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AKKIA(!E and genetics,
by Charles A. Ju; Reed, M. D.
-Dr.'1 ed a volume sud-m
tied "Laws of Human Breed-
. , njr ana appiieq r.unenrei, ; u
' ' somewhat more technical .. work than
' other (document recently issued, aa a
. result of the eugenic or; "better babies
s movement. ".,.,
Dr Heed, -ta' member- and former
president of the American: Medical as
sociation, deals with condition that ef
feet the powers of the human race to
perpetuate itself. la his preface he
nays:" "This book was first conceived as
a message from the operating room, a
danger signal or a series Of danger Big-nala-frem
the hospital ward, a revela
tion from 'Jthe' -council 'chambers that
great and sacred confessional of the
- medical profewion.'-'vi'-'ftr-
The motive prompting the effort wad
desire in some" measure to overcome
the ignorance which, In too' many In'
stances, keeps innocent victims t.from
protecting. , themselves i and their off
snrin 'from disease and degeneracy.
An Incidental object was and la to avert
f those conditions that destroy
, the possible happiness of the married
state and: convert the bucal 1 chamber
' Into the anteroont of the divorce court
Dr. Reed reviews : brief ly - theV work
and discoveries of the scientists, from
Darwin, (1859V to De1Viesla901),, who
studied and propounded the laws of he
realty, i He dwells at length on the dis
coveries of Sir Prancl Qalton wh6 in'
1871 becan the promulgation of his ex
perimental investigation of heredity as
applied to the human family, and 'Which
Resulted Jn the formulation or "ms law
of human inheritance and 4h foun
dation of the science of eugenics, which
he ' defined as ."the science , of being
well born.-' " ' ' '
'the investigations of fill" Francis
Galton," writes Dr. Keed, "tended to
provo what ''everybody very generally
' recognises, namely, that there Is a con
stant tending in progeny to approxi
mate the average standard or mean, or
normal of the race." . , . .
., This "'law of the mean, as modified
by the author is aa follows: , ' '
f (l). Average parents' tend to produce
J average children. - - 1 .
(2) Parents of high character units
Stend to produce' children of hlh char-
Iacter. units.
(& Parents. Mt v low , character units
.tend 'to produce children of , low char
jacter unit. ' ,
I (4) Extreme parents, whether of high
jor low character units, tend to produce
children with less extreme character
units. -7:a.;- : i-,-. ." . S
t 'The practical' purport of the law of
the mean."v he Bays. ." thatall fara
Jilies, indeed all populations, left . to
themselves have a tendency to breed to
? Snedlocrlty." . !
Dr. F.eed elucidates these fundamental
laws, explains .wherein" they are . af
fected by disease, habit and personality
lif both male and female.- : '" : 1
J In conclusion the author voices this
pinion:' VV'N" -'-r' ?.:' ''?.':' ,; "
"The practical application of eugento
laws to the, betterment of the Human
frace. ' "while., made possible' by -enllght-fned'human
love and wholesome social
tonvenUon, ts - an - Important attribute
of medlcal'aclenoe..; la other words,
while eugenics appeals to the loftiest
sentiment of civilisation. It is never
theless a science that deals deliberately
and unemotionally with the very funda-:-.
mental conditions, the most powerful
'' Impulses, the most potent forces in the
determination Of human happiness and
human welfare. Its safe, practical ap
plication must, therefore. Imply a cer
tain technical training which '.' can be
found only In the medical profession.
Jt la obvious, therefore, that, toy care
Continued "from' Page live, thla Section
o'clock. William WynnWorthlngton and
Elisabeth Drury Calsse, the . Rev. . Del
mer H. Trimble performing the mar
Tiage. ceremony. . These young 1 people
s. were from Seattle and will reside In
i J5cattler -j.
. Bert H. Kerrey and - Miss Katheryn
' t. ' Baker were united in marriage at
the1 parsonage of the Sunnyslde Congre-e-gational'
church, Wednesday afternoon,
. October 22, by the BeT. J. J. SUub, D.
: ' - 'i
The marriage of Frank B. Barton ot
-Ealem. and Miss Esther B. Johnson
ccurred at . the home of the bride's
-another. Mrs. C Johnson, 4838 Thirty-
third avenue S. EV Wednesday,' October
,f2, 1918, at ?:3 p. m.. Kev. A. B. Waltt
f f iclatlng. " The young couple took a
strain the same erenlns; . . for; , Salem,
'.their future home. ; 1 1 - , . ,
A pleasant' wedding party met In tha
, Mudy of the Third Presbyterian church
" bn Weesday evening, the twenty-sec-rnd,
to witness the marriage of William
R. Gray to Miss Elisa N. -Duncan. Rev.
-'A. 1: Hutchtson officiating. The newly
: .'wedded couple will continue to make
r Portland their home. - ... . i
't ' a
The -New-Tork 8ute Society of Oro
- pon will give a dance Wednesday even
j n k. October 29, at Manchester hall, 65i
y ifth street V All former JNew Yorker
and their friends are invited.! , The so
ciety at Its regular monthly - meeting
'lartt Tuesday evening gave a play en
' titled "A Wonderful Cure.' Miss LIJa
tAl. Bryon was Mrs. Oaby, the credu
'. loua aunt; Mis Laur Jack, Ellen, her
i rcat niece;1 Miss Jessie Bloss, Marian
Jloaxlcy, sister of George, and the ma
.ugk-lan who works the wonderful .euro,
nd Airs. Karali C. Haseltine represented
Bridget, tho maid. -a clever ally. . j
"" Corinthian" Social rlub, O. K. 8., has
,,,inHuei - cards tor another of its dano-
Jff parties at Mnsonio Temple,-West
Park and Yamhill streets, Tuesday
p-venlnx. .November 4. .,- Patronesses are;
,-Mva. Clmrles B. Turlav, Mrs, J. Francis
; jrke, Mtw. J. R Thiehoff, Mrs. Jack
.. 'M. '.Yates. Miss Henrietta McCabe, Mrs.
V. II. HowatSon, .-Mrs, 11. B. Bloush,
1 'Mrs. AlffJt niddell. Mrs, J. 0. Hatnmi-r,
"vMIm Maude Steadinan . and ,Mins Mar
...jorit' Martin. , P
' ' ' '' '
", Tho Cathedral Social club, recently
"'oiKnnlzed among. the young peoiie of
. il.i- Cathedral of tho Immaculate Con-
f .-ption parish, will hold the flint of a
rt(e of subscription dances at Murlark
(nil on tho eve of Thanksgiving,
' 'lned(ty, NopnibPT J.
A Hallo'ween prty will be riven by
t Ho La lloa 'lu Tliurlay evoning, Oe
t K i.vr SQ, ut ChriKtenHcn's hal'. Hleventh
and lamhlll streets. The committee
ful, and Scientific examination alone,
can the Interests of prospective parties
to the marital, union and the' welfare of
t heir probable progeny be safe-guarded
against, disease and degeneracy." The
Gultos, Press, publishers, Cincinnati.
I '."American Literature,1 byWllllam J.
Long, Tbts book alms to present, as
set forth, In the publisher' anounce-'
ment, au interesting and adequate rec
ord of American literature from the co
lonial to ' the present- age,, and to make
the record in some degree worthy of. the
history and spirit of the American peo
ple;. v it Is really , presented as a , na
UOnal" textbook, r ; ,
' It proceeds on ' the assumption . thai
literature: - recognises no .Mason . and
Dixon line, no political or geographical
boundaries to the national: spirit. Who
ever has reflected American life? or
glorified -American ideals is welcomed
and studied without a thought of local
pride or prejudloe. As the author says
In his preface: "literature - in general
tends to humanise and harmonise men
showing thelrommon . character.
Istlcs; and national literature unites a
people1 by emphasising the ideals which
the - whole nation -reveres , and follows.
Any book, therefore,"which makes Amer
icans strangers to one another, or to
any part of their common country, has
no place in our .national records." .- eo
Bradford and Byrd, Cooper and BImms,
LonKfeUaw and Lanier are studied aide
by Rldeln their respective periods, not
as sepresentative of the north or south,
but as so many different reflections of
the same life and the same spirit. '
'- The book divides bur literary history
Into four periods, continuous In their de
velopment, yet having each its distinct
and significant : characteristics. Olnn
and Company, New York City. -
" "The Honourable Mr.' Tawnlsh.".'" by
Jeffery Farnol. Mr.' Farnol has a rep
utation to Jive up-to, for from the au
thor of "The Amateur -Gentleman,'' and
"The Broad Highway," - one naturally
expects eomething worth while, t ! f
: - in "The Honourable ) Mrt Tawnlsh,"
Mr. Farnol has given us nothing sen
sational to be sure, but something worth
while rather, in the telling" of a story
than tn the-storyltsfi ii.t.-.r
Penelope, Sir John Chester's daugh
ter, and "The Honourable Mr, Tawnlsh"
fall much In love with each other,, and
o arouse the ire of Sir John, who sees
in Mr, Tawnlsh, a fine English gentle
man, an. effeminate dandy and writer
of sentimental verses. , To test the Eng
lishman's ateel,8ir John -and his two
bosom friends give Mr. Tawnlsh three
different tasks to perform. .He does
them well, proves himself a brave man
ai well aa a- gentleman, weds Penelope
into the bargain, and all is well. Though
of an age and a place not generally fa
miliar to Americana,, Mr. Farnora char
acters . are living ones. The book is
bound in cloth, with four illustrations,;
in color, by Charles B. Brook. -' Little,
Brown A Company, publishers, Boston,
Price, 11.00 net,, rv-rv-iv.1',-", J
i .'The Gringos."; by, bV M. Bower.-i-The
title of Mr. Bower's new book Indicates
that It has to do with Americans, so
called by the Spaniards and Mexicans,
and the locale is California in the
days Of "48.---?!;'": 'j:--'-VV ''?-'' ;
The setting is the ranch of, Don An
dres Pioardo, a Spanish . grandee.. Dade
and his friend. Jack: Allen, are the two
Americans,' Dade: having saved Jack
from death at the hands of the vigilance
committee when - the story opens. - The
two eek refuce, and are hospitably re
ceived and given employment by Don
Andres. Naturally enough, ao far as
the story goes at least, they both fall in
of arrangements Is: Miss.Makle Cham
bers, Miss Katherlne .GaWftey, Miss
Anna Dunn, ; Miss Mary, Frances Mo
Carthy, Miss Deborah Griffin and Miss
Irene Fitzgerald. The patronesses will
be: Mrs. M A. Fibers, Mrs. P. Doug
las, Mrs. 1. J. Hogan, Mrs, J, George and
Mrs. M. H. Graham. . - .
h-ifnf ?'r'.'i'
The H. R. 8. Girls, have Issued invi
tations for their dancing party, Friday
evening, October Si, - at ; Green's bait
Committee in charge of the affair la:
Margaret Dannerberg, ; Nina Leader,
Frances SchuwUer, Mary Clancy, Han
nah Donnerberg, Maude Llttlejohns and
Frances Keating. The patronesses will
be: Mrs. James J. Hogan, Mrs. Win
throp Terry and Mrs. P, E. Sullivan..
, .-.v..-,f
s; The Mystic Stare, of Myrtle announce
an Informal opening party Wednesday,
October S9, at the Masonic Temple, third
floor. The committee on arrangements
promises a pleasant evening to every
body. Those la charge are as follows:
Mra. Delos Ferguson, Mrs. L. Qulmby,
Miss Leonora Leow, Miss Ullle Hicks,
W.- B. Kaeer, A. B, Draper, C. E Mo
Glrr, George Hlggins. ; 1 .ik
,;.,. v,.-.,.;;,,;,,;.,,,, ,. w ' .. ;-'.'
Kappa Alpha Theta sorority will meet
Friday afternoon, October 81, with Mrs.
Sidney Smith at her home, 715 Weldler
street. -This will be the regular month,
ly social - and business meeting. ' All
strangers in the city who are members
of the sorority are invited to communi
cate wltb the president. Mra Charles A
Hart -
, ,
A dance that Is looked' forward to
with much interest this coming-week
Is the Halloween - Spooky party given
by the Myrtle Rose dancing club next
Wednesday evening, October ; 29, at
Christensen'a hall. The hall will be
specially' decorated for this occasion
Including- many spooky; features.
, ,it v,,.. ,v'v'."
The Decern Girls have Issued Invi
tation f or - their Halloween party, to
be held Monday evening, October 27. at
Murlark halL Patronesses are: Mrs.
Lloyd Thompson, Mrs.' Julia Bymhold,
Mrs. B. J. Brown, Mrs. M. E. Beatty,
Mrs. C. JI. Begg. Mrs, F. W. Cliff Old,
Mrs. H, Bartholomew.-- v 1 ii'
x-'.-t.'&w y ' '7: -
' The Young People's league of the
St Michael's .and All Angels' Episcopal
church at Rose City Park plan to give
an elaborate masquerade dancing party
Friday, evening, October 81 at Vln-
cnt's hall, East Forty-third street and
Sandy boulevard. - i ,
Miss Dagmar Kellv, Miss Marie
Chauman and Miss Celeste Foulkes will
be Joint hostesses Friday evening at a
large Halloween party- to - be given at
tlie home of Miss Kelly, 1S . Fifth
stieet i , ' ' ' i
V--'".i-- ''.-'? w w . '., '.IV',':;
' St Lawrence .court, No. 1734, Catho
lic Order of Forester; will give a card
party and dance at Bt Lawrence halu
Third and Sherman streets, Wcdnelday
evening, November 13. ,
" w '
1 Haasalo Street Congregational Church
Aid society will give a silver tea on
Friday nftornoon, October 81, from 8:30
till 4:30. - The patronesspsaret Miss
Clark, Mrs.-Jefferson and , Mrs. Deppen
ing. w
. There will be a health talk in the
:":77,7 ' '.Vi ;,:'V:v''V;i-;': ':'.-'. ' -
love with Andres' daughter: Tereslta,
arid Don-Jose is the native suitor who
really occasions the action.
v ;There Is a picture of , old Spanish
rnch life in those days and tales of the
conflict between the ranch owners and
the federal government for the retention
of the California land.
.Whether or not the days of '41 are
faithfully and fairly porray.ed, there
ars forty-niners" still . living -on -the
west coast to whom Judgment must be
spansea. JJttie, Brown and Company,
publishers, Boston. Price, 1. 25 not,
' "Leaves from Virginia's Journal." by
Virginia Corry. A; "vest pocket" edl
tlon containing - worth while ' thoughts
for humans as they journey through
life, and live by the way. ' - - '
"Christ u said '.men were made - in his
likehess not ' those In the palaces
merely, but .also those tn the huts."
"Cultivate your own fields, and when
you .can. give a hand to your neigh-
Dors. "-'i.-r :;- , c
'.'Knowledge is power., if we are , to
believe our -copy books. - A hen lays an
egg ta the morning and enjoys a leis
urely afternoon. Why not take a lesson
from her. over worked business man?
The hen will scratch up the earth' dur
ing 'her spae time, but you can play
golf and i so score even ' at nightfall.
You might also cultivate a rose gar-
dan." ' , i
Sometimes the , best of friends are
a best." )' v, - vt , v ' "'
Life Is like a picnic where soma
bring sugar and soma lemons."
""A- bird in' a cage has the. courage
to sing. -. Why should I not rejoice T
"We can talk I civilisation when w
have open air factories and workshops.
Published by Richard U. Badger, the
clorham Press, - Boston. -1 ; ' - - -
"Great Expectations," retold for chil
dren 'by Alice F. Jackaon.- This Is one
of a series of nine of the master Dick
ens' stories, retold for children, and H said -without shame that older
persons, as well, may -find Interesting
entertainment . by. reading the "re-telt.
Ing" ?-.-.. t V :,a. -1 1 ,:; ';; :U
In "Great Expectations." the young
sters will find In. story of "Pip's" ad
ventures, situations a exciting and as
thrilllngly told, almost as those of
pirate and Indian stories. From - the
time of poor; little "Pip's"'; experience
with ' the convict from . the prison ship,
who threatened to eat the boy's "heart
and liver," until the ' here comes into
his own happiness there Isn't a dull mo
ment r- . , ...v" . j-
v "Great Expectations" Is nicely illus
trated, in color;. . by Jg. M. : B, Blalkia
Published by George ' W. Jacobs -and
Company, t Philadelphia. . ' . , .
"Harmony Wins," by.Mlllicent Olm
ateao. In this story for cnildren, ror
the author writes, particularly for children.-,
the little heroine Harmony, Hale,
1 related to that, brave, patriot-spy,
Nathan Hale. The little girl's, book per
sonality ,1s suggestive of ber name, and
through all her trials, too, she displays
a characteristic of American grit, elf
reliance and determination . ' v,,;, ..
J -"Harmony Win", to be sure,, but. not
until she has experienced an Interesting
storyrbdok life. Lothrop, Lee AV Shep-
ard Company,- Boston...; price, 1.00 net
"The Way Out", by, Edna! Partbenla
Halloran. Just about an hour's easy
reading of how a woman ef the social
world, tired to the point of suicide with
the shams and frivolities of life, finds
the "Way Out" by unexpected associa
tion with the real, God-loving people of
the backwoods. . Published by Richard
G. Badger, the Gorham Press, Boston.
parlors of the . Hassalo Congregational
church on 'November 7, at 2:3 p. m., to
ladles. , The speaker will be Miss H.
New. . .
' ' w "
The' Phlloteans announce their next
dancing party , for Tuesday evening,
November 4, to be given in Gregory
hail, . corner Milwaukle and Center
streets. -
' - w ' i ' '"
The 'G. N. C-B. Girls announce their
opening dance -Wednesday evening, No
vember 6, at Murlark ball. Twenty-third
and Washington,--'.: -- -.. -- ,
. . , . ' ..' ; .. ': ' '...',.
The'-third annual interscholastlo hop
will be held Friday evening, November
'Vat the Masonic Temple. ' j ;
One of the most dellehtfui
lngs of Eureka Council No. S04, Knights
and Ladles of Security, , was held In
their hall. East Sixth and Alder streets,
Monday evening. The attendance was
largethan at any previous meeting.
Mrs. DeM. Dearlng was presiding chair
man of the evening. After a few well
chosen ternaries she introduced the fol
lowing numbers; Musical selection by
Eureka ! Council 7 orchestra; character
Tlie New History of tte Civil "War
'IlluatrateJ witl? tkousan of , '
-tone reproductions' irom . , "
:Tke Brady War Pkotograpks
'i -V 16 full page plates in colors or , ; ; 7.
- OGDEN and otter V
, Artists 'Coxnplete in 1 volume i ;i7 .
t AutKcnticCbmplete?Beautiful
' V M 1 i a1 t , ' T; '
, f 9 ,-
:j ;f .. 1 :
Mr,.and Mr6rBenjamintSchol'
field of Cornelius Honored
'Tby Relatives,1 Friends,"
Cornelius, Or., Oct I5.--"The Old
Home," built in 1862, one mile ' from
Cornelius, Or., was : the scene of th
golden Wedding anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin eScholfleld on Wednes
day when relatives from' far and jiear
assembled to do honors to the couple
who were married In this very house SO
years ado. The home as. pictured above.
was built St' years ago by . Mr. Maclln.
father of Mrs. echolfleld - the timbers
all 'being hewn; by hand, and has ben
the center of many notable gatherings
in the history of Washington county.
Mr. Scholfleld was born in Martins
ville, lit, - June 20. 1840, and came to
Oregon' via .California in 1868, settling
near Hlllsboro. On October 22, J868.
he married 'Miss Sarah Hall, who was
born while her parents were-crossing
the plains to Oregon. Seven child reu
were born to Mr. and. Mrs. Scholfleld,
six girls and one boy. Tney .have 15
grandchildren and one great-grandchild,
The cnnaren nvingv are irs. t. h,, Cor
nelius, Astoria; W-T. Scholfleld, Cor
nellus; Mrs. E. :J. i ward, Gaston; Mrs.
sketch by Mrs. Maud Johnson: whistling
solo by little Miss Evelyn Heppe. The
musical and literary program was, cut
short in order that the time might, be
a-lven to the, speakers of the evening,
'who addressed the audience upon the
lmDortant subject ' - of v the Inters tate
bridge and - building issue, x The first
speaker ;. was, :;Mrs. AblgaUicott i Dual-
way,. A loving; tribute was pata ner oy
Mrs. Dearing who spoke of her work in
Oregon during; the past half century.
Mrs. Dunlwarwaa followed by "George
D. Toung and L. Lepper. After a
few .appropriate r remarKe oy won.
D. L. Povey, president of Eureka Coun
cil, our -highly -esteemed state: manage,
Ed Shellenbercer, spoke. , Mr. Shellen-
berger gave an able talk on the plan
of the order In which he is so deeply n
terested. Cards and dancing, were en-
joyed Until . a late hour. Beautiful
prises were awarded to the winners. ,
ff - ,- ---j i"'- -' " r 'T'i 'rfiif'-'V.-'V
The Sew'lng- club of George Wright
Relief Corps , held Its regular meeting
at the' home of Mrs,' Melvina. Worlok
last Friday. ' An all 'day meeting was
held, dinner 'being .aerved" -at 1 noon.
Those present were: Mrs.' McDonough
and Mrs. i Kalsoe from Central . Point,
Mrs. 'Savager'oC Marshfleld, Mesdames
Brock, Ferguson, Nash, Neilson, Hen
demon, OgU vie, Thomias, v Taylor, visit
ing ladies who were guests, of, honor,
and Mesdames Bodley, Belderi, Belknap,
Blkke, ; Beale,, Briggs, , Cooper, ; Eley,
Emery. Ernken. GodshalL Greene, Grif
fith, Hunter, Lounsbury. Mickey, Mills.
Munger, Reed. ' Ren ner. Scott Emma
Smith, Ihea Smith, Weigand and Wor
Ick. The next regular - meeting will be
on Friday, October 31, at the home of
the president,. Mrs. Renner, 172 East '
Seventy-fifth street north, when the ar
rangements for, the-supper and buaar
ot November It will be perfected. .i
T,he . Lincoln-Garfield - Thimble club
was entertained by Mrs. RosetU Mc- j
Kennett , on last Tuesday at her home
on East Twenty-ninth street. Lunch-
eon was served and presided over by
the .nostes''The:'.day'wag';oroflUbly
apent and much enjoyed by an, .Those
present '- were Mrs. McKennett, Mrs.
Brooks, Mrs. Brownelt Mrs. Clalrmore,
t t .J.K--JLWM is, i n mmmatt " '-,"
' ' " JT waNT.- ' - "
Mr. an(? Mrs. Benjamin Scholfleld and
-y they were 'married 50 years ago. ;
il '
W. A. Godin, Cornelius, and Mrs. ;A. E.
Yoder of Cornelius. - '
In addition the guests Included Mr:
and. Mra J. C. Hare, Mr. arid Mrs. Hare,
Mrs. Falangers, "Teddy and Doland Eal-
angers, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Imbree, Mr
and Mrs. H. -R. Rix, F. L. Hay; Dr. and
Mrs. F. A. Bailey, Mrs. Sarah R. Reeves,
Mrs. Sarah E. Montgomery,, Mrs. P. M.
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. J.. D. Merryman.
Mr. . and Mrs. W. Q, Hare, Mrs. Jennie
Mrs. Elvers, Mrs. Devlin, Mra Lombard,
Mrs. Law ton,' Mrs Stevens, Mrs; Sea
bring, Mrs.' Pritchard. Mrs. Williams,
Mrs. Welch. Mrs. Hathorn, Mrs. Gelsler,
Mjfs. ' LaFourguett, Miss Louise Phelps
and little Luclle - McKennett a grand
daughter of the hostess." . The next club
meeting will be with- Mra- Devlin af 88
Seventy-fourth ? street, .November v 11.
Take Montaviila car.- , '
X W ,. '
Mrs. T. D. Condon entertained a num
ber of ladies of Elisabeth hive No. 14 at
her home in. St Johns; '80S Richmond
street, October 22, at five hundred. Mrs.
S trickier won first honors, Mrs. Guerin
second. 'The guest prices went to Mrs.
H... Wlfidle' and . Mrs. B., Cochran. Mrs.
Condon is a charming hostess and
served a dainty luncheon, which all en
Joyed. - Those ;.' present " were: ', Mrs.
Guerin,' Mrs. Lowe, , Mrs. Perkins, Mrs.
Snider, f Mrs. - Strickler.Mrs. .Vincent
Mrs. Moreno, Mra Noel, Mrs. TCrueger,
Mrs. Everett Mrs. Royse, Mrs. Asper,
Mrs, Windle,rMra Cochran, Mrs. John
son, Mrs.' Tracey, Mrs. Harris, Miss E.
Moe, M1bb A- Moe,- Miss L. Moe, Mrs.
Carder. . . .. ;. . . ,
, , - v - v
A campaign for greater membership
has' been Instituted by Oregon's First
Hive No. 981. Ladles; of the Modern
Maccabees. The members have been di
vided Into' two divisions which are to
compete for honors in bringing forward
the greatest number -of applicants.- one
side is captained by Mrs. Mary jua ciair,
while the other is -headed by Mrs.
Elisabeth Conklln, and the winning
team is to be the 'guest of the losers
at a banquet The campaign will close
after November 27 at which itlme the
beautiful . Initiatory - service will - be
used for the first ' time. The work Is
under the : supervision oft Deputy Great
Commander, Mary Isabel McRae of
Greenbrock, Michigan, -
-.7-.." '-.v vv '- ; 1 4r .' -V ":', '"'-;'--'-'i'' r r
4 Ingleelde Hive. Ladies i of the Mod
ern Maccabees organised October 14 byj
uepuy ureat uommanuer Mary Isabel
IMcRae and-Mrs. Mary A. Vyse, mother
of the Modern Maccabees of Oregon, at
Golden Rule, hall, corner Eighty-second
and Schuyler, held a very pleasant so
cial hour at the close of their business
their borne at Cornelius, Or., where
Sewell, Rev.-and Mrs. Piper,- A. C.Arch
Ibold, Mr. " and Mra J. T. Llewallen,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 8Iiute,-Dr. and Mrs.
W. B. Hare, A. Gordon. Alonso Slglet
Mr. and ;Mrs.-T. W. Good In, Joslah
Beal, .Mrs. EUa Rowen, Mrs. 'Martha
E'merick, Mrs.. J. U. Cornelius, ' Mr- and
Mrs. J. T. Hay,Mr. and Mrs. Ben-Hay,
Mrs. F. E. .Waters, Mra. Clarenda Beal,
Mrs. M. A. Cornelius and Mrs. R. L.
tension. Tuesday evening. The same was
occasioned by - the approaching mari
riage of Miss Mae Anna Lewis. Deputy
McRae la behalf of the ladles pre
-"Anxious Wife" Give Id to IS drops
of the following In water en hour be
fore each meal and your child ill soon
be controlled from bed wet ting: Comp.
fluid balm wort, 1 ox.; tincture cubebs, 1
drain; tinctdre rhus-aromatiq, a drams.
: :m. ' s' ' ''-'' v.. ..-..
- '.' ' '-i x-;-;'-? .,V v , '''.:t'-, - '."...-i,
':-X' Rue" writes: 'FoY many years I
have suffered with stomaci and howel
trouble which has been caused by a
severe case of catarrh. My blood Is also
In poor condition.... What, can be done
for me?' -v -.,r X.j.; .--:
'Answer; "If yoti follow the -directions
given below r you should - be . well and
Strong sctaln'. Obtain the fnllowlnar from
any well stocked drug store and mix by
snaKing wen, men taKe a teaspoonrui
four times dally: Syrup sarsaparilla
comp., 4 ozs.j comp. fluid balm wort, 1
os.: fluid ext. buchu, l ot. Use in con
nection with thte the following local
treatment: Get a 2-os. package of anti
septic vilane powder and make a catarrh
balm by mlxlnr one ounra of lard nr
vaseline wlt'.i a, level teaspoonful of the
powder and , use in the nostrils dally.
Also make a wash of one pint of warm
water and one-half teaspoonful of vilane
Powder end us two nr thriu Hm
day until the nostrils ar thoroughly
cleansed and 'your trouble should soon
be gone. jV.v.j- . .; ..';:,, -;
r-"Elsie ' M." ' writes: 'J'.'-'f . have'- such
short, stringy, strangling hair and my
scalp Is full of dandruff. , Please advise
what to do." . ; ;,-.
Answer: Th hunt advlp. I imn nttr
is simple. Get at a well stocked drug
store a 4 os. lar of nlaln vellnw- mlnvnr
directions accompanying, and use it reg
ularly. It promotes a healthy, vigorous
growth of hair and abates dandruff,
itching scalp, lustreless hair mid stops
falling hair. If the hair Is haruh and
stragg-ling it rentorea a soft, fluf fv ap
pearance, and brings back the Intense
natural color. . . . . v ,
"Hazelle" Says: 1 "I would ceHal'nlv
appreciate Somethlnc that would In.
crease my weight and take 'away that
languid feeling avhirh I am subject to
most of the time.- My blood Is weak and
watery and my appetite is poor." , '
Answer: Your condltlon is' very enniiv
Overcome if you will follow the direc
tions given below, 'Ask your drugglKt
for 3-gratn hypP'-nurlan tablets and
tahe according to the - directions and
your weight should Increase, Thews tab
lets nromote asHimilatinn. . ahnnrntlnn
and aid digestion, transform the com-
lexion ana figure. v Tliey are prescribed
y phytilcians and are perfectly good,
'hey should be taken reffularlv for sev.
oral months - and - you should depend
upon gaining flesh and . that languid
feeling will vanish completely, -
i- ,'i.!'.','.".''.VT.r.;'--? '-'' .;'' '-'. i!' i'' '-' " t'-'.i.-.' !
"t. E. G." wrttes: "My rheumatism
n rnltina worse all th time. 1 m
getting ha stiff that it makes It very
hard for me to get around." -
Answer: fo not wnrrv about vnur
rheumtitiMin; ns t'.iat can be very eaellv
ronlrolled by UHinft the following: Get
at the drugstore tho ingredient? named, I
sented Miss Lewis . with . a beautiful
berry spoon. After which refreshments i
were served. Visitors present, Mrs.
Mary A. Vyse, Mrs. Nellie Hibbs, Mis.
FJvelyn Mooro, Mrs. Mary Maney of
Oregon's Virst Hive No, 881. '
Last Sunday evening the Ku vanda
Council No. 11, Degree of Pocahontas, .
met In thelf wlg.wam and primary ar- ,
rar.gements were made for a grand .
maRciue ball to be given Saturday even-
lng, November 15, in the Eagle hall,
Third and Madlson streets. - Mrs. Min
nie Blake, the Pocahontas,- appointed
Mra Annie Garnler. Mrs. Marie Gale '
and Mr Chris Relchle to make final
arrangements, A' meeting will be held
later and all information desired can
bo obtained by phoning Mrs. Gamier,
Main S589. Informal Invitation is ex
tended to all Red , Men, Pocahontases
and friends. - V".: , "..:'...'',;,. : .
... 'sVw '.- ;'7 7 ' 7';:;
Thursday, October SO, MclClnley W,
R. corps No. 45, G. A., H., will give a
patriotic' entertainment at the Scenlo
theatre, Montaviila, at which will he
presented to one of the school rooms
a beautiful silk flag. Come one, come
nil. Committee, Mrs. Pollick, Mrs. Mil
lar, Mrs. K'lng.
- The degree team, of Rose City Camp -No.
6466, M. W. A. will entertain their I
friends at the K, of . P. hall. Eleventh I.
and Alder streets on Wednesday even
ing, October-29 at a masquerade party. '
Dancing wil begin t 8:30. Five prises ;
win be .given. .
-H t
. ueorge tuawm .morse announces tna ,
engagement of , his . daughter, Mabel
Eveline, to Harry M. Hayles, the wed
ding to take place some -time In the 1
early . winter..,- Miss Morse is a very '
popular : girl, and "many, affairs have r
been- planned. to compliment- the bride-',
to-be.. The Wedding will take place at ,
the pretty suburban home of Mr. and
Mrs Harry Calvin Palnton (nee Morse).
Miss ' Bonnie M. Benton of Chicago .
was a Portland visitor last week. - Miss
Benton, who Is a magazine and newspa
per writer, has been visiting friends in
MahAM. - I1..MH ..4 -,IM MA,, MM t. '
PUUtUDlU vi.,viw NU Hill twu&ii liusiiv
through Canada to gather material for
stories. 4 ' ,
Willis E. McElroy and family havs -.
moved from the east side to the West i.
minster, apartments, on Sixth and Mad- .
lson streets. y:- ?. :.-.'. -v- - ' .
Mrs. C L. Gllham and Mrs. C 8.
Unna have- returned here after a pleas-
ant visit In the Bound cities.-
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot E. Stewart" are
spending a few days ta the City, on their
way home to Calgary, Alberta.
. 7'' " ' " - " " ' ;
At the annual convention of the' Penn-
sylvania .Federation of Women's cltfbs 'i
held last, week, four things were dls
cuBaed, emphasised and endorsed by the '
organization, .- as follows;: Vocational v
training la the public schools; school
privileges for the children In the state .
sanatorlums; election of women to the
board or. state normal schooR and sun-'t
port for 'legislation in behalf of wom
en and children. On these four topics
next year's work of the federation will
be centered. v;; x
. Workmen's . compensation, minimum "
wage, Initiative and referendum and re
call laws were passed during the last
session of the Minnesota legislature. ,
The questions answered 'below are
in character; the symptoms or
diseases are given and n the
' answers
should apply to en case of almija' a
W'-vA'. i''K-f'.;;.t'.,'-.-,i;''v'i-. - , .
Those; wishing? further-'advlce. free, -JX!tArV!nVr'
Lewis Baker, College
Buildings College-Ellwood streets. Day
ton, O., enclosing self -addressed, stamped ;
envelope for reply. , Full name and ad- i.r
2fe..'.n,UBt b a'v"1. out only initials or v
fictitious name will be used In my an-
swers. . The prescriptions can be filled
at any. wajl-stocked drug store. . Anc
druggist can order of wholesaler,
mix thoroughly and take a teaspoonful
at mealtime-end agalh at bedtime and
?rou?uU, be entirely relieved of
that disagreeable disease, rheumatism. -Purchase
t drams of iodide of potas
slum; M oi of wine of colchicum; 4'
2,r"m,70'. "od,um salicylate; 1 os. comp.
fluid balmwort; 1 oa comp. essence '
cardlol, and 6 osa syrup sarsaprilla. '
This has satisfied thousands and I am
sure it will you, " . - .
. ,MusicIan',' asks i - "Can yoi tell me
how -to overcome a bronchial trouble
w.ilch manifests Itself after singing bv .
a t ckllng In-the throat, hoarscpess apd
a slight coughr j, .-,,v.; ' , ;
' -Answer: ; Obtain a bottle of essence
menthol-laxene and Use It pure, or make
Into a cough syrup by mixing with ordK
nary granulated sugar, syrup or honey. .
Directions for use and how to make ao-
company the package. It makes a full
Pint ox effective. nlAHanf i-A,i.h w.,in1"":
an? ce lent for all throat and bion- '
chial trouble..--'7'f v,,:.;'::;l'.'-':'. .,:,..; v ,
l1 K writes f7i'I suffer it 'great ' ,
deal with atomheh disorders 'heavy
feeling after eating, heart palpitation,
wind and gas on stomach, etc. Am rest- 1
lees and irritable. Afraid to eat a
hearty meal Sometimes great pain. I ,
fear appendlcIUs.",; , , v , , -
Answer: The neglect of constipation
and Indigestion is the most frequent
cause pf appendicitis. It Is better to '
prevent than to cure by aa operation.-
I 'advise that you obtain tablets trio
peptlne and take according to directions
accompanying sealed carton, They are
pink, white and blue, to be taken morn-lng-noon
and night, respectively. - I 1
think many cases of sppendlcltls could
be prevented by using triopeptine Intel- "
ligently. ... i -. . , . '
v"Mrs. C. C." writes: "Carl you pre
scribe a tonie for one who is sleepless, .
nervous, hyetertfal, thin and getting
thinner? Have little appetite and am "
restle8day and night."
Answer: ; The 'following If used, for
several weeks "will gradually restore and i
strengthen your nervous syntem: Com
pound syrup of hypophoBphites, S oza.;
tincture cadomene, 1 oa. (not cardamon). ,
Mix, shake well and. take a teaspoonful
before each meal.'
'.. .'":'.' '' ; v '. '..'.4"- .-;;' .';;
"K. K. K." asks': "f m nkin.
stout as I get-older and welsh 6 pounds-
' inucn n"w. nm aiarmed and want
to reduce. Please advise what to take.'"
Answeri- You need hot be alarmed If ,
fi Tni J?"1" taking S-rain arbolono ?
tablets. Ihiwe tablets reduce ususlly at
the rate of a pound a day after the
first few days. Any druggist can supply 1
them in sealed tubes with f ull dUei- , .
tlous. . j ..-i
"Poor H." writes: "Mv health is
poor on account of a long-standing oon
ettpatlon. I have to une pills or some- '
thing all the time. Can you prescribe
somrithintr to take that wilt
constipation?" . :
Answer: - Const Ination t nrnh.hi ,v,.'
oauee of more illnnsd than env other
iiiiiiit mwi I'Piuenies oniy afferavBte the
trouble and never cure, 1 alwava pre
scribe 3-praln sulphorb Hblrt (riot Vul- -phur
tabletK), nn.l have found them most
reliable, and crmltiallv riirutlv. n-i,.,. ;
act pleaesntly end tona up the bowels '
and liver while purifying the blood, i