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    the orvixorr Sunday jou::i;al, i-oktl;.
j;day i.:o.:::ikg, cctg:
l(. js
J J ao
Fof Wintry Nights You 11 '
"" .. j' i. !'! QMjpgijigggzsBg ' "l" ' " 1 immmpmm ,f Ill" n hi Arv,-1 mr p ill' ' iS
y.07 ,
-1 wm w wv jru r" ' j i t - vi t in nrna"r nr ' t i . iii - a i ev a i
' MwC ' 2vsl) - 1 V XTli Tailored Suits, Coats for evening and Automobdmg and i ( - r V j , '
' f&sM'' AA7ZK: : ' CJSXMk: '''' .mWdmcM h One-Piece Dre fi V i - S . ' M" wv " M 7 j'
Theater, Dinner and Evening Gowns
Now4-on the ThresKold of the Social Season , '
Comes This Remarkable Sale at $15.00 ;
For Go wns Selling Regularly, at $35.00, $40.00 and $50.00
eCIjarmeusfe tlfe 5rocabeti Crepe . ;; Crepe be Cfttne
Crinbleb ailfe Crepe ; Soft tl& i3enplme ,
Tomorrow morning upon the Stroke of 10 o'clock begins what we have reason to believe is
the most remarkable sale of evening gowns ever offered in Portland. These gowns arerepro
duced from Callot, Paquin and Poiret models. "The collection includes exquisite gowns suit-
able for dinners, balls, receptions and the theatre. 9 , t 1 ' 5 J
DtMiffned of Milk brocaded creoe. charmeuse. creve de chine, eoft edk Bengal-1
ine with tanlc$ and draping of shadow lacet, bugle , trimming and flower. "
Emerald, amethyst, rose, wistaria, French blue,' Copenhagen, white, gold, crushed rose, light
pink, nile and maize gives you some idea of the wonderful range of exquisite colorings;
are shown.-k , v - t . , , ' T ' ,
in which these beautiful eowns
W believe this sale to be unoaralleled from both Doint of beauty and economy.
n order that there shall be the least confusion and disappointment, we reserve the
privilege of limiting the sale to one gown to a customer. No phone orders, mail order
or C. O. D. orders will be received. - No gowns will be reserved or sent on approbation.
Safe Starts at 10 o'clock Monday Morning.
Third Tloor
Tailored Suits, Coats for evening and Automobiling , and
, , , , One-Piece Dresses
Custom Salon, Seventh Floor
Wpmens Smartest $1 7.50 Sports,
Coots Very Special $12.50 ,
Jaunty sports coats of boucle in mahogany, French blue and
hunters' green. Coats that are the very smartest garments for
all outdoor wear,' for automobiling, riding, driving, walking
and golfing. They are 34 inches long, have large storm collar,
broad belt and deep cuffs and four large pockets. They fasten
with effective, large round buttons' that have the appearance
of ivory. '" Third Floor
; An Exceptional Opportunity 7
To Secure a Thomas Sewing Machine
At a Most Unusual Price j
:; ; A $35-Model, Tomorrow $19:95 , v
Thirty-five fortunate customers will secure these 35 machines
th&Twill be disposed of tomorrow. This number has been dis
continued and we are given the privilege of offering an excep- .
' tionally special price V dispose of our remaining stock These;
machines are easy running, noiseless and have all the good)
points of the higher priced machines. Has complete set of nickel-'
jplated attachments. -' - " ' r ' , . ''"
-$1,00 down, $1.00 week will put one of these machine
in your home. . . " ; 1 1 ' -Fifth Floor.
By This Master Stroke in Retail Mi
Tomorrow We Offer the Most Desirable, I
SmDOirtiedL incdl . Amrieir9!:!
7. , , mrmy;
In Black and Every;)
: V Selling Regularly at $J
i .'
1 . ' .1
pecial Exliib
All-L-iiien Linens
! The linen gardens of .the world have yielded their daintiest, their .sturdiest, their purest, And
the largeness of our purchasing has brought us price advantages which make it possible for us
to sell linens lower than they can be bought for elsewhere. ' 7 - - -
This exhibit is one of? the best this store, that is "famous for linens, has yet made. Beauti
"ful double satin damask in lovely designs that can be found only, at this store; 'and these soft
- rich cloths are made in circular patterns as well as patterns suitable for square and oblong .tables. ,
. Table cloths in eight different sixes, from 2x2 yds. Imported satin bed spreads from fiogland sell from
to 2x4 yda. Sell at $3.50 to $7.25 each, Napkins to 5 to $15 each. Made with plain hem and scalloped
cy'Kcrclwnaliso of cf Merit Only"
U ft
JAe Sensation of the Year i ;
In Talkbg Machine Circles' , ; ;
Tliis Remarkable Offer
Buy NowStart Paying in January
Machine and Records Delivered Immediately
Every year scores of people are disappointed when
they finally decide to make a Xmas gift of a talking ma
chine. Last year the supply of , Victor and Columbia ma
chines ran out early in December. The year before and
the year before the same conditions prevailed. This year
it is even more difficult than ever before to secure suf
ficient talking machines to supply an : ever-increasing
demand. ? 7 ' J'7 ?' (
' Here Is Our Proposition ;
delect Talking Machine and Records Now;
We will deliver any machine and records, also anv '
tcllcin machine cabinet you may desire immediately up-
cn tne nrst paymenr, aiter mat you nave no payments to
r"'.;e until the first week in January, giving you the
7 tsure and enjoyment of your machine until after the '
i'.::t of the year FREE OF ALL COST, ,'-
Or You May Select a 'Machine Now v -
r-J we will reserve it for. you until Xmas, and you may
ti:rt your first payment in the first week in January..
New November Records'
Voi Victor and Columbia machine double disc records, 65c-75c
f- !i. ''Where Did You .Get That Girl?" (Walter Van Brunt);
1 .vajrs Tak a Girl Named Daisy" (Campbell and Burr) ; 'The
T 'crnational Bag" (Collins and Harlan); "Peg o' My Heart"
CItnry Burr); "Somebody Else hi Crazy 'Bout" (Burr and Stod-
ri); "That NaughtyAIelody" (Peerless Quartette); "Happy
.1 Country Girl" (Hida Morris); "When I First Met You"
ci lean Quartet); "Floating Down the River (American
; rtet); "Swing, Swing, Swing" (Billy Murray).,-All these
i 't will be on sale October 28. Basement
Class Colonial Candlettick
. Special 69c Each
7 . -
Made in Colonial col
umn designTof clear high.
Jy polished glass, stand 6
ins. high. Complete with
cretonne shade In assorted
'colors, and shade holder.
Imported Bras Candlestick
Imported , Brass Candlesticks,
made in clouded brass, complete
with cretonne shades in assorted ,
colors and shade holder. , 1 :'-
English Chmaware '
English China Teacups and 'Sau
cers, Tea. Plates, Fruit Saucers,
Ramekins and Plates, made of clear
English china with green and gold .
line borders. Pretty shapes. Pieces
that have sold up to 25c each, your
choice, each 121 1 -
' $1 Hand Decorated Plate
Hand-decorated Fruit or Des
sert Plates, 7-inch size, very pret
tily decorated in fruit and flower
designs your choice of 6 patterns.
una noor.
A Fifty-Piece l-
English Semi-Porcelain
Flpblue, DinnerSet
.Special $8.93
English floblue dinnerware,
latest shapes, pretty decora
tions. - This is a most desirable
set for every-day use, and as
we have it, in , open stock it
can be matched or added to at
any time. ' Set consists of : ;
6 Dinner Plates , . ,
6 Pie Plates . . ' 4,
6 Soup Plates , s ,
6 Fruit Saucers ' 1
6 Individual Butters . - n
6 Teacups and Saucers
1 Platter, 12-inch
1 Covered , Vegetable Dish
1 Open Vegetable Dish I
1 Gravy, Boat ;
1 Sugar Bo wl .
' 1 Cream Pitcher , '
. ' ' ttu srinor
match 44.75 a dozen in 22-inch size.
Table cloths and napkins of a fine grade sell at $5
to $8.50 each for the cloths in four, sixes, and the
napkins $6 a dozen, size 24 inches. ,
Round scallop cloths, in various beautiful patterns;
72 and 81-inch sizes sell at $5 and $6.25. Napkins to
match, $5.50 dozen, ,, . -r r , ,
' Hemstitched lunch cloths and napkins put up In
sets of one cloth and six 15incn napkins sell at $2.50
to $4J5 a set ,y , V;. . -ft
Hemstitched or scalloped .hack towels, worked
Odd damask napkins, in "conventional and circular
designs.- Veryspedal, $2.98 dozen.- Regularly $75. ;
22-lnch size. ' , 4 , ' ,
Tea or lungbeon napkins, neatly scalloped and hand
, embroidered., corners. Size 131 inches $3.59 dozen,,
Hemstitched Huckaback guest towels, size 16x24
, inches, at, 50c each, ,, - j "
Linen pillow cases, hemstitched or scalloped, hand- :
embriodered, size 45x36 inches $3.50 to $6.50 av pair;
Scalloped and cut corners satin bed spreads, extra;'
" lust One Hundred - New f
' Leather: Shopping Bags
That would sell regularly at $1.25
I ; Very Special;75c
An, unusually advantageous trade turn
brings about this remarkable offering in
these smart handbags for. shopping and
calling - use.;,, ; 7 . V -; r ;' , '' ' ? '
They are envelope in shape with a sil-,
ver catch as well as silvef ? trimming.'
There are other styles, too, in , the. regu
lation strapping bag effect. ' V ' 1
Fitted with coin purse,' mirror, tablet'
and pencil. Lined with moire, in green
red, purple, blue and black. First Floor. ;
ready for use. Size 22x41 inches 75c to $U0 each.. largo size, regularly $5.50, special $4.50. ...
A Special Offering of Fifty Dozen Scarfs and Squares
From Germany That Sell Regularly ; at ; 65c Very Spl 48c
These most attractive pieces are made of a linen finished material in a "weighty suitable for. table covers,
dressing tables and sideboards. They are most elaborately embroidered in the eyelet and solid worked
designs, and are shown in various patterns. , Some have hemstitched hems and others are scalloped in a -very
attractive design. The scarfs measure 18 by 50 inches and thf squares 30 by 30 inches. - Basement
These' Smart $10.00 Junior Dresses
' Will Be a Surprise at $7.95 jStttttlpt
Made of navy blue serge in one-piece sfyle, yoke effect back Out of the mystic. East has
. and front, drop sleeves, has small collar, turn-back cuffs and . come to us the very essence of
the tie of rose, cadet or black messaline sTIk. , . mysticism and. the;. voice.
Also two-piece style in combination dress with navy and .
white stripe skirt and navy serge coat effect, having long pep
lum. This has sailor collar, cuffs and belt to match skirt Side
button style finished at the neck with small tailored bow of
black velveiV , ; '- f, ;6' : - v
Two extremely pretty and practical dresses for school and Oriental incenses, pastilles, .
everyday wear. Sizes 15, 17 and 10 years. , -Fourth Floor. " perfumed "styxs, attars, sachets -,
, 1 and extracts , in wonderful va-;
rieties of violet wood. Sandal
wood,, rosary, and sticks for
silence. Oriental incense and
perfumes, fragrant, sweet, and
enticing as the spice-laden
breezes "from "Arabyland, the
blest." r
, . 3n nje picture Salon . v ; .
- ' On Exhibition,
C. Clyde Squires!'Courtship Series -1
Of four pictures, showing the progress of the courtship
from pinafores through school days and high school
days to the day of proposal. The original oil painting
not for. sale... , ,
C. Clyde Squires is best known through his picture
"Her Gift," and in this, series Mr. Squires is true in the
promise of heart interest., . ; ..
The W. L. Taylor Series, Special 75c Each.
We. have just received a number of reproductions of'
the W. L. Taylor pictures in colors. This line includes,
all the W. L. Taylor pictures that are reproduced in the
copyright, such as "Music Hath Charms,", "The Hanging
of the Crane,'V "The Night Watch" and many other well
known subjects. ' These pictures are framed in a half
inch walnut veneer moulding and have title of picture in
gold print Size 7x9 inches, and 8x10 inches.
V, 1 1 7 ; New Pictures 4 i
, Never Reproc3uced Before ',
We are now showing reproductions of W. l Taylor's
"Man of Sorrows," another Gethsemane picture, This has'
been judged by many to be the most beautiful'portrayal
,of the world's tragedy and up to this time, has, not beea
reproduced. - - ' ' y ;
We are also showing copies of Sidney Gorham's "Birth
of . Christ." . A most 4 beautiful conception of the first
Christmas morn.' This picture took second prize in the ..
Paris Salon in 1912, being but one point behind the win-
ner of the Grand Prix. This is the first time it has been
reproduced. ; ' i ': ' ' ' ,j ; : Sixth Floor,
burnings in exquisite rose," vio
let and lavender compounds. -,
Simple incenses and , various J
, fumigating pastilles for use. in '
' the home. . t r y ' ' r ' ;v v
. For hundreds - of years the '
Orientals have recognized the
value 'of perfumes.. in aiding .
thought concentration and pre-
serving health, but only recent-
Iy have people of, the Occident
become acquainted with the ,
magic of perfume-laden atmos--
, phere. . " ; v:j ( , . '
10c "to $1.50 PacWe
Three Separate Styles
' . Women s 1 Gloves
; ; Novelty Cape Gloves ,
That sell regularly at $1.S0 r,
; Very Special $1.18
"Here is a glove sale that you cannot afford
to miss.' TheyHre novelty cape gloves with
embroidery backs and made of soft flexible
stock. . The -one-clasp style P.. X. if. sewn.
Shown lit black,, tan or white, ; .;'.'
Heavy Lambskin Gloves ' ,
f' Special. 95c ?Jy
. t Regular price $1J2S
Heavy pique sewn lambskin gloves with em
briodery backs. In tan, white and gray.
$1.50 Pique Glace Gloves ,
: Special, $1.29 ;
A fine pique sewn glace glove, embroidered
in black or contrasting shades. A glove suit
able for dress and street wear. ' In black, white,
tan, gray and champagne. ; First Floor
' ' Latest Books
-r. TmiiKMiii,n by , stsaoes
Rod r ion Bnxntt
, "Owr a.t.rnlty,' Dy MtrHnolt
"Th Broken Bald,' y lflor
no Ii. BuoMy, snthov of :
"Tl onu Wbu Tarrliiih," by
Jaffcnr I-ftrnel, atl)0 ot
"Broad HlgrB-wnjr"
' Tb Story of WftftKtm' M-
Ut,n by Kmit Sonjrlu Wtf
"Xh PoUon Brit," br A. Co
sn Boylo. BMomaut.
r f ' i j t
Free French Lecture
Tnly 11 to IS A. W.
by Prof. V. B. De Lory,
to be held in the phono
graph hall adjoining the
book shop. , The " subject,
' La Fille da del
, Drame Chincis
by Pierre Loti. ,
$1.00 Novelty Ribbons
j'if Moiiday ; 25 c lf; :j:
''"f;f -v.",;' 1 Tapestry; Ratine '.(7
The Ribbon of Next Year v.
Tapestry ribbons are now enjoying the
greatest favor. They are being . used
more and more every day for nestings,
collars and cuffs, and for sashes there
never was created a ribbon more attrac
tive or becoming. "
It has come to our notice that a ratine
ribbon one inch and a half narrower, in
only three colors has been sold at 49c.
Quick to take notice' of this factTwas our
ribbon buyer, who immediately ordered
our ratine tapestry ribbon, which was
wider, more artistic in design and obtain
able in 10 different color combinations to
be marked immediately at 23c the yard.
a' v - s' , . .;t s it riooj
In greatest assortment, . large single
blossoms and bouquets of various flowers.
SOc, 5c td $3.73 .
First Floor.
liriery Selling We Boldly Acclaim
ishionable and Serviceable Winter Hats
;aoi-iionablc Color
95. $4. 95 to $7.95
- L 1 in ,, Ill I lillwMMMMSSMSMaMBaSBMaffTlinlll
"rl'ii'aMilBiSBfflBHKS in''MsMissMsiiifcfi -lg)jljjjjjgjjgiggjjg jjjf
i : , hi ill ; j . -. 1 ' ' . ' .
'$2.00 Flannelette or Cheviot Paiamas, $1.35
Pajamas that will wear, wash' and look well. Made in the ,
. military style, trimmed with silk frogs. Soft, warm materials ,
in pretty stripe patterns in blues, pinks and gray. Sizes 15 tol8.
75c Flannelette Night Shirts, Special 63c ,
, Made of" good quality flannelette that will launder "well.
Neat stripes in pink, light blue or gray. Made with turndown
r or military collars. . l,4 " c
Men's Smoking Jackets, Special $4. 1 5
We are showing about 50 selected patternsn men's house
coats in new Fall styles, made from double-faced, materials,
with pockets, collars and cuffs trimmed in colors. '
f-This is an exceptional opportunity to. secure a dandy smok
ing jacket for holiday giving '
.Colors are navy blues, browns, tans and grays. - Full range
of sizes. 'i4'.;" , ,V ' ' V"V, I '
we are showing all style's and shades of gloves for street or dress wear.
. We specialise on Dent's andiLiwo Gloves'. The latter ws have made .
to our special order from selected skins. ' ' (; .
Men's Cape Cloves, $1.50 to $3.00 the pair, in. all
". shade of tan. ' . f u, " ' ,'' ij 1 '
' Men' , Undressed Kid Clove in toft gray land brown
shades! special showing at $1.50 and $2.00 the pair.
' $ 1 .50 Cape Gloves, Special S 1 . 1 5 ,the Pair
As a special introductory offer, we are showing men's fine quality .
' cape gloves, made in one patent fastening style without seam; soft
kid stock: tans only. . , . f t w . '- , . First yioor
III ' ! u . I . ' 'J J .V ' i
; : ! Saleof i ; :
- Thrfead Silk Stockings .
;7 That Eclipses Ail Other
."." Previous Similar Events v
' Regular $1.00 and $125 Qualities
Thread silk stockings, made in fine
' medium, weight Fine in ' giuge and "
texture, with double cotton garter tops,
and extra strong cotton soles, toes and.
. heels. , 1 k " f,v ,'
-Pure dye silk, no artificial weight
ing. In black, white, pink; sky, gray,
Jrone, champagne and various other
shades. ' ? ' -'First Floor..
t; A" Astonishing
Thats What 'You'll Say
he a you see tnese new emoroiaerea couars. ,
UZBulgariari, Turkish, Oriental and Jap?
an coZor treatments in the smartest ,
anS most fashionable
r Novelty Neckwear "
SELLING FROM $125 TO. $3.00
Monday 95c
These collars are .designed especially for ,,
the new Autumn and Winter fashions and
jre made in round, sailor, epaulet and bishop
hapesr Beautifully embroidered on light '
W dark, grounds. . .. J .
IThere are over 1000 collars to select from.
Selling From $3.50 to $7.50
? Special $ 1 .95 - ,
U-Beautiful velvet, .ratine and net collars
xquisitely embroidered in the most artistic '
nnper. In vivid color schemes of the East, ,
now so much in vogue on all smart wearing
-pparel' U'-. - . First Floor,,
Here's an Interesting Sale
If You Have a Baby
. M A II' t ' ' Ill '
J (j,' llfir" niii) hiii i " i- imm ii : J i i
Every-day brings 14s basts of dainty things for the
baby, among which are innumerable exquisite knitted
and crocheted garments which defy Jack Frost. There is
nothing so "cuddly". as soft, fluffy, yarns, and they seem
peculiarly adapted for the, creation of wes boots, sacques
and toques, and, added , to their attractiveness, are the
special prices offered for Monday. ,y . f ' -V, y
35c BOOTEES, SPECIAL, 25c-0 fine soft yarn in
v dainty combinations of white with pink or light blue, 'or pure
white 'Medium length, drawn at ankle with satin ribbon.
quality knitted bootees in close stitch, which prevents the tiny
toes from wriggling,. through. Dainty combinations t, of white
with pink or baby blue and all white, ' t , , t
like tiny slippers of double yarns, soft wool inside and silk out
side. Finished with satin ribbon bow Also top drawn with rib
bon and trimmed with silk buttons. Colore are white with pink
. or light blue, also plain whita.
$1.00 BOOTEES, SPECIAL, 69c -Made of all white or
white with pink or light blue silk combinations, in knee length,
n centionallv Dractical bootefk as. !t ; can 'be pinned to the
diaper, and it la unnecessary to wear a stocking. Also In medium
length, drawn at ankle and top with satin ribbon. Handsome
little bootees of combination silk and yarn in fancy stitch. J
-41.25 and $U5 BABY SACQUES, SPECIAL, 98c
Of fine Shetland wool, crocheted in- the fluffy shell stitch in
three different patterns, two with yoke effect and one with' tiny
Uy.down collar. ' Drawn with ribbons. Come in all white or
white with nk or light blue. , . ' , ' ' " J
soft yarns in plain stitch, with turnup brims and tassel on top.
,Come Jn combinations of red, blue snd pink with white, e$ in
plain colors. ' - ' " . ! ' ... - v ' '
ot exceptionally fluffy yarns in a fancy rose stitch, which gives
the effect of tiny flowers. .Combinations of blue and white, pink
and white, also all white. Finished at top .with tassel to match.
, , , . . rourtn door
;!More Qriginal New s
. Blouses
Of Crepe de Chine,;
At $7.50 Each
, taie wap ta keep a reputa
tion is, not merely to live up
to it, but tp exceed it, and,
, thus have' a" little glory- to
spare. When crepe de chine '
blouses first put in their ap
pearance we earned a repu-.
tation for blouse styles more ,
distinctive than could be .
found elsewhere.,, ; We f are ,
living up to tlu reputation .
'every day, as we show the .
7 greatest variety of crepe dev
. chine blouses in the city and '
our prices are not' equaled
, at any shop.; . , ;.
These , new "crepe de
' chine blouses will add an
other -credit mark to our.
reputation, as they are in
deed unusually original and
.'effective. Made with deep
turn-down' collars and
: trimmed with soft pleated
frills. In the back and front,
is a deep yoke, they fasten
with pearl buttons and the
long sleeves are finished at
the wrist with a pleated frill.
Third Tloor
Jhis S a 1 e' O u t s h i ii e s aii dl ' Pimo
Any- Previous: Offering', ot 'XampG
It Is a Sale Compulsory, Obligatory, Ufnavoidable ; .
The Reason rl:' ":Vr ; "
'The custom-house (and by the way, we import 'all our foreign merchandise in bond, to our
local Portland custom-house) has released an immense number cases of European goods which
j must be opened and displayed at once.
In order to facilitate matters and gain space on our Art Salon floor we are compelled to dis
pose, immediately, of the major portion of our lamps. Therefore we offer for one week
All Lamps at One-Qyarter Off
, Which Means Practically One-Hdlf What You Pay Elsewhere ;
$17.50 AND $20.00 ART '
A special lot of .library lamps
with antique brass, Verde antique
and Roman gold finished stands
and handsome dome-shaped shades'
in floral and conventional designs.'
, Many of these lamps have sold for
more than thiswlthout the .shades.
Complete with ix feet of silk cord.
CIAL, $5.00
Desk or bedroom lamps, guaran
, teed solid mahogany stand, ' with
cretonne shades, trimmed with che
nille braids In pretty effects. Came
in four different colors. . Complete
.with six feet of cord,
The same as above, but smaller.
Also made of solid mahogany. ' '
V SPECIAL, $22.50 , j
Guaranteed solid mahogany floor
lamps in Colonial column style,
with large base. Has two chain
.pull sockets. ,
. SPECIAL, $2625 , :
Floor' lamps of solid mahogany
j In adjustable height style. Com-'
plete with shade of rich gold or old
- rose silk in mahogany frame. ' The
' beat lamp for the piano, as it can
be made just the right height. ' -
SPECIAL, $10.13 ,
Portable electric lamp, -with old
, 'mission brass or Verde antique fin-
ish stand and leaded glass shade in
three different colorings, 25 inches
high, with 18-inch shade and 6 feet
-of silk cord. ''.,
: Special, $4.S8 .,
' Art library lamp, with brush
brass stand and stained glass shade,
v m green or gold, square shape. Com
plete with 6 feet of silk cord.
$2.75 DESK LAMP, $1.98
Portable desk lamp with leaded
art glass shade, brass stand. 1
. LAMP, SPECIAL, $2.93
"The D'trete
Imported desk lamp with reversi-
: ble brass shade. Can be turned to
any angle that is convenient." '
$38.00 ART LAMPS, $19.00
' Portable library or parlor lamp
with Verde antique stand and' 18
inch shade of leaded art glass, in
. haadsome floral defcigns. .
$38.00 ART LAMPS, $17X0
Verde antique finished portable
library lamps, with leaded glass
shades. . - - ' Sixth Floor
in ,
(Qrlj-Vf-A' -o
Your Curtain Needs Can
, 5 Best Be Met Here in this; '
Great. Underprice Sale ;
As AH Lace Curtains Are Reduced
5000 pairs of Filet Scrim and Net Lace Curtains, including all
this season's best patterns in Scrim Filet with pretty edges and in-
a.. .i.n urvm varietv of Battenbera Curtains. Irish
Parisian Ivory
; Toilet Ware and
Novelties ,
One-Fourth Off
Lace Trimmed Petticoats '
! ",V Of Fine japonica Silk j .
That possess all the appearance of fhe
, imported Crepe de Chine- garments, '
- Special $1.98 V: -
'', 1 t t.
Dainty little petticoats that are copied
after. the very finest imported Crepe de
Chine garments. Trimmed with a flounce of t
shadow lace and finished with beading run
vlih ribbon, and having an under ruffle of
net. They come in pink and white.1 Straight;
-rrdw styles with very little fullness.
1 Fourth Tloor
f'AreYdu Dieting?
" "No, I Am Wearing
btoile de r ranee corsets
-"And I never, have felt so comfortable,
for it is the first time that I have felt per
fectly natural in a pair of stays. You see,
this corset has4 a very low bust, arii "al-
though-it is very long, almost to, my
knees it is sofV" it is only boned ajMjf
"I really did not, realize the great dif
ference in Vny figure until the other day .
when I went for the first fitting of a suit
that my tailor had made over my measue.
merits of lst season. Indeed, the differ-
ences vJere in inches." ,
The writer was the third person pres
ent at this conversation. .
Are sold exclusively at thisi store.
J.CJ vp to $19.50
Tonrta Floor
rPi z. -aT
All people . who are ac
quainted with Parisian ivory
will recognize at once the
-difference between this sale
and i those recently adver-.
tised elsewhere. Briefing the
statement., to , simple . facts,
, we s offer our entire stock
for three days at the
' very immense reduction of
;, -4We know of such reduc
" tions having been advertised
elsewhere, where, the reduc
tions ceased with the news
paper announcement. .
In this important sale we
6 resent Parisian ivory of
Ingllsh, French, German and
. American manufacture.
'The assortment includes
mirrors of all kinds, with
. straight and ring handles;
' hair brushes, combs, pow
der boxes, hair receivers,
cream jars, talcum pow
der holders buffers, man'
. icure articles, dresser
trays," pin , cushions, pio
tare frames, jewel boxes,
'perfume bottles, in short
- every article for the dress
ing, boudoir, and toilet
, table.
V, First Floor.
Points, Marie Antoinette , and Novelty Curtains; wmte or Araoia
color; all 2j yards long.
$ 4.00 and $4.50 Scriniand N Curtains, special $2.95 ;
$ 5.00 and $5.50 Scrim and Net Curtains, special $3.45
$ 6.00 and $6.50 Scrim and Net Curtains, special $4.45
$ 7.00 and $7.50 Scrim and Net Curtains, special $4S5
$' 8.00 and $8.50 Scrim and Net Curtains, special $5.85 ,
$ 9.00 and $9.50 Scrim and Net Curtainsi special $8.85 1
$10.00 Scrim and Net Curtains, special ,$7.45
$11.50 Vcrim and Net Curtains, special, ..$8.45
$12.60 Scrim and Net Curtains, special. . . . , . . . .$9.45
An Opportune Time : ; :
. 1 n iL D m. D c: D,. (
II . to uuy ane .uesi iuuiii-ju.c nuga.,
Rugs that arc suitable for bedrooms, dining-rooms and
living-rooms. An immense assortment to seiect xrorn at
prices that cannot be equaled, quality and design compared.
$12.50 Wool and Fiber Rugs. .Special $ 8.19
I III fiB.UU tapestry oruneu nugi,.....uui .
$2730 Velvet . Wilton ,.:....,...... special i y.oa
$27 SO Axminster Rugs. . Special $21.45
$35.00 Axminster Rugs. , . T ." . . . i ; . . .Special $25.45
$35.00 Body. Brussels Rugs ........... Special $26.45
$40.00 Body Brussels Rugs XS........ Special $32.75
$50.00 Wilton Rugs. .... 1 . . '. . . . v .Special $37.50
$60.00 Wilton Rugs.'. . , Special $47 SO
; liberal Price Concessions
"-v. On Wool Blankets
plain white or gray with pretty striped borders of pink or light
blue, also fancy plaid blankets in blue, tan, or pink, in mixed block
design. Every blanket full sure and weight. r. r ' , , . ;
'KVV'' $ 4.50 Wool Blankets, special $,3J9 if Vf "V
, $ 5.50 Wool Blankets, special $ 3.45
$ 6.50 Wool Blankets, special $ 4.45 '
i - 7.50 Wool Blankets, special $ 5.45 '
- $ 8.50 Wool Blankets, special $ 6.45 .
$10.00 Wool Blankets, special ' $ 7.45
$11.50 Wool Blankets, special $ 8.35
1 $12.50 Wool Blankets, special $ 9.45
'. $15.00 Wool Blankets, special $10.95
" Down Filled, Sateen Covered Comforters
Sateen-covered down-filled Comforters, filled with best quality of
goose down and covered with best quality of figured sateen in pret
ty floral designs. '.'.',
$ 7.50 Down Comforters, special $5.95
$ 8.50 Down Comforters, special $S.85
$10.00 Down Comforters, special $7.95
' ' ' $12.50 Down Comforters, special $9.45
, , ' , -Fifth Floor
White Swarisdown
"rYery Scarce r
: Monday; 1000 Yards
1 1,1 - ' I - lfrt noor
For Knit Uridervv'ar
. No Store So Satisfactory
" as This Store
35c GARMENTS, 25c
Vests of medium or heavy weight
white' cotton, with tights to match.
' 65c GARMENTS, 35c '
Vests or tights of medium weight
white cotton." '
65c GARMENTS, 48c v '
Vests or tights of fine ribbed cot
iton in medium or heavy weights.
. e75c UNION SUITS, 50c
One-piece union suits of white --
cotton in medium weight. All styles,
, White ribbed medium weight cot
' ton union suits.
$1.00 UNION StilTS, 75c
Union suits of swisa ribbed white
cotton with low or high necks and
of medium weight ,
Union suits of white cotton in a
medium br heavy weight with long
sleeves and ankle length.
Also vests or tights of white
merino', medium or heavy, silk
.trimmed, stitched and finished.
$1.75 AND $2.CO UNION
Wool mixed, medium l;ivv
union suits, white swiss rilbe 1 cct
ton, also some fine soft vool r " !
in medium or heavy wei' t. f-
neck and sleeveless or h'a'i i.
' and long sleeves.
$2.50 UNION suit:
Richelieu seamk"., 1
wool mixed union f ' i, 1
, neck and st-eve-.3 cr '
and Ion? r? "vf i
Made with, etvel :
. Ljht wi't 11-! f t r
u -
; "5 ,