihrlad - ha . haaw
little, nocturnal red flower that bloomed
ine creeper.- "-,.?
. - The place looked a veritable
' we were admitted to the hall by-Inspector Weymouth.
It nas vanished in the form of a araan vanor u,'; v agencies were brought into operation by th onenlnc of
parenUy, he said. "Look at atroxxa's iacl" , th high priest's coffin 1 For my part ven U I believed
um"i body over, and used a X was to uch '., th sam. I should still maintain that Dootor Fu-Manchu '
cpectaclea, th contorted features of the Italian , filled : '..controlled those agencies. But. reason It out for yourself
til Wltn harm, .ba MiijrVAHtluA.mtAM.ItAW a a w t u r . j . . . , . . . .. . . ,. '
. u - JT. ,J ' w m uwu. v ,ivu mvm m we arrive at uy vnuoua naier. wo t wur .;
.r5n . nATily violent. IpuUed aside th dressing gown : so much upon the datum of the green mist but keep -
10 mi tacts wnicn are esiaoiisnea. .. ?
- I commenced to anock out my nine in the ash trav:
(h.H ..... ulH n I n. In kan.1 ,. Pk. Lalaa waa a, 111
StUdv and laid him, f Ullv In tha-Hirhr. Him mwjrrA .l. r'- rr mv law,Al'aA nA oil ih. amAll kn..HM a.a a...
low. face .presented .a sight ,yen mora awful than th --, - Above the noise of a passing tramcar I had thought t -Other,
and his blue Horn wtra drawn bark. aznoalixa- both.-.- tioaivl h hall Annr on.n . in th. ..naiiin. .ii.n.. . i
'.n n-r wvui. i nor, wmim w mwiu vi vio- aura lisienea. - - '.',:. --- - -i . -: ,,
i81-tt Vn,b.- k Strosaa's, had been tortured i . Not a oundr Stayt I slippy my hand Into th tabl
. during his mortal struggles into unnatural posture. - i' drawer, took out my revolver, and stood up. V . , .
-S ": w5 grower: higher, and pungent ' odor ; ; Ther was a sound. Soma on or something was creep-,
wave- from the damp shrubbery, bearing, too, th .op. Ing upatalra in-th darkl ' , ,v
, press v sweetness ; of the creeping plant, awapt con-1.: , Familiar with th ghastly media employed by th t
"i stantly through th open window. Inspector Weymouth . Chinaman. I was seised by an Impulse to leap to the door.
frf.f""y 'relighted hi cigar. ' t v . shut and lock it ; But the rustling sound proceeded now
T 7"-" rvu luum imi, omna," am saio. dltos-
Bminu f searched the body lor marks, but failed to find
Li nTpth,,-JL.0W-5 ? tn'. Mevlaad Smith crossed theroom, and. "assisted 1';
i need for another oninion-Snur r71t rhV "L ?St?PHv0f"e line Chinaman mto the V
:'"And Croxted?" v . ; ' .,." . 1 ' :
:--rcrPOXted AtaJtea in' Mr- halth, and had to b v:
drag her to som cellar, hurl her down and stand over
ber with a whip, she would tell you every thing sh knows,
, and salve her strange Eastern conscience with th refleo-
Won that speech was forced from hert I am not Joking;
It to BQi X aasur you. And sh would adore you for your
savagery, deeming you forceful and strong!"
"Smith," I said, "b serloua ' you know what hef
K warning meant before r -
"I can guess what It means now!" be rapped. "HulIoP
Soma on was furiously ringing th bell.
- "No en at home?" said my frlnd. "X will go, X
. think I know what It to."
' A few ' minutes later , he returned, carrying a largs,
squar package, , -
' "From Weymouth," h explained, "by district mes
senger," and began to untie th wrappings. "I left him
: behind at th docksand be arranged to forward any evi
dence which subsequently ,h found.' This will be frs
"ments of the missing mummy I" ' ,
. -, VVV"htl you think the mummy was abstracted r'
'Tes, at th docks. I am sur of It and somebody el
was in th sarcophagus When It reached Kowan Houiel
4 A sarcophagus, I find, is pracUcally airtight, so that the
use or the rubber stopper oeeomes evident ventilation!
Jfct0f Ahi .Pru killed Strossa I have yet to learn-"
Alao, bow he escaped from a locked room! And what
, about tne green mlstr' ''.-:; .-- ...
- Nayland Smith spread his hands In a charotrlstla
gestur. -. . . . (,:. .,.,. (..-,.. .. v,i-. .
1 "Th green mist, Petrle, can b explained In sever 1
ways. Remember we have only one man's word that I
existed. It is at beat a confusing datum to which a
-must not attach a fictitious importance."
' - He threw the wrappings on th floor, and tugged at a
twine loop in th lid of th square box, which now etxxi
iiuu iu imoio. ouaaeniy tne ua came away. bruiBin
lining such as Is usual in tea chesta i'hu
-V . - . , . . , AVI4M I A 1 A
Navland Hmifh waa nnlll-cr 4hnnr1nTT h.' ik. i r- ." "eni, looaea nimseu in s na not in ume io cioee ill Knowing somewmai ot tne -
of his left ear. ; 7 -, - 7: 0":.'V r" wrmeine mummy, caae.xor uroxteo, entering by .horror at the command of Fu-Manchu. I had not th "-'y aiiacnea io one siae or m cox, a
"Oot any tbMrrr : ha-le.''''''' S4i;'!''f 5Sjr.?'wM, todow,. found th key on the inside. Strossa . courage to open it. My heart leaping wildly, and my eyes , if.f4. cUon 04 removing th lid at one raised and.
'4 venouthnmrugged hlsouMera; - 'PjkVSA dldn ' kn0'; V Chinaman was hidden in th coa- upon that bar of darkness with Its grewsom potenuill- UU6dv.u- v. " ;1 ; i , ;
f ' 'oton " ; V : T, , , , -.ties, I waited-walted for whatever waa to coma Perhapa Inen happened a singular thing. t v -
"Shall wao la bo?m . , . Ourow th table billowed a sorf of yellowish gre"i
Twe crossed the ""AssyriM Iwil. iWi 'th inl)'i?r ft !B'f,2'",0E-' ; "ytrtOMa reason of hto ,; v ! "Wo s there?" I crted. "Answer, or I fire!". 4 4 ; . l-n ;olly vapor-and an Inspiration, it was nothing
of that stride household war ; J A'AM noP' cam a soft vole, thrililngly musicat "Put ,'", memory and of som words of my beau-
atrlcken group", They numbered four.VTw cf them Twer f 'CStavln ot th 114 -mthliiHKmtx4jM it ow-that pistol! Qulckl I must speak to you!" . Uful vlaHor, ttmeto ma And I thank heaven for It
negroes, nd tWo eaiteW of some km ay th. mummy!" , v - - ' -I ,1 V - Th door was pushed open and there entered a slim ' Rn. ?"t5 ? cramed-."th doorl th door. fo
ma r.kMA.AA. V..AA . mi.a.a. c i m. t- . i a a t m c AiiBiiovLor wevmcwLfi lauriiM uneaaiiv. : : .... l--7 ' . . nmp. wnniAi in a jkmuIaI rtinm ir m v tian -ail - ni t ivui ii&oi iiMtaooau nni uit noi r . .. ,
"Well, lrr aomethlng that Vanished from
a. next
cecayicg vegeta- vvOf Cesoiibing, - j, ; , . .. ... ! 'io-v vnuiiimin. - awparenuy wiuvout trouDling to
?nrliiiti. .n .th. vO Dnv. mrf.. v..7 urihn..i.. Bal.w. . : NB Ui door behind . whioh he lav nnfjAl1i' Gmiii.
luxuriantly upoa if auction rooms.", leaped to my mind at once, for the niao 59?I1J,,,'''-' Forvonce In a way. . inspector, Dootor Fu-
- - t , - ,-f f , was simply stacked with .curious Utter, loot of Africa, ;V-mpioyea an wiy wrnich vn his giant will"
wildernM nA whn ;Mlnn nS Tn "clorinf h tVi. harh . was unable ntlrefy to subjugate. What hllnrt fox. !
locked 1 stood, stricken to silence, looklnc Into tba beautiful dark
eyes or uocior s-u-mancnu s messenger, it ner own siaie
ment could be credited, slave. On two occasions this
glrV whose association with th doctor was on of th
most proiouna mysteries oc tne case, naa nsaea l can-
I threw, mv arma arounri him. , Aa d. hut fnnriM
the moving Vapor rose almost to his nostrils. X arag-4
him back and all but pitched him out on the laudai..
V entered my bedroom, and there, aa X turned on me
ueui, a -aaw mai emum tanned iac was . unusual!
stove stood
I saw that th Interior was in keening with the exterior! ; ber of utensils f
fOrjthe hail was constructed front the model cf om vegetation, mingled' with th Insistent
upon a packing case, and about it lay a num- ' ,- ,1t ferrlno egent of death had o -confined In that
nils for camp cookery. The odor of rotting.-'.;:. Jr5'?nai'"j , '''r -('.
born in through A;a,j f i.W .',w? eed U mora
m overturned aar-'inth'nJ, ''my-'-voIce. Z suppose, ' brought Amtth
apartment In an AseyWan-temple, and th squat columns. , strange nlrtt-broomlng flower. was
the low. seats, the hangings, all -were-eloquent of nee- - the ODen window. - j "U ;
lect' belna thickly ' dust Coated.. '. The muatv amall Inn Tn .th. A.n, n til. Unnr hul. an m.4-il
was almost, as pronounced here a outsld beneath the J conharua. lav a flrure In a neutral-colored drenaino- roarn. right about He surveyed m curiously.
ire Vnili" 'mrM,Y'iis-:-r V? A?:lbr A over th .-l.ff!". f f?ea t
, a v a, M. j ""DO wuvn.avi. Woi iiv.Wl in DIMT '. ' 11UO TO 111 aJTClClK SAVUUHa 1U UIIIII1T CU , v . - -,. . j . . : - am . WIT .A .u.llicilk aa
uieiary vurrenv upon ui. Door, in aetcuv conauotea
Oood heavens!" I cried, what's thatr'
.wee, I feel assured, was ;
- Mv friend advanced and knelt beside tna deeA tnn. -. one of the murder group, though probably ht hu nmw And ana lifted
"Qood God!" . - r -vm .: : i recently -entered that mysterious service. H Is un- A Her words struck a chord in my heart which' sang A "A pecitto gravity of 2.4T0. I said, "two and a half
not say what; unaamable punishments perhaps to save v or.wn. touched with pallor. . . . .
m from death. In both case from a terrible death. ' ' 'It chlorine gas!". X said hoarsely, "Inhalation Is
' Her up slightly parted, sne stood holding her cloak "nmy. . 11 is me iume or cnionn tnat xui the men in
about her and watching m with great passlonat eyea. , the bleachlng-powder works! W . bav been blindi-I.
; "How I began. , ..s , .-v, f particularly! Don't you ee? There was no one in th
ti; . But she shook her bead impatiently. . . ". ; arcophagu. Smith, but there wa enough of that feariU
"He has a duplicate key cf the house door!" was her ' tuff to have suffocated a regiment I" , , ; u
amazing statement. "I have never-betrayed a secret of '- ?,.'-'. Smith clenched his fists convulsively, v; ..
my master's before, but you must arrange to replace the ,. ;."My Ood!" tie said, "how can I hope to deal, with f'
lock.''---,' -.. V - v-:s'-..".'i- . wyauthor of suck a chemt I se the whole plan. H dl t
She came irward and rested her Slim hands oonfld- not reckon on the mummy case being overturned, an 1
Ingly upon my shoulders. "I hav com again to ask you t Kwees part was to remove th plug with the aid of tii
to take ma away from him!" sh said tfmply. ..-'xr'??yA-4 bring-aft Sir Lionel bad been suffocated! Th gas, I
i ner lace to mi .'-.v : .,.f-tw's K.---,ps it, ia neavier man air' " - .
Something leaped from the top of a bookcase, ambled .
silently across the -littered carpet, and paa-sd from th
library like a golden streak. I stood looking after It
with startled eyes, . Inspector Weymouth laughed dryly.
it s a ;young j-ima, or civet cat, or something.
doctor!" lie saio. ,inis nouse is lull cf surprise and ;
mysteries."' 2". -- - . . "-, , . . .
His voic wa not jult steady, t thounht and' h '
carefully .closed the door ere proceeding further.,,, , ,
"Where Is he?" asked. Nayland Smith harshly. "How s
was It. done?'
Weymouth sat down and lighted
Offered nim. ,.t . ,
"I thought you nlght
It so rar a we. lenow
t Bmith noddwi.
Well." continued.
ranaed to Send down
and took Up a post In the road outside, where he could
command a good view or ne gates, we saw and heard
nothing, until going on for half-past ten, when a young
Tibu aaa
Bmltl. SDranac wprtgbt and turned with an axtraft-di. 1 ? armed." or I. should feel, disposed to think that hla nart
. ''Taii tiA V MfW fill. TJnnal
" , "No." began ' Weymouth, 'trnt "
' ' Tin is not Kir uoneu. ,'xnui
, - vvnaii . inguwa rrvjinvuui. - . - -v u v . v ..r - .
n "Where "-to the other tb CMnaman-Hjuieki";, cried '
"I have' had him left wher
conservatory .steps," said the- Inspector,
, ' '":. ;iA, Vv A' to, account for that."" v. -A ".v. ; ..i-sia sympathy to very.mi
naman-HmiekTCcrjed ' i - 'A0 'r5u.Mn.,f th feophagu nterd into th - country. U for a woman'
V scheme, Smith r -,' T'"-s s'., h - '' -1 -..-...' ,, ., " "I will see that you ar
i hwas foundV cn th My friend looked, at me In evident perplexity.."" ir Ji'tlon" I said firmly, but my
pector. ... -, j., v '?ou mean that Its arrival at th tlm when- a eroaA "It to absurd to talk of slai
-. , ..,.1 wuivn a : oiuil! ran acro-a uw iwm iu wjidi., uoyunu 100 open - - w. v..-. .v.. "va aa vuLc-inu uare may uav a Tree a. rem, ur ruu cvuia ooi va ner wit. . xtxnwr ji U- - ' went Dounna
V s ' . .1 . - r ' i 1 door, a glimpse might -b Obtained of stacked-up curioai-:. 'bn a ooinowencej " 'j-' ' ; - - . , - - !; Vfanchu cannot control your action " . 1 'th steps, where
io near, wnai , led-tip W 'Uea. Ho4dlng back th curtain to allow more lirht to noaaeq, aito.Bmun cent ever tn sarcophagus, curt- . "Ah!" sh cried, casting baoa her bead scornfully.1'1 Ins the window
w o'i uuui,. -a."' ' : peneirmio, , ns wni vrw a eruamiea.uo, Bfuri uwiuuiim i, iin uwuuiii ,-uu wiucn it waa ana reieasins a cioua oi Bear nrousn wnose softness v little remained. I
.wA..a J ..A.' ' ' 1 ' ' V which ,la upon the staps below.v v . ; J decorated inside and out..; It lay; sideways utkhi th ,5 gleamed a jeweled beaddres !'no? He cannot? Do you r will go and open
v" "''"-.'''T, "f ruu r- . -it isi ne cnea.iouuir. , a is oir dinners servanw 4. uw'l "u avians v ujr , iumeu it wvert . ',; know wna. it mean o nav oeen a stave Mere, in your .-'- - Nayland Smith
irom inf iniu m nera -ui -narnx . kwm"-. .--'-.-.... t .--. . v . - , v . ... f. . -.. , i, -r,-, niavy. ai muLim-o. ' dui ciruEzu. must nava, mk.. 1 aa nn. .nA. r. vah kiua what it mm na th. m. ka .. . . hti. 1.1 . 1
dy turned up and
"A young lady?"
Wavmvnth. enrl Tn lookat at one. anntha w.
body of the Italian. ' them our ' eyes -turned toa-ethar ta
where, my friend, grim-faced, stood ever the-dead China- l
IflBll.f- . Il,Ani UMVUiH IQ.Vra, a, .
wave of exotlo perfume- swept from th open window -
sized It a he fell. He would not hav -laid It 00 Its
eiue w niiiuvr ub iiu. xiuuoi .. . ..
He bent further forward, catctting at Piece cf twine.
'VTI.a TTjf.mnnla S!ir T.fnnal'a thnptliinX tvnim fill.
bad found, after getting home, that her bag with her
nun In waa mlRainar. and aha - ram ha-It tn aaa, If
sne naa ien u iiBro.-.on itnye- me inn.,i my man i (yraooiw or tne euDlie, mtangiDie power manirested in, '
beard the row from, the road and came in. ' -Then he v toctor Fu-Manchu as Nayland Smith lean, ; agile.,
ran out and ran us up. I lmmedlat-iv wired for you." - bromed with the suns cf Burma waa aymbollo of the
.'He heard the row, you say. - WhM row?" , 1 N clean British efficiency which Sought to combat ,th In-
' "Miss Esmonds' went into, violent hysteric-!" ' :' , f aldioua enemy. ..-.-' - ' . r
Pmlth waa pacing the room now in tense excitement , "One thing to evident," said Smith. "No oh in th ,
"Describe what he saw when he came In." 1 house, St row excepted, Jccew that Sir. .Lionel was
. !? a nezTo footman there isn't an Enrllshmaa '- thiwnl." . . .. .. ! ' .j ., . .
not believe that today today twenty-five. English sover-
man.; A breeze whispered through the leaves, a great, out 01 in mummy case puiiea a rubber stopper or , ? . ' "Slavery is put down, you imagine, perhaps? Too do
ui exuuo nenume' iwqh irgn Mie vmn wmaow . win. . . , . .....
toward the curtained doqrway. , :- . ... :. 1 -, , . '
It was a breath of the east the Inscrutable east Which
had stretohed out a yellow hand - to the west, it was
with strange music, with music so barbaric that, frankly, 1 times heavier than air.. . Tou can pour it from Jar to )"'
narmony. nave a sate Tnat she was a liquid ir you ar wearing a cnemiat'g masic. Tut
convey no faint 'conception of ber. iV sarcophagus would hav emptied through the vent t 1
Kin, eye uae tn velvet carxneas wouia nav aiapenea, ana no clue remained exce, s
10s so tremuiousiy near to mine, .me emeu.-
(lively lovely creature I ver had ;'!... "I did smell It. Petri, on 'the ' stonner. but of eourm
electiio moment my heart went outt was unfamiliar with It. Tou niy remember that y 1
man wno naa -Darwrea nonor. v were preventea irom aomg so. by the arrival of t
k's Icisa. . . !, TJnnalT 'Tha arrant nf thrtRA Infernal Hawai-s muat r, .
are Placed Under sroner nretaiiw tlallv nave drowned It too. Prior, tnlnruld-d fitrrr11 1.1.
my voice waa not aulte mv own. r haled the stuff, canslaad the caaa In hia fall, ami ,i t. ,
slavery here in England. You ar gas " m
unaer tne conservatory door, and ao
Kwee was erouchinr! CroTteil'a br- -
created sufficient draft to diaperae
t will have settled on the nuur, now. 1
both windows."
raised his harvard f.-ice.
mala mnra Ihun khi nr.Rr.rv 4- '
desert journey, the whips ,of th drivers, th house of patch Sir Lionel Barton," he said. Vand cini..1.i t
you note the attitude. Petrle? contMntu.mMy .
the surrltis to me. -HI contempt Is .1um ,;.. 1 I
tha dealer, the shame bah!"
. how peautirui sn was in ner inaignanon;
. - iiivl UBiiDvn luak a. s u aa. w v wj aa, w . w v 1 a r
!"Tb'S was. stuck In a hoi. down near th corner." b eirns will buy a Calla girl, who Is brown, and whisper.
aid. "Ugh 1 it has 1 a aisgusting smell!" v , twd hundred -and fiftv-a Circassian,! who Is whltel Wo!
I took it from his bands and was about to examine
It when a loud vole sounded -outside-In the hall. The
door was thrown cpen. and a -big man, who, desplt
the warmth of the weather, -wore a fur-lined overcoat,
. rushed-lmnetuoualv Into the room.
"Sir Lionel!'' cried Smith eagerly, "1 warned youl
And see you bav had a very narrow escape!" - s V
Sir Lionel Barton glanced at what lay upon th floor, .
then rom Smith to myself,, and from tzi to Inspector
child etrivlng to cone with a .iiit. it li
wit of mine that Doctor i'u-U jiichu scor?
there la no slavery! Sol Then what am IT"
She threw open ber cloak, and it Is a literal fact
'that I rubbed my. eyes,' half believing that . I dreamnl.
For beneath, she was arrayed in gosstfmer silk wlitcti
more than indicated th perfect line of her slim shape,
wore a Jeweled -girdle and barbarlo ornaments: was a
figure fit for th walled gardens of Stamboul a f ir
amastng, mcompranensiDi, in tn prosaio setuns c. u r
rooms! ;;.-,.;; '.j'.:1, .",." t,;:-
(in week frent fo-T 1
. fffl : lvrnlr of 1 I
Inl ',f ,,t,ria .r e - 4
lu- - nn, ; 1-
h- - 1 t - ( -.., ,
- 1 - . 1 - '