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(OCTOBER days near
their end and chill November
rats -ukuuun sukuay journal, Portland, Sunday morninu, octobisk
Z3, 1
, , ' THE 1V2 EJJIICAIXJ , election ' : . , v, 7 ; . ' ' "' "'
: t -- ' ' : :.,rr : A'l 1 - ; V ' r ;;
n nm n: n n
Dl-Uib 1Mb
Agricultural - and -Industrial
" Pageant Will : Be Held
, Portland Saturday, :
Crossing three bridges in the course
of its passage through the city 'and
traversing streets ' on . both ' the eaet
side and west side, the "bridge day"
IndUBtrtal and agricultural pageant
next Saturday will be the largest ever
held' lit, the city, according to W. , J.
i( Clemens, marshal of the .day. - ...
'.Automobiles containing' grand mar-
elial, bridge committeeman,. Mayor Al
bee ajid oity officials, waiting on Flan
t dcra street near Broadway for contin
.' gent from Vancouver' end Southwest
Washington,' Kenton, St. 'Johns and
. North' Portland, will swing in ahead
of cam that , will . come In , over the
Broadway bridge. Thug, no delay
will be caused at the foot of the
bridge and the Fprtland cars, will
be .waiting on the 'side streets adja
, cent, to follow . in behind , the care
ironi across tne .river. ,
.' , Xdne of Kerch Crimen. '
The parade, thus formed, will pro
cecd soutu on Broadway, through the
hotel, theater and business -center, ' to
'Mill - street, where it wilt turn1 east
to" Third.' From Third street. It will
turn, north, proceeding to the steel
bridge, which it will cross, and turn
Jnto Holladay avenue', to Grand ave.
, nue. - On Grand avenue U will proceed
. south to , Hawthorne avenue . and re
, cross the river on the . Hawthorne
. bridge,- turning south at Front street
'.The line will proceed on -Front street
as far as Mill, where it will turn .west
, to uroaaway ana disperse.'
i 1 "In that way we shal cover the city
thoroughly," ' said " Mr. 1 Clemens last
night. "We will cross three bridges
rather- significant for "bridge", pa
rade. It will cover both east aide and
west side, ' North Portland . and South
Portland. Besides, it will, not cross
, in the line will have no excuse , to
- . Tabaaiitm to flan A Antt .
j. vrr. r " 1 w r-r an j. v'VI avail
least 100 automobiles. , I - think that
s very feat would be the, very best dem
onstration of the need of a bridge
. across the river, because the old ferry
will- certainly have its decks fulf if
it gets. 100 automobiles over In time
for the start to be made from the
- foot-1 of , the Broadway bridge at - 2
' o'clock. v Th Vancouver ; people, - at
least, will-appreciate what it ; would
,be if they had the bridge ready now."
: A vpm niMniAnt will mi.a in i1Im
the. parking of automobiles in the
downtown . Streets Saturday,' so the
owners can get Into- line. Mr.'. Clemens
stlmates that a majority of the mem
bers of 'the Portland Automobile Cub
'will' be lri line, together -with auto
' mobile trucks representing retail stores,
. Wholesale establishments and factories.
Members of the Musicians' union will
be transported in motor trucks. Floats
of varied design , will be constructed
by a number of business : men and one
. from Vancouver will be a prominent
feature of -the line.
dosen 1 deputies, wbo'will '"be .mounted
on motorcycles, to see that the long
line . is Kept moving, lie - expects , to
selec these early this, week. y - ;
. . To sola BgeetUs" Honaay. .,
A meeting of the parade , committee,
with -other sub-committees, will' be,
held at luncheon Monday at the Com
mercial club, where tbe - whole parade
plan - will be gone over . and other
features arranged for. -
' . A - meeting .to boost .the $1,250,000
bond Issue held Monday night
at the ' -Atkinson Memorial church.
With' Hi L, Moody presenting the argument.1-
-J.i P- Stapleton f Vancouver
wilt address, the Portland Rotary club
Tuesday ' noon and 1 Tuesday night J.
H,'Nolta-wiU' address te carpenters"
union at Labor Templet I. M. Xepper
' fnent club at : Mlasisslppl avenue - and
Shaver streets, -.Wednesday night. . '
- The bridge committee will call on
Mayor. Albee"ltie city commission
1 Monday afternooiUo see If a half
holiday for city employes cannot be
arranged for Saturday - afternoon and
aiiitahU nffletn.1 renresentation of the
city, government in' the parade et
tec-ted. , v ,v'.5J. !'"
'- , - .'',' if.'-.-.. . Vfawa', c.. .. . ; AV. to-",-
v 'k. j '". i )' ' Mk --mm
Company Divided' Into Groups
"and . Each Furnished- En
' ''. : tertalnmentr ' - -
The first of the T."W. -C. A. evenings'
"at homes,'1: which are held on the third
Tuesday of each month during' the sea
son, took place this week" and" was
largely attended and greatly enjoyed,
One end.of tbe mala parlor was screened
off and'1 ftade 'cosy 'and attractive by
the use of autumn leaves and red ap
ples. . A big Tire .crackled - in the fire
place and the girl presented a delight
ful picture as they grouped themselves
around the piano ' to sing , college songs
or gathered in congenial parties for so
cial converse.
During 1 the evening' tire" entire com
pany was divided Into groups and' each
group .provided some. stunt,, all of the
stunts going to make up a most enter
tainlng program. , ,. , ,
una of the most amusing of . the
stunts wan an Interpretation of ''Mary
Had aLiUtle Lamb," just as the speak
ers had probably, given It when chil
dren.;; A Finnish girl gaVe the old rhyme
in her1 native tongue.r Chafing dishes
were then, brought into service for the
making of fudge. : Miss May Chapler is
social secretary of the.Y W. C. A. and
she was assleted by' Mrs. ; Montieth;
Mrs. larker and Miss Marian Brlgga,
who acted as hostesses. ' ' w
There were about fifty girls nresent
These "at homes", are for the purpose
of introducing;, the new girls to each
oiner.' i . , "v. , - - ,
" 1 1 hi in ii m l.i I,, i.
Citizens Asfed to' Honor Native v:
oon; journal win neceive
-IVloney Donations, '"-r
); the press and citizens of Oregon have
beer called upon - by the Oregon State
Editorial association to honor the mem.
bry "Of one of the most famous of the
state's native sons- Homer Pavenport,
tne cartoonist by 'erecting', a monu
ment at.;ils birthplace in- Sllverton.
i rMvenport,, died in- New York city,- In
1912, where he, had for-years' fought
for justice of man. for his fellow man,
Iis influence for good was wlde-spreal.
and after his , earthly ' work was ended
his body;, with fullest honors, was borne
pack to tne home- of bis babyaood an j
mere nurieo.
'. Although Davenport's llfework was
ocomplished on , the other side of the
Continent, Oregon - has full reason - to
take -pride in him. and now to honor
him. . " ,' '. " ' ,. 1 ,
Jiave been backward in recognising the
accompusnmente or her sons, .and be.
lleving; tliat this is a good place to
Start, and the object worthy, The Jour
Da) is offering to receive, all donations
that ''wilt so. to make up the fund -to
build , a fitting memorial. " All moneys
So ' received wilt be turned over to the
regular memorial fund committee, f
which Governor West is chairman.
Cp ' to ' the present, the fund totals
35i. The contributors are; v '
The Oregon Journal . .-, ,2i)0
w. . Hearsts t'.. 109
Tom Kay .......... .t, 10
L, Hamufl 20
Ueorgo riime,,,.i , . S
Marie Brick .(,, 6
H. it. Windsor,- Hood Klver..,.w 10
Joe Thomlinson i ,t .............. . - ,3
Total ..'.:...... .$S-2
i; In addition, to the contributions made
by citUens the various- newspapers of
the state have been called upon to pay
the sum of $3 per one thousand of cir
culation, for one year.
f 'i ii - V s.-im - -Vi
't Hitrhn furnijihinps of eVery known de
scrlutlon are listed today under: ''House
hold Goods" In the classified section
knep on Rood terms with 'your porkct
bools by looking them over- (Adv.)
Voters' Will' Determine Fate of
1 Proposed Commission Form
K-r of Government," i s' " . ;
-Pendleton, Or., Oct 25. December 1
Pendleton will. hold a city election to
choose new officers for the coming year
ana to aeoiae wnether or not the com
mission form of government shall be
adopted, .If the majority-vote favors
this change, then the officers elected
win have but a short - time to., serve.
anouier election tor tne - cnoosing of a
mayor and., two commissioners' being
proviaea i or in tne proposed charter.
Mayor W, F, Matlock will be a can
didate to succeed himself regardlesa of
the rorm of government. If he Is elect
ed December 1 and- the commission form
of government Is also adopted, he will
ne a canuiaaie unaer-tne new -form.
So fur no one has come forward to -oppose
him. ' - .
The terms of four members of the
council and three members of the water
commission expire at the end of the year
ana tnree or tne counciimen r. f. Kirk
patrlck, Vt. H. McCormmRCh and N. Z:
Swearingen, have declared their retire
ment from office. The fourth member,
Joe Ell. will probably be a candidate to
succeed himself. , , ,
i All three of the water commission
ers, J. T. Brown, Marlon Jack and Dr.
J. A., Best, Will probably be candidate
for reelection, as there ia a strong sen
timent for retaining them until the
gravity water system Is completed.' '
Treasurer Lee Moorhousa already has
petitions for nomination in circulation
and will doubtless be unopposed for the
office, .
Corns Here - .
We want to tell you all about cmaHtv.
reduced prices. easy terma. Graves
Music Coa removal sale, 111 Fourth st,
- - (Adv.)
Good coal and wood. Edlefsen. (Ad,)
HAS STOLEN $200,000
San' Frandsco Raffles 'Owns
Handsome Horner', Is Well
, .Dressed and Well Bred;, V
- San Francisco, Oct 3S. After listen
ing to the story he tell to them
today,' the police here announced that
William Bastian, as be gave his name,
was not a bit extravagant In his esti
mate when he placed the value of the
property he has stolen in the past ten
years at 1290,090. They were, inclined
to think, they adedd, that? the estimate
was not high enough.- . i - , ,
i Bastian if that is hia real name, was
a real "RaffleB." He made an art of
burglary. - He is a very good looking,
clean cut, polite, excellently educated
and well but not loudly dressed man of
19. - ' ' ''
He would tell the police nothing of
his Antecedents but it was evident that
he came from a good family. The young
woman who; lived with,, him as his sis
ter 1 plainly a German, , Her companion
may be German too,- but he does -not
talk like one. This waa why the police
doubted . the story of their ' 1 relatlon
shlp. , " ' ' 1 i " tll, ,
. , Pair Have Pretty Home.
''The pair' have Jived in San Francisco
for five years, the so-called Bastian told
the police. They did not live like crim
inals and Indeed the girl may not i be
one. v They occupied a house, which the
man bqught and paid for In the most
conventional possible style, In Stanyan
street, on the fashionable s Parnassus
heights. It is a pretty house and a fine
garden surrounds it ,' , ,' " f
' However, there were a few queer
thing the neighbors noticed about them.
They never could understand how .the
couple could live in such style in view
of the fact that the man, to all appear
ances, never worked. It eyas , also
deemed odd that persons of such evi
dent wealth kept no' servants. 1 Trades
men noticed that they were never ad
mitted to the house when they, brought
goods. Either Bastian or the girl ln
variably took charge of them at the
door, '''! t- ' '' ' ; c
Didnt X.lke Children Around,
- Tbe man'1 tool strongly disliked'' to
have any one linger: about the place. He
objected even to having children play
log in front of his house, and frequently
telephoned to the police to drive them
away. A . i ,', " .
To this excluslveness, which the neigh
bors wondered at but for .which Bas
tian had such excellent reasons, and to
the fact that he always "worked" alone,
the police attributed his long immun
ity from arrest or even suspicion.
Yet his capture, . when it finally came,
was rldloulously easy. Bastian had
Just "turned A 1300 job" at ' Edward
Bonnhelm's Devlsadero street residence,
lowered himself from a rear second
story window, crossed the yard, climbed
an eight root weir ana was lanaing
safely lh,Ulrlch- Debrunner's back gar
den, when Miss Jennie Debrunner's bull
dog prince seised him by the seat of
the trousers and hung on. ' " ,'. "
- Kiss Sebronner Oalla Brothers.
Between hi teeth Prince let-out a
growl, and Miss Debrunner appeared.
She screamed and her brothers. William
and Ray, rushed - to the rescue. " Bas
tian drew an automatic pistol, but had
not time to use It before the brothers
and tbe dog had him overpowered. Then
came the police, 4 .'', " ' ', i
Bastian made a partial confession at
once and a Complete one today "at police
headquarters, lie was too mufh dis
gusted - with himself t to conceal any.
thing, "Caught by a girl and a ' dog
after all these years," he groaned. ,
Tlnd Jewelry In Home. -
.Bastian looked up, tlio police visited
his: borne, arrested the girl who said
she was his sister and searched the
place. In it they- found much valuable
jewelry, not yet disponed of. a crucible
and Other implements for reducing met
als, a complete set of - burglar tools,
plrnty of good furniture, a neat library
and bank - books showing deposits ' of
more, than (10,000 ' to : Bastlan'a . ac
count , - ; "'.-'
, Miss' Bastian, If she really - is the
man's sister, may be anywhere from IT
or 18 to 23 or 23 years eld. She says
she come from Germany . to join her
brother two yeara ago.. ...
"All 1 have to say," she told the po
lice, !"is 'that he is a good man.. He
works so hard to make money for me.
It Is silly 4o talk' of the things in our
house. There is nothing but my pretty
clothes and the furnishings he bought
for me." -: , . -, .
- v f- " - "- ':
A request. that the oounty pay off
1639.82 indebtedness which - the Mult
nomah county fair association Incurred
la premium awards, was made yester
day in let&r from H. A. Lewis, presi
dent of the association. Mr. Lewis sub
mitted a report showing that the fair
cost $8486.46 and that the receipts were
37305.86. . Premiums paid ' totalled
18238.68 and -the county appropriated
82500 toward the awards.
The matter was taken under consider,
ation' by the commissioners and repre
sentatives of the fair may be given an
opportunity to discuss the question with
the county commissioners. - A . request
that provision be made in ; the county
levy for the fair neat year was re
ferred to tbe budget advisory : com
mittee. - ...
j Ourt Ladies' Store displays some new. ar
1 .. . s 1 ' 't ' in V ' ' r' . j f.' ' i .' i kt ....
vnyais in ioaxs, iresn Trom.ine naias 01. incw
York's leading men tailors, ', . vi V;v . -
There are some hew and striking models in
; " handsome blue, blaclc and brown boifcles, as
, well as a humber,of the newest patterns in
, , rough cheviots and- zibelinek. ' f JJ
.; Full length Coats and Coats in , three-q'uar-.
f ter and seven-eighth models "perfect in fab-'
ric arid 6utline--absolutelx onlr 'one of .
; each garment: Moderate-;
ly 'priced 'at $l5 $20tv
$25, $30 and $35 -. :
Suits of fine imported and home, fabrics a ,voi-
I derful'array of newest patterns, carefully tailored ;
' by men who are masters of 'their art. .Conserva- ,
lively priced at $)9.SO, $24.50, $29.50, $34.50, j
; $39.50 arid upwards. -. :
Absolute satisfaction is rendered by our depart-,. ;
meht for fitting and alteration, jvjth delivery" oi
all garments promptly at the time, promised
' The Entire Third Floor.- , ; ;
Abundantly Day-LightedH-Eleyator Service. VV
1' WTf m
Morrison Street at Fourth
Bfonlcipal Owned Line Prospers.
' San Francisco, Oct. 85. The Geary
street car line, , owned by the city,
put 8718.2S Into Its pooketbook today,
the proceeds of three days' Portola
festival- business, v which, but for the
municipal system, wduld have gone
to United ' Railroads. 1 ' '
. ' Five Destroyers .Blade. Beady, -'Boston,
.Oct 26. Orders were - re
ceived at the Cliarlestown Navy . Tard
today for haste In preparing the five
torpedo boat destroyers there for de
parture.' It was assumed that they are
wanted for service in Mexican 'waters.
Elegantly Artistic
Pictures At
"A gathering of; really '
' elegant pictures-m , a,U
.'variety of subjectsall
. especially suitable - as '
gifts..; ...... v
VVeare closing out.,-
) - these" pictures', together
- with our entire stock v
.6t art subjects, 1 and
will henceforth devote,
, ' our entire attention, to
. , the decorating and fur-,
nishing business. ' , ,
Unander and: a
' Decorators and
I. ( - I " , s
Csff1' CHI flmt Beast
A in urrurs, i uini 1 1 riv. all 4
....... ., l. , ;. . 'K.
to the Person Sending Us the Larg
' est ' List of Complete Words,
Found in Webster's Dictionary
Made From the Words
"Reed-Frerich Piano
Our idea is to draw attention of the public to our net
store. Tenth and Stark streets, and th fin Una of
Pianos that wo carry.
JJ - 'W ,f y
. 1 1 J
f-J d . . .
SINCE 1675
janvay : n
Furnishers. I
The first priae 1 a beautiful $400 Jesse French. Piano for the largest
list of words, the second prize to be a credit certificate of $150 and
a gentleman's gold watch, the third prise a credit certificate of $150"
and s ladies' gold watch, the fourth prize to be a credit certificate of
$lS0, -th fifth prise to be a credit certificate of $135; for the next
five best answers a credit certificate of $125 each will be given, to
' the next ten a credit certificate of $122.50 will be given, and then
following these in groups of twenty-five the next best list will re
ceive' credit certificates of $2.50 less than the previous group, until 25
have been awarded at $50. . All other answers will receive credit cer
tificates of not less than $25 each. These credit certificate are good
for the amount stated toward the purchase of any new Piano or Player
Piano at the regular price. Time of certificate is limited and is not
good on any purchase made prior to its date. y Only one certificate
can be applied on one piano. -, , Vy f.iA ''U-, ' -v V T
Only the letters contained In tbe
words "It 1ERD-FRENCH PIAJSO" oan
be usrd. ' No letter can be used in
any word more times then It appears
la these words. The letters can be
used for different . words as many
times aa desired. Make as ' many
words as possible that are taken
from, webstera dictionary. Write
the list plainly-, and number your
Ust. Fill out the coupon below and
bring to our store. Tenth and Stark
8ts.r or mall to Miinao-er.
Free to all except employes of this
store and Immediate families. Only
one answer allowed front one person.
The fudging will be left to three
prominent men of Portland, whoea
names will be announced later.
i Xa the' erent two or more contest
ants tie for either of tine frizs, -al
vlsloa will fee made en equal b sis.
. 7 Still Plenty of Time to Make Up YourlList of Vcrdb
All, Answers Must Reach Our Store Before 0 P: P.I., OctoL:r ?3, IVU
I herewith submit my answer, subject to conditions of competition, and agree to abid by t1
cision of judges. , ' " ' ' . " .
Sign Your Name Here ..;..,...;...,;.....; ; v A . 'i V; '....'ii, ,....,''..... A
set. ..'.'.. dtv. orate..
1 )
addbess Totr aaswxB, coirnssT atAiraon
i I
rcr.Tiar:3. t