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: Jfil'S MS TO
Lonaon relieves .1 ney? wiiiuo wiurcfv ooay Adjourns vvun
: More Than Anything Else to 'out Hee'ding Question Raised
? ; Bring Sympathy to America, by W; U Wf ItllSf
rt"'Mr.r nun nrrnm
YiUt rAUL flttlhli
Alleged. Hero of : Elinor Glyn's
'.Three Weeks" -.Headed In
omM 'to m ; I - wew.Morn, . x, uct zs. th gen.
London, Oct, S.The Mexican KSf1: , ' Jv."! .ZPl'l
ni ontlnu 1 -ha the r subject Jor x , ' "'" i
much' discussion U j the wok ;oi au- i ."T I T 4 . J
;'Uintl new. has been the cause, or I - """""l" '"rTf , '
. nany. wild rumors. -The policy or M -rr:' : iC
cnce adopted y wasnington nea Deen 1 i,,-",vrA '..V.iT hi ii.I .
. D-1...1. nfin. I was the remark of .Or,; Henry Astle.
........ .1.- ........ v.., k. , m. I secretary of Uio boat of deputies, when
rivJ "-T I ho : kHri of the tfwmn.lttntv .V ,A ,
vers nav arpearea wim bh wl f -.. 1 .I.-'vIT V... ' . . ...
.fi lUOIllL ' II la lell wn IU ' lion ni I . .
.a offTcUI Utom.Dt from; W.hln. I -AJmndor . H .v Mann, presiant
ton nt tho foreign. rflc Vouw ao 1 ","v """. """;v;!: 'w
mh A iiu h air and at the aam t Tho doting hours were marked with
! timt put an nd to tUo uowarranted ex-1 jvlaencM .j ot . strained v reiationa i , be
citinr of; public opinion. ' ' v V tween tho house ot btahopa and the
Tho fact air cawara urar- 1 "" " "wumi. . s came 10 a cii
Vpeoding tlie week n4 at Jila home la I max when the lower houae Indulged Jn
t!! north of - England iakoh mi "" oh na mraoeri ot us co
veTf hopeful cign by many.; - - : . lorainat branch of . the huroh govorn-
t nr.lrn Afftea toflav rocetred I """. noioiw aug.
- - - - - . I rnailAM , 1 r ,tha . hlahnna .auAlilJ . 11..
mriffiunloatron from SirvWonei , var. -h-,-
.1 minister to Mexico, which .ummor. - h-r'Z
.Miplomata, This iummary doe not n I (iDVnmantThi n ih wi, T
..L u,,.;..'.,i to th loe f uwnmung on the work of- tho
""' - I Pftnuantlnn I nA n " tl'l HaM ir.
' ' kiTh tfit '' oollc I of Trinity church declared. tht
f??.ld " t cnIOVC T!'?' I Its Ma BecomplUhed fnot .wry much"
.vas perfectly witnin ngnw tn hA u-pi.,-. .., , rKrt.(i..
Ing his position, they : au agree wm i - - -. 7" "
hla Indtilgcnco in threats Was entirely ' v -?'V ;-"V-v tf;yv.y v-
. . . .- KUM ftoA that 1 "' is iaiiiis him oa r.V -'
at Wove of tno Mexican oiciawi i rtCAdUnCn ncNUCnd.'4'
J. C.'Proebste! Welcomes : Day
wnen interstate Bridgs
.US .
'will do rooro ' to brtng - together tho
l nltnl fttatea and. the Europoan pow
en tli art any other one feature of the
The etnUmonlhly trenort or fHtr
A?.!FR1CA'S POLICY- ' ' fthemembers of the city coanoll next
iiie-iilfwii w - t. H , . iVaaflnaaMAsiV nnnsi a. - An J am k4 d
AWAITS OUTCOME - jth treasury ot $1.31.8I.1J. ; This
UF I HL. a.av.w 1 1 wis 1 iui'iiB wim i largest, apportionment
.-i ...... . .'.:.'?! Ide for the fire department The an
(Continued rrora-page One.) i i porUonments follow: .. ,; ; " , , v v,
uenerai ' ........,..1 395.171.21
1 ' .' . - m - r 111 ur i r wifri l . . t i i . .'
. . . . . . . . . . i t.i-. jt.. . .
. . . - - IT l.t.(..M ... - - f
vmaer oraary -conditions to iana ui I " ; ,.?. , , ,.,4
lines wherever necessary Tor the. pro-1 'i II"; VlV',ilt.ri V;
if fiA f .fBnn.i nronrrrv but I thin I lnlng and aprlnkllng. v
it would be medvlsabiunder the pros- bouUvird::;';
vines In Mexico,.1' because that might I Oarbags crematory
um1 , to unfortunate complications." - 1 Municipal jail . . , . ,
Those who oppose ' the president's I '"re .boat and fir main.,, .
stand declare that It Is extremely dang,
'orous at the present tin, because the
wiioie dlplomstie :orpe m Mexico City,
led by Great Britain, swema disposed to
.iv;?pt the result ot tomorrow' election.
sinning xuna ......
water iura Dona account..:
Bonded Indebtedness Int....
rvim una Jir). rlll .- . . .
wiifthcr.a. new president Is elected 'or I special funds .
Hnerta clinches his own' hold on the
office In the g-uine of dictator. ' .
I Advices received from .Mexico City to
.luy indicated that tho situation there to
Extremely tense and that there or pos
sibilities of serious disturbances tomor
row, despite the fact that , police and
-troops patrol the streets In anticipation
f an outbreak.-; " ,::' Vv-- .
.. Uuerta'a declaration that neither he
.or tlanquet Will be candidates or ac
- rpt election appears to be nullified by
jr-poits that ballots beating the names
of both Huerta and BlAaquel have been
Tircuiated among the troops at varioue
o-deral posts with, Instructions that the
J mops shall vote for these candidates,
- In administration circles no doubt la
tfcrtaind that' Jluerta In, any event
"('lie rifw eonsrrsaa. balftr MHnnOKad main.
iy of Huerta adherents, will undoubted-
vltwr is Sir Lionel Garden, the British
minister. Who is supporting the candt
'tocy of Frederlco Gamnotu tt is not
iiplleved here, however that in view of
uresent conditions. Gam boa . or any of
h othef candidates can obtain a major
iy of the states as required under the
ontitution. Therefore the election will
i-e declared null by the new congress. .
stratlon proposes . to send s special
umuuvBioner lu inTeaiigai ins sianains;
t tne constitutionalists who now claim
to have absolute control of tho northern
i (ates.1 With their belligerency recoo
uted. It Is believed that the Carrans-
stan would soon force their way to the
on of Huerta as the army Is known
a be greatly dissatisfied because ot the
jilure Of the government to pay the
; roops.
, 4.0B0.9
y 7.4t.79
. 11.01 IS
Vf 108.08
. - 22.5
, U04
(Continued From JPage One.) -:
at Tuxpan and tbia port will be
ri'.ttically used by the British ngvy
r u fuel sution. A number of oil
.nk steamers are now carrying oil to
-inland from Tuxpan. - When the tank
1 1 a friers ; now - under construction , are
umpleted the Agulla company will have
I in use between Tuxpan and England.
tord Cowdray is now trying to ae
ur a similar concession In other
ia tea, but with the two states now un.
er his control he lias the two greatest
ii producing states In Mexico, v.
But the recent developments In tho
Lite, of Campeche ha vs, attracted the
tifiition of the RngHsh compney. .', ,
in return for the new concessions' he
-eks, it Is said, Lord !pwdrsy will eti-
. Totiil It. .ti 4 . .1 tl.31.133.1S
f 'FoothaJl Brka"-Aim.vtv:'
Albany.'" Or- Oct-15. Tha first aoM.
dent ot the football season happened
yestsroay artornoon, wnen Msneree the
IS-year-old asp of Mr. and Mrs. R. 1
Treoy, suffered a broken . arm. : Both
bones In the left arm were broken be
tween the elbow and wrist.. A crowd
of youngsters were engaged in scrim
mage, practice, when young .Tracy fell
and two or ins team mates fell upon
ma . arm:- s.-.rrrv.r;- rz r,m;r:'
: 3. C. Proebstel remembers the: time
vhen- the trafflo betyeen Portland and
Vancouver was .quite admirably served
by ; skiff. Then came a ' wheeslng
few,, and it wiisn't so important if It
failed to b regular In its 'trips ; be
cause team ; on the mud ' roads ' were
ery frequently stuck and Were muoli
eoconimodated If the ferry was 'late v
, There wisn't. In fact. Says Mr,"Preeb.
stel, any' demand for a wagon ' bridge
pyec tho Columbia until th' day of
hard surfaced streets,' high, powered
vehicles; ,; 'congested , population, . ln i
creased production and . all that give
character to modern life - and - com
merce. Then th , feiry became a
thing of uestion, because he nays,
it is - a ' thing of yesterday accident
ally Kent in use for today, but alto-
gether inconsistent with the thing of
loaay, - o -j ne 1 consistent, : said i r.
Proebstil v yesterday, the interstate
brldn should be aDDroved by a. round
v.ajorlty ' of Multnomah county voters.
Air. (. r roeoBtei , was corn in Clark
county ( in i l854, v The home of his
rather, John Proebstel. was a lor cabin
chinked wltn moss and mud to keep put
skunks and Wood rats and bad weather.
The fireplace , was. made of mud and
sticks The nearest neighbors wero In
dians, and ttoe wolves, wears , and cou
gars ; were a. constant menace. : - - .
-our - roads; he . said, vwsm w nark
trails. We subsisted chiefly on came
end flnfi and berriesj. Our stock fed on
tne grass ot tne native meadows, to
hire , men was . impossible. - No men
vre available. Wo. had no money had!
they. been. Sometimes we could ex.
change work: with a man day for dny.
To establish our livestock, wo would
exohange plge for calves, colts for
cows, a cow and a calf for a horse,
Our first waa-on road wag ait opening
tnrouKn tns wooos. v . f.:-;;lf. j. ..
"The sTcxtest trouble overtook us in
1856,' when the . Indians massacred the
whites . at The , Dalles. - ; We left our
cabins at talirht and slept In the woods.
On Fourth Plain, six miles from Van
couver, the settlers built and lived In
a st03kade made of heavy logs, . This
was until the Indians were driven out
by the volunteers. ..--'."k;;.
-The first bread I ever ate was made
; . ..j.
1. ;.
i 11
! . .
, . i j
' : -I
v. h
f . t
CIUHGE OF CATi;;e V;fcraCjTS.ii3
Chicago,' Oct, 25. While sheriffs
hunt for him -in New York With sum
mons ln a 825,000 breach , of promise
suit Drought oy a Mew xorK gin, Prince
Paul Ie Clairmonf of et. Petersburg Is
stopping here on his honeymoon to
North Pacifio coast points. The prince
is ssia 10 do tne nero ot Elinor aiyn'
"Three Weeks." snd Miss Ellsabstn
uoiaen, Boston heiress, is denying rum
Ors Of his encasement to har.
ineprincs arrived here after a hur
ried exit from New Tork with Countess
Aianetto or Madrid, from whom he was
divorced in Paris., five years aso. Thiv
imenuea to come 10 unioasra to be mar
ried, but stopped off at Pittsburg when
the pursuit srew ' warm . and . ware
wedded there. Their , five' year old
daughter, Toinette, who played a star
part in their reconciliation, . is ; with
tOem, : . . f ' fS-. '-:;!',' A 'i . : !
After the divorce Prince Paul la aat,i
to have run throuah several fortuna in
Parle -and lndon in OT way to atrract
ii?s attention or Elinor Qlyn. .
- "W aecidea tO b ra-marrUil a.
days ago.'!. said Prince Paul. M, wir.
and 1 have close friends Jn Chicago and
ens swis or wasmngton. "it la not tru
inai i am tno nero or '.Tnreo Weeks."
. VI hanDAhad in ha vlultln i
K .l.. l. V. T I .. " " O ..,..U ,11
rx ., AB&, vuii... iw , siituurnt i n,w nrkr - a wa
tuken thence in a skiff to- tho mouth I my husband hr.t ... a ii
r,t h U'.lUmfttl. an ihn 4 r- 1 ... . - -- ..w v ... ,u m,j
luaneu. i 1 love mm,
wiwn was grouna ana. men nroufnt
iuck in tne same way to our noma
The first -river , transportation
tween Portland and - Vancouver wna
bn the Kannle Troup"! and it .cost J J a
round trip between the two towns. My
futher paid 7, freight between , Port-
iana ana , Vancouver en a mowing ma
chine.',., v:',.i,:,''V t
1 remember wall whan mnnii m
1-roken fpr the first railroad, and a
gisat orowa or ioq people came from
tha west aide of Portland toy skiffs
ever' to tne east aide to sen a alow
iurn up a inie grrouna. v.-. :,
- "But . I could ro on for a tons whha
telling how little need we had then of
an interstate oridge. and how things
have, changed now so completely, so
mat tne neeo is acute, in my opinion
t"tJ."0. !PnebiteI
from flour carried 'In th form of grafn
' - FRODAl'SOflflE
Gas 'Clearing :Away nd All
vvui do oecureu oy i on
-e -j-
ftV-. ,. ft.' '
Lftthe man who -is ' anna tt - eha. taiaW I w"on Jot je. -ono hun
. - " 'r":i- 'T': I uel company, which was wrecked' hy
3S. One bun-
deavor to raise a loan of 120,000,600
pesos tor the Mexican government1 The
arreat oostacls '-to? tne placing of-this
iaaa na oven ine.o-eiusai or tne united
States to recognise Huerta, together
with the unsettled conditions ot the republic,-
"0-f :!:" ? t'y'V'v;ivr''' ,,.v.-'
According to the present arrangement
these concessions will be put through
thfr next cent-res, and Will be. reaJr
when Lord Cowdray produces the loan,
Lord Cowdray has considerable Influ
ence with the British government;' To
mm is given much credit for making
the latest British battleships Oil burn
ers. In turn. 81r Lionel Carden is close
to' Lord Cowdray, and it is but natural
tot' presume that Sir Lionel -would be
working In the interests of on to supply
the British navy.'v-i .'. ..y
Today, aa-yestardsy. thara was hut
little evidence of popular interest in to
morrow's election. The Fellcletas. who
have been moat enthusiastic in advanc
ing tha claims f their candidates, hae
relapsed into quiescence snd era a wait.
Ing tha outcome with apathy. Adherents
of Frederlco Oaraboa, who has the out
ward support of Huerta. do not nt.,r
eonnaent 01 tne sincerity 01 this sup.
port. f-yi ,;.:vv'.: vV.; ;,"
' The Liberal and Liberal Republic-
ans, whose candidates are Mapuel Ca,
lero and David de la Fuente respec
tively, make no secret of havlnr aban.
doned all hope of the election of their
Candidates, k :.v . m -,'-. ;-..-.J'.
'-. Two more arrests were made today In
connection with alleged anti-administration
plots. . General Joe Maria fear.
vin, formerly chief of staff of Minister
of War Mondragon, . was arrested late
in the day charged With complicity In
a plot to-lnterfere with the elections to
morrow.. v'm.-v. ...j .,.. vw-v. v,
Manuel MaderoV-k rOtiaiM iit
president, was also arrested at Saltlllo
for alleged connection with - a : plot
against Huerta.' Tha ihr
the Madero family, Daniel and Evarlsto
nauero, wno navs been arrested In cett
neotion with the same alleired ntot. ma
reported to have" arrived at Tamploo,
whence they art to ha lakan . ta Vi
Crux. . There 'they will be eenfinad, in
the fortress Of Ban Juan da tnlna
anan inai on onargea of Sedition
English Golfer Astonishes San
;Francisco. Players by,.Re-.
4marjable" Score.l!&fl
i y vvUva
;' V , -
" " 8oeoUl ts Th lonrnil.t
Bun rrenclsco. Cel., Oct, 5.-Edward
Ray. one of the world's champion . golf
ers, made a St at Xngleside this after
noon ; while a vast gallery assembled
from golfing centers all over tho state
followed him In awe and admiration.
Ul 71 la the nornlns; and
a 73 after luncheon, . , 1
There wan : an ' open . tournament in
progress during the day but one would
never had known, . Bavoral hundred
people trailed the English stars .: and
their, two partners, but all other en
tries In the tournament ; played their
rounds in llnellness, - '
. . a .a. . a .a, a a. .aa .al a
Cottas Oroya Or- Oct 'B. Dalivar.
Ins ah address intended to Insnire in
pupils and parents desire to make
ine most si mui uwiinn ana msn
given opportunities, President Campbell
of tha state university, yesterday deliv
ered the principal address at the laying
or the corneretone for cottage v Grove's
new 140,000 high school building.
Alta King, chairman Of the school
board, presided and gave a history Of
the sohool buildings that have been
erected 111 this district during the pest
40 ; years, - eupertntenaent . uunton de
livered an address for the schdbl tao-
u-iy.. ;. . v ': .'v-;vv v'; -v:
v Day ton, ' Vash Oct ' 2S.--Tha ; acat-
tered skeleton-of a man was brought to
mis piaoe unursasy ny county Coroner
J. M. Miller and Sheriff Frank Bowera
The remains were found by Ben Jen
nings and a party of , hunters SO tnlles
soutneatt or Dayton. ? v
' Pound with the remains wre a plpei
Winchester rifle 'Containing several
loads, a hunting knife, two pocket knives
ana a waitnam watch, . .1
, ;II Is believed that the man died si
least five years ago. , He was probably
a uu mar or trapper, wno dlOB Of cold
en explosion last Wednesday, - It la be-
nevea tnat ait or tho. remaining bodies
will be . recovered t bv Bundiv niKt.
as the workings are-rapidly clearing ef
tne- deadly gas which., has woven so
dangerous and retarding the rescue
gangs,' Th total death list will reach
lit. - Three flrea broke out In the s Brylax ' OA-law - . Hiaui, .m
were put out after ; a hard fight, but
the third continued to-btrn until m.
Wight when It was finally extinguished,
- Ulino.. 'Wilt sw a w . -
B'-M C ' t-J.t m '. r'-iv' f ' k -V I Wgnt when It was finally extinguished,
Kninrlne:DiscussesiADDro-l"'to,,,d-Tm y t m.
ivicasure ai or
.; Jorotlch ta Cptnjroii. ,t
- Baker, Or., Oct SS.Wililam Juroylch.
who. shot and killed, Morris Deblen at
Highland mine near this city several
weeks sgo, and succeeded In scaping
to the mounuine, was arrested yester.
ar . near jrenaieton DV Blierirr nnA.
Tha sheriff - will reaph. Rik ,), m.
, " n.w.ftH 444W
,' V' HirfafaVatararafa',
-.Vi :.
- - 1
Oiwwa. pa-u iMTanwATiotanxi.oo - "
Doolga fon liiwaiign Bulldlm t Panam-IgcTfic International Expooltlon
g .harLt.rh7n-"'.- i? I IU! .W0"lc' bu"' ropolltan life of
mr,. ... jj, 4.rAotr.Aua and att- I th tninaitsa, aniim ika. aH.,iM.u -
ilve buildings In tne states and for-l?.f beautiful. lsy tropical Isles mf
tne Pacifio oosan. while native Hawaiian
musicians win render the .seductive
strains of -Aloha,-, "Tomi-Tomi- end
other clmracleriatlo Vlrs. 1 ;r -
-Ilawallan building, designed by
C.J.W. I)lcky of Oakland, Cl Is Jn-
1 i ati,)ti district ..ot the 'Panama
ir .i U te motional exposition will be
t v.M the territory of Hawaii will
t uui furnish. ,-. The visitor to It
i i t? in a moment from
tended to serve the combined purpose
of , the club house and exhibition build-
log. y :H. ..:. '-;,;,.. V '"', :
i The arehitscture follows ihe low lvih
tropical type so common in u:t..
arid eo t-xpresslvs of he tropical atmov
phore of td islands. The exterior will
turry every body, as fast, as It la ra.
vl; 1' ,j. ,, I piovea irom tne tinaerground -charhel
jumis iweei ne.--tvw-1 ?ww..i,psr:' o buried to
?v ';1.-' -; .C'.'-i';( I r- wiuiout oeing identified.: ..,;-.
AruinVht;' i:i-;:-,. t' -Aator :PMlft.:,..H
large sums of money In adverUsing thn fcA".rU ot W" Wsloh and
l.lft in- . ... "S blithe S mnuin i Lumk.,' mmm... ,,
.il lJS fS to sen th.Tr holding. ocJoxcomS
for abandonment of the uMyfrVitv ,imbrf,nr "J1"?.'.0 th Astoria
Dressiona of fWA- v .' : ."r-.--,. liir.."""?uu, or
: The nnlvfliartett. Mht B "
EfUVUlIonS Ma ! HI M hanW . I .' ' ,r.jjl 'j. ...
n...a . V m " ; v . I V ,H ?UUiair. stc AltMUiy. 4
Mr. Irvine will apeak at everaimea Oott well 'known
ng. next week and th. Lr.;Ai "fSl; r0?" J18?0 married Wednesday
sing, The education.1 oontroyVrVy Z .lll"ln.m D9 ? Par-
be discussed Montlar nlaht at Z S.'i"' : -"r.."r"i""nry "oemeyer.
CO0K'-'t" ' - " ' ceremony m the presence of lmmedl-
Alte r.eM - . , 1 1- . ,..1":. .:..Mi spend-
Ulit rtn LklM I I AX Wlf I I'-' " """py"'oon Poruand.
(Continued Ptom Page Ona) '
Deputies Find That Mato Had
. Deserted, Her Husband
When Deputy District Attorney Robl-
BfoUjer...ftv..VOra'i Ofo.oUcryak .
Brought, to Testify He Did
son and.Deputy Constables Hunts and ' IN01 UOnteSS tO Killing YOUth
MeCullogh went to Lents yesterday to ' . -
arrest Clark Cochran on 0 Charge of . (CnIte4 Pr, Le-ed w,re.i
wire, Minnie Cochran, they Klerr, Russia. Oct. 25 Rudslnskr
round conditions which they declared the convict brother of Vera Cheberyak.
beggared description,,- Before they re- who was brought from Siberia to testl-
turned tO .the- court ' housa litv Mm fv in thn "rllml mnivift,U',.i.i .,.4..
--"- v"uiri. uwi vuunraa ' was 1 uraiw ine Biuiemeru made by Kfas-.
not a wife beater and that his wifo I eovsky, the deposed head of th secret
had deserted nim and five children of I oolloe. that ha an, 1 lit. .- j
tttrtXW, , ' vl ' j Andrew YUshlnsky. Rudslnsky de-
.1 When we reached the house we found I clared that he had never admitted kill-
u'.rt' novei. - saia ueputy topison. 1 ing tne unnstian poy, ,
he Ciilldren- were alona and aald thul- I Kraasovsltv. in hi u,i,.... - ...
father had gone to Gray's Crossing to that he had disguised himself as a con-
seek a hew place for them.. The six- Vict and mjngled .with counterfeiters id
year-old girt in charge said her moO.r prtson, who told him that Rudslnsky
had deserted them four times recently, and his brother. tl,n , .nn.i.i .j
The girl had a.. rag in her hand and j mitted .the murder of which Mend '1
" '"' o ian ine-piace. , weign-1 xsoiiiB. a jew, is accused. Depositions
bors and storekeepers lrt te vicinity read in support of Kragaovsky's testl
told US the woman was In tha hahU nf 1 many snd two rnt nniin. ,
... - I . . T r ww, . uwv, fti.u
attending movlnsr bictura showa.-. Thai him. Huditnskv'. tim,h. ,. .
father, they said, was a hard-working J brought from Siberia and will be a wit-
,.V ' ' ' DB" coo'o. ' I ne". ws is expected to refute Krassvo-
In the rooms were two beds on I sky's testimony.
whiohv were dirty bed-clothing. Plecee ; The "ritual murder" trial presents a
T"?" i;aiiri!u auoui, ine i curious aspect. jsenis, the formal de-'
piaca We turned tha care of tha ehl'.l fendant. h,i
?nn Lhe ' safety land the central figure of the sensational
for young women. Cochran works far I hiar n la v ri..k..,.i, . .
the Damascus Creamery company and I ous woman whom scores ot witnesses
nfsa a.V.nlnaraao anaale aa.al1 a.tus. I . . l"r;poc
xm- ,Z..Z ww -v. niiB. inava accuser or everyth ng, from the
Mrs. Cochran aDoeared Vesterdav wf.l .A,..t v.'i.. .
KtWe.W"W t0W hoW her the". "queen-"of bVnd of d'esperadoe:
, . .A,, .:,,: "c."a r; v: r I -"""""j'. una Deen. mentioned
.t i.-bbi.J?U-.!ir!2: 1 basuaUy. and not once
ror her children. After the lnvestig. while almost every wittwaa L -Vih
tion tha , romninin, whiM, . .i-.T..i I nl1" suiuobi every witness has aid
wai dlsmi;i on tha'm na".; . .nlelnln D.?ul Clwboorak woman.
Robiaon.-; - V, ", " r c l wun oer oromere. ana the other young
men wno xrsquentea ner net during the
1,11. .V t .. ....
...... . j t . . i T.,,fcoft ,.', wuwi auujgw .Don v.. 1
MrJUMAfJ SAYS M LL ON tab wounds wa. found m th;
lo tlsUUUn rUH ItAK S
I IU llUllim IlLULIfL
tunvinueq g rom rant una) '
Ing capacity t the clant at tha mam.
01 xno nyer , is having, careful Investi
gation.'.:? 'J--, ' .
The letter continues withTa fim. t
Dr. Kinney's snggeatlona. to convert the
transport -Meaoe inxoa dredge,; saying!
injti tne jueaae is now hold at HaivaatAw
for duty with- the tr6ops there and that
it- Is otv practicable r for -the War de
partment to transfer her o the engl.
xno experience - in rnnvartina : tv.
transport Grant In tottie Aredge Chinook
Is not sucH as to Indicate the dftalrarvH. 1
y of repeating it
Payments, 'Made; During fast
Week:$2151 Paid Dyr-v
-":. ing September; V
Pensions -to Widows'; with children
were paid by Multnomah county to ll
1 . ft, . . - . - , . ..... . .
ifi&VtjTF"1 Tn BepUmber th. Vtal ' paid T '
igJofw ?
newredge. .4'.-.l'. i 4 wldowa Tho: July 'payment.' were f'r
Moreover results, were lesg satlafacH June and were the first under the new
tory, the dredge requiring lower snead law. ' .i
and more stability, etsr-,. The ; rapid Increase during 'Mie' first,
Senator CJiamBeriain is Informed thatlfw months wa. the result of the large ;
the- most satisfactory nlan for a-ettin I number of apnlicallona ; mada at th.
addlUonal dredge capacity will be to tn-vnr first v Practically all have been -stall
two additional ; pumps on i the! oonsldered now, and It is thought the
uninooK, tne same site a those now jn.nuni paia out win increase very in
stalled, nearly ' doubling the dredge'.
capacity, The installation '-of - larger
pumpa . wouia require, changes in the
ship and Would take so touch time that
they might not be completed by next
vecemoerv , wnen tne- digging season
closes. .' No other dredge In the engineer
department Is so large as the Chinook,
and consequently no other dredge could
work so many days on tbe bar aa the
Chinook, and the time that any dredge,
even the Chinook can work on the bar,
except during the aummer months, la ao
short as to make it not worth while in
the opinion of the chief engineer to at
tempt to employ one except during calm
aummer weather,
tie In the future. Of SOS applications
received but 28 are . pending. 133 have
ben allowed nd 148 have been dented', -Six
were allowed since the October pay
ments were ' made and these will in
crease the emoujit next month about '
100,.'.''-,-.tV-- '-'-v'-'""''i-v.''' . -. P
' The Juvenile court officials In Charge '
Ot the pensions expect that when once
the pensions have become settled those v
Which, run out because tha children be- -
come too- old or which are . cut down
because conditions -change- will about
equal In amount, the pensions granted -
each, month, - At the present rate the
cost will 'approximate about 830,000 a
year ' when all applications ihave been
the name and address of tho person
presenUng such-coupona . ,
Organisations not subject to tax on
Interest at the source are required to
make returna giving full descripUon of
tne bonds and names of hoidera -
The tax shall not be ' withheld on
coupons or registered Interest maturing
and payable' before Maroh 1, 113, al
though presented for payment at a
later date, v The provision for oolleotlon
of the tax on foreign ' obUgatlons in
oludng the Interest upon sail foreign
bonds, even though the coupon, may be
at the option of the holder, payable in
the United State, as well aa in soms
foreign country. , Persons taking out
these licenses at this time will be au.
thorised to make suah collections an
in r eoruary i, uio.
t Because v many coupons payable on
November 1 are In transit without the
present so certificates attached, Secre
tary MOAdoo orders that until Novam.
ber It temporary certificate carrying
only part ) identification shall , be ao-
Joseoh : Keen Waa convlctad 'ot'makw
ing a conveyanoe wltno-t tltl of soma
property in waeco county July 20 last.
and was amt to the stau penltcatiary
iur an tnaeterminate intense or from
eU months to two years. It has Just
been discovered - by United Btatee At
torney Clarence t, Reamea that the Ut
ile transaction centered about a rov
ernmint homestead and the arsat Instl.
tutlon of the United State, feel hurt
to tne extent where it must needs take
a whack at Keep. ':, Bo Reamea sent a
ener or inquiry to; aovemor West ra
centiy., - Ahd this is an extract from
ine racetioua governors reply:
- " Itenmes This is all w hava
on Kep, You way keep It We will
Keep Keep, tin lite time is up and then
wie government may keep Keep. Or if
me government wishes kon ifaan.
we .'will no longer keep him. - 'Tease
aeep us aavisea s to your wishes a.
The 'Politinal . Pot" a.lli' l.f.11.' ' Va
Portland Press club today when nomin
ations Of Officers to ba vol erf en Ma-
vember . win be wada Seven candi
dates are In the field for the presidency,
KtimAI Jf thrf of 13. A. Baals,
John T. Dougall and P. M. BuUivan, are
making strenuous campaigns.
- Amonir others hn natrnaaal Vkvllt Kaa
placed tln nomination, are C. W. Myers,
dv dl Jv,Iln- Mark ,Q. Woodruff and
v. i. Kiiciianan. -
.John U Travis.' the prosldenf refuse.
be of stucco colored to match tha Mh.IllT. nam considered - for the
, , i m
: : ' i ' i t I
1 issaaasasaaw!. L : , . I
7 A; ... ; , , y ' '" ' . . wJL4ii )' . ' f
( . i V, -rY ' ''-y T Mx:t' :
It Overcoat .. Y v
; ; Gomfort-v m :"v
. ' , ' 4 ' - ' , V , I . ' .Jl j ' t ' J ,K k " I i ftT? I ' ' I I J t
II III I ifw- mm a.. I' a", . - I S V -'J ft- I'll I . ' I
ii ill I " .."Jomtort"s.tDat,sf mm&m mm& ,?f v . . . ,j l
: iz I, :
v :forttyle:-comfort-f M'J (Ml -
I II . ..
You'UfindaU these in one ; ; - -
111 1 1 IUiDoenheimer,! : I . ' ' ;
I I . ' i;;i;;.,vi;,ir "WS, Mill II,
I; - mmmoTf., ::iMm, . i :
II II I I 'v' ihlf.tft n?iv,v-'iv:;:i:'- ' ':;N.? i 1 till . 'I
III t :',, .:';!:.''.! '....J V .' h, .fc... .IS' .V 9IIII '.V'. ,! . II f
III rr i-'l '-.. Ts.'- ."TV "-- ";..-. :-.".' f w.t Mill II
1.1'- i wpnrv- n iva 1 1 a I tnro " v ? -f : 1 ii
II 1 1 I I ' . V ::,'i?. ntf''t1t: :tAA V I I I I
, .k: viuwio. yii IV V v, ''-'V ' ff '-:v. V-.;- 1 , ,
vl '" !:'''?'t'-i'l-.ltVt' 'V--!0-V,i1i''.vfiVA .',';'-.. '.,'.." . ' '
' , " Fourth Stret corner ofMorrioort . . . - .' I ' j 'ltlf
THE STEINBAClit STORE . GUS KUIIN Pres. 1 t I KurpenKoima "
bulldliids, with red tile roofs. 7 I7""UU"W' although-h. hae been
ku toois. , Mi.ed rcpcaUdly to enter the contest.
.. ''-'t'.' - "r- ' , " '
!;..! " . ;. V